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April 2008



Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BMX Mania In The Air.....Europe Bound!

We've been spending more time on the road lately, going to BMX Races than at home.....shame, shame, shame, but that's OK, they're BMX races, SOMEONE has to go to them, might as well be US!

This week, we're off to Weiterstadt, Germany (Near Frankfurt) for the European BMX Championships (One of our FAVORITEST races EVER! Check it out at,, and then, the next weekend, we're hangin' around and attending the UCI BMX Supercross ( in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Fun stuff.

So, if you experience a gap here and there over the next couple weeks in our BMX racing coverage, forgive us, we're watching people race bikes.....One of our FAVORITE things to do!

Don't worry, though, we'll be there for ya, bringin' you all of the BMX racing news we can dig up. (And, YES, Renee, TAKING LOTS OF PHOTOS! Ha!)

Thanks for visiting BMX Mania and Ride Hard!!!!!

Olympic BMX Predictions!

Yep, you heard us right.....Olympic BMX Predictions! Everyone's talking about it, but one guy has the guts to do some research and come up with an educated guess!

Carl Lein, long time BMX Addict, Team Starter and EVEN, Magazine Editor of his own BMX Magazine, has launched a feature to his web site, called Global BMX, with a bit of BMX Olympic Conjecture.

According to Carl, "these predictions are based on current nation's rankings, not what I predict will be the final standings.....see notes about final predictions. I've received several emails about rider's positions or omission from my list. These are not the official lists and they will change over time. The individual governing bodies from each country will decide who goes"....obviously, not Carl, will make the decisions, but he's got some pretty good predictions for you to check out.

Aim your browser at and tell Carl that BMX Mania Sent Ya!

Intense/Phantom/On-Trac Dominates Freedom National 

Intense/Phantom/On-Trac’s NBL warriors made their way to Northern Virginia last weekend with the goal of extending their lead in their NBL Title Hunt.  The Woodbridge track is well known to be one of the finest BMX facilities on the East Coast including a well maintained and manicured track, incredibly reasonable prices for food and parking and even indoor plumbing.   Hey – the finer things in life matter!   To ensure the team’s comfort, our Charlotte-based Tesar family came in and set up camp and what a camp they put together – full on wrench facilities and a mobile kitchen with all our daily supply of vitamins, fruits and veggies! 

“Fly’n” Felicia Stancil and her road-warrior Dad drove in from Illinois to keep up her string of victories.  Felicia is soooooooooo strong.  She easily wins 12 Girls both days.  In Cruiser she owns 12 and Under on Saturday and on Sunday we thought it would be interesting when combined with 15-16 and 17-24 Girls Cruiser.  Not really.  Felicia just powers away from the pack and wins that combined class, too.  A monster on the track and off the track, a sweeter girl you’ll never meet.   

Texas-based grommet 8X “Vicious” Vaughn Herrick made the trip East as much to race as to see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the White House all lit up at night.  Vaughn not only won a trophy as a world-class tourist, he took two 2nds in a combined 8 and 9 year old expert class.   

Cole Tesar had a great weekend, killing it in 11X and a combined 11/12 Cruiser.  Cole managed to find pedals where his comp couldn’t and he just rode away every lap, winning convincingly finishing the weekend with a fine double-double. 

In 14X, the rivalry between Rusty Nesvig and OFR’s Jordan Ryan is one that gets better and better with every meeting.  Sunday’s main was a prime example with Jordan winning the hole-shot, Rusty passing Jordan inside down the 2nd straight, then Jordan finishes the job when Rusty goes wide in the last turn with a tremendous swoop to take the lead.  Rusty takes two 2nds to Jordan for the weekend.   

15X Connor Fields, fresh off a few days training on the Chula Vista Olympic track, flew coast-to-coast returning to Woodbridge for the first time in 6 years.  “The track seemed a lot bigger then”, he said with a big smile.  With Grandma and Grandpa on-hand to watch, the “Conman” has little trouble for the weekend, compiling another weekend of perfect racing taking 15X both days.   

Finally, “Quick” Nic Long does what he does.  He blasts out of the gate, pedals everywhere, uses every backside to the fullest and kills the comp.  Nic takes 17-18X easily both days and also wins the Sunday-only 17 and over Open for a little pocket money for use in New York where he joins teammates Connor, sister Kristen, Chris Blevins as well as Redline’s Anthony DeRosa and Brock Heffron in New York City at Rockefeller Center for NBC’s Today Show.   Look for the spot @

Intense/Phantom/On-Trac wins both days with scores of 92 and 90, adding a few more points to the year’s total.  The team remains in first place as we enter the Summer.  Chasing title in two sanctions is never easy, but it is made easier with great kids, great parents and great sponsors.  To watch your favorite Intense/Phantom/On-Trac rider, check out .   

Intense/Phantom/On-Trac’s sponsors include Intense BMX (, On-Trac Garage Doors (, Phantom BMX Products, Fly Racing, Bombshell (,  FSA (, THE Products (, SINZ Racing (, Intense Tire Systems, ( ), Group D (, and Scott goggles (










Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, April 29, 2008


For Immediate Release - April 24, 2008

Entire Trials Package Will Air on NBC, USA & MSNBC; Features Gymnastics, Track & Field & Swimming

Colorado Springs, Colo. - The United States Olympic Committee announced today the television broadcast schedule for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials and related Exhibition Games. The television package for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials features more than 46 hours of coverage for 14 sports on NBC and its family of networks.

"NBC is America's Olympic Network, and we are very proud to have the U.S. Olympic Team Trials featured in such a prominent way on NBC and its family of broadcast networks," said USOC Chief Executive Officer Jim Scherr. "For the next three months, the journeys of America's athletes will take center stage as they compete for the honor of representing our nation at the 2008 Olympic Games."

Below is a list of U.S. Olympic Team Trials that will be televised.

Sport/Event Airdate Time Network

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Women's Marathon Sunday, April 27 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Women's Triathlon Sunday, May 4 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Canoe/Kayak (Slalom) Sunday, May 11 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Men's Triathlon Sunday, May 18 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Weightlifting Friday, May 25 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. vs. Argentina Men's Volleyball Exhibition Sunday, June 1 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. vs. China Softball Exhibition Game Sunday, June 8 Noon-2:00 pm ET MSNBC

U.S. vs. Croatia Men's Water Polo Exhibition Sunday, June 15 Noon-1:30 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Cycling (BMX) Sunday, June 15 Noon-1:30 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Diving Saturday, June 21 3:30-4:30 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Men's Gymnastics Saturday, June 21 4:30-6:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Women's Gymnastics Saturday, June 21 8:00-10:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Wrestling Sunday, June 22 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Diving Sunday,June 22 3:00-4:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Diving Sunday, June 22 4:00-5:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Diving Sunday, June 22 5:00-6:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Women's Gymnastics Sunday, June 22 7:00-9:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Saturday, June 28 12:00-1:00 am ET USA*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Saturday, June 28 8:00-9:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. vs. Brazil Women's Volleyball Exhibition Sunday, June 29 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Sunday, June 29 7:00-8:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Sunday, June 29 8:00-9:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Monday, June 30 8:00-9:00 pm ET USA

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Monday, June 30 11:00 pm-1:00 am ET USA*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Tuesday, July 1 8:00-9:00 pm ET USA

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Wednesday, July 2 8:00-9:00 pm ET USA

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Thursday, July 3 8:00-9:00 pm ET USA

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Thursday, July 3 11:00 pm-1:00 am ET USA*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Friday, July 4 8:00-9:00 pm ET USA

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Friday, July 4 11:00 pm-1:00 am ET USA*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Saturday, July 5 5:00 -6:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Saturday, July 5 8:00 -9:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Gymnastics Sunday, July 6 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC^

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Sunday, July 6 7:00 -9:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Sunday, July 6 8:00 -9:00 pm ET NBC

U.S. vs. Australia Women's Water Polo Exhibition Sunday, July 13 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Boxing Sunday, July 20 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*

U.S. Olympic Team Trials Anthology Show Sunday, July 27 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*

^ Re-broadcast

About the U.S. Olympic Committee - The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the sole entity in the United States whose mission involves training, entering and underwriting the full expenses for the U.S. teams in the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American and Parapan American Games. In addition to being the steward of the U.S. Olympic Movement, the USOC is the moving force for support of sports in the United States that are on the program of the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American and Parapan American Games.

Supercross BMx Picks Up Mike Moeller

For Immediate Release ­ Apple Valley, CA

In what is probably one of the weirdest and quickest Double A Pro switches since the Redline/Haro Griggs/King team switch of the early 90's it seems that Supercross and Crupi are doing a little pro swapping.

After just over 1 month on the Supercross Factory team Tyler Brown left for the Green of Team Crupi leaving an opening on the Supercross Factory Roster.

Not wanting to fill the vacancy with just any AA Pro as we want a rider that has loyalty to the program and is as nice to the kids and fans as the rest of the Supercross Pro's are we decided to leave the spot open for a bit.
That was until we received a call from one of the nicest and most loyal AA Pro's on the circuit. Mikey Moeller. Seems that he had decided to leave Crupi after being with them for 9 of his last 11 years and was looking for a new home.

Guess it is true when you're not looking for things, that is when you get exactly what you need.

After consulting with our team and Pro's , we knew our first thoughts were correct when Samantha said "Tell Mikey Welcome to the Family" .

We are looking forward to a long career with Mikey as he is in his pursuit of his ABA Pro Plates and the dreams of the 2012 Olympics.

Look for Mikey to make his Supercross Team debut at the ABA Spartanburg Pro National this weekend in South Carolina where Mikey will racing his Supercross EVO iS towards the podium along with the rest of the Supercross Factory Team.

For more information on Sammy, Kenth, Mikey and the entire Supercross team is up to check out for news and product updates and more.

The Supercross BMX Factory Race team is proudly supported by: Atac Jerseys, Oneal Racewear, Blur Optics, Kronik Energy Drinks, FSA Components, Easton Tubing, Ogio Bags, Camp Cools Training Clinics, TECH BMX, and Speedline BMX components

Liz Passwaters Pro/Am Race

First State BMX is proud to announce that Elizabeth "Lightning Liz" Passwaters, one of Delaware's favorite local Amateur Girl's will be making her debut as an American Bicycle Association (ABA) sanctioned Girl Pro at First State BMX on Saturday May 3rd. Liz will be having an autograph session at First State BMX at 6:00 PM prior to the evenings race.

Liz will be the first girl ever from the State of Delaware to become an ABA Girl Pro. First State BMX will be running a Girl's Pro-Am race to celebrate this moment. Liz will be competeing against some of the top girl riders in the region to kick off her Pro career. The Pro-Am is open to all ABA Girl Pro and Amatuer girl riders 15 years of age and older.

First State would like to invite everyone to come out to the track at 1045 N Walnut St in Milford, DE to help celebrate this spectacular accomplishment of one of Delmarva's top athletes. 

To learn more about Liz Passwaters visit
About First State BMX:
First State BMX is an American Bicycle Association Sanction BMX race track located in Milford DE. First State holds weekly local races as well as regional and national events throughout the year. For more information visit us at For information about the American Bicycle Association please visit








Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, April 28, 2008

ABA, NBL & Friends Join forces To Put BMX In nationwide TV Spotlight

NBL News Release - On April 30, NBC, the official US Olympic broadcaster for the 2008 Games, is giving BMX Racing its 15 minutes of fame. The NBC Today Show, which is expected to draw more 6 million viewers, will be filmed ‘Live’ from Rockefeller Plaza in downtown, New York City. Two separate live segments will be filmed to showcase the sport and create hype for the Olympics. 

You might even see Meredith Vieira aboard a GT or Free Agent bike and she’ll be joined by several other co-hosts and three well-known Olympic Hopefuls; Kyle Bennett, Donny Robinson and Arielle Martin. A few younger riders will also be featured on the program to give the audience a perspective on the sport so be sure to watch the whole show. 

The project was coordinated in part by NBC, NBL, ABA, and proudly sponsored by Free Agent Bicycles, GT Bicycles, Fly Racing, Fire-Magic Premium Grills, Jig-A-Loo, and Pro-Gate.  

Here are the exciting details:

·          The Track: Mini-First straight, approx 120’, with a roller and 16’ set of doubles. A modified 2-person start gate, emulating the Olympic gate, will be perched on a special start-ramp to showcase the start. The track will be built by Tom Ritzenthaler, who built the Olympic track in Beijing, China.

·          Date: April 30

·          Time (EST): 7-11am

·          Location: Rockefeller Plaza, NYC

·          Program: NBC Today Show

·          Confirmed Hosts: Meredith Vieira / Kenan Harkin, NBC Olympic Color Analyst

·          Athletes: Kyle Bennett, Donny Robinson, Arielle Martin

·          Attendees:  Bob Tedesco, Kevin O’Brien, Staff / NBL, BA Anderson, Staff / ABA, Kenan Harkin / NBC BMX Olympic Analyst, Tom Ritzenthaler / Olympic Track Builder  

·          Sponsors:  NBL, ABA, USA Cycling, Free Agent, GT, Fly Racing, Fire-Magic Premium Grills, Jig-A-Loo and Pro-Gate. 

Enjoy and tell your friends!


Gilbert, Arizona—April 25, 2008— The American Bicycle Association (ABA) "The Sanctioning Body of BMX", continues its diligent promotion of the sport.  Now, after weeks of preparations, negotiations and working with the bicycle industry and supportive sponsors it announces a spotlight appearance on NBC's Today Show.  NBC's leading morning news and information show has scheduled a demonstration and feature of BMX, the newest Olympic sport for Wednesday, April 30th 2008.


The Today Show will feature USA's top BMX Olympic hopefuls Kyle Bennett, Donny Robinson and Arielle Martin.  The true excitement is that an actual dirt BMX track will be constructed in Rockefeller Plaza for this first ever demonstration. The abbreviated track will feature a starting hill with electronic gate, a 120' straight, a roller section and a 16" double jump for Kyle, Donny and Arielle to showcase their skills.  It's even rumored that some of the hosts of the show may even give it a try.


“BMX racers are the most skilled cyclists in the world, from sprinting to negotiating jumps, BMX racers develop these skills at a very young age. It’s great that the media will finally witness these skills, The Today Show is just the start of the media coverage our sport is about to receive.”  Said Clayton John, ABA President    


The show will air April 30th from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM and will not only highlight our potential BMX Olympians, The Today show will also give some of the top amateurs in the World the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on Rockefeller Plaza.  Conner Fields, Christopher Blevins, Anthony Derosa, Kristen Long as well as SI Kids "Youth Athlete of the Year" Brock Heffron and ABA's current National #1 Amateur Nic Long will all be in attendance.


“After 32 years of organizing and promoting the sport in the United States the American Bicycle Association is excited about the exposure, notoriety and legitimacy the Olympics will bring to the sport.” stated B.A. Anderson, ABA Vice President.


The entire project with the Today Show was made possible by a collaborative effort from the American Bicycle Association and ABA national sponsors Fly Racing, FireMagic Premium Grills, Jigaloo lubricant, and GT Bicycles with help from Free Agent,  NBL and USA Cycling.  To add even more Olympic flare to the show Pierce Barker of Pro Gate is providing a scaled down version of the actual Olympic Starting gate. UCI track builder Tom Ritz, the ABA staff and Kevin O’Brien will be on site to construct the first ever BMX track on Rockefeller Plaza.



About The American Bicycle Association

ABA (American Bicycle Association), formed in 1977 and headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, is “The Sanctioning Body of BMX”©.  The ABA organizes BMX racing for boys, girls and adults, nationwide and Canada.  With 60,000 active members, 274 racing facilities and a 27 event-national race schedule; ABA is the largest promoter of action sports. For additional press information about ABA, the sport of BMX, ABA events or Professional racers, call bonspeedMedia; (714) 666-1999. To find races in your area or view the national event schedule, visit

Australian team for 2008 BMX World Championships

Cycling Australia and BMX Australia are pleased to announce the team to contest the 2008 BMX World Championships being raced in Taiyuan, China from 29 May to 1 June.

