President's Cup - President's Cup Photo Gallery - SATURDAY/PRACTICE



Elite Men Elite Women Elite Masters Super Ex

1 Barry Nobles

2 Javier Colombo

3 Josh Meyers

4 Andres Jiminez

5 Marty Wisehart

6 Josh Smith

7 Matt Kelty

8 Arturs Matisons

1 Jamie Lilly

2 Madison Pitts

3 Carley Young

4 Allie Dragoo

5 Amanda Geving

6 Donna Snow

7 Crystal Kalogris

8 Frances Maycroft

1 Jason Carnes

2 Tommy Opincar

3 Brian Strieby

4 Tommy Board

5 Matt Silva

6 Joey Albright

8 Domingos Lammoglia

8 Tim Dinger

1 CJ McGuire

2 Tyler Faoro

3 Logan Collins

4 Jordan Seward

5 Jon Miller

6 Gavin Lubbe

7  Randall Neave

8 Ronald Vega

Vendor's Row was the place to be, as DK's, Tommy Zula shows here as he heads to the arena with a smile on his face. Must be that fast DK that he's hitched up with. Every other pro was satisfied with a nice 'Pro Roll Out'.....NOT Clayborn's, Barry Nobles, who busted out some Pro Style Roll UP on the first jump! SWEET! The amateur girl racing was VERY competitive, typified here by VBS/Kenda's, Erin Moore who made the trip from Arkansas to hit up the Classic. Redline's, Jason Carnes had a BIG win on Day 2 in Elite Masters. Carnez has been fighting his way back from some VERY severe wrist injuries and it was great to see him get the win! Amanda Geving was flyin' her "new" MCS colors thru the Elite Men's Pro Section, the ONLY girl pro to do so. Amanda is back on her long time MCS after a couple years vacation. Nice to see her back. TLD/Haro's, Jamie Lilly turned in an AWESOME performance by doubling on the weekend in Elite Women's racing. On Day 2, she battled Geving, winning on a nifty pass, making her look like the cagey pro she is.
DK's, Jason Jewell took a digger in the Pro Section right in front of the BMX Mania Digi Cam. After a few minutes of gettin' his head straight, Jason was back on his feet and looking not too bad!


The Kenda BMX Tires rig was in the house, supportin' the VBS Kenda team. The new GT/SC Actionsports team (Formerly Factory Felt) made their GT debut this week at the Xmas Classic and did not disappoint. It's great to see DK get a nice lookin' team back on the track. They had a nice set up at the Classic, look out for these guys. J&R Bicycles rolling side show and travelling BMX Superstore was in the house with goodies, deals and a massive presence. John Kovachi was in the house with his Kovachi Wheels Factory Team, keeping wheels straight and postin' up some big wins on the track! Rennen/Intense made the scene at the NBL Christmas Classic with tons of fast riders and a nice pit spread for everyone to chill in.

"Pro Gate Pierce" Barker was at the Classic with his Pro Gate "Vend A Gate" setup, helping everyone keep their starts dialed in and showing off the latest in Olympic Gate technology!













Elite Men

1 Javier Colombo

2 Marty Wisehart

3 Josh Meyers

4 Josh Smith

5 Andres Jiminez

6 Matt Kelty

7 Barry Nobles

8 Bob Rowley

Elite Women

1 Jamie Lilly

2 Amanda Geving

3 Madison Pitts

4 Crystal Kalogris

5 Carley Young

6 Donna Snow

7 Francis Maycroft

8 Allie Dragoo

Elite Masters

1 Joey Albright

2 Domingos Lammoglia

3 Tim Dinger

4 Jason Carnes

5 Tommy Board

6 Scott Moreland

7 Joel Moore

8 Tome Opincar

Super Ex

1 Tyler Faoro

2 CJ McGuire

3 Logan Collins

4 Randall Neave

5 Nicholas Britt

6 Harrison Britt

7 Dan Smith III

8 Ronald Vega



NBL Christmas Classic Is Underway!

The NBL launched it's annual Christmas Classic/President's Cup race in Louisville, Kentucky, Saturday with a full day of practice for BMXers from all over the country. Our man, Chase Campbell was in the house and picked up some chat with a couple of the top competitors, Logan Collins and Allie Dragoo.

We also had BMX Mania contributor, Jerrod "JrodsPhotoShop.Com" Huffman with his award winning camera to capture some of the action, so motor on over to the BMX Mania NBL Christmas Race Report Page and check out Jrods Happy Snaps.

Racing action began, early Sunday morning with the launching of the 2009 NBL President's Cup, where States battle States for NBL Prez Cup Supremacy, and individual riders vie for the coveted President's Cups!

BMX Mania's got ours, (Actually, two of em!) do you have yours?

So, Sunday, it's the President's Cup, so check in Sunday night and Monday morning for race action photos from Jrod and to find out which state wins the coveted President's Cup, State vs. State contest! Will it be the perennial powerhouse, Florida? Michigan? Ohio?

Tune in here for more!

Click HERE for the BMX Mania President's Cup/Christmas Classic Race Report Page!!!!!

Logan Collins, Super Ex/Elite Men

Logan, I hope you had a awesome Christmas, Thanks again for taking time to this interview for You are flying here at the Christmas Classic, What do you like about the track?

