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archived news / March 2013

BMX Racing news - Weekend Update - March 31, 2013

UCI Manchester SX Open 2013
BMX Video By Corinne Walder

Cool video from BMX media star, Corinne Walder and British Cycling getting everybody all psyched for the upcoming UCI BMX Supercross race, featuring Interviews, race footage, and details about the race.

It's only three weeks until the UCI BMX Supercross season gets under way in Manchester, England; April 18-20, 2013. The "Best Of The Best" in BMX will be making their way to the British Cycling National Cycling Centre for the first round of the 2013 UCI BMX SX series.

The opening race will be a groundbreaking race as it will be the first ever in one of the finest BMX facilities in the world. With a dedicated BMX SX track, AND a world class amateur start hill and course, the indoor will set the course for BMX rider development for years to come.

The National Cycling Centre was Britain’s first indoor Olympic cycling track, and since it opened in 1994, has become one of the World’s finest and fastest board tracks.

In 2011 the National Cycling Centre was significantly expanded with the launch of the new £19M indoor BMX track. Together with new, purpose built offices for British Cycling, the governing body for cycling in Britain, this development further consolidates Manchester’s status as the centre of cycling in the UK.

Track Photo - British Cycling

UCI Manchester SX Open 2013 from Corinne Walder on Vimeo.




BMX Racing news - Thursday/Friday - March 28-29, 2013

J&R BMX Superstore says farewell to Geof Ssengoba

Following a great ten year run as one of J&R’s most loved staffers, Geoff Ssengoba punched the time clock one last time and rode off into the sunset to pursue the development of his own business as well as to focus more attention towards developing The Burg Cycling Complex here in St. Petersburg.

Having started racing BMX when he was sixteen years old, Geof is one of the better known veterans within the BMX Industry. During his racing career Geof won multiple state titles in both Michigan and Florida as well as earning the NBL #8 in AA Pro one year. In addition to racing in the afore-mentioned states, he has also spent extended periods racing the regional scenes in Colorado and California.

He is one of the lucky ones who has been able to transform their passion, in Geof’s case BMX racing, into a business and career. Prior to J&R Geof started his own BMX brand called 24se7en BMX which has endured the test of time as a BMX frame and parts brand. He is also quietly proud to have played a small part in helping the old Answer BMX become the new Answer BMX. And Geof has always been deeply involved with training and developing riders having been an instrumental part of the re-launch of Camp Woodward’s BMX racing program back in the early 2000’s. Finally, Geof takes great pride in his involvement with the 2008 US Olympic Team where 3 of our 4 riders used his Quick-snap starting gates for training.

During his time at J&R BMX Superstore, Geof wore many hats including wheel builder, event vending, showroom sales and expert wrench. He is quick to remind people of the earlier days of traveling from race to race in a small truck and the various perils and adventures that went along with being involved with a young company. And while things have changed a lot over the years, Geof is thankful to the Morrisons for giving him the opportunity to deal with the public and to learn and refine much of what he knows about BMX.

As for the future, Geof has two significant projects queued up for himself. One is The Burg Cycling Complex in St. Petersburg. Working with local groups, the vision for this multi-use bicycle facility is to further develop the current BMX race track to assist in the growth and development of the local racing scene. Additionally, a ‘flow-park’ consisting of jumps, berms and other trails is being developed to serve the BMX freestyle community as well as mountain bike dirt-jump and four-cross riders. Finally for road riders, a cyclo-cross course is envisioned to be used to hold ‘cross’ races and training sessions.

But the most important project for Geof is to refocus his efforts on the 24se7en BMX business in order to grow it to a more sustainable volume. With a dedication to high quality and unique design, there seems to be a place for products like these in the market. Having been a resident of Swaziland in Africa as well as residing in the UK for a brief period, Geof is a world traveler and he has plans to ‘hit the road’ both in the US and abroad in order to spread the word and as he puts it ‘build the family’. Be looking for him at a race near you real soon!

All of us at J&R thank Geof for his years of dedicated service and wish him all the best with his ventures. Geoff can be reached at

Dream Sponsors of the BMX Pros with 'BMX Social'

Brian Fell, along with sponsors, MCS & Profile Racing has checked in with a cool feature called BMX Social.

