BMX Mania Mini Interview With Global SX Events, Inc. Leaders


BMX Mania ... Johan, you have been involved with the UCI BMX Supercross concept since its inception in 2002. What is your involvement with Global SX Events, Inc?

Johan ... From January 1st, 2011 I will be employed by GSX and will be the CEO of the company.

BMX Mania ... Will you still be the Man In Charge at the BMX SX races?

Johan ... Very much so. Gary ... Yes, and he is responsible for assembling his team, which likely will be the same team he uses now. Johan ... That's right, our intention is to keep the same SX staff/team.

BMX Mania ... Gary, since you are the CEO of the NBL, is there an affiliation between the National Bicycle League and the SX races?

Gary ... Global SX Events, Inc. is a subsidiary of the NBL, and the NBL is the majority owner, but not the sole owner of GSX.

BMX Mania ... Will Global SX Events be responsible in any manner for the NBL Nations Tour events?

Gary ... Yes, just like UCI did with the World Cup, the NBL has partnered with GSX to manage and promote its Elite program.

BMX Mania ... How long is the agreement with the UCI and Global SX Events?

Johan ... Until 2016.  Gary ... Yes, through to the Rio Olympics.

BMX Mania ... What major changes do you see happening to the SX Events?

Gary ... BMX is an emerging sport- though for those close to it it may seem mature, it is still in a very early growth stage as professional sports go. Our goal is to nurture the emergence of the sport- to raise the level of professional BMX racing to the level of other top-tier sports, and the professional program is key to driving that initiative.  Look to see more exposure, marketing and promotion, and overall a better experience for the athletes. Our goal is to treat these events and the athletes like the world-class professionals they are and to expand the overall interest and participation.

Johan ... More sponsors, more TV, more prize money, better badder events. It’s time to take the training wheels off for BMX!

BMX Mania ... What happened to the June UCI SX event listed on the UCI BMX schedule and why is the September event still a To Be Announced?

Gary ... That is a question better directed to the UCI BMX Commission, as they are responsible for the Calendar.  Johan ... Just a “political” delay. Will be announced within 10 days.

BMX Mania ... Will Global SX have any affiliation with the UCI BMX World Championships?

Gary ... We will be responsible for the track build only- EliteTrax is a subsidiary of GSX Events, and will be responsible for these builds as well as the World Cups, the Youth Games, and the Olympic builds.  Johan ... Right, we'll only be “renting out” qualified staff.

BMX Mania ... Will you be in charge of the UCI BMX World Championships?

Johan ... I will still act as the Technical Delegate for the World Championships and Olympic Games.

BMX Mania ... Is there any other comment that you’d like to make regarding this historic transition?

Gary ... Just that the goal here, while seemingly focused on Pros, is really to support the amateurs. The structure of this organization is set such that the NBL is at the top of the food chain. Unlike other professional sports where amateur programs are not only unlinked, they are far down the food chain, this model is such that the more the Elite program grows, the more the amateur program will grow with it, and that is something I am truly excited about- it's a model that could be extended to other emerging sports as well.