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BMX racing news, Tuesday - august 31, 2010

New Products from Insight BMX

Insight BMX Technologies is proud to offer the following products in our new “Vision Series” BMX race items:

Number Plates: Insight Vision Number Plates are offered in 8 different Factory color options along with the choice of White, Black, Yellow, or Red (mini/Cru Only) backgrounds. Offered in Pro, Mini, and Cruiser sizes.

Side Plates: Insight Side Plates are offered in 7 different color options. Use the Vision side plate to run your number on the front of your frame just like the Pros.

Pad Sets: Insight Pad Sets will cap off your factory look. Top Tube, Stem & Crossbar Pads.

Mini Seat and Post Combos: Insight offers a Mini Seat and 22.2 Post Combo for your race machine. Lightweight and stylish the Insight Combo will have you looking trick on and off the racetrack.

Number packs: Look closely and you will see the detail we put into all of our products carries over to the Insight Numbers. A clear line down the center of each number gives you a custom look for your number plate.

Insight BMX is a division of BRG



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Chicago, IL August 25, 2010 - DBM Nutrition, manufacturers of world-class endurance supplements, is pleased to announce a multi-year agreement with Morphine Industries, Olijuwon Davis. One of the world's fastest 19-27x racers, Davis will be using the full line of DBM Endurance supplements. DBM Nutrition has been powering elite athletes from Olympic swimmers who are in the water for less than 20 seconds to Ironman triathlete gold medalists hammering the road for 8 hours.

"We are thrilled to be working with Olijuwon, anyone that knows Olijuwon knows he is a 100% class act, not to mention extremely fast. I am personally looking forward to helping him reach the next level in his development," said DBM Nutrition CEO, Darin Booton. "Our endurance supplements, which increase oxygen intake and reduce lactic acid (the cause of tired legs), have been used by world-class triathletes, road cyclists, Olympic swimmers, Kenyan runners and national champion mtb cyclists for years.  He will see serious improvements by utilizing DBM Endurance World Championship PRO, CitraBeta Shot and Sub 8 Fuel," said Booton.

Davis, who is turning pro after the ABA Grand's, said, "I'm really excited to be working with the DBM guys. What they have done for several of the world's fastest road and mountain bikers is very impressive, this is a great opportunity for me. I'm looking forward to seeing measurable physiological gains in improvement that every one of these cyclists see."

The DBM Endurance line of supplements is safe, legal and approved by every athletic governing body worldwide. For more information on DBM Endurance supplements or if you are ready to take your training and racing to the next level, please visit



BMX racing news, Monday - august 30, 2010

National Bicycle League Describes Broad Changes for 2011 Season

CEO Gary Aragon Speaks Candidly About the Need for Across-the-Board Changes

GAHANNA, OH (August 16, 2010) — NBL BMX CEO Gary Aragon recently unveiled what is being called, the New NBL...for the 2011 NBL Nation Season.

“Since my first day on the job, I’ve been aware that rider and track needs required closer attention,” said Mr. Aragon.  “Over the last several months, it has been my principal focus to pursue solutions to those needs and implement the changes that will bring us to the next level of BMX competition.”

According to Mr. Aragon, the New NBL represents sweeping changes to nearly every aspect of BMX Racing in the National Bicycle League; changes that will positively impact member riders, tracks and the BMX Nation.

“One of the most significant changes is the removal of all fees that tracks currently pay to the NBL. Instead, the NBL will pay tracks to run races for the sanction,” added Mr. Aragon. “Another, very significant change is that the New NBL will allow members to pay a low monthly fee for All-You-Can-Ride access to local, regional and national racing.”

Mr. Aragon noted that these two concepts have been carefully tested in a significant sampling of tracks in the Nation, and with the new model, tracks benefited significantly – posting thousands of dollars in revenue above the existing model. Members will also save a considerable amount of money and will have the added benefit of paying their racing costs over the year, in smaller increments.

Other changes that are under consideration for the 2011 Season, are.....
*A name change for the NBL Elite Series, to the NBL NationsTour(TM) -  The Professional BMX Tour
*An expansion of Pro Payouts, soaring to $41,430 per race with 1st Place prize money of a staggering $8,000 for Elite Men and $4,800 for Elite Women!
*A reduction in the number of pro races, from 11 currently to 5 for the 2011 NBL NationsTour(TM).
*Name change for the Novice Class. The new class will be called the Challenger Class.
*New membership levels for the New NBL.
* LOCAL = All-You-Can-RideTM local racing at any outdoor track in the Nation with no entry fees. There may be indoor fees to cover the added cost of indoor facilities depending on track. There may also be trophy fees depending on track. Includes both 20” and Cruisers!
* CHALLENGER = All the benefits of the LOCAL membership PLUS All-You-Can-RideTM. Challenge Championship Series racing with no entry fees. Includes both 20” and Cruisers!
* CHAMPION = All the benefits of LOCAL and CHALLENGER membership PLUS All-You-Can-RideTM National Championship SeriesTM racing. Includes both 20” and Cruisers!
*Moving from a once a year paid membership and paid entry fees at all races to a monthly fee on three levels with no paid entry fees and the New NBL "All-You-Can-RideTM" plan with no entry fees.
*The ‘Drop Club’ - Special national level awards for collecting gate drops in NBL competition, at all levels of racing in 500, 1000, 2500 & 5000 gate drop recognition.

Please direct inquiries to Donna Smith at 614.416.7683,, or Jess Moore at 614.416.7684,

About the National Bicycle League - The National Bicycle League (NBL) sanctions exciting local, state, and national levels of BMX (Bicycle Motocross) racing across the country and in Puerto Rico. With more than 30,000 members and more than 150 BMX race tracks, the NBL is the largest not-for-profit BMX racing association in America.  Join the NBL Nation… NBL is BMX! For more information, visit:

NBL Grands To Be Webcast Live!

The Grands will be broadcast live on September 3-5 from Derby City BMX in Louisville, KY.

For more details visit the NBL page at

Schanewolf PeachTree City Race Report

The chance for rain didn’t scare the loyal following of Schanewolf racers from North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida from making the trip to the last stop on the calendar before the NBL Grands.  The crew hit this race in force with a few of our riders already capped, but looking to stay sharp for the final rendezvous with Grands in just a few weeks.  With the bonus cash on the line for team competition and a hunger to pick up few more team points, team Schanewolf was in the house ready to get it on.

Saturday at the Regional championship saw many of the Schanewolf riders at the sharp end of the mottos and scoring wins in the main events.  With the long delay due to mother nature,  many of the team riders were already back at the hotel.  After receiving word that the race would continue, we gathered the crew to head back to the track for the main events.  The wait for the mains was well worth it.  Highlighting the day was Schanewolf rider  “The Beaster” Bryce Easter.  Bryce managed to pick up his first Expert main event win in the ultra competitive 9X class.  This young man has been training hard at his local track with the likes of Jeremy Thompson and other top NAG riders.  I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a great expert career for this young shredder.  Also having a great weekend was Chris “Diesel” Pease.  Chris managed a 2nd  on Saturday and took the main win on Sunday after going perfect in the motto’s.  Other winners on the day were Kaitlin Wightman in 7 Girls, Kavin Bradner in open.  Other podium finishes and main makers were:

In the team competition Schanewolf tied for 1st with Intense Dynapep on the day, however, The boys in blue took top honors as C.J. McGwire winning the Pro Open broke the tie.

Masato Pischke 11X - Mikey Hewitt, 10X - Jamie McHenry 8 Girls - Christopher Mchenry 8/under Cruiser - Wyatt Parker, 6 Rookie - Ken Robison 41 Expert / Cruiser - Rebecca Robison 12 Girls - Jake Pischke 16 Nov - Jordan Riggins 12 Nov - Ethan Burns 12X  - Logan Bradfor 12X - Kerri Norberg 45 woman’s / cruiser - Scott Walker 36-40 Nov

 Team Schanewolf heads into the Grands optimistic for a podium finish once it’s all said and done.  Regardless, the team has had a great year  and had allot fun in the process.  We’re looking forward to wrapping up this year the way we started it and are excited to what the future holds for Schanewolf Cyclsport.

Team Schanewolf is now accepting resumes for the 2011 season.  If you think you have what it takes to rock the Yellow & flames, then send me your resume or an e-mail telling me a little bit about yourself.  We’re looking for Novice & expert level riders who compete at the national level throughout the Southeast.

We would like to extend a huge thanks to this year’s team sponsors:  Hyper Bicycles, Fly Racing, Profile, T.HE., SINZ.  Please visit their web sites & support the companies who support BMX!

Shawn Pischke - Team Manager

EHT BMX Annual Veteran's Day Race

November 6 · 9:00am - 7:00pm

Location - EHT BMX - Egg Harbor Township BMX

Registration: 9am-11am. Race: Noon
$10.00 points only. $30.00 with 3' tall trophy (by pre-registration only).

Quadruple NBL Points. Triple Track Series Points.

...EHT BMX Memorial Scholarship Award Ceremony.
Volunteer of the Year Award Ceremony.

16 & Over Pro/Am $20.00 200% payback Ams must race class too.
30 & Over Pro/Am $20.00 200% payback Ams must race class too.
16 & Over Girl's Open $20.00 200% payback Ams must race class too.

To print a copy of the pre-registration form, go to then click on the EHT BMX topic.

Rain date: TBA

Mapquest & GPS Users: Type in 1 Swift Drive, EHT, NJ 08234.

This is the address for the library in the park complex.

Use the Veteran's Drive entrance and follow the signs for the BMX track.







BMX racing news, Weekend update - august 28-29, 2010

Alienation BMX Sponsored Riders Take On The World!



The biggest BMX race of the year, the UCI BMX World Championships took place in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. That means many riders from all over the world were there to represent their respective countries. That also means that a TON of Alienation BMX riders were there showing off their mad skills and fresh products for the big show.

We would like to start off with Swatch's own New Zealander, Marc Willers, who is on a huge comeback. Willers showed what he can do when he's fully healthy and on a mission in Qualifying rounds Marc pulled a 1st,2nd,3rd which put him into a stacked quarterfinals He pulled a 3rd in quarter finals which set him up for the main event. With the stacked Main event Willers came out 3rd into the first turn and with a crash ended up with a World 6 title. Congrats Marc for representing well at the worlds! 

Alienation has some of the best Elite Women representing the company and you can't go wrong when you're repping ALIENATION! What a elite women's main event!!!  New Zealand's Sarah Walker rode very consistent as she put her wheels into a 2nd, 2nd, 2nd in qualifying rounds looking really fast, that brought up semis for the top 16 girls and Sarah ended up with a 3rd in a very stacked Semi. In the Main she had a very fast first straight, after the race Sarah was all smiles as she got the WORLD 2 title. 

