AA Pro - 1 Sam Willoughby 2 David Graf 3 Jim Brown 4 Akifumi Sakamoto 5 Thomas Vallejo 6 Ramiro Marino 7 Masahiro Sampei 8 Corey Reid

Elite Women - 1 Alise Post 2 Joyce Seesing 3 Ashley Verhagen 4 Aneta Hladikova 5 Gabi Diaz 6 Michele Patterson 7 Stephanie Barragan 8 Afton Schrimpf

Junior Men - 1 Tory Nyhaug 2 Corben Sharrah 3 Steven Creighton 4 Wesley Gunn 5 Connor Fields 6 Nick Benetti 7 Paul Wassenaar 8 Twan Van Gendt

Junior Women - 1 Dominique Daniels 2 Taylor Wolcott 3 Sabrina Millman 4 Mariana Diaz 5 Brooke Crain 6 Victoria Johnson

Vet Pro - 1 Chad Street 2 Kenth Fallen 3 Joey Albright 4 Robert Pierce 5 Jason Carnes 6 Marco Dellisola 7 Jason Silva 8 Dave Bittner

Pro Cruiser - 1 Danny Caluag 2 Masahiro Sampei 3 Barry Nobles 4 Blake Foxx 5 Jason Carnes 6 Eric Rupe 7 Matt Rubeck 8 Joey Bradford

A Pro - 1 Kory Cook 2 Corben Sharrah 3 Renaud Blanc 4 Rihards Veide 5 Christian Ricks 6 Gabe Moreno 7 Jason Morris 8 Riley Stair

USA Cycling Junior Development Results


USAC JR DEV GIRLS (7 riders) 1 Felicia Stancil  2 Dani George 3 Lauren Whisler 4 Shay Glynn 5 Brandi Milligan 6 Shelby Stacy

 USAC JR DEV BOYS (19 riders) 1 Rusty Nesvig 2 Jordan Miranda 3 Nathan Padilla 4 Maliek Byndloss 5 Jesse Day 6 Bailey Olguin 7 Nick Koehler 8 Blake Paulson



USAC JR DEV GIRLS (7 riders) 1 Shay Glynn 2 Felicia Stancil 3 Shelby Stacy 4  Dani George 5 Lauren Whisler 6 Brandi Milligan

USAC JR DEV BOYS (18 riders) 1 Nathan Padilla 2 Jesse Day 3 Maliek Byndloss 4 Rusty Nesvig 5 Hunter Mees 6 Alec Nesbitt  7 Jordan Miranda 8 Bailey Olguin



ABA Winternationals Sunday/BMX Mud Photo Gallery

You KNOW you're in trouble when everybody but you is standing around under umbrellas. Elite Women semi underway! ONE Bicycle's, Czech rider, Aneta Hladikova splashes here way thru the mud to a 4th place finish while on her "Fun In The Sun" trip to Arizona. Danny Caluag slid out in class but took the win in Pro Cruiser for Intense Bikes. Nice look, DC! Shanaze Reade heads back to the pits after her semi with a little "I've enjoyed about as much as I can stand of the mud" look on her face. Bike cleaning time for Alise Post after her big sloppy wet victory in Elite Women




AA Pro (56 Riders) - 1 Cristian Becerine 2 Sam Willoughby 3 Donny Robinson 4 Nic Long 5 Khalen Young 6 Randy Stumpfhauser 7 Maris Strombergs 8 Kyle Bennett

Elite Women (22 Riders) - 1 Shanaze Reade 2 Alise Post 3 Ashley Verhagen 4 Arielle Martin 5 Gabriela Diaz 6 Jamie Lilly 7 Aneta Hladikova 8 Amanda Geving

Junior Men (19 Riders) - 1 Corben Sharrah 2 Tory Nyhaug 3 Connor Fields 4 Blake Foxx 5 Colby Landin 8 Caleb Alonzo 8 Twan Van Gendt 8 Jared Garcia

Junior Women (7 Riders) - 1 Dominique Daniels 2 Brooke Crain 3 Taylor Wolcott 4 Victoria Johnson 5 Sabrina Millman 6 Mariana Diaz

Pro Cruiser (8 Riders) - 1 Barry Nobles 2 Danny Caluag 3 Blake Foxx 4 Matt Rubeck 5 Masahiro Sampei 6 Eric Rupe 7 Joey Bradford 8 Joe Sowers

Vet Pro (16 Riders) - 1 Kenth Fallen 2 Joey Albright 3 Chad Street 4 Dave Bittner 5 Jason Silva 6 Greg Romero 7 Marco Dellisola 8 Jason Carnes

A Pro (9 Riders) - 1Corben Sharrah 2 Matt Rubeck 3 Tyler Faoro 4 Jordan Seward 5 Kory Cook 6 Maris Gutmanis 7 Tony Hoffman 8 Riley Stair

BMX Plus, Editor, Ben Crockett, doin' a little BMX Field Research in the Third Turn. Here's something you don't see every day. It's a good thing, too! Someone please tell me how this guy didn't EAT IT, big time! He actually rode this one out!

Have you ever heard the phrase, "He 'bounced' off of the other rider' or something like that. Well, this is 'something like that'. 'Evil Ivo' bouncin' off of Matt Pohlkamp.

Shanaze Reade, out front, where she was all day long.









Intense/Phantom-On Trac's, Nic Long is going FAST right now. It'd be NO surprise to see Nic on the podium in a STACKED ABA Winter Nats. Black Mountain BMX has been the site of the ABA Winter Nationals for YEARS. Smooth as silk and always in good shape. This year, it's been rebuilt. British Cycling IN THE HOUSE! From left, Coach, Grant White; Marcus Bloomfield, Liam Phillips and Shanaze Reade! Fun in the sun for the English! This time last season, #44, Joyce Seesing was recovering from what doctors told her was a career ending injury. Not for Joyce, she's HARD CORE and on the Dutch National Team.  

Little known fact of ABA Racing. ABA Scorer, Jen Morris scores EVERY moto of every national all across the country. That includes the GRANDS, 3 days of racing from morning to night. Hats off to Jen! Mike Day hasn't been seen much lately on the U.S. BMX circuit. Mike's back on the track, 3 weeks before the UCI SX race in Madrid. Sam Cools has moved to California to work for sponsor Supercross and train year round. Her goal this year is to take back her former ABA Girl Pro title. Haro's been makin' some noise on the BMX Racing circuit over the last couple years, give a nod to AA Pro, Derek Betcher behind a desk. DB's been hittin' the gym and makin' it out to the track this season, to dial in his game. Nice, Derek!