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archived news / August 2014

BMX Racing News - Thursday/Friday - august 28-29, 2014

Strider Sports Pays It Forward with Rider Fund

Rapid City, SD (August 13, 2014) - Strider Sports International, the world's premier manufacturer and marketer of no-pedal balance bikes, is pleased to announce the creation of the Strider® Rider Fund to facilitate giving bikes to organizations that serve children.


"Our mission statement talks about why we exist, but the new Rider Fund shows how we "walk the talk", says Founder and CEO, Ryan McFarland, who has committed one percent of Strider Sports' gross revenue from all sales worldwide each month towards the Rider Fund. "Plus, for every STRIDER™ bike registered at, we will commit another $1 to the Rider Fund." 


To further the reach of this program, Strider Sports will convert every $100 in the Rider Fund to $300 worth of Strider bikes and products! The bikes and products will be donated through a grant application process. Based on prior year's sales data, Strider is expecting to donate more than $250,000 worth of STRIDER bikes and products to charities this year alone! Of these donations, half will be earmarked specifically to support Special Olympics chapters and the Young Athletes Programs all across the US.


Strider announced the Rider Fund in June at the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games, and after only 3 months has already donated over $112,000 worth of STRIDER bikes for distribution to applicants from non-profit organizations!


STRIDER Balance Bikes are industry-leading training bikes that help people learn to balance and ride on two wheels. There are STRIDER bike models for all ages; from 18 month old toddlers and elementary aged children to teens, adults, and even seniors, as well as for all abilities.


For more information about the Strider Rider Fund, and how you can contribute, go to

Outdoor Gear Canada to Distribute Redline BMX in Canada
Outdoor Gear Canada to Distribute Redline BMX in Canada. Accell North America (ANA) and Outdoor Gear Canada (OGC) have signed a multi-year distribution agreement making OGC the exclusive distributor of Redline BMX bicycles in Canada.

“Redline is one of the greatest names in the BMX world,’’ said Jeremy Deme, Manager of OGC’s new BMX division, OGC BMX. “With Redline and WTP, plus our new parts and accessory brands, we now have an extraordinary program for Canadian BMX dealers and riders.”

OGC BMX officially launches with the 2015 season and is also the exclusive distributor in Canada for the Fiend, Federal, Merritt, Eclat, Fuse and Salt brands. “After an extensive study of the Canadian bicycle market we felt that Outdoor Gear Canada has the best infrastructure, marketing knowledge and sales network to build a robust business for Redline BMX in Canada. We are very excited to be partnering with OGC,” said Chris Speyer the CEO and President of Accell North America.

Redline is owned by Accell North America which also owns Raleigh, Diamondback, Lapierre and Seattle Bike Supply.

For more information, please contact: Jeremy Deme, OGC BMX Division Manager - - Outdoor Gear Canada, 10555 Henri Bourassa Blvd. W, St-Laurent, Québec, Canada H4S 1A1





BMX Racing News - Wednesday - august 27, 2014

Caroline Buchanan Wins Big At Crankworx!
BMX Superstar, Caroline Buchanan, recently hit up the Crankworx MTB Festival in Whistler, B.C. in Canada and walked away with a BIG win in the Pump Track event and a Podium placing 3rd Place finish in the Dual Slalom race......Not bad for stepping off of the BMX right after an exhausting UCI BMX World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Hop off the jet, race the best in the world and come out smiling....Just another day in the life of BMX Superstar, Caroline Buchanan. Check out CB's adventures above!





BMX Racing News - weekend update - august 22-24, 2014

USA Cycling BMX Development Camp – Chula Vista, CA August 17-23, 2014

The ultimate BMX Racing summer camp took place during the week of August 17-23rd at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Camp. Chase Bicycles and Tioga partnered up with USA Cycling for the BMX Development 4 Camp series in 2014. The camps are held at the USA Olympic Training center in Chula Vista, CA. Riders qualifying through the USA BMX race series, are given the opportunity to attend the OTC for the Camps and learn from some of the best in BMX on what the transition is like from Amateur BMX racing to Elite level racing on Supercross style tracks for the World Cup tour, as well as the proper training, nutrition, and recovery techniques. 

