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BMX racing news, weekend update - October 30-31, 2010


Anderson's 209 Bmx / Spreckels Park Cancer Benefit


FRIDAY NOV 5TH @ & 7:00-1:00..FES Hall Oakdale.... Music by DJ Matt Riley, Dancing, Drinks, and Hors d'ourves, an ALL around GOOD TIME!!!!

Tickets are available NOW @ Oakies Board Shop, Honda of Modesto on Carpenter & Apparel Graphics.

ALL proceeds go to JASON TURNAGE to KICK this cancers A$$ for the LAST time!!!

40 Years Of BMX Cyclebration!

 Spectators are FREE!!!!
Entries for the Three Freestyle and Collector show events are filling up ! Remember the first 50 Get a FREE BONUS Hat!!!
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Three Freestyle Competitions to enter Nov 14th at Bellflower BMX  !!!

Redline Dirt Jumping Contest
Narly set of bike flinging launches for agro air tricks

S&M-Fit Park Scene Freestyle Competitions
¼ pipes, boxes, and old school wedge ramps and grind rails… Flatland Revival !!
Breakdancing BMX, Sick Sessions, Head to Head Battle Format…  Pros and Masters too!
Bringing the revival of BMX Flatland back to So Cali where it started !!

Classes: 9 + under, 10-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-21, 22 over, Pro-Masters, O.S./Pre 1990 Riders

$10 Entry Per Event or.....
 $30 package includes:
Comp Entry

Bob Haro art- Event T-Shirt
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*Meet & get autographs from Eddie Fiola, Stu Thomsen, Brian Blyther, PK Perry Kramer, Mike Dominquez, Jeff Kosmola, Todd Lyons, Bob Morales, David Clinton, Marvin Church, Rick Twomey, Jon Paulfreyman, Scott Freeman, & other Hall Of Famers


CW Racing Old School Collector Show too!
Pre-enter now!

One Entry let’s you show as many bikes as you want !

Intense BMX-Speed Bicycles/ABA BMX Races
FREE ABA One Day membership for NEW riders.
Sign–ups Sunday morning November 14th … come early!


See: for more info....


BMX NATION MAGAZINE is now available to check out, and it's a good lookin' offering.

AND, the digital version of BMX Nation Magazine November issue is live online, so you can......

.....see it first by visiting








BMX racing news, Thursday - October 28, 2010



This past weekend I road tripped it with a few fellow BMXers from home, a 14 hour drive to the Sunshine state for the three day race weekend called the ABA Disney Cup, which was held at Barnett park in Orlando, Florida.


The weekend started off pretty good with some good laps in practice, but come race time my nerves got the best of me. I ended the first round with a 5th place finish, second round ended up with a wreck in turn two. Round three ended up with a 7th and unfortunately I didn't make the cut.


So on to Day 2, I started the day off fairly well with a win in my first round. Round two, I ended up with a 2nd place and round 3 ended with a 4th place to make it out of the motos. It's semi time, My nerves for some reason have been getting the best of me lately so I choked up on the gate, which in turn, made me have to play catch up ending up with a 5th in the semi.


Day 3, I placed 3rd, 3rd, and 4th for my motos. I got up to the gate a little late for my semi but that was good, as it seemed that I wasn't fighting with my nerves. I got out the gate decent but choked the first jump and then got parked in the top of turn one. That ended my weekend with a 7th in Sundays semi.


All in all I had a fun weekend and I think that I learned a few new things and I'm looking forward to making it on the podium, Thanksgiving weekend at the ABA Grands.


I'd like to thank Alienation BMX ( for spinnin' me the best Deviant / Runaway combo rims, my Bullitt Hubs, Moto Grips and Slider Seat.

Go211 To Rebroadcast ABA Disney Cup!
Live now, as of 3PM, Wednesday.

Check it out here ....














BMX racing news, Wednesday - October 27, 2010


Win The Shirt Off Maris's Back!

Coming up in Fastlane 8 we have a banging interview with the man that is known in the BMX racing world as The Machine!

Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls, we have sir Dale Holmes interviewing Freeagent Maris Strombergs!

To celebrate, we've got a swingin' contest where you can win the race shirt right off of Maris's back, all you have to do is to get to know the man better.

Get the whole story at Fastlane BMX -

Click here to check it out on Facebook -










BMX racing news, Tuesday - October 26, 2010

BMX A TOPE! Magazine, #16
The latest issue of BMX A TOPE! Magazine, #16 is about to come out. The print BMX Magazine in Spanish for all riders around the world. Check for details".

Heck, even if you don't understand Spanish, the 5 euros or 5 dollars is worth it for the photos alone.

Cover / Maris Strombergs catchin' a little style at the UCI BMX Worlds. Photo by Jerry Landrum - BMX Mania Dot Com.

Halloween Bash at Strieby Compound II

Saturday, October 30 · 12:00pm - 7:00pm

At the Nate Strieby Two-man Track and Barn Ramps

210 E 360 N - Anderson, Indiana

Here's a personal invite from ol Nate Dawg hiz self.....

"Everybody in IN and OH should come to this. EVERYBODY!!

It's going to be awesome... track is super fun, ramps are cool, dirt jumps are big... but they do have a middle.

Bring the kids and family, make a picnic... we got bands coming and lots of fun stuff goin' on.

This is going to be a good time... last bash of the season around here.

I have been working hard on the track and jumps and it is prime... I just want people to come ride it, and have a great time... all free.

Bonfire later, Barn ramps have lights... so stay as long as you want."


Jagger Co. Racing Division - Canada




Although team riders such as JS Houde (JSH), QC, Michael Besudoin, QC and Amelia Walsh, ON took part in some races over the winter as training, it was really at the UCI season opener in BC, Canada were the INTENSE/FLY TEAM was in full attendance and that the crew started lining up their best results!



That first team race saw the INTENSE/FLY TEAM win the team challenge by a mile. Obviously with top 3 finish by 5 out of 6 team riders, it was evident the final team result would be stellar. Nick Goertzen from BC, 3rd in the Elite Class, JSH 3rd in the Junior class while Amelia Walsh took 3rd in the combine Junior/Elite Women class! Our amateurs team riders did great as Kyle “The Machine Gun” Murphy dominated from start to finish with a perfect in the 14X class. Support team rider Corey Walsh, Amelia’s brother, made the old school inside pro move in the last berm to move from third to first and win the 16X Class!! Good word as well for our Quebec rider, Michael Beaudoin, who race well, but had to deal with 2 crashes.


Stars & Stripes National-Elite SERIES, Pittsburgh, PA

Limited team, strong results!! In 17-18X JSH made is team proud by riding the track like he was posses, gaping the big pro section at the most recognized track ever and ending up with a 5th on Saturday and a 3rd place podium on Sunday! Teammate Amelia Walsh did as good in the 17-18 Women class by wining all of her motos and taking a 2nd both days.


UCI Race, AB, Canada

Our western manager, Intense/Fly Rep and mechanic guy, Cody Bell was running the team support for this one! JSH was doing great in all of his Motos, he had a perfect start in the main and was looking for a good place with lots of money in Pro Purse. Sitting 3rd before the pro section he bobble on the first one and went over the bars … totally bummed out JSH had to settle for 8th, but new he could hang whit the big boys. In the 14X our Intense/Fly wonder kid, Kyle Murphy killed them all by making yet another perfect and taking first in the main.


Constitution Classic-ELITE SERIES, Trumbull, CT

JSH, Mick Beaudoin, Amelia and Corey Walsh attended this NBL Elite Series Race in the Northeast. Mick took a 5th place on Saturday, Amelia, 17 and over Woman, wins all of her Motos and takes a 3rd and a 2nd, while Corey took a 4th in 15X on Sunday. The biggest surprise of the week-end was Jean-Sebastien Houde in 17-18X, JSH had good Motos and transfer easily to the main. While Austin (Rennen/Intense) struggle on his gate, JS got it perfect and took the best spot before the first turn and manage to keep the lead till the finish line!! A big one for JSH on the National Series!


