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Saturday Results

Elite Men

1 Ivo van der Putten

2 Martijn Scherpen

3 Damien Godet

4 Raymon van der Biezen

5 Sifiso Nhlapo

6 Sander Bisselling

7 Michal Prokop

8 Roger Rinderknecht

Elite Women

1 Shanaze Reade

2 Laëtitia Le Corguillé

3 Eva Alloud

4 Sarah Walker

5 Sammy Cools

6 Lauren Reynolds

7 Magalie Pottier

8 Amélie Despeaux

Digital Pix Tell The Story

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See if you can find Prince Henrik, enjoying the BMX race!

A common sight, Team Orange out front. Ivo VDP and Martijn Scherpen, jettin' thru Turn Two. 4 Orange Jerseys in the final spelled victory for Holland. S. Africa's, Sifiso Nhlapo had a great weekend. He came in HOT off of 4 straight wins in the tuff Euro series only to get squeezed out for a 5th in CPH. Skizo'll be OK, though Jelle van Gorkum spent time in the U.S. lately, racing with Barry Nobles at ABA and NBL nationals. They must have gotten to be good friends, since Barry seems to want to be "close" with Jelle here in Turn Two! Martijn Scherpen & Sander Bisselling are going "head to head", telling each other how well they ran the course in the Elite Men's Final.

It's not every day you get to meet a prince! Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark spent the entire afternoon scopin' out the race. He checked out the Olympic Event in Beijing and liked it so much he came over for this one as well! He handed out the awards for the Finals.

Men's Semi Final Men's Quarter Finals 1/2 Men's Quarter Finals 3/4
Men's Moto 1 Men's Moto 2 Men's Moto 3 Men's Moto 4
Men's Moto 5 Men's Moto 6 Men's Moto 7 Men's Moto 8
Women's Moto 1 Women's Moto 2



Saturday afternoon and it's a nice day to fly. Fly a kite? Fly a model plane? Put down the top on the convertible and let the wind fly thru your hair?

NOPE, it's FINE day to fly over the Second Straight at the UCI Copenhagen Supercross race. We just took a few minutes and just MARVELED at the skill!


BMX Supercross in Copenhagen makes a super event


3000 spectators had a blast as the world best BMX riders fought their way to the finals in the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup round taking place in Copenhagen on Saturday 9 may 2009.


Copenhagen is bidding to host the 2012 World BMX Championships, and judging by this weekend’s event, the city of Copenhagen and its bicycle-crazy inhabitants are really up for it. The beautiful spring weather certainly didn’t harm the event either.


Approximately 3000 spectators were there for the event, and apart from the expected world class cycling they we’re treated with international djs, live music and spectacular side events. Danish Crown Prince Frederik, an avid sports follower, spent the whole afternoon at the track, obviously enjoying himself all the way through.


- The atmosphere of the event has been just brilliant. Even though the event runs over 5 hours there are no boring moments where you’re just standing around waiting for something to happen. Also, having such a large event so close to the city centre, makes it easy for everybody to get here by their own bikes or by public transportation. And easy to get back home again! I’m very happy to have this event happening within the Danish Year of Sport 2009, says Christian Ankerstjerne, Project Manager of the Danish Year of Sport 2009


Olympic Caliber

More than 60 members of the national and international press had been accredited for the event, which was also broadcast live on Eurosport. Already two days before the race began, international media had begun showing up at the track.


- This is one of the best Supercross BMX-events of them all. The riders are basically the same at every event and they bring the same kind of skills to each event, so the key to make an event really stand out is the organisers. And the organisers behind the Copenhagen Supercross event are very good, and this is what makes this event Olympic caliber, says Jerry Landrum, a journalist from and a long time follower of BMX events all over the world.


In the end British superstar Shanaze Reade took first place in the women's race and Dutchman Ivo van der Putten claimed first in the mens.


The Danish Year of Sport 2009
The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup is part of the Danish Year of Sport 2009. More than 50 international sporting events and congresses will be staged all year round in many parts of the country with the IOC Session and Congress in Copenhagen in October as the crown jewel. The events will all together brand Denmark nationally and internationally as a strong sports event nation under the slogan of “Inviting the World of Sport”.


For information about the Year of Sport and the many events during the year please contact Project manager Christian Ankerstjerne, or +45 3051 0096.


For more information please visit



Friday/Time Trials


Men's Time Trial Leader Women's Time Trial Leader
1 Quentin Caleyron (FRA) - 35.804 1 Shanaze Reade (GBR) - 40.189


Official Results
Men's 1-20 Men's 21-40 Men's 41-60 Men's 61-80 Men's 81-98
Womens's 1-16 Women's 17-25

Saturday Startlists


Men's Heats 1/2 Men's Heats 3/4 Men's Heats 5n6 Men's Heats 7n8 Womens Heats

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