BMX Social looks to be a regular get together with BMX Pro racers from around the BMX Circuit, to find out what they're thinking, who they are and what they're up to.

Sweet idea.....definitely, "BMX Mania Approved". Check it out. Learn from some of the raddest of the rad. Who'd they LOVE to be sponsored by......IF ONLY.

Our Favorite? Wal Mart! Guess Who? He had the Quote Of The Show....."They have everything. If you were sponsored by Wal Mart you could get anything!" Smart Guy!

Video Production by BMX Mania Team Member, Brett Rohlfing! The guy's good!

BMX Social ..... • FACEBOOK _ /BMXSocialNetwork  • TWITTER _ @BMXSocial

• INSTAGRAM _ BMXSocial  • YOUTUBE _ BMXSocial  • VIMEO _ bmxsocial


Thirty...what? THIRTY7EVEN!! Your new and fresh lifestyle clothing brand

Thirty7even official clothing partner of the Specialized Sram Enduro Series

THIRTY7EVEN may be a relatively new name in the field of sports and leisure clothing, but the brand is thinking big. This year they are the official clothing partner of the Specialized Sram Enduro Series, the MDC 4X series and the Rose Vaujany Mountainbike Team.

The success of THIRTY7EVEN has much to do with the recognizable, cool designs, but also with the fact that it's clothing made for bikers by bikers. Petrik Brückner and 3 times World Cup winner Joost Wichman (riding with number 37) are the men behind the brand. The idea is to create clothing which can be worn on and of the tracks & trails.

The cooperation with the Specialized Sram Enduro Series, the MDC 4X series and the Rose Vaujany Gravity Team says a lot. Wichman and Brückner choose consciously to support the action sport scene. This is one of the reason they established the "THIRTY7EVEN Young Stars Team" for bike talents up to 14 years.

The fashionable and original clothing of THIRTY7EVEN perfectly fits a thrill-seeking lifestyle. Check out the new collection at and order safe and simple online. Free shipping in Europe.




BMX Racing news - Wednesday - March 27, 2013

New Video Edit From Shanaze Reade & Bluegrass Helmets!

Check out the new video edit featuring Bluegrass Factory Team member and Three-time BMX world champion Shanaze Reade.

This video was filmed in Saint-Etienne, France during the "Trophée des Nations" International BMX event where Shanaze completed her first competition since the Olympics.

In this exclusive interview she talks in depth about her relation with the sport of BMX.

Shanaze joined the Bluerass Factory Team three years ago and she is actively taking part in the development of the Bluegrass range of helmets and protective gear since.

It's now showing on Vimeo: click here to go there

Of can check it here, just for BMX Mania fans!

For more from Bluegrass, you can check em out at

FORMULA EUROPE Team.....Ready For a big NEW 2013 race season!

2012 was a very successful year for the Formula Europe BMX Team, with 2 Olympic Contenders, 1 European Challenge Champion and the European Champion in Elite Men.

Thanks to the 2013 support from several top notch companies, Formula Europe is getting ready for another big season. Besides our loyal support from Formula Bicycles,, Answer BMX Parts,, Alienation Rims, Crit Plates and Navada.Net, we have some new brands to support our Team Riders.

Formula Bicycles produces high end BMX Race Frames and is distributed by EuroBmx – Super Smart Racing – and is our main team name sponsor for the next 4 year.  Check for more information.

Answer BMX is 1 of the world’s most valued BMX Products Manufacturers and has added plenty of new products to its 2013 range. Also this year the Answer Dagger is our choice of Fork. Besides that Answer will equip our bikes with the new Pro Cranks and Pro pivotal Seats and Posts. Check for more information.

MGsport is making sure our riders are looking their best on the track in the Black and Yellow Team Gear. Go to to get your BMX and MX Gear in their online shop.

Alienation Rims has been our team’s supplier since the beginning and we are happy they are still on board in 2013 to keep our bikes rollin' smoothly.  Check for their complete product line.

Crit Plates is making sure all our sponsors are visible on the team’s custom number plates. If you want your own custom Crit plate, visit and let Mike design you a masterpiece.

