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ARCHIVED NEWS FOR September 2010


BMX racing news, Thursday - September 30, 2010


ASA Triples Championship in Fort Wayne, Indiana



Zack Warden Flips His Way to MEGARAMP WIN!

Hometown fans cheer Brett Banasiewicz to a second place finish







BMX racing news, Tuesday - September 28, 2010

Excess BMX Components is proud to offer our new 

Excess Pro Series Freewheel 13 tooth – 18 tooth:

Lighter, faster engagement, and stronger are the 3 goals that we set out to do when making a Pro level freewheel

and we were able to far exceed all of our goals with the new Excess Pro Series Freewheel.

Features include:

~Cold Forged from 4130 Chromoly

~3 heavy-duty fast engaging/releasing Pawls

~30 Points of Engagement for an instant and reliable start every time.

~Show Chrome finish on the outside, Titanium finish in the center

~8-spline body for weight savings and easier removal with standard tool

~ Works with 1/8 or 3/32 Chains

~Will be available in sizes 18,19, 20 and 22 tooth in November 

The Excess Freewheels are rated at 550 LB/in. torques, that far exceed the current FW on the market, which are rated

only at 420 LB/in. We made these to meet the current needs of a high performance and reasonably priced freewheel.

 Excess Pro Series Freewheels will complement our line of high-end Cassette wheel sets that you will be hearing about

in the very near future. 

                                                             Excess Freewheel Weights:

                                                                   13T (110g) 3.9 ounces

                                                                   14T (126g) 4.4 ounces

                                                                   15T (132g) 4.7 ounces

                                                                   16T (138g) 4.9 ounces

                                                                   17T (160g) 5.6 ounces

                                                                   18T (168g) 5.9 ounces

MSRP for the Chrome Freewheel, available now, is $21.95 and the Flat Metal Finish version offered in more sizes arriving in November will be $19.95

Excess BMX items can be purchased from your local dealer in the very near future. Be on the look out for the line of Excess complete wheel sets out soon.

Find the Pro Series Freewheels trackside from J&R Bicycles and Riders Pro Shop. Items can also be bought through J& or

Excess BMX is a division of BRG




Zack Warden Flips His Way to the MegaRamp

ASA Triples Championship in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hometown fans cheer Brett Banasiewicz to a second place finish

FORT WAYNE, Indiana (September 25, 2010) — Dubbed the "Zack Attack" by friends and family who waved signs and cheered him to a victory during tonight's MegaRamp ASA Triples (Triples) event at Fort Wayne's Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Zack Warden (O'Fallon, IL) claimed his first ASA Entertainment event title by beating favorite Brett Banasiewicz (South Bend, IN) in the finals.

The competition was close and came down to the last run of the event. Both men took spills on their first run of the two-run finals; Warden crashed attempting a back-flip bike-flip and Banasiewicz failed to complete a front-flip tail-whip. Knowing that Banasiewicz was the event favorite having won the last two Triples events (Augusta, GA and Sacramento, CA), and was performing before an audience filled with his Washington High School classmates and family, Warden knew it would take a great run to win. He threw a 360* bar spin tail-whip, back-flip bike-flip, then a double tail-whip off the quarter-pipe and landed everything, surprising himself and thrilling the crowd with the back-flip bike-flip which he had never done.

"I've been working on that trick for the last three and half months. I knew I had to pull that out to win," said Warden.

For his last run, Banasiewicz triple tail-whipped the first jump, landed a cash roll over the second jump and double downside-whipped the quarter-pipe, but slipped slightly and his feet hit the ramp. He then regained his balance, finished the run and waited for the results. Warden's skillful performance and Banasiewicz's slight misstep put a new man atop the winner's podium.

"I feel good!" said Warden lifting the trophy above his head in celebration. "I'm really pumped that I did the trick that I wanted, and walked away with this sweet trophy."

Warden met Pat Casey (Yorba Linda, CA) in the semi-finals. Casey recently placed second at the Triples event in Sacramento and looked set to roll into the finals tonight, but with everything clicking for Warden, the pressure was on. Casey fell in both of his runs and had to settle for third place along with Colton Satterfield (Salt Lake
City, UT), who, not only for the second consecutive Triples competition, but also for the second time tonight, was eliminated by Banasiewicz.

Satterfield first met Banasiewicz in the quarter-finals, then had to best all of his opponent's in the Battle Back round to return to the main competition, where he found himself matched against Banasiewicz again, this time in the semi-finals. Satterfield's best semi-final run was no match for the front-flip tail-whip, corked out 720* and inverted flair that Banasiewicz executed, so he had to accept third place.

All of the excitement of the MegaRamp ASA Triples from Fort Wayne, IN will be broadcast nationally on Fox Sports Net as part of event producer, ASA Entertainment's action sports block which starts in November. Check your local listings for specific broadcast times and dates. 

For more information about the MegaRamp ASA Triples, please visit

Nhlapo takes South African Grand National Title

Local South African riders returned to Worlds host city, Pietermaritzburg this last weekend for the final rounds of the South African National Championships, and Grand Nationals.

In the Elite racing, World Championship silver medalist Sifiso Nhlapo was in dominant form and untouchable the entire weekend, taking the much coveted Elite Grands title and Jersey.

In the other classes, racing was furious, with a record number of South Africans and Zimbabweans proudly displaying their recently obtained World Number boards, with some classes having up to four world numbers in a single gate.  

World champions Sharlene McGilvray (45+ Cruiser) and Georgina Grassie (9 yr Girls) raced with the guys, and very often were showing them how it is done.  

Sunday's Grand Nationals saw a number of champions upstaged, and the 2010 jersey passing onto new shoulders in a number of the classes.

In all it was a very successful weekend, which highlighted to quality of riding that is currently on show in South Africa.

Darren Goddard -








BMX racing news, Monday - September 27, 2010

SWATCH BMX SX Awards 2010

The UCI is pleased to announce the 2nd annual SWATCH BMX SX Awards Ceremony. The banquet will be held Saturday 9th October 20h00 @ Le Village in Fréjus.

The banquet will present the 2010 BMX Supercross World Cup Overall Winners, as well as several other special awards such as; 

Ø      Best Crash Of the Year

Ø      Best Pass Of The Year

Ø      The Ride Style Award

Ø      Coach Of The Year

Ø      Rookie Of The Year

Ø      Female Rider Of The Year

Ø      Male Rider Of the Year 

New for this year is that the public will be able to vote on their favourite Female and Male BMX Rider Of The Year. (For the other categories, the nominees and winners will be selected by a jury). Please visit the following link and cast your vote;  

The deadline for voting is Tuesday 5th October at 12h00. The nominations for the remaining categories will be published on Wednesday 6th October 2010. 

Tickets are € 25, which will include food and drinks, live music performance and our own DJ – Uncle R spinning tunes. Tickets can be purchased at the BMX SX race office in Fréjus (minimum age 18 years).

Free Agent/Rockstar's,

Maris Strombergs

Wins Ride BMX NORA Cup

Quick! What's the NORA in "NORA Cup" stand for? Don't know? No problem, we got cha covered. #1 Racer Award = NumberOneRacerAward.......Get it?

It's an annual award by Ride BMX / (Magazine, web site, video productions about everything BMX...Well, everything except race.) that was started by BMX Action Mag, continued by SNAP, morphed in to TRANSWORLD BMX and now rolls on sponsored by Ride BMX. All that has covered over 30 years, and now the award is given every year at the Interbike Show, in the evening after the show is over....Big Party.....Lots of screaming and yelling.....Hundreds of drunken BMX riders.....No news release.....So this year, you get the BMX Mania take on the "NORA" Cup.

For 2010, Free Agent/Rockstar's, Maris Strombergs got it, for the second year straight and no one deserved it more! Big Time BMX Mania Congrats go out to 'The Machine' for bringing home the notable recognition by such a big media news source.....Yeah, Maris, and THANKS Ride BMX for honoring such an AWESOME real life BMX racing action figure!

Kinda funny though, don't you think? Every one who gets a NORA Cup any more gets the "#1 Racer Award" for Ramp, or the "#1 Racer Award" for Dirt, or the "#1 Racer Award" for etc, etc.

We don't really 'get it', but we're glad that Maris, "Got It".

Just our take on the NORA Cup for 2010. They'll have another award to give a lucky BMX Racer next year during Interbike.


On  October 9,2010 Roadkill Bicycles and Trilogy Park Bmx in Pottstown, Pennsylvania present THE ULTIMATE BMX ELIMINATION CHAMPIONSHIP.

This will be the most physically and mentally challenging race ever created. Take 8 riders and eliminate 1 per rounds. That equals 7 rounds of racing to get the winner. Now take 100 riders and you have over 40 rounds of racing to get the UBEC Champion. All rounds will start with 6 riders. Eliminations go on  until 3 riders then recombined back to 6. All rounds are reshuffled so no one races the same racers round to round.

The final gate will have 8 riders. Then the UBEC CHAMPION will be awarded the UBEC Champions Belt at the end. There are 2 classes, 13 and over and 12 and under. Both classes are open wheel and class. Girls will be included in this mix because there are plenty fast females  who can beat the boys. 

The object is clear, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WIN, YOU JUST CAN'T LOSE. The race is open to all riders NBL, ABA, MOUNTAIN BIKE, TRAIL RIDERS, ANYONE with the guts to attempt this event.

There will be free one day open house licenses to all NON-NBL riders.

Cash purses for winners from both classes. A separate prize awarded to the rider with the most wins( that rider does not have to be the champion). Also random giveaways to random moto winners all day.