The Devo riders are given the opportunity to live at the OTC for a week, along side of current Olympic and Olympic hopeful athletes from all types of different sports at the OTC, and get the experience of what its like to be a world class athlete. The riders attend seminars about Race Training, Nutrition, Weight Training, Sports Marketing, Social Media, and Bike Maintenance. Each of the riders are initially tested at the start of the week to get base line results and help for the coaches to determine what they need to improve on the become a better racer. The Devo riders then get to train on the Supercross tracks at the Chula Vista OTC with the major focus on the Beijing replica track, as well as 1 day of riding on the advanced SX London replica track and a night at the USA BMX Chula track. At the end of the camp, the riders are put through a race simulation on the Beijing track to test what they learned. Each of the USA Cycling Devo camps also serves as a talent ID camp for the coaches to find potential riders to be invited back for more advanced camps in the future for advanced camps. 

Chase Bicycles and Tioga both offer product support as well as put together a goodie bag of items from the Chase BMX team sponsors for each camper in attendance. Items included a set of Tioga PowerBlock & PowerBand S-Spec tires, Insight Number plate, Limited Edition USA Patriot ODI Grips, Kicker Headphones, items from Shimano and more. Pete Dylewski from Chase Bicycles attends the camps to support the riders during the camps, give guidance on social media and sponsorship, and other info. Pete added “Chase BMX and Tioga are excited to help give back to USA Cycling and do whatever we can to help out with the future stars of BMX racing. Its always exciting to watch the progression of the sport, and see the new riders learn and returning riders excel at each camp. Im more than happy to give any advise or product support, and that we can do our part to give the riders every advantage we can during each of the camps.”

For the 3rd Camp of 2014, there were 16 Development riders in attendance: Female riders - Kristen Klein, Elida Beeman, Shayla Blackmore, and Sophia Foresta. Male riders included - Anthony Martinez, Caleb Wall, Jaiden Fox, Anthony Lucchesi, Richie Dey, Dougie Butcher, Michael Boyle, Austin Palasota, Bubba Gonzales, BJ Ensey, and Trae Proctor. Coaches- Kenth Fallen, Jamie Staff, and James Herrera. Devo Camp Head Coach Arielle Martin was not in attendance, due to the birth of her first child but was calling in and helping the crew from home.

We would like to thank our supporters for sending items for the Camp riders. Companies include Kicker, ODI, Shimano, Insight, Elevn, Tioga, Chase, and Fly Racing.

About Chase Bicycles: Chase BMX frames and complete bikes were created to bring the BMX racing world a new standard for the Elite level of BMX racing frames. No gimmicks, just straightforward technological advancements to offer you the lightest and stiffest frames. These advantages allow you to get all the human generated power to the ground, and give you the biggest advantage offered from any current BMX frame – The winning advantage.

About Tioga: Tioga is one of the originators of the BMX racing tires. Starting off with the Comp 3, Tioga has lead the industry for almost 30 years with the worlds best tires. Tioga now Produces the PowerBand and PowerBlock – The ultimate BMX racing tires, designed to efficiently transfer pedal power and other rider inputs into lateral motion. In short, you’ll roll faster with less wasted energy. The S-Spec version utilizes Tioga’s thinnest sidewall for maximum suppleness and weight savings. Size for size, the S-Spec are the lightest BMX tires in the world.

About USA Cycling: The vision of USA Cycling is to make the United States of America the most successful country in the world of competitive cycling.
The mission of USA Cycling is to achieve sustained success in international cycling competition and grow competitive cycling in America while delivering an exceptional customer experience. For more info, please visit :

For more information on the USA Cycling BMX Development camps, please visit

There is 1 more camp for 2014. Visit the website for points tracking info.





BMX Racing News - Tuesday - august 19, 2014

Steven Cisar, Battlin' For BMX!

Steven Cisar: The Missing Years a BMX Racing video by Prime and Fire

Directed by Corinne Walder

Steven Cisar started out in Motocross as a child, later into his teens he focused on BMX racing full time and quickly became a known name on the circuit picking up good sponsorships. In 2008 he got 2nd at The BMX World Championships and was on the USA Olympic trials team. The Olympic trials race took place just before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This would be a race that would define his career, if he did well he would have been selected to represent USA at The Olympics, unfortunately Steven crashed out which meant he wasn't selected.

