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June 2008




Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, June 30, 2008


Check out this You Tube link that takes you to a sneak peak video showcasing the 09 FLY Racing Gear and Helmets.

The vid was filmed during the latest MX photo shoot and features West Coast Lites Champ, Jason Lawrence, Andrew Short, and a few other FLY pro and am MX racers.

It's all moto and is fun to watch.

All the 2009 FLY Race Wear and Helmets are coming soon.

"We expect to have 09 gear available sometime mid-to-late August" said FLY's Terry Basiley, "You should see it on all FLY's BMX pros very soon, including our riders going to the Olympics in China."

In addition to the new gear and helmets there is all new casual wear, luggage, and protective wear. "Almost everything for 09 has been re-vamped and it looks awesome" said Baisley.

You can also expect many new BMX specific items in the coming months as well.

Check out all FLY racing product at or at your local dealer.

Rupe Featured in Master's Cycling Magazine


Eric Rupe, GT's, Vet Pro around BMX has been featured in a national publication for master's level cyclists.


The article that has Big Daddy in it was written about the USA Cycling National Championships at the ABA's Metroplex BMX in Desoto, Texas where Eric won the 45 & Over National Championship.


He also scored a pretty tasty looking cover photo along with several good shots in the body of the article and a good write up on Big Daddy's racing exploits.


Brutha Rupe went on to win the 2008 UCI BMX World Championship in Taiyuan, China to add to a long list of BMX achievements in his 34 years of racing BMX.


Check it out, Eric's article is featured on the magazine's at, along with world famous tennis player, John McEnroe.....Pretty fast company for a BMXer!


GHP Factory race report: The Rock and Atlanta Georgia

With the weather threatening one of the most famous tracks in ABA history a few of the GHP factory riders roles into Rockford Illinois hoping to pull off a full weekend of competition at the ABA Mid West National.

In Vet Pro, newly added factory rider Robert Harris (GHP,Icon,Fly) has been on fire. Harris pulled off a second, behind Chad Street, on Saturday. Sunday Robert continued showing his skills and strength repeating Saturdays finish again in second.

Two of GHP A pros made the trip. Michael Mayhem Larson and Todd "40 on a 20" Parry showed up to brave the weather. Larson made Saturdays main finishing just behind his team mate in 5th place. Todd Perry ran good all weekend with a fourth on Saturday and a sixth on Sunday.

On the Amateur side Ted "Pedro" Brown made the trip down from Wisconsin to battle it out with the 31-35 cruiser and 28-35 experts. Ted ran away with his first win of the season in cruiser
Saturday, beating the likes of Jason Lindsay and Troy Krouse.  Sunday Ted split the two for a second place finish. Racing the 20 Brown rode away with a sixth and a fourth.

The weather held up for some awesome racing as usual at "The Rock" and a big shot out to the all the Rockford crew.

One week later the ABA boys rolled into Atlanta, GA for the Dixieland Nationals.

For this one Robert Harris gathered up Cody Smart (GHP, Fly) and "The Jackal" John Purse. The Boys from Texas rolled in and put down a hurting on the rest of the Vet pro class.  Cody rode to a fifth place on Saturday following it up with a 8th on Sunday.


Robert Harris took his Factory GHP to the mains both days, finishing third on Saturday and a fourth on Sunday.

John The Jackel Purse. All year he's been putting down the power working his way closer to his goal, number one Vet Pro. John has been on the podium in just about every race he's entered. Saturday Purse did what he always comes to do WIN. Taking his first win of the year. John finishes Sunday one spot lower on the podium in second. Congratulations John on your first win of the year.

Robby "The Real Deal" Patterson took a weekend off, skipping Rockford, and heading to Atlanta to continue what he's been doing all year. Racing out front in two of the hardest classes around, 16 expert and 16 cruiser. In the expert ranks Robbie rode to a sixth on Saturday. Sunday he stepped up the deal and finished third. Not having enough riders in 16 cruiser Robbie was bumped up to the 17-20 cruisers both days, and where did he finish, out front both days.

Not to be forgotten, Todd Perry showed up in Atlanta looking to continue putting the hurt on the young guns in A Pro. At the end of last year Todd decided to reclass to A Pro to have some fun and prove to his critics that he could handle the younger riders. So far this year Todd has done just that and much more. On Saturday T.P. put his GHP in third place in A pro and fifth in Pro cruiser.  Sunday Todd went down early in the day but continued to race hard. He took a sixth in A pro and a SECOND in Pro cruiser. That's correct SECOND to number one Pro Cruiser Danny Caluag. As significant as it is to run with the current number one AA pro and Pro Cruiser ,Todd did it with what was later discovered as a broken right wrist. That's correct, he rode the rest of the day with a broken wrist......He's one tough and dedicated racer.

All of us at GHP wish Todd and speedy recovery, and I'm sure the rest of the A pro will be wishing him one as well and thanking him for a break from all the butt whooping.

GHP would like to thank all their sponsors for their support: Attomlab, 4L racing, Rockinrunner designs inc.,BMXMANIA.COM, PeterPaulPics, HPR designs, Troylee designs, Ciari, Swiss American bicycles, SIXSIXONE, FLY racing, and









Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday/Sunday, June 28/29, 2008


SUNDAY UPDATE - rAIN cancels out nbl sTARS & sTRIPES

Complete Official Results available at the BMX Mania Race Report Page

After several rain fronts blew thru Pittsburgh, making the track unsafe for racing, the NBL pulled the plug on the Stars & Stripes National.

Under NBL rules, the points/positions gained yesterday carried over to today, making all of the riders who did great yesterday happy

and making all of the riders who didn't do so well......Not so happy.

Matt Pohlkamp and Justin Posey looked pretty psyched!





Pohlkamp & Hayashi take big Wins At South Park!

Podium Results


Elite Men

Elite Women

1 Matt Pohlkamp

2 Phil Delizia

3 Randy Stumpfhauser

1 Kim Hayashi

2 Stephanie Barragan

3 Madison Pitts

More Official Results And Photos Posted On The BMX Mania Race Report Page!














Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, June 27, 2008





Racing excitement at!


This weekend, Go211 will be airing full coverage of the NBL Stars n Stripes Nationals at 6:00 PM Saturday and Sunday.

