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Saturday Elite Series Day 1 - Sunday Elite Series Day 2

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Sunday - Elite Series race - Day 2

Official Pro Results

Elite Men - 1 Randy Stumpfhauser 2 Ramiro Marino 3 Mike Brabant 4 Phil Delizia 5 Augusto Castro 6 Dusty Armstrong 7 Alexis Vergara 8 Alan Hudson

Elite Masters - 1 Dale Holmes 2 Percy Owens 3 Tim Dinger 4 Phil Potosnak 5 Jason Carnes 6 Mark Nunley 7 Dave Bittner 8 Matt Silva

Super X - 1 Warren McDow 2 Deak Brown 3 Randall Neave 4 Justin McClintock 5 Keith Grine 6 Travis Ohrazda 7 William Suarez 8 Logan Collins


More Additions To Sunday's Pacific National Photo Report Coming, Later Today!


    "Do you do the taxes?" was the question asked by the Formula boys to Erma Miller in the NBL trailer! One of the young stars in the female ranks, Jordan Nopens of VSP, has been winning all over the west coast and today was no exception. Warren McDow shakes off the previous days ride and makes it up with a win in Super Ex!
For those young in the sport of BMX, Mario Soto, a star out of Columbia was tragically lost, but as you can see, never forgotten, Ramiro Marino of Free Agent, keeps him close to his heart! Matt Pohlkamp shows some of the young guns how its done! One of those true professionals guys!  


Saturday - Elite Series race - Day 1

Official Pro Results

Elite Men - 1 Kyle Bennett 2 Cristian Becerine 3 Jason Richardson 4 Mike Brabant 5 Barry Nobles 6 Augusto Castro 7 Ramiro Marino 8 Michal Prokop

Elite Masters - 1 Dale Holmes 2 Percy Owens 3 Dave Bittner 4 Tim Dinger 5 Phil Potosnak 6 Mark Nunley 7 Kiyomi Waller 8 Jason Carnes

Super X - 1 Travis Ohrazda 2 Kris Fox 3 Logan Collins 4 Deak Brown 5 Shawn Aginiga 6 William Suarez 7 Joey Albright 8 Warren McDow

NBL Elite Series - Saturday's Pacific National Photo Report

Kyle Bennett dominated all day at Pacific Coast Nationals. However, his teammate Cristian Becerine pursued Kyle all day!
Mike Brabant showed up and rode every moto like a main event, eventually resulting in a 1st place in the main event!


Michal Prokop stopped by California on his way to Adelaide, Australia, and proved why he is such a dominating rider!
Randy Stumpfhauser made the cut to reach the semi, but he also found the other side of the berm in the semi.
Danny Caluag will be sidelined for 4 weeks with a broken wrist suffered in the USAC Cruiser main in Desoto, Texas last week. Look for a fast return. Sometimes an injury can be a blessing in disguise. Mr. Dale Holmes,  one of this year's newest Master Pros, is now a seasoned Master with another collection of first place funds today! Coming all the way from Florida, one of the nicest guys in BMX, Percy Owens muscled thru the Elite Master's motos and semis to finish with a 2nd in the main event.
BMX has become such an international flavor: The Legend, Christophe Leveque of France, Dale Holmes of Great Britain, Javier Colombo and Cristian Becerine of Argentina all discuss, in English, another aspect of BMX.
Formula Bicycles', Deak Brown has been riding extremely well and consistent, the right attributes for a future pro. Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you might have seen the high number of Intense Frames ... Sabot and the Podiums all over the country, this is the man behind the scene, Pete Dylewski on his own Podium. Just like Los Angeles has the Hollywood sign and San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge in California, well ... BMX has Al Roybal! Randy Stumpfhauser pulls Nate Berkheimer and Barry Nobles, while Cristian Becerine finds a way to get around him in the first turn.