USA's/Intense's Arielle Martin always reps the country in good fashion, also riding consistent in qualifying rounds she pulled a 2nd, 3rd, 2nd in qualifying rounds, and in the semi she pulled a 2nd. In the Main event which any of the 8 girls could of won, she was running 3rd looking for a podium finish, and she went down in the first corner, tough luck for Arielle, but she will be back as you know she's tough! She ended up with a World 8 title. Thanks Arielle for always being a class act and representing the company so well!!  

Colombia's Mariana Pajon is always one of the girls to beat she raced both class and cruiser and was looking for two titles. Mariana looked really good in qualifying rounds by not losing a lap she pulled a 1st, 1st, 1st in motos. Looking like the girl to beat Mariana was in 8th out of the first turn and pulled to 5th, looking for one spot to give bonked the on the 4th straight rhythm and ended her run for the Elite Woman title. She also raced Elite Woman Cruiser which she pulled WORLD 1. Congratulations on your success. 

Caroline Buchanan from Australia puts in the time and work, and is always 100 percent ready to race. If its Downhill, Fourcross or BMX she gets the job done. In her three qualifying rounds she was 1 of the 3 girls to have a perfect going into semi finals with a 1st, 1st, 1st. In her semi she seemed to have a late gate then clip out mid way down the starting hill causing her not to jump the first double, so it put her behind and she did not transfer out of semis with a 8. Tough luck for Caroline, but we all know what a great and skillful rider she is, so look for her to hit it hard on her way to an Olympic qualifying berth. 

Another Australian Lauren Reynolds rode well for her country and had some tough luck in semi's. In qualifying Lauren pulled a 1st, 2nd, 2nd in her 3 rounds, also in the two crazy semi's Lauren got a 5th and did not transfer to the Main event. We all know as a rider a 5th in a semi can hurt, but Lauren is strong and has a great attitude and has fun riding her bike. She trains hard and most certainly should of been in the main event. Thanks for representing Alienation so well Lauren! 

The third and final Australian representing Alienation was Rachel Bracken. Rachel is one of the well known Elite riders across the world and she showed it in South Africa. Rachel pulled a 5th, 4th, 3rd in her 3 rounds just making it out of qualifying. In her stacked semi she got a 4th to transfer to the Main event. In the Main event Bracken pulled a World 6 title. 

USA'S/Supercross's Nate Padilla has been pushing it hard at the JDP series and has been at the Olympic Training Center putting in some nice work as you can tell on the track. Nate is a very hard worker, and it shows as one of ABA'S top junior development rider and also reps the camps very well out at Chula. Congratulations Nate on a WORLD number  1 sixteen expert title your most certainly deserve it. Thanks for representing the best! 

They call him Frank "The Tank" Hoskins and man is he a character. He represents Addison Bikes' and might be one of the funniest laid back guy you will meet in BMX today. Frank went to South Africa as just recently turned up to the 25-29 class so he had some tough comp on his hands. Well all know Frank can get the job done though. Frank came back to the USA with a World number 4. Congrats Frank!! Represented USA very well. Catch frank at his home track in Louisville Kentucky for the NBL Grand Nationals. 

USA'S Cody Wilson pulled a World number 6. Congratulations man! 

Dan's Comp/USA's Scott Moreland pulled a World number 5 in the 30 and over Men's cruiser class. 

Who could forget Big Daddy GT'S/USA's Eric Rupe he's been in the sport for years and man I don't know about you, but Eric is a man you can always look up to and ask for any advice. He pulled a WORLD number 1 in the 45 and over cruiser class.

All in all, a GREAT week of racers sportin' Alienation BMX gear, be on the lookout for new riders catchin' the vibe, and new product comin' down the track!









bMX racing news, Friday - august 27, 2010

Profile Elite Splined Drive Race Sprockets Available Now!

Made of 7075 Aluminum, works with the 48-spline 19mm spindle. Used with traditional cranks or No-Boss cranks, no spider bolt is required.
This sprocket is driven entirely by the spindle. The Splined Elite Race sprockets are available in Red, Black and Blue with 3/32 teeth.

In stock sizes are: 36t – 5.0oz ... 37t - 5.1oz ... 38t - 5.2oz ... 39t - 5.4oz ... 40t - 5.4oz ... 41t - 5.6oz ... 42t - 5.8oz ... 43t - 5.9oz ... 44t - 6.1oz

Contact your local bike shop/mail-order for availability.


Crupi Riders Podium At UCI Worlds!


The promoters at Copenhagen's Bike City are pretty serious about promoting their upcoming UCI BMX World Championships next Summer. The citizens of Copenhagen will be made aware that "the BMXers" are coming, when they see this cool lookn' bus zoom by on it's city route. Lookin' for the most awesome BMX vacation in a long time? Start making your reservations soon!

2010 BMX Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Tickets, Almost Gone!

Next pricing jumps to the "late to the gate price" so don't be caught sleepin' in staging.

Only about 70 tickets left and available!


A select number of tickets are being offered to the public for the 26th Annual induction ceremony at the San Diego Hall Of Champions (San Diego, CA) on Thursday, September 16, 2010.

Visit the link below for more information and to purchase tickets.















BMX racing news, Thursday - august 26, 2010



August 25, 2010

U.S. Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista

UCI BMX Supercross presented by SWATCH - September 17th and 18th

Chula Vista, CA (August 25, 2010) –  The best BMX athletes  in the world will be in Chula Vista on September 17 and 18,  more than 150 professional men and women Bicycle Motocross (BMX) cyclists are expected to compete in the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup #3.  Among the riders are resident female athletes; Alise Post, Ariel Martin and Brooke Crain. The men’s field includes Conner Fields, Corbin Sharrah and Joey Bradford. Come out and cheer on USA!

Thousands of spectators from around the globe are expected to attend this international event to take in the excitement that begins at 6:30pm.  The event will be contested on the world's most extreme BMX track.  “Spectators won't be disappointed and will be treated to phenomenal racing along with great intermission entertainment. The theme this year is Rock and Roll,” said Bernard Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of the American Bicycle Association, the promoter of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup event in Chula Vista.

Read more here.....


USA Cycling & Intense BMX continue Junior Development partnership

Fifteen of the nation's best junior BMXers spent last week training on the SX track in Chula Vista, Calif. last week thanks to the support of Intense BMX.

Photo Courtesy: Mike King/USA Cycling

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Aug. 26, 2010) — After a year filled with BMX successes, USA Cycling is thrilled to maintain its partnership with Intense BMX  and to expand on efforts to develop America’s extensive pipeline of Bicycle Motocross (BMX) athletes. With a focus on the future, the national governing body will continue to increase its development initiatives, including enhancing the USA Cycling Junior Development Program (JDP) sponsored by Intense BMX.  

As a partner in USA Cycling’s JDP, Intense BMX will provide crucial support for its series of quarterly junior development camps. Intense BMX will not only offer product support, including products from SINZ Racing, Intense Tyres, and THE Products, but will also play an active role at the camps, supporting more than a dozen 15-16 year-old campers who will be in attendance at each of the four annual sessions.

 “This provides a unique opportunity to see some of the country’s top young BMX riders up close on a SX track and also allows us to spend time with the riders off the track. Part of this partnership helps us identify those in the next generation of BMX talent who share our company values and recognize future sponsorship opportunities,” stated Michael Gamstetter, marketing manager of VSI products, the parent company of Intense BMX. 

Last week, USA Cycling welcomed 15 junior men and women to its third JDP instructional camp on the campus of the United States Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. These athletes were selected through the ABA Junior Development series and invited by USA Cycling coaches based on several factors, including past results and future potential. The camp’s agenda included training sessions on the Supercross BMX track, instructional clinics on nutrition, weight training and sports psychology, baseline physiological testing and Q&A sessions with professional BMX riders. 

The August 16-22 camp was the first in the 2011 series which welcomed riders born in 1996 and 1996.  

Complementing the guidance of USA Cycling BMX Programs Director and former world champion, Mike King, several additional coaches provided direction and instruction to camp attendees. U.S. Challenge Class team manager Brian Fell, along with certified USA Cycling coaches and BMX experts Jerry Bradford and Jeff Glynn, served as coaches at the August camp. Toby Henderson and Michael Gamstetter from Intense BMX were also on site with the team support trailer offering assistance to the camp athletes.  

Visit to learn more about USA Cycling's BMX Junior Development Camp qualifying system.  

Attendees during the August USA Cycling BMX junior development camp in Chula Vista included: 

Girls - Alaina Henderson (Ruby, New York) - Shelby Stacy (Bakersfield, Calif.) - Audrey Zuloaga (Las Vegas, Nev.) - Felicia Stancil (Lake Villa, Ill.) - Brandi Milligan (Newhall, Calif.) - Shay Glynn (Norco, Calif.) - Carlie Ferree (Lancaster, Calif.)

Boys - Zachery Vankammen (Lake Elsinore, Calif.) - Kyle Fernandez (Huntington Beach, Calif.) - Bailey Olguin (Lunas, New Mex.) - C.J. Fisher (Taunton, Mass.) - Dylan Cooley (Dayton, Ohio.) - Austin Fowble (Las Vegas, Nev.) - Jeremy Chandler (Tucson, Ariz.) - Jacob Abbe (El Cajon, Calif.) ... * Maliek Byndloss (Cape Coral, Fla.) ... * Tyler Whitfield (Machesney Park, Ill.) - *nominated riders who were unable to attend

About USA Cycling   

Recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the Union Cycliste Internationale, USA Cycling is the official governing body for all disciplines of competitive cycling in the United States, including road, track, mountain bike, BMX and cyclo-cross. As a membership-based organization, USA Cycling comprises 66,500+ licensees; 2,200 clubs and teams; and 34 local associations. The national governing body sanctions 2,650 competitive and non-competitive events throughout the U.S. each year and is responsible for the identification, development, and support of American cyclists. To learn more about USA Cycling, visit

25 Grand On The Line At JAG BMX Global Championships!


Hey Worldwide BMXer’s !

JAG BMX Global Championships detailed information is now on the website!


Website: We have redone the website to allow us to easily share more information as it comes available. Please checkout our supporter and advertiser links on the left hand column. These are the people that are helping JAG BMX make this happen!


The Location: Destination Daytona, located in Ormond Beach, FL. This place is unreal! It’s also the home of Bruce Rossmeyer's Harley Davidson. This resort is like its own city! Plus it’s only 15 minutes away from Daytona Beach.


Bring the Family, and Make it a Vacation: JAG BMX has several deals lined up for lodging that will make your stay as inexpensive as possible. We will release that information next week, as we are waiting for a few more establishments to get back to us with the prices in the next few days.


TO ALL TRACKS: We need your involvement! JAG BMX will be giving back 50% of the rider entry fee’s that come from your track. This option gives you (the tracks) the chance to either bring a few bucks back to your track to help with the great work you are doing, or it can help send as many local riders from your track to help them be a part of the JAG BMX Global Championships. Please contact us for detailed information.


Entry Fees & Pro Purse Info: Entry costs and Pro Purse Breakdown will hopefully be up at the end of the week, or first thing Monday. Just an FYI, the Men’s and Women’s Pro Purses will be equal, and the Pro/Am’s will have a shot at some BIG money!




