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archived news / November 2014

BMX Racing News - USA BMX Grands Weekend - November 28-30, 2014

USABMX Grands national Pro Titles!

#1 AA Pro #1 Women Pro #1 Vet Pro
Maris Strombergs Alise Post Javier Colombo

Friday photo gallery posted!

Friday From USA BMX
Race Of Champions
Pro Wins From Willoughby, Post, Pohlkamp & Garcia!
Race Of Champions Photo Gallery To Be Posted, Saturday Morning, Please Check Back!
AA Pro - Sam Willoughby   Women Pro - Alise Post
Vet Pro - Matt Pohlkamp   A Pro - Jared Garcia

Race Of Champions Photo Gallery To Be Posted, Saturday Morning, Please Check Back!





BMX Racing News - Monday/Tuesday - November 24-25, 2014

USABMX has announced the layout of the USA BMX Grands Track and Expo, and it's HUGE! Gnarly beyond belief, the Grands really are a combination of the Olympics of BMX and the biggest BMX Bike Show in the world.

Enlarged Vendor and Pit area.

The track looks AWESOME!!!!!

BMX Mania coverage of the USA BMX Grands begins, Saturday with race reporting and BMX race action photos from Friday's, Race Of Champions, followed by the USA BMX Grands Pro Final on Saturday and the conclusion of USA BMX Grands Amateur racing on Sunday.

Check out for news and pix from the USA BMX Grand Nationals this weekend!!!!! 

DOUBLECROSS Bikes adds Ryan Deroche and Charlie Hunt to the factory team

Doublecross Bikes is psyched to welcome Ryan DeRoche and Charlie Hunt to the factory team for the 2015 season & beyond. Ryan will be repping DC in the 19-27 expert class, while Charlie starts out the year in 28-35....but when CH3 hits the ripe old age of 33 in the spring, he'll be on a mission to rattle the cage in the Vet Pro class.

These guys are no strangers to the program as they are now reunited with previous team manager, Doran Bradshaw, who had this to say about the latest roster moves; “I couldn’t be any happier with having Ryan & Charlie back in the pits with us!  These two rippers along with the addition of Kelsey Van Ogle and Peter Choat are definite steps in the right direction to becoming a top contender in the factory team title chase next season.“

Ryan will be teaming up with Kenneth Gustafson in 2015 for their DoubleCross-country tour, where they will host clinics to pass on the knowledge that has helped them get to the top of their class.  Be sure to stop by the pits at Grands for more info on the clinics & to check out top of the line products from Doublecross Bikes and our amazing sponsors!

We would like to thank our sponsors who help keep our factory team going fast & looking fresh!  FLY Racing (, Dan’s Comp (, Onyx Racing Products (, Arisun Tire, Alienation BMX (, Lake Cycling Shoes (

Marc Willers and Box Components are auctioning off Marc's bike to help raise money to fight cancer. Check out YOUR chance to win one of the RADDEST bikes on the planet and help fight cancer at the same time!

This is auction is to raise money for the cancer charity Stand Up To Cancer. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to Stand Up To Cancer. To learn more about the organization, go to: The bike is being auctioned in as-is condition. It is a TRUE professional BMX Racer's bike, and it shows it.

It has traveled from California to Switzerland, to the Netherlands, back to California, then to South Carolina and back to California. All the riding and travel has taken its toll on the bike. But that's what makes it cool. CGI will cover 100% of the shipping in the Continental US. CGI will cover up to US$199.00 of the shipping to International buyers. International buyers will be responsible for the balance over US $199.00. This balance must be paid before CGI will ship the bike. If the winner is at the USA BMX Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nov. 29, pick-up also will be an option, but winner must show proof of purchase, ID, etc.

The bike is nearly 100% as Marc Willers used it in training at the UCI Training Center in Aigle, Switzerland, before the 2014 World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands and at the Worlds. At Worlds Marc had a rough go of things and crashed out early. Unusual for him, since he's been in more World Championship Mains than most of the current crop of pro racers, including a silver medal last year and bronze in 2011. Marc returned to the US and rode the bike in training, including training at Rock Hill, SC, the week before the GSX UCI BMXSX Final in Chula Vista, where he switched to a new bike.

Unfortunately, during the flight from South Carolina to California, the wheels were badly damaged. They have replaced the wheels with new ones. The bike features a custom paint job done by DK Bicycles for this bike. DK painted the frame using House of Colors paint at its own in-house paint facility. In spots where the paint has been chipped, you can see the original Flo Yellow paint underneath. This is a true one-of-a-kind frame.

The bike is equipped with a full compliment of BOX and Promax components, all the same as what Marc rides on a daily basis. Photos show the bike as it was when build new. Photos of bike in it's current condition will be posted soon. CGI reserves the right to change the bike and its spec as needed.

