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May 2009


Today's BMX Racing News ..... Weekend Update! - It's the last days of may, 2009


European BMX Round 9/Saturday - Dessel, Belgium


1. VALENTINO Manon (FRA), 2. LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia (FRA), 3. POTTIER Magalie (FRA), 4. DESPEAUX Amélie (FRA), 5. KANIS Willy (NED), 6. HLADIKOVA Aneta (CZE), 7.

1. DAUDET Joris (FRA), 2.
ANDRE Sylvain (FRA), 3. VAN GORKOM Jelle (NED), 4. AGUILUZ Andre Fossa (NOR), 5. FANTONI Giacomo (ITA), 6. SCHLANG Daniel (GER), 7.  VAN DE WETERING Glenn (NED), 8. VAN GENDT Twan (NED)

1. VAN BENTHEM Merle (NED), 2. MEYRAN Camille (FRA), 3. VANHOOF Elke (BEL), 4. HEREIJGERS / Maartje (NED), 5. BROUSSE Cassandre (FRA), 6. ALEKSEJEVA Sandra (LAT), 7. JEPSEN Mette (DEN), 8. HEE Shannie Camilla (DEN)

Hey, Look! It's Christmas In May From The Media Pros At Go211.Com! to Broadcast ABA/UCI Continental TV Series
It's official, has been given permission to broadcast the ABA/UCI Continental series TV footage.

Show 1 will be broadcast on Tuesday June 2nd from 7pm to 11pm EST. The show is about 22 minutes long and will be played on a continues loop. So if you can't make it for the 7pm playing come back every 20 minutes and you can watch the show in it's entirety.

If we get permission from the ABA we will also post the show for "on demand" viewing on the profile page of the the show.

So set your book marks to We will update that page with the dates for when the rest of the shows will be broadcast.

Remember watching anything on is completely FREE, just signup for an account and enjoy the show. You can also chat with your friends during the broadcast.

BIG THANKS to the ABA for allowing us to show this TV series for the whole world to see.

From ABA Marketing Manager Shannon Gillette: "We're excited to have worked this out with Rich and the gang. They always do a great job for us at all the ABA BMX/UCI events. This is a natural fit, now the shows won't be limited to the networks only. We plan doing this for each and every show from here on out.

It's a good thing to have both the network TV and involved and working all this for the fans. Now everyone, anywhere in the world will be able to see all the excitement!"

Rich Montalvo
ph: 305-281-3465

The ABA And Go211.Com Bring You BMX Racing/TV Right On Your Computer!








Today's BMX Racing News ..... Friday - May 29, 2009


May 26, 2009 – This Memorial Day Weekend, BAWLS Guarana awarded their sixth BMXer Award at the NBL Keystone Nationals in Pottstown, PA! Dylan Perez, a 15-Expert Rider from Carmel, NY took home the custom BAWLS can trophy.  

Dylan’s weekend was a roller coaster! On Day 1, Dylan was on a tear - he took first in all of his motos and qualifiers only to crash in the main event.

Later on that night, in the UGP Open, Dylan crashed again in what looked like a victorious race! Dylan’s luck changed on Day 2, where he once again was unstoppable in his motos and qualifiers and this time made sure to take 1st place.   

Dylan was having a rough weekend, but he stayed with it and eventually won his race. He showed great relentlessness and resilience. Dylan will be featured in an interview with BMX Today Magazine and he now has a 2009 sponsorship with BAWLS Guarana!

Want to try your shot at being a BAWLS BMXer Award winner? We’ll hand out our next trophy at the ABA Midwest Nationals in Rockford, IL June 19-21!  

For more BAWLS BMX news, photos and sponsorship info, check out!



Anarchy BMX has moved!

Anarchy and Drive BMX has officially moved our offices.

We are now located in the beautiful metropolis of Northridge California.

Our new address is 8819 Reseda Blvd Suite 2, Northridge, Ca 91324.

Our new phone number is (818) 453-2192.

We have gone through a lot of changes this past year and are very excited about our change in direction.

Anarchy frames are in stock in most sizes and colors!

The Drive lite forks and bars are also still selling very well.

We also have Drive freestyle wheels, pegs, pedals and many other cool parts!

You can place your order through your local dealer or through several of our mail order specialists.

I would personally like to thank the BMX community for their continued support.

We have many exciting things in the works, so stay tuned! - Sincerely, Joey Licata



We are working on the track like crazy to get ready to open this Saturday night. 

Our NEW Registration time is 6:00 - 7:00 pm racing ASAP. 

We will be racing Wednesdays & Saturday each week throughout the summer. 

Special Closures will be on the website.   

Mark your calendars now for our SCR!  This year we are holding our SCR as part of the Governor's Cup on Saturday, June 20th. 

I will be updating the website with all the details for the Governor's Cup tomorrow along with an open presign for all four tracks. 

The more riders that presign the quicker the races get started.  

We are having a FREE NEW RIDER ORIENTATION, Saturday as well from 3:00 - 5:00. 

Tell all your friends that are interested to come check it out! 

They can do the Orientation and race all for Free on Saturday.  

Can't wait to see everyone!   See ya at the track, Roger & Barb Linder Chehalem Valley BMX - - facebook: cvbmxtrack Tele 503-519-1499




Today's BMX Racing News ..... Thursday - May 28, 2009

The UNREEL Productions/Intense ( BMX Race Team may be dwarfed in shear number of riders as compared to its competition, but they make up for it in talent and overall heart.  This small startup team currently consists of only six (6) riders:  Ian Cunningham (8 Expert and 2008 NAG #1), Mikey Peter (9 Expert and 2008 National #150), Tristan Figueroa (12 Expert and District #16), Jack Pope (13 Expert and 2008 NAG #10), Jordan Pollock (13 Girls and 2008 NAG # 3) and Ryan Goderre (16 Expert and 2009 USA Cycling BMX National Champion).  This small team has been quietly moving up in the ABA Bike Shop standings since its debut race at Lake Perris.  Putting together a very solid performance and a 4th place finish on Sunday in its debut race at Lake Perris was all this team needed to realize that they could be competitive with the much larger Bike Shop teams.  Team races in Phoenix and Bakersfield confirmed that this team has what it takes to compete for that top spot. 

The team race at the ABA Spring Nationals in Albuquerque proved that they could not only be competitive with the larger teams, but they could also win.  After having a difficult time on Saturday, Team UNREEL was able to put it all together on Sunday and take home the top spot in the Bike Shop division!  Missing their NAG #1 rider, Ian Cunningham, for the race made it all that much more important for the remaining five riders to perform in order to put up a good score.  The UNREEL riders made every one of their main events on Sunday in some of the toughest classes out there. 

Mikey Peter is probably one of the smallest riders in the 9 year old class, but he made up for his small stature with heart and determination on Sunday taking home a 2nd place finish in 9 Cruiser and a 5th place finish in 9 Expert. 

After struggling with the flu (no not the swine flu…just normal old flu) Tristan Figueroa toughed it out in what could be the most stacked 12 Expert main this year.  Battling 31 other fast racers including Heffron, Finch, Volle’, Banuelos, Abbe and many others, just making it to this main event is an impressive feat.  Tristan was able to do just that and picked up a very hard earned 7th place finish.
Jack Pope rode strong all weekend and was disappointed with his 5th place finish on Saturday so he set his mind on finishing no lower than 2nd place for Sundays 13 Expert main event and did just that finishing 2nd and even coming close to winning.
Jordan is the ironman (or rather ironwoman) of team UNREEL, always racing in the open, class and cruiser classes and like Mikey she is also one of the smaller riders in her class.  But she has the heart of a lion and was able to pass 2 riders on her way to a win in the 11-13 Girls Cruiser class.  She also picked up a 5th place finish in 13-14 Mixed Open and a 3rd in the 13 Girls class.

Having just aged up into the very tough 16 year old expert class 5 weeks ago, Ryan had a rough day on Saturday, but never being one to throw in the towel, he stepped up his game on Sunday finishing 3rd in the 15-16 Open class and 6th in the very stacked 16 Expert class.   

After the dust had settled team UNREEL finished with a solid team score of 180 on Sunday which was good enough for Team UNREEL’s first Bike Shop Win!  Congratulations to all of the riders for a great effort.  Also, congratulations to fellow Chandler, Arizona BMX Race Team Lost Racing, for their Bike Shop win on Saturday.      

Team UNREEL is currently expanding and is looking for 2 more solid national caliber expert or Girl riders who are consistent ABA main makers and who are not currently affiliated with any other team to join our squad.  If you are interested, please email your racing resume to  

In other UNREEL Productions news, our website is now officially up and running.  UNREEL Productions is dedicated to the video of BMX racing across the United States and the world.  What started out as a simple hobby with a page on Youtube, sharing race videos, has exploded into rider profile videos, weekend compilation videos, race videos, etc.  The number of requests for rider videos, race videos, compilation videos etc. continues to pour in, which has lead to the creation of UNREEL Productions’ own website (  Look for race videos from the upcoming European BMX National Championship Series from Sandes, Norway in mid June followed up by race videos and blog from the UCI World Championships in Adelaide, Australia.

Team UNREEL would like to thank all of our sponsors who have made it possible to continue to race BMX:  Pete Dylewski at Intense BMX (, T.H.E (, Sinz (, Industrial Rideshop (, Steel MX (, Phoenix Tan and Spa (




Today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday - May 27, 2009




The HollowPoint has taken the barend to a new level.  The new design of the HollowPoint allows the rider to minimize weight and maximize control.

The knurled surface around the outer edge provides important extra grip for those riders looking for ultimate control.

The HollowPoint can be used with any grips. However, they have been designed to be Lock-On grip compatible. The inside of the barend has been machined to snap into place on any lock-on grip.

  • Made in the USA – These ain’t made in China

  • Weight: .5g each

  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Gold

Be sure to ask for them at your local BMX retailer

Action Sports Depot has relocated!


ActionSportsDepot.Net has relocated to ActionSportsDepot.US and has a new designThe new domain/website is up and running and already has a number of the leading BMX products for sale. Please bear with us as we finalize the population of the store with many more product offerings. Keep your eyes open for upcoming SALES and Special Offers, and make sure you take advantage of the first time buyer discount. If there are products you don’t see on the store please feel free to contact us for pricing and availability. E-mail or call 619-906-8734.

Supercross BMX Announces BMX Pro LT Bars!

Supercross BMX is proud to announce the release of their new PRO LT Race Bars.

For years, our Butted PRO LT Version of our Heat Treated Cro-mo Race Fork has been our number one seller.

It only made sense to do a matching Butted PRO LT Version of our Heat Treated Cro-mo Race Bars.

The new Supercross PRO LT Race Bars use our same popular bend of 11º Back and 3º up that we use on our other race bars, but is now lighter and stronger with the new Multi Butted Profile with full post weld heat treat.

At only 675 Grams (24 ounces) it is the perfect match up for our Super Light Weight PRO LT Race Forks to keep the weight down and the strength up.

Our AA Pro Kris Fox uses these now on his Race Bike and his Trail Bike.

Available at your local Authorized Supercross BMX Dealer now in Gloss Black, Gloss White, Fire Red, Sky Blue and Sun Yellow. MSRP of $69.95




Mike's Bikes Racing Heats Things Up In The Midwest!

Any upper Midwest BMX racer or fan will tell you that once the sun starts to shine high in the sky and the warmth returns melting the winter chill people seem to catch racing fever.  It drives hundreds of new and seasoned riders to step up their training and begin making their racing plans. 


One group leading the way for those with the fever is Mikes Bikes Factory Race team. 

Some of our riders Hyper with excitement headed to Louisiana for the Cajun Nationals held on April 17-19th.  One of the team’s newest sponsors Maxis tires helped the team carve out two solid finishes during the events team competition.  Individually Krista Bernick pulled down a couple of Aces in the 11 girl class, as if that weren’t enough she also grabbed another win in the open mixed class racing.  Krista like one of the teams other proud sponsors can just flat out fly!

Thanks to all the gang at Fly BMX racing for helping to make our riders look as good as they race and for helping to set them up with the latest in top shelf BMX racing parts. 

Our other female riders also had some success as the Danger Queen Kate Deters road hard in pulling in a pair of 5th place finishes.  With Kaitlyn Larson you might not hear her rolling along with the Stealth Hubs but you can sure bet lots of riders could see her as she put in a great performance with a couple of 2nd place finishes. 

Trenton DuVall has long been a tough rider pushing the pack in the 12X class and this year sporting the new Alienation and Kovachi sponsored bling is no different.  The tornado was ripping and tearing his way to a couple of 3rd place finishes.  Nick Deters had a busy weekend for the team pulling in a 5th and 6th place finish in the always stacked 10X class, he also scored a 4th and 5th place finish on the cruiser. 

Elliot “the big guy” McGrath road very well in the 17-18X class and like another proud sponsor Tangent he was Sleek, smooth, powerful, and fast taking home a second on Saturday then fighting his way back from a crash to take 4th on Sunday.  

Those of you in attendance may have noticed the new rolling 24’ store front at the national.  The new store was necessary to bring to you all of the awesome products that have helped to make our force to pay attention to.   With our new on-line e-bay store we can set you up as well, just click and pick.

Up next for the team and one of our mobile stores is a trip to Georgia – Stay tuned as Mikes Bikes Racers are heating things up.   