The Greatest thing about The UBEC is the reason. All proceeds will benefit THE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF PHILADELPHIA. The race will be video recorded and shown at the hospital for the kids. There are plenty of kids there that we can help with this race.

October 9,2010
Trilogy Park Bmx - Pottstown, PA
Registration is $10
Registration time 8-10:30 am
First round starts at 11 am
Track info visit Trilogy Park BMX on Facebook or

OZ Factory Psykopath
Factory Psykopath has been getting a lot of attention in Australia lately.
The Factory Team in Australia is ran by two to the coolest dudes in BMX, both race Vet Pro/Expert class and have lots of experience in the field of BMX action sports.
They are Scott Hand and Craig Fisher. Scott has skated professional for many years and has moved his talent to BMX racing, and has put himself in the main event many times in the tough Vet Pro class.
Craig has raced for many years and even raced pro mountain bike, he has been awarded a few X Game metals, and is the top of his class worldwide.
He has brought home a few world championships and is the top Vet Pro in the OZ.
In the younger classes we have Harrison King 10X has been a national rider in Australia and is also on the 2010-11 BMX Victoria State Junior Development Squad.
We are proud of our riders in the OZ and look forward to a successful year.
Here's some recent riding shots from Craig and Scott. We have a few spots left on our Factory OZ team, if interested please contact Scott at





BMX racing news, Thursday - September 23, 2010

Bundaberg to get big BMX Australia National titles

Last night, Bundaberg BMX club were announced as the location to one of the largest BMX events in the country. In September next year, Bundaberg will host the 2011 BMX Queensland  State Championships which is expected to attract nearly 900 competitors from all over the state.

“It’s been about seven years since Bundaberg had the states and they missed out on getting it two  years ago. It was a very close decision.” admitted Bruce Oliver, President of BMX Queensland.

“The club has a strong committee and they will certainly do the state championships proud,” added Oliver. “It helps to have the support of the Bundaberg Regional Council.”

With the new international standard BMX track proposed for the Sleeman Sports Complex at Chandler in Brisbane and the Hinterland BMX club on the Sunshine Coast also in the running, Bundaberg BMX club were uncertain until the announcement.

Shane Davies, the Bundaberg BMX Club President knew they were in with a chance.

“We were surprised,” said  Davies, “we thought it would go to Chandler with the new facility, if it came to us then that would have been good. This is great.”

Already the prospect of putting on the second largest BMX event in the country is starting to sink in but the club have been busy doing the groundwork.

Christine Hilder got the proposal together and that’s a big part of it,” said Davies.

The biggest challenge will be to get people together to help out. People will put their hand up but we will need to build our volunteers.”

“It will be just fantastic for the riders in the club, mainly for the kids.”

It will be great for the town. Everyone will benefit out of it - the community and food outlets and accommodation places all over the region.”

With Queensland clubs already undergoing a massive boom. The Wide Bay region is also expecting an increase in club numbers.

“It will spark a lot more in the clubs around here for sure,” Davies said.

Accommodation can be booked via the Bundaberg Region website. Go to:













BMX racing news, Thursday - September 23, 2010


Quentin calyeron crash at UCI BMX Chula Vista!

French National Team Member, Quentin Calyeron had a scary moment during Elite Men's Time Trials at the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Chula Vista, California last weekend. Quentin came up a little short in the Second Straight and ate it BIG TIME on the infamous Berm Jump and was there to capture the "Oh, My!". Check it.

BMX British Championships 2010 from British Cycling on Vimeo.

From BMX Mania Buddy, Corinne Walder, it's another masterpiece for British Cycling from the 2010 British BMX National Championships.



Winners To Be Announced On September 23, 2010
The Pearl Theater At The Palms, Las Vegas

Carlsbad, CA September 14, 2010 – The 14th Annual TransWorld Ride BMX NORA Cup Awards will be held at The Pearl Theater at The Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday, September 23.  For the first time ever, the awards show will be offering special seating for general admission, open to all ages.
“I can’t wait for this year’s TransWorld Ride BMX NORA Cup! The Pearl Theater inside The Palms is the perfect place to honor the best riders in BMX,” said TransWorld Ride BMX Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan.  “Once again we’ve got an insane lineup of legendary presenters sure to make BMX’s biggest night something to remember.”
In the midst of Interbike, North America’s largest international bicycle trade event and show, TransWorld Ride BMX will host its prestigious Number One Rider Awards show honoring BMX’s top pro riders in seven various categories. The winners are determined by polling professional BMXers, and the nominee categories are: Number One Racer, Number One Flatlander, Number One Street Rider, Number One Ramp Rider, Number One Dirt Jumper, Best Video Part, and Video Of The Year. 

And the official nominees for the 14th Annual TransWorld Ride BMX NORA Cup Awards are…
Number One Racer:

Josh Meyers - Maris Strombergs - Sam Willoughby - Khalen Young
Number One Flatlander:
Terry Adams - Matthias Dandois - Martti Kuoppa - Jesse Puente - Moto Sasaki
Number One Street Rider:
Ty Morrow - Garrett Reynolds - Dakota Roche - Nathan Williams - Rob Wise

Number One Ramp Rider:
Jamie Bestwick - Drew Bezanson - Dennis Enarson - Chase Hawk - Gary Young

Number One Dirt Jumper:
Corey Bohan - Mike “Hucker” Clark - Chris Doyle - TJ Ellis - Dennis Enarson

Best Video Part:
Corey Martinez - This is United ... Garrett Reynolds - Props Issue 75 ... Dakota Roche - Let 'Em Talk
Dave Thompson - Props Issue 76 ... Nathan Williams - This Is United

Video Of The Year:
Cuts (Animal) - Let 'Em Talk (Cult) - Range of Motion (Ride BMX)

The Birth of Big Air (Dickhouse Productions) - This is United (United) 

In addition to the awards, TransWorld Ride BMX will be hosting the world premiere of WETHEPEOPLE’s film, Anytime Now. Check out the teaser here:

A special thanks goes out to our sponsors Red Bull, DC, The Palms Resort Casino and WETHEPEOPLE for helping to make this event possible.

For more information on TransWorld Ride BMX and its NORA Cup Award Show, stay tuned online at  For specially discounted room rates at the Palms (valid September 20–25) call toll free 1-866-942-7770 and request the Ride BMX NORA Cup referral rate.

About TransWorld Ride BMX - The number one media brand in the industry since 1992, TransWorld Ride BMX has fueled participation in the sport from day one by chronicling and sharing insights on the BMX lifestyle and experiences that educate new enthusiasts while continuing to inspire veterans of the sport. Found online at, TransWorld RideBMX is based in Carlsbad, California, and is a product of TransWorld Media, the world’s leading action sports media company.









BMX racing news, Wednesday - September 22, 2010


USA Cycling Registration now open for the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Fréjus, France

USA Cycling would like to announce that registration for the UCI Supercross World Cup event in Fréjus, France, is now open. 

The BMX Supercross competition, taking place from October 7-9, is part of the Roc d’Azur, one of Europe’s largest cycling events and festivals.

With the conclusion of the World Cup competition in Chula Vista, the Fréjus event is the last race in the UCI Supercross World Cup series for 2010.

This race is open to all championship class members and those who are licensed as challenge class with a 1994 date-of-birth. Since the 2011 season began on August 1, new juniors are eligible to compete. 

The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series offers significant international class 2 ranking points that affect an athlete’s individual international ranking and contribute to a nation’s ranking, which is the primary factor in determining the number of start positions a country receives at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Registration and Entry Fee - All championship class riders with an active USA Cycling BMX license can register now by logging on to their My USA Cycling account. Online registration costs $165 and is open until 5:00 p.m. MST on Friday, September 24, 2010.

For FAQs about USA Cycling’s new online registration system, click here.

Travel and Accommodations - USA Cycling members are eligible for travel-related discounts on airfare, lodging and bike shipping from partners such as United Airlines and Hertz rental cars, among others. Visit your My USA Cycling page to learn more about these savings opportunities.

More information is available in the Fréjus Competition Guide or by visiting the Roc d’Azur website. 

Please contact BMX Program Director Mike King at if you have any questions.








BMX racing news, Tuesday - September 21, 2010


Yeah, we're still at it! The UCI BMX SX Chula Vista weekend was a pretty chaotic one for us here at BMX Mania so we're really just now getting things sorted out. BUT, that's going to make your Tuesday go REAL well. We just posted a TON of photos from MJT Designs' mastermind, Jasen Krenek and you'll want to check em out. To do so, head on over to the UCI SX Chula Vista Race Report Page and have at it!

Hire Park BMX Pro-Am!

King Of The Old Guys Challenge Race!

Race will be held Saturday, Sept 25
• Registration 11:00 – 2:00, Race ASAP
• Time Trials will begin at 1:00

• Pro Am - $1500 Payout - Scrambled Motos - Open Wheel

• Time Trial - Payout top 3 fast

• Pro Am for the Ladies - 100% Payout - Sponsors welcome to up the purse. - Scrambled Motos - Open Wheel

• KOG (King of the Old Guys) Race - Scrambled Motos - Custom Trophies - Open Wheel - Flat Pedal Only - 35 and Over

• Open Classes for the Younger Crew - Special awards

• All Class racing will be included, so everyone will have a class to race. - This is a local with some Raditude included.

• Hog Roast is FREE - Bring a side dish to share with everyone

Come on out and help celebrate Hire Park's 25th season of BMX Racing!!!!!!!!!!

Roll Call, who is in and what class or classes will you be running.

NBL / ABA members, ALL ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!

****Not about the sanction, just the racin!!****

For more info, drop me a message.

