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archived news / novemBER 2015

BMX Racing News - usabmx Grands Weekend - November 27-29, 2015

USABMX GRANDS.....Saturday pro finals, friday,





BMX Racing News - Monday/Tuesday - November 23-24, 2015

What??????? It's no big deal to see some old '50 Something' pedallin' down the street on his bike!

Nope, not true, carbon breath! That's none other than Eric "Big Daddy" Rupe on his sweet new Vendetta cruiser, makin' haste down the track in his sweet team colors, in a full page ad in the USABMX Pull magazine! AWESOME!

Of course, Eric is no stranger to full page ads and cover shots in BMX mags thru his 41 years of racing BMX. (Including 33 years as one of the most successful BMX Racing pros of all time!) 'Big Daddy' has done it all and seen it all in his career but is psyched by the support of his sponsorship at Vendetta and them using him as an advertising frontpiece.

Congrats Eric Rupe and Vendetta, that's one choice piece of BMX racing advertising! -

BMXer, Skate Park aficionado and action sports clothing magnate, Rocky Rupe (Speaking of Big Daddy!) is all on the gas about his new Ugly Kid Clothing line. Ugly Kid has a whole bunch of hot new stuff on the way and the count down is (Literally) on You KNOW you want to check things out, so why don't you go over and check it all out!

10 years ago at the forefront of the “anti-bullying” movement, Ugly Kid Clothing was created by a few friends in high school. We were not in a band or a part of a sports team, just a few individuals that wanted to create something of our own. The initial goal was to move away from the “Revolt/ Rise against” message that most companies appeared to be sending, and push our own “Rise Above/ Do Something Awesome for Someone” message.

From that moment on, we were consumed with the “Ugly Kid” lifestyle brand. We knew that we had created something that the world could relate to and everyone would want to be a part of it! We wanted to spread the word in any way that we could. Stickers, hats, shirts, pretty much anything that we could put the name on we did. The idea of pushing positivity and forward progress spread like wildfire. Finally we had something that we could be a part of, and everyone wanted to be a part of it with us.

Check Out UK BMX History!
Yeah, BMX History at it's finest! Maybe you have never had a chance to stop by or ukbmxhistory on Instagram, but it's for sure worth the visit, cuz the staff at those two BMX Historical outlets are ON IT with tons of historical and hysterical BMX Radness!

The U.K. BMX scene has been very influential over the years with many of the greats of our sport coming from the island kingdom. If you check out UKBMXHISTORY, you'll run across cool stuff about the Legends of UK BMX, such as Jamie Staff, Stephen Murray, Andy Ruffell, Neal Wood, Dale Holmes, Dylan Clayton, Tim March, Alan Woods, Geth Shooter, Craig Schofield, Anthony Revell, David Maw, Sarah Jane Nichols, Tom Lynch, Wayne & Gary Llewellyn and many more. AND, it's pretty cool that a lot of these BMX Legends visit UKBMXHISTORY and comment about the Good Old Days and what's going on with BMX these days.

12,000+ Instagram followers can't be wrong, UKBMXHISTORY is on to something. The sites have access to a TON of ancient BMX magazines (particularly long ago UK ones) since the early 80s and they post old race and freestyle pics and many great shots they happen to come across.

The Instagram page has really taken off with over 12,000 followers in less than a year. It's obvious that the UKBMXHISTORY staff are all BMX history nerds like so many of us in the BMX community and love the history that helped to build the sport of BMX racing to what it is today.

The website is a bit more racing but on Instagram they also post some tasty freestyle and back in the day BMX pics mainly from the UK BMX scene but it's awesome that they do post a lot of US history as well. When they dig up more time, the plan is to document more of British race history for the site.

Drop by and UKBMXHISTORY on Instagram and check em out, it's a trip down memory lane that's worth the effort!

Long Live BMX!




BMX Racing News - Wednesday - November 18, 2015

Yess BMX France picks up Romain Riccardi
Yess BMX France is proud to announce the addition of BMX racer Romain Riccardi, to the Yess BMX team.

Romain Riccardi current Italian Champ will ride all the UCI World cup event, Euro races and French Championship on the new Yess Elite Frame and Pride Racing parts products.

Romain will help the Canadian brand on the new project. Romain commented: “I have decided to join Yess BMX after 6 years on GT Bicycles. I can’t thank enough GT for the help during the last 6 years. I will chase my Olympic qualification on a Yess Frame” He add : “My first ride on the Yess frame is incredible, on the other hand I like the brand mentality ! It’s one of the last brand who produce bike by hand in Canada and the quality is perceptible on the track !”

Yess BMX manager Renny Husada had to say "We are excited to have Italian Champion represent us in Europe as well as represent us in the Worlds as he has proven himself to a serious contender in the Elite class. We look forward to watching him race our newest frame for 2016"

The current Yess French team is composed of Axel and Karl Le Nagard. A new French co factory team will join the factory team this year.




BMX Racing News - weekend update - November 14, 2015

french BMX remains standing!
In honor of those who have died in the terrible attacks on the country of France, FABMX1.COM shares this show of support and message of hope to the world from those who love BMX and what it stands for in one of the strongest BMX countries in the world!