For more information visit us at

Ohio Dreams Announces Track Rebate Program


Ohio Dreams Action Sports camp wants to support your local track.  Ohio Dreams believes that by supporting local tracks, BMX racing will grow not just for us but for everybody.  We understand that running a successful local program cost’s money, money for maintenance, money for trophies, money for advertising.  The list of expenses could go on but we would like to offer a way for tracks to make additional income.  Ohio Dreams is offering a special fundraising program for ALL local tracks across the country.  If you are a track director and are interested in this great program that can help you raise funds for your track, please email Chris Ashcraft at or call at 1-800-963-3495. 

It’s About Action

Ohio Dreams is a facility and an experience unlike 
anything else. One that serves up not just a couple of treats, but the entire candy store - from skateboarding 
and inline skating, to BMX (Race, True Street and Trails), mountain biking, ski and snowboard freeride water ramp training (in our bubble aerated pool), wakeboarding, wake skating, and waterskiing. Here, you'll find the facilities, tools, staff and knowledge to feed all your action passions in one place so you can learn, improve and achieve your dream! 

It’s About Fun

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, the staff at Ohio Dreams will take your goals as seriously as you do, and will work with you in a safe, technologically advanced and educational environment to achieve those goals.


Today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday - May 26, 2009

BMX Action back in BOLIVIA!

By Javier Martin Larrea - Bolivian BMXer In "Exile"

After a few years of absence the UCI has given a chance to Bolivia to be part of International racers to come to our country can compete at a great level. Bolivia has been known on the past for having great riders racing at world events, just to mention a few Raul "El Grande" Ruiz, Mauricio Sarmiento, Paulo Aguilera, Diego Carvallo, Andres Barrios, Diego Alejandre and the list can keep growing.

This awesome race will take place, June 12th and 13th .

It's a big challenge for us to have a UCI round in our country, not because the last time we had an international race in our country was back on 2002, but because it's awesome to bring the BMX family together again and even more exciting to have them on our house, at our track. There would be great prices, just to mention for the Elite Class there would be a $1000 dollars prize per day for the winner.

We want all the BMX riders from Bolivia also to have a chance to see how much BMX has change and to have great riders visit us and talk to us about the experience of being an Olympian. With this we want to make an open invitation to all our BMX friends out there, not only here in South America but to whoever loves our sport and wants to be on a different country, learn about the traditions, culture and all the beautiful things we have to offer. This Race is also a warm up to what would be the race in September at the Juegos Bolivarianos.

We know also people talk about high altitude.....yes La Paz is located at twelve thousand feet from the level of the sea (3600 meters) but it has been shown on the past the BMX riders are real athletes and can win championships where ever they go. Food is one of the greatest expressions on our culture and very cheap also. You would be able to find different variety of flavors and combinations of food, chicken, fish, pork and meat. 

Come and join us, have a great time in La Paz, Bolivia, we will be waiting for you and your families with wide open arms. Hope to see you here, thanks for your time.


Today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday - May 24, 2009


This weekend saw the UK STAY STRONG / Freeagent  team at Burnham on Sea for rounds 3 and 4 of the UK National Championship.  

After consistent results at Derby for round one and two Andy Shaw had another solid weekend taking a 2nd in 30+ Cruiser on Saturday and 3rd in 19+ Men.  On Sunday Andy improved his results with a 2nd in 19+ . This now puts him in the lead in the series after 4 rounds with some consistent riding so far this season. Andy is looking forward to heading out to the Worlds later this Summer to defend his W plates on both bikes after good results in China last year.


Gareth Bates only raced Sunday and came in 3rd behind his team mate in 19+ , winning a few laps on the  way to the main and looking good all day.

Marco Dell'Isola TM is still out in Australia travelling, riding and looking forward to the Worlds in Adelaide after winning the Elite Masters National title in Perth WA a couple of weeks back.

So far a good start to 09 for this new team which was set up to keep the aweness out there for their good friend Stephen Murray who was paralysed from the shoulders down back in 2007 in the dirt finals of the Dew Tour is Baltimore MD.  

STAY STRONG is the charity fund and clothing brand set up to support Stephen and his two sons and currently co sponsors top European Elite's Pablo Guttierez (France) Arnaud Dubois  (Belgium), Roy Van Den Berg( Holland) and  French Junior Florian Duhamel

STAY STRONG would like to thank thier co- sponsors for 09: Freeagent,  Rockstar Energy,  Ogio,  Dragon Optical,   FOX Racing,  Sinz,  Intense Tyres,  New Era.


Today's BMX Racing News ..... Saturday - May 23, 2009

Old Skool BMX Legend Passes Away

Delta Racing Products (DRP) founder Demos Davetas passed away last Tuesday.

Demos/DRP built some very trick race bikes and sponsored some very heavy names in the sport of BMX back in the 70’s and early 80’s.  David Lee, Denny & Dirk Davidow, David & Rinker Marrietti, Lonnie Tatton and the Creek Brothers rode his bikes.

David Lee spoke to his wife and it would mean a lot to her to meet some of his old friends from the BMX days.

A memorial service/life celebration will be held on Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 9:00 am at All Souls Cemetery, 4400 Cherry Avenue (corner of Del Amo), Long Beach – phone number is 562.424.8601.

Cool Limited Edition T-Shirts To Benefit Stephen Murray

I would like to introduce you to a street-wear brand called the March Forth Supply Company.  I have personally seen this company help progress peoples lives including every athlete that they sponsor and Me!

March fourth is a date thought of by many as the day to MARCH FORTH!  This double-entendre inspired the development of the March Forth Supply Company, and is symbolized throughout the line with figures three and four.

March Forth is an apparel-driven reminder to realize your dreams and move forward with what you are most passionate about in life. This is the foundation of a company that continues to create motivating and inspiring street wear. Marching forth since 2003, supporting the independent culture worldwide...

March Forth’s main goal is encouraging people to focus on their dreams and never give up.  Sponsoring athletes in Surf, Skate, and BMX as well as bands and local artists is one way we achieve that goal.  March Forth recently collaborated with Stay Strong Apparel on a limited edition t-shirt promoting our two positive messages.  

Proceeds are donated to the Stephen Murray Fund, for injured professional BMX rider Stephen Murray.  Stephen was paralyzed on June 22, 2007 during competition.  Due to a great response, a second limited edition tee is already in the works.

For me personally, wearing a March Forth shirt everyday keeps me motivated and inspired.  I hope you’ll agree that in today's uncertain world we could all use a little more positivity, and kindly feature us in your magazine.

For more details on the March Forth Supply Co. please visit the official website:

Sincerely, Tim Kline - March Forth Supply Co. - (760) 419-7987 -

Alienation Signs

BMX Racing Standout,

Jeff Upshaw

Warsaw, Indiana – Alienation BMX has announced that it has signed a sponsorship agreement with BMX Racer Extraordinaire, Jeff Upshaw of Dayton, Ohio.

Jeff is no stranger to lightening fast BMX racing, as he is known around the world as one of the best and most natural ‘bike handlers’ in the sport.

According to Jerry Landrum/Alienation BMX Race Marketing, “We are super excited to have Jeff leading the way for Alienation BMX racing because he knows how to make it happen. EVERYBODY knows that when Jeff’s on the track, it doesn’t matter where he’s at, if he’s out front, he’s hard to get past and if he’s behind you, he can make a move to appear in front of you like a magician, the kid is UNREAL!”

According to Zach Taylor, Alienation BMX CEO, Upshaw will be making it to a lot of races for Alienation over the 2009 Summer, Fall and Winter race season. “I know that Jeff Upshaw is going to be a great promoter of our product thru his racing, and I can't wait to see him out front flyin' the Alienation BMX jersey. We've got Jeff 'geared up' with tons of good Alienation BMX product, the Hot Shoppe Design Factory is crankin' out one of the best looking jerseys on the circuit and as everyone knows, Jeff's going to be in the hunt when he's reppin' us on the track, so I am VERY excited to have Jeff Upshaw on the team.”

Upshaw is no stranger to Alienation BMX as he’s been using every BMX racing product  that is available from grips to rims to hubs.

Jeff has been an Alienation BMX rider since the inception of the company.

Look for Jeff Upshaw in his hot new Hot Shoppe custom Alienation Factory jersey at an ABA, NBL or UCI race near you.

For more info on Alienation BMX, please visit our website at or contact







Today's BMX Racing News ..... Friday - May 22, 2009



Ivo Van Der Putten's 'Rad Ride' waiting to be unleashed at the UCI Copenhagen Supercross race.Copenhagen, Denmark: The first Supercross race of 2009 took place under much better weather than the previous year, and with the Redline Global Team out in full force – from Italy to America, Australia to The Netherlands, France to Japan, the leading brand of BMX race bikes went to Denmark hoping for a good showing in the finals.

First up, came the Time Trials. And of the top 20, seven were aboard Redline Flight bikes – including No.2 ranked speedster Manuel DeVecchi and No.3 fastest Damien Godet.

“I did the best time of the first lap here in Copenhagen,” Redline’s Italian Stallion, Manuel DeVecchi, told us. “But the UCi changed the rules and didn't let the top 32 riders after the first lap do a second lap. They said that the top 32 were already qualified and their positions were fixed. So, me first and Damien second – we thought. After all the other riders did the second lap, they combined the results and France’s Cayleron did better than me and stole my first place. It's fine, but does not seem fair because I didn't have my chance to improve my lap. And normally the second lap is always faster than the first one.”

Dutch riders van der Biezen, van der Putten, Scherpen and DeWilde were ranked all 10, 12, 17 and 18 (in that order). And impressively, Redline’s All-American Kid Denzel Stein took the 15th spot in Time Trials - making him the second fastest American and only one of three U.S. riders in the Top-20.

By the end of the weekend, Stein was hoping to change the name of this country to Den”zel”mark with a podium finish, but after winning his first moto, a major crash in round 2 ended his weekend abruptly. Once back in the States, Denzel verified that he was OK – and that his crash was probably the hardest bail he’s ever taken in his BMX career. “He was pretty loopy the rest of the weekend,” texted Redline’s Alise Post, when giving us an update of the action.

Speaking of Redline’s Alise Post, she took the 8th quickest time in the ladies Time Trials and was the second fastest American gal. Coming off of her double wins in Bakersfield, Alise went in to this race feelin’ confident. She was haulin’ in her three semi’s but with a not-so-hot start, got balled up by a group of girls and lost all of her momentum for jumping by them on the remainder of the burly course.  

During Mens qualifying, Godet continued his hot laps and won every moto. Moto 5, in particular, was packed with Redline global riders – including DeVecchi, Robert DeWilde and Denzel Stein; who each scored at least one moto win – and two of them getting carted off to the medical aid station. Despite a 3rd moto crash for Italy’s No.1 guy, he still had low enough points to move on to quarters. “I crashed very bad during the third moto,” said Devecchi. “The Russian rider Komarov, jumped completely out of balance and came over on to me on the second jump. We both crashed but I had the worst consequences. I hit my head on the asphalt and lost consciousness for few minutes. I woke up with my left hand broken. It's nothing serious but I have to recover for a month. I can't go to races in this period but I can train my legs in gym. It was really a shame,” admitted DeVecchi sadly, “because I felt I was one of the fastest guys on the track and had trained very hard for this.    …but that's BMX.” 

Here's the view that Ivo had of his bike when he won the UCI Copenhagen Supercross race!Redline’s Damien Godet almost didn’t make it out of his 1/4, either. “I felt great during the competition,” Godet told us afterwards. “But in my quarter, I had a bad gate. Since I was starting from lane 1, I made an inside move in the first corner, only to touch Bradford and unclip! I wasn't fast down the second straight and it was very close! I don't know how I did it – but I avoided a crash and took 4th to move on to the semis.” 

Meanwhile, an incredible total of six Dutch riders had moved on to the semi’s – which would see 2 eliminated. Just like the past four rounds of the Euro Champ series, Redline’s Global Team had the odds in their favor for the finale’. With 5 Redline’s out of 8 in the main (four of them being Dutch dominators), chances were good for a podium sweep. And with half the gate aboard orange Redline Flight bikes, there was an even better chance for a full Dutch podium. In the end, it was the 666 of “Evil” IVO van der PUTTON scoring the huge victory, closely followed by MARTIJN and Redline’s Olympian Frenchmen DAMIEN GODET with the third. Fellow Dutchman RAYMON van der BIEZEN placed 4th - making it a top-4 Redline sweep, and SANDER BISSELING rounding things out in the 6-spot.

Damien summed up the main event from his perspective: ”In the main, I had a good first straight and I was in fourth after the first turn. I had a lot of speed and over-shot the doubles a littlee bit on the 2nd straight. In the second turn, I came back on Nhlapo and blocked him up high. I was in 2nd for just a second, but Scherpen - who was 4th, had more speed and passed me before the third stretch. From there, I kept the 3 spot to the finish line !”

 Dutch National Coach Bas DeBever was ecstatic with the finishes. “The Dutch crew was on fire!,” Bas said proudly. “Ivo was ‘feelin' it’ all weekend long, In the finals he was strong out of the gate together with teammate Martijn Scherpen and Sifiso Nhlapo. Ivo took the lead over the second jump and from there, never looked back. Martijn was following close and got 2nd after a nice swoop in turn two. Raymon van der Biezen and Sander Bisseling were battling hard end and ended up in 4th (Raymon) and 6th (Sander). The whole team was, just like last week, feeling good.”