This will be coverage taped earlier in the day without interruption, including all events! Go211 will also replay all of Saturday's action on Tuesday, July 1st @ 4:00 PM EST and Sunday's action will be replayed on Wednesday, July 2nd @ 4:00 PM EST. Don't miss out on this NBL BMX Racing event!

Also, full video archives of last weekends events, the NBL Golden State Nationals and the ABA Dixieland Nationals are now available, only at Check it out today!







Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, June 26, 2008




Twas mid-June and the Redline BMX Team split up in three -- with one going to NBL’s Prunedale National in CA, two heading to ABA’s Dixieland Natl in Georgia, while BUBBA HARRIS recoup’ed in Arizona after having seven bone chips removed from his left ankle.

The REDLINE Race Rig, with JASON CARNE$ at the helm and rookie AA-pro DENZEL STEIN riding shotgun, went to Georgia to bump up their points in ABA standings. After having a tough season already, Jason pulled off a third place on day one, and then proceeded to make his seventh winning season in ABA virtually impossible by crashing HARD in the last turn. As if a crushed kidney back in January wasn’t tough enough, he busted up his left wrist pretty bad and popped his right shoulder. As of Tuesday, Jason was released from the hospital and already planning his next road trip to SouthPark.

Meanwhile, the guy who wants your vote this year for “Rookie Pro of the Year” – Denzel, was in the hunt and out front, but only managed a 5th place in AA-pro. After running out of track a coupla times and getting acquainted with some double-A elbows, every race for Denzel is a learning experience. It shouldn’t be long before he takes his first AA win, and put his name in the top-10 of ABA pro standings.

Better news on the Redline trail came from Nor.Cal, as KIM HAYASHI was back in true form and took wins both days. With the Olympic-chase over for her, Lil’ Kim is back to concentrating on a record-making 6th NBL No.1 ... and victory both days in Prunedale helped boost her back within reach of that goal. With 5-in-a-row already an NBL record, Kim plans on inking her name in the BMX history books.


It's been a tough year for TEAM REDLINE with injuries - especially for Carne$, who will no doubt now, will be handing over his No.1 Vet Pro plate (which he's had zip-tied to his bars for the past 6 years) this November. Disappointing - but was bound to happen eventually. Dominating your class for half a decade is not only rare, but pretty dang hard to do. 

REDLINE BICYCLES -  - Proudly sponsored by: SHIMANO components, SUN RIMS, TIOGA tires, KOOL STOP brakeshoes, SKULL CANDY headphones, CANE CREEK headsets, and PRYME safety gear.


Hilliard, OH – NBL Pro Series Checkpoint.  2008 will go down in history as the most exciting year in the history of BMX and while the Olympics continue to elevate the profile of BMX internationally, the NBL Pro Series heads to South Park, PA for the Stars n’ Stripes Nationals in what promises to set the stage for the Grands.  On Labor Day weekend, only 8 days following the sport’s debut at the Olympics, the NBL National Champions will be crowned at the 2008 NBL Grand National of BMX in Louisville, Kentucky. Imagine being surrounded by thousands of fans and racers during the afterglow of the Olympics – This year’s Grands includes Hall of Fame inductions, the UGP Open Championship, and much more. 

With only five more races left in the NBL Pro series, all of the top guns will be heading to the legendary South Park track for the Stars n’ Stripes National,  June 28-29. The classic South Park track has received a complete rebuild and will be better than ever.   

GT’s Randy Stumpfhauser has taken charge of the men’s Elite chase and is the early favorite but two of Free Agents Olympians, Kyle Bennett and Cristian Becerine, are both in hot pursuit.  Race Place BMX’s Stephanie Barragan has dominated the women’s side and has a huge margin over Madison Pitts and Canada’s Danielle Brisson

In Master’s action, Free Agent’s Dale Holmes, leads Trackstar’s Percy Owens and Formula’s Tim Dinger in the Masters chase while Haro’s Logan Collins sits atop the Super-Ex standings ahead of Intense/Phantom Ontrac’s Kris Fox and Race Place BMX’s Warren McDow.  With the NBL Grands only two months away, the NBL Pro Series may be crowning as many as four new Champions.   

Hey, if you can’t attend this year, tune into to view the Webcast and watch as the NBL season unfolds in front of your eyes. Click this link to watch the Stars n’ Stripes Nationals ( and then watch highlights from the Golden State Nationals at Visit the NBL website to see full results and standings. 

The 2008 NBL National Series is proudly sponsored by BAWLS Guarana (, Intense BMX (, Kenda Tires (, Standard Byke Company (, UGP ( Sinz Racing (, THE Industries (, in association with ( and Camp Woodward (

2008 NBL Pro Series – Top 10 after Golden State Nationals

NBL Elite Men

Elite Women



1 Randy Stumpfhauser, CA 144-9 1 Stephanie Barragan, CA 155-7 1 Logan Collins, TN 145-9 1 Dale Holmes, CA 186-8
2 Kyle Bennett, TX 125-5 2 Madison Pitts, FL 92-5 2  Warren McDow, GA 127-10 2 Percy Owens, FL 164-8
3 Cristian Becerine, CA 110-8 3 Danielle Brisson, CAN 82-5 3 Kristopher Fox, CA 117-7 3 Tim Dinger, NC 162-10
4 Donny Robinson, CA 110-7 4  Kim Hayashi, AZ 70-3 4 Matthew Kelty, DE 110-6 4 Tommy Opincar, TN 154-10
5 Jason Richardson, CA 87-9 5 Rachel Smith, OH 55-3 5 Gavin Lubbe, CA 92-5 5 Jason Carnes, TX 138-10
6 Matt Pohlkamp, OH 63-7 6 Alise Post, MN 50-2 6 Tyler Faoro, FL 85-6 6 Kenth Fallen, NM 132-6
7 Ramiro Marino, ARG 54-3 7 Toni Rude, MO 50-3 7 CJ McGuire, FL 82-4 7 Philip Potosnak, PA 122-10
8 Tyler Brown, CA 52-7 8 Amanda Geving, FL 44-2 8 Jason Morris, CA 73-4 8 David Bittner, CA 119-8
9 Mike Brabant, CA 50-4 9 Donna Snow, FL 43-3 9 Travis Ohrazda, CA 66-4 9 Domingos Lammoglia, FL 70-5
10 Joey Bradford, CA 50-4 10 Liz Passwaters, DE 42-2 10 Randall Neave, FL 50-7 10 Eric Rupe, CA 58-8
11 Jason Rogers, TX 48-5                  

bubba harris has successful surgery


Official Supercamp News -


Bubba Harris had surgery last Friday on the foot that he injured in China in August 2007.