Here at BMX Mania Dot Com, we send our prayers and strength from to all of the MANY die hard French BMXers who we know love freedom, love what BMX stands for and wants the BEST for people everywhere!

The message from FABMX1.COM is.....

"On this terrible day for France, after the attacks recently in Paris, which left more than 120 dead, the staff at FABMX1.COM unites in grief and thinks of the strong families and those innocents who have suffered pain and hardship from religious fanatics who believe in unspeakable human stupidity.

France remains standing, the BMX world remains strong and our best representatives will prove it. Vive la France and BMX!"



BMX Racing News - thursday - November 12, 2015

EliteTrax Announces South Lake Tahoe BMX & Pump Tracks Grand Opening

The radsters over at EliteTrax are pretty excited about the Grand Opening of one of their latest projects, Lake Tahoe BMX & Pump Tracks at Bijou Bike Park in South Lake Tahoe, California.

The track is located in the Bijou Bike Park in South Lake Tahoe, California.
BMX Radness, EliteTrax Style among some awesome Tahoe nature!
The Advanced Pump Track at Bijou Bike Park.
Jumpin' the doubles on the Pump Track.
Big Air in South Lake Tahoe! - David Clock Photography

And the folks around Lake Tahoe are getting excited as well. Check out this video report from the construction site in July......Mountain Resort Television Tahoe


For More Info: / South Lake Tahoe BMX /


ELITETRAX IS THE PREFERRED TRACK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY OF THE INTERNATIONAL CYCLING UNION (UCI) - In the late 1990s, many of the top riders felt they had achieved all they could in BMX Racing after repeatedly competing on the same tracks with the same flat start, roller, & table elements. Many elite riders even left BMX for other cycling sports in search of a new challenge.

Tom Ritzenthaler, a former BMX rider already an experienced track builder, knew changes were needed to revitalize the sport & inspire a new generation of athletes & fans. Pulling from his extensive knowledge of BMX tracks, Tom teamed up with UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) and later founded EliteTrax and began to design tracks with innovative, never-before-seen elements that challenged riders and excited the entire industry.

Thus began the revolution of BMX Racing and the emergence of the Supercross format. With Tom & EliteTrax at the helm of the track revolution, BMX Supercross is now a global phenomenon in the cycling world with several hundreds of professional riders competing in front of massive crowds.

EliteTrax continues to lead the revolution it created by shaping & elevating the sport with the highest quality & raddest tracks in the world.


EliteTrax Effect on BMX Supercross racing - In early 2000, Tom Ritz and UCI pioneered the downhill format, then followed with the modern eight meter start ramp and later on with ProGate, the development of the random start gate.

EliteTrax helped propel BMX SX to become a recognized Olympic sport. In 2008, EliteTrax designed and built the track for the Olympic Games in Beijing, China, the first introduction of BMX SX to the Olympics and to a whole world of new fans.

Since the 2008 BMX SX Olympic debut, Tom and the Crew have only worked harder: EliteTrax designed and built the first ever BMX Supercross Combo track at the 2010 UCI BMX World Championships,, worked with Red Bull in creating most innovative racing track ever with the Red Bull R.Evolution track, designed and built the standard BMX track for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in China, designed and built the BMX track for the 2015 Pan-Am Games and is leading the design for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games BMX SX track.




BMX Racing News - Monday - November 9, 2015

Rock out, Have fun and dial in your BMX skills with Rhythm Rocks!

Check out this great idea from BMX Pro, Josh Smith! 'Rhythm Rocks' looks to be a fun way to polish your BMX Racing Skills, check it out!

From BMX Pro, Josh Smith - BMX RHYTHM ROCKS is a “skills training” tool that can help you increase your track speed and have more fun on your bike!

In response to the current “training trend” that BMX racers have taken to I have realized how much we often ignore the best part of BMX.

We all got into racing BMX not just because we wanted to go fast down the first straight, but because we love to ride.

The BMX RHYTHM ROCKS dice set allows you to dial in your track skills that will let you have more fun on the bike, push your limits, help you accomplish goals, and ultimately, win races!

So whether you’re the weekend enthusiast or the diehard title contender, grab a set of BMX RHYTHM ROCKS and take your racing/riding to the next level!

BMX RHYTHM ROCKS are sold for $10 and can be purchased directly from Josh Smith in person (USA BMX Grands as well!), or through mail-order by sending $13 ($10 + $3 shipping) via PAYPAL to Make sure to include your address in the details section when ordering!

Check out this promo video to get an inside look at what BMX RHYTHM ROCKS are all about!


Josh Smith ..... Email:




BMX Racing News - Tuesday/Wednesday - November 3/4, 2015

BMX Pro Podcast With Maris Strombergs
Check out the BMX Pro Podcast Show – episode 3 with Podcast Host, Dale Holmes, Dr. Jason Richardson and guest, Two Time Olympic BMX Champion, Maris Strombergs.

Join Dale and Dr. J as they check in with 'The Machine' about his BMX History, training concepts, his two Olympic Gold Medals and a lot of other awesome BMX conversation.

Check it out, HERE at!