Elite Men results:
1 Ivo van der Putten (Dutch-Redline)
2 Martijn Scherpen  (Dutch-Redline)
3 Damien Godet  (France-Redline)
4 Raymon van der Biezen (Dutch-Redline)
5 Sifiso Nhlapo (So.Africa) 
6 Sander Bisselling (Dutch-Redline)
7 Michal Prokop (Czech)
8 Roger Rinderknecht (Swiss)

“I was just feeling great the last few weeks,” winner Ivo van der Putten told “We’d been in France for 45 days, we all came back stronger. Qualifying in12th was really not too bad. For how important the gate pick was, lane 1 was narrow. The best places were 2, 3 or 4. I think not too far on the outside, so you had to be in the top 2 in previous races for a good gate pick. The big jumps are not the problem. The speed is much higher because of the giant hill. That's what makes SX so different. It’s another level of BMX racing, completely. You either like it or not. And I love it.”

Definitely not a bad Supercross for Redline and the Dutch - as well as France’s Godet - who had qualified 3rd-fastest in Time Trials. This was the first time a single brand of bike has taken the entire podium (let alone all Top-4 positions) at a UCi Supercross event.
“I definitely love SX tracks,”
exclaimed third place finisher Godet. “Fast and big!”

Congrats to the entire Redline Global team for a job well done.


Proudly sponsored by: SHIMANO components, SUN rims, TIOGA tires, KOOLSTOP brakeshoes, SKULL CANDY headphones and PRYME safety gear

The DUTCH NATL TEAM also uses: SHIMANO PRO components, TROY LEE DESIGNS clothing, SINZ forks, and TIOGA tires.

MCS Factory Team Florida Rap-up!

By Brian Fell/MCS Factory Team Manager - Well, another NBL Florida State Season is in the books. They seem to go by faster and faster every year. They are fun though and always make for some good times. Our MCS Factory Team is awesome and this season everybody pulled through getting their locals in and receiving the ranking that they truly deserve.

The NBL Florida State Championship race was held at Sarasota BMX. The track has a great reputation for being both fast and somewhat technical. Their rep wouldn't let us down, however a lack of air-time was clearly evident. The racing was heated though non the less. Friday's practice was cut in half by the isolated thunderstorms that rolled in sending everyone packing and back to the hotels. The SSA was able to have one more session later that night, but I couldn't tell you how it was, PTP and I were back at the hotel making a banner for the front of the tent. Yeah, last minute stuff is the WORST! We got it done though, along with a trip to the 'Flag Man' we were ready to go on Saturday.

Ahhh, Saturday morning... For the record, I hate to get up in the morning and a 6:45 wake up call is never good. Combine that with the fact that someone stole the poles that we spray painted the night before and left to dry in the dumpster and it was a frustrating drive to the track. The only good part was getting to park next to the trailer where team canopies were supposed to go... But that is a whole other topic! The race itself was going to be a big one, after all it was the series finale. Sure enough it was with 196 motos. We were also fortunate enough to have it go out live on, maybe you saw it? If not look for the re-broadcast or look for it in their archive sections.

As I stated earlier, it's a good feeling knowing that your team has come through with flying colors. When everything was said and done we came home with some serious hardware. CJ McGuire was on fire all day long not losing a lap until the main when carnage occurred in the first turn relegating himself and fellow title contender Tyler Faoro to the pavement. CJ got up, but had to settle for a 6th and Faoro an 8th. Tyler would get the #1 plate and CJ would have to settle for the #3 plate. CJ was able to bring home the big check though winning the money series. Raul Gomez has been on a mission this year. His goal is to regain the titles he vacated a few years ago. Well, his mission is half over. He took home the wins in both 20" and cruiser giving him the #1 plate in both. He is clearly the man to beat in the Sunshine State.

Cory Watts and Petey Peters have been the 1-2 punch in 19-25 Expert all year long and Sarasota was no exception. They finished off the season the same way they started going 1-2 in the main. Cory actually got his locals in the year and is rewarded with running that big #1 on his bike next year. Petey on the other hand will add a zero onto his plate. Living in Georgia, it's hard to get your locals in and he will be running the #10 plate. Bryan Kipp had another up and down day in 15 Expert. His gates continued to be his down fall. If he could get a handle on them, nobody could catch him. He finished second on the day and second for the series. Tucker Rice destroyed the 11 Expert class winning everything and completing his perfect season! 11-12 Cruiser wasn't the same story though, Tuck got second for the day, but had to settle for the #4 plate. You can bet your bottom dollar that he will be on the hunt for that #1 again next year. Although Dean and Perry DeVido didn't make their mains, they still had a good time and were able to bring home the #13 and #16 Plate respectively. Jeff DeVido made his main scoring and eighth place giving him the #7 plate for the year.

We would like to thank our sponsors for another great year. Profile Racing (, Odyssey BMX (, DNA Energy Drink (, Powerbar (, Royal (, UGP (, ODI (, THE Helmets (, Intense Tires (, Sun Rims (, Hammer Bodywear and Hot Shoppe (


Morphine Industries’ Rocks the ABA Dixieland National

report by Doran "it's a sure thing" Bradshaw



While most of the team stayed in Florida to win titles in their state series, some of our other riders weathered the storm (literally) at the ABA Dixieland Nationals in Powder Springs, Georgia.  After a rain delay on Saturday, (and alot of LOST Energy drink) the tarps were pulled off the track and the team got down to business.

Jason LaRev set the pace as soon as the first gate dropped by winning A Pro in a one lap for the money round. On Sunday, Jason was out to make sure everyone knew he has been training by taking the win again in A Pro. (Then again, it could have been his new Tioga PowerBlock tires, mounted on Alienation rims and Sinz forks!)

In the always tough 17-18 expert class, Travis Woodruff rode his Staats ProXL hard but in an outside, muddy lane against guys like Zula, Kubalak and Hassan, he was limited to a 6th in the main on Saturday.

Doran Bradshaw brought his bag of Rennen gears and came up with wins in 31-35 cr and in 28-35X on Saturday. On Sunday, he got the win in cruiser but a slight mistake on the last straight cost him the lead and the double-double. But three firsts place finishes and one second ain't too shabby!

Although the weather wasn't the best, the crew at Cobb County BMX put on a great race and the track was the best it has ever been. Kudos to all the volunteers that had the track is pristine condition for our enjoyment!  Look for Morphine Industries to carry the momentum going into Blue Springs, Missouri and Rockford, Illinois over the next few weeks.


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; Staats Motocross Bicycles (, Alienation (, Fly Racing (, Lost Energy Drink (, Tioga (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (

RacePlaceBMX Bike Shop/Intense team race report

for the NBL All-American Nationals, Fresno, California:

The turn-out wasn’t great for the All-American Nationals, but I was truly impressed by the track and facilities at Woodward Park.  Also a special thanks for the hard work by NBL staff and the County of Fresno PARCS department for putting on a great event.  Having been a rider/manager for 10 years now, attending both west coast and east coast nationals in both organizations, this had to be one of best events of all time.  Hopefully the NBL can continue to grow in the area, because this facility deserves much more support from the BMX community.

As for the team, we finally got our 10th finish of the season in, bringing the RacePlaceBMX Bike Shop/Intense team into 3rd place overall in the Team NBL standings by winning both days.  A few team members were hesitant on going to this race, but were very pleased they attended afterwards.

With 16 of the top Super-Ex riders in attendance, there was no easy money to be won.  New Super-Ex/A Pro team rider Matt “Hot Rod” Rubeck brought home two 5th place finishes for the weekend.  Thanks is in order for Weston Pope for his honesty in a scoring error that happened in the last round of qualifying on Saturday that allowed Matt to make the main and Weston to be sidelined.  At a previous national, Matt didn’t make the main because of a rider was not willing to admit to a scoring error.  I wish more kids were a professional as Weston.  Our veteran Super-Ex rider Jason “The Cat” Morris, sidelined for a couple of months because of broken wrist, returned to the NBL and finished with a 6th on Saturday and avoided carnage on Sunday to take home 2nd place.

On the amateur side, Fly’n Ryan Pettigrew had two perfects in 11x and had to race up in cruiser, finishing 4th each day.  Littleman Levi Pope took a 1st and 2nd place in 9-10 cruiser and a 2nd and 3rd in 10x.  Zachary “The Scorpion” Vankammen brought home two 2nd place finishes in 11-14 cruiser, and a 2nd and 3rd in 14x.  Justin Anderson made a short trip from Bakersfield on Saturday to earn a 2nd place finish in 13x.  Nick Tuttle continued his dominance in both organizations by getting two perfects in 26-34 expert.  Lauren Whisler took a bad fall down the last straight in Saturday’s main, but came back on Sunday with a taped wrist to get a perfect for the day.  Jessica Navarro also had a great weekend with two wins in the 17 girls class.  One teammate that impressed me was Nathan Miller.  This guy rocked the 17-18x class with two perfects for weekend.  Watch out for this guy at the Grands - I’m sure he would like to get back that #1 title he earned a few years ago.

The team is made possible with the help of some great sponsors that include: RacePlaceBMX (, Intense BMX (, ODI Grips (, Fly Racing (, Helix Electric (, T.H.E. (, Sinz (, Miller Construction, and Surf City Garage (

Scott Angus, TM



May 21, 2009 – Five-time Florida State Champion and BAWLS Rider Tony Lehman won his sixth-consecutive Sunshine State title this past weekend in Sarasota, FL! The championship was the perfect way to cap a Sunshine State season  - the largest in the country - which was dominated by Lehman. Tony won every qualifier in his class and came in to the championship with a huge points lead. Nevertheless, Tony took it to his competitors and made sure to never give his competitors a shot to dethrone. Tony also came in second place in the Cruiser division making him one of the most accomplished Sunshine State BMX Riders in the state.   

Also this month, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) hosted its first BMX Supercross World Cup race in Copenhagen, Denmark. These are serious-style, international races, which start on a 30-ft high starting gate! BAWLS Pro, David “The Herminator” Herman had an impressive showing as one of the top-finishing US riders at the event. Last year, David won a UCI Supercross race in Australia and earned a spot as an alternate for the 2008 Summer Olympic Team! In addition, David was invited to train with other US Olympic hopefuls at the US BMX Olympic Complex in Chula Vista, CA. David has been training there all season trying to improve his game and to earn a shot for the 2012 Summer Games. David continues his racing on both the ABA and NBL National tours and is in the hunt for titles in both leagues.

 For more BAWLS BMX news, photos and sponsorship info, visit












750 Donaldson Avenue
Severn, MD 21144
Track Phone: 410-969-5177

Home to the best BMX Racing in Maryland             

Mariana pajon launches new rider website!

Mariana Pajon, one of the fastest little ladies on the BMX Racing Planet has launched her very own web site at, featuring all kinds of cool stuff about her racing, her dreams and her life.

You can check it out at

It's VERY pink, but then, she's a sweet lookin' little female, so she can go with pink if she wants to. Besides that, when you're as fast as Mariana, you can go with whatever color you want for you new web site!

Check out the 10 Time UCI World Champ's site and you'll see what we mean, lots of cool stuff about one of the coolest girl's around!

Do you flick through those hundreds of channels and think to yourself; “There’s never anything good on TV!”
Well, now there is.  You can catch ABA’s North American UCi series on NBC’s Universal channell (see your local listing for station dial). Filmed by infamous BMX producer Don Hoffman with co-host & ex-BMX racer Jamie Lilly, the entire sport is looking forward to watching the first BMX race series on TV since Todd Huffman's "CRANK TV" shows in the 90's. 

Among the races you can watch are Redline’s “Kings of Jr.Elite” - Denzel Stein and Tory Nyhaug, battling it out for the crown. Viewers will also get to see Redline’s new Pro gal Alise Post duel with the Arizona “Dom”-inator in one of the hottest female racing rivalries in BMX history. And it all begins Monday, May 25th.

Schedule                    Event                                      Date                Airtime
Cycling - BMX         ABA Sooner Natls             05/25/2009    7:00 PM Original
Cycling - BMX           ABA Sooner Natls                05/26/2009    3:30 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX           ABA Sooner Natls                05/31/2009    6:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX         ABA So.California Natls   06/01/2009    7:00 PM Original
Cycling - BMX           ABA So.California Natls      06/02/2009    12:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX           ABA So.California Natls      06/07/2009    6:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX         ABA Gator Natls                 06/08/2009    7:00 PM Original
Cycling - BMX           ABA Gator Natls                   06/09/2009    12:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX           ABA Gator Natls                   06/14/2009    6:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX         ABA Winter Natls                06/15/2009    7:00 PM Original
Cycling - BMX           ABA Winter Natls                  06/16/2009    12:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX           ABA Winter Natls                  06/21/2009    6:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX         ABA Super Natls #1           06/22/2009    7:00 PM Original
Cycling - BMX           ABA Super Natls #1             06/23/2009    12:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX           ABA Super Natls #1             06/28/2009    6:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX         ABA Super Natls #2           06/29/2009    7:00 PM Original
Cycling - BMX           ABA Super Natls #2             06/30/2009    12:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX           ABA Super Natls #2             07/05/2009    6:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX         ABA Super Natls #3           07/06/2009    7:00 PM Original
Cycling - BMX           ABA Super Natls #3             07/07/2009    12:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX           ABA Super Natls #3             07/12/2009    6:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX         ABA First State Natls         07/13/2009    7:00 PM Original
Cycling - BMX           ABA First State Natls           07/14/2009    12:00 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX           ABA First State Natls           07/19/2009    3:30 PM Repeat
Cycling - BMX         ABA Mid West Natls           07/20/2009    7:00 PM Original
Cycling - BMX           ABA Mid West Natls             07/21/2009    11:00 AM Repeat
Cycling - BMX           ABA Mid West Natls             07/26/2009    6:30 PM Repeat

*All times listed are Eastern Standard Time. See your TV Guide for channel and exact times.