He has been suffering a HUGE amount of pain with every step much less pedal he has taken over the last 8 months since he got back on his bike.


Now we know why......Other than the fact that his injury was so very severe that the doctors wanted to amputate his foot in China, the surgeon here at home removed approximately 3" of bone fragments that were inside his ankle joint!


Check out how big some of those pieces are! OUCH!!


He is taking some time out to recover from his surgery and get not only his surgery ankle healed but his newly broken other ankle healed as well all at the same time.


Only true determination, drive, and the love of BMX kept him racing everyday no matter how bad it hurt.


We hope to see him soon back out on the track fully recovered!!




Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, June 25, 2008


KB Doubles In Prunedale!

Above, Redline's, Kim Hayashi and Kovahi Wheels', Madison Pitts.

Free Agent's, Kyle Bennett wins both days at the NBL Golden State National

From left, Jrich, Cushman, Colombo and Willers, at Warp Speed in Prunedale.

Check out the BMX Mania Race Report Page For Complete Results, Race Report And Photo Brilliance from BMX Mania's, Derek Novaes.



Flood Stricken Iowa Track To Re-Open

Racing to re-start mid-July, at Cedar Rapids BMX

Due to the recent flooding all racing at Cedar Park BMX is on hold until mid-July.  We will need lots of help to clean up and repair our facility at Cheyenne Park, however the city has closed the park until it has been declared safe so do not go out there at this time.  If you are not already on our e-mail list and can help in any way, please send us a note

Tentative new big race dates: 

Race For Life joins State Race/ Redline Cup Qualifier Weekend July 18-20

Iowa Games August 3

Let's Help A little BMXer Win A Video Contest

Waterford Oaks local, Aspen Spora has entered a video contest, and wants some help from the BMX Community, wanna help him out?

If anyone wants to help Aspen get crowned KING of the SPOT they can sign up from that link.

After signing up, you will see the K.O.T.S. menu next to the inbox. Click on "view results".

Aspens video is currently in 1st

It is called: KING of the SPOT - 7 year old freestyle ski video

To help Aspen win, you just need to click on his video and click the I SPONSOR button under the video next to were it says YOU CHOOSE WHO GETS SPONOSORED!

Let's Send Out Some Love To Alyssa Martin, A BMXer in Need!

Alyssa Martin, a Lady BMXer from Minnesota ABA's, I-94 BMX track was involved in a tragic accident last weekend that has put her in a battle to save four of her fingers.

During a break between motos, the riders divided up in to two teams for a tug of war with a big rope.

Evidently, Alyssa's fingers got caught in the rope somehow and at least three of them were severed.

She was rushed to the hospital and the battle to save her fingers continues on to the present.

All fingers were re-attached and doctors have been fighting to keep them alive, attached and well.

It's not been an easy struggle and the Martin Family needs your help.

The popular Minnesota BMX Racing site, is running a fund raising effort on their site and people all over the Northern States have joined together and are making a great effort.

Want to help out? Alyssa and her parents have been involved in racing for quite some time, and are ABA Track Operators at the I-94 facility, let's send em some love in this really tough time for the family. (More info available at ALLTHERACING.COM and




(Payment is sent directly to I-94 BMX Staff)










Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BMX, A Big Hit At Latvian Olympic Games


The Latvian Olympic Committee recently held the second ever Latvian Olympic Games in Ventspils.

Last year, Latvian Olympic Team member, Ivo Lakucs built a World Class track in Ventspils and this year with the Olympics right around the corner, the BMXers were out in force to put on a show and have some faster than lightning BMX Racing.

Ventspils is a very progressive city in Latvia, with a happenin' economy and good city politics, making it a prime candidate for an event of this nature.

The track is classic with big jumps (Up to 12 meter/36 feet) and a "Non SX Start Hill", making it a great racing track, built by one of the best in the biz.......The Man/Ivo.

Friday evening there was a time trials:



Regional team












Ventspils city







Valmiera district







Valmiera district







Ventspils city







Valmiera district







Ventspils city







Ventspils city







Jelgava city







Riga city







Saldus district







Rīga city







Valka district







Valka district







Rīga district







Valka district







Riga city







Jelgava city







Valka district







Valmiera district





Final - Number plates were given in order of time trial results. 1-Ivo Lakucs, 2-Maris Strombergs, 3-Edjus Treimanis, 4-Rihards Veide, 5-Toms Skujins, 7-Toms Mankus, 8-Uldis Balbeks, 11-Artis Zentins (Artis fell hard on big jump) Ivo Interview - Ivo Lakucs, Latvian Olympic Team Member, pauses for a some interview time on Latvian National TV Podium Congrats - The Finalists, receive congrats from National Cycling Federation president and National Olympic committee president. Maris Leads - Last straight race action, sees Olympian, Maris Strombergs headin' for the Finish Line.    

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate, and on Saturday, the track had some light rain that made it soft and harder to ride. The only guys who were gettin' the BIG air were UCI World Champ, Maris Strombergs and Ivo himself. For Day Two, the track dried up and just about everyone was clearin' the BIG jump, and when the dust settled, and the results were totaled, Maris took First, Ivo took Second and Artis Zentins took home the Bronze.