Tracks: Renny Roker - Email:


Advertising/Sponsors: Janet Scott - Email: 


Watch for the next newsletter soon with more details, or join up with the JAG BMX fan page (JAG FAN PAGE HERE on Facebook) for recent news to be released.


Until the next time… Ride Hard and Be Safe, Mark Conley - Sr. V.P. Event Productions, Marketing -








BMX racing news, Wednesday - august 25, 2010



Events in Fort Wayne (IN), Kansas City and State College (PA) on sale now!


LOS ANGELES (July 27, 2010) – Leading action sports event producer, ASA Entertainment, and MegaRamp Events, creators of the world-renowned, 90’ ramp used in the Big Air competitions at the X Games, announced today that they have joined forces to produce the MegaRamp ASA Triples tour (Triples), a BMX and skateboarding tour that will initially debut with four events this summer and fall in the following locations:

August 28 Sacramento, Calif. ARCO Arena
September 25 Fort Wayne, Ind. War Memorial Coliseum
October 9 Kansas City, Mo. Sprint Center
October 23 State College, Penn. Bryce Jordan Center

Details about these events can be found at  Tickets for the events at Fort Wayne’s War Memorial Coliseum and Kansas City’s Sprint Center are now on sale, as well.

The MegaRamp ASA Triples showcases top pros from the X Games competing in a series of unique head-to-head battles while taking on the challenge of the 195-foot long Triples course, consisting of a 25-foot high roll-in ramp, two 25-foot wide jumps and a course-ending 14’ high quarter-pipe.   Previous events on the 2010 Triples tour have included action sports superstars like 2009 X Games gold medalist Scotty Cranmer (Howell, NJ); 2-time, BMX Triples event champion Ryan Guettler (Queensland, Australia); 12-time X Games medalist Ryan Nyquist (Los Gatos, CA); Dew Tour runner-up Mike Spinner (Miami, FL); and 3-time Action Sports World Champion Daniel Dhers (Caracas, Venezuela). The competition’s head-to-head format stretches the athletic limits of these competitors and brings the fans to the edge of their seats with their innovative and awe-inspiring tricks.

Additional 2010 events are expected to be announced shortly.

The 2010 MegaRamp ASA Triples events will be broadcast nationally on Fox Sports Net in November and December as part of ASA’s action sports block.  Stay tuned to  or for more details.

ABA/Minnesota State Finals To Be Webcast!

Race Fans, Rum River BMX in Isanti, MN will be hosting the 2010 Minnesota State BMX Racing finals as sanctioned by the American Bicycle Association. 

This event will be covering three days of racing action covering Friday Aug. 27th, Saturday the 28th, and Sunday the 29th. 

If you live just too far away to make it in person don’t miss one second of the action as we will be live web-casting the entire weekend plus the awards ceremony on Sunday Afternoon.  

Spread the word to your family, friends, and fellow racers to check it out!  This is the link to all of Rum Rivers live web-cast shows:

List of Broadcasts (all times are central) for the state finals weekend:

Friday Aug. 27th pre race - starting at 7:15pm
Saturday Aug. 28th earned double - 2:15pm
Sunday Aug. 29th - State finals race 12:15pm
Sunday Aug. 29th - Awards Ceremony - 4:30pm (approximate start time – will begin 20mins after the last race)








BMX racing news, Tuesday - august 24, 2010



'Super Snapper', Darren Goddard who actually lives in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa where the UCI BMX World Championships were has posted a little salute to Team USA. Pretty nice stuff.

You can check these cool shots out at 

Click on the 2 little arrows in the bottom right corner and it goes full screen.

Rennen/Intense Summer Race Craziness, Part Two!



Rennen/Intense headed into the second half of the summer with a full schedule, and at the end of a long two-week push, we had scored four team wins, and over 100 kids took part at our summer camp and a clinic. This long stretch began in Severn, Maryland for the ABA's Star Spangled National where the crew captured the Factory Team win both days.


Courtney Applewhite (17-27 girls), Austin Loebe (17-18x), Cameron Moore (12x & cru), and C.J. Fisher (15 cru) all captured main event wins. Allen Currier (A pro), Chris Meaker (36-40x), and T.J. Maniscalchi (12x) finished one step lower on the podium with second place finishes, all helping in the team’s two wins.


From there Courtney, Allen, and Austin headed up to Bethel, Connecticut for our 7th installment of the Bethel Supercross Summer Camp. Pat "Dude, where's my car" Parker joined in on Monday morning as we cranked out a fun-filled day of BMX training that included a rain delay game of kick ball (send it!). Monday night we headed over to New Paltz, New York for a 2-hour instructional clinic where teammate Rochelle Wooding met us for the rest of the week’s activities. Unfortunately we encountered more rain and had to postpone the clinic till Wednesday night.


Tuesday's day camp featured our 2-hour Precision Fitness off the bike-training period featuring Todd Cambio. Our campers learned about Static Stretch techniques, along with relay races and sprints, and numerous footwork and agility station challenges. Tuesday night some of the instructors headed over to Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. for a look at the upcoming weekend’s national tournament course and to take a lap or two in their fifty plus moto local race.

After Wednesday's day camp we headed back up to New Paltz to complete our instructional clinic that had an attendance of just shy of 30 riders, all of whom were fueled with Powerbars. Thursday's camp broke up the monotony of training with individual time trials and head-to-head motos featuring riders of the closest lap times. Rochelle Wooding and Courtney Applewhite gave a special girls only clinic that ended with both of them jumping the big step into turn one to leave a lasting impression on all the 2010 campers. With that we said goodbye to our campers and headed back up to Trumbull to set up camp for the weekend. Friday, the rains came and after catching up on laundry we all got some much-needed down time.


On Saturday it was obvious that we had a FULL team crew in attendance, and with all the fire power present we were able to capture the National Team victory both days and added one important point to our overall leading score as we near the final showdown in Louisville, Kentucky for the NBL Grands.

Here's how your favorite fared at the rumble in Trumbull:


Nick St Lawrence: Back from RI National Guard boot camp and traded in his fatigues for his Black Crown designed team racing jersey and took a 1st and 2nd in the 26-34x class. Max Egdorf: Donned a fresh pair of Fly Patrol race pants and proceeded to crash in them trying to take the lead in day two's 19-25x main. Shawn DiPrete: First national back after a long break and handled the 35-40x class easily using his Profile cranks and cassette hubs. Allen Currier: Used his Morphine handlebars to guide the way to the Super X class podium on day 1.


Austin Loebe: Luscious lubed his Podium with Finish Line products after the long camp week and flew to dominating weekend in the 17/18 expert class only losing one lap all weekend due to a clip malfunction. Rochelle Wooding: Took advantage of all of her riding time during the week and won three out of the three classes she entered over the weekend using Thomson stem and seat post. Susie LeVan: Used her new THE Black Ice helmet to take her final perfect of the season on day 1.


Courtney Applewhite: Took the victory in the 17 + girls class both days using her Sinz carbon pro lite fork. Justin Knapper: Absolutely smoked the 13x class both days, luckily he uses ITS tyres to keep him glued to the turns at the speeds he’s hitting. Erik Meyer: Dominated the 11x class using his Alienation rim bands. Randy Bitinaitis: concentrated on picking up a pair of perfects in 41 & over Expert, and did just that with rocking his custom Johnson plate insert, while his daughter Nikki who was a player in the 11 girls main event both day and looks forward to putting some fresh new purple ODI grips soon.

Once again I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you ALL for your continued support!


Rennen Design Group ( makers of the finest gears, chain rings, cogs, and the ultimate training tool “G-Cog”!
Intense BMX ( makers of the ultimate racing frames and tires.


Co-sponsored by: Alienation (, Black Crown designs (, Finish Line (, FLY (, Johnson BMX Plates (, KMC (, Morphine Industries (, ODI (, PowerBar (, Profile (, SINZ (, THE (, and Thomson (


Rennen/Intense is a division of Bizzarro BMX, Inc.

BIG News In The BMX Racing World,

leveque legend launches new bike company

BRG- BMX Racing Group                                                                         

In early July 2010, while most of the country was celebrating the July 4th holiday, a group of dedicated BMXers were celebrating the formation of a new company to service the world’s BMX community. BRG – BMX Racing Group was created and has brought together some of the finest people the BMX Industry has to offer. The 2 main partners in the Group are: Christophe Leveque, one of the most historic BMX racers to have ever graced a BMX Bike and Pete Dylewski, one of the most experienced and successful marketing professionals in BMX. 

After retiring from competitive BMX racing, Christophe Leveque started US Pro Bikes, a French BMX Distribution Company, and over the past 6 years has become the largest importer of BMX racing products into France. Christophe used the same determination that he did while he was a Pro Racer to take his company to the top. The creation of BRG will once again test Christophe, but he is ready for the challenge. Christophe has used his keen eye for quality BMX products in his distribution chain and is now using the same while designing and manufacturing products to be sold under BRG. 

Pete Dylewski has been running Double A Marketing for the past 13 years working with the world’s top BMX Pro Riders and the best companies in BMX. The past 5 years have been spent focusing on today’s top BMX Race brands. Logging more air miles and BMX track time than most current BMX Pros, Pete put his efforts in relationships with the BMX community and on site opportunities to raise brand awareness and have the right riders use the right products. Pete also works with National and International Race Associations and is the host of the Live BMX race events for the UCI Supercross and World Championship race series.

Pete will be using the same effective marketing, research and promotion skills he has over the past 15 years in BMX to build brand awareness to the lines of BRG. 

BRG will be the parent company to five BMX companies. The Companies are: Insight BMX – BMX Plates, Seats, Pads, & Numbers-, ELEVN Racing – Forks, Handlebars, CNC Parts -, Excess BMX – Wheel Sets & Hubs, KingStar - BMX Components – and Elevate BMX - Frame company. Each company will deliver the highest quality of products to fit a current void in BMX racing, as well as continue to develop and design proprietary items to advance the technology of the current state of BMX race components.  

BRG also has a behind the scenes group of employees who are an extraordinary team of experienced professionals who have all excelled in the BMX Race industry for many years.  As a group, they will provide the best products and services in BMX Racing. BRG will be headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and will serve BMX industry on an International level. Products will be offered exclusively for the launch at J & R Bicycles at the NBL Grands and Rider’s Pro Shop at the ABA Reno National. Interested dealers please contact us at the e-mail below. 

Contact Info/Email: -

Twitter: @BMXRacingGroup

Suarez & Pajon Take Gold at ‘XXI Central American and Caribbean Games

Mayagüez 2010’

Story & Photos by Riko González -

Rincon, Puerto Rico - Neither the wind nor the rain got in the way of BMX History recently as the first BMX Competition ever held on an Central American and Caribbean Games in History on the ‘XXI Central American and Caribbean Games; Mayagüez 2010’. The competition was held back due to rain, but the staff of the ‘Games’ did an outstanding job to keep the competition from being cancelled.