ABA bmx racing







Today's BMX Racing News ..... Thursday - May 21, 2009




Matt Kelty Update


Matt Kelty went down HARD in the Main Event at the NBL All American National in Fresno,

California this past weekend and tore up his foot pretty bad.


Evidently, Matt's been on the "Doctor Tour" this week, actually having been seen by two doctors

and they said he has a chipped bone and torn ligament between his big toe.


It's all pretty painful for Matt and precludes him from riding or racing at all, so that pretty much puts

him out for a while until he gets it all healed up.


Matt will be getting an MRI this week and will find out if he has to have surgery or just get that casted

up to heal as is.


BMX Mania Best Wishes go out to Matt for a speedy recovery and return to the track, he's one hard charger, we know that for sure.


Team Intense/ Dyna Pep earned victories

in both the Factory and Trophy Team competitions

at the Florida State Championship


For the first time ever in Florida state history, the Intense/ Dyna Pep Team finished #1 in both the money and the trophy team series. 

"The sun was shining with rain on tap for the semifinals, but that didn't slow down the racing at the state of Florida’s Championship race. With just under 200 motos, it is always the biggest state race of the year. The individual and team competition was ferocious, and Team Intense/ Dyna Pep held off a strong charge from the Profile Racing camp. Pro Girl Amanda Geving and Ole' Darin Houston ran near the front all weekend, but perfect final laps came from Justin Riddell, 16 X, and Geoffry Banser, 15 X,  in their main events to catapult Team Intense/ Dyna Pep to their first ever money team title.

Also, Team Intense/ Dyna Pep had to break a multiyear team championship run that had been held by Force Racing to become the undisputed winner in the Trophy Team competition.

The team is sponsored by only the finest products and would like to thank:
Intense, Dyna Pep,, THE, Sinz, Intense Tire Systems, Troy Lee Designs, Pro Link Chain Lube,  Profile Racing, Bawls Guarana, Snap BMX Products, Ciari, ANS Graphixs, HRP Designs, Nor-Tech Boats, Trico Shrimp Co., and Animal Customs team jerseys.

Also, we would like to thank the parents, friends, and families of the riders who completed the entire Florida State Series for us this season.

Pros: Amanda Geving, Amanda Carr

13 Girls: Stephanie Baker, 12 Girls: Michelle Huey, 11 girls: Shayla Stanton and Kayla Simon, 8 Girls: Campbell Lackey, 3 Rookie: Zane Garcia, 4 Rookie: Fisher Houston

5 Novice: Rowdy Houston, 6 Rookie: Aiden Hughey, 7 Rookie: Isaac Guiliano

7 Novice,  Dillon Shipley, 8 Novice: Casey McKey and Bently Garcia, 9 Expert: Jamie Wallace, 10 Expert: Eli Garcia, 11 Novice: Ty Carroll, 11 Expert: Joshua Cross, 13
Rookie: CJ Giuliano, 13 Novice: Tyler Giuliano and Marc Brilhart, 13 Expert: Jacob
Cross and Matt Corry, 13 Rookie: CJ Giuliano 14 Novice: Little E Johnson, 14 Expert: Jesse Baker, 15 Novice: Max Schachinger, 15 Expert: Geoffrey Banser, 16 Rookie: Kyle Kloer, 16 Novice: Dayne Bruggeman,16 Expert: Justin Riddell,18 Expert: Kory Fain, 25-34 Novice: Jamie Blinkhorn, 30-34 Cruiser: Ezell " Gazelle" Johnson, 35-39 Cruiser: Darin Houston, Todd Lackey, Allan Stanton, and Mike Powers, 35-39 Novice: Andy Morris and Matt Corry Sr., 41 and over Expert: Chuck Carroll, I.R. Ron Sanchez, Adrian Torres, Donnie Beals and Robbie McMannus.

Stile Industries Summer Tour 2009

You've seen the Stile Ind. How to Race DVD, now check out a How to Race BMX Camp. 


This is our 11th summer out on the road teaching BMX to the masses. 


This years camps are redesigned to give you even more instruction and training. 


During the camps we work all the basics and then get more advanced as the riders progress. 


It is great for all ages and and skill levels. 


This year's head instructor is Colin Stiles Vet Pro and developer of the How to Race Camps. 


Also along for his 4th tour of duty is Elliot McGrath 17 X and three time National Champion. 


If you want to improve your BMX racing then you need to attend a Stile Ind How to Race BMX Camp this summer.

Tour dates 2009
May 26            Ponca City, OK          Sooner State BMX
May 27            N. Little Rock, AR      Rock City BMX
June 2,3           Yukon, OK                Yukon BMX
June 6              Prattville, AL              Fountain City BMX
June 8,9           Peachtree City, GA    William L Davis BMX
June 10           Nashville, TN             Music City BMX
June 13,14       Louisville, KY            Derby City BMX
June 16,17       Blue Springs, MO      Blue Springs BMX
June 18            E. Moline, IL             BMX Speedway
June 23,24        Fond Du Lac, WI     Fond Du Lac BMX
June 26            Portage, IN               Imagination Glen BMX
June 28            Goodells, MI             CAN-AM BMX

June 30-July 1   Hamburg, NY          Southtown's BMX

July 3               Westfield, MA           Whip City BMX

July 6,7,8          Trumbull, CT            TRACK BMX

July 9,10           Billerica, MA            BIllerica BMX

July 11,12         New Paltz, NY         New Paltz BMX

July 16             Johnstown, PA          Johnstown BMX

July 17, 18       Westmoreland, PA    Westmoreland BMX

July 20,21        Dinwiddie, VA           VMP BMX

July 28, 29       Brainerd, MN             Lakes Area BMX

July 30,31        Faribault, MN            Faribault BMX

August 4,5       Lincoln, NE               Star City BMX


We do have a few more possible dates pending.  For times, registration, and more information about the camps contact the local tracks or Colin at 321.917.2331.

Hope to see you all this summer to work on some BMX skills. Is Now On Twitter!

Ooops, I just Tweeted!

From Rich Montalvo, the multi-talented Media Guru at Go211 BMX!


We've just started up a Twitter account for the GO211 BMX section. I will be updating the Twitter from each event with up to the minute news and race schedule/broadcast changes.

Those who sign up to receive Twitter updates will get messages when:
- Race to start at x:xx
- Pros about to run
- What classes are currently running
- When rounds of motos finish
- When Semi Finals are about to go
- When Main events are staging
- Pro results from each day
- Crash reports
- When videos are posted to the site
- Go211 giveaways
- BMX news
- Go211 BMX Pro rider updates. 

Check it at














Today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday - May 20, 2009

2009 Canadian National Championships


BMXers from all across Canada will fly, drive and pedal in to Kingston BMX in Kingston, Ontario for the 2009 Canadian BMX National Championships, June 20 & 21.

Hundreds of hard core BMX racers will be sharpening up their gate start, jammin' on their jumping ability and offerin' up some smooth moves in the turns for the glory of winning a coveted National Title.

The Kingston track is known as one of the best around, with something for everyone, from fast straightaway's to BIG jumps!

Props go out to Alienation BMX, Supercross BMX and No Fear Energy Drink for supporting the Championships, and for more info on the race, please check it all out at.....



You heard it right.  NBL is offering a great chance to get qualified for the UGP Open Championship for a great price. PLUS, if you register for an Open both days, UGP will serve up a free T-shirt too!  Register at the race starting on Friday, May 22 and make sure you get qualified to race the UGP Open Championship, held at the NBL Grands this year.

Full Deal ->> Register for two UGP Opens and you get a free UGP T-shirt.

  • Make 3 UGP Open mains and you are qualified to race the UGP Open Championship at the Grands

  • Make 6 UGP Open mains and we'll pay your entry fees for the UGP Open Championship at the Grand

Visit UGP to see their full product line and the visit to learn more about the NBL Keystone Nationals, May 23-24 in Pottstown, PA.








Today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday - May 19, 2009


Airdrie International - UCI continental Round # 8 Airdrie, AB
Elite Men
1 Jim Brown/Supercross
2 Scott Erwood/Crupi
3 Patrick Lebel/Avent/Bombshell
Elite Women
1 Danielle Brisson
2 Kayla Sweeney/Supercross
3 Rosemary Adams/Ozone
Jr. Men
1 Tory Nyhaug/Redline
2 Nick Bennetti/Standard
3 Steven Creighton/Supercross
Jr Women
1 Amelia Walsh
2 Abby Graalman
3 Sara Biron
Photos - Barney Brown/Champion Photography


You've all heard that the Florida State Championships is the biggest State Finals in the country, now you can watch it AGAIN exclusively on From the first gate drop till the last finish line battle all of the action is FREE to view. During the webcast you can chat with your friends and discuss the days happenings. This is your chance to watch all the exciting races, close finishes, and big crashes all over again, so don't miss it.

Tune in today at 3:00 pm (est)

Big ABA Race Weekend Coming Up at Bumps-N-Berms!

This weekend of May 8, 9, & 10 was suppose to be Bumps-N-Berms (York, pa) ABA Race for life and Redline Cup Qualifier weekend...........BUT!

For that week we had nothing but rain every day and they had to cancel their BIG weekend of Power Racing.

BUT, there's good news for all you East Coast racers out there who are just dying to get over to the infamous Bumps-N-Berms track for some AWESOME BMX race action!

The races have been re-scheduled to June 5th, 6th, and 7th.

June 5th will be a single points race with registration 6 – 7. June 6th will be the Race For Life with registration 11 – 1:30 & June 7th will be the Redline Cup Qualifier with registration 11 – 1:30.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but due to such poor weather and track conditions it would have been impossible for us to have raced that weekend.

For more information and updates check our website at

Erin “2 Sweet” Moore


Erin Moore has qualified for the Worlds BMX championship. She needs your help. We are asking for donation/Sponsorship so Erin can represent the United States at the BMX Worlds Championship in Adelaide, Australia . 

Erin is the daughter of a Retired USAF Medic. Erin has been racing BMX for 6 years. She graduated from Elkins High School and now attends NWACC. She holds a full time job and trains for BMX everyday. Erin is turning into a great young adult, but no one can do it alone, we are asking for Donation or Sponsorship to help off set the cost. Any donation will be helpful. With donation or sponsorship you will receive an autographed picture for your home or office. Thank you for time, support and consideration. 

Erin Moore - 10703 Thunder Road - Fayetteville, AR 72701 ..... 479-466-6394

Gravity East Downhill Series

If you haven't seen long time NBL 50+ cruiser racer Dieter Ward at the track for the past few years, its because he has been too busy on his mountain bike.Last year he was the director of the USAC Gravity East Downhill Series and tried his hand at downhill mountain bike racing taking the GES Championship in 40+ Beginner category and also 2nd place in the Sport/Beginner category of the New York State Dual Slalom Series.For 2009 he will be stepping down as director of the Gravity East Downhill Series to devote his time to managing and promoting a newly added dual slalom series to Gravity East.
















For additional information please visit the website at Thanks to our great sponsors e.thirteen, Mad March Racing, Marin Bikes, Nema, DerailedOnline










Today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday - May 18, 2009


NBL All American National  - Fresno, CA

Top spots go to

Strombergs, post, Bittner & Collins

at NBL All American National In Fresno!

Check out Foto Race Report

and complete results on

the bmx mania race report page!


And find out why Matt Kelty is standing on his bars during the main!

VRP/Bike Alley/Vitamin Water baking the competition

at the US National in Bakersfield 

With the team ready to ride in full force VRP/Bike Alley came out again to prove that they want the title for 2009. After it was all said and done and some battling with Race Place and Elite Bicycles VRP/Bike Alley came away with wins on Saturday and Sunday. 

First we want to wish Josh Klatman a speedy recovery after he took a hard fall and was taken away in the ambulance. Nothing broken but some serious bruising. Look forward to having you back real soon.

Starting off with our skillful girl Dani George who came out to prove she is a force to be reckoned with. She has worked really hard and it showed because she powered her way on to back to back victories on Saturday and Sunday. Just goes to show that hard work pays off!

Next we have our National Number 1 girl Jordan Nopens who had to battle for everything she earned this weekend. After a hard crash battling for first in mixed open on Sunday she would come back in class to take home the win on Sunday. She never backed down and fought for the victory. Congratulations you had some serious competition and never stopped battling.












Today's BMX Racing News ..... Friday - May 15, 2009


Stumpy, Post, Holmes & Meyers Fly First At FBX!


Elite Men Elite Women Masters Super Ex

1 Randy Stumpfhauser

2 Maris Strombergs

3 Donny Robinson

1 Alise Post

2 Dominique Daniels

3 Ashley Verhagen

1 Dale Holmes

2 Jason Carnes

3 Shawn O'Gorman

1 Josh Meyers

2 Logan Collins

3 Matt Kelty

Complete Results And Saturday Photo Gallery Posted,

On The BMX Mania NBL Fresno Race Report Page!



All the 'California Pros' are makin' the scene at FBX,

tune in here late Saturday Night for more!