National Championship, AB, Canada

Now it’s the big show, the National Championship held in Calgary, AB last august. Full team in attendance, titles on the line! For some reasons all of our Junior riders, JSH, Michael & Amelia had to ride in the Elite class. None the less the team did great! After ruff Motos and a spectacular come from behind in his semi to take the second place, JS Houde end up with a nice 5th place his first year with Elite Men!! Michael Beaudoin, was once again plague with bad luck as he crash hard in his first Moto witch took most of his chance of transferring, props to the big guys as he was having solid runs in his practices. As for Amelia in Elite Women, she holeshoted the main and managed to stay in the mix and take a nice 4th place in her first race with the Elites! Support team rider, Corey Walsh, battles a bad start but still pulled it threw for a 3rd place in the strong 16X class … its any ones guest what would of happen with a stronger start!? Let’s finish this one with team rider of the weekend; Kyle “The Machine Gun” Murphy! After a bad start in his semi, Kyle managed to get 1st and transfer to the main. With his bad start behind him all he had to do is roll the gate and was almost assured of win, but the worst happened, he had a bad bad start, unclipped and was dead last by a mile … None the less, The Machine got under way, he railed the first jump before first turn, but gap everything in sight on the track to edge the leader by inches at the finish line to take the NATIONAL TITLE in the 14X!! It was the most exciting race of the week-end for sure!! The next day, the wonder kid was on the gate for his Cruiser main, but he wasn’t about to let the same thing happen, once more, he then proceeded to win the main by a full straight. Chalk up 2 National Titles for Kyle and props from all his teammates! Watch his amazing race on our Intense/Fly Facebook Page:


NBL Grand NATIONAL, Kentucky;

JSH, Amelia & Corey, were in the House! JSH was battling for a top 10 NBL Ranking in the ever stack 17-18X class. He managed to pull some good results in his Motos in class and open, but could not quite put it together and miss the transfer. Still, he ends up National #12 for the 2010 season, good job!! Amelia Walsh, on her side was on fire, after good results in her Motos she battles it out strong in the main for a 3rd place finish and ends up with National #9! Corey Walsh was doing great in all of his Motos and was on the come back in the 1/4 after yet another late start, but a crash in front prevented him of a transfer.


All in all, I think this was more then a great season and I would like to thank all of our team riders, as well as all the tech crew; TM Melanie Desrochers, Tech Support Cody Bell, Coach/Consultant/Elite Men Brandon Arnold, Randall Neave and his wife for their help with JSH, and thanks to our partners at INTENSE, Gregorio, as well as Ray at FLY Racing for a great season!


Be on the look out for our 2011 team line up in our next press release this coming November!!


Dylan J. Vanier - MKD Jagger Co.


Jagger Co. is the Canadian Distributor for Intense BMX/Fly Racing/SPEED BICYCLE/Sinz BMX/Answer Pproducts/ITS/Krusher PROTECTIVE GEAR/Colony BMX/Drive/ Vigor Helmets /SCG Shoes

EYE BMX Parts Ways with Daniel Sandoval


CERRITOS, CA—VSI Products, Inc., the parent company of EYE BMX frames and AVE components, has parted ways with freestyle rider Daniel Sandoval. VSI sponsored Sandoval with EYE Q frames, AVE Stout stems, AVE wheels and ITS tyres. The relationship began last spring when VSI personnel spotted an unsponsored Sandoval shredding local spots.


EYE featured Sandoval in advertisements in Ride magazine, as well as its EYE Witness zines, online video edits and in promotional materials at the Interbike Expo. Sandoval competed in several local dirt and park competitions and won the Free Flow Tour park contest at The Compound while riding for EYE and AVE.


VSI offered Sandoval a multi-year sponsorship deal earlier this month, but negotiations were unsuccessful.


“We wish Daniel all the luck in the world. He’s a very talented rider with a lot of potential. We had hoped to work with him long-term and help him develop as a professional athlete as we build the EYE and AVE brands. Unfortunately, we were unable to see eye-to-eye on several important sponsorship issues,” said Toby Henderson, VSI’s founding partner.


EYE and AVE are excited to continue supporting street, park and dirt shredders like Cody McKenna, Chris Bracamonte, Tazz Hernandez, Eric Hough, Louie Zaragoza, Aaron Day, Cory Coffee and Erik Engstrom.








BMX racing news, WEEKEND UPDATE - October 23-24, 2010


Day Three sees Redline stranglehold on Elite Racing!

After taking a win right out of the gate on Friday, Denzel Stein comes back on Sunday to make it Two For Three after losing out to Maris Strombergs on Saturday.

Alise Post explodes for a big points win on Sunday, derailing Dominique Daniels' TwoFer Wins on Friday & Saturday. Alise and Dominique are duking it out down to main event time at the ABA Grands for the Ladies' Pro title.







Dominique Daniels continues her winning ways in Orlando, Florida at the ABA Disney Cup on Day Two while Maris Strombergs gets back on the podium after losing out on Friday to Denzel Stein. Want more? Check out the podium placements, complete results and PHOTOMANIA on the ABA Fall National/Disney Cup Race Report Page!



BMX racing news, Friday - October 22, 2010

Denzel & Dominique nail down big wins on Day One of the ABA Fall Nationals/Disney Cup. Complete results and mazzive foto gallery are being posted to the ABA Falls Race Report Page on!
A Pro Vet Pro USAC JR DEV BOYS Junior Women Elite Women Elite Men
Total Riders = 22 Total Riders = 19 Total Riders = 11 Total Riders = 5 Total Riders = 9 Total Riders = 28
Groups = 3 Groups = 3 Groups = 2 Groups = 1 Groups = 2 Groups = 4

Rennen/Intense Takes Big Factory Team Win In Orlando
Rennen/Intense continued it's "2010 East Coast domination tour" today by talking the the Factory Team win in Orlando, Florida at the ABA Disney cup national, with a score of 210.

Alex Anthony took the win in the "A" Pro class while Cam Moore (12x) and Shawn Dirprete(36-40x) both handled their amateur class main events. Max Egdorf (19 to 27x) and Austin Loebe (17-18x) both recovered and held on to second place finishes, and Will Murray took a spill while leading the Vet Pro main event.

Courtney Applewhite made her girl pro debut and scored a 5th place in the main!  

Stay tuned for more info as this was one only day one of a three day national event.

Yeahhhhhh, BMX Racing!.....On The Track! Playin' in the dirt, manualling rhythm sections, throwin' down over a set of doubles, it's one of the coolest sports in the WORLD! Want a tasty slice a Moto Racin' Action? BMX Mania's in beautiful Orlando, Florida and we're ready for some RED HOT BMX at the ABA Fallnationals/Disney Cup.....AWESOME!


School's in session, Fall is here and the ABA Grands are coming up fast! Yes, it's the 'EOTS' (End Of The Season) for the ABA and all the hard core racers are working their butts off for the NAG Rankings and end of the season goodies. Waaaaaiiiiittttt A Minute! It's not over yet, there's one last stop on the circuit and it's a BIG ONE!

The ABA Fall National is also the Disney Cup and that means THREE big national points races in one weekend, where else? Orlando, Florida the home of Disney World and the awesome ORL BMX track so TUNE IN for all the fun and games from trackside as BMX Mania covers it all ON OUR ABA FALLS RACE REPORT PAGE.

AA Pros will battlin' for last minute ABA Pro Points and don't forget, there are UCI Ranking Points on the line as well, so all the heavy hitters will be at the Disney Cup and we'll be covering the action, so keep it here, BMX Mania, your Place To Race!


Nick Koehler Gets First Speed 20-Millimeter Bike for Grands Debut


CERRITOS, CA—Speed Bicycles racer Nick Koehler took possession of one of three existing Speed M-Series 20 bikes last week. The bike is built around a pre-production, sample, M 546 Rolling Chassis and features the ground-breaking Speed 20-millimeter frame, SINZ Elite iHub wheels and SINZ Elite Carbon Fiber forks.