Regional team




Māris Štrombergs

Valmiera district







Ivo Lakučs

Ventspils city







Artis Žentiņš

Riga city







Toms Skujiņš

Valmiera district







Uldis Balbeks

Jelgava city







Edžus Treimanis

Valmiera district







Toms Mankuss

Ventspils city







Rihards Veide

Ventspils city







Kristaps Konrāds

Ventspils city







Miks Puķītis

Saldus district







Kaspars Ernstsons

Riga city







Kristaps Ozoliņš

Valka district







Viesturs Morozs

Rīga district







Kristaps Rakštelis

Valka district







Rolands Seisums

Valka district







Ivo & Maris Shake - After the final finish Ivo and Maris are shaking hands with each other, exchange number plates and analyze strategy of the final race. Podium Finalists - 1st, Maris Strombergs ... 2nd Ivo Lakucs ... 3rd Artis Zentins

The Latvian Games were a big deal around the country, with many sports being involved, including; Rowing, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Yachting, Wrestling, Judo, Soccer, Ping-pong, Handball, Equestrian sport, Swimming,
Cycling (Road/MTB XC/BMX), Canoeing, Weight lifting, Shooting, Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon, Track and field, Gymnastics and Volleyball taking part.

Many thought that BMX racing was the most exciting and intriguing competition in the whole national event because all Latvian media singled out BMX after Maris Stromberg won the UCI BMX World Gold Medal at the UCI BMX World Championships in Taiyuan, China. All of the excitement for the BMX event carried over in to the Latvian National Media, as the National TV network carried the race on television.

According to Janis Grinvalds of,  "Our newly reborn (1990) country has only had four world champions in Olympic sports. That's why it was so incredible and honorable for our small population of only 2,5 million." 

And, with his shadow hanging over the whole event, Arturs Matisons is still spectating. Arturs was injured during Spring Racing, but, not to be forgotten, he'll soon be back on the track. Arturs is just not racing and is letting his elbow recover.

All in all, the Latvians have got to be one of the most powerful forces in BMX, right now.

Look out, World!



Kingston, Ontario To Be site of $30000 Pro/Flats Only BMX Race

The rumors are confirmed!!!!! Jay Miron, one of the greatest names in Freestyle BMX (And a former racer himself) is putting together a BIG MONEY International, Elite Only, Flat Pedal BMX Race in Kingston, Ontario in September......OUTSTANDING, but there's MORE!


Jay is BLOWING THING UP with The Kingston Bike Festival, featuring several events, including the famous Metro Jam the weekend before the race, plus, the weekend of the race, there will be a Flatland Contest with a $5000 purse, and Dirt Jump Comp with $10000 on the line and an unheard of $30000 purse for the BMX Race! Crazy? Unheard Of? Can't Believe It? *Oh, did we mention that Olympic Track Builder, Tom Ritz will be flyin' in to cherry out the track? Yep, he is!


Check it out, Jay's For Real!


From Jay Miron, Kingston Bike Festival organizer and Freestyle Legend

A lot of you have heard rumors that the Kingston Bike Festival <> is happening and that Metro Jam is a part of it.  There’s also a super cool new BMX race but no one knows much more. So here’s the rundown.


The whole thing is going down in Kingston, Ontario. Kingston is a city of about 150,000 people. It’s located in the middle of eastern Canada’s three biggest cities, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. It’s two to three hours drive from each, and it’s an hour north of Syracuse, NY. Most Americans flying in for the events should probably fly into Syracuse. It’ll be much cheaper than flying right into Kingston. Racers will know this because Kingston has hosted some pretty big races.

The web sites don’t have a lot of info on them right now but check back often. We’ll be updating them soon, and regularly. The Kingston Bike Festival website is more for general public to view. Riders should go to the Metro and ERA sites.
The total purse for all of the events is $65,000 Canadian. The Canadian dollar is pretty much on par with the American dollar these days. $35,000 goes to freestylers and $30,000 goes to racers. The break down per event is below.
We’ve really got our shit together with the parties this year. We’re working with Kingston night club owners to make sure that everyone has a good time. Kingston is home to Queens University. It’s one of the biggest in Canada. There will be lots of girls for everyone to meet. Riders are reminded to take a shower before going out, and don’t complain about having no money. Girls don’t like complainers with no money who stink like they’ve been riding all day.


Aug 30 – 31 Metro
$20,000 purse.
Metro will go down in the brand new five thousand-seat K-Rock Center. This year’s pro event will be invite only. That sounds shitty and we never, ever wanted to do an invite contest, but we feel as though we were forced to do this. Qualifying used to take six full hours because half of the guys entered weren’t actual pros. They were amateur riders who didn’t get into the amateur contest. Not only was it unfair to ask the spectators who paid for their seats to watch the amateur riders, it was super dangerous to ask the pro riders to ride practice beside a bunch of riders who had no business being on the course and often got in the way.
We’re going to be doing a number of amateur events in several Canadian cities. Out of those contests we’re going to qualify twelve riders who go straight into a Metro final held on Saturday night, right after pro qualifying. This should make for a banger night of riding. We’ll have all the qualifying cities locked down and we’ll announce them in a few days.
Sept. 3 Flatland
$5000 purse
For the first time in years Metro will be holding a flatland contest. It’s going to be on Wednesday night at a really cool spot in the city center. It’s going to rock. Stay tuned to the Metro site for details.
Sept 5 – 6 ERA BMX Race and Jumping Contest
ERA Kingston Cup Race $30,000 purse
ERA Jumping contest $10,000 purse

The ERA (Elite Race Association) race will be Elite riders only. The Kingston track will be totally rebuilt bigger and better. It will be amazing and the riders must race on flat pedals. No one is allowed to race in tap dancing shoes. The dirt contest will be on three sets that run down between the second and third straight with the last set flying over the second corner.
It starts Friday night with time trials for the racers and qualifying for the dirt jumpers. Then on Saturday night the race goes down and the jumping final happens.

Like I said earlier. Watch the websites for more details. Even though there’s not a lot of info up on them yet, there will be soon.

Web Sites For Info = - -













Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, June 23, 2008


Avent/Bombshell/MAXXIS is

Stoked About the Worlds Sheriff!


Congratulations to Wyatt Bell, the youngest BMX World Champion!!

You know you’re happy when you are smiling so BIG that you can't keep your teeth together!!

Santee, CA - We here at Avent/Bombshell/Maxxis are so happy and proud of our youngest STUD Wyatt "The Sheriff" Bell.

He and his Dad went to the Worlds in China and brought home the Gold!   Wyatt is the new 2008 6x World Champ and we are so stoked!

