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archived news / june 2015

BMX Racing News - Tuesday - June 30, 2015

King Of Prague Race Report.....Big Money in the Czech!
1st Liam Phillips (GBR) 1st Elke Van Hoof (BEL)
2nd Kyle Evans (GBR) 2nd Aneta Ladikova (CZE)
3rd Jan Svub (CZE) 3rd Ramona Labounkova (CZE)

In the end of June you had a chance to see a great race in Prague, Czech Republic at the awesome new and upcoming BMX Club, UAMK Bikrosclub Repy where some of the best BMX riders from all over the world competed in the qualification race for UCI points, leading to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016. There's no doubt that you couldn't see anything better than this in the whole of the Czech Republic, maybe in all of Europe.

This race started on Friday 19th of June 2015 with an extraordinary cold training day for the riders. Everything went good though and all riders were really happy with the track in UAMK Bikrosclub Repy, run by former World Class Elite BMXer, Lukas Tamme. Everyone was saying that this track is on the high level.

On Saturday and Sunday there were 291 riders from 14 countries all over the world (England, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Czech Republic. You could see little riders 6 years old, then the youth, elite riders and riders 30+.

From this amount of people there were 89 riders representing the home club of UAMK Bikrosclub Repy! An awesome and growing BMX Club in Europe! In the evening after Friday's training it started to rain and it lasted till the next morning. Fortunately it stopped raining around 7am. We were happy that the track got dry during the training time. There are all categories registered for this race - competitors from 6 years, 7-8 years, 8-9 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 years, 13-14 years, 15-16 years, 17+, Cruiser and the top represent by Junior men, Junior women, ELITE Men and finally, the ELITE Women.

Here we go!!!

On Saturday morning the Kids started to train hard in front of the coaches, the world elite riders and the parents. They fell down sometimes, but showed tremendous spirit when they got up and continue paddling on their bikes! During a qualification race we had to experience a little hurricane so we had to take a break for a few minutes. When the rain stopped, the organizers had to clean the turns to be able to start the race again, but they worked hard, the track surface held up GREAT and we were ready to race, AGAIN.

Step by step we got to the semi-finals even though the weather wasn’t really good. In the Elite semi-finals British rider Liam Phillips finished as the first from the Elite Man category, but the second semi-final saw Kyle Evans taking the semi win. Unfortunately in the semi-final our club riders, Adam Brezina and Matej Chalupny were eliminated. The Rest of the Czech riders didn’t even have enough points for the semi-finals including Tomas Klouda, Jakub Bohuslavek, Tomas Haluza and Radim Sousedik. Too bad for the locals!

Only one Czech rider Jan Svub was strong in competition all day, racing really close with the top Elite mens riders. In the finals he had to fight with the best BMX riders including British Liam Philips, Kyle Evans and Netherland riders  Martijn Jaspers and Jordy van der Heijden, The rest of the main event were Australian Matt Cameron, Germany's Luis Brethauer and the legendary Swiss rider, Yvan Lapraz.

BOOM! Gate goes down, wheels start spinning and everybody flew from the starting hill straight to the first jump. At the first position came Liam Philips closely followed by his teammate Kyle Evans. Unfortunately our rider Jan Svub didn’t have a good start, so he tried hard to get more forward, before British and Dutch men, but not successfully.

results, King of Prague – UCI C1 – Saturday 20/06/2015

ELITE Men:   ELITE Women:
1) Liam Phillips #65 Great Britain   1) Aneta Hladikova #52 TJ BMX Pardubice
2) Kyle Evans #211 Great Britain   2) Elke Vanhoof #91 TVE BMX Team/Belgium
3) Martijn Jaspers #92 TVE BMX Team/Holland   3) Romana Labounkova #27 Bikrosklub Jesenik/CZE
Junior Men:   Junior Women:
1) Liam Webster #109 OTC Brandenburg/Germany   1) Louanne Juillerat #111 Switzerland
2) Nick Geerling #39 Holland   2) Karolina Vranova #22 TJ BMX Pardubice/CZE
3) Daniel Havela #48 BC Benatky/CZE        

Sunday had just begun, and we supposed to make a everything all over again.  At the morning the weather was really nice, sun was shining and the place around the track started to be full of BMX fans. We began the same as Saturday with youngest riders only 6 years old. We enjoyed a perfect race, which was a little bit disturbed by rain.