Colombia and Venezuela made history winning the Gold Medals. Jonathan Suárez from Venezuela won Gold on the Men's Category , coming in second winning the Silver Medal was Augusto Castro  and last but not least winning the Bronze Medal, Sergio Salazar these last two from Colombia.

Meanwhile on the Women's category, the twelve time World Champion from Colombia; Mariana Pajón showed off her incredible skills on the bike and by doing so becoming a Gold Medalist. Stefany Hernandez From Venezuela won the Silver Medal immediately followed by Stephanie Barragan from Mexico.

Puerto Rican Riders, Ronald Vega and Nicole Pérez promised a great deal during the semi-final ‘heats’ but both crossed the line in fourth place.


   Final Finishes And Times

Men’s Category Time
Jonathan Suárez(260) 33.598
Augusto Castro(266) 33.962
Sergio Salazar(253) 34.925
Women’s Category: Time
Mariana Pajón(261) 37.265
Stefany Hernandez(265) 37.921
Stephanie Barragan(263) 39.926

Story & Photos by Riko González -








BMX racing news, Monday - august 23, 2010

Oquendo & Colombia

take yOG Men's gold!

The Colombia BMX National Team at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games took the overall team win in the cycling events driven by a big win in the BMX event by David Oquendo. Oquendo and Twan Van Gendt of The Netherlands put on a good show, battling back and forth to the finish line making BMX one of the 'stand out' events of the YOG.

In Junior Women's race action, a stunning upset transpired in the form of little known, Mayara Perez of Brazil taking the surprise win. Mayara raced hard all the way to the finish line with Kirsten Dellar (AUS) and Maartje Hereugers (NED) in a very competitive race.

A truly international organizing team was assembled headed by Johan Lindstrom and Kevin Maccuish from UCI.

The track was another "Tom Track" with challenging obstacles, well groomed berms and stable paved corners.

Final BMX youth Olympic results in Singapore

(Junior) Men - 1 OQUENDO David COL - 2 Van GENDT Twan NED - 3 LAUTSEN Niklas DEN - 4 BUSTOS Lucas ARG

5 NAGASAKO Yoshitaku JPN - 6 TAIMS Kristers LAT - 7 MIRANDA Leandro BRA - 8 TANNIGER Romain SUI

(Junior) Women - 1 PEREZ Mayara  BRA - 2 DELLAR Kirsten AUS - 3 HEREUGERS Maartje NED - 4 O'KEEFE Teagan RSA


Mens Time Trial Womens Time Trial Mens Quarters 1&2 Mens Quarters 3&4 Womens Quarters 1&2 Womens Quarters 3&4 Mens Semi Finals Womens Semi Finals







BMX racing news, weekend update - august 21-22, 2010


J&R Bicycles and Eastern Bicycles is giving away a 2010 Eastern Ramrodder to one of our customers on August 31st.  It's easy to enter....TEXT "BMX" to 72239 and you can be a winner.  We will also award a number of other prizes to participants including hats, T-shirts and gift certificates.  Enter now - you don't want to miss out!
Buy online now and save on shipping.  Orders over $60.00 (shipping within the continental US) will get FREE SHIPPING automatically.  International order over $500 will also receive FREE SHIPPING as well.  See our website NEWS section for details. Both offers end soon so hurry and get your orders in and send that text.

French Elite, Thomas Hamon gets married!

Thomas Hamon gets married!

French Elite Men's ace, Thomas Hamon recently got married, adding a new member to Team TH.

The ceremony was attended by a "Who's Who" of French BMXing and more than 200 friends and family.

Pictured above with Thomas and his lovely wife, Melanie are French National Team Coach, Fabrice Vettoretti, Vincent Pelluard, Lorin Martinez and the Best Man and Woman.

The ceremony was held in the North of France in a Little Castle called "Jardins de la Matelote".

Congrats to the new Bride and Groom and Thomas, says to all his fans....."See you in CHULA VISTA!!!"





BMX racing news, Friday - august 20, 2010

Morphine Industries’ Young Guns Hit Peachtree City


With the NBL Grands around the corner, two of our young guns hit Peachtree City for a last chance tune-up before heading to Louisville.


When you head to Georgia at this time of year there is one thing you can count on heat.  Peachtree City did not disappoint as we rolled into town and hit the track on Friday. Before practice, Super X Jason LaRev held a clinic to mold the little minds of BMX with his expertise and knowledge along with the help of Noah Reeves.  Practice was open and the race was looking to have a low turn out as practice ended and attendance was minimal.


However, when Saturday rolled around the moto count hit just above 90 to everyone’s surprise.  The day was looking up but Mother Nature had other plans with rain due to hit the track at some point during the day.  The crew decided to call a two moto transfer to try and beat the rain but it did not happen as the race was delayed just as the main events started.  After a few hours of lounging the call came in and the race resumed.  With the weather on a repeat performance for Sunday, the two moto transfer direction was taken


13X – Noah Reeves had two racks of riders and started his day off asleep at the gate due to an all night road trip from south Florida the day before.  He quickly redeemed himself on the remaining motos taking the wins.  Main time found Noah going wire to wire to take the top spot.


Sunday found Noah at the head of the pack.  No sleeping today.  Sweeping his motos and finishing the day with another top spot in the main.




11X – Richie Dey was in his element with plenty of air to be had on the Peachtree City track.  He displayed his air and ability from the front of the pack all day Saturday with a perfect run in the motos and a top spot in the main.


Sunday found Richie at the front once again.  He led the class from start to finish in his motos and continued on the through the main with a first place finish.


The Morphine Crew will be rolling into Louisville in a few weeks to put an assault on the  NBL Grands.  Be sure to come by and check us out.            


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors;



Haro Bikes (, Fly Racing (, Alienation (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (, Black Crown (, Tioga (

Red Bull Motion BMX film Trailer online

On July 14, the Motion BMX Team left their Bristol, England lives for a two-week tour around Europe. Starting at Motion Ramp Park in Bristol and finishing at Red Bull's Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria, they stopped off at top skate parks and street spots along the way, as well as the BMX Masters in Cologne. Here's a short teaser clip to give everyone a taste of the full film, which is coming very soon! (Loads faster if you turn HD off.)













BMX racing news, Thursday - august 19, 2010


Stay Strong Jam & Steven's In The House!

Murray Jam 2010 Preview from PinkwellProductions on Vimeo.

STAY STRONG 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stephen Murray benefit jam @Aliano's Upton Upon Severn August 28/29.

Stephen Murray is back in the UK for the jam!!!!

Find out all the event information and updates on Facebook and on the staystrong site

This is gonna be MASSIVE!!!!


More BMX Racing Videos FROM MPORA















BMX racing news, Wednesday - august 18, 2010



ONE/Kenda UCI World Championship South Africa

Christensen WORLD CHAMPION, Byndloss World no. 3 and Hladikova World no. 5

ONE KENDA press release


BMX Mania Editor's Note - Yes, we know, this is two weeks past the race, but it's still good news so we offer it a bit late, but Good Stuff, nonetheless!


The UCI World Championship is just behind us, and what an event it was.

Although ONE/Kenda’s Chris Christensen from Denmark didn’t have the best start…

he did a fantastic 3rd straight which made it possible for him to sprint to the World Title

in the 14 Boys class.



Just like last year his sister Simone took 4th place in 16 girls.

Last years World Champion Maliek Byndloss from the USA has been fast all year, but in the

main of 15 yo Boys he came in contact with the French European Champion on the first straight.

Maliek took 5th. In cruiserclass Maliek took a podium with 3rd place.


In Elite Women ONE/Kenda’s Aneta Hladikova from Czech Republic once again showed she’s

having a great season. In the main she messed up her first straight, but came back to a superb

5th place. In cruiserclass Aneta wanted more but a 5th spot was the final result for her in cruiser, too.


Congrats to our riders for doing so well and thanks to our sponsors for making it all happen.

We are grateful and proud for their support.


Check for the videos here: BMX-VIDEOS.COM


Photos: Jerry Landrum / BMX MANIA 


ONE KENDA is sponsored by: 



McLeod scores bronze for BMX Australia at UCI BMX World Championships

BMX Mania Editor's Note - Yes, we know, this is two weeks past the race, but it's still good news so we offer it a bit late, but Good Stuff, nonetheless!

Queensland's Melinda McLeod has collected the bronze medal in the junior women's final at the 2010 UCI BMX World Championships in Pietermaritzburg.

The 17 year old Mackay schoolgirl qualified fourth fastest in the time trials and comfortably made her way through the qualifying moto rounds to earn a start in the final. But Dutch rider Merle van Benthem proved too fast for her rivals to win the gold medal ahead of American Brooke Crain with McLeod crossing the line in third place.

"I am stoked because I didn't really have any expectations this week," said McLeod who this week made her competition debut off the eight metre start ramp used for Supercross and Olympic Games format competition. "It's been a huge change not just physically but mentally.

"I did lots of training on a ramp so I knew what it would feel like but it's a lot harder with seven other riders around you and you really have to get out of the gate in front," said McLeod who has four World Championship titles to her name from age group competition.

"In the final I had my first experience of banging bars with people down the starting ramp and I was absolutely petrified, it was so scary," said McLeod. "But I thought since I was in the final I might as well go for it and I knew I had everything else sorted so I'm glad I didn't back out."

West Australian Kirsten Dellar (WA) also made the junior women's final but a mishap saw her finish in eighth place more than 30 seconds after the winner.

In the elite men's final Latvian Maris Strombergs reclaimed the rainbow jersey of World Champion holding off local hero Sifiso Nhlapo with Frenchman Joris Daudet third. It was a momentous medal for Nhlapo who was the bronze medalist in 2008 but missed the 2009 event after he broke his neck in an horrific training crash.

A massive pile up on the first turn put paid to Australia's chances with two time junior World Champion Sam Willoughby (SA) and Khalen Young (WA) both crashing out of contention.

"It didn't really go as I'd hoped," said Willoughby. "It was a pretty long day and by the time I got to the final I was starting to cramp up.

"I had a bit of a brain lapse in the gate for the final and got out of the gate a bit late and that cost me," Willoughby explained. "I tried to get it back on the first turn. I had a good line coming out of the corner and the plan was to dive under but my back wheel hit a bump and kicked out."

Australian Head Coach, Wade Bootes, says whilst happy with the overall performances this week he's a little disappointed with the bad luck that struck for some team members.

"Definitely happy with how the riders have been riding with a lot of guys up the front but at crunch time we were hit with a bit of misfortune," said Bootes. "Caroline (Buchanan) got her pants caught in her brake lever our of the gate in the semi final and that cost her a place in the final and then Sam and Khalen crashed.

"It's frustrating because you know they have the pace to claim a medal but stuff happens and you just have to deal with it," said Bootes. "As a program we've done our job and prepared the athletes well and they've done their bit to be well prepared but it's the luck on the day which is hard to take sometimes."