You've all heard that the Florida State Championships is the biggest State Finals in the country, now you can watch it LIVE exclusively on From the first gate drop till the last finish line battle all of the action is FREE to view. During the webcast you can chat with your friends and discuss the days happenings. Go211 will also be doing a REPLAY of the entire broadcast, on Tuesday May 19th

Morphine Industries’ Tyler Faoro Continues to Top the Podium and Make Noise in Tampa

Super-X Tyler Faoro went to work yet again this weekend in Tampa at the Florida State Last Chance Qualifier.  The Elite open both days bought additional top riders from out of state looking for a piece of the action.  However, Tyler had a different say on that.  Taking 1s in the motos both days and finishing with a podium topping 2 on Day 1 and a 1 on Day 2.


Tyler continues to be the rider to beat in the Elite Class as the Florida State Series rounds up next weekend in Sarasota, FL.   Tyler sits on top in both the Plate Series and the Money Series for the year in what is going to prove to be a showdown in Sarasota.


12X and 11/12 Cruiser Noah Reeves had a great weekend in pulling down 1s in all of his motos both days but settling for a 3 on Day 1 and 3 on Day 2 in 12X.  Noah continues to battle with Preston Wood for the top spot in Cruiser settling for a 2 both days.


In addition, 17/18X Talbott Cross went head to head in the 21 rider 17/18X class narrowly missing the main both days.


The Morphine Industries circus will be dropping in Sarasota next weekend for the hugely contested NBL Florida State Championship.  The Florida State Championship draws more motos than 95% of the National races and majority of the top riders in the country.  It’s a weekend to not be missed and this year you can watch on live webcast at  CHECK IT OUT!


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; Staats Motocross Bicycles (, Alienation (, Fly Racing (, Lost Energy Drink (, Tioga (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (

GHP BMX Europe Lights it up in Italy!


STERKenBMX and GHP BMX are proud that Mattia Furlan got some good results during Euro Rounds 5 & 6 at Creazzo, Italy.


New GHP BMX Europe teammember, Niels Tepper, Dutch Elite rider.


Amsterdam, May 5, 2009 –  Last weekend at the 5th and 6th European Rounds in Creazzo GHP BMX Europe teamrider Mattia Furlan showed his talents at his hometrack. Riding on his white GHP bike in class Boys 15-16 he made it both days into the finals. Where on Saturday he got 5th but on Sunday he arrived on a 3rd place. Mattia Furlan is a member of the Italian National team and part of the GHP BMX Europe team. Also the week before in Klatovy Mattia Furlan showed he has what it takes to ride finals, on Sunday he took a 6th place.  While on Saturday he went out in the Semifinals due to a bad start.


GHP BMX Europe is proud to present a new teammember, Niels Tepper, Dutch Elite rider. Currently ranked 8th in the Dutch National Competition he is racing an Apple Green Pro XXL bike. He will be racing his GHP BMX bike the 24th of May for the 2nd round of the Dutch National Competition which takes place in Heiloo.


Special thanks go out to our sponsors and partners ; Payebel Wood ( , Panama* – club, restaurant in Amsterdam ( GHP BMX ( , Rhythm wheels (,  Tioga ( , Squashcity Fitness Amsterdam ( , Racefaceplates ( , GHP BMX Shop ( .




Jeffrey Sterken – Greg Hill

Phone: 0031(0)6 - 222 517 09


Email: ,  or

Praezo, Italy – Rounds 5 & 6 of the EURO CHAMP SERIES

All of Europe’s top BMXers converged on Creazzo, Italy for Rounds 5&6 of the Championship series. After much success in the Czech Republic weeks earlier, Redline’s Global Teams were hoping to keep up the 35 year tradition of making mains and placing on the podium. With the entire Dutch National team (some on their new orange/white ’09 Flight frames), along with Redline-France, Redline-Italy and Redline-Norway present; the odds were once again stacked in Redline’s favor.

The host track in Creazo was Manuel DeVecchi’s home track – which had Italy’s one and only BMX Olympian excited. “I have to admit that I didn't expect a race so difficult in my home track,” said Redline sponsored DeVecchi. “It was a war, trying to make it to the finals.” 

France’s BMX Olympian – Damien Godet, was impressed and pleased with the Creazzo course. “In Italy, (we were) at DeVecchi's track for rounds 5 & 6 of the Euro champs. The track was very technical, with two pro sections down the second and third straights. It was a little bit steep but I really liked it. This race was very good preparation for the Supercross in Denmark, with those pro sections and tight races!” 


On Day one, half of the main event was reserved for Redline-sponsored riders – three of Dutch’s finest and our favorite Frenchman. Despite having half the gate full of Redline bikes, none of the Global team were able to catch the speedy-quick South African - Nhlapo. “On Saturday, I took a good 5th spot in the main,” France’s Damien Godet told us. Dutch's MARTIJN SCHERPEN scored the best of all Flight bikes, and found himself on the third rung of the Podium.


1. Sifiso NHLAPO (So. Africa)

2. Arnaud DUBOIS (BEL),





7. Mathieu DESPEAUX (FRA)

8. Jordy VAN DER HEIJDEN (Ned)

In JUNIOR ELITE, though - it was a Redline rider in a more familiar position ... out front. Norway's ANDRE FOSSA - our REDLINE-supported rider through Ken Meland's RACING DEPOT, proved to the World that he's a contender to be reckoned with for the Junior title at this years' World Champs in Australia. And without NL's Jelle VanGorkam, Fossa took the Saturday win with virtual ease. Day two, would be a different story though.



2. PICKARD Kurt (NZE),


4. BLANC Renaud (FRA),

5. VAN GENDT Twan (NED),

6. MANTION Remi (FRA),

7. BACHELARD Benjamin (FRA),

8. LAJMI Jordan (FRA)

Being as this was Italy, there was one pro in particular who the Italian crowd wanted to see win on Sunday - Redline's hometown track MANUEL DeVECCHI. Just making it to the main had been a tremendous feat for the Italian Stallion. "My starts were a bit better but still not the best," DeVecchi admits. "I had again to ride from the back and try some place where to pass. In my semi, I went on the inside of the first corner, and I closed Cayleron and I went in to the 5th position. Then I had Dubois in front of me and I pushed hard in the pro-section to reach him. In the second corner I took the inside to overtake him. I only had other 2 straights left - the technical parts, and I was 4th, with Godet and Dubois behind him. I did all jumps perfectly and went to take Van Der Putten in the last corner. I overtook him from the outside and I took third in the semi to make the final."

As the Elite Mens main event lined up for day two's action, it was again lookin' good for REDLINE's Global guys. This time with 5 out of 8 aboard Flight bikes, all eyes of the packed sidelines were anxiously awaiting to see if someone would be able to beat the so-far unbeatable South African Olympian Sifiso Nhlapo. Now in the main, DeVecchi was feeling the pressure of performing in front of his fellow Countrymen. “In the main, I was pumped up and wanted to do all my best! I was ilane 6 - between Sifiso (No..3 in the World) and Hamon (No.6 in BMX and World Champion in cruiser). I knew that it wouldn't be easy to start in front of them but I tried. Again a bad start! Another recovery race. In the first corner, I couldn't take the inside line and I chose the outside, pedaling as strong as I could to do the pro section very low. I overtook Van Der Wildenberg and I went out from the second corner in 5th position. Now I had Hamon in front of me and I felt confident that I could take him. I did a very good third straight and entered in the last corner with the knee on the asphalt, setting me up to over take him on the final whoops! 4th on the finish line - with three Dutch in front of me, all chasing down Nhlapo.



1. Sifiso NHLAPO (So. Africa)




5. Thomas HAMON (FRA)




In Junior Elite, Jelle VenGorkam was in the final this time around and everybody knew he'd be the guy to watch. Day one's winner - ANDRE FOSSA, was right in the hunt from the get-go, and stuck to Jelle's back knobbies throughout most of the race. After throwing some 'bows with a Swiss rider, Fossa was battling to hold on to second place when suddenly - VenGorkam came up short on the last straight rhythm and self imploded all by himself. Redline-Norway's Fossa reacted in a split second to dodge the bullet, and narrowly escaped the Crupi carnage to get past - side-saddling it to the finishline and capturing yet another Jr.Elite victory in Italy.



2. ANDRE Sylvain (FRA)

3. BLANC Renaud (SUI)




7. BACHELARD Benjamin (FRA)


In Juinior Elite Women, The Netherland's new girl-to-be-rekoned-with MERLE VanBERTHAM did it again, with her usual Dutch domination. As the current points leader on the Euro Series, definitely keep an eye out for Merle at the Aussie World Champs.  Dutch Coach Bas DeBever is molding her in to the Netherland's best Olympic hopeful for 2012.






6. JEPSEN Mette (DEN)

7. MEYRAN Camille (FRA)

8. BROUSSE Cassandre (FRA)

Manuel summed up the feeling for all of the Redline Global team: “It was really a great race! I enjoyed very much! To ride in Italy with the Italian spectators was incredible! There were many, loud and hot, all for me! Really, an amazing feeling!”

To watch a vide of the action – check out  or 

Proudly sponsored by: SHIMANO components, SUN rims, TIOGA tires, KOOLSTOP brakeshoes, SKULL CANDY headphones and PRYME safety gear










Today's BMX Racing News ..... Thursday - May 14, 2009


 2009 BMX World Championships Hotel Accommodation


If you are planning on making it to the worlds in Adelaide, Australia this year and are in need of room only I have 2 left. I secured a block of rooms last year at the Rydges, South Park (The USA Host Hotel) directly across the street from the venue.

The room is a Queen bed /Single bed (can accommodate 3 and is the largest other than a suite) setup. Breakfast for 2 daily is included in the rate. The rate is $115.00 USD per room per night.

The hotel is completely sold out.

Contact Art Heinrichs at .

MCS Torque Bars Now Available!


MCS Bicycles is pleased and excited to announce the arrival of the MCS "Torque Bar!"


These long awaited bars have a 28" width and an 8" rise, 11 degrees of back sweep and 1 degree of upsweep and weigh in at 1 lb 13 oz.


Constructed of butted tubing they have the strength were you need it and save weight were you don't!


Be sure to look for them at better dealers world wide.


They come in five color-ways... black, white, red, green and blue.


With an MSRP of $54.99 for black & white and $69.99 for colors, they are the next bar to have!














Today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday - May 13, 2009



By now, you should all know that MAY is the designated BIKE to WORK month; and this week is the Nationally celebrated “Bike to Work” Day. Most States declare it for Friday, while others celebrate it on Thursday. And among all of those projected millions of American workers who will be biking in to work is Redline Bicycles’ good friend, State Senator from Minnesota’s 48th district - Mike Jungbauer.

And he tells us he’ll be joing Minnesota’s masses this week aboard his Redline Conquest Pro.

“The Conquest has been one of the best bikes I have ever ridden,” states Senator Jungbauer. “It is my rough-trail bike in the summer and my decent weather ride for the winter. I keep it at my Senate office much of the year. I will ride my Redline to work on Thursday for our Minnesota Bike to Work Day. It is 39 miles by car and probably 42 or more by bike routes. It will be fun!

Jungbauer, who became a fan of Redline during his BMX days as Team RiteChoice’s manger, has continued to lead by example when pushing for exercise and health initiatives in his state.
“I ran 1,379 miles last year and rode about 1,700 miles - most of them on my Redline. I will be well beyond that this year; shooting for 2,000 miles running and riding about 3,000 miles. I will keep on advocating for bicycles and complete streets.”

You could say that he is one elected official who never stopped “running” after getting elected.

We hope you, your company and your fellow employees will join us this week - on Thursday or Friday (or BOTH!) for BIKE to WORK DAY.

Go211 to Webcast Florida State Championships will be doing a LIVE broadcast of the 2009 Florida State Championships. Live webcast will start at 8:00 AM EST and run to the end of the finals. 

You've all heard that the Florida State Championships is the biggest State Finals in the country, now you can watch it LIVE exclusively on From the first gate drop til the last finish line battle all of the action is FREE to view. During the webcast you can chat with your friends and discuss the days happenings. All finals will be posting by the following Wednesday of the event. Go211 will also be doing a REPLAY of the entire broadcast, on Tuesday May 19th. 

Go to to watch all the action.

New Bike New Team New Ride For Shanaze!

If you were paying attention to photos and videos from the UCI BMX Supercross in Copenhagen this past weekend, you might have notieced that UCI BMX World Champion, Shanaze Reade was on a new bike. Pure

EA Ltd has been involved in racing in one form or another for some years, previously the main sponsor of the EA KTM motocross team.

EA continues to support and back the ACU British Championships.

However, the last couple of years has seen a move towards the BMX Racing scene, and in 2009 EA Ltd will step up it’s involvement by partnering with The Pure Bicycle Comapny to form the EA Pure Racing team. The Pure Bicycle Company has been very pioneering in the design of the next generation of BMX frame.

The concept of this British backed team is to develop and enhance the skills of the younger riders, and provide the foundation and infrastructure for the senior members to progress within the sport.

The team is blessed with an excellent calibre of riders:

Josh Peters – 8 expert •Ethan Vernon – 9 expert •Arran Shrosbree – junior men •Ria Goodman – junior women •Rich Townsend – 19 plus •Laurence Mapp – elite men

We are fortunate enough to have the services of Rich Towsend from Custom Riders as the team coach and coordinator. He carries out regular training programmes and monitors the rider’s development. The team also benefits from having its own private training track and facilities, which was custom-made with the involvement of elite rider Laurence Mapp.

EA Pure Racing would like to thank all of the sponsors who support the team.

be well logo motorex oil of switzerland logo animal logo the pure bicycle company logo
fly racing logo snap-on logo surf & turf instant shelters logo custom riders logo Surf & Turf

Some details on the bike are.....