Elite Women Elite Men  Junior Men Junior Women 

GHP Riders Kick BUTT At ABA East Coast National in Spartanburg, South Carolina!

Man, the Greg Hill Products riders were out in force at the ABA East Coast National this past weekend.


Todd Parry, Vet Pro Legend, "retires" from Vet and ends up that he won A-Pro in SC on Sat!


TP becomes the oldest rider in history to win an A Pro race...40 years old and schooling the young dudes, good stuff, Todd!


Hey, speaking of veteran Pros.......John "The Jackal" Purse takes a 4th Saturday and 3rd Sunday in Vet Pro, how AWESOME is that?


The Jackal, back on his GHP bike, turnin' crank with the best of them, and only recently so......Watch out! Nothing worse than having a Jackal nipping at your heals!


Also, while all of the old dudes were busting out big moves on their GHP BMX bikes, and the GHP Factory Team takes 3rd Sunday in ABA Factory Team competition.




Besides that, GHP has a whole METRIC TON of the HOTTEST new parts and goodies ready to rock your BMX Season.....CHECK IT OUT at!


Parts & Accessories



BMX Mania Photo by Jerry LandrumSifiso Nhlapo kept his Olympic hopes alive when he beat many of the world’s best riders to grab a second victory in the 2008 European BMX Championship Series in Switzerland at the weekend.

The 20-year-old South African placed third in Round 9 and then won Round 10 of the 12-leg European Championship Series, the most competitive international BMX racing series in the world. The win came at a good time for Nhlapo, whose last triumph in the Series was back in Round 1 last December.

“It’s a good time to be winning because it’s getting close to the world champs at the end of May and that’s really where the form will count, especially with Olympic Games places up for grabs,” said Nhlapo from his European base in Aigle, Switzerland on Monday.

“I’ve been putting in some really hard work in training and have been so completely focused so the win was a great reward,” explained Nhlapo, adding that he tries not think about Olympic selection when racing.

“When I have fun, I produce better results. But this whole Olympic qualification thing just puts me under pressure if I think about it too much. So I try and just race for the original reason I started racing. To enjoy it!”

In Round 10 on Sunday, Nhlapo started in Lane 2 in and produced one of his customary powerful starts to head into the first corner with a half a bike length lead over Latvian star, Maris Strombergs. The bright yellow-clad MTN-sponsored rider then had a smooth run to the finish, in the process ensuring no other rider was able to challenge him for the win.

“I got a perfect start and leading into the first corner is key. I had a really solid race which was great after my disappointment at the Supercross World Cup in Australia.”

At last weekend’s Supercross World Cup event in Adelaide, Nhlapo pulled his foot out his pedal while comfortably leading the quarterfinal. But the foot and pedal divorce had dire consequences in that Nhlapo lost too much speed and was unable to proceed to the semi-finals.

But this weekend, on his familiar racing turf in Europe, Nhlapo earned 20 UCI rankings points, a handy haul in his pursuit of a place in the 32-man field in Beijing where BMX racing makes its Olympic debut. As at 16 April, when the current UCI BMX rankings were released, Nhlapo was tie 23rd with 53 points. His weekend haul takes him to 73 points and pushes him into briefly into the world’s top 10. A timely confidence boost if ever there was one!

Nhlapo’s next event is in Germany where he’ll contest the final two rounds of the 2008 European Championship Series on 3 and 4 May. He’s currently lying second in the Series and occupies third on the UCI European rankings. He’ll then head to Denmark for Round 3 of the Supercross World Cup on 9 and 10 May before heading to China for the world championships.

European Championship Round 9
Echichens, Switzerland
Elite men:

1. Maris Strombergs LAT
2. Thomas Allier FRA
3. Sifiso Nhlapo RSA
4. Rob van den Wildenberg NED
5. Ivo Lakucs LAT
6. Yvan Lapraz SUI
7. Evgeny Kommarov RUS
8. Roy v/d Berg NED

European Championship Round 10
Echichens, Switzerland
Elite men:

1. Sifiso Nhlapo RSA
2. Michael Prokop CZE
3. Rob van den Wildenberg NED
4. Artis Zentis LAT
5. Thomas Slavik CZE
6. Damien Godet FRA
7. Pablo Gutierrez FRA
8. Maris Strombergs LAT

European Championship Series rankings after Round 10
Leading riders:

1.    Maris Strombergs LAT 337 points
2.    Sifiso Nhlapo RSA 303
3.    Ivo Lakucs LAT 287
4.    Thomas Hamon FRA 257
5.    Arturs Matisons LAT 244
6.    Thomas Allier FRA 242
7.    Pablo Guitierrez FRA 238
8.    Roy van den Berg NED 227
9.    Damien Godet FRA 191
10.    Rob van den Wildenberg 186


BMX Is Heatin' Up In the Midwest!


Hey, it's warming up in the Midwestern United States, and the BMX tracks are bustin' out the starting gates (Random Starts on the circuits?) and gettin' the track on.


That means special races and jammin' times on the track, like......


Cindy Verburg BMX Dayton, Ohio Proud member of the NBL will start racing May 3,2008.


Registration: Saturday May 3rd is from 11-12pm, race 1:00p.m. Fees: $6 Points, $10 Points & Trophy.


Directions: I-75 South or North to Rt. 4 North, exit at the first Stanley Ave. exit, turn right, take first left after Rt. 4 at Gateway. From I-70, take Rt. 4 South, exit at the Stanley Ave. exit and turn South. Track Address: 2 Gateway Dr, Dayton, OH 45420.


Any Questions please give Track director Jennifer Dozer a call 937-508-9543. Any volunteers are welcome, we hope to see you there.






Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday/Sunday, April 25/26, 2008

 NBL Freedom National pro results


Elite Men - 1 Randy Stumpfhauser 2 Matt Pohlkamp 3 Donny Robinson 4 Jeff Upshaw 5 Cristian Becerine 6 Jason Rogers 7 Denzel Stein 8 Jrich

Elite Women - 1 Stephanie Barragan 2 Madison Pitts 3 Liz Passwaters 4 Donna Snow

Elite Masters - 1 Tommy Opincar 2 Tim Dinger 3 Jason Carnes 4 Percy Owens 5 Raul Gomez 6 Phil Potosnak 7 Matt Silva 8 Ronnie Gaska

Super Ex - 1 Gavin Lubbe 2 Logan Collins 3 Kris Fox 4 Jason Sherrill 5 Matt Kelty 6 Tyler Faoro 7 Lance McGuire 8 Warren McDow



Elite Men - 1 Cristian Becerine 2 Donny Robinson 3 Jason Rogers 4 Jeff Upshaw 5 Matt Pohlkamp 6 Randy Stumpfhauser 7 Phil Delizia 8 Jonathan Villa

Elite Women - 1 Stephanie Barragan 2 Liz Passwaters 3 Madison Pitts 4 Donna Snow

Elite Masters - 1 Tommy Opincar 2 Jason Carnes 3 Percy Owens 4 Ronnie Gaska 5 Phil Potosnak 6 Tim Dinger 7 Dave Bittner 7 Domingos Lammoglia

Super Ex - 1 Kris Fox 2 Matt Kelty 3 Gavin Lubbe 4 Tyler Faoro 5 Jason Sherrill 6 Jason Larev 7 Warren McDow 8 Harley Kelley












Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, April 25, 2008


At left, some local Beijing citizens are hanging out near the Olympic BMX Venue, and the sign stands to direct BMXers to the track. In Photo 2, current UCI World Champ, Kyle Bennett seems to have found the track OK during the UCI Olympic Test Event this past August.

hbr is back in the hunt


After a rough start to the new season the hbr/SE Racing's NBL team is back in the hunt for it's 6th national title.


The crew made the trip down to Orlando for the last of the Spring break NBL nationals and posted a couple good scores to move up to third in the series.


TM James Bagwell says "We are still carrying a couple terrible scores that need to be replaced, but our kids and families are excited about the challenge to get back on top."


Team standouts in Orlando were Aryanna Wilfork, Blake Bass, Wade Burr, Tara Wagner, Tony Hines and Craig Pecos, all turned in great laps at the right time.


We are very proud with the addition of SE Racing to our sponsor list. 


All the kids are going way fast on their PK Rippers and Floval Flyers.  


Stop by the new "factory" pit setup at the Woodbrige, Lexington and Nashville NBL nationals and check out SE's new race frames and completes. 


We'll have the looptail Quad and PK on display for the oldschool guys too.


See ya at the races!



The National Bicycle League (NBL) is excited to announce that will webcast exclusive ‘live’ coverage of the NBL Freedom BMX National from NOVA BMX in Woodbridge, VA. Coverage begins on Saturday, April 26 and runs through to Sunday, April 27. In addition to tons of great amateur action, the Freedom National features two NBL War of the Stars Pro races.

A brand new format will feature a pre-race show, athlete interviews, industry news, and tons of great NBL race action.

Click here to watch the show >

The NBL Pro Series will showcase the fastest riders in the country and the Freedom National could set the stage for a change in leadership. GT’s Randy Stumpfhauser and Race Place BMX’s Stephanie Barragan lead their respective Elite classes and will have to be on their game to keep pace. Race Place BMX’s Warren McDow has emerged as the man to beat in Super-Ex and Formula’s Tim Dinger, who also doubles as the witty GO211.COM host, leads the Masters chase. 

Tune in for the pre-race show and watch as the NBL season unfolds in front of your eyes. For more information and to view the full NBL National Schedule, visit the NBL website at


Saturday, 4/26 – Freedom National #1 - Racing starts at 11:00am - Rounds 1, 2 & 3, Quarters, Semis, Mains

Sunday, 4/27 – Freedom National #2 - Racing starts at 8:00am - Rounds 1, 2 &3, Quarters, Semis, Mains 

The 2008 NBL National Series is proudly sponsored by BAWLS Guarana (, Intense BMX (, Kenda Tires (, Standard Byke Company (, UGP ( Sinz Racing (, THE Industries (, in association with ( and

Camp Woodward (

USA Cycling funded team for Copenhagen Supercross World Cup announced

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Apr. 21, 2008)—USA Cycling announced today the eight athletes it will send to the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup event in Copenhagen, Denmark, May 9-10. The Copenhagen Supercross is the third of five UCI BMX Supercross events in 2008 and will also serve as the 17th of 18 races that factor into the USA Cycling BMX Rankings on the men’s side and the 15th of 16 for the women. The last race will be the UCI BMX World Championships in Taiyuan, China on May 31. 

Five men – Kyle Bennett (Conroe, Texas), Donny Robinson (Napa, Calif.), Steven Cisar (Altadena, Calif.), David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo.), and Tyler Brown (San Clemente, Calif.) – received nominations to the funded team. Bennett and Robinson were automatically selected as the top two riders in the current 2008 USA Cycling Elite Men’s BMX Rankings. Herman was selected to the funded team after his outstanding win in the previous Supercross World Cup in Adelaide, Australia, while Cisar and Brown received coaches’ selections. 

Three women were also selected for the squad – Arielle Martin (Pleasant Grove, Utah), Jill Kintner (Seattle, Wash.) and Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla.). As the top athlete in the USA Cycling Elite Women’s BMX Rankings, Martin received an automatic nomination, while Kintner and Geving were coaches’ selections. 

To view the current USA Cycling BMX Rankings – the primary factor in determining the Olympic long team – heading into the penultimate event, click here.  

2008 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Copenhagen, Denmark - May 9-10, 2008 

USA Cycling Funded Team:  

Men - Kyle Bennett (Conroe, Texas) - Donny Robinson (Napa, Calif.) - Steven Cisar (Altadena, Calif.) - David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo.) - Tyler Brown (San Clemente, Calif.)

Women - Arielle Martin (Pleasant Grove, Utah) - Jill Kintner (Seattle, Wash.) - Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla.) 

About USA Cycling

Recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Union Cycliste Internationale, USA Cycling promotes American cycling through its 60,000 members and 2,500 annual events. USA Cycling associations include the BMX Association (BMX), National Off-Road Bicycle Association (mountain bike), U.S. Cycling Federation (road/track), the National Collegiate Cycling Association and the U.S. Professional Racing Organization (professional men’s road). For more information, visit or contact USA Cycling Director of Communications, Andy Lee at 719-866-4867. and the ABA BMX East Coast Nationals WEBCAST this weekend


In order to keep our BMX racing viewers happy will be webcasting the ABA East Coast National from Spartanburg, NC. Prior to the weekends webcast will have highlights from the previous Pro Series race. So if you're watching the ABA BMX event you will see Highlights of Pro racing from the Super Nationals in Desoto, TX.


The crew will be arriving in to the East Coast Nationals on Friday April 25th and once they arrive at the track will begin pre production taping. Adam Gonzalez will be heading to Spartanburg with his crew and Alise Post will be going around interviewing riders and doing a pre race track description mini show.


Broadcast Schedule:


Saturday April 26th

ABA Webcast: Start time 10am Eastern | Race Starts: 11am Eastern.


Sunday April 27th


ABA Webcast: Start time 7:30am Eastern | Race Starts: 8am Eastern.


ABA WEBCAST - You can view the live webcast of the East Coast National on at Coverage starts at 10am EST with race action at 11am EST. Don't forget about our live chat feature where you can chat with everyone else that is watching the webcast. All you need to do is login and visit the link provided and chat away. If you have not signed up don't worry, everything on is free. So just create an account, upload a picture and some videos and join the rest of the BMX fans on our live webcast.

Mains events will be posted starting Tuesday after the event. You can visit the video page directly at










Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, April 24, 2008


BMX To Get Nationwide exposure on NBC TV's Today Show!


BMX is going to be getting some major U.S. TV time next week, when Kenan Harkin breaks out a little BMXin' on NBC TV's, Today Show which is seen in tens of millions of homes across America every morning.


Kenan will be the BMX Racing commentator during NBC's coverage of the first ever BMX Racing event at the Beijing Olympics this August and has been the racing voice of the UCI's international TV broadcasting of the UCI Supercross and UCI World's events for the past year.


According to Kenan, the show airs on April 30th.


The BMX portion will air during the 8:00 A.M. hour and again during the 10:00 A.M. time frame.


Being seen in the TV feature will be Team USA's, Donny Robinson, Kyle Bennett, Arielle Martin, and Kenan.


Evidently, a small BMX track will be built by UCI Track Builder, Tom Ritz and will feature a Pro-Gate starting system.


Both of the U.S. sanctioning organizations, the ABA and the NBL are helping this get off the ground, as well as GT and Free Agent Bikes.


The Today Show has been on NBC for 56 years and is the top rated morning television show in the U.S. market.


It's quite an opportunity for BMX to get some great exposure....Hats off to Kenan and all who have helped get the whole thing goin' on, it's bound to be a hit!


Now, if they can just get Matt Lauer (Today Show host) on a bike and clearin' some doubles, it'd REALLY be news! 

Action Sports Depot adds the new
FORMCO 3/32” x ½” SOLID Pin chain to its inventory, to compliment the FORMCO 3/32” x ½”  HOLLOW Pin chain. 

The choice is yours. 

MSRP for each - $ 32.95


Special National Race Event Training Plans

From Coach Greg Romero

AVAILABLE NOW! 2008 UCI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 5 Week Preparation Training Plans

These plans are designed to prepare for a particular event. The track practice and sprint regime caters to the style of the track that you wish to do exceptionally well at.

These plans will start 4-6 weeks out from the race weekend and will include track/sprint and optional gym/power or bike/strength days.

The emphasis will focus on enhancing speed so you can peak in performance and give yourself the best chance possible.

Coach Greg will also map out the volume of work needed for adaptation while being sensitive to recovery and proper tapering for peak preparation.

AVAILABLE NOW! 2008 UCI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 5 Week Preparation Training Plans. Choose the one that fits you at Coach Greg's site at

NIKE Announces Olympic Shoes/Uniforms

At the upcoming Olympics in Beijing Nike will be involved with design product for all 28 sports, which is contrast from 11 sports four years ago in Athens. An interesting addition not only to the Olympics games but also Nike is the sport of BMX which has been growing since its induction during the 1970's, as both a competitive sport and and one on the streets. Always thinking outside the circle Nike have come up with this Nike Dunk Gyrizo, which is Greek for wheel along with innovative apparel that will be adorned by Nike athletes this summer.