A few months later Steven started getting into drugs, smoking weed, drinking alcohol and started using prescription pills to get high. He didn't realise but his body started slowly getting addicted to them where one day his friend noticed it and told Steven's family that Steven is addicted and needs help. Steven went into rehab in 2009 due to his addiction, he went in a few times over the course of two years. At one of the rehabs he met a guy who told him about Heroin and convinced Steven that it is an amazing drug to try, it's cheaper, easier to get and you get an amazing high.

When Steven got out of rehab he went to get heroin with this guy and used it for the first time, he quickly became addicted to heroin without any of his family knowing. His mother started noticing Steven selling everything, Steven even got arrested twice with possession of heroin and the court ordered him to either do rehab for the last time or he would have to go to jail for 6 years.

Steven went to the last rehab in the desert in 2012, this was serious and Steven did whatever he could to get off heroin, he did it the hard way, without medication. He was in rehab for three months, until Christmas 2012 where he was released and spent his first Christmas for a few years, clean.

Early 2013, Steven started getting back into BMX and started racing again with help of Derek Sipkoi. Since then he has been gaining sponsorship again and making it back to the top of the sport. This year Steven was selected to race the 2014 BMX World Championships in Holland. Steven made it through to the Semi finals, missing out on one place.

HIs goals for the future are definitely the 2016 Rio Olympics, he is training and racing hard to become one of the best in the world again.








BMX Racing News - weekend update - august 15-17, 2014

McCollum Park Pro Am, blows out the big bucks!

For the 2nd year in a row, McCollum Park BMX in Everett, Washington ran a Big Money Pro Am race.

Year 2 featured a Jeff Upshaw Mini Camp, Connor Fields Clinic, Tons Of Big Name BMX Pros, a guaranteed $10,000 purse and Hole Shot Award Money!

Whew! What a ride? Bob Gleyre, the Track Director / Organizer put on a heck of a show and there were hundreds of riders out for the weekend and all the Pro Festivities!

When the dust settled, there were lots of Big Checks to pass out and an exciting weekend in the rear view mirror along with big plans for another round in 2015, so keep it real and keep in touch with Bob and the folks at the track, cuz they'll put on a Killer Show once again!

Photos by Mike Albright Photography


Check out the McCollum Park Pro Am

race report page on BMX mania, now!






BMX Racing News - Thursday - august 14, 2014

Yess Picks Up New Zealand Distributor
YESS is pleased to announce Action Downunder is taking over the distribution of all YESS BMX products in NZ from 1st of August 2014.

Previous distributor David Fox has done a great job for YESS and will be continuing his involvement with the brand as the team manager of the high performance NZ YESS Factory Team.

We are excited at the possibilities the new arrangement with Action Downunder present for the brand to grow and develop further.

With the commitment to excellence from all involved from the YESS factory, the distribution team at Action Downunder (including brand manager, current 30+ national champion Tim Ferguson) and all the current YESS factory and grass roots team athletes, YESS is ready to take on the new 2014/15 NZ season.

New Zealand riders, If you want to know how to get on board, contact





BMX Racing News - Monday - august 12, 2014

BMX MANIA is back online after a great trip to Bulgaria!

After kind of "Checking OUT" after the UCI BMX Worlds in Rotterdam, we're back on the gas with trying to keep up with what's happening around the world of BMX Racing.

Our little adventure in Bulgaria was quite successful with a GREAT Summer Camp for kids and young adults from all over the worlds. As well as Bulgarians, the camp was made up of Russian, Turkish, South Korean and American students and staff, and we had a great time together in the mountains. But that was then and now Jerry Mania is back doing another thing that he loves ..... making noise about BMX Racing! ..... Don't forget to ride your bike! - Jerry Mania

TRA BMX Announces 2014 Double Cross & Dirt Jump Comp

Pro Invitational Event, October 4th

Bethlehem, PA (July 29, 2014) – TRA BMX is proud to announce the 2014 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp, a pro invitational slopestyle trail event that will take place October 4, 2014 at the TRA compound near Bethlehem Pennsylvania, home of Posh and Catty Trails.  The event will include over 30 top dirt riders from around the globe including select Red Bull athletes competing for an $8,000 Pro Purse.  The course will feature massive bowl jumps and nonstop downhill trail action by Dirtsculpt’s Dave King.  With support from Red Bull, Dan’s Comp, S&M, FIT, iON, Odyssey, United, Empire, Doublecross Bikes, Hyper, SNAFU, Soilworks, Blackman’s Cycle, Axlerad Screen Printing, and STAY STRONG, plus coverage by Red Bull Media House, Transworld Ride BMX, DIG, BMX Plus, Can You Dig It, and more, the event will bring some of the top riders in BMX together for an epic event with a backyard vibe and a worldwide reach.