Navada.Net is our web page sponsor. The Formula Europe Team web page is powered by www.Navada.Net. They also provide our Team with the sweetest race action pix. See for more information about the company.

True Precision Components, producer of the famous Stealth Hubs, will equip the Formula Europe Team Bikes in 2013 with their state of the art instant engagement hub sets. “Stealth Hubs is proud to be the hub supplier of the Formula Europe team. We are excited to continue to supply hubs to Edzus, who has already been very successful on Stealth hubs, and the rest of the team.” Check for more information.

Maxxis Tubes and Tires, known and trusted by billions of customers around the world, will provide high-quality products to give our riders extra grip when shredding tracks all around the globe. Check for more information.

C-Bear is a big (becoming an up and coming) name in the Road Cycling, Cyclocross and MTB world, and they have already equipped many great champions including Belisol Lotto Team. C-bear has been an official sponsor of the Lotto Road Cycling Team since 2009. In 2013, they will expand their specialty into the field of BMX. C-Bear will equip the Formula Team Bikes with ceramic bearings to make them run even smoother and give an advantage to our riders. Check out

TRP Brakes was founded on the idea of building the highest quality braking systems available in the bicycle industry. TRP Brakes are designed for superior levels of performance and will perfectly fit the 2013 Team Bikes. For more information about the products, see

KMC is providing strong and reliable chains to our BMX athletes. If you’re looking for a reliable, strong, super light, colorful and innovative chain, check to see which chain fits you the best.

Formula Europe is supported by the best BMX Brands in the world: Formula Bicycle Company,, Answer BMX Parts,, C-Bear Ceramic Bearings, Stealth Hubs, Alienation Rims, Crit Plates, KMC Chains, TRP Brakes, Maxxis Tires and Navada.Net.

Red Bull Crashed Ice battle / Ice Skates versus Bike: 1-0

Remember last year? Rose Vaujany rider Joost Wichman threw himself down a Red Bull Crashed Ice track on a bike with 3 other bikers. This year things where a little different.

This year the track was not in the open air, but inside ski hall SnowWorld in Landgraaf, The Netherlands. The track was not wide enough for four crazy bikers, so a new format was needed!

Joost Wichman and Claudio Caulori (team manager Gstaad - Scott Downhill Team and track tester for Red Bull Crashed Ice) came up with a new, unique challenge.

On the first indoor Crashed Ice track ever, Wichman and Caulori raced against each other. But this time they didn't use the same equipment! Caulori went down the track on his Ice skates and Wichman took his Rose fourcross bike.

Who would be faster? The biker or the skater? Wichman and his bike were faster on the straights and obstacles, but Caulori was a lot faster in the turns. Caulori needed a chicane to catch up, but gained just enough advantage to hold Wichman off on the final straight.

During the break, Biketrial artist Rick Koekoek ( got the crowd going wild, by dropping of the roof and landing with his back wheel on a small pole. Amazing bike control!

Later that day, during the spectacular finals of Red Bull Crashed Ice, more than 5,000 raving spectators watched a dual race between GT's own BMX rider Martijn Jaspers and Rose Vaujany's Joost Wichman. Wichman won that race, partly because his competitor went too fast and crashed in the first turn.

Red Bull Crashed Ice showed once again that it is a sport full of adrenaline and excitement. And that it shares common ground with gravity mountain biking. It is likely that the cooperation will continue!

Check out the video and pictures and see for yourself!

Videolink, credits BKN productions:

Red Bull Crashed Ice Photo Gallery

Photos: Red Bull Content Pool & Irmo Keizer





BMX Racing news - Monday - March 25, 2013

10 riders selected to represent USA Cycling at the 2013 UCI BMX World Cup in Manchester

Colorado Springs, Colo. (March 25, 2013) — USA Cycling has announced the 10 riders that will represent the organization in the first round of the 2013 UCI Supercross BMX World Cup in Manchester, England, April 19-20.