Wyatt has been training so hard and has put in many hours of hard work since breaking his ankle earlier in the year.  His Dad, Travis is his trainer and has done a great job getting Wyatt where he is today. The World #1 plate shows that all that hard work and practice pays off.

This little guy is just plain fun to be around!  He loves BMX and his Avent Neo so much, he wants his bike in his bed at night and sleeps in his Fly Gear!  This is where BMX starts.

Keep up the hard work and have fun Wyatt, we are proud of you! 

Everyone better look out for the SHERIFF that may be coming to a town near you!

Thank you to all our Sponsors:  AVENT / BOMBSHELL / MAXXIS / FLY / SHIMANO / THOMSON / SDG / S&M / TANGENT

For more information on Bombshell and Avent products, please visit our website at and


AA Marketing/BMX BMX Race Report

NBL Golden State and ABA Dixieland Nationals


Round #6 of the 2008 NBL and ABA Pro Series events were held this past weekend in Prunedale, California for the NBL and Atlanta, Georgia for the ABA. With one of the few conflicting ABA and NBL national Events of the season, the Pros of BMX had to make the decision on which series to attend. A larger turnout was at the NBL event, but the ABA event was just as difficult with the lever of riders in attendance. With Pros on each side of the USA racing this past weekend, it made for 2 great events. Here is how the Pros finished up:                                         


Kyle Bennett, one of the 3 rider Team USA's BMX Olympic Team, has been on a tear in the NBL with a slew of great results. Prunedale was no exception, as he looked to be one of the fastest riders during the qualifiers on Saturday. The NBL one main event format worked out great for Kyle as he took the win wire to wire on Saturday. Sunday started out a little different for Kyle as a first moto crash made it a little bit tougher for him to transfer out to he main event. Kyle turned it up and made his way into the main event, and when the gate dropped, he was once again gone and took the win. Kyle's Sponsors include Free Agent, FLY Racing, UGP, Shimano,, Bombshell, Sun Ringle, Kenda, Thomson, KHS, S & M bars, Cyto Sport, and ORP.


Cristian Becerine is having another great NBL season and Prunedale chalked up 2 more great results. On Saturday, Cristian easily made his way into the main event and looked to be a threat for the Podium, but a photo finish would show him just missing out and finishing 4th. On Sunday, Cristian came back and wanted to win it all. He almost did, with an impressive 2nd place finish. Cristian looks toward the South park NBL National next weekend. Cristian's sponsors include Free Agent, KHS, Fly Racing, SINZ, Kenda, THE Products, ODI, Sun Ringle, Shimano, Cyto Sport, S & M bars, OGIO, Thomson, and


Randy Stumpfhauser has always been a force to recon with at Prunedale and 2008 was no different. Randy was in the Elite men's main event both days, but unfortunately was unable to get on the podium either day. On Saturday, Randy was in the main and just missed out with a 5th place finish that was a tight as it gets in Elite men. On Sunday, Randy finished up 8th but rode the entire day like he was up for the win. Either Way, Randy holds a slight lead in the NBL pro points chase and also looks forward to South Park. Randy's sponsors include GT Bicycles, Bombshell, ODI, Tangent, Fly Racing, Sinz, Shimano,, OGIO, Cyto Sport, SDG, Toolshed, Sharp, and


Danny Caluag was the lone Double A marketing rider to attend the ABA event. He has won at least one day of ever ABA National he has attended this year and the Dixieland nationals gave Danny 2 more shots to win once again. On Saturday, Danny was unstoppable and took home his 6th AA Pro win of the year. On Sunday, Danny was looking to take home his 2nd win of the weekend, but a crash in the 3rd main held him back to 3rd overall. Danny's Sponsors include Intense BMX, BAWLS Guarana, Fly Racing, Shimano, THE Products, SINZ Racing, Intense Tyre Systems, OGIO, Cyto Sport, Thomson, Oakley,, S & M Bars, and


Double A Marketing would like to welcome Steven Cisar to the roster of Pro riders. Steven has had a break out season in 2008, with a Podium at the UCI Supercross series as well as a Silver Medal at the UCI World Championship event just a few weeks ago. Steven recently signed a 2 year agreement with Haro Bicycles, so look for him to be attending the rest of the 2008 events aboard his new Haro race bike. Steven sponsors include Haro, Troy Lee Designs, Vans, Oakley, Intense Tyre Systems, SINZ Racing, S and M Bars, SDG, and


 Double A Marketing is the original BMX Racing Sports Marketing agency in the world. We proudly represent Cristian Becerine, Kyle Bennett, Danny Caluag, Steven Cisar, and Randy Stumpfhauser. For more information on any of the BMX Pro riders or on Double A Marketing and our services, please visit or e-mail us.

Argentina Selects Olympic Team

Official News Release/WWW.BMXARGENTINA.COM

Team Argentina is set to be in the effort to make BMX HISTORY.

This summer, BMX will be part of the Olympic Games for first time in history.

The Argentina Team Selection, which is trained by Flavio Vacareza, will go to Beijing with Elite Riders, both men and women.

The men's team will consist of Cristian Becerine and Ramiro Marino, with Javier Colombo as first substitute.

The female team will be Gabriela Diaz and Belen Dutto.

NBL South Park Is Next Weekend......With a BIG Track Rebuild!



It's NBL Stars & Stripes National time at Pittsburgh's, South Park BMX and the track's undergone some major revisions.


The track rebuild crew had some crappy weather along the way, the word is that the track is all dialed in and will be Super Smooth for the national.


The track is super fast, always a fun ride, now said to be even "funner", and the pro level skate park that was being built right next to the track is done now, so WATCH OUT, that ought to be interesting.


The Pro Jump is 3 feet longer now, at 35 feet with some quick rhythm right after it.


After the Pro Jump, every jump was fixed, moved, or new and the second straight with 4 jumps is back!


It ought to be a GREAT weekend of racing and BMX Mania will be there to bring you blow by blow coverage of the race happenings.


You can check out some fotos below of the South Park rebuild.