Nick said he plans to race on his current, standard, Speed M-Series bike through the Disney Cup Fall Nationals in Orlando, but then switch to the 20-millimeter bike for the ABA Grands.


“After the Disney Cup, I’m just going to train on the 20-millimeter bike and then race it at Grands,” he said.


In testing, the 20-millimeter Speed Rolling Chassis proved to have significantly less flex than standard bikes, which means more of the rider’s power goes directly to the rear wheel. The stiffer drivetrain also means the bike handles with more precision.


“I can feel a big difference between the two bikes. My regular Speed is super stiff and responsive and better than other bikes I’ve ridden, but the 20-millimeter bike is even better. It’s really noticeable, especially on the gate. I really like it,” Nick said.


Currently, Nick is the only racer with a 20-millimeter Speed. He’s been riding it at local tracks in Orange County like Bellflower and Orange. In addition, VSI’s marketing manager, Michael Gamstetter, has been spotted at the races with the original 20-millimeter 20-inch bike. (The bike used in the BMX Plus! test and in the G-Cog comparison tests.) If you see either of them somewhere, ask about the bike. They might even let you take it for a test ride.


In related news, Nick picked up the win Sunday at the Redline Cup Finals in Boulder City, Nevada, in the Junior Men. It was his first Junior Men victory. The win follows up a 15-Expert double at Reno, NV as well as wins in Albuquerque, NM and Roseville, CA.








BMX racing news, Thursday - October 21, 2010

Crupi’s Tyler Brown on MTV's Made!


Baldwin Park, California – Crupi Parts, Inc is proud to announce that on season 11; episode 16 of MTV's program "Made", Tyler Brown was the featured coach training a 17 year old high school girl who wanted to race BMX.  The episode first aired Monday, October 18th on MTV but anyone can see the full episode by going to and clicking on Made, or try this link:


Tyler had quite the challenge getting this girl to commit to the training and learn how to ride before her big race.  But Tyler's training did the trick and the girl did well for her first ever BMX race. 


Tyler not only made Crupi and his other sponsors proud but we feel that he represented the best in BMX which helps to promote our sport in a positive light for those still new to the sport or not yet familiar with it.  Congratulations Tyler and a job well done!








BMX racing news, Wednesday - October 20, 2010

Mulisha’s Brandon Dosch Takes Dew Tour Title in BMX Dirt

Mulisha championships extend to BMX as Dosch wins in Vegas, clinching the Dew Cup crown

Irvine, Calif. (October 18, 2010) – The Metal Mulisha can claim domination in yet another sport, as BMX team rider Brandon Dosch takes home his first-ever Dew Tour championship Cup with a win this weekend in Las Vegas. The prestigious championship title comes on the heels of Mulisha’s first season competing in BMX.

Dosch closed out the Dew Cup season championship by edging out dirt rookie Brett Banasiewicz, who came to Vegas leading the overall BMX dirt standings. However, Dosch was clutch when he needed it most, consistently landing difficult maneuvers throughout the final round and exciting the crowd at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Leading the finals from his first run to the last, Dosch pulled out three runs that scored in the 90’s for an average score of 92.62, besting TJ Ellis’ 90.81. Dosch landed a handful of big tricks for the win, including a triple tailwhip, opposite 360 lookback and a corked 720, all helping to increase his lead. Banasiewicz, feeling the title slip away, valiantly attempted a cash roll for his last trick in the final heat, but looped out and didn’t pull the trick, dropping him to a fifth-place finish. Ellis took second, followed by 2006 Dew Cup dirt champion Anthony Napolitan in third. Metal Mulisha’s Brandon Dosch is atop the Dew Tour after his BMX dirt win in Las Vegas (photo credit: Shane Ruiz) The win, coupled with a pair of second-place finishes during the 2010 Dew Tour season, allowed Dosch to jump to the top of the year-long standings and claim Mulisha’s first title in BMX. Banasiewicz was second overall and Ellis in third.

“This championship means everything to me, I’m so pumped right now,” said Dosch. “I was coming into this weekend second overall and was able to step up with a really great final round. All the support from Mulisha and my fans really helped, it’s been awesome.”

For more information on Mulisha athletes and news, visit the Metal Mulisha Facebook page or

Dew Tour – Las Vegas Results BMX Dirt 1st Brandon Dosch 2nd TJ Ellis 3rd Anthony Napolitan

Dew Tour – FINAL RESULTS BMX Dirt 1st Brandon Dosch 2nd Brett Banasiewicz 3rd TJ Ellis

About Metal Mulisha Known for winning gold medals, breaking world records, and turning industry tradition upside down through the sport of freestyle motocross, pro riders Brian Deegan and Larry Linkogle launched Metal Mulisha Clothing in 1999. What began as a group of friends riding dirt bikes in Metal Mulisha gear and competing to see who could do the best tricks has grown into one of the most recognized and respected brands in action sports. Metal Mulisha’s winning form in freestyle competitions like the X Games has helped spread the brand’s take-no-prisoners style and attitude to a growing audience around the world.

Metal Mulisha speaks the language of nonconformity with distinctive graphic tees, jerseys, boardshorts, fleece, tanks, denim and accessories. A regular name at events including the Red Bull X Fighters, Rock Star Mayhem Tour, and the Dew Tour, the Mulisha team boasts an A-list roster of athletes, including Brian Deegan, innovator of the “Mulisha Twist;” and highly decorated freestyle riders, Ronnie Faisst, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, and the late Jeremy Lusk. Metal Mulisha has also made its mark outside FMX, forming partnerships with MMA fighters Renato “ Babalu” Sobral, Jason MacDonald and Dan Henderson, BMX rider Brandon Dosch, and metal band Machine Head. The Mulisha lifestyle has steadily grown since '99, expanding into various product collaborations with major brands like Rock Star Energy and Etnies. With strong distribution in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, Metal Mulisha can be found at over 2000 retailers worldwide. For more information, check out









BMX racing news, Tuesday - October 19, 2010

New Co-Sponsors for Moley Gosh/Fat Man Racing!

Look Out! Moley Gosh/Fat Man Racing has some new co-sponsors for the team.

We would like to introduce our newest co sponsors SE bikes, JW bicycle products, Fly Racing, Jam Design number plates and MadMaxMar Marketing.

We would like to welcome all of our cosponsors for the 2011 season.

Our first race will be the ABA Grands so come out and see in the vendor area








BMX racing news, Monday - October 18, 2010


UCI North America BMX Class 5 - Boulder City, NV - October 16, 2010



1 Cristian Becerine

2 Marc Willers

3 Barry Nobles

(Complete Results, Click Below)


1 Marc Willers

2 Sam Willoughby

3 Cristian Becerine

(Complete Results, Click Below)



1 Alise Post

2 Dominique Daniels

3 Ashley Verhagen

(Complete Results, Click Below)


1 Alise Post

2 Dani George

3 Ashley Verhagen

(Complete Results, Click Below)



1 Brady McPherson

2 Nick Koehler

3 Austin Hiatt

(Complete Results, Click Below)


1 Nick Koehler

2 Austin Hiatt

3 Brady McPherson

(Complete Results, Click Below)



1 Dani George

2 Shelby Stacy

3 Audrey Zuloaga

(Complete Results, Click Below)

UK's Dialled Bikes Takes 2010

British National Team Championships








BMX racing news, Weekend Update - October 16/17, 2010

Shanaze Reade Video Series Launched!

It's not everybody that has a video-journalist following them around chronicling their life. But then, Shanaze Reade isn't "Everybody". The BMX Olympian, World Champion, Faster Than You and More Awesome Than Most is gearing up for London 2010 (Duh! She's British!) and video pro, Corinne Walder is now part of Shanaze's daily routine,
Check it ..... The 'Shanaze Reade Series' Trailer 2010 and Shanaze Reade Series: EPISODE ONE from Shanaze Reade Series on Vimeo.