After several testing camps, the following riders have been selected as part of the funded team:

  • Connor Fields (Henderson, Nev./BMX Racing Group-Chase Bicycles)
  • Justin Posey (Winston Salem, N.C./Dan’s Competition)
  • Jared Garcia (Victorville, Calif./Supercross Bicycles)
  • Nick Koehler (Tustin, Calif./GT Bicycles)
  • Jordan Miranda (Bakersfield, Calif./GT Bicycles)
  • Lain Van Ogle (Auburn, Wash./Phoenix)
  • Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn./Redline Bicycles)
  • Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif./Haro Bicycles)
  • Felicia Stancil (Lake Villa, Ill./GT Bicycles)
  • Arielle Martin (East Spanaway, Wash./Intense BMX)

"USA Cycling’s goal this coming season is to integrate developing riders with our elite riders so that they can learn both on and off the track what it takes to be a top contender," said Jamie Staff, USA Cycling's high performance director of sprint programs. "We will be chasing the male and female overall world cup titles, as well. We are looking forward to the new season and continuing to develop our future riders."

Other top American riders in attendance will be Nic Long (Lakeside, Calif.) and Corben Sharrah (Tucson, Ariz.), who will be representing Haro Bikes, and 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Donny Robinson (Napa, Calif.) representing SE Racing

Chase BMX race Report/USA BMX Super Nationals At Desoto, Texas

Connor Fields continued his excellent 2013 USA BMX Elite season in Desoto, TX with 2 more podium finishes this past weekend for Chase BMX.

For round #3 of the USA BMX tour headed down to the infamous Desoto, Texas covered arena, where the worlds top pro racers would compete. Despite the rain and cold weather, the Elite Men & Women riders in attendance heated things up with some incredible race action.

On Saturday, Connor looked strong all day during qualifying and made his was thru the semi finals and into the main event. Once things kicked off, it was all all out battle with Connor and Sam Willoughby, with Sam taking the advantage with the overall win after the 3 main events, with Connor finishing 2nd, and USA Olympian David Herman in 3rd.

On Sunday, once again, Connor rode strong all the way to the finals. In the first main event, Connor had a great start, but a bobble down the first straight would put him mid pack going into the first turn. Connor looked for a clear route but instead found grid lock and a 8th place finish in round 1. In the next round he would race from start to finish just along side Sam Willoughby, who won the first 2 main events. Round 3 looked the same with Sam out front, but Connor was looking to end the weekend on a hi note, and did just that as he pulled along side Sam down the 2nd straight and dove to the inside of turn 2 taking the lead and going on to win. Sam would take the overall victory, but the win it the last round put Connor on the podium once again with a 3rd overall. That finish put Connor on the podium at all 6 USA BMX Elite men's main events so far his season!

Connor now gears up for the opening round of the UCI BMX Supercross tour for 2013 in 3 weeks in Manchester, England. Watch all the race action live on starting April 19th for the event in full.

Chase BMX is proud to be supported by our great sponsors: Elevn Racing, Shimano, Excess, Fly Racing, KingStar, ODI, Insight, Tioga, Kicker, and Thomson. Special Thanks to Monster Energy.

About BMX Racing Group

The BMX Racing Group delivers a full range of BMX Racing products, highlighted by the Chase BMX Brand. Other brands of BRG: Elevn Racing, Excess, Insight, and Kingstar. Founded by legendary BMX Pro racer Christophe Leveque and Industry leader Pete Dylewski, BRG has delivered some of the best BMX products for racers over the past 3 years and supports BMX racing on all levels.

For More info on Chase or any of the BRG Brands, please visit

Twitter: @BMXRacingGroup FaceBook:





BMX Racing news - Friday - March 22, 2013

Morphine Makes a Stop at the Gator Nationals

Photos courtesy of Jerry Landrum / and Michelle Boone

The Morphine Crew headed to Oldsmar BMX for the Gator Nationals, one of the first big stops of the race year. Morphine came sporting the new threads and its usual swagger.

A Pro - Olijuwon Davis, started off the weekend racing on Friday night, he made a statement that he came a long way to win. He backed that statement up with a top podium spot to start the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday were hard fought with 20+ riders in the field. O.D. took a 4th on Saturday and narrowly missing the main on Sunday.

Vet Pro - Tim Dinger, came to practice and hang with the family. However with less than a month back on the track after a frustrating year of two broken collar bones and a severe leg injury requiring surgery to repair ligaments that articulate his ankle, Tim could not resist the urge to race.