REDLINE CUP EAST - Kettering BMX, Kettering, OH - September 5-7, 2008

REDLINE CUP CENTRAL- St. Peters BMX, St. Peters MO - September 12-14, 2008

REDLINE CUP WEST - McCollum Park BMX, Everett, WA - September 19-21, 2008

There you have ‘em - for all of you who have already made your main event at a Redline Cup Qualifier (or those of you who plan on qualifying at the remaining RCQ’s), these are the three locations for the Redline Cup Finals - where you can become a REDLINE CUP CHAMPION and earn the Redline Cup No.1 Plate for the next 12 months, the Redline Cup jacket and a photo in the BMXer; just by winning your main event at this event.

The Redline Cup East returns to one of the premiere ABA tracks; the challenging Kettering track in Ohio ran by longtime operators Bob and Anna Bruns. For those in the middle of the U.S., now is the time to make plans for St. Peters, Missouri in mid-September. The Redline Cup Central is traditionally the biggest of the three Finals, and always brings out the best of competition. ABA master track builder, Billy Allen, has just rebuilt St. Peters BMX. And for a big change in venue, the Redline Cup West goes to the Northwest this year, for the very first time in its 14-year history. The location? None other than McCollum Park BMX in Everett, Washington … about 30 minutes north of Seattle.

2008 NOR CAL Cup Series 

What an awesome series! Livermore BMX, San Ramon BMX, and FBX (Fresno) put together the first annual NOR CAL Cup Series. Brilliant idea Brett, thank you for including us! The NOR CAL Cup Series is sponsored by TB Awards: Thank you TB Awards!! 

To qualify for the prestigious awards in the 2008 NOR CAL Cup Series riders needed to compete in a total of six races throughout April, May and June. Each of the three tracks hosted a double race day with a Bob Warnicke Scholarship Fund quadruple points race followed by a local Double Points Race. That’s some serious points you can accumulate! 

What a great turnout for the first annual NOR CAL Cup Series! 15 riders qualified for the NOR CAL Cup Series Title, Cup and Number Plate by competing in all six of these races. All 15 riders earned their Title and Number Plate and are eager to ride these impressive number plates at Livermore BMX, San Ramon BMX and FBX.  

The # 1 rider (highest points) in the 20” Class, Girl and Cruiser received a spectacular Roman Chalice Cup in addition to the # 1 Title and Number Plate.  

It looks like the big kids on big wheel bikes are as serious about this title as the younger boys & girls. Our Cruiser Class was the largest by far. Nick Ellison was leading the Cruiser class in the series by a mere 10 points, but big kid himself, Dean Townsend just had to push it to the limits, get those points needed and take the title; by 10 points! Dean Townsend is the # 1 Cruiser in the first annual NOR CAL Cup Series. Dean’s smile was as big as the little guys/girls smiles when he received his # 1 Cruiser Cup, Title and Number Plate. Nick Ellison took home the # 2 Cruiser Title and Number Plate. Kyle States is the only rider in the series who raced both 20” and Cruiser and he’s only 12! Kyle pulled off the # 3 Cruiser Title and his dad, Scott States took home the # 4 Cruiser Title. Fresno locals Loren Mankin took the # 5 Cruiser Title and Stephen Dee the # 6 Cruiser Title.  

Clark Dee earned the # 1 Title for 20” Class and took home the impressive Roman Chalice Cup in addition to the # 1 Expert Title and Number Plate. Anthony Burgeno was only 50 points behind Clark giving him the # 2 Expert Title and Number Plate. Oliver Terry had some competition at FBX from Fresno local Eutimio Farias and Olympic hopeful Niko Dzapo, but Oliver’s dedication to the NOR CAL Cup Series earned him the # 3 Expert Title and Number Plate. 

Wyatt Cahill brought home the # 1 Novice Title and Number Plate. Wyatt was on fire at the last race of the series at FBX. He had stiff competition from Fresno local and # 1 Expert, Clark Dee. After the first four races Wyatt was 160 points behind expert Clark Dee for the NOR CAL Cup Series 20” Class Title, Cup and Number Plate. Wyatt placed first in all his motos at FBX in the mixed class earning him a huge amount of quadruple and double points. By the end of the series Wyatt was only 30 points behind Clark!

Kyle States earned the # 2 Novice Title and Number Plate to go with his # 3 Cruiser standing. Great job racing both bikes Kyle! 

Girls, girls, girls…where are the girls? Brianna Tyre is the # 1 Girl in the first annual Nor CAL Cup Series! We had several girls race some of these races, but only Brianna competed in all six races. She took home the # 1 Title, Cup and Number Plate! Congratulations Brianna!  

The # 1 Rookie Title was snatched up by five year old Ethan Tyre! Ethan raced hard to earn his # 1 Title and Number Plate by competing in main events at both Bob Warnicke quadruple points races in Livermore and San Ramon.  Cody Appelhans earned the # 2 Rookie Title & Number Plate and Tyler Mitchell earned the # 3 Rookie Title & Number Plate! Great achievements for first year racing! 

Look for an even more exciting NOR CAL Cup Series in 2009! 

To see photos from these events visit the photos section at









Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday/Sunday, June 21/22, 2008

Breaking News - NBL & ABA National Results

Fresh In From Day 1 Of The NBL Prunedale National

Elite Men - 1 Kyle Bennett 2 Joey Bradford 3 Cristian Becerine 4 Marc Willers 5 Randy Stumpfhauser 6 Donny Robinson 7 Derek Betcher 8 Jason Richardson

Elite Women - 1 Kim Hayashi 2 Amanda Geving 3 Danielle Brisson 4 Madison Pitts 5 Stephanie Barragan

Elite Masters - 1 Dale Holmes 2 Kenth Fallen 3 Dave Bittner 4 Tommy Opincar

Super Ex - 1 Jason Morris 2 Sean Storms 3 Gavin Lubbe 4 Kris Fox 5 Kyle Zondervan 6 Logan Collins 7 Ryan Garcia 8 Travis Ohrazda


Day 1 Stuff From ABA Cobb County BMX In HotLanta, Georgia!