Logan - The track is pretty decent, i like any kind of track with pro sets on it.

At the Disney race, you were sporting new colors, tell us a little about you 2010 sponsors?

Logan - Supercross/No Fear, I'm really looking forward to sporting their stuff in 2010 season and many seasons to come.

You finished 3rd in Super ex this past year, thats two years in a row as a top 3 pro! Anyone you want to thank?

Logan - First off I want to thank God for the ability and passion to race and ride bicycles. I would also like to thank all my sponsors, anyone who supported me the past few years, and most of all my parents for all their support.

What are you goals for 2010? What will you focus more on? NBL,ABA,UCI

Logan - Get as fast as i possibly can, and be competitive in the Elite Men class and hopefully make the transition to race Elite men full time next year. I want to hit all of the Elite UCI races as well the NBL Elite series races.

Super ex has a lot of fast guys, who is your main competetion?

Logan - The seven other racers on the gate as well as myself.

Whats the difference between racing super ex, then racing Elite Men at UCI events?

Logan - I would say the main difference is the consistency of riders. The skill level of riding in the Elite Men class is higher than the Super-Ex class, which makes Elite Men a lot more difficult. A strict training lifestyle is a must to be a strong competitor in the Elite class.

If you could change one thing about this Christmas track, what would it be?

Logan - The only thing I see wrong with the track are the second and third turns. The turns are so sharp and seem to have the wrong angle which makes it almost impossible to keep the speed that riders create down the straightaways. With more wide-open turns, the track could be much faster and more fun.

A lot of people see you race a bicycle, what other riding do you like to do?

Logan - There is a lot more to BMX than just racing. And there is a lot more to bicycles than just BMX. I race and train a lot, but the same amount of my time is spent on my park/trail bike. I love riding my bike more than I do racing it. And I love racing, so that is a lot. Haha. Also, I enjoy riding my slalom/4x bike whenever I get the chance.

Logan, Thanks again for the interview is there anyone you would like to thank?

Logan - First and foremost, I want to thank my parents (Shannon and Robert), my sister (Alix) and my bros bros (Chase) for their support over the last 15 years. I also want to thank my current and previous sponsors for all of the product and financial support over the years.....Supercross, No Fear, Alienation, Sinz, THE, Intense, Profile, Outback, Clayborn, and Haro.

Any advice for kids just starting out this 2010 season?

Logan - Having fun is the most important aspect of racing BMX. Keep it fun and competitive, but more fun than competitive.


Allie Dragoo-Elite Woman

Allie, first off I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and thanks for taking time to do this interview. Who are your sponsors? Any new sponsors for 2010?

Allie - My sponsors are Standard Byke Co. FLY racing,, Answer, and Alienation.

How do you like the Christmas Classic track?

Allie - The Christmas Classic track is pretty nice. I rode it when there was open practice when it was just built, it was a little damp but the track was nice. It should be good for all levels of racing and should be ready and smooth for the days of racing.

You had a successful year this past year, name your accomplishments as it was your FIRST year as Pro?

Allie - Being my first year Pro I had one national win but the biggest accomplishment was making the NBL Grands main event.

What are some of your goals for 2010? What is your focus on?ABA,NBL,UCI?

Allie - My goals are to just keep getting better, train harder, and have better finishes. I plan on doing a lot of the races for NBL and ABA/UCI.

If you could change one thing about the Christmas Classic what would you do?

Allie - I don't think I'd change anything, the track is the same for everyone. Watch the turns during the race, it will be good.

Seems like you have a long winter up there in Michigan? What are some of the things you do in the cold for training?

Allie - I hate Michigan in the Winter time because of the snow... I think I could stay at Lindsey Wilson College in KY during the winter time so I don't have to deal with the snow! I go to the gym pretty much everyday, umm its hard to do sprints so I try to find a dry parking garage or any dry parking lot and bundle up. I go to Steel Wheels indoor track for practice when I can.

Any advice for the kids in BMX or just starting in 2010?

Allie - My best advice is to not get down on yourself, have some fun, and if you have one of those parents who yell ballistically at you ask them if they'd like to try!

Who would you like to thank?

Allie - My momma Rick and Jess at Standard Ryan at Answer Zack and Jerry at Alienation Fly Rich at my team, anyone who supports me and watches me race, ALL my friends (at the track/home/and school), and my family for supporting me throughout the years and espcially while I'm gone during the Holidays. and Chase for the interview!

Answer comparison

Christmas Classic- Sweet

Music- Lady GaGa

Shoes- Vans, Nikes, UGGS!

Training- "Big guns tight buns" Doug Fresh

Fave track- Fresno

Standard Byke Company- AAGGRROO

Allie, Thank You for letting me do this interview, I wish you luck here at the Christmas Classic and for the 2010 season.




Top Five President's Cup States
1st - Florida 2nd - Ohio 3rd - Kentucky 4th - Michigan 5th - Indiana


President's Cup Photo Gallery

All photos by Jerrod "Jrod" Huffman/JrodsPhotoShop.Com





All photos by Jerrod "Jrod" Huffman/JrodsPhotoShop.Com