Ride On, DanR -


Champion Racing - No Fear – Intense End O D Year Report! 

Champion Racing finished the year end with an overall 8th place and winning the NBL team of the day at the NBL Championship race. With a shoe string budget, 8th place is not bad considering the awesome teams that were before us. Most important the team took home national championships individually and nothing makes a team manager proud than seeing hard work pay off in the end. I congratulate every rider on the team for a job well done and we share the wins with all our sponsors. 

Carly Jacobs - BIG-A Girls National #1, National #1 9 girls, National #2 cruiser, and a 52” Flat screen TV.

Jake Garrelts – BIG-A boys National #1, National #2 9 expert and National # 4 cruiser

Zach Jacobs – National #2 7 expert and National #2 cruiser

Matt Bledsoe – National # 1 5 rookie

Tristian Rockett – National #1 10 novice

Lacey Lankford – National #4 10 girl

Cassius Hisel – National #5 10 Novice

Other Champion Racing team members were all in the top 10 of their respective age groups.

Special thanks to our sponsors the best in racing: No Fear  for always keeping the kids fresh and the best looking gear on the track, Intense, THE, SINZ , Answer BMX , Outback Steakhouse , Hooters, FORMCO Printing.


Hayes Hawks Soar!

Hayes Hawks BMX Club (U.K.) have done the domestic double in BMX terms after wrapping up the national series title last month, the club have also won the British Championships, which was held this past weekend at Chedder, Somerset.

Around 870 riders took part in one the best British BMX Championships held in this country for many years.

The Club had 5 British Champions.

Link to Club Results:

Three years ago we were near the bottom, with very few riders competing at this level, so it is thanks to the continued development of the club, by the volunteers, the coaches and the riders.

The Club will be holding its last race of the summer series this coming Sat 25th Sept. Coaching will be from 11.00am till 1.00pm, then straight into racing.

There will be food and a bar b q and the day will be one of celebration and fun.

We are also holding a public consultation on the day to get feedback on the BMX Track project and also the new Skatepark

We hope you can all be there to join in the fun.

Scott Dick, Chairman - Hayes Hawks BMX Club -








BMX racing news, Monday - September 20, 2010

The NBL Partners With BMX Legend, Greg Hill For 2011!

As a four-time NBL Pro Champion and 30-year veteran of the sport, Greg Hill brings unrivaled expertise and professionalism to the NBL. In his new role, Greg will help communicate the values of the NBL and its mission throughout the industry. NBL CEO Gary Aragon adds, “It is an honor for the NBL to be partnered with one of the true legends and pioneers of our great sport. We are genuinely excited about all that Greg brings to the table and having his endorsement only emphasizes the bright future ahead for the New NBL.”

BMX NATION had a chance to speak to Greg about his new role.

Explain your new role with the NBL.

I will be helping the NBL from a riders perspective on all levels with input to help push NBL to the next level, in short it will be a consulting arrangement.

Why did you choose to partner with the NBL?

It was an easy decision to jump on board, many of the new changes made to the new NBL are in line with my thinking and I knew the time was right to get involved.

What are some of your thoughts on the new NBL structure?

Providing great service to it’s members at a better rate is awesome, we live in tight economic times and the new NBL plan is perfect for the family that loves BMX and needs to watch the budget. It appears that the home work has been done, many solutions have been created to solve basic needs and that is exciting.

What are some of the biggest changes in the sport today?

The sport has just been kind of staying the same with little or no change up until now, I can see where these new upgrades can grow our sport and the NBL 10 fold and am really happy to be on the team to help it through.

What does the sport need to go to the next level?

Now we just need time to implement the program, NBL is on point for pushing BMX to the next level! Let’s roll!

Thanks Greg, we look forward to seeing you at the races.

More on the New NBL, Greg Hill and the BMX Nation, here!

official UCI Press release: UCI BMX Supercross Chula Vista 2010
Nicholas Long and Laëtitia Le Corguillé take the wins in Chula Vista
Chula Vista, California (September 18, 2010) – American Nicholas Long (Lakeside, Calif.) and Frenchwoman Laëtitia Le Corguillé rode to the top of the podium in round three of the Supercross World Cup in Chula Vista, Calif. on Saturday night.

The 21-year-old Long upset Australian strongman Sam Willoughby and 2008 Olympic champion Maris Strombergs (Latvia) in the eight-man main to take his first World Cup podium of the 2010 season.

Long holds of big guns Strombergs and Willoughby

“I had a decent start finally and didn’t have to back off,” Long explained after his podium ceremony. “I got cut off big time, did a little freestyle… was in fourth or fifth and just opened up and made some moves, did a clean lap and kept it together at the line.”

Click here to see a YouTube video of Nic after his win.

The race came down to a fight at the line between Long and Willoughby with the American finishing first by a hair. Strombergs, who is always a favorite in any contest, grabbed the podium’s third spot. Jelle Van Gorkom (Netherlands) and Andre Sylvain (France) were fourth and fifth while Jorus Daudet (France) and Ramiro Marino (Argentina) were sixth and seventh.

Laëtitia Le Corguillé wins again

Not surprisingly, 2009 Supercross World Cup champ Laëtitia Le Corguillé put forth a dominating performance in the women’s event to strengthen her lead in the 2010 series. She was followed over the line by French teammate Magalie Pottier. Collecting the bronze medal was the 19-year-old American, Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn.).The third-place effort was the first Supercross World Cup podium for Post.

“I had a good start. I thought I had second place in the first turn but then somebody swooped low and I got a little pushed off the track,” Post explained afterwards. “I just had to ride with it from there, run with it. I ended up with third, so I’m happy.”

Click here for a YouTube video of Alise talking about her race.

Following Post over the line were fellow U.S. riders Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla.) and Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif.). Colombian Mariana Pajon and Aussie Lauren Reynolds were sixth and seventh while American Arielle Martin (Spanaway, Wash.) was eighth.

The 2010 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup will conclude, October 8-9, in Frejus, France. Visit for complete results from each round so far.

Results UCI BMX Supercross World Cup – Round 3
Chula Vista, Calif. – September 18, 2010

1. Nicholas Long (Lakeside, Calif.)
2. Sam Willoughby (Australia)
3. Maris Strombergs (Latvia)

1. Laëtitia Le Corguillé (France)
2. Magalie Pottier (France)
3. Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn.)

UCI BMX Supercross Chula Vista 2010
Strombergs and Martin are fastest on day one of Chula Vista Supercross World Cup
Chula Vista, California (September 17, 2010) – Round three of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup presented by Swatch got underway on Friday as the best BMX racers from 21 nations converged on the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California.

2008 Olympic Champion and current World Cup leader Maris Strombergs (LAT) was the fastest man on day one of the Southern California event with a time of 34.689 compared to the 34.706 and 35.195 posted by Americans Connor Fields (Henderson, Nev.) and Corben Sharrah (Tucson, Ariz.) who qualified in second and third.

In the women’s contest, American pair Arielle Martin (Spanaway, Wash.) and Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn.) were the fastest on their home track with times of 37.087 and 37.449. Australian Lauren Reynolds qualified in third after clocking a time of 37.561.

Of the 72 Americans entered in round three of the World Cup, 33 advanced to Saturday’s rounds. Complete results from Friday’s time trials, as well as start lists for Saturday’s qualifying rounds can be found at

Saturday 18 September will feature plenty of excitement as the world’s top BMX riders go head to head on the Beijing Olympic replica track. The men will square off in eight groups of eight and the women in four groups of six. The top four riders from each heat after three runs will advance to the next round.







BMX racing news, weekend update - September 18-19, 2010




Elite Women's Final

Elite Men's Final

1 Laetitia Le Corguille

2 Magalie Pottier

3 Alise Post

1 Nic Long

2 Sam Willoughby

3 Maris Strombergs




Nic Long wins round three of Supercross World Cup in Chula Vista

USA Cycling News


Chula Vista, Calif. (September 18, 2010) – American Nicholas Long (Lakeside, Calif.) and Frenchwoman Laetitia Le Corguille rode to the top of the podium in round three of the Supercross World Cup in Chula Vista, Calif. on Saturday night. 

The 21-year-old Long upset Australian strongman Sam Willoughby and 2008 Olympic champion Maris Strombergs (Latvia) in the eight-man main to take his first World Cup podium of the 2010 season. 

“I had a decent start finally and didn’t have to back off,” Long explained after his podium ceremony. “I got cut off big time, did a little freestyle… was in fourth or fifth and just opened up and made some moves, did a clean lap and kept it together at the line.” 

Check out the YouTube video of Nic talking about his race...

The race came down to a fight at the line between Long and Willoughby with the American finishing first by a hair. Strombergs, who is always a favorite in any contest, grabbed the podium’s third spot. Jelle Van Gorkom (Netherlands) and Andre Sylvain (France) were fourth and fifth while Jorus Daudet (France) and Ramiro Marino (Argentina) were sixth and seventh. 

Not surprisingly, 2009 Supercross World Cup champ Laetitia Le Corguille put forth a dominating performance in the women’s event to strengthen her lead in the 2010 series. She was followed over the line by French teammate Magalie Pottier. Collecting the bronze medal was the 19-year-old American, Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn.).The third-place effort was the first Supercross World Cup podium for Post.  

“I had a good start. I thought I had second place in the first turn but then somebody swooped low and I got a little pushed off the track,” Post explained afterwards.  “I just had to ride with it from there, run with it. I ended up with third, so I’m happy.”


Here's a YouTube video of Alise talking about her podium finish...