“Looks like a dunk, but acts like Lance’s cleat.” That statement sums up the power and impact of the Nike Dunk Gyrizo, a shoe specifically designed for BMX
racing. The Gyrizo, which is Greek for wheel, is actually built on the same cycling last as Lance Armstrong’s cleat. The external portion of the shoe looks like Nike’s wildly popular Dunk model, but the design of the internal plate transfers power in the up and down strokes of the rider. A strap on the upper and a lace pocket keep laces out of the rider’s spokes while a durable outsole compound was integrated to accommodate a wider bike pedal. Kevlar lace and metal grommets are also used to maximize durability. Rubber and thinner midsole on the shoe allow a rider to walk easily before and after races.

Nike’s goal is always to try to stay 100% authentic to the sport. The first uniform design created was ultra-lightweight, but riders wanted heavier versions, so Nike designers added more lining. The final version of the uniform actually ended up being 35% lighter than previous ones, but was still praised by the BMX athletes. A simple, Dri-FIT ringer tee is part of the uniform set and employs No-Sew technology and mesh on the back panel.

For Beijing, Nike is outfitting the US, China and Japanese BMX teams whose uniform graphics are inspired by checkerboards and the classic Comp 3 tire tread. The graphics also take cues from 1980s style, including a Bob Haro-designed star logo on pants and phrases written on the seat of pants like “C-Ya.” The uniforms don’t have the same graphic system as the rest of the Beijing uniform family, an intentional move by Nike designers because the sport is so unique. 

Look out for much more from this fascinating technology from Nike in the future with BMX continuing to grow as a competitive sport as well as a leisure sport.

New Zealand Picks Up Ken Cools As national Coach

There's been a new addition to the New Zealand National BMX Team, and it isn't a rider......Well, it kind of is, but......Not really. Wait, is he a rider or is he a team coach? Or is he a master clinician who has taught thousands of BMXers for years all over two separate countries?

He's actually all of those things, and his name is Ken Cools, International Coach Of Destiny! That actually might be a bit over the top, but he's 'been there done that' when it comes to coaching BMX, and now he has a chance to coach a two person team that could land both riders on the Olympic BMX Podium in August.

Ken is also the brother of another fast young and upcoming international Olympic star, Samantha Cools, Canadian BMX Superstar who now calls Switzerland home......Whew, this is getting complicated.

"Big Rig" as he's been known to be called is a former Head Instructor with Burlin and Bubba Harris' Supercamp clinics that travels around America teaching BMX to thousands of riders every year, and knows how to teach BMX, and he is also a certified trainer who has personally coached some of the fastest of the fast, including, Sammy Cools, Bubba Harris, Joey Bradford, Alise Post and many many others.

Cools has signed an agreement thru the end of September, when Ken and New Zealand will be looking at possibilities for the future. Immediate plans for the team include a stint in Arizona, training with Bubba and a week at the UCI World Cycling Center working out at the BMX Olympic Training Track.......Nice!

Congrats to Ken and New Zealand Cycling for a great match up, and if we know Ken, NZ BMX will be in the process of becoming a World Wide Force for BMX soon!










Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BMX track at UCI World Cycling Centre highly sought after


Official UCI Press Release - April 18, 2008


British Cycling returned to Aigle, Swizerland, this week to train on the BMX track at the World Cycling Centre (WCC) in preparation for the European BMX Championships.


British Cycling was the first National Federation to send its athletes to train on the track after its reconstruction a year ago. The track was completely modified to resemble the track that riders will encounter at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.


Since the British team’s 4-day training camp in May 2007, 12 National Federations have trained on the WCC track, most of them on more than one occasion.


Three British BMX athletes, Shanaze Reade, Joey Gough and Liam Phillips, were back in Aigle from April 12th – 17th to train under the guidance of new coach Grant White, formerly of Bike New Zealand. They then traveled to Echichens, Switzerland, for rounds 9 and 10 of the European BMX Championships which take place this weekend.


New Zealand’s top two BMX athletes will train at the WCC from April 27th – May 7th. Marc Willers and Sarah Walker currently lead the UCI BMX rankings, and will use their stay in Switzerland to prepare the third leg of the UCI BMX Supercross in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 9th and 10th.


Five Australian BMX athletes will also train on the WCC track in preparation for the Copenhagen Supercross leg. Nicole Callisto, Tanya Bailey, Kama Kazi, Luke Madill and Jared Graves will be in Aigle from May 4th -7th before traveling to Denmark.


Meanwhile the French training structure Optimal Training will also return to the WCC from May 14th -15th with BMX athletes Anne-Caroline Chausson, leader of the UCI European BMX rankings, and Romain Saladini.


Photo (from left): British team manager Keith Reynolds, with Shanaze Reade, Liam Phillips, Joey Gough and Grant White.



We have a CORRECTION to make and we'd like to apologize to Melissa Mankowski because we inadvertently in a Jet Lagged fit of ineptitude, TOTALLY MESSED UP the spelling of her name in a photo caption last weekend when she won the Elite Women's race at the Australian National Championships, Sunday in Adelaide. Sorry, Mel, we won't do it again, that is, unless we're totally jet lagged and mumbling incoherently in some airport somewhere between here and there!













Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, April 22, 2008

King of BMX 3 Program Guide

The King of BMX is an awesome, unique contest to see who is the best over all BMXer (park, dirt jumps and racing). Each contestant that runs all three venues has the chance at being crowned ‘King’ as we add up all the scores  for the overall winners. Points are simple- 1st place= 1 point, 2nd 2 points and so on til 8th place. Every placing after8th (9th and above) will only receive 8 points due to each contest may or may not have the same number of riders in it as some just do the park or the time trials etc. Racers, Park riders and Dirt jumpers- all competing for the title…..’King of BMX’.

Below are some short bios of riders that have a shot at the title, or stand out in one venue and will try to stay close enough to put them on the podium.

 Spectating is free and the action is unparalleled, so don’t miss this one of a kind night of BMX madness!

Tyler Sparr- The panhandle’s best offer to the extreme of dirt jumping and park riding. He has represented our area in X Games qualifiers and the Dew Tour events like no one else. Double tail whips, huge air on the dirt and a sick smooth style are some of the things you can expect to see out of the reigning ‘King of BMX’ here for the last two years running.

Barry Nobles- Brought it down to the wire last year by staying near the top on the park and dirt and then setting a blistering time of 29 seconds flat on the track. I’m sure Barry wants the crown as bad as ever this year and could be the one.

 Ryan ‘Z-Man’ Zelinski- So much talent in all three venues and still does it on flat pedals on the BMX track! If Z-Man stays consistent, this could be the year of the new king!

Bill Madden- Still jamming in the Elite Masters division with the legends of BMX racing. There is no one his age who can keep pace with him on the dirt jumps, and can post a sub 30 second lap on the track! None of these guys wants to be outdone by someone their fathers age!

Fort Walton Beach - Emerald Coast BMX
Bill Madden - Track Phone: (850) 796-2326

Directions: From Hwy 98 in Ft Walton Beach, go north on Beal Pkwy, then left on Hollywood Blvd. Take first right onto Jet Dr., go straight at the stop sign, go approx 1/2 mile to the Fred Hedricks Rec Center on the left. Turn into the parking lot. Track is down by the soccer fields. - Track Address: 126 Jet Dr., Ft Walton Beach, FL 32548


Round 9 and 10 of the European Championship 2008

ONE KENDA press release


Round 9 and 10 of the European Championship for Junior/Elite Men and Women were held in Echichens, Switzerland.


With snow on the mountain tops and sunshine covering the track it appeared to be a promising weekend.

ONE/Kenda's Joyce Seesing  from Holland was in great shape very fast on the track that hosted the European Championships in 2005.

In the main on saturday Joyce too a 3rd in Junior Women.

On sunday Joyce was in first but took the outside lane leaving the gap open for the competition. Joyce took 1 3rd again.

Toms Skujins from Latvia, the leader in the Championship for Junior Men was impressive. A bad start in the main on saturday dropped him back, but he managed to take the right lanes and finished 1st after all.

On sunday Toms took a 3rd and increased his lead in the Championship.

In Elite Women we missed Aneta Hladikova from Czech Republic. Aneta is suffering from an ankle injury, caused in Australia last week and might be out for months.

Blandine Cotterau and Magalie Pottier from France flew the ONE/Kenda colors and  made the main both days.

Blandine took 4th both days while magalie took a 5th on saturday and 8th on sunday.

Round 9 and 10 were not the rounds Latvian Arturs Matisons hoped for.
Arturs crashed in the semi on saturday and injured himself in sunday.

Maris Strombergs from Latvia increased his lead in the Championship by winning on saturday even though on sunday he made a slide in the main in the first turn and finished 8th.


Elite Men

Saturday:      1. Maris Strombergs LAT 

Sunday:        8. Maris Strombergs LAT


Elite Women

Saturday:     4. Blandine Cottereau FR,  5. Magalie Pottier FR,

Sunday:        4. Blandine Cottereau FR, 8. Magalie Pottier FR,


Junior Men

Saturday:     1. Toms Skujins LAT

Sunday:       3. Toms Skujins LAT


Junior Women

Saturday:     3. Joyce Seesing NED

Sunday:       3. Joyce Seesing NED


Photos: and


Next race, round 11 and 12 in Germany (May. 2-4)


ONE KENDA is sponsored by: 


BMXer Lanell Rockmore Tears It Up on the Cycling Circuit

Lehigh Valley 2 times Junior Cyclist National Champion and BMX Star, Lanell Rockmore from Gotham Cycling Club will be arriving this evening at Philly airport from his trip to  the  2008 Matrix Cup in Frisco, Texas this past weekend. Lanell is very talented in cycling.

Lanell has been training very hard this winter and it really paid off for him. Lanell was on fire this whole weekend as he dominated this weekend. He even laps the field twice in two different events. Lanell said he is very happy to be Coached by Marty Nothstein, Olympic Champion and Gil Hatton.

This coming May 21, 2008 Lanell will be leaving for Carson, LA for the Junior Worlds trials, with hopes that he can for the second time represent USA Junior World Team this coming July held at Cape Town, South Africa. Lanell has lots of racing this coming season.

This past March Lanell traveled with his Coach Gil Hatton to the 2008 Southern Games in Trinidad.



Every year, Trinidad and Tobago hosts the Southern Games at the historic Guaracara Park in Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad, where the top cyclists from across the world come to compete. Gotham Cyclist Lanell Rockmore and T-Town Express rider Ryan Nelman were fortunate enough to compete in this prestigious two-day race event.

After a grueling weekend in Trinidad and Tobago, Rockmore displayed his talents by dominating the competition in the 1000 and 1500 meter sprint events. Rockmore, 17, was new to the Southern Games, but proved that he is a force to be reckoned with on an international level of junior racing and elite riders.








Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday/Sunday, April 19/20, 2008

BMX Mania is currently in transition from "Race Mode" in Australia to "Home Office" mode in the U.S. Midwest.

You may experience a temporary disruption in our daily updates, but we should be back on track for the Tuesday Update.

Make sure to check in then for BMX Racing News from all around the world.


Graves, Mankowski, Willoughby & Reynolds Take Elite/Junior Titles

At Australian National Finals in Adelaide!






Mankowski not beaten for Beijing BMX

BMX Australia News Release/Sharon Payne-BMXA


NEWLY CROWNED National BMX Champion, Melissa Mankowski, has given selectors a reason to keep her in mind when nominations are made for the Australian Olympic Team in June. Mankowski today proved she should not be written off as a chance of making the Beijing Olympics when the sport debuts in August. The 20 year old was desperate for the win on the final day of racing at the Adelaide Showgrounds after apprehension about riding the Supercross course last weekend saw her withdraw.


 “It was a more personal thing this weekend,” said Mankowski. “By not racing last weekend and getting fourth in Probikx on Friday I just wanted to do it for me.”


Mankowki injured her hip following the Olympic test event in Beijing on a similar course and maintains she was wary about what could go wrong. However, after winning on the national course today with only slight variations made to the Supercross course, Mankowski could be overcoming her fear.


“It is a good confidence thing to roll down that hill and come away with a win,” said Mankowski.


The win is Mankowski’s twelfth national title but only her first in the elite class.


Defending BMX National Champion, Tanya Bailey from Perth, finished in second place with fellow Western Australians, Catherine Hopkins in third while Nicole Callisto crashed in the first turn.


In the elite men’s final early leader, Kamakazi, was relegated into third by Jared Graves and Luke Madill down the third strait. Graves and Madill fought throughout the final strait with Graves winning the national title by only a half a wheel. Madill claimed second while Billy Jolliffe claimed third


Graves' win also gives him the overall Oceania Ranking series win over world number one, Marc Willers from New Zealand, after a count back.


Local rider, Sam Willoughby won the junior men's national title ahead of Gold Coast's Steven Janssen. Third was Vicotoria's Michael Chasteauneuf.


The junior women's race saw Bunbury's Lauren Reynolds take the win from Townsville's Rachel Bracken. Last year's defending champion, Caroline Buchanan, claimed third.



Mankowski is not intending on racing the last Supercross race in Copenhagen next month. This leaves Mankowski with one last chance of a result at the World Championships in Taiyuan in China in June. Following that event nomination for the Australian team will be made. Currently the nation ranking looks hopeful for Australia taking a maximum number of three men and two women.

BMX Mania is Diggin' the Australian National Championships!

Since we were already in the area due to attending the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Adelaide, Australia we figured that since the Australian National Championships are just the next weekend, that we'd stick around. Not a bad idea as BMX Australia decided to make a little BMX History in the process.

BMXA took the UCI Supercross track and did a few little adjustments to it for a racing surface for the Aussie Finals which includes little 'Sprockets' to 50+ Cruiser riders. OH! Did we mention that they kept the START HILL as well?

Uh.....History Making decision there, whoever made that one! Never before in the history of BMX have NON-Elite riders ridden on the UCI SX Start Hill.

Elite Women Get After It In RADelaide, Australia



BMX Mania Photo Of The Day

Some photos BEG to be published.....This is one of them. Maybe it's a "different kind of podium". At the UCI Adelaide Supercross race, instead of David Herman (Left) being FIRST on the podium, he's got Second nailed down and isn't quite sure why, or what exactly is going on. At right, UCI Supercross Head Honcho, Johan Lindstrom seems to think that David, in fact, IS the man. But the guy who takes it all out in First Place is Kamakazi who is going crazy in the background in "First Place". Pretty funny stuff.

BMX Australia/Hogs Breath Café Probikx Series Final Rankings

Elite men - 1 Jared Graves 2 Luke Madill 3 Marc Willers 4 Brian Kirkham 5 Kamakazi

6 Alex Cameron 7 Billy Jolliffe 8 Michael Robinson 9 Matt Willoughby 10 Michael Fenwick


Elite Women - 1 Melissa Mankowski 2 Sarah Walker 3 Nicole Callisto 4 Tanya Bailey 5 Krystal Cranfield

6 Kelly Percy 7 Catherine Hopkins 8 Ziggy Callan 9 Ayaka Miwa 10 Serena Adamson


Junior Men - 1 Sam Willoughby 2 Steven Janssen 3 Josh Callan 4 Michael Chasteauneuf 5 Luke Londema

6 Anthony Dean 7 Justin Braybon 8 Ben Davis 9 Luke Bracken 10 Masahiro Sampei


Junior Women - 1 Lauren Reynolds 2 Caroline Buchanan 3 Rachel Bracken 4 Cherie Simpson 5 Victoria Hill

6 Grace Ireland 7 Caitlyn Ward 8 Caetlyn Hubert 9 Jamie-Lee Noyce 10 Zhizin Liao

BMX Australia/Hogs Breath Café Probikx Round 8

Elite Men (31 Riders) - 1 Kamakazi 2 Luke Madill 3 Jared Graves 4 Glenn Codega 5 Todd Pascoe 6 Alex Cameron 7 Thomas Hubert 8 Brian Kirkham

Elite Women (6 Riders) - 1 Sarah Walker 2 Nicole Callisto 3 Tanya Bailey 4 Melissa Mankowski 5 Catherine Hopkins 6 Kelly Percy

Junior Men (22 Riders) - 1 Sam Willoughby 2 Michael Chasteauneuf 3 Steven Janssen 4 Anthony Dean 5 Josh Callan 6 Josh Eden 7 Nick Deininger 8 Luke Londema

Junior Women (11 Riders) - 1 Lauren Reynolds 2 Rachel Bracken 3 Caroline Buchanan 4 Cherie Simpson 5 Caetlyn Hubert 6 Caitlyn Ward 7 Grace Ireland 8 Caitlin Willmott

UCI Supercross World Cup Adelaide, Australia 2008

ONE KENDA press release


ONE/Kenda’s Maris Strombergs takes 2nd in the second Supercross event of 2008.