Here's the parts breakdown: Frame: 2014, XXXL, DK Professional V2 with PF30 BB Shell, Custom Painted Orange Forks: BOX X2, Carbon Fiber Headset: Promax IG-45, Integrated Stem: BOX Delta, 53mm, LTD Fuchsia Stem Lock: Promax ST-1 Bars: BOX Maximus, Black, 8.5” Rise Grips: BOX Hex by ODI with Custom Orange Lock Rings and BOX Genius Left Clamp Seatclamp: BOX Helix QR, LTD Fuchsia Seatpost: BOX Echelon Carbon Saddle: BOX Echelon Carbon Brakes: BOX Eclipse Linear Pull Brake Arms and X-Ray Pads with BOX Genius Lever, all in LTD Fuchsia Cranks: BOX Vector, 180 Bottom Bracket: BOX Vector PF30 Chainring: BOX Cosine, 44T Chain: KMC Wheels: BOX Focus Front Rim and Focus Rim in LTD Fuchsia, laced to BOX Hollow Hubs (Full Disclosure: Front is not original to his Worlds bike. Original was destroyed by airline in transit.) Freewheel: BOX Buzz, 16T Tyres: Maxxis Torch 20 x 1.75 Front and Rear Pedals: None Number Plate: BOX Phase One used after the World Championships Extras: Marc Willers 777 Custom Cancer-Month Jersey, worn by Marc.

To Bid On Marc's Super Rad Cancer Bustin' Bike, CLICK HERE!

This Auction Is BMX Mania Approved!

MIAMISBURG, OHIO - MotoUp Enterprises announced today that it has signed former Dingo Pro, Josh Fiegly for the 2015 season.

Josh, an Ohio native, was a runner up to Rookie Pro of The Year in 2001 when he was tearing up tracks for Dingo Bikes.

Now 28, Josh has been seen on the tracks on an off the last couple years and has decided it is time to MotoUp and show he still has what it takes to win. MotoUp head guy, Chris Morgan spoke of Fiegly. “I have been around the sport a very long time, and know natural riding ability when I see it, and Josh Fiegly is one of those riders.”

“Josh has a love of the sport and the BMX tattoo is hard to wash off as many of us old schoolers can attest to, and we are stoked to have him” added Morgan.

Fiegly will join the ranks of the rebuilding MotoUp team led by Shawn McGovern. Also on the roster with Fiegly is Phillip Wynne, Paul Rinehart, and Alexus Rinehart.





BMX Racing News - Friday - November 21, 2014

2014 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp - Full Event Report

Bethlehem, PA - The TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp was held Sunday, October 5th, at the TRA backyard compound near Bethlehem, PA.  Twenty seven riders from around the globe came together for this historic event featuring the return of bicycle motocross racing in its purest form – straight from the trails and fun for all.  With top AA pro racers, X Games Gold Medalists, NORA cup legends, street riders, dirt jumpers, park riders, and plenty of core trail riders in attendance, the event was a melting pot of all riding disciplines that left everyone smiling and psyched for the future.   Event promoter and TRA founder, Mike Gentilcore explained:   “This event brought the riders, media, and industry together to celebrate all things BMX.  Together, we accomplished the goal of showing the world that BMX racing is alive and well, bringing it back home to all other forms of riding in the sport.”

The Event: The TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump comp is a pro-invitational backyard event with a worldwide reach.  The event served as an industry collaboration to show what is possible for the future of dirt comps and BMX racing and was made possible with donations from Dan’s Comp, S&M, FIT, Odyssey, United, Empire, Doublecross Bikes, Hyper, SNAFU, Soilworks, Blackman’s Cycle, Axlerad Screen Printing, DKOI Bikes, Indust, Action Wheels, Fab Tech Welding and Repair, and STAY STRONG, as well as TRA’s home crew, the riders of Posh and Catty trails.  Coverage of the event was made possible by Red Bull Media House, Transworld Ride BMX, DIG, Elevated Visuals, Sugarcayne, Spintech, and more.

The event featured two contests:  The Double Cross, a head-to-head, full on trails BMX race, and the Dirt Jump Comp, a jump contest with a relaxed vibe and high flying action on the same exact course as the Double Cross.  Riders were free to compete in one or both contests for a shot at $8,000 in cash prizes, with $4,000 on the line for each contest.  But the most important part of the entire event was the vibe and the smiles on the faces of the riders themselves. 