In the women's elite final Britain's Shanaze Reade reclaimed her title leading from the start. New Zealand's Sarah Walker claimed the silver and American Alise Post the bronze medal but neither came close to Reade. Australian Rachel Bracken rode her way into the final but was off the pace early crossing the finish line in sixth place.

The junior men's race saw US favourite Connor Fields out in front and seemingly on his to an easy win but he took the rhythm section too fast and crashed heavily which opened the way for Frenchman Sylvain Andre to grab the win ahead of Kristers Lejins (LAT) and Twan van Gendt (NED). Victorian Matthew Dunsworth was fifth.


8100 Euro Prize Money To Win!

We now have all the information concerning the whole weekend of racing at the JOEL SMETS BMX CIRCUIT in Dessel Belgium on October 2nd & 3rd.

There will be a junior/elite race for both men and woman with a total of 8100 € prize money! The money classes will be junior men and elite men riding together in one class, same for the women's class.

Wanna check out THE COMPLETE schedule? Click here to read the invitation with all entry info.

This race is one week before the FRÉJUS UCI Supercross in France, so it is a good opportunity for overseas riders to make some extra money, they can come a few days earlier to Europe and traveling the day after the race in Dessel Belgium to France that's the country next to Belgium.

The CHAMPION'S CUP is on the Saturday evening and during daytime there is going to be the first ever " OPEN EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS OF OLD SCHOOL BMX "

The invitation is also announced for all overseas riders, you are welcome! It would be great if there were some American old school guys coming to this event.

The track and organization at the JOEL SMETS BMX CIRCUIT was the host for the 2009 Euro rounds 9 and 10 and is known as some of the best Euro rounds from the last years, that's what everyone was saying afterwards, riders, press, European federations, fans etc. So, the invite is OUT, come and race, make some cash, have fun!

Click here to read the invitation with all entry and prize money info.

The American Bicycle Association announces new Managing Editor of BMXer magazine

The American Bicycle Association (ABA) announced today its appointment of Alex Kienlen as Managing Editor of its BMXer magazine.

Kienlen, long time BMX racer, track volunteer, and columnist for the magazine will move into this new role overseeing production and content of BMXer . The magazine is produced monthly by the sanction.

“I’m honored, excited and absolutely stoked for this opportunity to increase my contribution to the BMX community, and to do so as a member of the ABA team,” Kienlen said. “BMXer has always been a touchstone for myself and my family for all things BMX, and to be able to move into the Managing Editor role is a great opportunity and honor.”

“The BMXer has been a part of the ABA from the beginning”, BA Anderson, ABA CEO said. “The magazine has grown with the organization and seen many changes through the years. As we continue to meet the demands of our members, sponsors, and fans it is important that we continue to commit resources to ensuring that we stay at the forefront of the sport. Hiring Alex as the Managing Editor of the BMXer will expand the staff of the magazine and help us produce a better product. We are excited that Alex has agreed to join us and look forward to the changes to come.”

Kienlen has been active in journalism for the last 20 years, including publication of freelance news and feature articles for various publications from his Conway, Arkansas, home. He took up BMX racing shortly after completing the Journalism MA program at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock 11 years ago, and continues to race BMX weekly at area tracks, as well as participating in regional and national BMX competition. He has acted as a track operator of an ABA-sanctioned track, and continues to volunteer his time operating a local track, Bonzai BMX in North Little Rock, Arkansas, with roles including mentoring and resource management.

“Best sport in the world,” Kienlen said, about his involvement in BMX. “What BMX does for people, for families, and at the same time just being flat-out fun, is an absolute joy.”

Kienlen has assumed managing editor duties beginning with the publication of the August edition of BMXer.

About the American Bicycle Association

ABA (American Bicycle Association), formed in 1977 and headquartered in Chandler, Arizona is “The Sanctioning Body of BMX”©. The ABA organizes BMX racing for boys, girls and adults, nationwide and Canada. With 60,000 active members, 274 racing facilities and a 27 event national race schedule, ABA is the largest promoter of action sports.











BMX racing news, Toozday - august 17, 2010


Nine Australians named for upcoming BMX Supercross round

World ranked number one Sam Willoughby hopes to take over the Series lead when he headlines a nine rider strong Australian contingent for the third round of the BMX Supercross World Cup next month in Chula Vista, California.

A team of five men and four women will make the trip to contest the penultimate round of the four round series being raced on 17 and 18 September.

Willoughby is a two time Junior World Champion and won the Supercross Series crown in 2009.  He won the opening round in Madrid and trails recently crowned World Champion, Maris Strombergs of Latvia by 34 points.

In the women's racing world ranked number three Canberra's Caroline Buchanan sits second on the Supercross standings largely due to her third place in the opening round in Madrid. But French rider Laetitia Le Courguille has a commanding hold on the lead after winning the first two rounds to amass 460 points . Buchanan is sitting on 300 and Great Britain's World Champion Shanaze Reade is only a little further down in third place with 271 points. 

Junior elite rider Melinda McLeod from Queensland has earned selection after her bronze medal performance at the recent World Championships in South Africa.

2010 UCI Supercross Series - Round 3, Chula Vista, California USA

Elite Men  
Elite Women

The BMX Australia HPP is supported by the Australian Sports Commission, Cycling Australia, Tioga, Stealth, Thomson, Blackspire, Alienation, KMC, Intense BMX.

National BMX Hall Of Fame 2010 Inductees Announced

Two days left on Early Bird Ticket Pricing!!!

Pioneer BMX Racer - Tim Judge - TJ was one of the top stars on the East Coast in the mid 1970s. His fame expanded exponentially after winning the 1981 Jag World Champion title and getting picked up by the legendary Hutch BMX Factory Team. At Hutch, he added a 1983 IBMXF Cruiser World Title to his list of accomplishments. Tim`s BMX experience played a pivotal role in his post-BMX career, when he became an internationally-known racer and mechanic in the Jet Watercraft (JetSki) industry.

BMX Racer - Steve Veltman - The first rider to win the ABA National Number One Amateur and Cruiser titles in the same year (1982), Steve Veltman also stacked up two Jag World Championship Age Group titles, and two IBMXF world age group titles in his amateur career, and was an Elite Cruiser Bronze Medalist at the 1989 World Championships. As a professional, Steve won both the NBL and ABA Grandnationals, and the 1993 ABA National Number One Pro title. He competed in three X Games and raced in the top class for 15 years, retiring in 2004. Steve is the only BMX racer to have ever appeared on a Wheaties cereal box.

BMX Industry - Craig "gOrk" Barrette - Few industries have a person so well known and respected that one name suffices in identifying them. In BMX, it`s "gOrk." As someone who has raced at a national level (UBR national number one sidehack three year running), rode and promoted freestyle shows, worked in the warehouse at CW Racing, and served as editor of both the iconic "BMX Action" and the ABA`s BMXer Magazines, he has made his mark on nearly every era of our sport. In 1999, after 10 years with ABA, gOrk moved to the Pacific Northwest to join Seattle Bike Supply as the Director of Marketing for their flagship brand, Redline. He remains in that role today.

BMX Freestyler - Woody Itson - Most people had their first exposure to Woody Itson in BMX Action`s "Hot Shots" feature, as he blasted an impossibly high air at the Big O Skatepark. This racer-turned-freestyler wowed crowds all over the nation on tour for Vans Tennis Shoes, but it was his riding for Hutch BMX Products that made him a household name. He designed the Hutch Trick Star, one of the most popular bikes of the day, and captured both an AFA and an NFA National Title for Flatland in 1985 ands 1986, respectively. As half of the Diamond Back Freestyle Team, he was "Mr. Flatland" to the "Mr. Air" of Mike Dominguez. After a break to attend college, Woody hung up his riding uniform, and became Freestyle Program Director for the megawatt GT Freestyle Team, where he stayed until 2001. Soon after, he started his current company, Satellite Sports Group, and has since been managing a crew of riders who perform BMX Freestyle shows at over 500 venues each year.

Special Recognition - Linda Dorsey - In honoring someone for whom the sharpest wit and cleverest turn of phrase was as natural as green on grass, words are difficult to wrangle when talking about legendary announcer, Linda Dorsey. Her son, Bryan, probably summed it up as well as any of us could, saying, simply, "BMX was her life." During her three-decades on the mic, Linda was a fixture on the NBL National circuit, served on the NBL Board of Directors, and brought her voice to France and Japan, among other places motos were posted. Linda passed away from cancer in 2008, but announced BMX races with the same fire and passion until three months before the end of her life.

Special Recognition - Al Fritz, father of the Schwinn Sting-Ray - Starting on the welding line of Schwinn`s landmark Kostner Avenue plant in Chicago, Al Fritz worked his way up from the factory floor in 1945, to become the number two man and a member of the Board of Directors at Schwinn Bicycle Company. During a chance Saturday phone call in 1963, a West Coast sales rep told him of a "goofy" fad out there, where kids were "buying used 20" bikes and equipping them with Texas Longhorn handlebars." That Saturday morning phone call planted the seed for a project Mr. Fritz would rapidly prototype, and ultimately launch as the Schwinn Sting-Ray. Every BMX bike on today`s track and trails can trace its roots directly to that first Sting-Ray, built by Al Fritz in the winter of 1963.

BE A PART OF HISTORY! A select number of tickets are being offered to the public for the 26th Annual induction ceremony at the San Diego Hall Of Champions (San Diego, CA) on Thursday, September 16, 2010. Visit the following link for more information and to purchase tickets.

ABOUT THE NATIONAL BMX HALL OF FAME - The National BMX Hall Of Fame, founded in 1985 as the "ABA BMX Hall of Fame," has established a mission to further the sport of BMX by helping future generations remember the champions, heroes and thought-leaders who shaped the sport over its history. The Hall Of Fame currently has 90 inductees for the years 1985-2009, and is honored to welcome the six in the class of 2010.

Please visit the Hall Of Fame Website at to read up on all the past inductees.

Levi Collins 2010 25-29 Men's UCI World's Levi Collins wins the 2010 World Championships press release
Levi Collins from Shepparton Victoria was crowned the 2010 25-29 Mens World Champion in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Levi has been a long standing member of the team and is an all round great bloke.

After taking a year off from racing in 2007-2008 Levi returned to the scene to take on the world's best at the 2009 World Championships in Adelaide, Australia. Although he rode well, it didn't pan out quite the way he'd hoped. In 2010 the Australian BMX Championships were at his home track in Shepparton and Levi had moved up a class to the 25-29 Men's bracket. Levi put in a great effort at the championships riding away with a #1 in the 25-29 Cruiser class and #3 in the 25-29 Men's class.

Since then Levi has been training non stop and was able to get assistance from his local community to help him to compete at the 2010 World Championships and fulfill his dream of winning the World Championships.

On behalf of the team I would like to congratulate Levi, we are all very proud of you. Not only is Levi our first ever World Championship finalist, he's our first World Champion!

You can see Levi's win and other racing at the 2010 World Championships at

Photo by Mark Squire/Gameplan Media









BMX racing news, Monday - august 16, 2010


NBL Hire Park National and Hot Rod Industry Challenge Pro Am Race Report & Photo Gallery!

