Kingston, Ontario - Canada

September 5 & 6, 2008


ERA Race Podium - 1 Mike Day 2 Steven Cisar 3 Cristian Becerine

$30,000 was on the line in Kingston, Ontario and the pre-race hype lived up to the challenge, delivering a Rad new track + 4 gates of top pros which equaled a wicked day of BMX action!!!


Main Event Results - 1 Mike Day 2 Steven Cisar 3 Cristian Becerine 4 Denzel Stein 5 Jason Rogers 6 Mike Brabant 7 Randy Stumpfhauser 8 Javier Colombo

Consolation Main Results - 1 Rob Van Den Wildenberg 2 Roy Van Den Berg 3 Raymon Van Der Biezen 4 Barry Nobles 5 Philip Delizia 6 Aaron Johnson 7 Matt Pohlkamp 8 Jason Richardson


Semi Results

Quarters 1&2

Quarters 3&4

Time Trial Results

Just home from China long enuff to stash his Silver Medal from the Olympics, Mikey puts 10 G Canadian in the bank.

Eye Poppin' BMX territory in Kingston, Ontario! TONS of big ol jumps and a track long enuff to take it's toll on just about anyone.