Saturday started off with an impressive show of his raw talent and desire and he started off in the top three for the first few motos. Round three saw Dinger get the jhole shot on a stacked motto and lead the line-up into the second turn. Tim jumped the triple into the turn and washed out taking a breathtaking face plant into the asphalt knocking himself out cold. However in true dinger fashion, he got up and brushed himself off only losing some skin and a few points off his I.Q.

It was great to see Dinger back and with a new desire and we look forward to him coming back full strength!

19-27X - Brandon Elmore, unfortunately showed up to Oldsmar under the weather. He was able to pull it together on Saturday and in one of the toughest classes took a deuce and a spot on the podium. However, Sunday was rough and Brandon was unable to get himself up and running and pulled out.

Jr. Men / 16X - Noah Reeves, took the first opportunity available to step it up at Oldsmar and jump into the Jr. men class. Noah hit the track on Saturday in class with a great start and a podium stop with a 3rd. Jr. Men came up short with a one point deficient to make the main. Sunday proved to be a flip flop, taking a lane 8 first turn pinch in semi to miss class and taking a lane 8 start in Jr. men to get tangled but come back to a 7th place in Main.

11X - Dylan Shipley, hitting the track for the first time as an 11x was no different and just another day to take care of business. Dylan rode strong all weekend even with a hard digger on Saturday. Taking a solid 5th on Saturday and coming back for more on Sunday with a podium finish of 3rd.

Next stop on the tour – Hometown of a large portion of Morphine Crew – Hotlanta and Powder Springs.

Factory Team Sponsors: HARO BIKES (, Fly Racing (, Alienation (, Hawk Racing (, Rennen (, DNA Energy (, HRP designs (

Free Agent/Rockstar Clinic edit from Freedom Park BMX W/Maris Strombergs, Cristian Becerine & Dale Holmes

Take a trip to join the Free Agent Factory Squad at Socal's, Freedom Park BMX for a taste of the Free Agent Clinic Tour! Tasty Video by Mr. Media, Justin Kosman!

New motocross game created by Olympic BMXer, Arturs Matisons!

A new motocross game - Fearless Wheels - has been created to provide an exciting and fun way to experience the glory of becoming a motocross champion.

To make it more real for the gamers Fearless Wheels has been created by an Olympic athlete – pro BMX rider Arturs Matisons. In this game he has contributed his passion about BMX and dirt bikes, his experience and true emotions of becoming a professional rider. The new game is coming out on March 12, 2013 and will be available for iPhone & iPad in the App Store.

Fearless Wheels is all about the great feeling of riding the dirt bike, overcoming obstacles, never giving up and above all - having fun. The creator is Arturs Matisons, Olympic BMX rider, World and European champion. His achievements in sports are driven by his passion about BMX and dirt bikes. Arturs admits that: “Thanks to my BMX carrier I have earned some good titles, but one of my dreams has always been to become a pro motocross rider”. To fulfill his dream he created motocross game for iPhone & iPad.

The motocross game Fearless Wheels is inspired by professional riders and suited for everyone who likes the feeling of achievement through overcoming obstacles and beating the opponents. Although the game primarily will attract the attention of motocross enthusiasts, the creator of Fearless Wheels promises that everyone will have great fun and emotions when playing this game.

The main character and player of this game is a fearless boy (or girl) who wants to become a motocross superstar. The key features are: racing against 5 opponents, 40 tracks - each with unique design, bike upgrades and 13 hilarious characters! The journey starts somewhere in the countryside in local championship and finished in the in the spotlights of arena.

The game is available for iPhone and iPad in the Apple App Store from March 12, 2013. The price of Fearless Wheels is be $0.99.

Fearless Wheels Screen Shots!





BMX Racing news - Friday - March 22, 2013

Clayborn /
 HRP designs/
USABMX Oldsmar
Factory Team
Race Report

The 2013 season officially kicked off for the new look Clayborn/HRPdesigns/Fastenal Factory Team at the Gator Nationals.

After a short hiatus, Clayborn Bicycles is back on the national scene and has combined forces with the ever evolving HRPdesigns Number Plate Factory to create this revamped 2013 team.