After rain we begun a semi-final runs. For Czech riders the semi-finals weren't very successful, our riders Marcel Pesek, Jakub Bohuslavek, Stepan Tumpach, Tomas Merta, Radim Sousedik were out of the race, same like Adam Brezina who quit after hard crash. The racing was fast and furious through all the day, and all of us were ready for the final runs.

The Final runs were planned same like Saturday, from youngest riders, through cruisers to Elite Men. Czech rider Jan Švub qualified for the final just after the British riders.  The crowd got quiet, music was turned down and speaker hold his breath. From gate we heard: Riders ready? Watch the gate!!! Red light, green light and gate goes down, crowd start shouting and speaker pushing the riders to the limit.

Liam Phillips had an amazing start nearly followed by Evans, Lapraz and SVUB!!! In the first corner the home rider Jan Švub from Czech was going for the third position, and the crowd was going crazy! The riders used an amazing speed from the first turn to the jump in PRO - section perfectly.

At the rhythm section Czech rider Jan Svub trying as he can to overtake Kyle Evans, but it doesn’t work… Last turn and last few jumps, Czech rider tried from the left, from the right down the last straight but Evans is still leading, so we are in the finish. Phillips got the first place, Evans got the second place, SVUB!!! got third place and Lapraz the fourth….. 

The race was over and we began a final ceremony. Everybody liked the track and they were very surprised how the Czech fans mad for an amazing atmosphere with their BMX Power!!!! After ceremony everybody made a picture with their idols and take an autograph. We would like to thank everybody, riders, fans and organization team for an awesome event. Look for more from our club! 

Results, King of Prague – UCI C1 – sunday 21/06/2015
ELITE Men:   ELITE Women:
1) Liam Phillips #65 Great Britain   1) Elke Van Hoof #91 TVE BMX Team/Belgium
2) Kyle Evans #211 Great Britain   2) Aneta Hladikova #52 TJ BMX Pardubice/CZE
3) Jan Svub #913 Bikrosclub Repy/CZE   3) Romana Labounkova #27 Bikrosklub Jesenik/CZE
Junior Men:   Junior Women:
1) Liam Webster #109 OTC Brandenburg/Germany   1) Louanne Juillerat #111 Switzerland
2) Nick Geerling #39 Holland   2) Karolína Vranova #22 TJ BMX Pardubice/CZE
3) Mikulas Nevrkla #145 TJ BMX Pardubice/CZE        

Check out some of what the Riders from the Elite category had to say about the King Of Prague Race! – Liam Philips, Kyle Evans and Martijn Jaspers had to say about the race and our track!

From World Champion and BMX Olympian, Liam Phillips, "I speak for both myself and Kyle Evans when I say we had a great weekend racing at the King of Prague! The track was a lot of fun and thankfully, the weather was kind to us. We are looking forward to returning to BMX club Repy in the future!" ..... Thanks, Liam!

And, from Martijn Jaspers from The Netherlands, "I’m really happy that I came to Prague for this race. I have three weekends full of races and this one was the second one, so I came to enjoy it for 100%. This was by far the best Czech track and I had a lot of fun here. The track is fast, flowing, entertaining and the asphalt is perfect. I was happy with a good final on Saturday and I got the third place." ..... Thanks, Martijn!

We have to thank very much to our sponsors, and our UAMK Bikrosclub Repy club for organisation of this great event, riders, speakers and mainly our supports who made this amazing atmosphere in Repy!


Event Organizer and Track Operator - Lukas Tamme - Website = - Facebook page =


Awesome BMX Photos by Martin Hůle - Facebook Page: Martin Hůle Sport Foto and Web Page:

Denmark's, Chris Christensen KYLE EVANS IN THE LEAD
Need more hot BMX fotos from the King Of Prague UCI Points Race?
Check out the 163 pix at Martin Hůle Sport Foto Facebook Page!!!!!