The riders were happy to share how they felt about the event: “I've been to events around the world, large and small, and I've never felt the same vibe that I felt at the TRA event last weekend. Never in my life would I have thought I'd be lining up on a gate next to riders of so many different BMX genres; AA pro racers, dirt jumpers, and street riders alike.  What an event, that can bring together so many amazing bike riders from so many backgrounds. I had a great time and I'll be looking forward to next year’s event!" ..... Chris Doyle, Kink Bikes

“TRA BMX brought things back to the reason most of us started riding which was to get our wheels of the ground and put smiles on our faces.  X Games park gold medalists, Pro dirt jumpers, Street riders, Racers and Backwoods trails legends all came together this weekend to race BMX this past weekend and not one of them left without a smile on their face.” ..... Van Homan, FIT Bikes

“The TRA Double Cross was the best BMX event I have ever been to.  The format was amazing that provided entertaining excitement where anything can and did happen.  From everyone I talked to, I know they feel the same way I do, the TRA Double Cross is a must attend event for all people who love BMX." ..... Jeremy Ball, Deluxe

“I was just welcomed to a completely new exciting format for BMX and I had the time of my life… The only expressions to be seen from the participants, was an overwhelming smile of joy. Anyone could easily see just how much hard work was put into making this extreme one-off course that was a first of its kind.  Immediately BMX Racer's and BMX freestylers began sharing a comradery that our sport has been lacking the past decade.  Here, everyone rode the course together. The TRA race went so smoothly, spectators were fully tuned into the action, and the event amazed everyone with just how first class it became. Looking back over the highlights from my past weekend it amazes me to think this can be a direction the BMX community can leap towards, and truly bring back a passion to the roots of our shared sport, BICYCLE MOTO X.!!! “ ..... Derek Sipkoi, AA Pro, Owner - DKOI Bikes

“Today, BMX is BMX again”. ..... Jason Lonergan,  Posh Local / Dirt Jump Comp Contest Judge

The Course: With an epic course by Dirtsculpt’s Dave King, the creative force behind BMX contests such as ESPN’s X-Games, Red Bull’s Dirt Conquers, and more, the action was all trails with nonstop downhill action.  A motorcycle motocross style gate sent riders off a drop-in platform with a quarter-crank that would propel them through the entire downhill run.   Three bowled sets sent riders over a massive scrub roller and into the first turn shark fin. 

Coming off the shark fin, riders encountered the tilted roof jump, dropping into a large bowl and stepping up onto a left-hand downhill roller berm.  Around the berm, riders picked up speed and bomb-dropped into a gravity chasm 10 ft deep and 43 feet across, blasting them up and over a 30 ft set with a spined-out landing and into a high speed sweeping last turn that sent the riders up over the last set to the finish line.  Designed as a modern, radical departure from conventional BMX racing, the course was also a return to the fundamentals of BMX in that it was all about trail skills.

AA Pro and 2nd place Double Cross finisher, Steven Cisar, commented :  “You wanted to push it a little bit harder, and go a little bit faster, but you really can’t because you need to stay focused on the backsides and make sure you catch those”. 

The course resulted in an entire event of action-packed, start-to-finish battles with plenty of passing and come-from-behind moves.  It also showed that a racetrack and dirt jump course can be designed as one.  Most importantly, it proved that riders from all disciplines and all ages, from AA Pros like Derek Sipkoi to Street legends like Van Homan, and 40-something trail riders to 13-year old young guns like Hyper’s Eddie Rovi, could all compete on the same course in a form of BMX racing that is truly for everyone.

Double Cross: The Double Cross portion of the event featured 26 riders from around the world and represented the most diverse group of riders ever brought together for a BMX race event.  BMX legend Darryl Nau handled the opening ceremonies.  Super stoked and a long time BMX race fan, Darryl electrified  the crowd as the first round qualifiers ran all the contestants against each other in head-to-head, random motos.  The 2nd place finishers from the first round were then run in a second chance qualifier, with sudden-death semis all the way until the main event.  To keep the rider count even, a wildcard draw was possible based on close finishes.  This kept the action full of surprises and full-bore the finish line in every moto.  As the field narrowed to the final 8 riders, run-off motos were run to determine the places of the remaining riders.  While clipless pedals and carbon fiber equipment were strictly prohibited, riders were free to ride brakeless and encouraged to run any color number plate they desired in a nod to both modern times and the classic days of BMX racing.

The 1st round went down with Matt Kelty, Mark Potoczny, Jeremy Kaht,, Evan Eisenhard, Ryan “Z-Man” Zielinski,  Brandon Dosch, Eddie Rovi, Victor Behm, Steven Cisar, Brandon Grimm, Lois Delfino, Jeremy Ball, and Scotty Cranmer all transferring directly to round 2.