AA Pro - 1 Danny Caluag 2 Mike Brabant 3 Mike Kapes 4 Jason Rogers 5 Barry Nobles 6 Denzel Stein 7 Khalen Young 8 Jeff Upshaw

Girls Pro - 1 Kayla Gaddis 2 Dominique Daniels 3 Rachael Luna 4 Kathryn Ecklund 5 Liz Passwaters 6 Alise Post 7 Michelle Guthrie 8 Jessica Lambert

Vet Pro - 1 Chad Street 2 The Jackal 3 Jason Carnes 4 Robert Harris 5 Tim Dinger 6 Kevin Tomko 7 Thomas Harper 8 Cody Smart

A Pro - 1 Tyler Faoro 2 Josh Smith 3 Todd Parry 4 Jason Jewell 5 Jason Larev 6 Matt Beatty 7 Julian Martinez 8 Charles Hunt

Pro Cruiser - 1 Barry Nobles 2 Mike Kapes 3 Jeff Upshaw 4 Jason Carnes 5 Todd Parry 6 Michael Kilpatrick 7 Matt Baisley 8 Danny Caluag


Zman All Busted Up!


The Zman (Ryan Zielinski) has been training real hard lately to get back into competition after last years broken collar bone in Sarasota.


That and buying a new home this past year kinda put BMX in 2nd place on the podium.


This past Tuesday at his local track, Cape Coral BMX, in Florida, he ended up taking a hard hit into the face of a jump and broke his collar bone AGAIN!


As well as breaking his collar bone, Z also broke off the back off his's just floating around back there. (See attached X Ray)


Zman will undergo reconstructive surgery for both which will involve plates and screws, soon, so his debut back to competition which was scheduled  for Christmas, will more likely be as much as 8-10 months.


Our best wishes and prayers for a speedier than expected return to the track for one of the most colorful riders on the track!


      Shoulder                 Elbow











Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, June 20, 2008


Official Kemco News Release

Effective immediately, Kemco International, Inc. has concluded their license agreement with FMF Racing.

Kemco is currently seeking other product lines for distribution to be introduced at Interbike in Las Vegas September 24-26.

For more information, contact Tom Curran at 253-520-6510, or

Kemco Group International, 12350 Montague St., Unit L, Pacoima, CA 91331 818-686-3466, FAX 818-686-3468.

In related news, the FMF Factory Team that races the ABA National Circuit out of Washington state will continue to run as formed thru the end of the 2008 Season. They will be looking for a new primary sponsor in the interim.







Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, June 19, 2008


GT Clinic At Prunedale, Friday!


Randy Stumpfhauser

Mike Day Eric Rupe Joey Bradford

Manzanita Park BMX ~ Golden State National ~ Prunedale, California


June 20-22 There will be a GT Clinic Friday, June 20, from 11:00am-1:00pm.


Cost is only $20, and you'll receive a GT goodie bag when you take the clinic.


This is an Amazing opportunity to train with the best!


Featured in the GT  Clinic will be Manzanita Park's own Joey Bradford, BMX Olympian, Mikey Day, the "Big Daddy", Eric Rupe and the legendary 'All Pro', Randy Stumpfhauser


Orlando Pro-Am!

There is a pro-am coming up  at the NBL track in Orlando, Florida this weekend (Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st).


It will be hosted on one of the most popular tracks in Florida and it is a great chance for Floridians to keep their racing honed during the off-season.


There will be more than a few pros in attendance and some serious money up for grabs.


After the racing, these pros will be found signing autographs around the track.


There is money up for grabs for the amateurs as well with open classes for all ages.


The NBL Florida Competition Congress is being held in Orlando this weekend as well, for those of you that would like to get your Officials License.


Yeti/Loop' MTB rider Houseman is Out of commission!

USA Cycling National 4X Champion, Rich Houseman recently broke his patella (Knee Cap) during a training session in Temecula, California and is OUT for the count for the foreseeable future.


Houseman, who is one of the Top Dawgs at the super hot action sports networking site, Loop' crashed while doing the "I'm not going fast enough to wear shin guards" thing and tore things up quite badly.


Rich is one of the early founders of the popular and the Loop'd Network, and is all over the BMX and MTB internet.


Best wishes and prayers for a speedy healing go out to Rich as he limps around home and office, healing up.







Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, June 18, 2008


BMX Mania Is On The Injured List!

Sorry, but things are going to be little slow around here for a couple days.


Jerry Mania, the Head Chef and Dishwasher at BMX Mania underwent a little corrective surgery to his knee on Tuesday.


AND, while JL/Me had hoped to be able to keep up "the pace", the Doc Tor sez, "No Go, JL!"


So, give me a day or so to get my head clear and I'll be back at the keyboard with tales of BMXdom from Latvia, California and Taiwan, you know you can always get the scoop here at BMX Mania Dot Com!


Sorry for the interruption!








Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Summer race Burnham-On-Sea

What looks like a GREAT opportunity for some hot Euro BMX Racing, Rounds 8 & 9 of the British Cycling National Series ought to make a good chance for Europe to get together and have some BMX Fun!

Organization - Burnham BMX Club 

Event place - Burnham BMX Track, Apex Park, Marine Drive, Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset, England, TA8 1NQ 

Route - Leave the M5 at Junction 22.  Head towards Highbridge/Burnham-On-Sea.  After 1.5 miles, turn right into Burnham Road (B3139).  After 0.7 miles, turn left into Marine Drive.

Camping - Camping is at King Alfred School on Burnham Road.  You will pass the School entrance before turning left into Marine Drive.

Date - Friday July 25th, Saturday July 26th and Sunday June 27th 2008.

Information -

Blocs - Bloc 1: Cruisers ... Bloc 2: Female 6-15, Male 6-10 ... Bloc 3: Male 11-16 ... Bloc 4: 19+, Masters ... Bloc 5: Junior and Elite

Friday July 25th 2008

17.00 – 21.00 - Free training and gate practice for all riders.  Split into Blocs dependent upon the number of riders.