  1. Horizontally ovalised top tube wraps around the head tube to form a junction with additional strength compared to traditional interactions (that typically only connect to the rear of the head tube).

  2. The top tube is curved to form an interaction area at the head tube greater than if it were straight. In addition to the curve along the tubes length, the top tube form is such that it changes from being horizontally oval at the head tube (to resist out of plane bending caused forces from the handle bar region) to vertically ovalised at the seat tube to create vertical stiffness and a suitable contact surface area.

  3. The seat tube is horizontally ovalised at the bottom bracket junction to help resist out of plane bending. The lower section of the seat tube is also bent, thus significantly increasing the contact area with both bottom bracket shell and the down tube. Unlike traditional seat tube, the top of this design is positioned further forward thus effectively shortening the top tube. The reduced angle at the top of the seat tube still ensures the saddle position of a traditional seat tube design can be obtained.

  4. Due to the shortening of the top tube, the seat stays are longer than traditional designs. This has the benefit of decreasing the angle of the seat stays (when measured from the dropouts to the horizontal) to promote vertical compliance whilst not compromising the horizontal stiffness of the frame.

    The seat stays begin at the dropout as a rounded section, bend to horizontally ovalised (to promote horizontal stiffness) before blending to vertically ovalised at the seat tube to facilitate a suitable connection to the seat tube.

  5. The oversized down tube that blends from ovalised at the head tube (to help withstand the forces induced from end impacts) to horizontally ovalised at the bottom bracket to promote resistance to out of plane bending caused by the action of pedaling.

The complete bike can be viewed here

For more info on the sweet looking Pure BMX, you can visit

Trilogy Park BMX is at it again in 2009

With the success of last years Friday night Pro/Am during the 2008 NBL Keystone National, Trilogy Park BMX has decided to bring the race back this year with a little twist.

This year we have decided to go with a 16 & Over Flat Pedal Pro/Am. You are reading it correctly, Flat Pedal only Pro/Am race.

We have teamed up again this year with Valley Forge Convention & Visitors Bureau and Texas Roadhouse of Royersford to bring you the Texas Roadhouse Flat Pedal Shootout at the 2009 NBL Keystone National on May 22nd during our Friday night Pre Race.

With $2500 already in the pot, we will be raffling off prizes to add even more to the growing pot.

Come out early to the Keystone National and see if you have what it takes to compete with some of the area's top riders.

We will be running the scrambled motos for this race like in the NBL Elite Pro races.

The race will be a 100% pay back.


We will be running 3 motos for the Pro/Am race and all NBL rules will be followed.

Sponsors for this race are:

Texas Roadhouse of Royersford, Intense BMX,

VFC&VB, S&M Bikes, Fly Racing, Trilogy Pro Shop,

Bulldog Bikes, Chip N Dale BMX ....with the list still growing.

If you are interested in helping sponsor this race please contact us at

For more info go to

Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp Announces BMX Racing Athlete Development program and Scholarship list. 

Butler, Ohio – May 1, 2009: The goal of the Ohio Dreams Athlete Development program is to foster riders capable of excellence in competition both Nationally and Internationally. “Through a combination of the best skill development areas, professional coaches, nutritional guidance and good old-fashioned summer camp fun, we take beginners and turn them into Experts and take title chasers and turn them into title holders” say’s Chris Ashcraft, Owner of Ohio Dreams, “We took an in-depth look at the progression of the sport and designed specific sections to teach every skill level from Beginners to Pro’s. “ 

Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp recognizes the time, effort and dedication it takes to get to the top of the game and is rewarding the top athlete’s in BMX with FULL and PARTIAL scholarships.  Scholarships are based on Athletes 2008 National finishes and current 2009 rankings as of May 1st. The Scholarship program for the 2009 season works as follows for all NBL Experts and ABA N.A.G. riders, ages 8 – 16. 

Full Scholarships (One FREE week at camp)  

·          Offered to all 2008 NBL National #1 experts and 2008 ABA N.A.G. #1 riders who competed in age classes 8 through 15 at their respective Grand Nationals. 

Partial Scholarship one

·          Offered to all 2008 NBL Experts and ABA N.A.G. Riders who finished #2-5 overall rankings in their respective seasons 

Partial Scholarship two

·          Offered to all 2009 NBL Experts and ABA N.A.G. Riders who are ranked top 5 nationally as of May 1st

The Racing program at Ohio Dreams has been carefully developed by our head racing instructors who are also U.S.A. Cycling Certified Coaches, Pro racers and have thousands of race camps and clinics under to their credit.   

All of Ohio Dreams BMX race training areas are equipped with timers so athletes can track their progression through the week and actually see decreased lap times. 

If you don’t see your name on these lists we encourage you to contact Ohio Dreams and spend a week with us, soon enough your name will be on one of these lists! 

Ohio Dreams… Where champions train

Call Ohio Dreams for Scholarship information ..... 1-800-963-3495

Lake Sullivan BMX To Host Answer Supercamp

Exciting things are coming to the newly redesigned Lake Sullivan BMX facility, located in Indianapolis, Indiana the center of the midwest.

We are very stoked about the upcoming season chock full of great events like the Answer Supercamp featuring Bubba Harris and Karl Clark along with Deak Brown coming May 16-17 please reserve your spot as we are only allowing a limited amount please contact Bruce at 317-213-3955.

Then we are going to have a huge openhouse with a big pro am and some very big news as the new track sponsor will be in attendance to unleash the bulls.
So keep  in your favs and on your watch list as this season will be the hottest in over a decade..  















Today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday - May 12, 2009



Miami, FL – Congratulations to the following 25 BAWLS Guarana drinkers who won this year’s BAWLS BMX Bike Contest! Each winner received a custom-made BAWLS BMX racing bike, made exclusively by Intense BMX.

Wesley Mofield – Evansville, IN

Eric Stobin – Redmond, WA

Philip Quagliariello – Greenacres, FL

Nora Whelan – Mishawaka, IN

Graham Evans – Pittsburgh, PA

Danial Lea – Metairie, LA

Ashanya Brown – Leavenworth, KS

Mark Edwards – Ft. Worth, TX

Harrison Holmes – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Alan Novatne – Wesley Chapel, FL

Adam Gamache – Evergreen, CO

Terry Horrocks – Windermere, FL

Daniel Hennet – Virginia Beach, VA

Terri DeProspero – Clearwater, FL

Krista Bigelow – Westport, NY

Anthony Salazar – Pueblo, CO

LaTanya Tucker – Radcliff, KY

Rob Zell – Staten Island, NY

Joni Dolniak – Cabot, PA

Mary Smith – Vincent, OH

Larry Wood – Connersville, IN

Ali Lewis – Santa Rosa, CA

Caleb Dickerson – Waxahachie, TX

Paige Dollman – Montvale, VA

Luke Manary – Wexford, PA


Tens of thousands entered the BAWLS BMX Bike contest, which was promoted nationwide on our BAWLS Guarana BMX cans. A portion of the proceeds from each BAWLS BMX can sold goes to the American Bicycle Association (ABA) and to the National Bicycle League (NBL) to support BMX racing in the US! 


BAWLS is the brainchild of a then college student who named the beverage for the caffeinated “bounce” the drink packs. Widely distributed to local supermarkets, convenience stores (7-Eleven, Speedway), Target, Microcenter stores and gaming venues; BAWLS is a premium, non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage made from the guarana berry harvested in the Amazonian Rainforest. The caffeine found in BAWLS Guarana contains the same amount of caffeine as coffee and nearly three times that of traditional sodas due to a naturally occurring form of the stimulant found in the guarana berry. BAWLS’ unique refreshing flavor tastes like a citrus-infused cream soda and its popularity continues to grow among caffeine-deprived, refreshment-seeking techies, students, professionals and athletes in need of a Bounce. For more information, visit











Today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday - May 11, 2009


Ivo Van Der Putten & Shanaze Reade

Score Big Wins At UCI BMX SX Copenhagen!

Complete results on BMX Mania

SX Copenhagen Race Report Page!









Today's BMX Racing News ..... Saturday/Sunday - May 9/10, 2009


MTN Bmx rider Sifiso 4 straight wins come to an end in Copenhagen

MTN BMX rider Sifiso "Skizo" Nhlapo was looking for his fifth straight win and first one for the first round of the UCI BMX SX rounds which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark Saturday 9th May.

Quarter finals the whole way around had a big mixture of names with some big names not making it through like 5th fastest qualifier Junior World Champion Sam Willoughby.

In Skizo's quarter final he used his strength to holeshot again and rode a safe race eventually finishing in second spot behind Ivo van der Putten.

In Sifiso's semi-final he was up against some top names like NZ rider Marc Willers, Martijn Scherpen, Rob van den Wildenberg and Mtbér World Champion Prokop who is a regular at the BMX events.

Skizo got a clean jump out the gate and was nearly two bike lengths in front by the first corner a gap he seemed to hold onto right till the finish.

In the second semi-final of the day Raymon van der Biezen took the top spot.

Going into the final MTN BMX rider Sifiso "skizo" Nhlapo had lane 1 gate choice.

With his explosive speed and good run up to the final he was tipped by the commentators as the favourite to win the final and set a record of 5 straight wins.

BMX being the sport it is so unpredictable, when the gate dropped Skizo had a slower start than normal but pulled back to second by the end of the first straight.

Starting to set himself up for a pass and make a challenge for the first position French rider Damien Godet came up the inside and Skizo had to run up the turn.

This unfortunately put Sifiso into 5th place where he eventually finished up in the final.

Results for the Final:

1. Stan van der Putten (qualified 12th)

2. Martijn Scherpen (qualified 17th)

3. Damien Godet (qualified 3rd)

4. Raymon van der Biezen (qualified 10th)

5. Sifiso Nhlapo (MTN) (qualified 29th)

A disappointed Skizo says, "im proud of Dean the way he rode today, qualifying on the bubble puts you in stacked gates so its always going to be hard but he made it through every lap fast and smooth.

Myself I felt really good today and felt I could win.

The motos and semi went really well, I am disappointed about the final but the season still has 3 more rounds of the UCI SX events and my goal is to win round two at home in front of my home crowd and my sponsors Intense, Oakley, Redbull, Fox, Shimano, S&M, SRM and then the main guys that allow me to race overseas for my second season now MTN, without them living this dream would not be possible."

WWW.CAROLINEBUCHANAN.COM reports in from UCI Copenhagen SX



Round one of the 2009 UCI Supercross series was held in Copenhagen Denmark.


This is my 1st international Supercross race and since my 1st Supercross race in Adelaide Australia may 2008.


Since that time, I have seen enormous improvements in my skills and my athletic ability.


Copenhagen is a beautiful European city, it is a lot colder here than I thought but it would definitely be one of my favorite countries that I have visited.


The Australian team was the only country that all of their riders qualified through the time trials into the men’s top 64 and women’s top 16.


Australian Results: 6th place - Lauren Reynolds


Semi Finals - Caroline Buchanan & Rachel Bracken


1/8ths - Josh Callan, Sam Willoughby, Luke Madill & Brian Kirkham


A majority of the team were racing with injuries and illness.


I got the flu in the week leading up to the event and it worsened on the days of racing making it very hard to compete at my full ability.


Myself and the team have gained so much experience from traveling over here.


Prince Fredric of Denmark came on Saturday to the watch the racing and hand out the winning trophies with heavy security.

We were lucky enough to be able to meet him up close and personal and get a team photo with him.


It has been great to be able to race against the highest level of competition in the world and see where we are at as a nation.


I’m really looking forward to meeting up with all the girls again in 2 months time at the World BMX Championships in Adelaide Australia.


My next stop is Andorra for a mountain bike 4x World Cup.








Today's BMX Racing News ..... Friday - May 8, 2009


Quentin Caleyron & Shanaze Reade Post Top Time Trial Results

At UCI BMX Supercross Copenhagen!

Check out The bmx mania uci bmx

supercross race report page

For More BMX Racing Coolness!



Wanna check out what it's like to ride

The UCI Copenhagen SX Track?


Sander Bisselling, of the "Orange Krush" Dutch National Team has made up a cool 5 minute video from the UCI track, and it's from a rider's perspective, since Sander is one of the talented Euro Elite Men on the Euro and World BMX Racing Circuit.

Link on to it at










Today's BMX Racing News ..... Thursday - May 7, 2009



massive photo gallery posted

to the bmx mania uci bmx

supercross race report page!


Australian Team for UCI BMX World Championships

Cycling Australia and BMXA are pleased to confirm the Elite & U19 riders nominated to the Australian team for the UCI BMX World Championships being staged in Adelaide, South Australia from 20 to 26 July.

BMX 20" - Elite Men

BMX 20" - Elite Women

BMX 20" - U19 Men

BMX 20" - U19 Women

** Indicates reigning Australian Champion

The team has been nominated in accordance with the selection policy. The closing date for appeals against non-selection is Tuesday 12 May 2009.









Today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday - May 6, 2009





Hey, Kids, it's that time of year again, the UCI BMX Supercross season is underway and it's Kickoff Time in Copenhagen, Denmark!

So how come, BMX Mania Factory rider, Vance Wiesendanger is smiling and SO happy to be in Copenhagen?

Well, this week, it's going to be THE PLACE to be for Rock Em, Sock Em BMX Race Action, and Vance is all about that, so look out, cuz there'll be more huge starting hills and crazy, jumping BMXers than you can imagine.