In Elite Men, Maris Strombergs from Latvia takes 2nd place at UCI SX in Australia.

Maris was fast all day along with team mate Arturs Matisons from Latvia.

After leading the pack in the main, Maris got passed just before the last turn by US rider David Herman.

ONE/Kenda’s Emilio Falla from Ecuador also made the main and got 7th.


ONE/Kenda’s Supercross winner in Madrid, Arturs Matisons from Latvia, crashed in the semi.

In Elite Women Aneta Hladikova from Czech Republic sprained her ankle in the semi.
Gabriela Diaz from Argentina made it to the main but got 8th.


To see the race once again, please check BMX-Videos.COM.


Results Elite Men:

1 David HERMAN, USA – Intense/Bawls

2 Maris STROMBERGS, Latvia - ONE/Kenda

3 KAMAKAZI, Australia

4 Michal PROKOP, Czech Republic - Author

5 Raymon van der BIEZEN, Netherlands – KNWU/Redline

6 Luke MADILL, Australia - GT

7 Emilio FALLA, Ecuador - ONE/Kenda

8 Jared GRAVES, Australia – Yeti


Results Elite Women:

1 Sarah WALKER, New Zealand

2 Arielle MARTIN, USA

3 Samatha COOLS, Canada - Supercross

4 Tanya BAILEY, Australia


6 Amanda GEVING, USA

7 Nicole CALLISTO, Australia

8 Gabriela DIAZ, Argentina - ONE/Kenda 


Photo: Jerry Landrum (BMX Mania)


Next race, EC round 9 and 10 in Echichens, Switzerland (Apr. 19-20)


ONE KENDA is sponsored by: 


Hit The Track With These HOT Racin' Specials From J&R

For All You BMX Maniac's Out There!

Crupi picks up USA’s Tyler Brown!


Arcadia, California – Crupi Parts, Inc is proud to announce the signing of US Olympic hopeful, Tyler Brown.  Tyler has been shopping for a ride since the end of last season and Bill Ryan from Supercross had stepped up to support Tyler since early on this season.  But now Tyler has found a home with Crupi and Crupi is lucky to have him!


“This was a big and bold move for Crupi” said Crupi President, Greg Swingrover, “but one we could not afford to pass up”.  Swingrover went on to say that “Tyler is not only an accomplished rider but a terrific fit for Crupi.” 


Tyler is currently part of the US Funded Team training regularly at the Olympic facility in Chula Vista, California and now Tyler is also part of Crupi’s World Team so look for Tyler rocking his Crupi Pro XL at the big remaining Nationals in 2008.  Congratulations to Tyler, his Mom Rhonda, girlfriend Kassie and his BMX gate snapping dog; Baxter!











Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, April 18, 2008

C'mon, you KNOW you want to be there....Make it happen in Copenhagen!


Friday.....Adelaide Showgrounds Spectacular Race!

Historical Amateur Racing takes place on Supercross Start Hill!

BMX History was made Thursday as amateurs raced on the massive UCI BMX Supercross Start Hill at the BMX Australia Adelaide Showgrounds Spectacular. More Saturday, from BMX Mania!


SE Bikes Auction

for Stephen Murray

Ebay id: 200216825400 

Once again SE Racing and Todd Lyons have put together an awesome package of SE products for auction on Ebay! 

All proceeds go directly to the Stephen Murray Family Fund to assist him in his continued fight to walk again.

Please visit the page at this LINK!!! 

Thank you all for your continued support!!!

ASD Announces HOT New Lineup Of Profile Products Available!

Win the Ultimate Oakley Experience

Oakley Seeks Winners for Oakley Rider Search Contest 

Upload videos and photos to by April 30 for your chance to ride with Oakley team athletes 

SAN DIEGO – April 17, 2008 – Loop’d Network, a leading social network for sports, and Oakley, Inc. (NYSE:OO) invite you to enter the Oakley Rider Search contest at Oakley today announced the exclusive prizes for winners of the contest, which is hosted on Loop’d Network. Contestants have less than two weeks to upload videos and pictures for a chance to win prizes that include private skate, snow and BMX sessions with Oakley team athletes, or tickets to events like the World Superpipe Championships or Crankworx mountain bike festival. The contest closes on April 30.  

Prizes will be awarded to one lucky winner in each of six sports categories: 

      ● Skate: Brush up on your skills while skating with Oakley pros at a weeklong session at Woodward East or West  

      ● Ski: Get tickets, VIP treatment and two days of lift passes at the 2009 World Superpipe Championships  

      ● Snow: Ride with Oakley pros Gretchen Bleiler and Nicolas Muller while perfecting your goggle tan at the famous High Cascade Snowboard Camp! This action-packed session is held during the Abominable Snow Jam Contest which attracts pros from all over the planet. It’s the perfect dose of shred to get you through the summer months. 

            BMX:  Ride with the pros at a weeklong summer session at Woodward East or West 

Moto: Get tickets, lodging and VIP treatment at the MX National or supercross race of your choice. And while there, tour some of the factory rigs, meet and greet some of the top Oakley pros, hang out at the Oakley truck and get a pair of Oakley goggles signed by your favorite team rider. 

MTB: Travel, lodging and passes for the Whistler Bike Park during the infamous Crankworx festival – the most ground-breaking, gravity-fueled mountain bike festival featuring the sport’s most fearless and talented athletes.  

“From the moment Oakley joined the Loop’d Network, their commitment to supporting sports and celebrating athletes was evident through their global audience of passionate and dedicated fans,” said Scott Tilton, chief executive officer at Loop’d Network. “Oakley introduced the Oakley Rider Search contest to encourage and reward amateur athletes and their talents. This contest is a great opportunity for recognition and the prizes are top-notch. Don’t miss out!” 

Oakley, a global leader in sports performance optics including premium sunglasses, goggles and prescription eyewear, joined Loop’d Network in November 2007 to build relationships with members of Loop’d Network, a targeted youth demographic of athletes and fans, through interactive content, events and contests, such as Oakley Rider Search.   

Loop’d Network provides athletes, enthusiasts and brands, such as Oakley, with an online forum to connect and communicate. The Oakley Rider Search contest has attracted many of Loop’d Network’s most passionate and talented athletes who define themselves by their favorite sports and brands with a sports lifestyle affiliation.

To join the Oakley community or participate in the Oakley Rider Search contest on Loop’d Network, please visit  to register and create your profile. This profile will enable you to join any of the network’s communities to interact with others who are passionate about sports.

About Oakley, Inc. - Oakley is a global leader in sport performance optics including premium sunglasses, goggles and prescription eyewear. Headquartered in Southern California, the company's optics brand portfolio includes Dragon, Eye Safety Systems, Fox Racing, Mosley Tribes, Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith Spectacles. In addition to its global wholesale business, the company operates retail chains including Bright Eyes, Oakley Stores, Sunglass Icon and The Optical Shop of Aspen. The company also offers a wide selection of Oakley-branded apparel, footwear, watches and accessories. Additional information is available at

About Loop’d Network - Loop’d Network™ ( is a leading social network for sports. By providing a purposeful place for athletes, enthusiasts and brands to connect and interact, Loop’d delivers a differentiated platform of communities, content, member services and marketing products. Combining a personalized and interactive experience for its members with a unique approach to brand integration and engagement for advertisers, Loop’d Network is a first mover in social media for action, motor and endurance sports. GOES LIVE 

KENT, WA:  After 6 months in development, the first-ever web site has gone live.

INLINE bicycle parts is owned and distributed by Seattle Bike Supply; American bike dealers’ first choice for keeping their store showrooms stocked with the latest and greatest bikes, parts and accessories.

For nearly two decades, Inline innertubes have lined the insides of tires – and most recently introduced an easy-to-use wall hanging tube dispenser for shops.

More recently, they completely revamped their line of bike tools; getting consumers familiar with green handles that are small, light and priced right.
With the new Inline site, one of its key features is live database content.

This means that when an Inline product gets added to the SBS database, it instantly shows up on the Inline Web site.

The all new Inline web site follows the brands’ rapidly expanding line of products.

At last year's Interbike Show, Inline handed out its first ever printed catalog to help debut many of its new green colored tools, as well as baskets and saddles.

SBS plans for the Inline brand to continue to increase in selection, as well as helping dealers increase their sales with quality product at a killer price.

Check out









Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, April 17, 2008


Friday.....Adelaide Showgrounds Spectacular Race Coverage From BMX Mania!


Big Men's Photo Gallery/Mini Race review Posted to

UCI Supercross Adelaide Report Page on BMX Mania!


Martin Finishes Second in Women's Event

Adelaide, Australia (April 13, 2008)-The United States continued to illustrate its depth in BMX racing on Sunday when David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo.) won the men's race at the second round of the 2008 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup and Arielle Martin (Pleasant Grove, Utah) finished second in the women's event.

As the only American to qualify for the final eight-man main, Herman outkicked several of the world's top riders to capture the biggest win of his career. After qualifying 23rd in Saturday's time trial session, Herman managed to advance all the way to the finals where he faced Maris Strombergs (NED), Kamakazi (AUS), Michal Prokop (CZE), Raymon van der Biezen (NED), Luke Madill (AUS), Emillo Falla (ECU), and Jared Graves (AUS). In the winner-take-all format, Herman crossed the line in 30.446 seconds to finish just 0.283 of a second ahead of Strombergs for the victory.

Despite earning the number one seed, Donny Robinson (Napa, Calif.), as well as compatriots Mike Day (Santa Clarita, Calif.) and Bubba Harris (Goodyear, Ariz.), were all eliminated from contention in the semifinals.

In the women's race, Martin finished second to Sarah Walker (NZL) by just 0.267 of a second in an eight-woman final that featured three Americans. Jill Kintner (Seattle, Wash.) finished fifth overall while Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla.) placed sixth.

Martin earned the second seed behind Jana Horakova (CZE) before finishing behind Walker in a final that also included her two countrywomen, as well as Samantha Cools (CAN), Tanya Bailey (AUS), Nicole Callisto (AUS) and Maria Gabriella Diaz (ARG).

The international BMX contingent will next compete at the third round of the 2008 UCI Supercross World Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark, May 9-10 before the men will compete for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in Chula Vista, Calif. On June 14.

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UCI SX Denmark

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Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, April 15, 2008



The Tangent/BAWLS factory team is back to healthy and it showed this weekend in the Great Northwest. The full amateur team loaded up and made the haul to Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond Oregon where the ABA hosted this year’s Great Northwest Nationals.  It’s the newest indoor facility on the circuit and it proved to be the perfect venue.  The arena and track were awesome and it made for some great racing for the riders and fans alike.   

Being so far north we didn’t really know what to expect as far as turnout for this late winter National.  All the hype and a new indoor facility must have really got people excited because when motos where posted on Saturday morning there was an astounding 200+ moto count!!  With that high rider count and a good amount of Factory competitors we knew we were really going to have to turn in on.  And the Tangent/ BAWLS Factory Team did just that.  When the dust settled on the weekend the team had picked up its two best scores of the year.  A 2nd behind Factory Answer on Saturday and a first ever WIN for the Tangent/ BAWLS Team on Sunday!!  Here’s how it all went down…  

After missing Arizona with a broken wrist, the little man Jacob Abbe was back on his bike and ready to get back up on the podium.  Some great riding and a little luck put Jacob 4th in class on Saturday and a Sunday Double, winning 11-12 Open and 11 Expert!!  Jacob’s wrist is feeling better by the day and to prove it further he put on a show for the ABA tear down crew doing berm to berm transfers after the races.  Look for him to back to 100% and ripping it up again in Tulare next month. 

Not to be out done by his brother, our newest Factory Rider and Jacob’s older brother Nate Abbe stepped to the plate and had an outstanding performance on his brand new Tangent loaded Intense race bike capturing 2nd both days in 13 expert.  Nate’s been hanging around the pits and riding locals for some time now and it looks like he’s finally decided to get back into the national scene full force…We’re expecting big things from this guy! 

Teammate and class runner to Nate, Blake Paulson showed why he’s rockin’ the Tangent/ BAWLS colors this weekend as well.  Blake always has his Fly uniform clean but on Saturday hit the ground in the last corner of the 13x main getting it a little dirty.  On Sunday, with a fresh new uni, he came back with a huge 3rd place finish right behind teammate Nate.  The 2 – 3 podium was an awesome closer for the weekend in 13x. 

Riley continues to impress everybody on the circuit with another pair of wins in 16x.  It goes to show that training with past X-Games Champ Brandon Meadows makes you really fast.  Riley was rolling his Sinz wheel set to more first place laps that you could count, and with two seconds in open and the win both days in 16x we don’t see him slowing his roll one bit going into Tulare! 

Tyler made the trip up from San Diego with the Abbe’s and was the lady of lane 8 as she had it in both of her semi’s and all four of her mains. Tyler made the best of the short first straight and closed the weekend with 2nd and 3rd in 14 girls and 4th and 3rd in 14-16 girl cruiser.  

Tangent’s oldest am Kevin Shankle has had a rocky start this year after severely dislocating his shoulder at the Grands last year.  The slow healing shoulder coupled with a practice crash while getting back into shape has kept Kevin on the sidelines a little more than he’d like this year.  But not even all that is going to keep Kevin down.  He’s feeling a little better and decided to make the trip to Oregon to round out the six man Tangent/ BAWLS Am team.  A couple of Advil and some BAWLS energy got Kevin around the track looking good as new.  Kevin road great and took 2nd behind Phantom’s Jake Pebbles both days.  We’re all looking forward to see what a 100% Kevin has for us next month. 

Now that the team is healthy they showed what a force they can be in the Factory ranks.  The whole team is more pumped than ever and looking forward to the next West Coast ABA tour stop in Tulare.  We hope to see everyone there. 

Tangent/ BAWLS would like to thank all of our sponsors: Tangent Products, BAWLS Guarana, Fly Racing, Intense BMX, Sinz, Thomson, Clifbar, and Riders Pro Shop.

Action Sports Depot Launches HOT New Fly BMX Helmet Line for the Spring Racing Season!




Mike Redman is putting on a 2 day Clinic at the home of the U.S. National (Tulare BMX) the times are Saturday from 10am to 3pm and Sunday 9am to 2pm. On April 19th and 20th. 


The cost is $130 for both days or $75 a day. 


Mike will also be doing a gate clinic on May 1st at Tulare BMX from 4pm to 6pm. 


Come and get your skills tune up for the U.S. National. Each day includes lunch and goodie bag.


help support a "BMX family in need"


Join our support group for the family of Thomas Bullock. Thomas has played basketball and BMX with our sons for 5 years. Thomas’ father, Thomas Bullock Sr., was hospitalized in January with the flu, then heart failure due to a leaky mitral valve, and spent 2 months in intensive care with pneumonia, fevers and renal failure.


The good news is that he is getting better; the bad news is that his hospital bill is over $500,000 (the maximum of his insurance) and he needs ongoing dialysis and rehabilitation.


The Bullocks are working hard to stay afloat. For 2 months, Thomas got up at 2:30 AM to do the paper route he & his father did together previously, and he (and his sister Jasmine) will take a year off from BMX racing.