The event will include two contests, the Dirt Jump Comp and the Double Cross – a one-on-one downhill trail race.  TRA owner and contest organizer, Mike Gentilcore, explained the motivation behind the new event: “This event is part of TRA’s mission to bring the pro-level dirt courses from the big TV contests into a setting that the core industry can be part of.  It’s an opportunity to promote the core brands that support the sport and include many of the top trail riders you don’t normally see in the larger contests.  The Dirt Jump Comp will feature a relaxed rider-judged format where everyone can throw down and have a great time on an epic course you don’t typically see in a backyard setting“  

For the Double Cross part of the event, Mike added: “We’re running a head to head race right on the Dirt Jump Comp course.  The course will be built double-wide with a line down the middle, 100% trails, nothing more, nothing less.  This is BMX racing on trails like riders across America build for themselves every day, the way it should be.  We presented the concept to the Red Bull athletes last year and everyone was psyched on it.  The course will feature a drop-in right into the first bowl jump to keep the action flowing, and steep lips and landings for big airtime.  And since this is a TRA event, you can bet clipless pedals and carbon fiber equipment will be nowhere in sight.  We’re looking forward to doing something that’s been a long time coming for both the riders and the sport of BMX, independent of anything else out there.“

Video coverage of the 2014 TRA Doublecross and Dirt Jump Comp Pro Invitational will be produced by Red Bull Media House and made available online post-event.  For more information, check out and the non-profit for Posh and Catty trails at  You can also check out behind-the-scenes footage from Dirtsculpt’s Dave King, the creative force behind some of the world’s largest BMX dirt events including ESPN‘s X-Games, Red Bull‘s Dirt Conquers, and more, at









BMX Racing News - Monday - august 4, 2014

BMX Mania Is Off The Grid The First Week Of August!
After the UCI BMX World Championships, BMX Mania Dot Com webmaster, Jerry Landrum flew out of Schipol Airport in Amsterdam for a ten day Summer Youth Camp project in Bulgaria. While I'll be in charge of media, photos and video for the week of camp, will be on a little summer holiday from Monday/August 4 until Sunday/August 10.

So, during the week off, if you're hard up for a BMX Racing FIX, maybe you might wander by our archived NEWS area, where you'll find years and years of BMX Racing NEWS to take a walk down memory lane 8!

Or, maybe you might like to check out some of the PAST RACES that we have stored in the inner sanctum of BMX Mania! Lots of fun stuff to check out and relive for your BMX Racing habit.

But don't worry, I'll be back, next weekend with lots more BMX Racing News for you to check out, Rad Racing photos and just fun stuff from the Wild World of BMX Racing.......It's what I do!






BMX Racing News - weekend update - August 1, 2014

Unreal UCI Worlds Is Over!!!!!
It's been a week already since the end of the UCI BMX World Championships in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Sorry, but BMX Mania took off immediately from Rotterdam for a personal project in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and we've been out of touch with the BMX world. But, WOW, what a week, last week with day after day of great BMX racing, highlighted by Mariana Pajon (COL) and "Slammin" Sam Willoughby (AUS) winning the Women's and Men's Elite World Championships!

The UCI Worlds certainly had the highs and lows this year as both of the reigning World Champs, Liam Phillips (GBR) and Caroline Buchanan (AUS) saw their chance of being "Re-Titled" go down in flames in the most dramatic of fashion. Liam was brought down in the 1/8th Final in a wild crash with Damien Godet (FRA) that saw Damien come in HARD in Turn Two, sliding across the turn and hitting Phillips, putting them both out of contention. Caroline saw her chances to repeat go up in flames when she crashed out in Turn One after misjudging the triple jump in to the First Turn and severely injuring her wrist. Ever the tough BMXer, CB came back in the next round of quarter finals and WON her quarter. Sad to say for the true champion, she just couldn't quite make it in the Semi Final, what with the pain, medications and bandages all dragging her down from what looked like a SOLID change to win "Two In A Row". Caroline Buchanan.......A true BMXer!