The Euro's are here, the South American's are here, the Aussie's are here, the American's are here......Just about everybody is HERE!

Plus, Vance is also happy cuz his bags FINALLY made it to the hotel after a day long re-route to somewhere besides his room, but that's a whole OTHER story.

Watch BMX Mania this week, beginning Thursday for all the fun and games from Copenhagen's Bike City as the UCI BMX Supercross Season gets UNDERWAY!

We're gettin' WAY RAD in Copenhagen!

Profile upgrades tried aND TRUE RACE CRANKSET 

(April 24, 2009) St. Petersburg, FL -- Profile Racing, Inc. announced today the first product upgrade in years for their popular Race cranksets & kits. Starting Monday, April 27, the Race crankset and crank kit will come standard with Gun Drilled Hollow axles.

The sets & kits will be designated GDH Race Cranksets and pricing will not change. Solid spindles will no longer be available on Profile cranks. Testing of the new GDH spindles showed comparable durability with the solid chromemoly spindles.

The new GDH Race cranksets & kits will therefore continue to have the same Limited Life Time Warranty as the previous solid chromemoly spindles.The weight savings is substantial. The new GDH version cuts the spindle weight by 28%. The new Crankset (complete) now weighs 2 lbs. 3.7 oz.

With the emphasis on lighter BMX and MTB components, Profile Racing is constantly researching and designing lighter parts while maintaining strength.

In our development stage we found it is very difficult to drill a deep hole (where the depth is approximately forty-eight times the diameter of the hole) that is both straight and accurately sized with a regular drill.

Profile decided to use the manufacturing process used by the firearm industry. The barrel of a gun must be very straight and accurately sized. The gun drill tool was designed to create these long straight holes and is a perfect complement to our hollow spindle manufacturing process.

The MSRP for the new GDH Race crankset is still $149.99 for the crank kit (w/o BB) and $176.98 complete.Profile Racing distributors carrying the new GDH Race cranksets & kits are:

3619 N.W. 124th AVENUE
6400 W. 105th STREET

More information can be obtained by contacting: Charlie Fernandez - Marketing ( ..... Matt Coplon - BMX Sales ( ..... Gus Lanzilotta - BMX/MTB Sales (

727-391-7370     ♦     Fax 727-398-2153     ♦     800-771-7370 

Profile Racing, Inc.     ●     4803 95th Street North          St. Petersburg, Florida  33708  USA


Bakersfield, CA: With a tally of 3-3-1 in Saturday’s AA-pro mains, DENZEL STEIN scored a sweet victory in Bakersfield at the ABA U.S. Nationals. With lane 1 for the third and final main, he’d mumbled under his breath – “I think I can win this one.”

Sure enough, Stein laid down his horsepower and took it from start to finish, while Olympic Gold medalist and low-points leader Maris Strombergs got squeezed out of contention and wound up 8th. Denzel’s 7 points were good enough to place him ahead of rookie pro Nic Long, and gave Denzel his first AA win of the ’09 season – and the 3rd AA victory in his two year Pro career.


In Womens Pro, Redline’s ALISE POST also took the Saturday win - with a 1-2-3 in her mains. After Dom Daniels crashed in the first main while trying to swoop underneath The Beast in turn two, and then backing it up with a strong second in main #2, the win was all Post’s to win or lose. Her consistency paid off with a big check and a spot on the top rung of the podium. This too, was Post’s first win of the season.


On Sunday, it was looking like Redline’s new dynamic duo could do the same - that was, until the AA semi. Denzel blew his gate as spectating kids were immitating the horns of the gate cadence all weekend long - causing a few re-starts. Stein’s bad start ended his quest for a double right there.

Meanwhile, Alise The Beast was on fire. With newly found confidence from weeks at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Redline’s new gal won the overall, again - this time with an 8-1-1 in the three main events. “I blew it in the first one,” texted Alise. “But won the next two in some great races.”
Two wins – and her first “double” in Redline colors, will definitely come in handy in the ABA’s Pro Women point chase.


In the Am ranks, current national Cruiser points leader GEORGE GOODALL was up against his toughest arch-rivals - “Beltbuckle” Barry Nilson and Capt.Kirk Chrisco (both who have hoisted No.1 silver Cups above their heads in the past). On Saturday, they got the best of Gorgeous George on the cruiser, but Goodall came back strong for the 20″ class and showed them “who’s da’ man.”
For day two, George wasn’t about to be denied and wound up holding off his nemsis’ for both mains – making it a 3 wins outta 4 score.


Proudly sponsored by: SHIMANO components, SUN rims, TIOGA tires, KOOLSTOP brakeshoes, SKULL CANDY headphones and PRYME safety gear

Team USA UCI World Lodging, Going, Going, GONE!

Hey, Team USA Riders going to Adelaide for the UCI BMX World Championships!!!!!

Here's your LAST CHANCE to reserve our Host Hotel at the Worlds, all remaking rooms will be sold to other countries after May 14th.

If you are still going, and haven't paid your deposit please call us! 


253 531 1757

Full replay of the ABA US Nationals going on RIGHT NOW.

All motos, quarters, semis and mains.


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YOUR Display Booth At Interbike This Year!

If you or your company have an idea for a custom Interbike booth, or need help designing one, contact Hammer Display Company today!

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This week promises to be the biggest week in the history of Freedom Park BMX Raceway with four straight days of racing and 700 points up for grabs. The action starts with our regular Thursday night race and heats up Friday with a special single points race and extended practice after racing. Then on Saturday it’s our Redline Cup Qualifier, followed by our double-point Race for Life on Sunday to conclude a weekend of great BMX racing.

For those of you who haven't been out our way in a while, this is your chance to check out the ALL NEW TRACK. We picked up some additional land and rebuilt from the ground up—adding much needed length. We’ve been dialing it in for the last six weeks and the response had been overwhelmingly positive. As well, we have new/additional seating and the street closure in front of the track will ease congestion, making for a comfortable weekend in beautiful Camarillo. Forecast is for 70 degrees and sunny skies.

Schedule for upcoming events:


Wednesday, May 6— OPEN PRACTICE, 5:00pm-8:00pm. Cost: $5.00.

Thursday, May 7th— DISTRICT RACE (Single District Points) Practice and race registration 5:00pm-6:30pm, racing ASAP after 6:30pm. Cost: $10.00.

Friday, May 8th— DISTRICT RACE (Single District Points) Practice and race registration 5:00pm-6:30pm, racing ASAP after 6:30pm. Cost: $10.00.

Saturday, May 9th— REDLINE CUP QUALIFIER (Triple District Points) Practice and race registration 10:00am-12:00pm, racing ASAP after 12:00pm. Cost: $30.00. Awards: 1st thru 4th.

Sunday, May 10th— RACE FOR LIFE (Double District Points) Practice and race registration 10:00am-12:00pm, racing ASAP after 12:00pm. Cost: $20.00.

We’re an easy drive 45 minutes north of downtown LA on the coast between Thousand Oaks and Ventura. The track in one mile off US 101, minutes from shopping (newly expanded Camarillo Outlets), restaurants, hotels and some excellent State Beaches.

For more information and directions, visit us at or call our hotline at 805-824-7854. Hope to see you there!

Formula Europe in Italy: veni, vidi, vici !

At round 5 of the european bmx championship in Creazzo, Italy, Formula Europe's Bastien Merle took a firm win in the boys 16 category ! On day 2 , Bastien got out of the race in the semis and missed his chance for a double win.

In girls 13/14 , Lucie Meerholz  managed to go to the finals on both days with a # 5 on saturday and a # 6 on sunday.

Max Ganser, rookie in the junior men class, did very well on the very technical track but got out in the semi on both days. On sunday, he only got 1 spot short to go to the finals.In Elite men, Edzus Treimanis got out on saturday in the quarters, after a crash in the first corner. But he made it all up on sunday by going to the finals and taking the 6th position ! Edzus is now number 5 in the current ranking !

After this weekend, one can say that Edzus and Max are ready to go to Copenhague, Denmark to rock the Supercross Track at the World Cup Series. Steven Wong will not participate in Denmark because of a bad crash on the pro section last saturday. That's a pity, because Steven was going really fast !!!
Rihards Veide and Niklas Laustsen are still out with collarbone injury, but will be ready for round 7 and 8 of  the EU championship in Dessel, Belgium.

Keep an eye on the yellow squad !!!   

Formula Europe is supported by Formula Bicycle Company, Shimano, Ufoplast, Formco, EuroBmx, Swatch, SixSixOne, AlienationBmx and








Today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday - May 4, 2009


UCI To Present Special Custom Swatch To

UCI SX Denmark Time Trial Qualifiers!


BMX Racers at the UCI Supercross in Copenhagen this week will have a sweet memento of their making it in to the race action.

Each rider who makes it out of the Time Trials in and in to eliminations will pick up a special commemorative Swatch, made just for the occasion.

The event begins Thursday with practice, Friday marks the debut of Time Trials and the competition comes to a close, Saturday with and awesome racing event with one of Copenhagen's finest bands rockin' the race action along with lots of great racing from the international Elite Men and Women in attendance.


Check out the AWESOME 3D model of the Bike City track!

Head on over to or click on the screen grab above, to check it out.

The UCI strikes again, cool stuff for cool races!


Spills and thrills

as new Australian

champions crowned

New National BMX Champions were crowned today in action packed finals in Brigadoon in Perth. Canberra’s Caroline Buchanan claimed her first elite national BMX Championship win in a spectacular race.

Buchanan started strongly however a passing move by Sunbury’s Lauren Reynolds changed the lead mid-race.

Reynolds came unstuck and crashed allowing Buchanan to take the title. Second was defending champion, Melissa Mankowski from Queensland while Ziggy Callan from Victoria placed third.

Young Perth rider, Kirsten Dellar placed fourth and was the first junior woman while fellow WA rider and BMX Olympian, Nicole Callisto, finished seventh.

A disappointed Reynolds walked her bike across the finish line with the disappointment showing on her face.

The elite men’s race had some action but the lead was secure for Newcastle’s Billy Jolliffe as he lead from start to finish.

Just behind him was a tussle for podium spots between BMX Olympian, Luke Madill and Adelaide’s Matthew Willoughby.

Madill made the move on Willoughby in the final straight to claim second, relegating Willoughby to third.

For Willoughby it was a satisfactory result after missing out on the making the elite final on Thursday night in the national series round.

For Matthew’s younger brother and World Junior Champion, Sam Willoughby, it was a different story.

Willoughby’s string of bad luck over the championships continued in the Junior Men’s final when he crashed over the top of the first berg landing off the course.

Willoughby finished in eighth place and the win was taken by Michael Chasteauneuf from Melbourne.

Sunday was the National Championships for Cruiser class riders which concluded the championships.  

This Championship acts as a qualifying event for riders to make the Australian team to ride at the 2009 BMX World Championships in Adelaide this July.

Tioga named Official tyre and saddle supplier to Australia's EDS (Elite Development Squad)

“With the Elite Development Squad riders raving about the fast rolling Tioga PowerBlock tyres and superior grip in corners, it was imperative that we have Tioga as an Official Supplier to the program,” said Wade Bootes, Cycling Australia BMX Head Coach. “It is important the riders use products they know will work and that help produce results for themselves and the program." 

Tioga will also support the EDS program with the Tioga D - Spyder seat and Tioga Comp III tyres for wetter conditions.

“Tioga is pleased to be supporting the number one junior program in the world as they won 50% of the World Junior medals in 2008,”
said Kai Cheng, Tioga Marketing Manager.

The program is focused on developing depth in the elite ranks heading towards 2012 and the support of Tioga will benefit current and future Cycling Australia High Performance BMX Elite Development Squad members where it counts, on the track.

The High Performance BMX Development Squad will be using the new PowerBlock 'S-Spec’ Kevlar bead at the BMX National Championships being staged in Perth from 29 April to 3 May and and upcoming Supercross events and the World Championships.

The Cycling Australia BMX Elite Development Squad acknowledges the support of the following sponsors for the BMX High Performance program:

-Australian Sports Commission BMXA -Tioga tires and seats -Stealth hubs -Thomson stems and post -Alienation rims -Hogs Breath Café -Santini Skins


MTN BMX rider Sifiso “Skizo” Nhlapo takes the series lead in the European BMX Championships and starts to set records with 4 straight Final Wins………

 Rounds 5 & 6 of the BMX European Championships kicked of this weekend in Creazzo, Italy. Large grand stands lined the technical bmx track with a whole lot of cheering bmx fans filling every seat and possible spot for a spectator to stand. 

The weather was hot and sunny for Round 5 with a strong wind up the second straight making a very technical track which caught a lot of riders off guard this weekend even harder to race and making each moto more important to get through. Fellow South African Dean Holdstock joining Sifiso for the last four rounds said, “after rounds 3 & 4 I thought this weekend was going to be better, arriving at this track I knew I had a large task ahead of me as it was really technical. I just managed moto’s again this weekend but the experience is coming and hopefully shortly I will join Skizo in a final.” 

Going into Round 5 Sifiso “Skizo” Nhlapo was 16 points behind the Netherland rider Van der Biezen as was hoping to take the championship lead by the end of the weekend after Round 6. Saturday could not have turned out any better for the MTN Bmx rider winning every moto, the quarters, semi and then the final with dominating rides. With Van der Biezen not making the final and Skizo winning this put him in the overall title lead after the fith round.  