We want to support them through this devastating illness and a donation web site has been started to aid them on their road to recovery.

Your gift in any amount will help with medical expenses and the loss of income. If we all give a little, it will make a big difference! Also, Please help us spread the word.

Thanks! - Sarah Goodlin









Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, April 14, 2008


BMX winner lays claim to an Olympic berth


Official BMX Australia News Release - Sunday 13th April


USA youngster David Herman not only made his first final but won the UCI BMX World Cup Supercross in Adelaide. The 19 year old 'dark horse' of the strong American men’s team blitzed the field beating Latvian. Maris Strombergs. Third was Australian BMX Olympic hopeful, Kamakazi from Queensland. Fellow Australian finalists Luke Madill and Jared Graves finished sixth and eighth respectively.


All top three riders were finalists for the first time and keen to prove that they deserve to be their nation’s chosen riders when the Olympic teams are nominated after the World Championships in Taiyuan in early June.


For Herman, to make a final and win from an outside lane was particularly exciting.


“I slammed my bike on the ground. I was really happy. There was some hugging. I gave Bubba Harris a hug as he made the semi which is good for him. We’re a cheerful group over here,” Herman said.


I am 19 and many people think I am heading for the next Olympics (London). That’s what people think I should be going for but I’m here and I’ve been working hard.”


The main reason I did so well was that I wasn’t expecting to do so well. I wasn’t nervous. I was the most nervous for my first moto and then I was relaxed.”


Surprisingly, Herman was the only USA rider to make the final even though fellow team-mate Donny Robinson claimed the fastest time trail.. Favorites, Robinson and Mike Day (USA) both failed to make the final.


Strombergs was a little disappointed with his second place but it was the Australian, Kamakazi, who received the applause from the large Adelaide crowd.


“I was pretty lucky to get to the final. This is only my second Supercross and first final so I’m thrilled,” smiled Kamakazi.


In the women’s race world number one rider Sarah Walker from New Zealand claimed victory. The 19 year old punched the air at the finish line after a fall in the first race of the day saw her avoid injury.


“I thought I would not be walking off the track after that but my day got better,” Walker said.


My gates hadn’t been good all day. I chose a wide lane and got a free run into the first corner.”


This World Cup Supercross was the first race of the season for the women.


“It has been a long time, I have ridden on this sort of track since our last Supercross in October last year,” pointed out Walker.


Second was the improving Arielle Martin from the United States while Canadian rider, Samantha Cools placed third. Australia’s National Champion, Tanya Bailey claimed fourth while team mate, Nicole Callisto finished a creditable seventh.


With the Australian riders backing up next week for the National Championships in Adelaide there is one final Supercross event before the UCI BMX World Championships which marks the end of the Olympic selection races.


Elite Men 

1 80 HERMAN David USA 9 MAY 1988 30.446

2 151 STROMBERGS Maris LAT 10 MAR 1987 30.729 +0.283

3 454 KAMAKAZI AUS 3 AUG 1981 30.923 +0.477

4 12 PROKOP Michal CZE 1 APR 1981 31.116 +0.670

5 121 van der BIEZEN Raymon NED 14 JAN 1987 31.477 +1.031

6 17 MADILL Luke AUS 28 MAY 1980 31.651 +1.205

7 50 FALLA Emilio ECU 12 JUN 1986 31.936 +1.490

8 53 GRAVES Jared AUS 16 DEC 1982 36.400 +5.954



Elite Women 

1 96 WALKER Sarah NZL 10 JUL 1988 34.653

2 15 MARTIN Arielle USA 30 JUL 1984 34.920 +0.267

3 56 COOLS Samantha CAN 3 MAR 1986 36.240 +1.587

4 17 BAILEY Tanya AUS 15 MAR 1981 36.781 +2.128

5 33 KINTNER Jill USA 24 OCT 1981 36.875 +2.222

6 31 GEVING Amanda USA 8 FEB 1989 37.193 +2.540

7 55 CALLISTO Nicole AUS 12 NOV 1987 39.299 +4.646

8 104 DIAZ Maria Gabriela ARG 2 JAN 1981 42.076 +7.423

Intense BMX/Bawls Gurana Pro Team Race Report

UCI BMX Supercross Adelaide, Australia 

April 12-13 2008 - Round 2 of the 2008 UCI Supercross series headed over to the southern hemisphere in Adelaide, Australia, the 5th largest city in Australia. The Adelaide show grounds is the home of the 2009 BMX World Championships and was a perfect setting for the 2nd round of the Supercross series. The 5 event UCI Supercross series is the 2nd most important event in Olympic Qualifying, just under the World Championships.                                              

Intense BMX/Bawls Guarana team Pro David Herman has had the best season of his young Pro BMX career in 2008, as he currently sits #2 in the ABA Pro points and #5 in the NBL. David traveled to round #1 of the UCI Supercross series in Madrid, Spain last month, where he just missed out on the main event. David set out to do his best in Adelaide, as the weeks before it, he traveled from his home town of Denver, Colorado to the USA Olympic BMX training center in Chula Vista, CA, where the USA has built a replica Supercross track. David spent a few days there, getting used to the giant starting hill and high speeds, as well as the huge gapped jumps that are a Supercross standard.

 As practice started, David could tell the trip to Chula Vista paid off, as he felt very comfortable on the track and was riding well. On Saturday, as the time trails would seed the riders for the motos in the event, over 85 riders were on hand to try to qualify for the top 64 spots to move onto the race final. David would finish up 23rd overall and transfer to the finials.

As the race unfolded, David was one of the most consistent riders as he would finish in the top 4 and transfer onto the ¼ finial. Stacked with some of the world’s top riders, as well as many of his fellow USA pros teammates, David placed 4th and went onto the semi final. David would once again have another incredible lap, this time finishing 2nd and making his way to the main event, as the lone USA Pro to do so. As the main event lined up, David was set in gate 8 and had one of his best starts of the night, where he came down the first straight and into the first turn in 2nd place. David was stalking the race leader and was close behind all the way around the track. Going into the last turn, David had made up some ground and was able to pass the race leader and move into the lead and take the biggest race win of his life. This UCI Supercross win propels David as one of the premier Elite Pro riders in the world and will add David to the Team USA BMX race program. David looks forward to the next round in Denmark next month.

The Intense BMX / Bawls Guarana Pro Race team is proudly supported by THE Products, Fly Racing, SINZ Racing Products, Intense Tyre Systems, Shimano, Champion Nutrition, and Ogio.  

Intense BMX frames have been the ABA Bike of the year for 2005, 2006, and 2007. The Intense Podium frames come in 15 different sizes. Intense BMX also offers 20 different complete bikes for BMX racing and Dirt/Street. For information on frame geometry, the complete bikes, or any other scoop on Intense BMX, please check out







Today's BMX Racing News - Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sarah Walker & David Herman Take Wins At Adelaide Supercross

Photo Race Report To Be Added, Monday, Monday, Monday!

Complete Results Posted on the BMX Mania report Page

Click Here to check out the BMX mania/Adelaide SX Report Page


Celebrate 30 Years Of European BMX!

YOU have a personal invitation from the GODFATHER OF EURO BMX......Gerrit Does (Seen, stylin' at left in some awesome 'way back' dark hair and a sweet bizness suit!), to attend the SPECTACULAR Celebration of 30 Years Of BMX in Europe. To make the whole thing even more FANtasmagorical,Super Kool and Sweet To The Max, the whole Old Skool Blow Out will be held at the LEGENDARY Ponypark Slagharen, one of the most well known and important venues EVERER in BMX!

Here's your personal invite from G. Does, the Dr. of BMX from the University Of BMX (REALLY, check it out at

We cordially invite Old Skool BMX riders from the period 1978 till 1994 to celebrate the 30 years of existence of the sport of BMX. We will come together and socialize at the location were in 1983 the first outside-USA BMX World Championships took place in Holland at

ATTRACTIEPARK SLAGHAREN (at that time called PONYPARK Slagharen).

At this venue, several years after this Worlds, special designed and prepared BMX TV events were broadcasted Nation wide and among others a European Championship took place as well as 10 European Challenge Cup events, probably well remembered by most of you all.

Besides O.S. riders, also former officials are more then welcome and of course those interested fans/supporters from back then are welcome as well to have a great weekend at the amusement park, socializing, talking history and meeting old friends probably after many years. 

This unique weekend will take place from Friday 3rd till Sunday October 5th 2008. Most of the Old Skool BMX riders do have families themselves now and together with their children these young families can have a great team. There is no better place to have this Reunion and Celebration then at Attractiepark Slagharen. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet old friends, former competitors and talk about the early days of the sport? Show your children how this sport started out and explaining what their parents mend in the developing of the sport. Besides that, the children can have a great time at the Amusement park itself. 

Just like the old days, a special section of the cottage area has been reserved specially for this happening. Like in the early days, a BMX village will be formed and this is not only at the park itself, but also on the camping-site. The camping-site was a favourite place for many National and International riders and their families. 

Because of the celebration 30 years of BMX/Old Skool Reunion, cottages and camping-site locations  will be available at a very special price. Also Attractiepark Slagharen has something to celebrate, ......  its 45 years of existence in 2008.


Eugene, OR:  Redline's robotic manualer DAKOTA SENGER has always dreamed of following in the footsteps of his Pro teammate Bubba Harris; but this is taking it a bit too far. While training for the Great Northwest Nationals in his homestate, Senger crashed hard during sprints and wound up busting up his ankle pretty hard. Wait -- make that VERy hard.

Last year, 12 year old Dakota won the UCi World Champs in Victoria (on Cruiser), and ended the season with an ABA Nag No.1 title; finally putting his name and title on the Redline trailer's "Door of Champs."

With plans already made for a trip to China, to defend his Worlds Cruiser title and 1-up his 2nd place in 20", word had it that Dakota was flyin' faster than ever at the local practice. His new traning program with Ken Cools was payin' off, up until his wreck.

The break required 8 small screws, one plate and 1 large screw. All titanium; of course!

Unfortunately, this injury will end his plans for a repeat in China this May. But watching from the sidelines at the Bend, Oregon national, Senger was already making plans for his big comeback.

"If Bubba can do it, so can I."

Expect to see him back on the track right before the Grands, for a late season charge!

Redline wishes him a speed - yet safe, recovery. 


7620 So 192nd  Kent, WA. 98032   ph 425-251-1516    fx 425-251-5279   |   800-283-2453 | | | |










Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday, April 12, 2008

Donny Robinson & Jana Horakova Take Top Time Trial Spots At UCI Adelaide Supercross

Click Here to check out the Complete official Time Trials

results Posted on the BMX mania/Adelaide SX Report Page











Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, April 11, 2008

UCI BMX Supercross/Adelaide Is Underway!

Free Agent's, Ramiro Marino is excited to be taking on the BIG jumps at the SX track in Adelaide. You would be too, if you could experience the thrill that he's going thru as he flies around the Adelaide track. The BMX Mania roving photo rig rolled Down Under and collected a bunch of good stuff for you if you didn't make the scene. Tune in later, Friday for some Hot Shots from Adelaide on the BMX Mania Report Page, brought to you by the Hot New Alienation BMX rockin' collection of race goodies. Check em out at


For More, check out the BMX Mania Adelaide UCI SX Report Page!



Adelaide BMX Supercross Track gets minor changes...Team Australia Shines!


BMX Australia Official News Release - Australia’s Krystal Cranfield’s (AUS) fell in practice  today and miss her chance of racing the UCI BMX World Cup Supercross in Adelaide over the weekend. The 21 year old landed heavily in the second straight breaking her collarbone perhaps ruining her chance of making an Olympic berth.


With 43 riders entered, the Australian riders not only survived practice but impressed.


“All of the guys looked good and comfortable. Kamakazi and Jamie (Gray) said they felt good out there. Jared (Graves) was doing the first straights really well. Khalen pulled it together at the end,” said Australia's BMX Head Coach, Scott Sharples.


Luke (Madill) had good sections on the track and looked smooth especially in the third strait.”


The girls impressed me today as well. Nicole Callisto dominated the practice today. She was the first girl to do the first straight and Lauren (Reynolds, the junior girl,  was the second.”


Even though Krystal is not on our squad, I was really keen to see her ride a Supercross event.”


Some of the young junior talent also caught Sharples attention, especially local rider Sam Willoughby.


With practice again tomorrow before riders compete in two time trail runs organizers are making some adjustments to the small sections of the track.


During practice, Olympic track builder, Tom Ritzenthaler, kept a close eye on men's and women's sessions and this evening is reforming some of the jumps.


“We’ll make changes on the first and third straits mainly. The first two jumps will get some adjustments. We will shape it for the riders,” said Ritzenthaler.


For all riders in tomorrow's two qualifying runs the aim will be to qualify with the fastest times as only 64 men and 16 women make it through into racing on Sunday.


Racing gets underway at 12.30 pm with the elite women’s first time trail and finishes with the elite men’s second run at 4.30 pm.


Sharon Payne / Media Manager BMX Australia - For more info, contact









Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, April 10, 2008


Olympic choices make a few BMX absentees In Adelaide

BMX Mania Posts UCI SX Report Page. Schedule Posted, Photos To Follow, Friday After Practice Day! (Click Here Or Above)

Adelaide will add to its list of international Cycling events when it hosts a round of the UCI BMX World Cup Supercross this weekend. Despite being one of the last major international races before the sport debuts at the Beijing Olympics a few of the international riders are notably absent. The French’s decision to leave their women’s team at home this weekend has surprised event organizers and officials.


According to UCI BMX Sports coordinator, Johan Lindstrom, “The French team is sitting comfortably in the lead of the nations ranking, but it’s still surprising that they are not taking this opportunity to race on a BMX Supercross track. There are only two more races remaining for the women leading up to the Games.”

With 18 countries racing this weekend the French women’s team must be confident they have secured ample points to send the maximum number of riders to the Beijing 2008 Olympics which for the women are two riders. The French men are attending and are currently ranked in eight place.

Another noticeable absence is England’s Shanaze Reade. With only two events left to qualify, she is leaving herself only two chances of qualifying for the Olympics.


According to her new coach, Grant White, “Shanaze is missing the Adelaide Supercross event due to the travel involved to such an event. This would impact on her current training phase.”


Reade has had a busy schedule over the last couple of months. She won a gold medal as part of the women’s team in the time trial at the UCI Track World Championships in Manchester, England last month.

Another late exclusion came from the reigning BMX World Champion, Kyle Bennett, from Texas. Last weekend Bennett won the USA National Championships and has decided to rest, but the 28 year old is confident of gaining an Olympic berth with a 42 points lead over any other USA rider on their national ranking scale.


According to Mike King, the USA Olympic BMX Coach, “Kyle decided to tone down his travel commitments and if you do the math he still could be in the lead even without racing this weekend.”

Donny Robinson and Mike Day will fly the flag for the strong men’s USA team, with the pair currently ranked third and sixth in the world respectively. The USA men’s team currently dominate the nations ranking with a massive 590 points. Their nearest rival is the Netherlands with 410 points closely followed by the Australians with 407 points.

For the Australian team the event on home soil means that for the first time they have no travel or time zone difficulties. Other teams having the challenge of traveling from their winter and for some teams an uncommon 24 hour flight to recover from. All this and a rowdy crowd should add up to a nice home town advantage for the Aussies.

While the Australian men’s team is looking strong with their current position it will be interesting to see if the absence of the top French team will give the Australian women’s team an advantage and a chance to move up the rankings. But with some of the lower teams scrambling to get in the top four they will have their work cut out for them.

According to BMX National Assistant Coach, Wade Bootes, the absence of the French women could have some repercussions for the Australian women’s points. With the top French team usually claiming top points there will be more points available. If some of the lower ranked countries make the final it could affect the Australian women’s current ranking.

“Without the French team now, the Australian girls will have to finish higher than the American girls on the weekend to help keep their chance alive for a possible two spots for the Olympics,” explained Bootes. Australia’s women are currently ranked second but the European countries still have two rounds of their Continental series after the Supercross event in Adelaide so they still can earn points,” Bootes said.