Hire Park BMX Copter Fly Over With WIOE!


The fine folks at Hire Park BMX made the arrangements to fly Jerry Mania over the 2010 NBL Regional Championships and the web guy had some FUN! My pilot was "Flyin Brian" from WIOE, and he took me up in the WIOE Jetcopter 2. Check it out as we make our chopper pass over the BMX craziness down by the lake in Hire Park!

BMX Mania's Home Track, Hire Park BMX in Warsaw, Indiana hosted the 2010 Midwest Regional Championship and Last Chance Qualifier this weekend and it was a ROARING success! Check out some hot pix coming from BMX Mania, including the Hot Rod Industry Challenge Pro Am sponsored by Strange Motion BMX. Check Back, we'll have a Rockn' BMX Good Time!

Hot Rod Industry Challenge Pro Am sponsored by Strange Motion BMX Podium Finishes!

Ladies Pro/Am
1st -Emily Fisher
2nd - Danielle Parish
3rd - Kerie Hodges
Guys Pro/Am - A Main
1st - Jeff Upshaw
2nd - Scott McMahon
3rd - Kyle Robinson

Complete Results & Race Action Photo Gallery On The BMX Mania Race Report Page!

Monday, Monday, Monday! - Cool "Style Section" Posted To Pro Am Photo Gallery!!! Click Here!














BMX racing news, weekend update - august 14-15, 2010


The guys at J&R Bicycles want to congratulate one of our long time friends (almost family) and long time J&R sponsored rider Domingos Lammoglia for his win at the 2010 UCI World Championships in South Africa.   Domingos Lammoglia (Brazilian born - Orlando Florida resident) has come a long way.  He is a good rider, a better trainer and a great friend to all of us at J&R Bicycles and to many of you at the races.  Domingos is now a 2 time World #1 rider with countless of other victories under his belt.....hands down one of the best people to know in BMX.
J&R Bicycles had another rider at the 2010 UCI World Championships as well.  Adam Brazil from the U.K., just recovering from recent injuries, made a great run at the Mens 17-24 class.  Although making a valiant effort to recover from a late start in the semi, Adam fell short of the main with a 5th place finish.  Walking away with World #9 is still not a bad deal for the rough season he had.
We would like to thank the following sponsors for their dedication to the sport and to the riders:
J&R Bicycles BMX Superstore -
Troy Lee Designs -
BAS a Tetra Tech Company
Star Software Consulting











BMX racing news, Thursday - august 12, 2010



With new additions to the team for 2010, British Team Champions Intense/Route55 have gone from strength to strength as the race to be the UK Number 1 team steps up each year. With new outside sponsorship coming on board off the track, the riders are producing good form on it under the watchful eye of co team managers Kelvin Batey and Benn Thombes.

After their debut season in 2009 the team have really looked to build on their success and move things forward with things progressing extremely well for the riders who have loved the new Intense Podium ride.

Both Alex 7x and Ryan Brookes 8x sit well right now in the top 3 of their ranking with both taking consistent podiums and a couple of wins each.

Taylor Johnson (9x), Lewis Locker (10x) and Brooke Shayler (10-12 girls) have all been regular main makers this year with improved results on 2009 so the progression theyve made has been pleasing for everyone involved with the team.

Diagoro Fortune has shown that with abit more experience and consistency he can beat anyone he comes up against in the 12x class and along with his good friend Callum Wing who sits in 2nd place in his first ever National Series after some awesome results, watch for these 2 riders to be knocking on the door for their first National wins in the near future.

Jordan Perry has rode out of his skin all year in the 16x class and currently sits 2nd in the rankings while chasing his first national win which wont be too long in coming.

The 3 Junior riders have been up front in the class all year long with Grant Hill and Jack Hall taking multiple National wins with Hill sitting in 2nd and Hall 3rd. Dom Skidmore is looking for more consistency but has had a couple of excellent rides this year making the podium while he is lying in 6th place right now.

Kelvin Batey has had some ups and downs through the Elite series this year but sitting in 2nd place he'll be looking to hunt down what has been an elusive National win in 2010 by the end of the year.

The team are proud to be supported by Intense, VSI Products, THE, Sinz, The Source, Mountainfuel and Fly Racing.

Hot Rod Industry Challenge Pro Am with the Regional Finals at Hire Park BMX saturday!

Midwest Regional Finals And LCQ at Hire Park, Warsaw, IN, Aug 13-15

Lots of Rockin' BMX Action goin' on this weekend at the Midwest Regional at Hire Park BMX in Warsaw, Indiana. The Strange Motion Racing crew and their Hot Rod Industry Challenge Pro Am have landed at Hire Park for the weekend, so there'll be a bunch of cash up for grabs as some fast pros will be makin' the race to make some money.

HEY PROS!.....The Hot Rod Industry Challenge Pro Am entry fee is only $20 and you will get the chance to make some HOT $$$$, make the podium, win some pretty cool custom painted bowling pins, number plates and some cool Midwest Clothing apparel. Not bad, and it beats a boring weekend at home watching reruns of the X-Games so come on out and make the scene, fun stuff will be afoot.

The Hot Rod Industry Challenge Pro Am will be Saturday in conjunction with the NBL Midwest Regional Finals and Last Chance NBL Grands Qualifier.

The purse is starting out at $685, PLUS 100% payback, and you never know when or how big the purse will grow!!!


FRIDAY SCHEDULE Bike Inspection 1:30–6:00PM ... Pre-Race Registration 2:00–6:00PM Regional Champ & LCQ Post Registration ... 2:00–6:00PM Practice by Age Group ... 2:00–3:00PM 15 & Over Practice ... 3:00–4:00PM 14 & Under Practice ... 4:00–5:00PM 15 & Over Practice ... 5:00–6:00PM 14 & Under Practice ... 6:00–6:30PM Elite Practice ... Pre-Race Starts 6:30PM, Fee:$15

SATURDAY SCHEDULE - Regional Championship Bike Inspection 6:30–9:00AM Regional Champ & LCQ Post Registration 7:00–9:00AM ... 7:00–7:45AM 15 & Over Practice ... 7:45–8:30AM 14 & Under Practice ... 8:30–9:15AM 15 & Over Practice ... 9:15–10:00AM 14 & Under Practice ... 10:00–10:45AM Pro Practice ... Regional Championship Starts at 11:00AM ... LCQ Post Registration for 30 minutes after last main!

SUNDAY SCHEDULE - Last Chance Qualifier No Bike Inspection! No Registration! ... 7:00–7:30AM 15 & Over Warm-Up (Am Only) ... 7:30–8:00AM 14 & Under Warm-Up (Am Only) ... 8:00–8:20AM Pro Warm-Up







BMX racing news, Wednesday - august 11, 2010

Copenhagen Supercross Hosts Dutch National Team Clinic

Several riders and teams from all over Europe have used the opportunity to come to the permanent Supercross Track at Copenhagen's Bike City facility and get in some SX practice in Copenhagen prior to the UCI World Championships in South Africa.

The permanent SX ramp and track in Copenhagen will be hosting the UCI BMX World Championships 2011. The track is one of the few permanent SX tracks in the world and will later this year get a five meter ramp in addition to the existing 8 meter ramp. With that the track will be ready for the UCI World Championships 2011.

At the track in Copenhagen, riders from teams from Hungary, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands along with a number of individual riders from all over Europe have used the facilities at Bike City to train for BMX Supercross racing.

During their one week training camp in Copenhagen, the Dutch National team hosted a race clinic for the local riders that was quite successful and a thrill for the locals to work with the awesome Dutch Team.

National Coach, Bas De Bever and the National Team riders helped Danish riders with all manner of the sport, from physical training to race strategy and the fine points of race skills.

For more information about the track etc please see


















BMX racing news, Tuesday - august 10, 2010

BMX Mania's, Donna Snow Top Ten In Miss U.S. International

BMX Mania Factory Team member, Donna Snow recently did battle with some other girls in heated competition, but it wasn't on the BMX track, it was on the beauty pageant stage. Donna competed in the Miss U.S. International contest and although she didn't take home the Top Spot on the podium, she did make the main!

Donna, who competed at the national event made her way to the competition due to winning the Miss Florida International contest several months ago and was psyched to make it in to the finals, being a Top Ten winner.

The Miss U.S. International Pageant is a traditional beauty pageant for women of the United States who are ages between the ages of 18-25. Areas of competition include: Swimsuit, and Evening Gown to determine Semi-Finalists and Interview, Swimsuit and Evening Gown for Finalists.

Donna then hit up the NBL Constitution Classic  in Trumbull, CT and while competing in Elite Women's racing, fell and broke her wrist! Donna's been to surgery and had some high speed metal reinforcement put in to the injured area, so the beauty queen is STILL the die hard BMXer, joining the many rides who have had the same surgery from racing BMX.

"Congrats, Donna on your recent contest achievement and at the same time, "Get Better Soon" so you can get back on the track and make things beautiful there as well!








BMX racing news, Monday - august 9, 2010

Kamakazi signs with HRVfitness

Australian Olympian Kamakazi has now signed with HRVfitness. The 3 time Elite Australian champion is getting ready for his 2012 Olympic campaign and HRVfitness will be along for the ride.

Kamakazi has recently finished his Olympic training track in his back yard along with a single lane 6 meter high starting hill.

HRVfitness and Elite Cycle imports has also managed to sign a deal with S and M bikes for Kama. He will be riding a new .38 special full of S and M accessories.

His first major race will be the HRV Classic to be held in Victoria December 12th at Park Orchards BMX Track.

HRVfitness Team Sponsors: Intense Bikes, S and M bikes, Altegra, Skin Industries, BMX Press, Phire Bird, DNA Nutrition, Strictly BMX

SE Catalog Is Available, now!

Do you wanna get your hands on an OFFICIAL 2010 SE catalog?

They’re now on sale for $4 & FREE shipping!  

Click here:

UCI BMX World Championships

video available online

There's a three minute highlight available online from the 2010 UCI BMX World championships in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Latvian, Maris Strombergs and Briton, Shanaze Reade reclaimed the UCI BMX World Championship men’s and women’s titles respectively on Saturday 31 July 2010. Next to that the hero for the partisan South African crowd was men’s runner up Sifiso Nhlapo.

UCI BMX World Championship finals from Lloyd Ramsay on Vimeo.

There are also race finals of the Junior Men's and Women's 2010 UCI BMX World Championships as well as Elite Men and Women's racing.

(picture: Sifiso Nhlapo, winning the silver medal in Elite men, waves the Rainbow Nation flag to a huge crowd of BMX fans in Pietermaritzburg, photo: UCI BMX /








BMX racing news, Saturday - august 7, 2010


Little Dude Components, THE place for lightweight, stylish parts for the fastest little BMXers on the planet, has launched their new web site, and it is HOT!

LDC has a complete lineup of the finest grom fitting products, plus some good stuff for the Big Guys as well.

