Crankworx MTB Festival 2014 - Results: Pump Track/1st ... Dual Slalom/3rd


POV Dual Slalom Video:


Nine days on the big wheels in Whistler for Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival 2014.

Overall it was such an amazing time in Canada. Competing in Crankworx last year I was hooked and had to come back to compete in the Aline, pump track and dual slalom events along with just enjoying riding my bike and having the biggest smile flowing down the mountain.

The week kicked off where I knew it would, knowing that I would be out of my depths fitness wise on the 5 minute downhill Aline course. I just had fun with it and mentally prepared for pump track the following night.

Last year it was a solid battle between myself and 2008 BMX Olympic bronze medallist Jill Kintner for the top 2 positions. Last year she beat me by the slightest time differential and this year I knew I had to come in with some more heat to win.

I was off the brakes in the turns, practiced making sure I was clipped in off the start and went on to take the win in the semi final and in both final laps.

It was amazing to not only win the Rockshox Ultimate Pump Track Challenge but to also have my partner and team mate @BarryNobles95 take the win in the menís pump track event. It was quite the fairy tale night for both of us.

Backing up that amazing night with the Crankworx Dual Slalom event the following day I won the first run on the left hand course with my time differential in front of Anneke Beerten. Crossing the finish line winning the semi final on the right hand dual slalom course I knew that I had missed the very last flag on the course and would not progress through. I got disqualified from progressing into the final to meet Jill and battled it out for the overall third position in Dual Slalom.

Whistler is by far my favorite place in the world to ride and relax. Until next year, thank you to Airborne Bicycles for a great week of smiles, good times with friends, the best riding and 2 podiums.

Next stop North Carolina for the Rockhill Supercross BMX track opening race, then Louisville for a USA BMX National and then onto Argentina for the next UCI BMX Supercross World Cup