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National #1 AA Pro National #1 Girl Pro National #1 Vet Pro National #1 Pro Cruiser
Randy Stumpfhauser Dominique Daniels Kenth Fallen Danny Caluag


National #1 Amateur National #1 Girl National #1 Cruiser National #1Girl Cruiser
Corben Sharrah Jordan Nopens George Goodall Carly Dyar


ABA Grands Race Results
AA Pro - Total Riders/26 Girls Pro - Total Riders/12

1 Kyle Bennett 1 Caroline Buchanan
2 Randy Stumpfhauser 2 Dominique Daniels
3 Maris Strombergs 3 Alise Post
4 Sam Willoughby 4 Brooke Crain
5 Denzel Stein 5 Stephanie Barragan
6 Tyler Brown 6 Ashley Verhagen
7 Khalen Young 7 Alaina Henderson
8 Danny Caluag 8 Courtney Tomei


Pro Cruiser - Total Riders/12

Vet Pro - Total Riders/22

A Pro - Total Riders/54

1 Josh Meyers 1 Kenth Fallen 1 Dennison Smith
2 Tyler Brown 2 John Purse 2 Riley Stair
3 Danny Caluag 3 Will Murray  3 Tory Nyhaug
4 Tim Kneip 4 Greg Romero 4 Alan Hudson
5 Matt Baisley 5 Joey Albright 5 Tony Hoffman
 6 Barry Nobles 6 Chad Street  6 Tomas Fernandez
7 Mike Henderson 7 Andres Holguin 7 Josh Meyers
8 Alan Hudson 8 Dusty Armstrong  8 Tim Kneip


ABA National #1 Team Champs!

Factory Team

Intense Phantom On-Trac

Bike Shop Team

VRP / Bike Alley / Vitamin Water

Trophy Team

Team Holeshot



AA Marketing Race Report - Randy Stumpfhauser & Danny Caluag Win Pro Titles

BMX Race Report

ABA Grand Nationals Tulsa, Oklahoma

Randy Stumpfhauser wins the ABA #1 Pro Title

Danny Caluag wins the ABA #1 Pro Cruiser Title


The 2009 ABA Grand Nationals will go down in history as one of the best ABA events ever and the Pro Title race was one of the best as well. With 3 Pros going into the Grands with a mathematical chance at the title, the drama would unveil over the course of the Thanksgiving weekend in Tulsa. Race Action would kick off for the Pros on Friday, as they would duke it out for last chance points during the ABA Pro Spectacular.


To start the weekend off on a high note, Randy Stumpfhauser won the ABA Golden Crank Award for the Pro of the year title, voted on by the members of the ABA.


Randy came into the weekend sitting just 7 points behind the top spot, held by Maris Strombergs. Randy would need to make the main event and finish 2nd overall to gain some points towards the title. Things didnít work out for Randy, as he missed out on the main event. Kyle Bennett, who sat 3rd overall in the title chase wound up taking the win and putting the pressure on Randy and Maris.


This lead for the title chase was tight among the top 3 pros going into the Grands and all 3 riders looked strong and made their way into the stacked AA Pro Main event on Sunday afternoon. To add to the drama, all 3 riders were right next to each other on the gate in the main events.

As the Gate fell in round 1, it was Maris in 2nd for most of the lap, with Randy and Kyle just behind. Maris would go onto make a late pass to take the win, with Kyle finishing 4th and Randy in 5th.


Round 2 would change things drastically, as Kyle would take the win, Randy placing 2nd and Maris stuck back in 7th place. Round 3 would decide the year-end title. If Randy beat Maris and finished no more than 2 spots behind Kyle, then he would get the title. Once again Kyle took the lead, but Randy was stalking him down the entire race. Maris was just behind in 3rd. As the lap came to an end, the three riders up for the title would finish in

that order, giving the fans a great show. When the points were tallied up, it was Kyle with the win for the day and Randy the biggest 2nd of his Pro Career, as it was enough points to take the overall ABA #1 Pro title. This was Randyís first ABA AA #1 Pro title. Randy has won the ABA #1 Pro Cruiser title 5 times in the past.


Randyís sponsors include GHP, Troy Lee Designs, SINZ Racing, GO211.com, Rhythm, Tioga, THE, and BMXpros.com.


Danny Caluag was looking to make it 3 in a row, as he once again was going after the ABA Pro Cruiser title. Things started off great for Danny, as he won the Friday Pro Cruiser event, helping him expand his overall lead for the title. On Sunday, Danny lined up for the Pro Cruiser main event, knowing that a top 3 finish would give him his 3rd ABA #1 Pro Cruiser title. Danny did just that, finishing 3rd for the day and securing his 3rd ABA Pro Cruiser title.


