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Elite Men

1 Maris Strombergs

2 Donny Robinson

3 Mike Day

4 Kyle Bennett

5 Robert Dewilde

6 Randy Stumpfhauser

7 Nic Long

8 Jason Rogers

Elite Women

1 Alise Post

2 Dominique Daniels

3 Brooke Crain

4 Ashley Verhagen

5 Allie Dragoo


1 Dave Bittner

2 Dale Holmes

3 Shawn O'Gorman

4 Eric Rupe

5 Jason Carnes

6 Brian Strieby

Super Ex

1 Logan Collins

2 Jason Morris

3 Corey Reid

4 Vance Wiesendanger

5 Matt Rubeck

6 Josh Meyers

7 Tony Hoffman

8 Matt Kelty

Maris Strombergs had a good weekend in Fresno with a 2nd on Saturday and Big Win on Sunday. Maris takes a break this week with a trip home to Latvia to get a little of Mom's home cookin' while he leads the NBL Elite Series with a serious points total. We've got a pretty nice little rivalry going on in the Elite Women's class. Dominique Daniels (Left) and Alise Post are going back and forth, battling for the lead on track after track. This weekend, give it a double for Alise, but it wasn't without a challenge from Dom. And here's the 'other' side of the Elite Women's rivalry, Alise Post as she takes the doubles going in to the Second Turn. Ashley Verhagen (Left) and Brooke Crain showed some promise during the weekend, lookin' to make some noise in the NBL Elite Women's class. BMX Mania's, Vance Wiesendanger is puttin' a little out front time in the 3rd moto of Super Ex, on his way to a fourth place overall. Super Ex was STACKED this weekend, with a TON of guys out to sample the Fresno track. Speaking of Super Ex, Clayborn's, Logan Collins was another rider with a GREAT weekend, with a nice sturdy 2nd on Saturday and a Suh Wheat 1st Place finish on Sunday. Barry Nobles was sitting this race out due to surgery this past week after a nasty wreck at the Copenhagen SX race. His presence was felt with the Barry Nobles Fan Club wearing a bunch of different "Barry Shirts". "Get Well Soon, Slamma!"

'Jrog', Jason Rogers is lookin' good in his new Haro Gear. New bike, new uniform, new sponsor!? This guy is SO psyched to have signed up with Haro and get a ride to the races, congrats go out to Jason and congrats to Derek Betcher and the Haro team for adding a consistant performer to the team. Another guy who has been looking good lately, Robert Dewilde made the final both days.

Afro Bob is back on the gas, which is always good to see.

In one of the better 'wreck sequences' that we've photographed lately, we are featuring today, Mr. Matt Kelty. Matt had the misfortune of 'unclipping' on the lip of the second set in the third straight in the Main while IN THE LEAD! At left, we see Matt doing a new racer trick he just learned, called a Bar Walk, only to be feeling VERY alone as he hurtles toward the backside of the jump in the second shot of the sequence.

In the third shot, Matt and the ground have made contact, but even as Matt's sorting that one out, Josh Meyers is clipping out in anticipation of blasting Kelty when Meyers hits the back side of the jump, along with Matt. In the last shot, it's all over and Josh's bike is wreaking havoc on Matt's legs, foot, whatever happens to be in the way. It's stuff like this that the old BMX word, "Gnarly" was invented to describe. At this point, we haven't heard that Matt was seriously injured, but when we talked with him after the race, he was thinking that 'maybe' he might have broken something in his foot. We sure hope Matt's not hurt too badly and wish him all the best, he's a real competitor.







Elite Men - 1 Randy Stumpfhauser 2 Maris Strombergs 3 Donny Robinson 4 Mike Day 5 Robert Dewilde 6 Augusto Castro 7 Jason Rogers 8 Kyle Bennett

Elite Women - 1 Alise Post 2 Dominique Daniels 3 Ashley Verhagen 4 Allie Dragoo 5 Brooke Crain

Super Ex - 1 Josh Meyers 2 Logan Collins 3 Matt Kelty 4 Gavin Lubbe 5 Matt Rubeck 6 Jason Morris 7 Corey Reid 8 Tony Hoffman

Masters - 1 Dale Holmes 2 Jason Carnes 3 Shawn O'Gorman 4 Eric Rupe 5 Brian Strieby 6 Dave Bittner