Reynolds on the podium in France

BMX Australia News

Australian Lauren Reynolds has claimed second place in the final round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series in Frejus in the south of France.

The 19-year-old West Australian finished just behind New Zealand's Sarah Walker with 2009 Junior World Champion Mariana Pajon of Colombia third. Queensland's Rachel Bracken, 19, was seventh in the final.

"Lauren got herself into good position from the start and had the speed to stay up with Walker," said Head Coach Wade Bootes adding the qualification round presented some challenges. "Qualifying was really windy for some of the riders and it screwed up both Lauren's and Rachel's time trial laps and caused all sorts of weird results."

Canberra's Caroline Buchanan had qualified second fastest but was knocked out in the semi-final round.

"In the third race of the motos someone crashed onto her back wheel and brought her down and she was a bit sore," said Head Coach Wade Bootes. "We had to strap her shoulder up for the semis but she struggled and didn't get though."

Despite missing out on the final her qualifying performance gave her enough points to finish second overall in the series with 512 points, 167 points behind French rider Laetitia le Corguillé.

In the men's final reigning Olympic and World Champion Maris Strombergs proved too strong for his rivals powering down the start hill in front of thousands of fans and dominating the race through to the finish. Second was Marc Willers from New Zealand and third American Connor Fields.

The victory also gave Strombergs the 2010 Supercross World Cup title. South Australia's Sam Willoughby, 19, went into the final round as the defending series champion and the only rider within striking distance of Strombergs but in order to win the 2010 series crown the two time junior world champion had to finish two places ahead of his rival. Instead he finished behind the Latvian in fourth place to finish the series ranked second overall.

Fellow South Australian Brian Kirkham, 24, also qualified for the final where he finished in seventh place.

"Definitely we're getting more of the outcomes we deserve and out of seven riders we had four in the final and one on the podium but we can do better," said Bootes. "Sam, Brian and Luke (Madill) rode really well but in the quarter final Luke and Sam crashed and Sam ran across the finish line to qualify but Luke didn't make it.

"It was a little comical but disappointing for Luke who had the speed to make the final," said Bootes. "Brian posted the second fastest lap of the day and was in good form but in the final he and Sam bumped each other a bit in the second corner which stopped Brian's run."

After the competition the riders attended the 2010 BMX Supercross Awards where Willoughby and Buchanan won the male and female People's Choice award as the most popular riders of the year.

In a close result Buchanan collected 30% of the votes to clinch the award while in the men's online poll Willoughby was a clear winner attracting 45% of the total votes.

Willoughby will now head to the Las Vegas to race the ABA series while the rest of the High Performance squad will race in Rotorua, New Zealand at the end of the month in the opening two rounds of the UCI Continental Ranking Series.

BMX world ranking points will accumulate up to May 2012 and determine the number of riders each nation qualifies for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

New Zealand BMX Track Destroyed In Earthquake!

You may or may not have heard that there was a magnitude 7.1 earth quake in Christchurch, New Zealand last month.

Christchurch is situated in the South Island of New Zealand and the quake was massive in that area.

Although there was significant widespread damage, there was not one single fatality, which was a huge relief for everyone.

As the clean up continues, images are coming to light of various damaged buildings and landscape.

Included in those images are some shocking shots of the Kaiapoi BMX Club's facility.

Their track has been completely ruined, so keep the BMXers in Christchurch in your thoughts and prayers as they face the rebuilding process.

More photos can be viewed at

New ABA Track Opening Up In Georgia!

ABA Track Operators, Greg & Christie Daw are opening a new ABA track in Ludowici, Georgia and their all excited about what's going on and want to spread the word.

Ludowici, which is an hour and half north of Jacksonville, Florida and about 45 minutes west of Savannah, Georgia.

Long County BMX is an ABA sanctioned track located in Ludowici, GA.

We have just completed our track build and will be having out grand opening on November 6th and 7th.

We will have practice on Saturday from 11am until dark with a race at 3pm and practice from 11am until dark on Sunday.

The cost is $10.00 per day.

We will have free camping at the track but no hookups yet.

For further info the website is and here's a link to the pictures of the track and track build.

It's not easy starting a BMX Track, if you're in the area, check em out and lend some support! Welcime to the BMX Family, Long County BMX!








BMX racing news, Thursday - October 14, 2010

Samantha Cools

is Movin' On!

It seems like FOREVER that Sam Cools has been riding for Supercross, just one of those things that seemed like it would never change. Times do change though and evidently it's time for Sammy C to move on.

According to the lady herself, "Thank you to Bill Ryan and everyone at Supercross for their support over the past 8 years. It has been a great and successful journey and all the best in the up and coming years."

She's back on the track after a long recovery lay off, so watch out for Sam, it'll be interesting to see what she's up to both at the Finish Line and in the sponsorship race.








BMX racing news, Wednesday - October 13, 2010

Intense BMX Europe and Intense BMX USA teamed up at the UCI BMX World Championships in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and won the UCI trade team world title.

From July 29th until August 1st the UCI held there annual world championships in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Riders from the Intense BMX team USA and the Intense BMX team Europe were present to participate. After the last gate had dropped on Sunday Intense BMX won the UCI Championship Trade team title and the UCI Challenge Trade team title.

Thanks to all or team riders who did a great job in there individual classes. In the Championship classes Arnaud Dubios BEL (Elite men) made it to the 1/8 finals, David Herman USA (Elite men), Lorin Martinez FRA (junior Men), Maartje Hereijgers NED and Abbie Taylor GBR (junior Women) all made it to the semi final.

Arielle Martin USA (Elite Women) made her main and finished 8th after a crash and Maartje Hereijgers NED (Junior Women Cruiser) made her main and finished 5th.

Intense BMX Europe is proudly sponsored by: , , , , , , , , and .

Intense BMX USA is proudly sponsored by:,,, Fly,,

Monster Energy Drink, ITS and



LDC Launches New Line-Up of soft goods for the Little Dudes and Their Big Dudes!



Warsaw IN (October 12, 2010) 


News Release - Ryan Birk, Answer BMX Products


To All of the Racers, Bike Shops, Distributors, and Fans of Answer BMX Products;


On behalf of Answer BMX products, I would like to issue a sincere Thank You as well as an apology to all of those who have been patient and faithful to the Answer BMX brand for the past few years, particularly the past year and a half.  Thank you to those who have stuck with us and continue to support the brand.  And a sincere apology to all who have become frustrated with our long delays in having inventory readily available and because of that, our customer service not what is deserved of our loyal racers and customers.  But the good news is that all of that is about to change.


On Friday (October 8, 2010) in a move that will give Answer BMX the support and resources it needs to grow and prosper as a company, John Sawyer of Palm Harbor FL, purchased Answer BMX Inc. from former owner Luke Wilson of Calgary Canada.  John coming on board as an investor gives us the shot in the arm that we need to increase production capacity and inventory levels to better serve our customers worldwide.  His business knowledge and passion for BMX racing makes him a perfect fit for our future plans at Answer BMX.


I want to publically thank Luke Wilson for saving Answer BMX from certain bankruptcy and extinction back in late 2008 and for giving me the opportunity to come on board with the company in March 2009.  Luke is entering into new ventures in his true profession and I wish him luck and much success.


I also have to thank Bubba Harris for his efforts to promote Answer for the past year and a half.  As many of you may now know, Bubba is now riding for Supercross BMX and we wish him all the best.   Bill Ryan, owner of Supercross, is like an uncle to Bubba and is in a position to offer Bubba the support he needs to continue his comeback to #1 and I have to thank Bill for stepping up and supporting Bubba when Answer was not able to.  No doubt he will be a great asset to that brand and we hope to keep Bubba riding on the new Dagger fork to help him win!