Following Post over the line were fellow U.S. riders Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla.) and Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif.). Colombian Mariana Pajon and Aussie Lauren Reynolds were sixth and seventh while American Arielle Martin (Spanaway, Wash.) was eighth. 

The 2010 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup will conclude, October 8-9, in Frejus, France.  Visit for complete results from each round so far.


UCI BMX Supercross World Cup – Round 3
Chula Vista, Calif. – September 18, 2010
Men ..... 1. Nic Long (Lakeside, Calif.) ..... 2. Sam Willoughby (Australia) ..... 3. Maris Strombergs (Latvia)
Women ..... 1. Laetitia Le Corguille (France) ..... 2. Magalie Pottier (France) ..... 3. Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn.)

UCI SX Chula Vista Time Trail Photos Posted To Race Report Page!













BMX racing news, Friday - September 17, 2010


UCI BMX SX chula vista practice pix posted!
Well, anyone who has been checking BMX Mania to see the Thursday Practice Photos knows that they didn't make it to the web site on Thursday! ARRRRRGH! Bad weekend for BMX Mania! Travel plans have been interrupted and Jerry Mania has had to leave the race and go home to take care of some family business. BUMMER! No one likes to miss 'going to the races', right? By the way, for anyone who might be concerned, it's 'happy family business' not bad family business!

No problem on JL not being at the race, though, as we'll bring the racing to you anyway. ACE PHOTOG, Jasen Krenik of MJT Designs has stepped in and will be helping us out with some HOT SHOTS from Time Trial Friday and Saturday Race Day, so you'll still get to pick up on some cool BMX Racing images and reportage this weekend by checking out the Race Report Page.


All the BIG DOGS are IN Socal to race some UCI Supercross at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, and BMX Mania will be bringing you all the BMX Race Action right here from legendary BMX Photographer, Jasen Krenek, so you KNOW that the action will be fast and furious with the best riders in the world GOING BIG and GOING FAST.

You'll see brilliant, stunning photos from two of the best BMX Foto Guys around, BMX Mania's, Jerry Landrum and MJT Designs, Jasen Krenik, so DON'T MISS IT, you will NOT want to miss this race coverage, EVERYONE will be there!

The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Race Report Page is up and running, just click here to CHECK IT OUT!


Check out the newest Factory Team!


I would like to introduce you to the newest Factory BMX team Team Moley Gosh Fat Man Racing

Team manager Adam C. Berkley Owner of Fat Man Racing has taken his team to several state titles and a regional championship. Adam has 18 years of racing experience, with several state titles and top 15 national titles. 

Team coordinator 35-39 expert Bill Elkin. Bill is a 9 x NBL State Champion, 2 x ABA State Champion, NBL  Regional #5 for 2010, raced 1 year as a pro, and has 22 years of racing experience. 

Pistol Pete Loncarevich 41+ expert. 4x ABA AA pro champion Multiple time national #1 pro, Multiple time world champion, Nora cup champion several times, multiple time state regional and national champion. Has has several signature products such as frames, grips and other products. He is one of the winningest pros of all time! 

Savanah Lahr 18 girls. 2001 World Champion, 9 time State Champion, and 7 x NBL National Champion 

Kyle Robinson 19-25 expert. 2001 World #2. 4 x ABA Gold Cup winner, 14 x State Champion, top 10 NBL national rider for 14 years. 

Zach Northern 19-25 expert. 2008 NBL national number 2, State  #1 ABA, 2009 NBL national  #33, ABA district #1, ABA state #1. 

James Bisson 15 expert. 2008 NBL national # 1, 2009 NBL national #1, Regional number 1, and state #1  

Garrett Rosh 25-29 expert and cruiser. 22years racing ,23 state titles (class/cruiser) 1994 W#7 1993 NBL # 3 1994 NBL # 2 1995 NBL # 3 20", #2 Cruiser 1996 NBL # 2 20", # 3 Cruiser 6x Gold/Redline Cup Champion 3x US Open Champion Raced Pro for 6 years 

Jeff Longere 41+ expert and cruiser. 10x NBL state champion, NBL national #10 2009, NBL national #7 2008, NBL national #8 2007, NBL national #8 2006.  

Austin Calhoun 10 expert. 2009 NBL national #8 regional #4, 2008 NBL national #23 regional #3, 2007 NBL national #10 regional #3. 

Sponsor: Moley Gosh BMX clothing

Cosponsors: JW bicycle products - Madmaxmar Marketing 

Websites: .....

CoSponsored riders: Tim Dinger - Tommy Zula - Justin Posey






BMX racing news - Wednesday, September 15, 2010



We are proud to unleash the “TRUTH” on the BMX community.  We can’t hold them back any more.  The TRUTH handlebar is part of Morphine Industries continued assault of new components on the market.   


The TRUTH bar maximizes control and ergonomics while keeping weight and strength at the forefront. Using 13 butted technology along with a flat bar design to provide the ultimate pull.

Grab a hold of the TRUTH and it will set you free. 


Morphine Industries components are distributed by Western Power Sports 

Check us out at

#1 ranked BMX athlete Brett “Mad Dog” Banasiewicz will compete at Fort Wayne’s 
War Memorial Coliseum September 25 in the MegaRamp ASA Triples

LOS ANGELES (September 12, 2010) – On Saturday, September 25, some of the biggest names in BMX from the X Games will appear at Fort Wayne’s Allen County War Memorial Coliseum to compete in the MegaRamp ASA Triples (Triples). For one night only 12 men, including hometown heroes Brett “Mad Dog” Banasiewicz (South Bend, Indiana), the 15 year-old currently ranked #1 in BMX dirt, and Fort Wayne’s own Chris Gerber, will be pitted against each other in this head-to-head contest until there’s only one man standing.

The Triples, produced by leading action sports event producer ASA Entertainment, in association with MegaRamp Events, showcases the best all-around riders in BMX challenging the athletes’ combined box jumping and dirt jumping skills over a completely unique 195 ft. long wooden course that starts with a version of the famed mini MegaRamp.  Momentum from the 25 ft. tall roll-in ramp propels them over two 25 ft. wide jumps and a massive course-ending quarter-pipe. The riders attack the course, throwing down three back-to-back tricks in quick succession, displaying the technique, control, daring and style that make them the sports’ best. These athletes regularly push the sports’ boundaries as well as their own limits, surprising fans with mind-boggling aerial stunts.

Banasiewicz thrilled fans with his revolutionary double front-flip, which secured his win of the Triples contest in Augusta, GA earlier this season, and won his second Triples contest last month in Sacramento performing a stunt called the “Cash Roll”, a trick only he has been able to execute in competition.  He’s captured four major event titles this year and is ready to claim his fifth in front of his hometown crowd. “Mad Dog” seems to amp up his skill level at every contest, so who knows what he has in store for his Fort Wayne fans.

The MegaRamp ASA Triples is the first major professional action sports competition that Fort Wayne has ever seen.

“We are excited to bring this unique and exciting event to Fort Wayne,” said Memorial Coliseum General Manager Randy Brown. “This one-of-a-kind event will bring some of the best action sports athletes in the world to Fort Wayne for an affordable night of family fun.”

All of the excitement begins on Saturday, September 25 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at just $15 and are on sale now at, the Memorial Coliseum Ticket Office, or call 800-745-3000 to charge tickets by phone.  A limited number of VIP tickets, which include floor seating and access to a pre-event meet & greet with the competitors, are also available for only $35.

The event will be broadcast nationally on Fox Sports Net as part of ASA Entertainment’s action sports block starting in November.  Check your local listings for specific broadcast times and dates.

About ASA Entertainment: Founded in 1994, ASA Entertainment Group, LLC is an action sports event, television and content production agency focused on creating and executing customized, turn-key marketing programs that range in scale from grassroots to global.  ASA’s events, featuring skateboarding, freestyle BMX, inline skating, freestyle motocross, snowboarding, surfing and music, are broadcast domestically on eight networks (including CBS and Fox Sports Net), and distributed to more than 700 million HH globally via 30 international broadcast partners.  ASA's productions span the spectrum from large, international competitions such as the ASA Action Sports World Tour, the World Championships of Freestyle Motocross, The Supergirl Jam Series and the ASA Big-Air Triples to amateur contests, lifestyle and branded entertainment events, demonstrations, exhibitions, school programs and mobile tours. After 17 years as a leader in action sports, ASA Entertainment regularly connects brands to consumers through its platform of premium action sports and lifestyle content.  For more information, visit or

About MegaRamp Events: The MegaRamp was the brainchild of skateboarder Danny Way.  Since its debut in 2004 MegaRamp has transformed both skateboarding and BMX live events. MegaRamp brings the world’s best athletes together where excitement, innovation and excellence are a guarantee. MegaRamp Events controls rights in the MegaRamp name, trademarks and related rights.  MegaRamp Productions produces MegaRamp live events.  For more information check out, join MegaRamp on Facebook and follow MegaRamp on Twitter for all the latest Mega news.









BMX racing news, Monday update - September 13, 2010

Enter to Win Signed BMX Plates

from Jeff Upshaw & Alienation BMX

We have some official Jeffery Upshaw autographed BMX plates to give away!

All you have to do is go to our official Alienation Facebook page and click the “Like” button.  After doing so, this will reveal the hidden content under the “Enter Contest” tab with further instructions


Morphine Industries signs 17-18X, Tanner Sebesta



Morphine Industries inked a deal at NBL Grands with 17-18 expert, Tanner Sebesta. Tanner is currently ranked NAG 6 in the ABA and recently tested the NBL waters by attending Grands and getting a 2nd in class and took home the win in Saturday night’s 16-29 money open.  "We've been watching Tanner for a while and he continues to step it up at every race. When he won Saturday night at the Grands, we knew it was time to seal the deal. Tanner not only brings it on the track but he's a cool cat off the bike too so we know he will be a great rep for us and our sponsors", said Doran Bradshaw, team manager for Morphine.  