The second chance qualifier saw the elimination of a few more great riders, including FIT’s Justin Inman who took advantage of the modernized race rules by racing brakeless, perfectly in control at all times, in a close second to Chris Doyle.  It also saw some wild action from Nicholi Rogatkin as he wowed the crowd with a front flip attempt over the banger set on his way to a 2nd place against east coast  trail staple, Jon Lynn. With Van Homan, Jon Lynn, Alex Anthony, Chris Doyle, Aaron Ross, and Derek Sipkoi now transferring on, the sudden-death semi’s started bombing the hillside.

Round 2 featured some legendary battles including Redline’s Brandon Dosch who just barely edged out a hard-charging Derek Sipkoi.  Victor Behm threw some big style after taking advantage of GHP’s Ryan “Z-Man” Zielinski’s slip on the gate, only to find Z-man right on his tail at the finish.  In one moto, the big set swallowed up Hyper’s Scott Cranmer who had a big lead on Deluxe’s Jeremy Ball after Jeremy cased to a stop.  Having also lost momentum himself, Scott was trying to run and drag his bike over the top of the big set just when Jeremy was able to get back rolling and blast overhead.  But Scott still stole the show by faking a pass-out at the top of the big landing, giving everyone a laugh as he rolled back down into the chasm and Jeremy cruised in for the win.

No round was more surreal than the historic matchup of Kink’s Chris Doyle and FIT ‘s Van Homan.  Spectators and riders alike, including Chris and Van, were captivated with ear to ear smiles as they took in this legendary showdown.  Everyone was overjoyed and in almost complete disbelief that they were about to witness Chris Doyle and Van Homan go head to head in a modern-day, pro BMX race.  The gate dropped and cheers erupted as Chris and Van battled side by side all the way around the entire course.  Pulling away on the bomb drop, Doyle sent a table over the banger set while Van Homan ended up on the ground going for the last turn pass, still smiling ear to ear. The crowd roared knowing they had just witnessed a historic moment in BMX racing history.

Rounds 3 and 4 saw top contenders Steven Cisar, Derek Sipkoi, Brandon Dosch, Matt Kelty, and Victor Behm all transferring closer to the main event.   All the while, the crowd cheered for a hard-charging Chris Doyle who placed 2nd in both rounds but was wildcarded forward by staying on the gas for close seconds. 

In an epic round 4 moto, Doyle was in the lead as Dosch cased to a near stop on the 1st straight.   But Dosch came back with killer scrubs over the roof gap and step up into the roller berm, setting up a pass for the win over the banger set into to the last turn.  The crowd went wild as Doyle charged back hard for a last straight photo-finish at the line.  With Dosch commanding leads like a seasoned AA racer, many thought he was destined for the overall win, but in the semi-final round 5, Dosch went down hard in the last turn leaving him with 4th place and Doyle with the 3rd.  Run-off rounds were then run to determine the 5th through 8th place finishes with S&M’s Evan Eisenhard earning 7th and Deluxe’s Jeremy Ball in 8th.  Meanwhile, current AA Pro, Derek Sipkoi came in 5th by edging out former NBL #1 Pro, Matt Kelty, who took 6th.

Round 5 saw Redline’s Brandon Dosch earn 4th as he went down hard in a close moto against Victor Behm.  With a painfully sprained wrist, it looked for sure that Brandon was done for the day.  Meanwhile, Avent /Bombshell’s Steven Cisar edged out Kink’s Chris Doyle leaving Doyle with a 3rd and a big smile on the podium.

The air was charged as the main event set up in the gate.  Underdog Victor Behm, two-time Red Bull Berm Burners champ, lined up against seasoned AA Pro Steven Cisar, who was a career favorite for many riders in the event.  When the gate dropped everyone was on their feet as Steven and Victor battled head to head down the 1st straight.  With his flamboyant, hard pumping style, Behm whipped a table out of the shark fin that just might have been the key to holding off Cisar who was right on Behm’s tail.  Trying to find a line under Behm, Cisar caught a wheel on the shark fin landing, slowing him just enough to not make the roof jump.  The rest of the run was victory lap for Victor Behm, who blasted big air over the banger and ghost rode the finish line, overcome with joy and blown away that he had just beaten one of his own AA pro racing heroes.

Dirt Jump Comp: With the crowd still hyped up from the Double Cross main event, 13 riders took to the hill to compete in the Dirt Jump Comp.  Each rider took three runs with their best scores counted to determine the top 8 riders.  Posh Trail’s main caretaker and BMX legend, Jason “J-Bone” Lonergan, shared judging duties with Catty Woods favorites Marky “T” Tomasic and Axlerad’s Matt Trieval.  The vibe of the Dirt Jump Comp was fun and free, with the crowd cheering on a diverse group of riders with even more diverse riding styles.