Check out their complete bikes and frames, they are dripping with lightning fast speed to take YOU to the top of the podium......OR, your little rider! Either way, it's a winning combination, so head on over to and see what's happening!


Supercross Race Jam. Copenhagen 4-5th of September.

If you and your team need to dial in some SX Training before the last two UCI World Cups in 2010, then you have a chance now. Christian Poulsen the Danish national coach in collaboration with CPH BMX, is organizing a SX training race for riders born in 1994 and before.

The race format will be like the UCI SX, with training and time trial Saturday and race Sunday. The time trial will only be used to make the moto for Sunday's race, that means that all will transfer to the race.

Time schedule: Saturday 4th of September. 9.00 to 12.00 Registrations. 12.00 to 13.00 Women training. 13.00 to 15.00 Men training. 16.00 Time trial.

Sunday 5th of September. 9.00 to 10.00 warm up for Women 10.00 to 11.30 warm up for men 12.00 Race start

Registrations: To: Fees: 40€ by cash Deadline: Wednesday 1st of September.

Remember: Name – date of birthday – and bike number.

Accommodations and how to get to the track:






BMX racing news, Friday - august 6, 2010

Follow Team GB at The UCI BMX World Championships 2010 behind the scenes and on the track as they take on the best riders in the world. BMX video mastery filmed and produced by Corinne Walder

NBL To 'relaunch' regular magazine publication?????

It sounds like that the NBL will be relaunching their magazine with the first issue coming out at the NBL Grands, the first week of September. The new mag will also be mailed to all members' shortly thereafter.

The new effort should be published 10 times a year at around 50 pages and in full color. The final size will be 10.5x11.5 which is larger than the old BMX Today. Major Nationals will probably be covered in the new magazine, and additional coverage of the smaller races will still be published on the NBL site. Many of the same columns will still be included, in addition to new content.

Rumor has it that Ssquared Factory Pro, Josh Meyers will be the cover boy on the first issue out of the gate and that video features will accompany many of the magazine's new features like cover spreads and other relevant items. We have seen the video, although we haven't seen the mag yet, as it's still going to press. Check out the vid, here's a sneak peak at what the new '1/2 Punch' is going to look like, check out Josh's video interview, here!

Each issue will be reproduced online in "flip book" format on a micro-site in conjunction with the NBL site.

The NBL has evidently joined forces with Floyd Publications of Lake Plant, Florida to help produce and print the magazine.

That's all we know for now, but keep an eye out for the possibilities at the NBL Grands.

Joey Gunz Sends Out Some Props!

From Joey "Gunz" Albright, Super Fast Masters/Vet Pro BMXer

I would like to send a BIG Thank You to my team manager of the last 6 yrs Carlos Perez.

Carlos has been more than just a team manager to me,  both he and his family and amazing wife, Mady, THANK YOU for the support!

The last 6 years have been a good run and I might be starting a new chapter in my BMX Racing Career but I will always remember and cherish our BMX memories.

Yeah, the good times and the bad, from our times on CMR to Felt SC Action Sports to the current GT team. Three great teams!

Again, thank you's and love you all so much and I will still be comin' to the pits to eat all of that great food, coach!!!

Joey "GUNZ" Albright









BMX racing news, Thursday - august 5, 2010

Morphine Industries’ “Nugget” Recaps Badger State Nationals

We rolled into Wisconsin Rapids on Friday to find the track in great condition and ready to ride.  Lets see, nice sized starting hill, long first straight, some big jumps, and some technical rhythm sections - ooh yeah its gonna be a good weekend.


After saddling up my Haro, I hit the track for Friday practice getting a chance to dial in  my lines and shred the track.



Saturday morning practice rolls around and right about the time our group was ready to go up, it starts raining, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Practice was postponed for roughly an hour until the skies cleared.  Practice got back underway after the track got prepped.


Race could not come soon enough. In 19-27X, I went wire to wire on motos and semis on Saturday.  The moto gods gave me an outside gate in the main.  Up for the challenge to snapped the gate drop and lead from gate to finish for the win



Sunday morning brought beautiful sunny skies and perfect conditions for racing. I felt it was going to be another good day for me and well not so sure for everyone else.   I started of the day winning motos in open and class followed with a 2nd in the class semi.   The day rounded out with a win in 17 and over open main event and doubling with another podium top spot in 19-27X class.


It was an amazing track and  Central Wisconsin BMX, located in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin put on a great race weekend. Hopefully sometime in the future they will get the chance to hold a “bigger” race because it’s definitely a high caliper track.


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; Haro Bikes (, Fly Racing (, Alienation (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (, Black Crown (, Tioga (

Young Guns August BMX Camp in Portage

The Young Guns/Answer BMX Factory Racing Team will be hosting a 2 day camp at Imagination Glen BMX Track in Portage, IN on August 28 and 29th.  The 2 day camp fees includes lunch on Saturday, a snack on Sunday and an evening race Saturday night where riders will be evaluated by the camp trainers.  Riders will be split up into teams and we will run team sheets for fun.  Come get your bmx training before the NBL Grand Nationals, your State races and Redline Cup Championships in Kettering, OH and Raytown, MO.  Worried about the rain?  Fear not!!!  In the account of rain we will move the clinic to Steel Wheels Indoor BMX Track. 


Trainers for the camp will be A Pro Blake Riley, Vet Pro Joel Moore and 16X Jon Jon Rapp all from the Young Guns Factory Team.  These 3 riders combined bring years of BMX racing experience.  So come train with the best riders from the coolest new Factory Racing Team around.
Camp Schedule:
Saturday, Aug. 28
     camp day 1, 9am-3pm.  race registration begins at 5:30pm, race at 7
Sunday, Aug.29
     camp day 2, 9am-1:30pm.
There will be camping available at the track Saturday night.  Pop ups and campers are allowed.  For anymore questions or to register for the camp please visit us at .  Any riders registered before August 7 will receive a free t shirt.  Also, Dexter Pritchard of Dragon Wheels racing will be hosting a bike tuneup training class for all you parents who are looking for a little help learning to work on bikes.
We look forward to seeing you there!!!!






BMX racing news, Monday - august 2, 2010




            Jersey  MSRP  $29.95          -              Pant MSRP $69.95

FLY RACING is please to announce the release of the new 2011 F-16 L.E. Race Pant and Jersey. Created for the top pro racer to the weekend warrior F-16 L.E. gear is the affordable, lightweight and most comfortable line coming from FLY Racing.

Jersey Features include:

  • Sublimated Graphics, Shorty Cuffs, a Comfort

Stretch Collar, and is made from a 

Mesh-Polyester construction that allows for max

Air Flow. Youth and Adult sizes YS-XXL Pants

Features Include:

  • High Density Nylon, Adjustable Belt, Mesh

     Comfort Liner, Flex Knees, Low Profile Leg

     Cuffs w/ removable elastic band. Youth sizes 18-26 and adult sizes 28-38

Available now through your local FLY Racing dealer or favorite mail order. Visit to view all the new 2011 FLY Racing Products.







BMX racing news, Monday - august 2, 2010



Check out the 'Fast Trak' on our UCI Worlds Race Report Page. It's just some tasty race commentary and a few happy snaps of some of the Elite Race Action, Saturday at the UCI BMX Worlds in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. AND, while you're doing that, we're jettin' home from the race, so check back Tuesday as BMX Mania picks up the pace on bringin' you rockin' BMX Race Fun And Games from the WORLD of BMX!








BMX Racing News, Saturday/Sunday - July 31/august 1, 2010





Maris Strombergs and Shanaze Reade take world championships in Elite!

sylvain andre and merle van benthem win junior world titles!

click here for complete results!

Story and photos being posted to UCI worlds race report page, Sunday!!!!!

video of finals and sifiso's day available at


'breaking news'.....Willoughby/Strombergs go 1/2 in Men's Worlds Time Trials

1 Sam willoughby 2 Maris Strombergs 3 Joey Bradford 4 Raymon van der biezen


Pajon takes top Elite Women's Time Trial spot at uci worlds

1 Marian Pajon - 2 Caroline Buchanan - 3 Shanaze Reade - 4 Laetitia Le Corguille


all uci worlds challenge results posted, including Friday's racing

13 & Under Challenge official Finishes Posted on UCI Worlds Race Report Page!




Drama on Day Two of the UCI BMX World Champs

Pietermaritzburg - The second day of racing in the UCI BMX World Championships saw the landscape of the challenger classes reshaped by several moments of high drama that saw medal contenders crash out of contention in a day of thrilling racing dominated by France, Australia and the United States in front of packed stands under overcast skies.

The 14 Girls main final was shaken in the first few seconds by a massive crash at the foot of the start ramp that took out the two girls who had dominated the class from the first moto, New Zealander Hannah Sarten and Australian Harriet Burbridge-Smith.

French rider Mathilde Doudoux seemed to move across the two at the base of the start ramp, and within seconds all three were felled in front of the first big double, paving the way for Aussie Harriet Birbridge-Smith to claim the gold medal.

In the next final, American wizz Felicia Stancil continued to sweep all before her, as the Illinois star romped to a lopsided win in the 15 Girls class.

It looked like being a US 1-2 in the next final. However Dani George, who led from the start, watched in shock as Dutch flyer Elis Ligtlee

The rider carrying the local hopes on the second day Queensburgh stalwart Jonathan Chislett was drawn into a thrilling dogfight to try and defend his 25-29 Men’s number one plate. Australian Levi Collins and Chislett provided a nail biting spectacle as these two seasoned pros slugged it out on the track, with the Australian toppling Chislett in the closing stages.

"I'm not bummed at all," conceded Chislett, who had beaten Collins in all of his motos. "I had to pass him on the third straight but I could not get it together over the rhythm section, and I realised going into the turn that he had it in the bag."

The win is doubly sweet for Levi, who has just moved into the 25-29 class. After winning his class at the Australian nationals in his hometown of Shepperton, he was unable to afford the trip to South Africa for the worlds.

"My local community came to my rescue and fundraised to get me here," said Collins. "It was so good to win this as a way of repaying my community back home. It’s been 25 years since Shepperton had a world champion, so I'm proud to be taking this back home."

Chilean rider Diego Aguirre looked to have the 14 Boys gold medal in his grasp until he succumbed to the long and demanding layout, and surrendered victory on the line to Dane Chris Christensen.

The French stranglehold started in the 15 Boys final where Amidou Mir turned the main final into a procession, showing a clean pair of wheels to two Argentinian chasers left in his dust.

The 16 Boys final saw the form rider through all the motos Kristaps Vinters crash out of contention on the second jump of the main final, leaving the door open for the livewire American star Nathan Padilla to claim the world number one.

The outcome of the 17 Boys final was also reshaped by a crash. This time British contender Billy Luckhurst fell to gasps from the big crowd assembled in front of the first berm. Ahead of him however was the awe-inspiring sight of six consecutive French riders streaming across the line, spearheaded by the 19 year old new world champ Stephane Michalon.