When Tanner was asked about his new gig, he said, "I've been workin’ hard for this chance to ride in pink and black.  I would like to thank Jonathan and Doran for this opportunity.  It means alot to have Morphine Industries factory support."

So there you have it boys and girls...another top rider on a Haro Race LT wearing black and pink. Look for Tanner and the rest of the crew at Chula Vista and Disney.



Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; HARO BIKES (, Fly Racing (,  Alienation (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (, Tioga (, Black Crown (

New Speed M-Series 20 Rolling Chassis is Proven Just Plain Fast

CERRITOS, CA—The Speed M-Series 20 Rolling Chassis may be the fastest BMX bike design ever offered, and not just because BMX Plus! called it the Ferrari of BMX.

It’s fast because it’s designed to ensure that more of power goes into propelling the bike forward, so racers of all levels can go down the track faster using the same or less energy as they would on a normal bike. And there is scientific test data to prove it.

When Toby Henderson, VSI’s founding manager and Speed’s chief designer, conceived of putting 20-millimeter front- and rear-axle hubs on BMX bikes, his gut told him that such a bike would bring previously unheard of performance advantages to racers.

He assumed the bikes would accelerate faster, corner like they were on rails and, most important, boost power efficiency. In other words, he thought the bikes would allow racers to make it to the finish line faster and more efficiently than ever before possible.

After Toby rode the first prototype 20-millimeter Speed bike, he was convinced his initial assumptions were right on. Out of the gate, he got to the first jump faster and he was pedaling easier. The bike also was more stable in the air and cornered better than any bike he had ridden.

But these “results” were little more than the personal sensations of an arguably biased individual. Toby knew he needed scientific test data to back up his gut. That’s when George Costa, owner of Rennen Design Group and inventor of the G-Cog, the world’s first electronic BMX power-meter, called.

George set about designing a detailed test procedure that would compare two 20-inch Speed M-Series bikes built identically with the exception of the hub axles. One bike was equipped with standard 3/8-ich axle wheels while the other had the 20-millimeter axles. In testing, world-class racers did repeated 100-foot sprints on pavement on bikes equipped with George’s G-Cog, which recorded various performance data.

Toby’s hope, of course, was that the test results would prove his theory. George, an engineer by trade, was simply curious about how the bike would perform. He also was pretty skeptical.

After George crunched the numbers, his endorsement of the Speed M-Series 20 Rolling Chassis was unequivocal. The data proved that the bikes were more efficient and provided a significant advantage over standard bikes.

“Our tests conclusively demonstrated that the Speed 20-millimeter iHub Rolling Chassis were more efficient and used less rider energy than a traditional BMX race set-up. Test results show that the Speed 20-millimeter iHub bike requires less power to achieve the same velocity as a traditional BMX race setup,” George said.

“The Speed bikes with the 20-millimeter set-up efficiently transfers the rider’s energy to the ground. Without this technology, energy is being lost in the flexing of the frame and other key components. Today, with such high level talent on the BMX circuit this technology will give riders an advantage,” he added.

At the heart of the system are the wheels, or, more precisely, the hubs. The hubs feature hollow, 20-millimeter, aluminum through-axles; massive 32-millimeter hub/dropout interfaces and smooth rolling sealed bearings. Beefy, 24-millimeter, aluminum axle nuts hold the wheels in place. In the rear, six double-pawls work with a Shimano-compatible cassette body.

The wheels’ straight-pull spoke design further boosts torsional rigidity while making stronger wheels. Straight-pull spokes are approximately 30 percent stronger than J-bend spokes and there are no hub flanges to break. Specially designed frame and fork dropouts are compatible with the monster axles.

The result: greater power transfer for faster gate starts and more-precise handling when going straight, jumping and while turning. Stomp on the pedals and the bike moves forward, straight forward, with almost no noticeable flex.

And with a bold, two-tone, Italian sports car-inspired paint job and graphics they even look fast.

The Speed Rolling Chassis includes a Speed M-Series frame, Sinz Elite Stealth Carbon forks, iHub wheels, Sinz internal headset and Sinz stem. The frames come in M 408 (Expert XL), M 520 (Pro), M 533 (Pro XL), M 546 (Pro XXL) and M 534 (24” Pro Cruiser) sizes. The numeric names represent the length of the top tube in millimeters.

The suggested retail price of the Rolling Chassis is $1,499.99.

Speed 20-Millimeter Rolling Chassis will be available in late fall.




BMX racing news, weekend update - September 11-12, 2010

"Championship story" Rennen/Intense NBL Grands report



You know that feeling you get when you’re in staging for a moto or main that you KNOW you should win, but your mind starts going to places like “what if I hit the gate?” or “what if I unclip?”  lol. Well imagine being the TM of a team that’s 27 points up going into the final and having about 36 hours straight to think about the names you had filled in on the team and knowing that if an absolute catastrophe happened you could actually lose that lead and your first ever title…..


Thus why it was such a special time on Sunday at the Grands after we had secured a 93 point team sheet to tie for the win for the day….. It was special not just because of the title winning part, but having guys like Randy Bitinaitis (who has ridden for us for 24 years) and Tom Gonzalez there to share it with me (Tom started a small band of brothers with the unique name of Bizzarro back in 1984 and showed me what "team" meant) along with my wife and son both racing there with me made it perfect.  Filling out a team sheet with not only names like Randy, but Nick St. Lawrence and Shawn DiPrete, both whom have both been a part of this program for over 12 years each, and Max Egdorf who rode a mini he was so young the first year he rode for us, gave me that familiar comfortable feeling of “I’d go to battle with you guys anytime”. You know what, we did it our way guys, and this title just proves that! Having Jerry Landrum, who has been a supporter of ours back to the mid-nineties take our team photos was the icing on the cake Sunday! - London Wilmot/Team Manager


Here’s a breakdown of how all the team riders did at Grands:


Courtney Applewhite: Will now be known as the “cardiac kid”, after taking the main event win at last years Grands she was my first choice for the female position on the team sheet in 2010. Especially considering she had the biggest female class carrying the most team bonus points! Then disaster struck in the quarter and she was “Eliminated”…. Negative thoughts started running rampant thorough my head, luckily I had my own semi final lap coming up to try to think about and keep my mind off team stuff…. See Loebe, Moore and Murray for rest of the sheet details.

Victor Behm: Has more skill and potential then just about any rider out there. Vic crashed in the cruiser main but held on for a 4th in the 16x main to take the #2 plate for the year.
Randy Bitinaitis: I don't think he understood me back in 1986, when I asked him to ride for my team...I meant FOR LIFE! Randy took both the 40-44 cruiser and 41 + expert class main event wins and captured the cruiser title. Will Randy go BACK into retirement again after the first of the year. Well let’s just say it’s far more believable then when Jud Ciancio says it EVERY year. Randy’s daughter Nikki took a hard spill in the 11 girls semi final and went face first into the last straight fencing…OUCH! But like a trooper she was there to help us celebrate after the mains with a smile on her face!

Shawn DiPrete: This race was probably the first time we’ve seen the “real” Shawn out on the track since the 2009 South Park crash that injured his knee. Regardless of finish position, it was clear that he is back on track both mentally and physically. On that same note, after two surgeries in the past 12 months, Chris Meaker appears to also be back on track as he gets ready to move up to the 41+ ranks soon.

Max Egdorf: There is only one way to “really” win an NBL National #1 title (lol), and that’s by DOMINATING every lap. Max did just that in the 19-25 expert class for Title number one on his resume. Will he take it and vault to the pro ranks??? Not if I have anything to say about it  J

Justin Knapper: Only one word for this kid, amazing! All season long, and followed it up with pure domination at the 2010 NBL Grands in the 13x class to win his first ever national title.
Susie LeVan: Rode great all weekend long with solid second place finishes across the board. Brother Jimmie was on hand Sunday to help in celebrations also....

Austin Loebe: Had two bad laps over the course of the weekend, both of them happened to be in main events. Leading the 16 & Over open Saturday night he got tangled with a hard charging Justin Posey and went down. Sunday two pedals out of the gate in the main he unclipped. Needless to say don’t look for Austin to go back to the pedals or shoes he was using at Grands. (FYI He was on the same team sheet that saw Applewhite’s goose egg get penciled in also.) 

Rob McAllister: Will be moving on to start his own Black Crown Factory Team, but rocked his way to the main in 40-44 cruiser in the R/I duds and took home yet another top five plate #.

Erik Meyer: I think of Erik as my secret agent, since his dad and I found each other on the “internet” a few years back. Erik and his family are some of the nicest and classiest people in the sport and you know what people say, good things happen to good people…. Erik took home the 11x 2010 NBL title, a well deserved award for a well mannered kid.
Cam Moore: He’s like a little warrior out on the track, staying very calm, cool, and collected in the face of danger. Cam fought right down to the last inch in the 12 expert main to pull in the deuce. His was the finish that actually got us the tie for the day, a 22, with RB and ME’s 25’s and Will’s 21 for a 93.
Will Murray
: The consummate professional, always comes through when the pressure is high. A solid second place in the Masters class Saturday night, and when you have two throwaway scores on a sheet it was a darn good time to have that solid backup score.
Pat Parker
: Was in the wrong place at the wrong time come qualifier rounds, ending his title hopes for the 2010 season. Fret not as Patrick has more wins then you this season and has way more fun then you also…..