Kink’s Chris Doyle ripped up the course in classic Doyle style with big turndown three’s and three tables inverted for all they were worth.  His third place finish also made him the only rider to podium in both of the Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp.  X Games Park Gold Medalist and Hyper rider, Scott Cranmer, placed a strong second by utilizing the entire downhill course, including tailwhips over the large scrub roller and blasting some of the only tricks of the contest off the roof jump gap.

But the comeback story of the event, after a hard crash in the Double Cross that would have ended any other rider’s day, was a victorious Brandon Dosch.  Tailwhipping onto the roof jump and spinning his Redline with the only 360 of the contest over the bomb drop, Brandon blasted straight into a big double tail whip over the banger set for a well-deserved 1st place finish.  The rest of the field laid down some great moves with Deluxe’s Jeremy Ball showing smooth trail style and big three’s for a solid 4th.

Australian FIT rider Chris Harti blasted big airs for 5th place while Deluxe’s Mark Potoczny threw down with some classic trail style for 6th.  Meanwhile,  Olish Farms rider and Double Cross winner,  Victor Behm showed versatility as both a racer and jumper with a 7th, while 2014 TRA Grindlab Jam Dirt and Park winner, Jordan Prince, blasted big no handers and huge three’s for 8th place with style that had everyone taking note.

The Awards: The day ended with the awards ceremony in which $8,000 in donated cash awards were presented to the top 8 finishers in each event by TRA founder, Mike Gentilcore.   Contest announcer and voice of TRA, Darryl Nau, followed up with some warm words and explained that the event that Mike organized was over 20 years in the making, from the days of the Bethlehem crew BMX racing and long summers at the trails including Black Track, State College, Posh, Nam, and Catty.  There was a feeling of oneness in the air with riders from all disciplines of the sport sharing in a BMX event that was uniquely special and fun for both the riders and spectators alike.

As the sun went down, the session went on to dusk, with BMX legends getting in some final laps on the downhill course and younger riders sessioning the 30,000 sq ft pump track next to it.  With BMXers from all ages and genres of the sport pumped on what they had witnessed, the 2014 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump comp has everyone psyched for the future of BMX dirt events.

2014 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp Results:
Double Cross: Dirt Jump Comp:
1. Victor Behm - $1000 1. Brandon Dosch - $1000
2. Steven Cisar - $850 2. Scott Cranmer - $850
3. Chris Doyle - $700 3. Chris Doyle - $700
4. Brandon Dosch -$550 4. Jeremy Ball - $550
5. Derek Sipkoi - $350 5. Chris Harti - $350
6. Matt Kelty - $250 6. Mark Potoczny - $250
7. Evan Eisenhard - $200 7. Victor Behm - $200
8. Jeremy Ball - $100 8. Jordan Prince- $100


Also check out the Red Bull Media House clips if you hadn’t seen yet:
For additional photo and video coverage of the event from all of our media partners, please check out



BMX Racing News - Monday/Tuesday - November 17-18, 2014

Leading French Graphic & Safety Wear Manufacturer to Showcase at USABMX Grand Nationals
Custom Racing, a leader in the French BMX graphic and safety wear market, will have a canopy in the pit area at the USABMX Grands in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

They would love for you to stop by and check out the possibilities to do some customized BMX jerseys for your team or club, and the good deals for fully customized canopies.

Check out Custom Racing BMX at the USABMX Grands in Tulsa, next week!

Preparations in full swing for the Vans Rebeljam in London
BMX Street elite meet up at the York Hall Leisure Centre on 21/22 November 2014.

London, 14 November 2014. The Vans rebeljam is only a week away and the building crew are finishing up the street obstacles for the last major BMX street event of the year. 66 of the world's best riders will gather on Friday 21 November for a first day of practice. The entire contest will take place on Saturday 22 November and will be streamed live on

When the first images of the course leaked out earlier this week, riders started buzzing. Vans sponsored Dakota Roche (USA) has high expectations of the contest: "I'm expecting insane riding and a good vibe. I saw the course design and it looks amazing, can't wait to ride it with everyone." The course will have multiple lines with many ledges, rails and a Shadow Conspiracy coffin to grind on.

Riders to make an appearance are multiple X-Games and Dew Tour champion Garrett Reynolds (USA), Bruno Hoffmann (GER), 2012 Vans rebeljam street winner Dan Lacey (GBR), Subrosa's Scott Ditchburn (GBR), Ty Morrow (USA) and Kevin Kalkoff (FRA). They'll be competing for a piece of the € 20.000,= prize purse.

For those not being able to make it to the York Hall Leisure centre in London, Red Bull will bring the finals live to your computer screen on Saturday evening. The live broadcast starts at 18:30hr local time. Visit to watch the live feed.