I also have to thank Burlin Harris and the rest of the Supercamp crew for all their work and promotional efforts thus far.  They have had to take the brunt of the questions from the public about what was happening with Answer BMX as a company and product availability.  I know that can be a frustrating task but those guys handled it with smiles and positive attitudes and I can’t thank them enough. 


I have rejuvenated excitement for the future of Answer BMX behind our new partnership with John Sawyer and the doubts people have about the brand will soon be erased.  We have multiple shipments of inventory en route and deliveries taking place as early as later this week.  We will have increased production capacity, increased production schedules, and better customer service to provide for the racers and customers wanting Answer BMX products.  We will be implementing new sponsorship programs and new marketing campaigns to promote the growth of BMX racing as well as our own brand.  There are also new product ideas in the works as well.  All in all, it appears that we may have finally found an answer to the future success of Answer BMX.


Ryan Birk, ANSWER BMX Products




BMX racing news, Tuesday - October 12, 2010

NBL Christmas Classic & President’s Cup Return To Columbus

Greater Columbus Convention Center To Host Holiday NBL Events

"Ah, Yes!" Back in the day, Columbus, Ohio was the place to be for the NBL Christmas Races, the Christmas Classic and The President's Cup. Lookin' back at "Days Gone By', we have the above shot from the 2006 version with a 'Tom Ritz Built' track in the background and (from left) Stumpy, Scherpen & Cisar all a few years younger but havin' fun at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

GAHANNA, OH (October 5, 2010) — Today the NBL announced that the Christmas Classic and President’s Cup will be returning to the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The December 27-29 races will be held at their traditional locations for the first time in three years.


Information on hotels and other details will be posted on the NBL website in the coming days.


NBL CEO Gary Aragon says, “I’m excited to announce that two of our premier races will be returning to the downtown Columbus area. As the hometown for our headquarters, I’m pleased that we have been able to rekindle a relationship with the city that will be beneficial for all involved.”


About the National Bicycle League - The National Bicycle League (NBL) sanctions exciting local, state, and national levels of BMX (Bicycle Motocross) racing across the country and in Puerto Rico. With more than 20,000 members and more than 150 BMX race tracks, the NBL is the largest not-for-profit BMX racing association in America. NBL is BMX! For more information, visit:


The last and biggest race of the UK race calendar took place at Cheddar on the 19th Septmeber with over 1000 entries for the weekend making it the biggest race in the country for years. With so many riders in attendance it was set to be an awesome weekend at the UK's premier BMX venue and with cruiser racing taking place on Saturday evening being a huge success there was much anticipation for the whole place to go off come finals time on the 20" Sunday racing.
As the finals came towards the end the two most anticipated finals of the weekend were ledt on the gate with the Junior and Elite Men getting ready for action.
As the Junior gate dropped it was Intense/Route 55's own Grant Hill who got a great gate and went straight to the front of the pack railing the first turn to perfection and never looking back. He put in what was a faultless lap, eating the track up and making things look real easy in his last race in Junior before he makes the jump to Elite for 2011. This was also Hill's 2nd title for 2011 after he took the National title a few weeks earlier. The word for Grant Hill this year - Dominant.
Back up on the gate the Elite Men were getting set for what was a hugely anticipated final with 6 of the UK's finest joined by 2 riders who made the trip over from Holland.
All the action was towards the inside of the track with Route 55's Kelvin Batey having a great start and taking charge going into the first turn. After some moves and tangling in the first turn Batey was gone and had a comfortable lap to the finish to take his 25th British title and 6th Elite title in a row and some will say one of his finest. The podium scenes were the best in the UK for a long time with Kelvin showing an immense sense of pride taking his Irish flag up onto the podium to the cheers of the huge crowd.
The team also took another title in the 15-16 cruiser with Jack Hall bringing home another British title to go with the one he won in 20" in 2009.
Other finalists from the team were, Alex Brookes - 4th ... Ryan Brookes - 4th ... Taylor Johnson - 5th ... Lewis Locker - 3rd ... Diagoro Fortune - 8th ... Callum Wing - 8th ... Jordan Perry 2nd ... Jack Hall  - 8th

The team would like to thank all their sponsors for their support this year - Intense, THE , Sinz, Mountainfuel, No Limits and The Source

NBL To Guarantee Track Payouts In Writing

Payouts Will Be Written Into Track Contracts


GAHANNA, OH (September 30, 2010) — Today the NBL announced its guarantee of the $5.95 per rider track payout.


CEO Gary Aragon explains, “Unfortunately, there are some who feel they speak for the NBL even if they are not part of our Sanction or its leadership, and as such it has come to my attention that false and slanderous statements have been made about the New NBL, specifically concerning the per rider fees we will pay tracks.”


“Let me be clear that the fees we will pay tracks, $5.95 per rider, per race, will not change at any time during a track’s contract period. Furthermore, we will write this clearly into every contract for every track. Thus, tracks will have that rate guaranteed for the full duration of their contract with the NBL even if it is a long-term contract. What's more, we will likely increase the amount we pay to our tracks, and we will gladly amend any track's contract at their request to reflect the increased payout, but at no time would we decrease the amount during the contract period. Our goal is to continue to make this sport less expensive for riders while at the same time providing tracks with more income from operating our programs.”


“In addition, there are rumors out there that the numbers just don't work, and the NBL can't support the payouts and fees. These false statements are not only wrong and offensive, but they are entirely in conflict with our very mission at the NBL. I can understand how someone who intends to profit off their business might not understand how these numbers work, but as a Public Charity, we have no need to hoard money as it does not end up in any person's pockets nor does it profit anyone. The NBL is built upon that foundation it's the members and tracks that should benefit, not the people who run a sanction, and with that focus, charitable structure, and mission, we can take what would be distributed as ‘profits’ and pass that money on as savings to members and more value to tracks.”


About the National Bicycle League

The National Bicycle League (NBL) sanctions exciting local, state, and national levels of BMX (Bicycle Motocross) racing across the country and in Puerto Rico. With more than 20,000 members and more than 150 BMX race tracks, the NBL is the largest not-for-profit BMX racing association in America. NBL is BMX! For more information, visit:

2010 NBL Grand Nationals Report

Ashley Lynch- Elite Woman

Cody Simson- 15 Ex

Orlando, FL  The Cyclecraft BMX Factory Team arrived in Louisville ready to go to work.  CycleCraft Elite riders, Ashley Lynch and Ron Vega were set to go at it with the best of the best in Saturday night’s NBL Pro Spectacular showdown.  Ron was looking fast in the motos and narrowly missed a transfer slot.  Though challenged by the great competition, Ashley made it through to the main.  Ashley finished 6th in the main and 4th in the overall points for the year.   Way to go Ash!


From there it was the amateur riders’ opportunity to shine.  Patrick “Gumshoe” Deats pulled down a fourth in his 45-49 Cruiser main and finished the season with a national number 3.  The latest addition to the team, Kevin Caccavale, utilized his raw power and speed in 19-25 Expert to national number 30.  Cody Simson had a stacked class with the 15 Experts.  Cody just missed out on a transfer spot to the main; but ended up with a national number 7.  


13 Expert Thomas Marchese also just missed out on a transfer spot to the main.  Thomas’ skill and confidence have improved as the season as gone on.  Thomas wrapped up the year with the national number 31 in a tough class.  Kate Moore could not catch a break all weekend.  She ended up fourth in the 16 Girls main, and finished with a national number 4.  Allison Marchese, with motor in high gear all of the time, achieved a national number 9 in a challenging 12 Girls class.


Unfortunately, three CycleCraft factory riders were unable to make the trip due to continuing to recover from injuries sustained while racing.  Vinnie Moriera, Elite Masters, fractured ribs and a hip and the World Championships in South Africa.  25-29 Cruiser rider Troy Kasper, fractured his collarbone in five places in a local back in Wisconsin. 


Justice Gagnon, CycleCraft’s 11 Expert tough guy, sustained head and injuries while racing at the Constitution Classic earlier in the season.  The rest of the CycleCraft family really missed these three talented riders as they are critical to team and are great people to have around.  Get well guys!