Australia has the largest contingent of women riders entered, a total of eight and Bootes expects to get several of them into the final.

Practice on the newly built track will get underway on Friday mid-day with racing starting on Saturday at 12.30 pm with the time trail qualification runs. The top 64 men and the top 32 women will proceed into the action packed final on Sunday.

Action should be fast and furious, so if you are in the area, get down to cheer on the Aussies.


Media Launch - Friday 11.15 am at the Adelaide Showground





Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, April 9, 2008

BMX Mania's On The Road To Adelaide!

BMX Mania is once again, traveliin' off to bring you hot BMX Race Action coverage on the road to the Olympics! UCI BMX Supercross/Adelaide will be taking place this weekend, and the race action will be FAST AND FURIOUS! The qualifying points and opportunities are getting fewer as we head in to the Summer and the FIRST EVER BMX Olympic Event, so every moto at these races will be battled over, and we'll do our best to bring you some GOOD STUFF from the last two upcoming UCI BMX Supercross races.


BMX Supercross Adelaide action will begin Friday with Men's AND Women's practice as the best BMXers from all around the world will lay it all down, flying down the UCI SX Starting Hill. We'll bring you photos and inside happenings from Practice, Time Trials and The Big Race, all weekend long! Keep it here, for Race Reporting from beautiful Adelaide, Australia!







Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Intense/Phantom/On-Trac Goes Big in Texas!


DeSoto’s Metroplex BMX facility is one of the absolute best racing venues in the United States and one of only two permanent, covered BMX tracks in the US.  This weekend the world class venue was host to the ABA’s two-day Super National.  What a great weekend of racing.  As always a handful of our riders really shined. 


In the Pro divisions, we had a handful of podium finishes.  Dominique “Demolition” Daniels had some fierce battles with Alise “the Beast” Post and notched up a 2nd and 3rd for the weekend.  The “Quiet Man” Chad Street also had his hands full with some sick racing between him and Supercross’ Keith Fallen.  Chad also takes home a 2nd and 3rd for the weekend.  Finally, Intense/Phantom/On-Trac’s newest young gun and Pro Kris Fox rode smooth as silk all weekend taking a fine 3rd place on Friday.  Sunday he put it al together and not only took home the W – I – N on Sunday, but also taking home his first big paycheck home to proud Mom and Dad, Staci and Shawn.  Congrats on your first win of many!


We had a handful of our ladies at the weekend who also had some outstanding efforts.  Kristen Long, never far from a mischievous grin, doubled for the weekend in 11 girls.  In 12 girls, “Fly’n” Felicia Stancil took care of her business also with a double.  The outstanding performance by a gal in yellow for the weekend had to come from Taylor Wolcott who continues to dominate her class and do so with style!  Taylor completes a great double-double in 14 girls and 13-14 mixed open, again, showing the pre-pubescent boys how it’s done.  Finally, teammate Shelbi Long had some decent finishes of her own taking a 2nd and a 1st in 16 girls. 


The grommet crew was out in force leading the way for the boys.  “Mini-Nic” Shayne Lewis continues his streak of wins with another pair in 7X.  His little teammate “Vicious” Vaughn Herrick has a streak of his own going this year and he, too, scored another pair of wins doubling in 8X and taking a 1st and 2nd in 7-8 Open.  Chris Blevins explodes out of the gate like a cannonball and it serves him well again this weekend as Chris yet again wins both days on both bikes in 10X and 10 Cruiser.  Seanie, Seanie Gaian had a respectable weekend of his won as well taking four 2nds in 12X and 11-12 Open and pulled off one of the best moves of the weekend with a 2nd turn swoop on Sunday to lock down his finish.  Sweeeeeeet.


This time of year is always entertaining for us in the 14X class with both Billy “Bad Boy” Russell and Rusty “Razzleberry” Nesvig vying for top gun.  As an added incentive, DeSoto is Billy’s home track and he was even in the local newspaper Friday morning.  Throw in OFR’s powerful Jordan Ryan into the mix and we had some great battles ALL weekend!  Billy had no problem putting away the 14 Cruiser class, but when it came to 14X, he and Rusty each traded wins and 2nd places.  Rusty also put away the 13-14 Open class handily. 


The “Conman” Connor Fields had his hands full as well battling with Sun-Bru’s KJ Romero, one of the most lethal turn-meisters of any of the expert classes.  Conman doubles in 14X and 14 Cruiser Friday.  On Sunday, he parked the cruiser and KJ pulls off an awesome bump-move in turn one, taking the win.  “Quick” Nic Long took care of business as usual and notched up another double-double in 17-24X and 17 and over Open. 


At the end of the weekend, the team managed a pair of 212 scores winning on Friday and tying for the win Sunday with local folks Sun-Bru.  The team continues to sit atop the Factory Team Table in first place. 


As always, we’d like to thank our super sponsors who help make our success happen.  They are:  Intense BMX (, On-Trac Garage Doors (, Phantom BMX Products, Fly Racing, Bombshell (,  FSA (, THE Products (, SINZ Racing (, Intense Tire Systems, ( ), Group D (, and Scott goggles (



BMX - Supercross track under construction - ADELAIDE


The BMX World Cup Supercross track construction gets underway at 12.01 am Wednesday morning at the Adelaide Showground. The challenge of preparing the 310 metre track in a record 60 hours has organizers working against the clock. The track will be used for the Olympic selection event on the weekend and requires a total of 200 truckloads of sand and clay.


The BMX Beijing Olympic track builder, Tom Ritzenthaler, will be on site to create the unique indoor track which will feature a 7.2 metre start ramp. Time Trial qualifications start on Saturday with racing on Sunday.


 Race Format - schedule subject to change

Friday 11th April


09.00 - 11.30



11.45 - 11.55

Riders briefing


12.00 - 13.25

Elite Men Practice - Group A


13.30 - 14.55

Elite Men Practice - Group B


15.00 - 16.25

Elite Women Practice - Group C



Saturday 12th April


09.00 - 11.00

Transponder fitting


09.00 - 09.55

Elite Women Practice - Group C


10.00 - 10.55

Elite Men Practice - Group B


11.00 - 11.55

Elite Men Practice - Group A


12.30 - 13.00

Elite Women Time trials qualification #1


13.00 - 14.30

Elite Men Time trials qualification #1


14.30 - 15.00

Elite Women Time trials qualification #2


15.00 - 16.30

Elite Men Time trials qualification #2


16.15 - 16.30

Team Manager meeting





Sunday 13th April


12.00 - 12.25

Warm up Elite Men


12.30 - 12.55

Warm up Elite Women


13.00 -15.00

Elite Men 1/8 Finals 1st round


Elite Women 1/4 Finals 1


Elite Men 1/8 Finals 2


Elite Women 1/4 Final 2


Elite Men 1/8 Finals 3


Elite Women 1/4 Final 3


15.15 - 15.45

Elite Men Quarterfinal


Elite Women Semifinal


Elite Men Semfinal


16.00 - 16.15

Elite Women Final


16.15 - 16.30

Elite Men final


16.45 - 17.00

Awards ceremony

Adelaide Media Accreditation Alert - The ONLY opportunity for media to see the world's best BMX riders from all countries trying to make the first ever Olympic teams for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

UCI BMX World Cup Supercross Round 2 presented by Swatch - Adelaide Showground (Enter from Rose Terrace) - Saturday 12 & Sunday 13th April

Wednesday 9th April - News Release on international points and riders competing & photo to be sent via BMX Australia

Thursday 10th April - Top world ranked riders meet some ‘native animals’

Friday 11 April - Media Launch with the minister & elite riders - Practice session on the track TBA

Saturday – time trial selections

Sunday - racing

For media accreditations go to: - Please complete form and fax back to the BMX Australia office ASAP.

Draft Schedule:

For more information contact: Sharon Payne - Media Manager - BMX Australia -

Pearland Speedway 500 Point Weekend!!!

Texas Style ABA Racing At It's BEST!


Fri, Apr 18 - Single Point

Sign ups 6pm to 7:30pm

Entry fee: $12 class/cruiser


Sat, Apr 19 - Earned Double Point Race

Sign ups 6pm to 7:30pm

Entry fee: $20 class/cruiser


Sun, Apr 20 - State Champ Qualifier (double pts)

Sign ups 9am to 10:30am

Entry fee: $25 class/cruiser


Pre-Sign's are now open. Get one free open if you pre-sign before April 11. Pre signs will close April 16, 2008


Hotel info on the web page


Thanks For Rockin' Pearland Speedway - Ed Dorrian & The Pearland Speedway Track Crue!









Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, April 7, 2008

NBL Pacific Nationals/Elite Series Sunday Pro Winners

Stumpy - Holmes - McDow

Check Out The BMX Mania Pacific Nationals Report Page For Sunday's Official Results!


NBL Saturday Elite Series Battle In California Sees

Bennett, Brabant & Holmes Lead Saturday Racing!

Check Out The BMX Mania Pacific Nationals Report Page For Official Results!


SE Racing  adds 4 New Rippers to the 2008 Roster


SE Racing is please to announce the addition of David Bittner, Korban Corbett, Brandon Shcreuder and Cole Accord to the Factory Team for the 2008 season.


David Bittner hails from Fresno, CA. Bittner will be sporting the Winged Jersey while competing in the Vet Pro Classes of both the ABA and NBL, keeping the NorCal Pull and tradition alive and well. His addition to the team gives SE added exposure in the Pro Class AND a solid contender for the coveted Vet Pro Titles in both sanctions. When Dave is not working his regular 9-5 as a Finance Manager, you can catch him tearing up the local Fresno Tracks on His 2008 PK Ripper Team Bike.


Korban Corbett is one of two riders picked up from the infamous Inland Empire (Victorville, CA). He will be tearing up the local tracks and national scene in the Older Amateur Classes

(19-27x & 21-25 Cruiser). His decision to come on board gives the winged crew a strong rider in these classes and a solid top 3 podium finisher throughout the year. Expect to see Korban flying  his Floval Flyer to the winners circle throughout the year and making us proud! When Korban is not riding trials or tearing up the track you can catch him working at Circuit City in the High Desert and attending college for Graphic Arts.


Brandon Schreuder is the other addition from the 760. Brandon will be sporting the Baby Blue  and Silky Chocolate Colors in the 15x and 24” Cruiser Classes. He is a serious threat on and off the track and we expect to be seeing him bringing his 08’ Quad or PK Ripper Team to many top podium finishes. In addition to racing BMX Brandon IS A MOTOCROSS RACING STUD!. He translated his BMX skills and talents and been tearing up the local motocross scene. Don’t be surprised in the near future you hear his name lining up on the gate next to Bubba or Reid on the AMA Series. 


Cole Accord is keeping it real for the SE crew out of Sylvester, GA. His will be competing on a Ripper X in the 10 yr old Expert Class. For 2007, this Lil Ripper took a 5th at the Worlds, won the Florida State Title and has been the Georgia State Champion for his age group for the last 3

years. His favorite food is Fried Chicken Salad and his is keeping it real out at the Chehaw BMX Track .



Double A Marketing/BMX BMX Race Report

NBL Pacific Nationals Whittier Narrows, CA


Round #4 of the 2008 NBL Pro Series was held this past weekend in Southern California at the newly reopened Whittier Narrows BMX track. One of the best BMX race tracks in So Cal, the Whittier Narrows track has been a favorite among the Pros and the race action was top notch. With a huge NBL West Coast turnout, it was a great weekend for BMX racing and the Double A Marketing Pros took full advantage of it and the wins in the Elite Pro Class both days. Here is how the Pros finished up:                                         


Kyle Bennett has been an unstoppable force over the past year and this weekend was no different. Kyle only raced on Saturday at the Pacific Nationals, as he was originally scheduled to travel to Australia for the UCI Supercross. Kyle has been racing a lot lately and wanted to take some much needed time off, so he decided to race just on Saturday and then return home to get some rest. Kyle came to win and did just that, as he took the lead as soon as the gate dropped in the main event and stayed out front. Add another win in the NBL series for Kyle. Kyle's Sponsors include Free Agent, FLY Racing, UGP, Shimano,, Bombshell, Sun Ringle, Kenda, Thomson, KHS, S & M bars, Cyto Sport, and ORP.


Randy Stumpfhauser was looking for another good weekend of racing and he would leave Whittier with a great result. On Saturday, Stumpy was back out front all day leading up to the semi, where a first turn crash put him over the berm and out of the main event, On Sunday, Randy decided to just stay way out front all day to avoid the wrecks and he did that all the way to the win in Elite Men's. It was great to see Randy atop the Podium again and he looks to win back the NBL #1 Pro title he once held. Randy's sponsors include GT Bicycles, Bombshell, ODI, Tangent, Fly Racing, Sinz, Shimano,, OGIO, Cyto Sport, Power Bar, SDG, Toolshed, Sharp, and


Cristian Becerine has been looking extremely fast and this weekend was no different. On Saturday, Cristian was out front and looking to be one of the riders to beat and in the main event, it was an all out battle between him and Kyle with Cristian having to settle for 2nd overall. On Sunday, Cristian was flying all day again, until the semi where he crashed while in the lead. Unfortunately he didn't make the main event, but he did add another great score over the weekend in the NBL title chase. Cristian's sponsors include Free Agent, KHS, Fly Racing, SINZ, Kenda, THE Products, ODI, Sun Ringle, Shimano, Powerbar, Cyto Sport, S & M bars, OGIO, Thomson, and


 Double A Marketing is the original and premier BMX Racing Sports Marketing agency in the world. We proudly represent Cristian Becerine, Kyle Bennett, Danny Caluag, and Randy Stumpfhauser. For more information on any of the BMX Pro riders or on Double A Marketing and our services, please visit or e-mail us.

Double A Marketing

Action Sports Depot Offers HOT Fly BMX Racing Uniform Line

Just In Time For Summer Racing Season!










Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday, April 5, 2008


The USAC race had long been anticipated for a variety of reasons.  Qualifying to race the UCI Worlds in China, bragging rights here at home and the first cooperative venture between the ABA and USAC.


The crowds who filled the stands were not disappointed at race time with some great competition and a smooth, efficient race that went off on time and included some of the best announcing at a BMX race ever from everyone’s down-home favorite announcer, Mr. Jim Reilly.


The three round qualifying system made for some super battles when more than one big dog got into the same moto.  Many of our Intense/Phantom/On-Trac riders took part and an awful lot of hardware was the result!


All in all, Intense/Phantom/On-Trac riders garnered 17 medals, 14 of them Gold.


With twelve (12) individual United States Champions, Intense/Phantom/On-Trac has more national champions than any other team in the sport.  Here’s how our riders fared:

Kristen Long 13 Girl 2nd    
Taylor Wolcott 15 Girl 1st 17-24 Girls Cruiser 1st
Shayne Lewis 8 Boys 1st    
Vaughn Herrick 9 Boys 1st    
Christopher Blevins 10 Boys 1st    
Sean Gaian 12 Boys 1st    
Rusty Nesvig 14 Boys 1st    
Billy Russell 15 Boys 1st    
Connor Fields 16 Boys 1st 15-16 Boys Cruiser 1st
Jamarcus White 17-24 Men 1st 17-24 Boys Cruiser 1st
Matt Baisley 17-24 Men 2nd    
Junior Women:
Terra Nichols 1st      
Shelbi Long 2nd      

On behalf of TM’s Chuck Colton and Donavon Long, we’d like to say “Congratulations” to all our riders who participated.  As a unit we do our best to properly represent our sponsors and at this USAC event, you all represented the U.S. and our whole team well.


We’d like to thank both the riders and our parents for all each of you do to make this team and our extended “family” as competitive and professional as it is.  We’d also like to thank the ABA and USAC for a well run, professional and entertaining championship.


Intense/Phantom/On-Trac sponsors include Intense BMX (, On-Trac Garage Doors (, Phantom BMX Products, Fly Racing, Bombshell (,  FSA (, THE Products (, SINZ Racing (, Intense Tire Systems, ( ), Group D (, and Scott goggles (

Factory Pryme USAC Championship Race Report

The second annual USAC National Championships and ABA Super Nationals were held this past weekend in Desoto, TX. The Factory Pryme team was in attendance and had a great weekend.