Dannyís sponsors include Intense BMX, Bawls Guarana, THE Products, SINZ Racing, GO211.com, Shimano, FLY Racing, Skull Candy, and BMXpros.com.


Double A Marketing is the original BMX Racing Sports Marketing agency in the world. We proudly represent Cristian Becerine, Danny Caluag, and Randy Stumpfhauser.


For more information on any of the BMX Pro riders or on Double A Marketing and our services, please visit www.BMXpros.com


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  Kyle Bennett, stretchin' out his legs a bit on the track bike. Kyle is sitting in good position to win his first ABA pro title with his win on Friday night. The ABA Grands track is certainly to his liking, and like a GREAT race, it'll come down to the main! Aussie Sam signs with Redline. Sam Willoughby has signed on with Factory Redline for a full time ride. Sam's livin' in San Diego, will hit up racing on the U.S. BMX circuit in between racing for the Aus. National Team and all the UCI SX and World's races. Fly Racing was in the house with their Factory Rig, a full on product display and a bunch of the guys from the office racing their way around the ABA Grands track. Live what you love. More 'Aussie Invasion', Caroline Buchanan was enjoying the ABA Grands ... AND hangin' out with Barry Nobles! Caroline, is a member of the Aus. Nat. Team and also the reigning World MTB 4X Elite Women's Champ. Welcome, any time, Caroline. The folks at Redman Bikes International were out in force, with TONS of Redman, Avent, Bombshell and other items in their lineup of BMX goodies. Frames, parts and one of the strongest Factory Teams on the circuit make Redman a serious force.

  Mike Day, putting in a little "Autograph Time" at one of his sponsors. There were lots of opportunities for the fans to pick up posters and stuff signed by their favorite pros. Dominique Daniels was autographing free shirts and posters to help raise donations for seriously ill girl BMX Erin Schaefer. The line was LONG to check in with the ABA's National #1 Girl Pro. Barry Nobles, Bike Mechanic. Sorry, it's "Secrets Of The Pros" time. Barry and Khalen stirrin' up a little SPD handiwork. While Mike Day was out signing autographs, his GT was restin' up in the GT pits which ALWAYS look good thanks to Team Manager, "Big Daddy", Eric Rupe.  



AA Pro - 1 Kyle Bennett 2 Khalen Young 3 Donny Robinson 4 Mike Day 5 Barry Nobles 6 Marcus Bloomfield 7 Tyler Brown 8 Maris Strombergs

Girl Pro - 1 Dominique Daniels 2 Caroline Buchanan 3 Brooke Crain 4 Alise Post 5 Alaina Henderson 6 Stephanie Barragan 7 Ashley Verhagen

A Pro - 1 Josh Meyers 2 Tory Nyhaug 3 Alex Anthony 4 Mike Moeller 5 Matt Rubeck 6 Alan Hudson 7 Tim Kneip 8 Anthony Hoffman

Vet Pro - 1 Greg Romero 2 John Purse 3 Kenth Fallen 4 Andres Holguin 5 Joey Albright 6 Ryan Whitesides 7 Chad Street 8 Will Murray

NAG5 Boys Challenge - 1 Connor Fields 2 Corben Sharrah 3 Thomas Vallejo 4 Josh Study 5 Jeremy Rommel 6 Rusty Nesvig 7 Jordan Miranda 8 Nick Koehler

NAG 5 Girls Challenge - 1 Tyler Schaefer 2 Shayona Glynn 3 Lauren Whisler 4 Felicia Stancil 5 Samantha Bretheim 6 Carly Dyar  7 Victoria Johnson 8 Kristin Hokit


ABA Golden Crank Awards!

Every year, the ABA runs a cool awards program that let's the people speak, the LEGENDARY, ABA BMXer Magazine Golden Crank Awards. This year, members of the ABA voted on Bike of the Year, Team of the Year, Rookie Pro of the Year and Pro of the Year from the ABA's web site, ABABMX.com with the chance to win a complete FLY BMX gear package , so the voting was HOT and HEAVY.

THE PEOPLE SPEAK, and this year's winners are......


Intense BMX


Intense BMX

Pete Dylewski

Intense Phantom/On-Trac

Representing the team

Team Owner,

Chuck Colton

Nic Long

Intense Phantom/On-Trac

Randy Stumpfhauser

GHP Factory

BMX Team

    You know you're a Rockstar when you have a lfe sized poster of yourself hanging on the wall at the ABA Grands. Haro's, Khalen Young, last year's reigning ABA #1 AA Pro.