Shayne Robinson: Yet again took home a main event win in the newly formed 50+ women’s cruiser class along with being the first ever title holder in said class. We’d like to wish Shayne Robinson the best as she will be moving on to a new team for 2011. She’s been our team sheet ace at Grands for the past four years and will greatly miss not filling in that line with her name.

Nick St. Lawrence: Here’s a guy who’s ridden for us for 12 years, a two time former NBL national champion, and was one national score short of “qualifying” for a national number in 2010. He comes in and does exactly what we expect of him and wins the 26-34 expert main, but if some NBL faithful get their way, a rider like Nick won’t be able to compete at future grand nationals. It’s absolutely absurd to think about a change like that being made, it’s the Grands, to be the best you have to beat the best.

Rochelle Wooding: After one of the most disappointing laps of the 2009 NBL Grands, crashing while leading the main in the last turn and losing her title. Rochelle came back strong in 2010 and won the 14 girls title! Her big brother Ross suffered yet another dislocation of his right shoulder while on the track, and after putting it back in place ON HIS OWN in the infield, decided to take a nice little “nap” as he passed out for a bit…..  
Melissa Woodruff: With a four team riders and a wife all in the female cruiser classes, I’m always at the fence during these races. To see the other people who come up just to watch Melissa and her new rival race is really a compliment to women’s racing. Melissa is an absolute powerhouse out on the track and very dedicated to both her racing and training. We are privileged to have her as a part of our program! She took home yet another National #1 title in 2010.

When all was said and done our team riders had captured a total of 7 national #1’s to go along with our overall National Team title.


Carlos and the GT/SCAS crew, great job this season and thanks for all the kind and gracious words! Here’s to hoping we have many new teams to battle with in 2011.


In closing, I would like to thank the following:


- Toby Henderson at VSI, along with Michael and Michelle, you guys are the greatest sponsor a team could ever hope for.

- George Costa at Rennen who has helped tie up the loose ends over the past couple seasons as the focus of my wife and I have shifted to our recently adopted son.
- Pete for helping us get to where we’re at now!

- Ray Hudson at Fly, Gus at Profile, Juan at ODI, Zach at Alienation, Bentley at KMC, David at Finish Line, Rob at Black Crown, David at Thomson, PowerBar, Jonathan at Morphine, Rob at Johnson plates


We couldn't have done it without you! - London Wilmot/Bizzarro BMX Inc

Rennen Design Group ( makers of the finest gears, chain rings, cogs, and the ultimate training tool “G-Cog”!
Intense BMX ( makers of the ultimate racing frames and tires.


Co-sponsored by: Alienation (, Black Crown designs (, Finish Line (, FLY (, Johnson BMX Plates (, KMC (, Morphine Industries (, ODI (, PowerBar (, Profile (, SINZ (, THE (, and Thomson (


Rennen/Intense is a division of Bizzarro BMX, Inc.

Morphine Industries Gets Down in the Bluegrass State for the NBL Grands


Some photos courtesy of Jerry Landrum /  (the goods ones)


There is one thing that is comes to mind when the first week on September rolls around – the NBL Grands baby!  Time to saddle up the rig and round the crew for some good ole fun in the sun and dirt at Tom Sawyer State Park.


We rolled into Louisville Wednesday morning to stake our terra claim next to Haro Bikes on the main thoroughfare of Manufacturer row.  Come on Jason, come clean, bro, how did the sky light get ripped off the roof of the trailer? 


The weekend began  with practice on Thursday and Friday.  But hey, come on, if you can’t ride by now a little extra practice ain’t going to do much good other than loosen up the legs and give you time to show off or blow up.


The race schedule was a Friday night US open, Saturday and Sunday for Amateurs and a Saturday night spectacular for the Pro classes and a 16-29 money open.


MASTERS – Tim Dinger came out swinging Saturday night with a moto win right off the bat.  He quickly followed up with a repeat performance to set the stage for a transfer to the main.  The main was a drag race to the first turn with Dinger getting tapped coming out of turn.  Keeping it upright and charging to the finish he took a solid third place. 




ELITE – Mike Kapes gave the pink, black and white a solid rep all weekend.  Kapes lined up at the gate for the Friday Pro Open to start off the weekend assault.  He impressed with a solid 1-1-3 in the motos.  Main time brought about a line 8 start and a hard charge down the first straight.  Mike crossed the line just off the podium with 4th.


Saturday night was complete to see Mike back on the gate at the NBL Grands.  He was there to make his presence with a spot on the main gate.  Mike posted a solid performance with smart riding for a 3-3-2. Making through quarters, he had command of the semi until the last jump of the pro set.  He was forced to check up on the landing hitting Upshaw’s wheel and coming unclipped to save a crash. 


SUPER X – Jason LaRev started his weekend with a solid performance in the Friday Pro Open but narrowly missed the main.  He returned for a shot at Super X glory on Saturday night.  He pounded his first moto with a 1st and finished with a 2nd and 3rd place moto finishes.  Unfortunately getting boogered up in the first turn cost LaRev a spot at the gate for the main.


19-25X – Olijuwon Davis showed up the weekend to set the class straight with some Rockford roll.  OD hit the 16-29 Open Saturday night with a 1-1-2 in motos and finishing in third for an impressive showing.  In Class, he took control as well with a string of unos in motos.  Getting a lane 8 pick in the main made OD have to put on the afterburners to take a 3rd in the main.




17-18X - Tanner Sebesta Morphine Industries’ newest addition turned some serious heads all weekend.  Tanner started with a blazin’ performance at the 16-29 Open on Saturday night.  Tanner took the top podium spot along with the money beating a loaded class of riders.


Riding class was all about laying down the same.  Tanner rolled through the motos posting 1s.  Main time was going to bring the same result until he got submarined in the second turn and lost momentum settling for a 2nd place finish.


15X – Damian Cherepko came to let everyone know that he was still the top of the class. And, well, that is what he did.  Damian made the scorekeeper’s job easy all weekend by posting nothing but 1-1-1-1-1-1. Damian took home the top spot on the podium as well as a repeat for the #1 National Title.


13X - Noah Reeves came to derby city battling for the national title.  He started the weekend posting unos in the motos and cruising through quarters and semis.  The main brought about a lane 3 spot at the gate but a last minute repost stuck him out in lane 8.  Getting a good gate snap brought him into the first turn railing the white line.  However, it was not enough to get through the stack of riders coming out of the turn.  Noah settled for a 5th in the main.  Noah finished the year with a #2 National spot.


11X – Richie Dey showed up to chase down the national title as well sitting in second at the beginning of the weekend.  Richie started the weekend with a main win in the 11-12 open on Friday night.  Saturday was time for business and Richie started with a cruise through motos , quarters and semis to get to the main.  Richie charged the main with his typical style and power taking a second at the white line and a National #2 finish.


Thanks to everyone that has been part of this year’s NBL season. 



Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; HARO BIKES (, Fly Racing (,  Alienation (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (, Tioga (, Black Crown (


Without you guys we would be sitting in the dirt.  Instead, we are rockin’ the best looking rigs at the gate and on the podium.








BMX racing news, Friday - September 10, 2010

Metacafe Acquires Action Sports, Inc. and Its Flagship Site

Deal Enhances Online Video Entertainment Proposition for Both Consumers and Advertisers

SAN FRANCISCO – September 9, 2010 – Metacafe, the first online destination solely dedicated to showcasing the best entertainment-related videos, today acquired Action Sports, Inc. the parent company of the popular, which features live webcasts of and video highlights from top action sports events around the world. This deal advances Metacafe’s strategic vision for keeping today’s 18 to 34-year-old consumers plugged into their entertainment passions every day and delivers value for the brand advertisers who market to them.

“Online video is the growth area driving digital media today,” said Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe. “Metacafe is at the forefront of making online video an entertainment genre in its own right, and our acquisition of Go211 bolsters our leadership position and demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality premium content.”

“Teaming with Go211 to bring events such as last weekend’s Blackjack Nationals to BMX fans around the world is key to connecting with our consumers, who increasingly rely on online video for access to the action sports they love,” said Bernard Anderson, CEO of the American Bicycle Association. “We’re enthusiastic about the Metacafe-Go211 alliance, which will enable us to reach a larger audience and put the power of online video to use in new and innovative ways.

Key tenants of the deal include: Go211’s extensive catalog of action sports videos in the categories of Snow, Skate, Surf and Bike will be a centerpiece for the coming launch of Metacafe Sports, reflecting the distinctive programming approach and unique editorial voice Metacafe recently introduced with the new hire of Steven Horn, vice president of programming at Metacafe; Metacafe will leverage Go211’s expertise in live event coverage and utilize its digital video production team to introduce more original and exclusive content into its other premium entertainment hubs (Movies, Video Games, TV and Music); Key members of the Go211 team will join Metacafe, including Sean Aruda, the former CEO of Action Sports, Inc. who will assume the role of Chief Revenue Officer at Metacafe; Metacafe, inclusive of Go211, will now reach nearly 17.5M unique monthly U.S. viewers (comScore Media Metrix, July 2010); and Metacafe will continue to operate as a distinct destination that effectively serves viewers, content partners and advertisers alike. “Video is the most powerful way for brand advertisers to connect with consumers,” said Sean Aruda, newly appointed chief revenue officer of Metacafe. “With Metacafe we’re extending the value Go211 has long delivered to our advertising partners. And together we offer an unmatched combination of premium content, meaningful reach and innovative advertising integrations.”