Amy McIntyre took home the USAC National title for 12 and under girl cruiser (see attached pic). She also took care of business at the nationals, making all six mains despite an all NAG moto in class. Doc Graham, with a bum shoulder, pulled off two wins in 51-55 cruiser.

Bridget would have won both days if it weren't for a pesky little thing like having her stem crack going into the first turn while winning Friday's main. A new stem equaled a win on Sunday. Preston Barley has arrived; two seconds in the ultra tough 9X class. Kyle McArthur was right there, too, with a third and fourth in 10X.

Ryan Macdonald was in the 14X main both days as was Marc McArthur in 7X. Joel "Candy Pants" House found his way to three mains. The recent birthday boy, Cody McArthur, struggled, but he'll be back on top really soon. Tiva Feltman came back from injury, testing herself on Sunday; and making the 14 girls main in the process.

As soon as Kim Vanderpas gets a class of her own she'll own it, still managing a fourth racing the young ones. John Powell (31-35 cruiser) made his return to BMX a good one with mains on Friday and at the USAC race. Great to see you back, John. Next stop is the ABA Mid America Nationals in Blue Springs, MO.

Factory Pryme proudly uses: Pryme (, Redline (, BikeStop (, Maxxis (, ODI (, Hot Shoppe (, Graham Chiropractic, Big Knobby Squad, and O'neal ( - Carl Lein / Factory Pryme Team Manager -

2008 ABA BMX PRO Standing through Super Nationals - Desoto, TX

The American Bicycle Association hosted the Super Nationals this past weekend, March, 27-30 in Desoto, TX. The racing at the Super National event was just that, SUPER! The city of Desoto, TX. and the Metroplex crew really stepped it up with a brand new covered staging addition to the facility being added just for this event. ABA BMX ace track builder, Billy Allen, also built a very challenging track just for this event. This was the third PRO Series event of the year and Metroplex facility has become one of the PRO Riders favorite stops on the tour. The Metroplex BMX facility was the first of it's kind in the world and it has some of the best dirt in the country. The, fans, riders, and industry all come out in full force each year for this event.

With the 2008 Olympic debut just around the corner for BMX racing, the buzz and hype is all around. There is getting to be more and more of the media frenzy at each event. Many of the sports top athletes from around the world were on hand to take a shot at getting some much needed points towards the ABA BMX titles.  The 2008 season is shifting into high gear and the fans are loving it! Round three continued to be Danny C.and David Herman show.

They were spotted all over the PRO podiums on the weekend. "DR" Donny Robinson made an appearance for the fans in Desoto and nailed down a solid second in AA PRO on day #1. Past 3-time ABA National #1 PRO, Bubba Harris, continued to show the fans he's on the comeback trail. Bubba was seen making some of his patented swoop moves in the turns and looked great through the rhythm sections. It was great to see Bubba back up on the podium and I expect to see that a lot more from the former champ! Current ABA National #1 PRO, Danny "Easy Money" Caluag, continued his win streak of at least winning one at each of the ABA BMX PRO series stops. "Easy Money" brought home his third AA PRO win of the season on day one. Day #2 saw Danny C. in the main but some tough racing kept him off the box. Danny is proving once again his ABA National #1 PRO tile was no fluke!

Day #2 saw Kyle Bennett take his first AA PRO win of the year. Kyle looks to be making a very strong bid for the USA's first ever BMX Olympic team. Kyle seems to be on a mission and on track to be in China in 2008. One thing's for sure, Kyle is one exciting guy to watch! David Herman put in another solid ride on day #2 with a second for the day and his performance for the weekend also moved him up to 2nd in the ABA BMX PRO points battle charts behind team mate Danny C. Day #2 also saw Randy Stumpfhauser back on the podium. Randy looked to be one of the fastest guys all weekend. Which was a surprise considering he was just coming off a bad injury. Stumpy is about as solid as they come in the PRO ranks and you can never count the guy out for a win.    

On the Ladies side we saw the return of ABA National #1 ladies PRO Alise Post. Everyone was excited to see the showdown between Alise and Dominique Daniels. And the ladies didn't disappoint the fans! They battled out all weekend long and the Metroplex stands were going crazy! Alise showed why she's #1 and stood on top of the box both days. Dominique stayed strong and showed she's know "rookie" taking home a 2nd and 3rd for the weekend. Day #1 saw Amanda Geving on the box with a solid 3rd. Day #2 saw another rookie PRO sensation Rachel Luna finish up the day with a solid 2nd. The ladies racing has really stepped it up over the last couple of years and the new crop of younger woman is very promising for more excitement to come.

Pro Cruiser was the ABA National #1 PRO Cruiser rider Danny C., Kenth Fallen, and Tyler Brown battling out this weekend. These three went at it toe to toe and when the dust settled it was Tyler Brown with a one, two for the weekend. Danny C. had a bad crash on day #1's main event, but he came back strong on day #2 win another big win. Kenth Fallen hung tough with a two and three for the weekend. Mike Gul showed he can still hang with the big boys and nailed down a 3rd on day #1. The PRO Cruiser battle charts have really tightened up and it should be a very interesting season to see who comes out on top.

Vet Pro was one heck of a show between Fallen, Chad Street, and Tim Dinger. Kenth Fallen continued to show he`s the man to beat in Vet PRO right. Kenth picked up the VET PRO win both days and now looks to be stretching out his points lead for the season. Chad Street looked as fast as ever and was all over Kenth most of the weekend. Chad had some bad luck come main time, but many of fans were calling the home town boy for a win. Chad was able to bring home a 2nd and 3rd for the weekend. Another rider that continues to impress is the skinny kid out of North Carolina. Tim Dinger has some blazing speed and skills to pay the bills. Many say Dinger made the move of the weekend when Chad Street went down in turn two in front of Dinger and Tim just bunny hopped him and didn't miss a beat on the track. It was a very impressive piece of riding I must say. Both Street and Dinger look to be title contender come ABA Grands time!

The ABA, the city of Desoto, TX. and the entire Metroplex crew would like to thank all the participants, families, teams, sponsors, and BMX industry for helping make the Desoto, TX. event such a huge success!

Rider ABA BMX PRO wins after Super Nationals 
AA PRO - Danny "Easy Money" Caluag – Intense/BAWLS – 3 ..... Kyle Bennett - Free Agent - 1 ..... Cristian Becerine - Free Agent - 1 ..... Khalen Young - Haro Bicycles - 1

WOMAN’s PRO - "Demolition" Dominique Daniels– Intense/Phantom/On-Trac – 3 ..... Alise "The Beast" Post- Formula - 2 ..... Stephanie Barragan – 1

PRO CRUISER - Danny "Easy Money" Caluag – Intense/BAWLS – 3 ..... Kenth Fallen - Supercross - 1 ...... Tyler Brown - Supercross - 1 ..... Paul Lange – Redman/Rockstar

VET PRO - Kenth Fallen – Supercross - 5 ..... Dale Holmes – Free Agent – 1

2008 Pro Standing through Super Nationals

AA PRO - 1 DANNY CALUAG 1307 ..... 2 DAVID HERMAN 1147  ..... 3 KHALEN YOUNG 707 ..... 4 CRISTIAN BECERINE 587 ..... 5 BUBBA HARRIS 427 ..... 6 KYLE CUSHMAN 397 ..... 7 BARRY NOBLES 307 ..... 8 RANDY STUMPFHAUSER 297 ..... 9 KYLE BENNETT 290 ..... 10 JARRETT KOLICH 247 ..... 11 DONNY ROBINSON 224 ..... 12 KELVIN BATEY 217 ..... 13 WARWICK STEVENSON 217 ..... 14 PHIL DELIZIA 208 ..... 15 JOEY BRADFORD 207 ..... 16 ALEXIS VERGARA 187 ..... 17 DEREK BETCHER 187 ..... 18 ALAN HUDSON 167 ..... 19 JASON ROGERS 167 ..... 20 MIKE BRABANT 167

WOMEN PRO - 1 DOMINIQUE DANIELS 1165 ..... 2 STEPHANIE BARRAGAN 1105  ..... 3 RACHAEL LUNA 645 ..... 4 TERRA NICHOLS 645 ..... 5 ALISE POST 507 ..... 6 CASSIE BUSHNELL 385 ..... 7 TONI RUDE 322 ..... 8 AMANDA GEVING 307..... 9 BRITTANY BATES 255 ..... 10 STEPHANIE HIGGINS 210 ..... 11 AFTON SCHRIMPF 175 ..... 12 COURTNEY TOMEI 100 ..... 13 LAYNE NYHAUG 70 ..... 14 MADISON PITTS 57 ..... 15 JESSICA LAMBERT 45 ..... 16 KATHRYN ECKLUND 27 ..... 17 KIM HAYASHI 27 ..... 18 CHRISTIAN COSSEY 20

PRO CRUISER - 1 DANNY CALUAG 1165 ..... 2 KENTH FALLEN 985  ..... 3 TYLER BROWN 835  ..... 4 JOE SOWERS 512 ..... 5 PAUL LANGE 462 ..... 6 JOEY BRADFORD 262 ..... 7 BILLY ANDERSON 219 ..... 8 BRANDON THOMAS  173 ..... 9 THOMAS FERNANDEZ 170 ..... 10 MIKE GUL 166  ..... 11 MICHAEL KILPATRICK 123 ..... 12 MICHAEL HUGHES 122 ..... 13 ADAM TREADWELL 102 ..... 14 JASON SILVA 87 ..... 15 SCOTT SIMMONS 40 ..... 16 TODD PARRY 22 ..... 17 AUSTEN LEE 12 ..... 18 WILLY SUAREZ 12

VET PRO - 1 KENTH FALLEN 1488 ..... 2 CHAD STREET 968 ..... 3 DALE HOLMES 811 ..... 4 JOHN PURSE 694 ..... 5 TIM DINGER 464 ..... 6 JASON CARNES 331 ..... 7 MIKE GUL 330 ..... 8 DAVID BITTNER 194 ..... 9 BILLY ROSS 174 ..... 10 CHRIS HAM 157 ..... 11 PAUL CALDWELL 144 ..... 12 JASON ALSTATT 101 ..... 13 ERIC DYER 94 .....14 GREG ROMERO 89 ..... 15 ZACK ROEBUCK 81 ..... 16 JASON SILVA 77 ..... 17 JUSTIN WHEAT 77 ..... 18 RONALD WILLIAMS 71 ..... 19 ROBERT HARRIS 57 ..... 20 TJ JOHNSON 57

A PRO - 1 JOSH SMITH 913 ..... 2 LIAM PHILLIPS 895  ..... 3 KRIS FOX 795 ..... 4 DENZEL STEIN 765 ..... 5 DEREK SIPKOI 745 ..... 6 JASON MORRIS 648 ..... 7 DEAK BROWN 503 ...... 8 JON MILLER 455 ...... 9 KARL CLARK 424 ..... 10 SHANE BANKS 418 ..... 11 JUSTIN MCLINTOCK 367 ..... 12 TRAVIS OHRAZDA 365 ..... 13 VANCE WEISENDANGER 311 ..... 14 MATT KELTY 301 ..... 15 EVAN STEINBERG 272 ..... 16 TODD PARRY 268 ..... 17 WILLY SUAREZ 267 ..... 18 JASON BENNETT 258 ..... 19 JASON HERR 248  ..... 20 TYLER DURHAM 248

ABA BMX would like to thank all the 2008 National Series sponsors:

American Suzuki-( ) Jig-A-Loo-( ) BAWLS Guarana ( Bawlstyle ( )Redline Bicycles-( ) FLY Racing-( ) Sponsorhouse-( ) Tangent-( ) Intense BMX-( ) T.H.E. ( Fire Magic Premium Grills ( Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex (

Without their support, we couldn't make the 2008 ABA racing season such a huge success. Support the sponsors that support ABA BMX racing.







Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, April 4, 2008

‘Bicycle Messengers For Christ’ Race Report

2008 ABA Super Nationals – Desoto, TX. – March 28-30 

Three members of the Bicycle Messengers For Christ racing team made the trip to Desoto, TX for the ABA Super Nationals at The Metroplex. Those riders are Mollie Barnes(26-30 Cruiser) of Broken Arrow, OK., Ryan ‘Flash’ Barnes(9 Novice) of Broken Arrow, OK., and Steve ‘Gingerbread Man’ Barnes(28-35 Inter) of Broken Arrow, OK.

In Friday’s national #1, Ryan Barnes made his 9 Novice main and placed 4th. In the 26-30 girls cruiser main event, Mollie Barnes crossed the line with a 3rd place finish. And, Steve Barnes wrapped up the night with a 2nd place finish in the 28-35 Intermediate main event.

For Sunday’s national #2, Ryan Barnes once again made his 9 Novice main event placing 4th. Mollie Barnes(26-30 Cruiser) ended her weekend with another trip to the main event taking home a 4th place finish. And, ending his weekend on a good note, Steve Barnes(28-35 Inter) battled it out with another trip to the main event taking the overall 2nd place finish.

The TEAM would like to say ‘Congratulations’ to Ryan, Mollie, & Steve on their Main Event finishes! A job well done!

Bicycle Messengers For Christ is proudly co-sponsored by:  Supercross BMX, ODi Grips, Sunringle, Animal Paintball,, After5Designs, Oneal Racing, Blur Optics, Azonic, and Future Pro Sports(FPS). We greatly appreciate you guys! 

Bicycle Messengers For Christ is an outreach ministry of Southwind Fellowship Church in Wichita, Kansas with John ‘The Racing Reverend’ Stockstill leading the way as the team’s director/manager.







Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, April 3, 2008

Aussie Team train on Olympic track

Preparation for Adelaide selection Supercross

Australia's BMX Team was put through their paces today, in a four hour long training session in Penrith, west of Sydney. Eleven members of Australia's high performance team rode the Beijing Olympic replica track. The 350 metre long track features a three-storey high starting ramp.

The track was built by world number five, Luke Madill to gain him an advantage leading up to the sport's debut at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. The 27 year old now has one of only three similar tracks in existence. Riders will face a similar starting ramp and track at the upcoming UCI BMX World Cup Supercross at the Adelaide Showground on 12 – 13th April. Adelaide is one of only three remaining selection events for the Australian team before Beijing.

While several of the elite riders have raced on this style of track, junior elite riders got a glimpse of what is in store for them when they compete at the Supercross in Adelaide.

With the Adelaide track being built just days before competition, Australia’s assistant BMX coach, Wade Bootes, claimed it would cut down the time it takes for riders to familiarize themselves with this style of track.

Testing was also conducted while riders practiced gate starts, jumps and tricky sections of the track as they hone their skills for Adelaide in a week’s time.


Double A Marketing/BMX BMX Race Report

ABA Super Nationals / USAC National Championships


Round 3 of the 2008 ABA Pro Series, the ABA Super Nationals was held in conjunction with the 2008 USA Cycling National Championships at the Desoto BMX Track. The Desoto BMX facility is one of the nicest BMX arenas in the USA and it made for some great racing for both the ABA event and the USAC National Championships. This was the 2nd year for the USAC National Championships and this year it has become part of the Olympic Selection events for the Elite Men. The ABA race series is moving into full swing and this weekend would be another important stop for the riders who are looking to win the ABA #1 year end title. The Double A Marketing riders are all looking to do just that, and here is how they finished up at this weekends event:


Kyle Bennett has been the most consistent racer of 2008 and has his long term goal of the 2008 Olympics looking to become a reality in the next few months. Kyle has won all the important races in the USA for the Olympic selection so far this season and at the USAC National Championships, he kept that streak alive. Kyle won the Elite Men's class on Saturday night, adding another title to his impressive list, as well as more points towards becoming the automatic selection athlete for team USA. Kyle kept the wining streak going, as he won on Day 2 of the ABA Super Nationals. Kyle's Sponsors include Free Agent, FLY Racing, UGP, Shimano,, Bombshell, Sun Ringle, Kenda, Thomson, KHS, S & M bars, Cyto Sport, and ORP.