The CycleCraft Bicycle Company is very proud to have this great group of ambassadors representing the brand.  We would like to thank all of our riders, families, sponsors and friends that made this a great season for the company. The collective efforts of all associated with Cyclecraft have been integral to our success and very much appreciated. We have a fantastic foundation to continue building upon.


The CycleCraft Factory Team is supported by a great group of co-sponsors, including: Profile Racing (, No Fear (, Sinz Racing (, Fly Racing (, Intense Tyre Systems (, MCS Bicycles (, Odyssey BMX (, CyberHorse Sportswear (, 24/Seven Graphics (, HRP Designs (, Kovachi Wheels (, Carrollwood Bicycle Emporium (


For a full run down of the CycleCraft Co-Factory Team’s Grands and national results, or to learn more about CycleCraft Bicycle Company please visit the website at

Intense BMX Europe winner of UCI trade team

challenge world title in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

From July 29th until August 1st the UCI held there annual world championships in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Riders from the Intense BMX team Europe were present to participate. After the last gate dropped on Sunday Intense BMX Europe won the UCI Challenge Trade team title.

Thanks to all or team riders who did a great job in there individual classes. In the Challenge classes Jordi Schippers NED (cruiser 15/16) made it to the semi final. Axel Webster RSA (boys 11), Jordi Schippers NED (boys 15) and Kristaps Vinters LAT (boys 16) made the final. Axel finished 2nd, Jordi finished 7th and Kristaps finished 8th after a crash on the first straight.

Intense BMX Europe is proudly sponsored by:,,,,,,,,  and










BMX racing news, Monday - October 11, 2010



Maliek Byndloss and his parents would like to thank ONE Kenda for a fabulous seven year partnership. ONE Kenda was more than a team for us they were a part of our family.

The Byndloss family would like to thank: ONE Bicycles, Kenda, Nike, Shimano, THE, UFO, Bolle, THOMSON, SINZ, ODI, KMC


After a short break during the summer holiday, the Formula Europe Team riders jumped back on their bikes to go on BMX racing.
For Lucie Meerholz, the National Top Competition was the first big race after her collarbone injury. To make it more challenging for her, she was racing an age group higher. After a good semi, she had to settle for 8th place after a bad gate in the main. Still she was stoked with that result against some really though competition. Next races for Lucie are 2 more rounds in the Dutch Top Competition.
Junior Men’s Bastien Merle has moved back to the French Training Centre in Aix to pick up training. There he’s preparing for his debut in the World Cup Supercross in Frejus, where he will have to battle against the big boys in Elite. His goal is to enter the big race by qualifying in the time trial.
Sandra Aleksejeva had a good after season. She won both Baltic Cup and National Championship Series against some nice competition from Latvia and Russia.
The Final Round of the Championship Series was held at the famous Talava BMX Track in Valmiera, where she took her first National Champion Title as a Rookie in Elite Women with 5 wins out of 5 races!
Edzus Treimanis is getting back in shape after a wrist injury. After some small surgery and 4 weeks out of racing, he restarted training. Even though he wasn’t a 100% in shape, he managed to qualify for the 1/8finals of the World Cup in Chula Vista (USA) in which he was eliminated.
Kevin Sprengers is training again after his shoulder surgery and will be racing by the end of this year. He is eager to come back stronger and better.
In the Belgian National Top Competition, Nico van Dartel has moved up into 1st place of the Master 30+ Ranking. He was behind in the ranking after missing 2 rounds in the beginning of season, but with a second place and 5wins in a row, he moved into the lead. Things are looking good for him with only 1 more round to go.
Formula Europe is supported by Formula Bicycles,, Shimano, Alienation, Tioga, BES&T, SixSixOne, Royal Racing and









BMX racing news, Saturday/Sunday - October 9/10, 2010

Joris Daudet & Sarah Walker Take UCI BMX SX Time Trial Wins In France!

(More Photos Have Been Posted To The BMX Mania UCI BMX SX Race Report Page!)

BMX Mania Editor's Note - Yeah, well.....Our coverage of the Time Trials and Practice, Friday was kind of spotty and certainly not very timely, but we DO have an excuse, er, well.....A Reason! The internet connection at the Roc d'Azur Press Facility which is one of the best that we've seen in our wanderings around BMX Race Press Places, TOOK A DIVE! Nothing, zilch, nada, NOPE! So, we were relegated to a connection at a restaurant that was closing down as we uploaded photos, a handy McDonalds connection which wouldn't let us upload although we could get online there, and of course, our hotel, where the internet connection rocks between non-existent and not very good, mostly on the non-existent side.

We just checked back in to the venue's Press Area Saturday Morning and it appears that they have spent some hard work on getting things up and running, so Saturday we ought to get some good stuff up and running right after the race, but ...... BMX MANIA MEDIA WARNING ..... we don't party much, but tonight, the UCI BMX SX Awards and Race AfterParty are right around the corner from our hotel, so when 8PM rolls around here in Fréjus, we'll be offline and ready to bring you some fun pix from the celebration. The UCI will be giving out a TON of awards and the Elites will be queuing up to bring on some good times to celebrate the end of the season. Then, our plane for BMX Mania World HQ, takes off at O Dark Thirty, Sunday Morning, so we may be a little slow on getting stuff posted, Sunday too, but, HEY! It's free and you KNOW the picture tells the story, right? RIGHT! Check back and see what's happening, it's gonna be a good time!



Formula / Australia Picks Up Big Sponsor!


 Formula / Australia is proud to announce that 310 is their new major sponsor for the 2010/2011 seasons.


We are very excited about 310 joining us, they have a great business offering everything a racer needs at fantastic prices.


310 will help the team stay ahead of the competition with the latest products as they arrive on the market.


Formula Australia would also like to thank Scott Hand of Snap BMX products (Australia) for his support of the team.






BMX racing news, Friday - October 8, 2010

Sarah Walker Takes the UCI SX pole position in time trials at FRÉJUS

Top 16 Women posted to BMX Mania Race Report Page







BMX racing news, Thursday - October 7, 2010

BMX Mania's on the road to UCI Supercross France!




"grombomb healthy energy"

"grombomb healthy energy" - Yeah, check THIS out! Anyone who's been around BMX racing for very long knows the name Jack McDaniel. Jack's been one of the top BMX Racing photographers around for a LONG time. Always quick on the trigger and ready to chronicle what's going on with the best in the biz, Jack loves the groms, rad racers, terrible teens! If they're fast, ready to throw down mean style and an official grommet, Jack's camera can spot em a mile away.

Jack's hooked up with some cool rockn' dudes from the Socal Surf, Skate, MX scene, the fine folk's at GromBomb Healthy Energy! The new drink is going to be a a bit out of the mold when it comes to the energy drink derby, it's a healthy energy blend with B vitamins, electrolytes, potassium, and other good stuff to make you go fast and stay fresh.

Jack's got a bunch of cool BMX GromRace photos up on their site at: so if you want to check em out, wander on over and get the low down on the freshest energy drink around at the same time.

Sounds like a good combo to us, Jack's rad, knows his groms and it sounds like GromBomb is.......Well, The Bomb!

Check it at



Morphine Industries invades Chula Vista

(pics courtesy of Mike Carruth @ and Jerry Landrum @     


Supercross weekend was a good excuse to fuel up the Morphine Industries private jet and head out west to take in all that Cali has to offer.  1st stop - SX track, where Gavin Lubbe, Jason LaRev and Olijuwon Davis strapped on a pair and rolled in on one of the gnarliest tracks in the world.  The guys rode good but when you are competing against 130 other riders, you better bring your A game if you want to make that main event.  We have to give huge props to Haro's Nic Long for the come from behind victory in the main event! If you haven't seen the footage, do yourself a favor and check it out now. Probably the best race you will ever witness.