Clayborn Bicycles are among the best in the world and carry the made in America badge proudly.

HRPdesigns celebrates its 10th year of continuously providing the world with cutting edge, modern styled, Custom Number Plates.

This race also marks the first official race after inking a deal with our newest sponsor Fastenal, and we are very excited to bring this brand and company to BMX Racing.

Fastenal is the leading industrial supply company in North America with 2,600+ stores and over 10,000 employees.

Start looking around and I bet you will see one of their trucks making a delivery near you.

The Official Roster: Warren Lee 10 Expert & 10 Cruiser / Trevor Harrison 12 expert & 12 Cruiser / Kenny Clay 14 expert / Matt McBride 15 expert & 15 cruiser / Bryce Yeager 16 expert / Kate Moore 17-20 Girls / Jeff Dein 35-40 expert / Thomas Harper 41+expert / Chris Kennedy 41+expert & 41-45 cruiser

Some last minute illnesses kept the full team from attending, however Chris, Kenny, Matt and Bryce represented on track, with Kate in the pits cheering the crew on as she awaits Doctor’s clearance before getting back on track.

All four racers put their Clayborn Bicycles and HRP number plates into the mains. 3 Open mains, 3 Cruiser, and 2 Expert with a (missed the win by a knobby) 2nd place by Chris Kennedy in 41+ expert on Sunday being the best of the weekend.

As always we offer our gratitude to our sponsors for their support and partnership throughout the year.

We are honored to have them on board. Thanks to Chris@Fastenal ( , Ray@ Fly Racing (, Gus@Profile Racing (, Natarsha, Ryan, & John@Answer BMX (, the RBI Group, Wells Acoustic, and Cannon Lawn Care.

Next stop for the Clayborn/HRPdesigns/Fastenal rig will be Powder Springs, GA for the Dixeland Nationals, however don’t be surprised to see several of the team representing at the Super Nationals in Desoto, TX.

All Photos - Stuart Harrison / HRPdesigns

HRPdesigns Number Plates -

Bike Guard Interviews Connor Fields!


A bike projection group called Bike Guard recently headed out to Vegas to check-in with Connor Fields, a Team USA BMX team member, about why he's so passionate about BMX racing and biking in general.

Recently getting podium finishes at the USABMX Winter Nationals & Gator Nationals, the video gives insight about what makes BMX racing so great and why Connor is so passionate about his BMX racing!

Check out the Bike Guard web site here =









BMX Racing news - Weekend Update - March 15-17, 2013

Peninsula Indoor Gets hot new safety gate!

Peninsula Indoor BMX / Port Orchard, WA - We installed a new safety gate at our track.


It is manufactured by RRP out of Marysville, Washington and is owned by former AA pro, Bob Gleyre.


Peninsula Indoor is the first track in the northwest to install a safety gate.


Installation of the gate is pretty straight forward and it is shipped as a complete unit.

Here's the 'well area' that houses the gate when it drops. It's well constructed and smooth as silk! Here's the finished product, dropped in to our track. The install was easy, VERY straightforward!
Our gate has been operating for several weeks now and is functioning very well with great result, we are super psyched to have this new gate from RRP goin' on at our track.

If anyone is interested in a similar gate like ours installed at your track, you can contact Bob via his Facebook page at or you can call him at 425 308 9835.





BMX Racing news - Thursday/Friday - March 14-15, 2013


Lots of BMX Goodness is now posted to the BMX Mania Race Report Page from the USABMX Gator Nationals. Check out the fotos, results and foto report, just click on the speeding Elite Women's main event above! Rock N Rollin' BMX!!!!!

Diamondback BMX Factory Race Team Looks HOT For 2013!
Diamondback BMX has added a couple new faces to the team and will be in full force this race season with a new look and revised frame design.

Nate Berkheimer will be managing the team, competing in the A-Pro ranks while celebrating his 25th year racing.

Alex Anthony is on board as our Elite/AA pro. He has the speed and skills to get on top of the podium. With trails in his backyard and sick style, he fits right in with DB.

Baylie Kortman will be once again representing DB in the elite women’s class. After finishing top 5 overall last season, look for her to be a top competitor in the class.