BMX Racing News - Thursday - June 25, 2015

Race Fort Wayne BMX and make some money!
Friday night money open at Fort Wayne BMX this Friday the 26th. $10 entry 100% payout.

We'll decide what place we'll pay to depending on the number of entries.

It's also our Olympic Day race so class and cruiser is free.

Bring everyone you know who has ever sat on a BMX bike.

Location: 3715 Sherman Blvd Fort Wayne IN 46808 ..... Track Operator: John Entley ..... Phone: 260-750-9060 ..... Email:






BMX Racing News - Monday - June 22, 2015

Deanna Edwards Jamieson, BMX Hall of Famer, Loses Battle With Cancer
BMX Lady Legend, Deanna Edwards Jamieson passed away Monday after a short but valiant battle with cancer.

Deanna made her mark in BMX in the 80's as one of the fastest of the Fast Ladies on the track, racing at the Factory level for Columbus Schwinn, GT Factory and World Class Racing.

During her BMX racing career, Deanna accomplished more than most riders with multiple ABA and NBL National Championships, a 16 & Over Girls Murray World Cup Championship, an ABA Girls International Super Bowl of BMX Championship, and IBMXF and UCI World Championships!

After such a successful amateur BMX career, Edwards retired from BMX racing 1987 but returned to BMX with a vengeance in 2004, signing on with Supercross BMX and winning both ABA national and UCI world championships.

In October 2014 at the USABMX Hall of Fame Banquet, Deanna was honored with a place in the U.S BMX Hall of Fame as the Women's Racing nominee.

She will be missed by hundreds of BMXers whose lives she touched in her early and later career in BMX racing, as well as her loving family. Prayers and best wishes are extended to the Edwards-Jamieson family from BMX Mania Dot Com.

She will be missed and honored as a true BMXer who made a difference. Deanna Edwards Jamieson, Rest In Peace.




BMX Racing News - Wednesday - June 17, 2015

ANSWER BMX Signs Tory Nyhaug and Re-Introduces the ANSWER BMX Factory Team

ANSWER BMX Products is excited to announce the return of the ANSWER BMX Factory Team highlighted by the signing of Canadian Olympic athlete and World #2 Tory Nyhaug to a multi-year deal. 

BMX historians will remember the ANSWER Factory teams of years past that included rosters of some of racing’s most accomplished amateur, pro, and Olympic racers in history. 

While the purpose of those teams in the past was the pursuit of team trophy titles and team sheets, the newly formed team’s focus is purely on promotion, creating strong brand image, and exposure in a global market.

ANSWER BMX President John Sawyer stated, “I know the history of the Factory Answer teams of the past and the positive image it created for the brand.  While we are fortunate to be currently partnered with the high profile Factory Team’s of George Costa’s ANSWER RENNEN Factory Team and Jim Buchanan’s Ssquared ANSWER Factory Team, we felt it was important to have our own smaller team for promotional purposes with some international flavor.  And having a high profile Elite like Tory Nyhaug as our flagship leader is a no brainer obviously.” 

"Tory, who is just returning to form after a late season injury in 2014 and release from his former sponsor, had this to say about joining his new team, “I’m psyched to be partnering with ANSWER BMX heading into the Olympics.  I’ve used Answer parts since I was a little kid and am excited to ride the 2x Bike of the Year.  I know Birk and everybody at Answer and Ssquared will give me the support I need to be successful.”

The 2015 ANSWER BMX Factory Team Roster consists of:

Tory Nyhaug, Canada, Elite Men

Alfredo Campo, Ecuador, Elite Men

Cole Proctor, USA

Sebastian Velasquez, Columbia

Valentina Velasquez, Columbia

Ronalds Ritins, Latvia

Larry Dardini, USA

Mazin Shehayeb, USA

DJ Foster, USA

Jackson Gentry, USA

Evan Putnam, USA

Rusty Dial, USA

Darin Houston, USA 

The ANSWER BMX Factory will proudly represent Ssquared Bicycles, ANSR race wear, Rennen Designs, Tioga Tires, MJT, and CRIT as team co-sponsors for the 2015 season.