The new Champions? Well, not exactly newcomers to the top of a podium, Sam and Mariana both win their 2nd UCI Elite World Championship, both with wire to wire wins in the finals in Rotterdam on Sunday!

BMX Mania made the trip to the Big Race again this year to cover it for The Fans, and while we'd like to apologize for the 'slow coverage', we are slowly getting all of the photos that we were able to grab, posted on our . So check it out, we've got results, some Challenge Race Coverage and as always, some exciting Elite Racing for you from the top of the mountain in BMX, the 2014 UCI BMX World Championships in Rotterdam, The Netherlands!

More Elite Racing Pix posted today, Saturday, August 2, please check back, we're not done yet!.....

Sunday Elite Photos Posted To The 2014 uci worlds Race Report Page

Thrill BMX Takes On The UCI World Championships 2014 in Rotterdam (Holland)
Edzus Treimanis scores a BIG UCI World #4 for Thrill BMX!

The BMX World Championships and World Challenges were organized on July 23-27 in the Ahoy Arena (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

The Worlds week was kicked off by the World Challenge. Jan Seidl (Czech Republic) made it to the semis in Boys 9. He was in qualifying position when he came in contact with an adversary and both went down injuring both knees. We wish him a speedy recovery. Rune Deburchgraeve (Belgium) had a bad gate in the 8th finals and didn’t make a transfer spot.

In the Championship Classes we had a competitor in each category: Marie Hossay (Belgium) in Junior Women, Kristens Krigers (Latvia) in Junior Men, Aneta Hladikova (Elite Women) and Edzus Treimanis (Latvia) in Elite Men.

A lot of controversy about yet another Worlds on a small indoor track, big starting hill, small jumps and a lot of crashes, especially in the Championship Classes.

The Championships started with Time Trials. Marie Hossay finished 26th in Junior Women and didn’t qualify for the Super Time Trials in which the TT World Champion is crowned.

Our 3 other Thrill Europe Factory Pilots did qualify. Kristens Krigers qualified 7th, the same spot he also took later in the Super Time Trials. Aneta Hladikova took 16th place in the Time Trial and 15th in the Super Time Trial. Edzus Treimanis qualified with a 7th time. His Super Time Trial put him in the hot seat, but shaking his head at the finish line indicated that he knew it wouldn’t be good enough for a podium spot. He finished 8th in the Super Time Trial.

In the Championship’s Race on Sunday, Marie Hossay, Aneta Hladikova and Kristens Krigers had to race the qualifications. As a rider in the top 16 of the UCI Ranking, Edzus automatically qualified for the 1/8 finals.

Marie didn’t make it through the qualifying motos.

Aneta put in some solid laps and qualified with a 4th, 3rd and 2nd place for the elite women quarters. She was in qualifying position but lost a lot of speed in the last turn and was overtaken just a few meters before the finish line.

Kristens Krigers crashed hard during practice when he collided in mid-air with another rider and landed on the paved turn. It didn’t look like he would be able to race, but 10 minutes before the start he got up and to everybody’s surprise announced that he was going to race. His fellow countrymen nicknamed him “Zombie” for this event, as no normal person would race in this shape. He continued to impress as he qualified for the quarters and improving every lap with a 2nd place in the semis and winning the semi. In the main event he crashed in a similar way giving him 8th place for the day. He got back on his bike to finish his lap… hard as nails!

After some warming up laps and gates, Edzus Treimanis was ready for his 1/8 final with instant elimination. With some low profile racing and good turns he managed to make it to the main with all 2nd places. In the main event, Edzus was fighting for a podium spot when the 2 leaders rubbed elbows. 1 of them went down and took out the entire competitor field. By the time he managed to get back on his bike, 3 riders were gone leaving him with 4th place, a solid result in the most important race of the year.

The riders will take a short break, but soon they will start preparing for the second part of the season with 2 more rounds in the World Cup SX Series.

The Thrill Factory Team is supported by Thrill BMX, Answer BMX, Tangent Product, Maxxis Tires, Stealth True Precision Hubs, C-Bear Ceramic Bearings, Alienation Rims,, Navada.Net

Caroline Buchanan's UCI Worlds Race Report.....For The Fans!

For more on Caroline's dramatic UCI BMX World Championships in Rotterdam.....

check out the whole!