About Metacafe® – Entertainment That Connects Metacafe® is the first entertainment destination solely dedicated to showcasing the best videos from the world of Movies, Video Games, Sports, Music and TV. We are the trusted source that keeps millions of viewers plugged into their entertainment passions every day, and we connect marquee brand advertisers with their target consumers via close association with the most popular entertainment content on the web. Metacafe attracts more than 17 million unique monthly U.S. viewers[1]. The privately held company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, London and Tel Aviv. For more information – and millions of entertaining videos – visit






BMX racing news, Thursday - September 9, 2010

GT/SC Actionsports Grands Race Report

Derby City BMX Louisville Kentucky just the mention of that facility brings a smile to my face. The history and lore of the track brings chills to little groms and grown men. Hall of fame riders and legendary teams have tangled on this track over the years and in 2010 the GT/SC Actionsports team was in full attendance to take on the best of the NBL elite teams. We entered the weekend 27 points behind Rennen/Intense which in most cases would have deflated an ordinary team but this wasn't just an ordinary team it was the defending 2009 national champions and we weren't just going to hand it over without a fight.

The "Executive Sky Box" was erected early in the week and the stop watches came out during practice. Jeremy Thompson 35X/Cr had some of the fastest times to the first corner of all the men 30+. No one was surprised when he went out and won his motos and made it into the main. The 35-39 expert class is one of the most watched and most talked about classes in the NBL and Jeremy showed class and style jumping out into the lead and held it wire to wire for the national title a big congrats goes out to the Flamingo Kid!

Vinny Mannino 19X had some summer to brag about competing in and winning just about every amateur dirt and freestyle competition in the country. But racing is still his passion and racing is what he did this weekend making his main and just missing out on a podium spot. There must be something in the water in NJ which keeps producing some of the most talented BMX riders around. Dylan Perez 17-18x the birthday boy left New York as a 16X and landed in Kentucky as a 17-18x and was thrown right into the lions den. Dylan rode like a champ making it into the quarter rounds and just missed making it out into semis. He made his dad very proud the way he rode and the effort he gave.

Brandon Roharick 15x was wearing down Byndloss' rear tire all weekend in motos and then disaster struck in the semis and was eliminated. Great year for an outstanding young rider. Cole Tesar 14x/Cr what can you say about this kid that hasn't already been said,  multi World #1 titles, multi national titles unbelievable soccer player and straight A student. Cole was coming off an injury that would have shelved most riders (broken shoulder growth plate) not Mr. Tesar. He told his dad the day before the Grands that he felt ready and made the trip out to Louisville to take on the strong 14x class. In the main he went into the first turn with Cooley and followed him around the track to make an incredible run down the back straight and just inched out the win for his no#1 title. Great race between two talented riders.

Anthony Catlow 12x most of you right now are probably saying "who" so let me say it again Anthony Catlow you'll be hearing alot about this young rider over the next couple of years. He hails from New Jersey and has one of the fastest front straights in his class not to mention he put on an arial show to boot. Anthony went out in the main and went shoulder to shoulder with some of the fastest and most talented 12x's in the country taking a third but more importantly he won the classes respect.

Coleman Habib 12x This kid has grown so much not only in size but in his skill set throughout the year. He is one of the most talented up and coming riders in the country. Coleman looked strong and was riding great all weekend but fell to the Derby City jinx and just got caught in traffic ending his dream to make into the main. Fantastic year for Coleman!

Gabe Hatem 10x "The Flying Chihuahua" I've tried to describe the talent this kid is and I'm caught speechless. Four foot nothing...65lbs of nothing...and packs a highlight reel everywhere he goes. Gabe is one of those very special riders that has an incredible skill set and courage for a lack of a better word. The words "can't and won't" are not even in his vocabulary. He's the smallest in his class but rides with the confidence of a kid that refuses to lose. Gabe ended the day with a fourth in the main and a trophy twice his size.

Ricky Castro 9x the NorCal destroyer was untouchable all weekend winning his motos and taking home the glory trophy in the main. Great kid! Great skills! and way too much hair! Congrats Ricky on your national title.

Felicia Stancil....Felicia Stancil...Felicia Stancil 15G. For the parents of a girl rider this is who you want your daughter to model herself after. Felicia is the most talented girl rider in the world. She proved that this summer winning both class and cruiser in South Africa. She has won every amateur title known to the BMX community. A great smile and always has time to talk with the younger girl riders. Unfortunately Felicia went down in her main ending her streak of NBL titles. Congrats on an incredible year!

Joey Lynn Henderson 13G hails from a family of champions and never short on confidence. Joey Lynn killed it in the motos and came up a little short in the main finishing second. Who says pretty girls can't ride! Way to go JL! McKenna Calhoun 10G was cruising along in her motos winning every lap and looking forward to the main. McKenna's hopes were crushed when she got tangled up down the front straight in the semi and went down. Seems like the front straight is cursed for GT riders. McKenna dusted herself off and will be ready for 2011.

Alaina Henderson Elite Women was fresh off a training session at the OTC and came into the NBL Grands looking for a podium spot in a very talented field of Elite Women. Heart and determination is what this girl is all about. She refused to be denied and rode her butt off taking a third in the main and a third overall for the year. We are all so proud of her accomplishment. Congrats Laini we love you!

Joey Albright Vet Pro a champion. He worked so hard this year to accomplish what has eluded him throughout his amateur career. The no#1 title! Joey meant more to our team than just a great rider he was voice in our younger riders ear. He was the inspiration for the older riders on the team. He carried our flag everywhere we went. He gave the team character and grit. I wish him luck with his new team Madera and he will always be "my rider". Love ya Joey Good Luck!

We took down the "Sky Box" and broke down our pit area. It was time to say goodbye to the families that made up our team its kinda bitter sweet because of all the great memories we shared this season. I missed them all even before they left. I would like to thank the Cote family for hauling our trailer out to the Grands. The Gruber family especially Tammy Gruber for stretching all our rider before and during the races. Mike Gruber, the Isagenix works!

I would like to thank our great sponsors, Steve Spencer at GT Bicycles, Scotty Cranmer at SC Actionsports, Gus Lanziotta at Profile Racing, Ray Hudson at Fly Racing, Jerry Badders at Vans, Sinz/THE, Rob Johnson at JohnsonBMX Plates, Chris Campisi and Chris Campanelli at and Bus2Designs, George Costa at Rennen.

Finally a big congratulations to George Costa and London Wilmot of the Rennen/Intense team for winning the 2010 National Team Competition. - Carlos Perez / TM GT/SC Action Sports

Podium Finishes From BMX Supercross Race Jam in Copenhagen

Men's Final - 1 Jelle van Gorkom/NED 2 Morten Therkildsen/DEN 3 Martijn Jaspers/NED

4 Aleksandre Birkeland/NOR 5 Mike Kaltoft/NOR 6 Jefferey Hoogland/NED

7 Sabastian Kartfjord/NOR 8 Andre Fosså/NOR

Women's Final - 1 Lieke Klaus/NED

2 Mette Jepsen/DEN 3 Shannie Hee/DEN

4 Simone Christensen/DEN

NBL Grands Video Mix

2010 NBL BMX Grand Nationals Highlights - Sept. 4, 2010 - Produced by Keith Robbins


Relive some of the magic moments from the NBL Grands with this video from Keith Robbins. Music is 'In One Ear' by Cage the Elephant, recorded live at 2009 Forecastle Festival. HD clips available as stock footage, just hit up Keith at

Want more? Checkit.....

HOT New Products From Elevn Technologies

Elevn BMX is proud to offer the following products that are in stock now: Pro Lite 20” Forks and 13 Butted Super Lite Handle Bars in 8”, 7.5” & 7”

Elevn offers a full range of 4130 chromoly forks perfect for the demands of a Supercross track, but light enough (Pro Lite-25.9 Ounces) to keep your bike weight low & you faster on the track. Double butted, tapered legs, CNC machined dropouts, and a double butted steer tube with alloy stem lock cap make this one incredible fork. Offered in black or white: Pro Lite has 6 sticker color options. Pro, Pro 24, Expert, & Mini/Junior come in black or white only & will be in stock shortly. Used by past UCI World Champion Javier Colombo.

Our handlebars, used by UCI World Champions, have been designed to be the ultimate BMX race bar. Each Bar is made with 13 butted tubing giving you bars that are extremely lightweight yet still strong and stiff. The 8” model weighs in at a mere 27.5 ounces All 4 sizes: 8”. 7.5”, 7”, and 5.75” are available in 2 colors, black or white & with 3 color variations of stickers Blue, Red, or Grey. 5.75” bar will be I stock in a few weeks.

All items can be purchased from your local dealer in the near future. Find Elevn BMX items now trackside from J&R Bicycles at the NBL Grand Nationals and Rider Pro Shop at ABA Reno. Items can also be bought through J& or

Elevn BMX is a division of BRG





BMX racing news, Wednesday - September 8, 2010

Haro Works It Out On Labor Day!

While most of us were getting ready for the 3 day holiday weekend, Haro sponsored riders were preparing to do work on the track from Louisville to Reno. In Reno, Khalen Young and Nic Long had a great weekend. On Saturday, Long finished a solid 4th place in Elite Men while his team mate brought home the abominable snowman. Sunday was a better day for the bash brothers, after going 1 and 2 in their semi, Nic finished 2nd with KY behind him in 3rd in the final. Marc Willers finished up 4th while Morphine Industries’ Gavin Lubbe picked up Frosty the Snowman on day two in Elite Men. In Sunday’s Elite main event, 4 of the 8 gates were filled with Haro Race Lites, pretty impressive if you ask us! In the A-Pro class, Tony Hoffman dominated on his Race Lite, never losing a lap all weekend. $200 more in winnings and T-Hoff joins the AA ranks. The Answer/Supercamp riders finished right behind Tony on day 2, Deak Brown with a second and team mate Lee Lewis in the 4th spot. Good job boys!