Over on the Am track, it was business as usual....   Gavin Lubbe was out front all weekend in A Pro, taking home the win on Saturday.   Sunday, he had it in the bag until he left the door open in the last turn and next thing you know he was in 8th.  Not how he wanted to finish but he defiantly made a statement with his first straight pull all weekend.  Vet Pro, Tim Dinger made the east coast proud by winning most of his motos and finishing up with a 3rd and 4th overall. In the amateur ranks, our newest addition to the fam, Tanner Sabesta pulled a 4th and a 6th in 17-18x,  in a super stacked class of 30 riders.  Damian Cherepko was doin' work in 16x, until he ate it in the semi on Saturday but he got back on the podium with a 3rd on Sunday. Olijuwon Davis took the day off on Saturday but he also got on the box with a 3rd place on Sunday in 19-27x.  In 36-40x, Doran Bradshaw got the short end of the stick when he and another rider mysteriously tangled up on the second straight, which resulted in a few cracked ribs and a separated shoulder. Nothing a little time off won't cure but I'm pretty sure things are going to get interesting when these two get on the gate with each other again.



Next stop on the Morphine Industries world tour....Orlando for the ABA's Disney Cup. Be sure to stop by and check out our new whips from Haro....and take a sneak peak at the new prototype Haro Race LT CRUISER. 


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; HARO BIKES (, Fly Racing (, Alienation (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (, Black Crown (, Tioga (






BMX racing news, Tuesday - October 5, 2010

Samurai Project National Team To Race Against Cancer!

Just a quick note about a race that I have my samurai project involved in. If anyone interested they can visit capital area BMX's Facebook page.  

Date is this Saturday with registration from 9:30 to 11 racing asap at Capital Area Bmx in Lansing, Mi.  

Raffle tickets for the Bolt pro frame in sky blue are $5 a piece will all proceeds going to the Becky Stevens Memorial cancer fund.  Now I have another team rider, Zach Gibson (who has a kick ass neon green envy), of whom will join me that day in wearing tu-tu's and possible fairy wings in a race if we raise an additional $400. Heck if we raise a $1000 they might just get an awful rendition of swan lake on bikes.

Support the Samurai Project National Team, Supercross BMX, and Capital Area Bmx in the fight against cancer.

Thanks a ton, if you're within striking distance, come on out and race with us to help stamp out Cancer! Eric Boyer - Samurai Project National Team.

ABA California State Championships At Orange Y BMX

This past weekend the Free Agent/Rockstar Team supported grass roots BMX by taking part in the ABA California State Championships At Orange Y BMX. Rockstar had all the Pro BMX riders present, who participated in giveaways, signings and even a Pro Am race.

Great day and cool to get involved with the local California race scene and time to hang out with the kids.

Maris Strombergs ended up winning the Pro Am followed by his Teammate Connor Fields and Haro/Rockstar's Nick Long in 3rd. Great day out and good to see so many smiling faces.







BMX racing news, Monday - October 4, 2010

THE Supports 2010 UK National Series, British Championships

CERRITOS, CA—British Cycling hosted the 2010 British Championships September 18 and 19 at the spectacular Cheddar BMX Track in the South West of the UK. More than 870 riders took part in the season finale and THE Industries was on hand to make the National Series and British Champs presentations one to remember.

Teaming up with the UK’s premier custom plate supplier, Big Daddy Plates, THE provided the top eight finsihers in the National Series and the winners of the British Championships with custom Moto number plates complete with specially commissioned number plate stickers.

The culmination of a hectic week for THE and Big Daddy Plates came on Saturday night when the National Series trophies and number plates were presented on a specially constructed stage at Cheddar.

Riders from 5 to 50 years of age climbed onto the stage as darkness fell and were presented with their prizes by Elite UK riders Liam Phillips and Marcus Bloomfield.

On Sunday came the presentation of the awards for the British Championships.

After the best BMX racing in the UK for many, many years the winning riders climbed the podium to receive the cherished No. 1 plates.

The riders all gave 100 percent in the pursuit of their titles and the joy was clear to see as the crowds once again flocked to the presentation.

And in a fitting tribute to THE’s contribution to the event,  Route55/Intense BMX team riders of Grant Hill and Kelvin Batey took the titles in Junior and Elite Men respectively.

For more info on THE and other VSI brands visit For more info on custom plates and THE plates stickers visit

vote your favorites in the SWATCH BMX SX Awards 2010

The UCI is pleased to announce the 2nd annual SWATCH BMX SX Awards Ceremony. The banquet will be held Saturday 9th October 20h00 @ Le Village in Fréjus.

The banquet will present the 2010 BMX Supercross World Cup Overall Winners, as well as several other special awards such as;


Ø      Best Crash Of the Year

Ø      Best Pass Of The Year

Ø      The Ride Style Award

Ø      Coach Of The Year

Ø      Rookie Of The Year

Ø      Female Rider Of The Year

Ø      Male Rider Of the Year


New for this year is that the public will be able to vote on their favourite Female and Male BMX Rider Of The Year. (For the other categories, the nominees and winners will be selected by a jury). Please visit the following link and cast your vote;


The deadline for voting is Tuesday 5th October at 12h00. The nominations for the remaining categories will be published on Wednesday 6th October 2010.


Tickets are € 25, which will include food and drinks, live music performance and our own DJ – Uncle R spinning tunes. Tickets can be purchased at the BMX SX race office in Fréjus (minimum age 18 years).

Sifiso takes next generation of BMX riders “under his wing”

UCI BMX World Championship silver medalist and Grand National champion, Sifiso Nhlapo hosted the Red Bull Under My Wings workshop for up and coming BMX hopefuls aimed at educating the young BMX talent in South Africa on what the formula is for a successful BMX career from an athlete who is on his way to the top.

Nhlapo spent three days with 15 of South Africa’s most promising BMX riders at the MTN/Toyota Cycling Park in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

The riders were mentored on the fundamentals of becoming a professional BMX’er by major role players in Sifiso’s current management team.

Topics ranged from career management, sponsorship, nutrition, media training from Owen Hannie (Supersport Super Cycling and 5FM) as well as track time with Sifiso himself.

Sifiso also gave a personal account of the trial and tribulations in his career, from injury to victory and made it clear to the riders that it’s a tough journey to the top but the rewards are worth it.

The aim of the Red Bull Under My Wings program is to provide young athletes with valuable tools such as one-on-one guidance and expert mentoring to develop their skills in the sport they are passionate about.

The program has travelled worldwide, uniting talented young hopefuls with the best athletes in the world to provide a once in a lifetime experience with their hero.

“I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to work with these kids and give them the inside scoop on what it takes to be a pro rider. I’m very proud of the progress I’ve seen over this weekend”, said Nhlapo
Sifiso is now on his way the UCI BMX Supercross finals in France on 8  & 9 October and is looking race ready for attending the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London.

Supercross BMX Picks Bad Bubba Harris!

Effective Immediately - 3 Time ABA #1 Pro and Former UCI World Champion - Bubba Harris has a new home with Supercross BMX!!

What started out as a frame deal for this future BMX hall of famer quickly evolved into a full factory deal.

Bubba's first race in Full Factory Supercross gear will be in 2 weeks at the ABA Redline Cup West Finals where Bubba will set up home at the Supercross BMX pits for the first of many times.

Be sure to stop on by and pick up a Limited Edition Supercross Full Color Poster help welcome Bubba to the team and have Bubba, Kenth, Courtney and the rest of the Supercross BMX Factory team sign your poster.

Bubba like the rest of the Supercross Factory team ride on Supercross ENVY's - the Worlds Lightest Production Race frame for all their race track assaults.

For more information please visit







BMX racing news, weekend update - October 2-3, 2010

Intense Phantom On-Trac Closes in on Another Factory Title

Summer Fun For IPOT!