For more information on ANSWER BMX products visit or Answer BMX on Facebook.





BMX Racing News - Monday - June 15, 2015

Hundreds of Sunday Photos Posted on BMX Mania Race Report Page for Great Salt Lake Nationals!

BMX Mania made the trip to the USABMX Great Salt Lake Nationals at Rad Canyon BMX and we wound up the weekend with a MASSIVE posting of hundreds of photos to the Great Salt Lake race report pages

Check em out, hundreds of HOT race action pix!







BMX Racing News - friday - June 12, 2015

SUNDAY UPDATE! ..... All Friday Photos Are Now Posted!

Pump Track Madness In Papendal!!!!!

Pump track Madness during Papendal Bike Event from Pump Battle Events on Vimeo.

The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup at Papendal, Netherlands is one of the BEST races in BMX, AND one of the coolest features that the BMX Holland organizers brings in every year is Joost Wichman (Long time BMXer and World Champion MTB pilot) and his merry band of Pump Track crazies.

This recap of the Pump Battle Series during the Papendal Bike Event is awesome and worth your time to check out.

This video shows the huge fun factor of pumptrack racing. Mountainbikers, BMX racers, freestylers and stuntsteps riders got together for this Pumping madness.

Head to head pumptrack racing at it's best for young and old, pro and amateur. Enjoy this video by Lars Veenstra and start pumping! It's not only fun, it's also a good working out! Cheers

Jerry Mania is on the road to the USABMX Pro Series national at Rad Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah. Check in this weekend for rad pix and what's happening from Rad Canyon!

BMX Mania / Robinson Fitness Clinic At Hire Park BMX!
Come learn from Riders Kyle (NAG #1) and Krystal Robinson (NAG # 5 & 6)! We will be working on basic skills including gate starts, turns, and more!

We hope to see you there!

Cost is $20. A portion of the proceeds will be donated back to Hire Park.

All other proceeds will go towards Kyle Robinson's bid to win the UCI BMX World Championships in July 2015.





BMX Racing News - Thursday/friday - June 4/5, 2015

Dale Holmes Racing Kicks Off Huge Summer Camp Season!

In just a couple weeks time, the Dale Holmes Racing Team will kick off our full-summer of BMX camp sessions through a partnership with the YMCA of San Diego County.

We're excited to be offering the following weeks; June 22-26, July 6-10, July 13-17, July 20-24, July 27-July 31, August 3-7, August 10-14, and August 17-21.

We have expanded our offering to the following YMCA locations; Mission Valley/Toby Wells YMCA, Rancho Family YMCA, Cameron Family YMCA and South Bay YMCA.

We provide the bikes, safety gear, instruction, motivation and giveaways. We even make trips to the local tracks to get the kids geared up for simulated races. Beginners are welcome.

We have enough staff to organize participants by both ability and age to ensure a wonderful time. If you have additional questions, please contact our team assistant at  or you are invited to contact Jennifer Best at the YMCA (619)298-3576.



BMX Racing News - Tuesday - June 2, 2015

At BMX Mania, we feel that Caroline Buchanan is not only one of the greatest Elite Women's BMXers of all time, but she's about as good as it gets when it comes to promoting BMX, her racing career and Elite Women's racing.

You HAVE to check out this BMX Racing documentary (One of the best we've ever seen!) of her 2014 racing season, which saw her go thru the 'Best of Times / Worst of Times' all in one year.

Join her on this incredible journey, as 24 year old Caroline Buchanan embarks on the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series with one goal in mind.

Take a ride with Caroline as she travels around the globe & secures the BMX World Cup Title.

Caroline takes you behind the scenes in this one hour documentary of what its like to be a 5x World Champion action sport female chasing gold.

Check out her track in her backyard, adrenaline junkie down time and unseen footage securing the World Cup title.


SPONSORED BY ■ Subaru Motors Australia ■ Monster Headphones Australia

Follow Caroline at.....

This video is BMX Mania Approved!