Chase Sherrington will be taking his Reactor to the top of the 15x class this year. He has what it takes to win, and now with some support to make his name known, he’s an underdog to look out for.

Make sure to stop by the DB pit or catch up with one of the riders to check out the new frames.





BMX Racing news - WEDNESDAY - March 13, 2013


HOT new video from Crupi and we feel it's their best yet! They flew their awesome Factory Team Rider, Collin Hudson down to Crupi Factoryland, hired a talented videographer/photographer to get some white hot BMX racing action video and then had their in house artist edit it!

Collin's one of the Fast Guys in the world of BMX and you can count on hearing plenty from him in the near future of BMX, so check it out, sports fans!

For more from Crupi, check em out at and .








BMX Racing news - Weekend update - March 8-10, 2013





*BIG Apologies to Mariana Pajon. We previously listed another rider as the winner of Saturday's Race. Temporary lapse of clarity on our part!


FRIDAY - Nic Long takes Elite Men's win ... Dominic Daniels wins Elite Women!





BMX Racing news - Monday - March 4, 2013

DK/Australia Factory Team Race Report

DK Factory Team dominates Round 5 & 6 Australian National Series 1st and 2nd March 2013 Canberra.

The Canberra rounds have always been a wet event for the last few years and checking the weather forecast that was going to be the same for rounds 5 & 6 this year also. But we woke up Friday morning to overcast skies and blustery winds which were playing havoc on the tents around the track. The Tuggeranong track committee and volunteers did an exceptional job in getting the track up and running after all the rain they had received and with the event delayed only an hour hats off to the crew.

DK riders in attendance were series leaders Anthony Dean(elite men), Aaron Nottle(junior elite men), Rachel Jones(Junior Elite), Matt White(15 Boys) and then other team riders Luke Madill, Corey Stafford, Blake Moore and Mitch Hoad.


DK Athlete Anthony Dean has been training hard and after winning the last 3 events was it going to be his day to go on to 4 unbeaten rounds in a row. The answer to that was yes indeed but it was not easy for him after sitting back in 2nd after the first corner he made his move down the 4th straight and passed New Zealand  Olympian Kurt Pickard to take the top spot once again. Luke Madill was also looking good on the bike and also made it thru to the main event and when he crossed the line he was in that 3rd spot. DK 1 and 3 in Elite men.

Rachel Jones had the Junior and Elite woman combined due to lack of riders in Elite Woman. Rach was on fire all day taking wins during the moto’s but unfortunately she got squeezed in the main down the first straight and had to settle for 4th place.

In Junior Elite, Aaron Nottle was looking good all day and when the gate dropped in the main event he led from start to finish in impressive form and shows why he is series leader. Blake Moore also made the main after riding well all day and with a great ride finished just of the podium in 4th.

Vet Pro was up next and DK Team Manager, Corey Stafford was on fire during the moto’s but after a bad start in the main he pushed thru down the first straight but clashed with another rider and had a huge crash into turn 1 and finished 8th after dusting himself off.

Matt White was flying during practice and brought that to racing, winning every lap and making it through to the main event in 15 boys. When the gate dropped, Matt was caught wide and was sitting in 5th place out of turn 2 but in an amazing ride fought his way back to cross the line in 1st place.


Once again in Elite Men, DK Athlete Anthony Dean turned up with taking the double win on his mind. Anthony once again cruised through his moto’s and semi, putting himself in the main event. Once the gate dropped, Anthony hit the front and took the win, making it a double for the weekend. Another big weekend for the man from South Australia. Luke Madill also made the main but unfortunately was caught up in a crash and had to settle with 7th.

Rachel Jones turned up Saturday wanting to forget about the main from Saturday and once again showed that she has a bright future in BMX with some great display of skill. After making the main again in Elite Woman as a junior rider she led from start to finish claiming another win in the series and cementing herself as series leader.

Aaron Nottle turned up Saturday with taking the double on his mind and showed some great power and skills to take round 6 and also cementing himself as series leader. Blake Moore is starting to show some form and let’s hope the Australian selectors are watching as he rode well thru moto’s and made the main. When the gate dropped he was 2nd into turn one where he stayed to the finish making it a 1 and 2 finish for DK.