On Friday night at the House Of Vans in London, an exhibition will take place of 21 years worth of photography, art and design from the pages of DIG BMX Magazine. "It’s an international snapshot of core BMX culture since our first issue in 1993, a time when BMX was effectively being re-born wordwide." says Will Smyth, founder of DIG magazine. Photographers and artists/designers include Ricky Adam, Fred Murray, Rob Dolecki, Andrew White, Will Smyth, Luke Godson, Taj Mihelich, Ryan Worcester & many more.

Closing off one of the BMX world's most hotly anticipated events, Red Bull bring a heavy night of Grime and Garage music to the House of Vans on Saturday evening. Doors open at 10pm - 3am. Info on the performers at the official rebeljam after party can be found here: rebeljam-after-party

Updated event info at: ..... Instagram: @rebeljam ..... Twitter: @rebeljam

Media contact: Bart de Jong ..... .....

Strider Announces Daily Bike Giveaway with STRIDER GIVES BACK
Rapid City, SD (October 10, 2014) - Teenagers with huge smiles, parents with tears streaming down their cheeks and spectators clapping and cheering. That is the scene when a person with special needs learns to ride for the very first time on two wheels - on a STRIDER Balance Bike.

Strider Sports is excited to announce a holiday campaign kicking off today: the STRIDER GIVES BACK Promotion. Between October 13th and December 12th, the company has committed to giving away seven balance bikes per day - every day! That is 490 Balance Bikes in the next two months! The application process for a chance to win is extremely simple. Interested families need to go to and complete three simple steps: submit a photo, write a brief story and name the special needs organization to which the applicant belongs.

As the leading manufacturer and marketer of No-Pedal Balance Bikes for people of all ages and all abilities, Strider Sports has been inspiring riding and confidence for over seven years. STRIDER balance bikes are the best option for a person with special needs because they break down the overwhelming task of learning how to ride into a safe and natural progression. Riding a STRIDER is as easy as walking. With feet safely on the ground, a rider is easily able to maneuver and ride the lightweight bikes. Although not originally designed as adaptive bikes, STRIDER bikes have turned individuals with Down syndrome, autism, low muscle tone, poor balance, arthrogryposis, and cerebral palsy into bike riding enthusiasts!




BMX Racing News - weekend update - November 14-16, 2014

BlackCrown BMX
Under New Ownership!

November 13, 2014 (Atlanta, GA) - Award winning lifelong BMX rider Scott "Swanny" Swanson has announced today, that he along with managing business partner and BMX newcomer Tobi Ashworth-Harbas will become the sole managing owners of BlackCrown BMX products. The transfer will take place on December 02, 2014 to allow for Rob McAllister and BlackCrown to conclude their contracts with the current team riders and their amazing sponsors.

About BlackCrown BMX Products - BlackCrown racing products launched in 2000. Current owner Rob McAllister, who is a graphic designer by trade, began making number plates for himself. When friends and teams began requesting him to make plates BlackCrown was born. Over the last five years BlackCrown has strived to produce American made quality products for BMX racers.

A Message From Rob McAllister - After five years of building BlackCrown from the ground up, current owner Rob McAllister has made a strategic decision to transfer ownership and business operations to the Swanson and Asworth-Harbas team. "What started out as me making number plates for friends at the local track has grown quickly into a recognizable brand in BMX racing. I personally feel I have taken the brand as far as I can on my own and couldn't be more proud of that!" says McAllister. “I also look forward to helping Tobi and Scott take BlackCrown products to the next level. I'll be representing BlackCrown as factory team manager and as a factory team racer. I like the enthusiasm I have seen in our discussions and feel like BlackCrown will be in good hands. I want to personally thank everyone who has supported BlackCrown over these past years."

About Scott Swanson - Scott Swanson known as " Swanny" in the BMX community has been an avid participant in the sport of BMX for almost forty years. Swanson began racing at only 8 years old, after his first race, a passion for racing was born that has led to a lifelong involvement in the sport. Scott has won many titles through the years and at the peak of his career proudly earned pro status, and most recently won the Disney Cup.

Outside of BMX, Scott is the director of engineering for a large international company and is a proud father of two beautiful daughters who constantly inspire him to have fun and "pay it forward".

About the Transition - The transition of BlackCrown will end the ownership of Rob McAllister, but will begin a new phase for McAllister and the team. Swanson comments that “McAllister has worked hard over the years to get BlackCrown where they are today. He has done an excellent job building the factory team and his hard work has not gone unnoticed. The factory team has gained momentum and with McAllister’s expertise and our new mission and group of talented individuals we expect the BlackCrown brand and Factory Team to excel.” Swanson and his partners plan to build on the strong foundation that McAllister has built with the hopes to expand the brand nationwide while maintaining the strength and momentum of the factory team.