Danny Caluag has already had an impressive start to the 2008 ABA season with 2 AA Pro wins in 4 ABA Pro Races. Danny looked to continue his successful ABA Pro season at day 1 of the ABA Super Nationals. Danny did just that, as he took home another huge AA Pro win at the end of the night. On Saturday, at the USAC National Championship, Danny once again was in the Pro main event. Danny rode a great lap and just missed out on the win, finishing 2nd overall in Elite Men. On Sunday, Danny was back atop the Podium again, this time in Pro Cruiser. Danny also once again was in the AA Pro Main event, where he placed 5th overall. Danny's sponsors include Intense BMX, Bawls Gurana, FLY Racing, Shimano, THE Products, OGIO, SINZ,, Group D, Oakley, Thomson, Intense Tyre Systems, Cyto Sport, and


Randy Stumpfhauser has had a rough start of the 2008 season, with an injury he suffered at the opening round of the UCI Supercross race series in Spain. Randy is just getting back to form from that injury and made his way back to the Podium on Sunday at the Super Nationals. Randy finished up 3rd overall and looked impressive all weekend, letting his fans know he is back on track and looking for a 2008 Pro title. Randy's sponsors include GT Bicycles, Bombshell, ODI, Tangent, Fly Racing, Sinz, Shimano,, OGIO, Cyto Sport, Power Bar, SDG, Toolshed, Sharp, and


Cristian Becerine was in Desoto to race his way into the main events at the Super Nationals and he did just that. On Friday, Cristian was in the main event but wound up 8th overall. On Sunday, he was once again in the main and this time finished up 6th for the day. The results may not sound utterly impressive, but just to be in the AA Pro main event these days takes all the skill and speed few riders have. Cristian's sponsors include Free Agent, KHS, Fly Racing, SINZ, Kenda, THE Products, ODI, Sun Ringle, Shimano, Powerbar, Cyto Sport, S & M bars, OGIO, Thomson, and


 Double A Marketing is the original and premier BMX Racing Sports Marketing agency in the world. We proudly represent Cristian Becerine, Kyle Bennett, Danny Caluag, and Randy Stumpfhauser. For more information on any of the BMX Pro riders or on Double A Marketing and our services, please visit or e-mail us.

Redman Pre-U.S. Nationals Clinic

Mike Redman, one of the greatest 'BMX Clinicians', EVER, is putting on a 2 day Clinic at the home of the U.S. National, Tulare BMX.


The times are Saturday from 10am to 3pm and Sunday 9am to 2pm, April 19th and 20th. 


The cost is $130 for both days or $75 a day. 


Mike will also be doing a gate clinic on May 1st at Tulare BMX from 4pm to 6pm. 


Come and get your skills tuned up for the U.S. National.


Each day includes lunch and goodie bag.


National Public Radio Does "X-Games Staple Goes Olympic" Radio Report

NPR/National Public Radio has done a radio program on it's network reflecting the BMX activity around the upcoming launching of BMX Racing as an Olympic sport in Beijing, China this August. Check it out.....

"All Things Considered, April 2, 2008 · BMX cycling comes hurtling into the Olympic summer games in Beijing as a brand new event. Organizers hope it will attract interest from younger fans, the same way snowboarding did for the winter games."

The radio piece was done for NPR's, 'All Things Considered' daily show that is broadcast nationwide. The interviews were done at the NBL National/UCI Points race in West Palm Beach, Florida three weeks ago. Interviewees include Kyle Bennett, Donny Robinson, Arielle Martin, Jill Kintner, and the NBL's, Bob Tedesco.

If you want to hear the piece, go to and then select "All Things Considered", it will be under Sports.







Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, April 2, 2008


MedJet Medical Travel Assistance Offered!



Imagine this…. Your reservations are made. Tickets bought. Bags and bikes are packed. Everything is ready. Are you?


Should a medical emergency strike, do your travel plans include a way home? Or do they leave you stranded without the hope of an easy return?

Domestic air medical evacuation averages $10,000 to $20,000, and internationally, it can exceed $75,000.  (The quote to fly Bubba Harris home from China was $125,000. Fortunately, he had $5000 in Business Class upgrades …not even First Class… to fly him home.)


But, not a problem, with the medical evacuation service of MedjetAssist.


As a member, if you are ever hospitalized more than 150 miles away from home,  MedjetAssist will send a medically equipped and staffed aircraft to pick you up and fly you to the hospital of your choice — at no additional charge. No transportation cost limitations. No preexisting-condition exclusions.


Just peace of mind each and every time you travel.  As athletes you take that chance every time you ride.  Don’t be without this coverage.  The moment you sign up you are covered. No waiting period. 


For more information call Kristi Martin @ 623-810-1966, by email at or go to  If you are in a hurry just call me and I will activate your membership immediately.


UCI SX Denmark Announces Travel/Lodging Stuff!

Our preferred option for accommodation is Choice Hotels Denmark.

Special rates for the BMX Supercross event at Choice Hotels! From 695 DKR (app. 93 €) per night, same price for single or double room.

All prices are including taxes. For more info and booking - click here

For hostel accommodation please visit Danhostel

Airport transfer
Rates for booking of airport transfer (minibus): TBA


For worldwide freight forwarding and transport solutions please click


Public transport 
Bus 30 (from Copenhagen Central Station and Copenhagen Airport) is the best choice for both the BMX track area, Clarion Hotel and Danhostel. Get off at the corner of Vejlands Allé/Lossepladsvej.


Map of central Copenhagen 
The map below provides an overview of central Copenhagen, the BMX venue, hotels and hostel accommodation. Click below to expand.

Go here for a map of the BMX venue area (old “Speedway Bane”) on Ved Slusen 2, 2450 Copenhagen SV

Team ABD Report – New Zealand BMX Championships 2008

During the Easter weekend, the New Zealand BMX Championships were held and this year  at North Avon, Christchurch – which is in the South Island.

This was the first nationals in NZ to have the random gate, which went down well with all most riders. The start hill was very flat, but had a fast first straight. Team ABD was out in force with team signings, media interviews and great racing.

Sarah Walker was unbeatable all weekend, with a good lead up to some major events coming this year. Victoria Hill was close on her tail in most races, showing that as a young junior she has some potential as she heads to the World Champs.

Auckland’s master veteran, Richard Mclachlan riding only his cruiser this weekend and first time back into the age group. He had a great win to add to his list of national titles over the last 22 years. Shane Eady backed up his last year’s number two with another one this year in a tough age group of 16 year old boys.

Taranaki’s Rhys Telford in Elite Men had an amazing race, with Marc Willers winning from start to finish; the other riders were fighting it out behind. Rhys got a great start and popped himself into third, but having some trouble holding this going into the third straight, got passed and had to settle for sixth.

#1 Sarah Walker – Elite Women’s Cruiser
#1 Sarah Walker – Elite Women’s
#1 Richard Mclachlan – 35-39 Cruiser
#2 Victoria Hill – Elite Women’s
#2 Shane Eady – 16 Boys
#6 Rhys Telford – Elite Men


Left to right –Richard Mclachlan, Sarah Walker, Rhys Telford, Victoria Hill, Shane Eady

J&R Announces Spring Specials!





Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BMX Supercross soars in South Australia

For the first time the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup presented by Swatch will head “Down Under” to the southern hemisphere when the second round gets underway in Adelaide, South Australia on the 12-13 April. As BMX racing nears its debut at the Beijing 2008 Olympics all countries the race to qualify riders is heating up.

With country ranking nearing the cut-off at the end of May all nations will try to qualify in the top rankings at the Adelaide round.and aim to take a maximum number of riders to Beijing.

The Adelaide Showground treats spectators to a ring-side seat as riders start from a steep 7.2 metre ramp coupled with large jumps and tight turns. The competition in South Australia is the first international BMX event for the ‘Cycling State’ which hosts the Tour Down Under, a part of the UCI Pro Tour calendar. In 2009 the UCI BMX World Championships will also be held in Adelaide.

Round one winner Arturs Matisons (LAT) currently leads the series with current world ranked number one, Marc Willers (NZL), hot on his heals. World Champion, Kyle Bennett (USA) will be one of many strong American riders along with the fastest time trial qualifier from the Madrid Supercross, Mike Day (USA). Last year’s overall winner of the Supercross Series, Robert “Afro-Bob” De Wilde (NED) bowed out in the semi-final in Madrid. as did Australia's Luke Madill after qualifying third fastest in Madrid. Queensland's Jared Graves and Kamakazi will look to improve their chances on home soil. A return to the World Cup Supercross by Perth’s Khalen Young is anticipated after Young won the first Supercross World Cup in Madrid last season.

This round is the first Supercross event for women the season with a strong contingent from France expected. Last year's World Cup series winner, Laetitia le Corguille (FRA), will be tested by current world number one Sarah Walker (NZL). Two former mountain champions, Anne-Caroline Chausson (FRA) and Jill Kintner (USA) are displaying good form while Australia’s own Nicole Callisto is expected to better her fifth place in the World Cup series last year. Australia’s National Champion, Tanya Bailey will aim to make another final alongside up and coming Australian riders Krystal Cranfield, Melissa Mankowski and Ziggy Callan.

Before the Beijing 2008 Olympics there is only one remaining UCI BMX Supercross World Cup for men and women in Copenhagen and the final Olympic qualification will end with the 2008 UCI BMX World Championships in Taiyuan, China from 29 May – 1 June.

Following the Olympics there are only two remaining UCI BMX Supercross World Cups in Salt Lake City (USA) 10-12 September and Fréjus (France) 10-11 October.

Racing will be shown on

Adelaide Supercross Media Accreditation Alert

Media Accreditation:  UCI BMX World Cup Supercross Round 2 in Adelaide 

Saturday 12 & Sunday 13th April

Adelaide Showground 

Media Launch Fri 11th April plus media opportunities in Adelaide & Sydney over the next two weeks. TBC 

For media accreditations go to: 

Please complete form and fax back to the BMX Australia office ASAP. 

Draft Schedule:



Top Ten Reasons To Race The NBL Pacific Nationals

NBL returns to SoCal for the Pacific Nationals at Whittier Narrows BMX

The NBL National series returns to SoCal for the first time in 6 years!  Get ready for the Pacific Nationals and two War-of-the-Stars Pro races at the newly revamped Whittier Narrows BMX Track from April 4-6. The track, located inside the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area in South El Monte, CA, has been receiving rave reviews from Pros and Amateurs and promises to serve up a great weekend of racing.

The NBL Pacific Nationals will serve as Stop #4 on the NBL Pro series and in keeping with the theme to put more FUN back into the National weekends, here’s 10 good reasons to race it:

  1. Get a Pennant – Enter the Friday night Pennant race and you got it!

  2. Win UGP stuff – more then $300 worth!

  3. Bring your pit bike - Pit Bike Race on Friday night with Pennant race

  4. 16-29 Money Open both days ($500 for 10+ riders)

  5. Be Seen - Will be filmed for later broadcast at

  6. Get Photographed - BMX Plus!, BMXWORLD, BMX Today & covering the race

  7. Trophies and other great awards

  8. Prize draws and contests

  9. National and High Points - Get 2 NBL National scores and a ton of High Points

  10. Meet the Pros and Olympic hopefuls

Not an NBL member yet?  All licenses will be accepted. Come out to Thursday night’s practice from 6-9pm and get more track time on what promises to be one of SoCal’s sweetest tracks. Visit for local information or call Robert Tombow at 626-324-2473 for more information. Visit the NBL website at to see the full National schedule and more.

The 2008 NBL National Series is proudly sponsored by BAWLS Guarana (, Intense BMX (, Kenda Tires (, Standard Byke Company (, UGP ( Sinz Racing (, THE Industries (, in association with Camp Woodward (

Action Sports Depot Offers Formula Completes


Intense BMX/Bawls Guarana Race Report

ABA Super Nationals / USAC National Championships


Desoto, Texas March 28-30. 2008


Round 3 of the 2008 ABA Pro Series, the ABA Super Nationals was held in conjunction with the 2008 USA Cycling National Championships at the Desoto BMX Track. The Desoto BMX facility is one of the nicest BMX arenas in the USA. This was the 2nd year for the USAC National Championships and this year it has become part of the Olympic Selection events for the Elite Men.


Danny Caluag, the 2007 ABA #1 AA and Pro Cruiser rider has already had an impressive start to the 2008 ABA season with 2 AA Pro wins in 4 ABA Pro Races. Danny looked to continue his successful ABA Pro season at day 1 of the ABA Super Nationals. Danny did just that, as he not only easily made his way into the AA Pro Main event, but he took home another huge AA Pro win at the end of the night. On Saturday, at the USAC National Championship, Danny once again was in the Pro main event. Danny rode a great lap and just missed out on the win, finishing 2nd overall in Elite Men. On Sunday, Danny was back atop the Podium again, this time in Pro Cruiser. Danny also once again was in the AA Pro Main event, where he placed 5th overall. This capped off another great weekend for Danny.


David Herman, the 2007 ABA rookie Pro of the year, has also had a great start of the 2008 season, as he currently sits in 2nd place in the ABA Pro ranks. On Friday, David made the AA Pro main event and finished up 4th overall for the day. On Saturday, David was on his way into the main event at the USAC Championships, but a last turn crash while leading the semi ended his day. David came back more determined on Sunday, and his 2nd place in the AA Pro Main event shows that this young Pro has what it takes to be one of the best.


Both riders look forward to the upcoming events. First they will head over to the NBL Pacific Coast Nationals in Southern California on April 5-6 for NBL Pro Series event and then on Sunday night, they depart to Round #2 of the 2008 UCI Supercross series in Adelaide, Australia.


The Intense BMX / Bawls Guarana Pro Race team is proudly supported by THE Products, Fly Racing, SINZ Racing Products, Intense Tyre Systems, Shimano, and Ogio.


Intense BMX race frames, the ABA Bike of the year for 2005, 2006, and 2007 comes in 15 different frame Sizes and 2 different colors. Intense BMX also offers 19 different complete bikes for BMX racing, BMX riding, and Dirt and Street. For information on frame geometry, the complete line of the Intense BMX Complete bikes, or any other scoop on Intense BMX, please check out


Supercross BMX adds Olympic Hopeful Mens Elite to the Factory Team

Welcome to the team Downtown Tyler Brown


For Immediate Release ­ Apple Valley, CA

Two weekends ago at the UCI Round 9 and 10 at the NBL Gator Nationals the BMX world got to see Tyler Brown take his first laps as a Supercross BMX Factory Team member.


After privateering on a Supercross EVO iS at the start of the season it seemed like it was only going to be a matter of time before Tyler joined the Supercross BMX family. "


After hanging out in the Supercross pits at the Goodyear Nationals and UCI race where Tyler took his first UCI Podium and then after hanging out with Sammy in Madrid where Tyler made his first UCI SX main we knew Tyler was a perfect fit for the team". Said Supercross BMX owner Bill Ryan.

Tyler and Supercross BMX just seem to agree with each other. And after watching how fast Tyler makes his Supercross EVO iS go, we are sure you will agree.

Tyler didn't have the best of luck his first weekend as an official Supercross BMX team member. He looked to be the man to beat after winning all 3 of his motos and quarter on Friday and not only winning but winning with style as he kept throwing down little moto whips while leading, but that good luck came to an end both days as unclipping in his Semi on Friday and crashing into Redmans' Steven Cisar as he came unclipped in Saturday's semi kept him out of the mains. But Tyler took it all in stride and kept smiling while he signed autographs for the fans.

Look for big things out of Tyler and his Supercross BMX team mate Samantha Cools as the both get ready to try to take their shot for Olympic Gold this summer in Bejing.

For more information on Sammy, Tyler, Kenth and the entire Supercross team is up to check out for news and product updates and more.

The Supercross BMX Factory Race team is proudly supported by: Atac Jerseys, Oneal Racewear, Blur Optics, Kronik Energy Drinks, FSA Components, Easton Tubing, Ogio Bags, Camp Cools Training Clinics, TECH BMX, and Speedline BMX components