Vet Pro Corey Stafford was riding well and cruised thru moto’s to take a spot in the main event. When the gate dropped he led from start to finish taking his first win of the season but also keeping the crowd entertained with a crash after the finish line.

Matt White (15 boys) was looking good once again and proved what a great future he has in the sport. Matt went on to double for the weekend taking out the final in the 15 boys class and is also the series leader.

Mitch Hoad(14 boys) has been training hard during the break between rounds and was looking great on the bike which led Mitch to make his first final for the series and placing 4th in a incredible ride.

Was a fantastic weekend for the DK factory team winning a lot of the main events and showing why the Green and Black army are a force to be reckoned with.

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BMX Racing news - weekend update - March 1-3, 2013

Longview Garage Launches Team Effort With Loebe, Mojica & Parr!

Longview Garage is excited to announce that Austin Loebe (A Pro), Favio Mojica (A Pro) and Anthony Parr (19-27X) have signed on for the 2013 racing season.

According to Longview Garage Top Dude, KEITH MORENO ..... When I went looking to sponsor riders I wanted people that embodied the current status of Longview Garage: new to the professional industry and passionate to work hard to become a big player in the game. I found this with Austin Loebe and Favio Mojica, two new A Pros who are working hard to climb the Pro ranks. It also doesn’t hurt that they like my designs and are stoked to wear them. Congrats to Austin and Favio for making mains and claiming podiums at USA BMX nationals and SSA Florida Cup Series races.

I signed Anthony Parr because he has been a loyal supporter since day one; greatly appreciate it, all-around great guy and friend to many in the California BMX scene. He will be wearing a custom Longview Garage jersey at the races, that is when he gets back to racing, he took a hard spill last weekend over a turn that lead to a concussion and a busted hand, get well soon Anthony.

In the coming weeks Longview Garage will release a signature shirt for each of the riders, keep look-out for that.

This weekend Austin will be at the USA BMX Pro Series opener in Phoenix and Favio at the Florida State Cup Series Qualifier at The Burg Cycling Complex (formally St. Pete BMX) in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Both will be handing out some free apparel and stickers.

Quotes: Why did you sign with Longview Garage?

Austin: “I liked the designs and I think it will be good for myself and the company when I'm representing a fresh t-shirt/hoodie/hat with unique designs at the races. Longview Garage is looking to grow as a company, and I am looking to grow as a professional athlete, so as a team we can both help each other get that growth.”

Favio: “I am so happy I got a sponsor like Longview Garage, one of my dreams was to be sponsored by a clothing company, Longview Garage has some of the coolest shirts I’ve seen, and I think this year should be a good year with them and hopefully more years to come.”

Anthony: “Because Keith has my back, is a great supporter, great person, and has great clothes.”

About Longview Garage: Longview Garage is a screen printing company based out of Houston, originally started out as a company to handle contract printing, I decided to create some of my own designs that I had floating around in my head. I am expanding the line of designs quarterly; I just came out with two new ones in time for the Pro Series opener and St. Patrick’s Day. For some of my initial designs I am offering you the option to select from 73 different shirt color options, see site for more detail. I will not be at the Pro Series opener because I will be vending at a local state race this weekend but I offer free shipping all the time, you’re just paying for the cost of the shirt so go check it out.

NOTE: For this weekend only, use discount code BMX to get 10% off your order. ..... .....

Olympic Gold Medalist Mariana Pajon joins the Dan’s Comp Race Team!

February 28th, 2013

Technically, Mariana Pajon is rejoining the Dan’s Comp race team, as she rode for an earlier incarnation of our race team several years ago. Mariana has been winning titles since age 5, but she’s all grown up now. At 21, Mariana has come a long way in the time since her days as a pint-sized lap leader, most notably winning the Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympics in London! Welcome to the team, Mariana!

In addition to Mariana, we are also welcoming Colombian National team trainer and racer German Medina to the line up. In addition to training Mariana, German has been working with her new Dan’s Comp team mate Justin Posey. German brings a wealth of racing knowledge and experience to the team and will be a huge benefactor to the squad, as well as lining it up in the cruiser and expert classes!