2015 and Beyond - 2015 will be an exciting year for the BlackCrown brand. We have begun to assemble a talented team of individuals who are excited to expand the BlackCrown brand and really focus on the needs of the BMX community. " Our plan is to expand the BlackCrown product line to be extremely inclusive with a focus on serving BMX racers and their families" says Tobi Ashworth-Harbas.

This expansion is set to include new sizes and options to the already excellent Throne racing frame as well as building our apparel and accessory line to include products for female and "peewee" racers. This is an exciting time for the entire BlackCrown family and we invite you to join us on our journey! We have many exciting announcements and opportunities coming your way!




BMX Racing News - Wednesday - November 12, 2014

Wild Pump Track Event In Holland with Twan Van Gendt & Joost Wichman

Joost Wichman & Twan van Gendt invite you to: THE SEASON AFTERPARTY PUMPTRACK RACE!

Pump track racing during the night, in the middle of a night club. Party and the race are open for everybody older than 16 years old.

REGISTRATION PUMP BATTLE SERIES: Open for everybody older then 16 (max 100 riders) Online pre registration €10,00 at On site Registration €12,50 (when not full max 100) from 16:00 till 18:00.

COURSE PRACTICE/TRAINING: from 17:00 till 19:00
QUALIFICATION: from 19:30 - 20:30 ... Qualification will be by time trial format
DOORS OPEN PARTY PEOPLE - Doors open: 22:00
PUMP BATTLE SERIES - KNOCK OUT FINALS ... from 23:45 till 01:00 ... 32 fastest ... qualifiers will go head to head ... Pursuit knock-out system
DANCE PARTY: 22:00 till ?? During and after Pump Battle Races ... DJ Hrusha + Drummer from CZ ... showgirls

LOCATION: Club: City Lido - Kerkstraat 6 - Groenlo (CLUB OPENS AT 22:00)
This event is supported by: Radon Bikes ... MAGURA Passion People ... ... Thirty7even
 clothing ... Bikeparkitect/ ICYCLE pumptracks ... City Lido Dancing ... SR Suntour Inc. Suspension ... ... Wood15 indoor bikepark ... Rensing Bouw ... Bensink Bmx Gates ... John Theissen Tweewielers ... RIDE 100%

One of the wildest races in BMX Racing history. Fast BMXers, awesome Club Atmosphere, Big Prizes all hosted by Twan Van Gendt and Joost Wichman, what more can you ask? Dutch BMX Insanity.....Check it out here!!!!!

Teaser Pump Battle Series - 22 November 2014 Club Edition

from Pump Battle Events on Vimeo.

BMX Job opportunities: The boy Scouts Are Looking For BMX Race Specialists!

The Boy Scouts of America are looking for BMX racers and former BMX racers to help build up their BMX race summer program. Last year, BMX was a difficult area to staff for and they are trying to get ahead of the game by getting word out early. Their BMX program encompasses racing, dirt jump and park riding, but leans heavily on the racing aspects.

They are especially looking for a solid BMX manager (at least 21 years old) with a background in racing who will bring a real passion for the sport. More info can be found at their website here: We have a large facility with multiple race tracks, beginner tracks, training areas, dirt jumps and two skateparks.

Below, are quick summaries of the BMX positions they’re hiring for this summer. They are very interested in talking with any qualified individuals.

Employment information is here:


BMX MANAGER* – Supervises all activities at The Trax and the Summit Center BMX Venue, including operations, staffing, equipment maintenance and safety. This position requires a passion for BMX, a desire to coach BMX and the ability to develop training programs. BMX racing experience desired. Supervisory experience helpful.

BMX ASSISTANT MANAGER – Assists the BMX Manager in supervising all activities at The Trax and the Summit Center BMX Venue, including operations, staffing, equipment maintenance and safety. BMX racing experience desired. Supervisory experience helpful.

BMX INSTRUCTOR -- Teach participants how to ride a BMX bike and help to navigate the various BMX tracks at the Summit. Staff will also help to maintain the course, gear and bikes.






BMX Racing News - Monday - November 10, 2014

Extreme BMX Factory Team Highlights Canadian Grands 2014

For more information on BMX Canada, please visit:

Video by Match Strike Digital Media:
Camera Credits. Gordon More, Jon Ross (Heliwood Media) and Alisha Langner.
Editing by Gordon More
Drone footage by Jon Ross

Official Video:







BMX Racing News - Thursday/Friday - November 6/7, 2014

Crupi BMX, Makin' Things Fun At The USABMX Grands!
With the 2014 Grand Nationals coming up the BMX guru's have been trying to come up with something cool to do at the Greatest Race On Earth / USABMX Grands.

Check out the two new notes above, one being the Crupi Swag Bag that they are doing with an awesome new Crupi beanie and more prizes inside, and the other being the other cool contests that they will be holding during the event.