In Louisville, the Haro sponsored Madera riders Tyler Faoro and Joey Albright were both going for yearend titles. Tyler, after finishing 5th in the Elite Men final, ended his season #3 AA Pro for the year. In the old dude pro class, Joey Albright went wire to wire in the main event bringing home the #1 Vet Pro plate for the year. Morphine Industries/Haro squad brought home a few podium finishes. Most notable the domination by Damien Chrepko in the 16 expert class, #1 for the year after winning every lap. Damien’s team mates Richie Dey and Noah Reeves both finished up #2 for the year in 11x and 13x, respectively. Thanks for the awesome season guys!

The 7000 series aluminum Haro Race Lite features a triple butted top tube, double butted down tube, tapered seat stay, and fully integrated head tube; all for just $269.00. If that isn't impressive enough, who else offers a 21" frame at 3lbs 6oz without costing an arm and a leg? While other brands are hydro forming top tubes to remind you of your beach cruiser, or selling you a $450 frame built out of the same tubing as your brothers little league baseball bat - we'll save the gimmicks and just offer you the facts. It's black and white, the Haro Race Lite is the best frame on the market and we don't need to stuff any ballots to prove it. –dB44

Team Intense/Dyna-Pep wins the Team NBL National Championship

Intense/Dyna-Pep Team Report - Intense/Dyna-Pep started the NBL Grand National weekend with a bang when the Super X super star C.J. (wire to wire) McGuire was on fire and won the main event and the title on Saturday evening.  Selecting gate 8 with the first pick and then never looking back is what makes this kid so special.  CJ has a perfect record, undefeated in A pro racing for our 2010 team results.  We trust McGuire's 2011 AA/pro rookie season will be impressive.

Our 17 year old Super X, Justin Riddell finished 4th in the main event.  This kid is something special.  He has been riding for me since he was 11 on and off and has the best skills that I have ever seen from a younger rider. 

Tome Opincar took 3rd in the Master’s class main and still was bummed because he has had to battle injuries all year long.  Tome will be in full force as he returns healthier and Stronger for the 2011 season.

Geoffrey Banser 6th in the main was a crowd favorite in 17-18 expert class hitting the pro side every lap and giving his fans something to cheer about.   Mike Powers (Big Mike) took a 2nd in the 35-39 cruiser class with Todd Lackey (TLack) crashing and grabbing 7th for the day.  Our young gun experts Eli Garcia (little sexy) grabbed a 7th in the main, Joey (The high flyer) Leto perfected his motos and took 3rd in the main.  Rowdy Houston (Rah Rah) took an 8th place finish.

Darin Houston (I have a problem) was flying all weekend long but had some tough luck crashing and not getting out of his semis. Robert Murray (Murrdog) 42 nov and Kyle Kloer (mush mouth) 18 nov both took 1st in their mains.  Dakota Gibbs (D.J.) took 3rd in the main.  Max Schachinger (Nobody can pronounce my name) took 5th in the 16 nov class.  Campbell Lackey (little Lack) 9 girls grabbed a 5th place finish with Halle Friedel (Halle Berry) snuck in and grabbed the 4th.

Rebecca Horne (text me) 16 G..took 3rd in the main. Sarah Stoughton (Ms. I did not bring my bike to the Grands?) took 3rd in the 17-25 woman’s cruiser class. Stephanie Baker (Baker me a caker) landed a 7th in the main and Zane Garcia (Baby Sexy/ stinky) took 6th in the 5 nov class.

Other notables who caught a tough break: James Lackey (Lack) 42 cruiser, Jesse Baker (Shake ‘n’ Baker) 15 cruiser.  Dylan Shipley (skills) 8 X, Bentley Garcia (Just sexy) 9X, Jeff Leto , Nick, Molly and Jake Trejo, Austin Howard, Drew Friedel and Fisher Houston (Fish).  I would like to thank all of the parents for bringing there kids to the Grand Nationals and making this the best season ever.

We would like to thank our sponsors: Intense BMX (   SINZ (, THE (, Intense tire systems,, Dyna-Pep, Profile Racing, Snap BMX, Troy Lee Designs, HRP Custom number plates, Pro Gold lubricants, Compass Banners and Signs- ANS Graphix, Spinzz Bicycle shop, Hawk Racing, Animal Custom Designs.

Todd Lackey Team Founder and Manager

Lady BMXers Fill The World 4X podium,

Caroline Buchanan repeats!

UCI 4X World Championships - Elite Women

1st Caroline Buchanan 2nd Jana Horakova 3rd Romana Labounková


Buchanan backs up as World Champion title

BMX Australia News Release - Caroline Buchanan (Canberra, 19 yr) defended her UCI Mountain Bike World title after a dominating performance in Mont-Sainte-Anne in Quebec, Canada. Racing in only her third international four cross race this season the BMX Olympic hopeful dominated the heats and was closely shadowed by two Czech riders, Jana Horakova and Romana Labounková finished with silver and bronze respectively.

The men’s defending World Champion, Jared Graves (Toowoomba, 27 yr) was passed just before the finish by Czech Republic rider Tomas Slavik. Graves lost pace in the final section of the course allowing Slavik to claim his first ever international win. Third place in the men’s race went to top Czech rider, Michal Prokop.

Both Buchanan and Graves will hope to qualifying for the Australian BMX team to compete in the London Olympics in 2012.






BMX racing news, Tuesday - September 7, 2010

Subscribe or buy single issues of Fastlane BMX Mag, here! Fastlane BMX magazine is out and this issue we feature full race coverage from 8 rounds of the British Cycling National series. Cheddar, Derby, Braintree and Manchester; we got it going on with hundreds of top class race shots from Spencer Moret / Dave Lane and Billy Wright. Words are from The Rooster as well as some fresh new BMX poets.

Supercross, big BMX... We head on over to a cold Copenhagen to witness Strombergs take the win and Liam Phillips take a worthy second place. Laetitia Le Corguille took the ladies.

The BMX UCI World Championships (Pietermaritzburg, S. Africa) a win for Strombergs, a win for Shanaze and a crash for Connor, This was one exciting worlds and we got it covered. Jerry Landrum (BMXMANIA) has given us his best shots from the mania collection and we have them spread over six glorious colourful pages and the cover as well.

Interviews, interviews, interviews... Yep we got a few of them going on, GT's, Joey Bradford tells us about his U.K. visit, Supercross and Bananas.

Australia's, Darryn Goodwin is another U.K. visitor who gave us the low down on all things racing and good ozzie bands.

From the U.K. we have the sports rising stars and Facebook freaks telling us how it is, Dan Pullen, Grant Hill and Ryan Stack get the Fastlane treatment with some in depth chit chat.

The Fastlane race team get some fresh new faces, Ethan Craik, George Moret, Bardolph Kerr and Cemil Sabri. All of these riders are very talented indeed. Cal and Chloe our top racers give us the gossip on the session so far, we love our team.

We test things! Up this issue we get our paws on an Intense 24 race cruiser, some DT Swiss hubs and goods from the likes of Knox, Troy Lee, Renthal, One Industries and more

Our very own Spencer Moret gets the photographers corner interview and gives us his favourite 5 shots along with a great interview.

With other features including Dale’s Dirt from Dale Holmes state side and some old skool (the Raleigh Burner files) this issue is a jam packed top notch magazine.

Get YOUR issue of Fastlane BMX Mag, just click here! Subscribe, get it every issue!   Get YOUR issue of Fastlane BMX Mag, just click here! Subscribe, get it every issue!

Fastlane BMX Magazine - Email at - All you need to know at

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It's worth every bit you spend, cuz it's 100% BMX Racing.






BMX racing news, Monday - September 6, 2010

photo of the day!

A little more NBL Grands race action for you with a massive blow up during some hard core Super Ex racing in the NBL Grands Pro Section.

It's a 'travel day' for BMX Mania, so we're not really 'around' the office but we did want to leave you with a little Grands Gift, so if you want a more high resolution image of this Magic Moment, go here for your free moment of disaster. Heck, make us your profile photo on Facebook! Yee Haw, ride your BMX!




BMX racing news, Weekend Update - September 4 & 5, 2010

Strombergs & Daniels Win NBL Elite GRANDS mains & NATIONAL titles






Bob Field Grands 2010

A Corinne Walder Edit

Steven Murray returns home to England for the first time since his career ending injury three years ago in an emotional visit to the Bob Field Memorial Grands race. Top Of The Podium stuff.

NBL Grands are underway in Louisville, Kentucky!

Lapraz & Daniels take Elite Open wins at U.S. Open

complete Elite open results on the BMX mania/NBL GRANDS race report page!





BMX racing news, Thursday - September 2, 2010









BMX racing news, Wednesday - September 1, 2010

Special Race at Lake Shore BMX $350.00 to be given out and a bike!

September 15 · 5:30pm - 6:00pm
Location Lake Shore BMX in Erie, PA
Created By Lake Shore Bmx
More Info

We will be holding a special race on 9-15-10 giving away a bike, $100.00 to one lucky rider by drawing just for showing up and we will be doing 5 mystery motos with the winners of those mains (3 rider motos total points) receiving $50.00 each.

We will draw the mystery motos just before the mains run. If we get 100 riders we will give away another $50.00 by drawing to another rider. Come have a great night at Lake Shore BMX before the season ends.