The last main final of the day, the men's masters saw three riders fall, none more dramatically that Dutchman Dorus Brink who was challenging for the lead in the home straight and crashed out unexpectedly, some distance away from any other riders, emulating the demise of Vinicius Moreira of Brazil and Swiss racer Herve Krebs.

All the attention shifts to the junior and senior superstars on Saturday morning, when the prized elite titles will be decided.


14 BOYS - 1.Chris Christensen DEN 2.Deigo Aguirre CHI 3.Kai Sakakakibara JPN
15 BOYS - 1.Amidou Mir FRA 2.Nicolas Santolini ARG 3.Herman Alejandro Santillan ARG
16 BOYS - 1.Nathan Padilla USA 2.Carlos Ramirez Yepez COL 3.Allan Victor Oliviera BRA
17-24 MEN - 1.Stephane Michalon FRA 2.Olivier Begue FRA 3.Remi Wock Tai FRA
25-29 MEN - 1.Levi Collins AUS 2.Jonathan Chislett RSA 3.Aurelien Hus FRA
30 AND OVER MEN - 1.David Mohi NZL 2.Daniel Roura ECU 3.Nicolas Benquey FRA
14 GIRLS - 1.Harriet Burbridge-Smith AUS 2.Anne Sara Rojas SUI 3.Rosario Aguilera Martinez CHI
15 GIRLS - 1.Felicia Stancil USA 2.Rachel Jones AUS 3.Shayona Glynn USA
16 GIRLS - 1.Elis Ligtlee NED 2.Danielle George USA 3.Nadja Pries GER
17 AND OVER WOMEN - 1.Anna Mayer GER 2.Kerstin Fritscher GER 3.Lauren Smith GBR
MASTERS - 1.Marco Dell'isola GBR 2.Julian Lim AUS 3.Paulo Fernando Moreira BRA

Alienation BMX Sponsored Riders Race Report From

NBL Elite series number 9 Constitution Classic

Pro Results for Elite Series Stop Number 9 - Trumbull, Connecticut 

Day1-Pro Spectacular 

Elite men- 1.Nic Long- Haro/Rockstar 2.Danny Caulag-Intense 3.Matt Kelty-Kovachi Wheels 4.Javier Colombo-SE bikes 5.Tyler Foaro- Madera BMX 6.Barry Nobles- Clayborn 7.Mike Kapes-Morphine 8.Phil Delizia 

Super Ex- 1. Weston Pope- Dans comp 2. Jason Larev-Morphine Industries 3.Allen Currier-Rennen/Intense 4th.Mike Henderson-All-tow Wrecking Crew 5th.Danny Smith-Road Kill 6th. 

Elite Woman-1.Dominique Daniels- Grand Canyon University  2.Jamie Lilly- TLD/DNA 3.Ashley Lynch-Cyclecraft 4.Allie Drago-Standard Bikes 5.Madison Pitts-GHP/fly 6T.Carly Young-Stampede 7. Alaina Henderson-GT/action sports 8. Donna *lets wish donna a speedy recovery as she was injured 

Vet Pro- 1.Percy Owens-ECP 2.Joey Albright-GT/ActionSports 3.Brian 4.Chris Keller-Stampede 5. Matthew Silvia-Stampede 

Day 2 

Elite Men- 1.Nic Long- Haro/Rockstar 2.Tyler Faoro- MaderaBMX  3.Matt Kelty-Kovachi Wheels 4.Danny Caulag-Intense 5.Barry Nobles-Clayborn 6.Javier Colombo-SE Bikes 7.Phil Delizia 8.Josh Smith-DK bicycles 

Super Ex- 1.Weston Pope-Dans Comp 2.Scotty McMahon-Standard 3.Matt Beatty-ECP 4.Mike Henderson-All-tow Wrecking crew 5.Danny Smith-Road Kill 6.Allen Currier-Rennen/Intense 7. Chase Campbell-Champion/Nofear/Intense 8. Justin Joy-Sun Bru 

Elite Woman-1.Dominique Daniels- Grand Canyon University 2.Alaina Henderson-GT/action sports 3.Madison Pitts-GHP/FLY 4.Jamie Lilly-TLD/DNA 5.Carly Young- Stampede 6.Ashley Lynch-Cyclecraft 7.Michelle Patterson-Pats Bike Shop 8. Allie Dragoo-Standard 

Vet pro- 1.Percy Owens-ECP 2.Joey Albright-GT/Action Sports 3.Chris Keller-Stampede 4.Brian 5.Matthew Silvia-Stampede

 Well the week before the national things kicked off with Rennen Intense factory team putting on a BMX camp  before the race, The Rennen crew are good people, and its always good to learn from some of their top riders such as A pro Allen Currier, 17-18 expert Austin loebe.,17 and over woman Courtney Applewhite,26-34 expert Pat Parker and the head guy running the show London Wilmot. With 30 riders each day at the camp, it was a success the camp started out in Bethel @ bethel supercross and then headed over to New Paltz and finished up back at Bethel. The kids had a great time and seemed to learn a whole lot. Always have to give a big Thanks for anyone willing to help the younger riders learn how to ride like the pros. Thanks for Rennen/Intense for putting on a great camp!  

The Constitution Classic started out with the Amateurs with Pros having their race later on in the evening for the Pro Spectacular. Some good racing took place in qualifying rounds and some of the top riders were doing what they do best and that is staying out front. Some Notable Amateurs were Rennen Intenses Austin loebe having a perfect all day in the main event until he clipped out in the Main Event and ended up 4th,Day 2 Austin got in and got out and ended up Winning making up for the day 1 clip out. Mike Caldwell battled wth Max Edgorf all weekend long, But Caldwell came out front both days with Edgorf going down right before the finish line battling with Caldwell.The 26-34 expert class was a good one to watch both days Lance Mcquire battled with Standards Johnny Pinnsonault and Rennen/Intenses Nick St Lawerence, It was like a main between these three guys in motos, but Saturday in the main it was Mcquire with the win and St.Lawerence took day 2. A stand out for sure was Rennen/Intenses Justin Knapper the kid was flying all weekend. 16 expert was a good class with the likes of  GT/Action Sports Dylan Perez, Mount Pleasants Mike Schneider and Rennen/Intenses Victor Behm The win went to Schneider both days with Perez and and Behm swapping the 2nd and 3rd both days. Look for Behm and Schneider to be battling it out with Damnian Cherepko when it comes grands time as Dylan Perez will be in the 17-18 class by then.Rennen/Intenses Shawn Diprete flew all weekend as he put his intense out front both days.Should we call this past weekend a Rennen/Intense show cause it seemed like every moto and main Rennen had a rider out front, Must be them powerbars. Courtney Applewhite dominated 17 and over woman both days as she Eliminated the rest of her class. 

3 o clock rolled around and it was time for the pros to get ready for the Autograph Session then for warm ups then the start of the Pro Spectacular at the Constitution Classic. There was some really Good racing in rounds as some big names showed up for Elite Series stop number 9. 

 Elite Men Haro/Rockstars Nic Long made the trip from Cali as he took the win both days, Kovachi Wheels Matt Kelty was flying as he put his Alienation wheels to work to get on the podium both days.Madera's Tyler Faoro just picked up his new sponsor OPTIMUM NUTRITION As the main event gate dropped for Elite it was Intense's Danny Caulag who was leading the whole lap until the last straight where Haro/Rockstars Nic Long took the win.Speaking of Danny C he pulled a 2nd place day 1 and a Clayborn's Barry Nobles Took a 6th day 1, and a 5th day two. Barrys a good guy and a class act so look for him for a national title run at Grands. SE's Javier Colombo was there and he was flying Colombo pulled a 4th day 1 barely missing the podium, and day 2 fount himself in the 6th spot, Morphine Industries Mike Kapes pulled a 7th day 1 in the stacked main event, but day two had a little badluck as he didnt make it to the big show. fast PHIL DELIZIA looked good all weekend in the main event. 

Super EX-  With a total of  18 riders.Coming into this race Dans comp Weston Pope was the man to beat sitting 2nd in the nation, Weston rode really consistent all weekend bringing home the big check both days another rider turning heads was local pro Rennen/Intenses Allen Currier he lead his intense to a podium day 1 and a 6th day two. Jason Larev for Morphine did his job day 1 by getting a 2nd and having some badluck in the Semi day 2. ECP's Matt Beatty had some badluck day 1 in his semi, but redeemed himself day two by getting on the podium with a 3rd. All Tow Wrecking crew Mike Henderson pulled a 4th both days after day 2 he was 5th in his semi and had to make a good move in turn 2 to get the 4th spot. Other names that made the trip were Road Kills Danny Smith,Addison Bikes Johnny Culbreth, Champion Nofear/Intense's Chase Campbell, Bulldog bikes AJ Bontorno, Standards Scotty McMahon, and Sun Bru's Justin Joy 

Elite Woman-We all know the name Dominique Daniels-Grand Canyon University, she has been just about unbeatable all year, well she made the trip and put her Speed out front for two wins. Former World champ Jamie Lilly-TLD/DNA energy has been helping out at Ohio Dreams Sports Camp and it seems to be helping her as she took the 2nd spot day 1 and 4th barely missing the podium day 2. Gt's/Action Sports Alaina Henderson was there all weekend trying to get to DD, Day 1 in the main she was going for the pass on first straight and got tangled up with Lilly and fell, she would be back for day 2 as she took the second spot.After getting Top ten in the USA's International Pagent BMXmania' Donna Snow came on up to Trumbull, was riding well all day, but went down in the main event and broke her wrist and arm we want to wish Donna a speedy recovery, Sunday since she couldnt ride she was interviewing people for a local group that was filming the racing. Get Better Donna! Ashley Lynch repesenting Cyclecraft looked fast both days by getting on the podium day 1 with a third, and day two with a 6th place finish Standard Army's Allie Dragoo was in the house, As barely missed the podium day 1 and day 2 seem to get a little squeezed and ended with a 8th, we wish Allie the best as she will attend Marion College for Cycling. GHP/Fly's Madison Pitts look super fast as well, after getting a really good first straight in the main event day 1 she had to avoid a wreck on the first straight, but still came out with the 5 spot, day 2 Maddy put her GHP to a podium finish by getting 3rd. Congats Maddy!  Making the trip from California Pat's bike shop's Michelle Patterson rode well all weekend as well. 

Vet Pro- In the Vet class it seemed to be a two man show the whole weekend. GT/actions sports Joey Albright was leading both days, until the last straight where ECP'S Percy Owens passed for the win at the line both days. This race was very good to watch, even in motos where they battled it out. Look for Joey and Percy to battle it out with the rest of the Vets come Grands time as they both try and go for a NBL National title. Other Vet pros were BMXmania' Brian Streiby,Stampedes Chris Keller and Stampedes Matthew Silvia 

We would like to thank all volunteers who made the Constitution Classic a success, with a really nice track and awesome volunteers the race went really smooth.

 for more information on points and the rest of the 2010 scheduale check out WWW.NBL.ORG ---   Chase Campbell-Alienation/BMXmania Media staff