Crupi BMX, making BMX Happen!





BMX Racing News - Monday/Tuesday - November 3&4, 2014

BMX PRO FOR A WEEK from Dale Holmes Racing

BMX PRO FOR A WEEK from Dale Holmes Racing on Vimeo.

Check out the Super Kool Video from Dale Holmes Racing! Dale, Cristian Becerine, Anthony Dean and "Dr. J" Jason Richardson are "Workn IT" with "New To BMX Riders" at the USABMX Chula Vista track.

The "BMX Pro for a Week" summer camp program is run in cooperation with the YMCA of San Diego County and the Chase/Stay Strong/DHR Team.

They are takin' BMX never be's to BMX Wanna Be Pros in a short week at the DHR, bMX Pro For A Week program.....One of the best Intro To BMX deals out there!

Thanks to Barona Resort & Casino for their continued and increased support allowing for an expansion of our Ride to End Obesity Program into San Diego Unified School District through an after school partnership with the YMCA of San Diego. 2015 is looking very positive and we remain excited to grow every facet of our team.

Plus, the video is a Corinne Walder Production, and she's The Best!!!!!


The DHR team recently got back from a successful week down in Florida.

We started the week with a clinic tour hitting numerous tracks with our first stop in Miami. We worked our way up to Orlando with a stop over in West Palm Beach along the way. It was great to branch out on our grass roots program and to make it to the East Coast and have the opportunity to both meet and ride with lots of new folks from beginners right up to a lot of older riders make a reentry into the sport with their kids.

We’ve built some great relationships with riders and families and are already making another trip back next year and adding more stops to our clinic tour. Big thanks to Miami BMX, Okeeheelee and Orlando BMX for the warm welcome. And, also a special thanks to Terry Smith and his family for their hospitality and for helping us organize the Miami clinic on the first leg of our tour.

The week of clinics were a lead into the USA BMX Disney Cup – a three day National in Kissimmee.

As the team prepared for the weekend race festivities, we were all welcomed at our good friend Craig Holland’s vacation rental property where the entire Chase team posted up for the remainder of the week. Special thanks to Craig for taking good care of us.

Our Vet Pro, Cristian Becerine, continued a great year by hitting the podium all three days – with two 1st place showings and a 2nd – giving him the Overall Disney Cup Win.

Anthony Dean, our Elite Rider, was back on his bike for the first time since his crash in Chula Vista last month. But despite a few aches and pains and swollen knee, Anthony had a solid weekend against the World’s best – making the main events all three days and finished the weekend off on a great note with a 3rd place on the podium on Sunday.

The team now has a few weeks off before we head out to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the Grand Nationals to wrap up an already successful year.




BMX Racing News - Weekend update - November 1&2, 2014

with daily bike giveaway
Teenagers with huge smiles, parents with tears streaming down their cheeks and spectators clapping and cheering. That is the scene when a person with special needs learns to ride for the very first time on two wheels – on a STRIDER Balance Bike.

Strider Sports is excited to announce a holiday campaign kicking off today: the STRIDER GIVES BACK Promotion. Between October 13th and December 12th, the company has committed to giving away seven balance bikes per day – every day! That is 490 Balance Bikes in the next two months!

As the leading manufacturer and marketer of No-Pedal Balance Bikes for people of all ages and all abilities, Strider Sports has been inspiring riding and confidence for over seven years. STRIDER balance bikes are the best option for a person with special needs because they break down the overwhelming task of learning how to ride into a safe and natural progression. Riding a STRIDER is as easy as walking. With feet safely on the ground, a rider is easily able to maneuver and ride the lightweight bikes. Although not originally designed as adaptive bikes, STRIDER bikes have turned individuals with Down syndrome, autism, low muscle tone, poor balance, arthrogryposis, and cerebral palsy into bike riding enthusiasts!


This holiday season, through our Strider Rider Fund, we are giving away 7 BIKES A DAY, EVERY DAY to members of the special needs community.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to experience life on two wheels. Although the STRIDER was not originally designed as an adaptive needs bike, it has proven to be the perfect bike for people with special needs. We have received countless success stories from parents around the world.

To learn more about how the use of a STRIDER bike promotes a natural, safe method to learn to balance and ride please visit our SPECIAL NEEDS PAGE.

If someone you know could benefit by this program, please share this flyer.

If you would like to participate in the program, please visit the Special Needs Page at

Winning bikes for you and your organization is as easy as 1... 2... 3!

  1. Submit a photo of your family member with special needs.
  2. Tell us their story for a chance to win their very own STRIDER Bike!
  3. Include the name of a Special Needs Organization to which he or she belongs, and we will send them 6 bikes for their use.