An elated Skizo commented, “the track is very very technical and has been catching everyone that is not 100% percent focused. Today seemed to be one of those perfect days where I just nailed every lap, I have been watching a lot of  the AMA MX Supercross and Stewart season started like mine crashing in the first round and then going onto to win the title. That has motivated me and Im glad to be leading the championship now.” 

Round 5 Elite Men Results:

1. Sifiso Nhalpo RSA
2. Arnoud Dubois BEL
3. Martijn Scherpen NED
4. Roy van den Berg NED
5. Damien Godet FRA
6. Rob van den Wildenberg NED
7. Mathieu Despaux FRA
8. Jordy van der Heijden NED 

Sunday brought back the massive crowds, good sunny hot weather and with that the stage was set for exciting race during Round 6 of the European Championships. Skizo new today was going to be tough and had to ride smartly, but not all was going to be as smooth and text book perfect as the previous day. Sifiso started the day with a 2nd in the first moto and then notched up the pace in the second moto with a first until disaster struck in the third moto. After the pro section Skizo went down and got up quickly to finish in 6th position, with the good results in the previous two motos he still commenced through to the one eighths which he won just to make sure he was still on top of it. Through the quarters and semi Skizo rode a safe two heats giving him some time to re-charge for the most important lap of the day, the final. Nhlapo was out the blocks and steaming down the first straight to resume the only position that he knows and that’s being out front. With another perfect lap Skizo made it four straight wins in a row and extending his series lead. 

a tired Skizo said after the final, “4 straight wins in a row, they have said the only other person to do that was Van den Wildenberg some years back. I just need to keep my head together now and stay focused for the rest of the year.” 

When asked about the first round of the Supercross UCI World Cup next weekend in Coppenhagen which will have the top Americans, Olympic and World Champion attending Skizo answered, ”Im not going to lie to you Im pretty tired now as I have raced and been traveling for 4 straight weeks which takes its toll on us. I will give it my best shot there and then have a 2 week break before Rounds 7 & 8 of the Europeans which is my main focus now to win the European Championship. The SX in Coppenhagen is also going to be really tough as there are a lot of the other countries whose federations are already starting their Olympic programs for their juniors and sending a lot of them to the race, and when you younger all you want to do is be out front no matter what it takes, so we might even have some surprises in the final…..I have learnt a lot from last year and hopefully experience will help me out.”  

Rounds 6 Elite men results:
1. Sifiso Nhlapo RSA
2. Martijn Scherpen NED
3. Raymon van der Biezen NED
4. Manuel de Vecchi ITA
5. Thomas Hamon FRA
6. Edzus Treimanis LAT
7. Ivo van der Putten NED
8. Rob van den Wildenberg NED 

For more info please contact Mark Squire    

Mark Squire

+27 82 445 5551











Today's BMX Racing News ..... Friday - May 1, 2009



After another wild weekend of racing at the Easter Classic, the 2009 NBL Elite Series is headed to the West and the chase for the coveted NBL National Title is more exciting and entertaining than ever. Next up on the stage, the highly anticipated, All-American National, held at FBX in Fresno, California and it promises to set the stage for the 2nd half of the series.

Free Agent's Maris Strombergs, the Olympic and World Champion, continued his winning ways at the Easter Classic winning Elite men both days. His team mate and 3-time NBL Elite Champion, Kyle Bennett, made his first NBL appearance of the year and ended up scoring a pair of 2nd's, making matters worse for GHP's Randy Stumpfhauser. Stumpy, who is still ranked 2nd on the year, was kept off the podium both days and will now have to use home track advantage in Fresno to narrow the gap from Strombergs. Clayborn's Barry Nobles is becoming a regular on the podium and his 3rd on Saturday earned him enough points to move up in the standings just behind Free Agent's Cristian Becerine. A mere 9 points now separate 2nd from 4th and this should change after the All-American Nationals for sure.

In Elite Women's action, current leader Dominique Daniels (Formula) rode to victory on Day 1 and looked poised for the double-win until a case of heatstroke sidelined her the rest of the weekend. A handful of valuable series points were up for grabs on Sunday and it was AFH's Mariana Pajon who collected the pay dirt. She beat out Redline's Alise Post and BMXTruth/Fly's Madison Pitts for top spot on the podium.  Race Place BMX's Stephanie Barragan had an off weekend, dropping to 3rd overall on the season and now has her sights set on Fresno for redemption. Daniels continues to lead the series but Pitts and Barragan are close and Post has two races in hand.

Six different riders have won a Super-Ex main this year but only one rider, Excalibur/TLD's Josh Meyers, has been able to do it more than once. Meyer's doubled at the Gator Nationals and came into the Easter Classic with intentions to do the same. And as luck would have it, Meyers would be denied both days - His only trip to the podium, a 3rd on Saturday. Dan's Weston Pope captured Day 1 beating out Free Agent's Fausto Endara and Meyers but on Sunday, the tables were turned once again. In a crash-filled final, Morphine's Tyler Faoro rode his best lap of the year and took home an emotional win for his home state beating out Geico Powersport's Matt Kelty and Pope - The highlight race of the Classic for sure. Meyers has the series lead but Kelty, Pope and Endara are too close for comfort.

In Master's action, Free Agent's Dale Holmes, who is 4-for-4 on the season, was back in Britain and this left the door wide open for the challengers. Intense Dyna-Pep's Tommy Opincar took home the big win on Saturday ahead of Formula's Tim Dinger and Profile's Percy Owens. With Holmes away, Opincar has assumed the series lead but Free Agent's TM has a couple of races in hand. On Sunday, Owen's took matters into his own hands and won the main, his first of the year, beating out Crupi's Domingos Lammoglia and Rennen/Intense's Will Murray. The win catapulted Owens into third overall in what could be his best season in recent years. Holmes will be back in action in Fresno looking to regain the lead.

This marks the first time that FBX has hosted a National event and their track has already generated a good buzz. The track, with downhill straights, is similar to the famous South Park track in Pennsylvania and features pro sections on both the 2nd and 3rd straights and newly paved turns. The talent-laden Free Agent team will host a pre-race clinic on Friday from 11am-2pm and all participants will get a chance to meet Olympic Gold Medalist, Maris Strombergs, and learn new skills. UGP Opens are in full effect and the winners of each class will get cool UGP gear.

Visit the NBL website to see full results and standings and check out the FBX website at:

The 2009 NBL National Series is brought to you by BAWLS Guarana (, Intense BMX (, Kenda Tires (, UGP ( Sinz Racing (, THE Industries (, in association with GO211 ( and Camp Woodward (




1 Maris Strombergs LAT 143-6   1 Dominique Daniels AZ 120-5
2 Randy Stumpfhauser CA 85-6   2 Madison Pitts FL 107-6
3 Cristian Becerine CA 79-6   3 Stephanie Barragan CA 106-6
4 Barry Nobles AL 76-6   4 Alise Post MN 89-4
5 Robert De Wilde NED 66-4   5 Ashley Verhagen CA 82-4
6 Javier Colombo CA 55-6   6 Rachel Smith OH 63-4
7 Sam Willoughby AUS 46-4   7 Amanda Geving FL 50-3
8 Kyle Bennett TX 44-2   8 Mariana Pajon COL 47-2
9 Augusto Castro COL 42-4   9 Carley Young PA 36-4


Steven Cisar CA 41-4   10 Ashley Kneram FL 30-2




1 Tommy Opincar TN 123-6   1 Joshua Meyers FL 155-8
2 Dale Holmes CA 100-4   2 Weston Pope IN 136-8
3 Percy Owens FL 95-4   3 Matthew Kelty DE 125-6
4 David Bittner CA 84-4   4 Fausto Endara ECU 117-6
5 Tim Dinger NC 81-4   5 Logan Collins TN 104-6
6 Eric Rupe CA 76-4   6 Tyler Faoro FL 100-6
7 Adri Patrico Koolman AB 74-6   7 Gavin Lubbe CA 73-6
8 Bryan Elisabeth AA 70-4   8 Kristaps Konrads LAT 63-6
9 Domingos Lammoglia FL 70-4   9 Randall Neave FL 50-4
10 Philip Potosnak PA 59-4   10 Julian Martinez FL 43-3

J&R Is "Springing" In To Springtime With Awesome Specials!


Australian National Series kick starts big BMX Champs in Perth

The final round of the Hog’s Breath Café National BMX Series in Brigadoon late yesterday saw local favourite, Bunbury’s Lauren Reynolds, win the junior women’s race claiming the overall series.

The 17 year old had won six of the seven rounds in total and was also expecting to do well in her national title race on Saturday. Second was Townsville’s Rachel Bracken.

In the elite women, Perth’s BMX Olympian, Nicole Callisto was outclassed by Caroline Buchanan from Canberra with Buchanan also taking the overall series.

Adelaide’s Brian Kirkham dominated the elite men’s racing all afternoon and won convincingly beating BMX Olympian Luke Madill from Sydney who placed second. Kirkham was elated to finally win his first ever national series title. Newcastle’s Billy Jolliffe placed third.

Under 16 and local rider,  Darren Goodwin was passed by Mackay’s Adam Shields on the second berm. Goodwin however takes the series. In the Under 16 women’s race another Mackay rider, Melinda McLeod forced her way to the front and claimed the race plus the overall national series.

The biggest disappointment of the night was for World Junior Champion, Sam Willoughby, who unbalanced in the first straight.  The Adelaide youngster finished a disappointing eighth place allowing fellow Adelaide rider, Anthony Dean, to claim the win and the overall series.

Sam’s brother, Matthew Willoughby, also had a disappointing night after narrowly missing out on making the elite final.

Elite riders now prepare for their prestigious National Championships race which will be held on Saturday.

Racing continues in the BMX National Championships for the next three days with the official opening held this morning. The location for the 2010 BMX National Championships  was made today with Shepparton in Victoria announced as hosts for the event.

Following this weekend’s racing several of the elite riders will head overseas to race in the first round of the World Cup Supercross in Denmark.

Australia is now gearing up to host the 2009 UCI World BMX Championships in Adelaide this July.

Probikx Elite Men (33 Riders) - 1 Brian Kirkham 2 Luke Madill 3 Billy Jolliffe 4 Ronnie Dugdell 5 Steven Janssen 6 Leigh Darrell 7 Michael Fenwick 8 Alex Cameron

Probikx Elite Women (7 Riders) - 1 Caroline Buchanan 2 Nicole Callisto 3 Melissa Mankowski 4 Ziggy Callan 5 Catherine Hopkinds 6 Caetlyn Hubert

Probikx Junior Men (29 Riders) - 1 Anthony Dean 2 Matt Dunsworth 3 Kurt Nicholls 4 Aidan Nemet 5 Josh Callan 6 Michael Chasteauneuf 7 Ryan Henderson 8 Sam Willoughby

Probikx Junior Women (9 Riders) - 1 Lauren Reynolds 2 Rachel Bracken 3 Cherie Simpson 4 Laney Graham 5 Camille Prestwidge 6 Kirsten Dellar 7 Talia Smith

Champbikx 16 Boys (32 Riders) - 1 Adam Shields

Champbikx 15 Boys (39 Riders) - 1 Bodi Turner

Champbikx 14 Boys (40 Riders) - 1 Jack Buchhorn

Champbikx 16 Girls (13 Riders) - 1 Melinda McCleod

Champbikx 15 Girls (9 Riders) - 1 Chelsea King

Champbikx 14 Girls (10 Riders) - 1 Macey Gore

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BMX Australia and Greater Shepparton City Council are pleased to announce that Shepparton has been chosen to host the 2010 BMX National Championships. 

The announcement today coincides with the 2009 BMX National Championships currently underway in Perth. The event has attracted more than 1700 riders from all states of Australia. 

The national championship bid was jointly submitted by Greater Shepparton City Council and the Shepparton BMX Club – a mammoth task that had taken more than two years.  

Greater Shepparton Mayor, Cr Geoff Dobson said it was exciting to get this event in Shepparton.  

“We expect the event will bring around 5000 people to the area during the seven day competition,” Cr Dobson said.  

“Having this major sporting event come to Shepparton is exciting for the whole region.  

“We will be working with our neighbouring councils as a large event like this will book out accommodation venues across many towns.” 

BMX Australia President, Barry Knight, said, “Our events committee were very conscious of leaving a legacy to the sport of BMX and the proposal to build a state of the art international facility by Greater Shepparton City Council had helped to secure the bid.” 

Mr Knight also said that Shepparton already had played a big role in developing various cycle sports within Australia. 

Council’s Manager Major Events, Mark Francis, said this news was also a boost for the local BMX community with the building of a new permanent track.  

“The track will be built to world class standards in a similar vein to the Olympic design and once built it will make claim to being the best track in Australia,” Mr Francis said.  

“Given that the track will be a permanent feature in Shepparton, it will be a great facility for our local and regional entrants to practice on.  

“The location for the track has not yet been confirmed, but it is likely to be built to complement existing cycling facilities.  

“The track will look very similar to the track seen my millions of people at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.   

“It will be approximately 350 metres long, will have four straights and include an amazing eight metre high start ramp. 

“It will have both professional and non-professional sections that will allow all classes of competitors to compete within their appropriate skill level. 

“Council will also install lighting at the track for night competitions.” 

The 2010 BMX National Championships will be the first to be held in Victoria since 1998.  

The exact date of the championships will be confirmed in the coming weeks.   

For more information on the BMX National Championships visit  

For more information on the Great Shepparton City Council visit

May 2009 Visitors