ABA Albuquerque, New Mexico - The ABA Summer national circuit kicked off in Albuquerque over Memorial Weekend. Intense Phantom On-Trac rolled in with some of it’s top riders looking to close the gap in the Factory Standings. Duke City BMX had the track dialed in and it was faster than ever which made for some interesting racing.


Being a Pro/UCI points race, Jake Peebles and Chad Street were both in attendance. Both had some bad luck in the Pro Section Saturday but on Sunday Jake picked up a 3rd place in A-Pro and Chad placed 5th in the stacked Vet class.


The Amateur classes were a little smaller than usual but with wins the team could still get some big scores. Maddy Martinez did all she could by picking up 5 wins and one second over the weekend. She is well on her way to earning the coveted ABA Top Gun Jacket. Kristen Long also rode hard all weekend picking up two podium finishes in open and a second place finish in class. In the 7-expert class there was no doubt who was going to win. The “Sherriff” Wyatt Bell won both days and got two podium finishes in 7-8 open.  Cole Tesar also made the journey to NM and was looking faster than ever. He doubled in 13 cruiser and in class had a bad crash Saturday but went wire to wire for the win Sunday. Sean Gain was there looking to ride well and pick up some NAG points. He did just that with two wins in the open and a second place in 14 expert. The “Razzleberry,” Rusty Nesvig continued to ride like a machine, picking up 3 first place finishes and a 3rd. Josh Study showed why he is NAG 1 and took his Intense Podium to 4 first place finishes over the weekend. And don’t forget about Christopher Blevins. After a road race Saturday he showed up Sunday with no practice and still got 3rd in a very fast 12 expert class.


Some bad luck on Saturday hurt the team but they still managed a 3rd place finish. On Sunday everybody stepped up and the team won with a gargantuan score of 215.


ABA Roseville, California - The very next weekend the team was in Nor Cal for the ABA Summer Nationals. Oak Creek BMX is always host to one of the best events of the year and even the heat stayed away making for a spectacular weekend of racing.


In the Vet Pro class, Chad Street took his Intense Podium to a 2nd place podium finish. Cole Tesar, who celebrated his birthday Saturday, became eligible for the JR. Development program and made the main both days. He also made the transition to the 14 expert class look easy by taking home a 1st on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday. Kristen Long also raced the Jr. Devo class and got on the podium with a 3rd place. In the girls class she also placed 3rd.  Maddy Martinez picked up right where she left off in Albuquerque by winning class and cruiser both days. Sumi Yuki looked strong on her home track all weekend and took home two 3rd place finishes. Bryce Hocking did his best to gain some ground in the NAG standings and picked up a 2nd place in the stacked 17-18 expert class. Josh Study rode well all weekend and took home three 2nd place finishes. The team took home a 4th place finish Saturday and 2nd on Sunday.


ABA ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS - Next on the Summer Series for the reigning number one Factory team was the Midwest Nationals in Rockford, IL. The Rock is considered to be one of the most superlative tracks in the world and always is home to some of the finest racing. With the heavy layers of soil-tac and asphalt turns the course can be scary fast. The team was thin coming into the race with only 5 riders in attendance and could not afford any mistakes. However, it was just one of those weekends where not everyone rode to the best of their abilities. In the A-Pro class, Jake Peebles crashed twice in motos on Saturday and placed 6th on Sunday. Chad Street also had bad luck Saturday but recovered Sunday for a 3rd place finish. One of the fastest young riders in the sport, Cole Tesar, won the Jr. Development class and placed 6th in the 14 expert class. However, on Sunday he woke up with severe neck cramps and pulled out of racing for the day. “Flyin” Felicia Stancil killed it all weekend on her home track, picking up three wins. Josh Study rode well all weekend and looks like he is prime for another NAG 1 title. On Sunday he added another win to his collection. The team struggled and got 8th on Saturday but still remained in 2nd place after the Midwest National.


ABA SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - After Rockford, the team was looking to bounce back at the Great Salt Lake Nationals in Salt Lake City, UT. Rad Canyon BMX is known for it’s huge starting hill, which once again provided for some extremely fast first straight racing. The team brought only 6 riders and needed everyone to perform. In the A-Pro Class, Jake Peebles rode well and picked up a 2nd on Saturday and 5th on Sunday. Chad Street showed why he is considered one of the most consistent pros on the circuit by taking home two 2nd place finishes. Kristen Long also rode consistent all weekend in the Jr. Development class and in the 14 girls class. She picked up two 2nd place finishes in class and got on the podium in the Jr. Devo class with a 3rd on Sunday. Sumi Yuki made the trek from Nor Cal looking to pick up some much-needed NAG points. She wasn’t able to find her way to the front but rode well and got 2nd both days. Rusty Nesvig wanted to make sure he didn’t lose the lead for Amateur 1 and took home wins in the 16 expert class both days. The other San Diego boy, Bryce Hocking rode well and picked up a 4th in 17-18 expert. With these great performances, the team was able to get 2nd both days.


ABA TUCSON, ARIZONA - After Utah, the team headed South to the desert for the Southwest Nationals in Tucson, AZ. Getting close to end of Summer everyone knew that they needed to ride well if the team was going to gain points on Redman/Rockstar. When the mains rolled around the first test was in the A-Pro class. Jake Peebles didn’t disappoint, finishing with a 3rd on Saturday and a 1st on Sunday. With that win Jake moved into the AA class. Next, it was Kristen Long who was riding in the Jr. Devo and 14 girls class. Kristen was able to pick up a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th over the weekend. Even with not riding his BMX bike much over the Summer, Chris Blevins was still as smooth as usual. He didn’t lose a lap all weekend and took home four 1st places finishes. Sean Gain followed with two wins of his own for the weekend. Look for him to move up in the NAG standings. And after Sean, of course Rusty Nesvig killed the competition and picked up two more wins. The old guy on the team, Josh Study struggled on Saturday but Sunday looked ready to win until Robby Patterson pulled an incredible “high-low” in the last turn and stole the win from Josh. These fine performances propelled the team to two wins and more importantly two very high scores.

ABA RENO, NEVADA - The last race of the Summer is always in Reno, NV for the Blackjack Nationals. It’s the last race before the kids have to worry about homework and missed classes along with training. This year the track was built in a “U inside U” form with two half turns at the end of the track which made for some interesting racing. Being a race known for high rider count, the team was determined to get some high scores. Chad Street did his part in the Vet Pro class, picking up a win and 3rd place finish. Chad has been working hard, look for him to battle for the Vet title at the Grands. Kristen Long once again rode consistent but couldn’t quite find her way to the front. She took home three 2nd place finishes and one 4th place.


Sumi Yuki came in looking really fast and showed it Saturday picking up a much needed win. But on Sunday, she left the door open and had to settle for 2nd. Chris Blevins showed everyone that he is back in BMX mode and won the 12 expert class on Saturday and took home a pair of 2nd place finishes in 12 cruiser. After Blevins everyone turned their attention to Sean Gain, who picked up a 1st and 2nd in the 14 expert class. He followed with a 2nd and 3rd in the Jr. Development race. With the switch of the UCI calendar, Rusty Nesvig was finally able to race for money. He illustrated that racing guys 2 years older than him was no problem by winning the big check on Saturday. However, a crash Sunday in the main gave him the dreaded snowman (8th). In the 16 expert class, a very peculiar thing happened, Rusty got 2nd and 3rd for the weekend. It’s been centuries since Rusty has been beaten.


Bryce Hocking was also racing in the Jr. Men class and finished on the box both days with 3rd place finishes. He was also able to survive the crazy wreck in 17-18 expert and took home a 4th. After Bryce, Josh Study showed that he has been working hard by winning the stacked open and taking home a 3rd in the “pro-like” 19-27 expert class. Again, the team demonstrated that it is determined to take home the Factory title and picked up a win and some big scores.


Look for Intense-Phantom-Ontrac riders to be killing the competition at upcoming races leading up to the ABA Grands in Tulsa, Oklahoma!


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BMX racing news, Friday - October 1, 2010

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