19.00 – 20.00 - Registration all classes 

Saturday July 26th 2008   

08.00 - 10.30 Riders registration ... 08.15 – 09.00 Free practice for Bloc 1 and Bloc 2 ... 09.00 – 09.45 Free practice for Bloc 3 and Bloc 4 ... 09.45 – 10.05 Gate practice for Bloc 1 ... 10.05 – 10.30 Gate practice for Bloc 2 ... 10.30 – 11.00 Gate practice for Bloc 3 ... 11.00 – 11.30 Gate practice for Bloc 4 ... 12.00 - Racing for Blocs 1 to 4 of the National Series Round 8 ... 15.00 - Qualifiers (1/4, 1/2) ... 16.00 - Finals ... 18.00 – 18.30 Gate practice for Bloc 5 (Junior and Elite) ... 18.45 – 21.00 Racing for Bloc 5 ... 21.00 - Awards-ceremony for Junior and Elite on the campsite


Sunday July 27th 2008

10.00 – 10.30 Open practice for all riders aged 16 and under ... 10.30 – 11.00 Open practice for all riders aged 17 and over ... 11-10 – 13.30 Motos for round 9 of the National Series

Blocs 1 to 4) ... 13.30 – 14.00 Lunch ... 14.00 – 14.15 Open practice for Pro Open (any rider aged 15 and over) ... 14.20 – 15.00 Pro Open (straight knock out, top 4 go through each

round) ... 15.00 – 15.45 Qualifiers (1/4, 1/2) ... 16.00 - Finals ... Awards-ceremony Challenge Classes 15 minutes after racing


Registration - Riders registration has to be done by local representative or by national federation. Registration forms have to be sent by email before the 16th July 2008 to: Roger



Registration Confirmations - Friday 19.00 – 20.00 - Saturday 08.00 – 10.30 Team leaders from each federation will be responsible of registration confirmation for their riders.


Saturday evening Racing - Junior/Elite Women / Junior Men / Elite Men


Challenge classes   The challenge class races on Saturday July 26th and Sunday July 27th are listed below. Category: Boys -6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16, 19+, 30+ (Masters) -

Girls -6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, (girls 16 and over choose Junior Female) - Cruisers -12, 13-15, 16-29, 30-39, 40+ (25+ Female 24” or 20”)


Registration Fee - € 32.00 Elite Men ... € 26.00 Junior Men & Junior/Elite Women ... € 26.00 Challenge categories per round: 20” 19+, 30+, Cruiser 16-29, 30-39, 40+, (25+ Female) ...

€20.00 Challenge categories per round: Boys -6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16 ... Girls -6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15 ... Cruiser -12, 13-15 ... € 7.00 race fee for 2nd entry ... € 15/£10 Pro-

open (Sunday race for riders aged 15 and over, registration on Saturday only). In order to enter the competition, only the national federations are allowed to register the riders.


Awards/Prize money - Challenge Classes ... Trophies for place 1 – 8.  15 minutes after racing has finished.

Junior/Elite Payout will be to the top 8 riders in: Elite Men, Junior Men, Junior/Elite Women as well as prize money for the top 8: 1st Junior Man will receive a Revell MTB Frame.

2ndJunior Man will receive Answer Forks 1st Elite Man will receive a Pro Gate 2nd Elite Man will receive a Crupi frame Total prize money is € 4,400 to € 5,300


Entrance fee: Entrance fee is £1.00 per entrant for the Saturday evening racing.                                                                                                                   

Number plates - The Organisation won’t provide number plates. Racers will use their intl number plates. Front and side plates will be available to purchase at the event.

Campsite - The campsite is based in King Alfred School, 5 minutes walk from the track.  It opens on Friday July 25th at 12.00 hours and will close 2 hours after racing has finished.

Showers and toilets are on site - There is no electric hook up. Pricecaravan and car, motor home or tent £25.00 or € 30.00 Reservation is not required.


Info about camping or Burnham: Matt Duckering - -


Nearest Airport - ... British Cycling Roger Wilbraham +44 (0) 161 274 2022 Tourist information: Email: Websites: - - -


Registration - The registration fees must be paid by bank transfer to British Cycling’s bank account


Account Name: The British Cycling Federation
IBAN: GB38MIDL40311491183052
Address: HSBC Bank plc
  550 Ashton New Road
  M11 4AX

Federations with small numbers of entries are permitted to pay in cash at the registration office. Only the federation is permitted to cancel the registrations until July 18th 2008 at 9am. In this case the registration fee does not have to be paid. If a rider does not participate in the race without cancelling before the due date, the registration fee must be paid.  

Deadline for your registration: 16th July 2008 Registrations after this deadline can only be taken at the event. Additional charge for each on the day entry is € 3.00












Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, June 16, 2008

GHP ABA Spring National Report

Albuquerque New Mexico, home of Duke City BMX, green chili's, and Vet Pro Kenth Falen.


Fallen had the covered track dialed as usual, but so did GHP factory rider John 'The Jackal' Purse (GHP, Powerbar, ABA). John made the trip from Spring TX and put down the horse power to the tune of second place finishes both days.


John brought with him two other Vet pros from Texas. Robert Harris (GHP, ICON, Fly) made both mains during the weekend walking away with two fourth places. Cody Smart (GHP, Fly) also put his GHP in the mains both days. Fought hard and went home with two seventh place finishes.

Staying with the pro class. The Truckee Kid Michael 'Mayhem' Larson made to trip over from California. Showing some serious first straight pull Mike was looking really good but ran into a little bad luck. When the points where added up, Mike was in sixth on Saturday and eight on Sunday. It's only a matter of time before Mike makes his way to the top spot on the pro podium.


To the Alexis Twins. Alexis 'Froggy' Lehman rode hard all weekend in both thirteen girls and girl cruiser class. A Third and Fourth in class went along with two fourths in 11-13 girls cruiser.


Lexis Ortiz made the podium both days. After her third place main finish on Saturday, she decided that it just wasn't good enough. Showing everyone how it's done Ortiz rode to her first national win.


Robbie Patterson came down from Utah looking to keep his hot streak alive. In the ever hard 16 cruiser class Robbie had to contend with KJ Romero both days. KJ might have won these rounds, but Robbie was knocking on the door making KJ earn every inch. In class Robbie walked away with an eight on Sunday.


Also from Utah, Christian Martinez rode to two fourth place finishes in 17-20 cruiser. Christian has been working hard and is improving with every race.


Johnny 'Not So' Little had some good racing throughout the weekend. Using his size and power to his advantage, Johnny finishing in fourth place both days.


Donald 'Dead Last' Fisher ran into his usual bad luck in New Mexico and finished sixth and fifth in the 31-35 cruiser class.


Rick 'EZ Money' Lehman laid everything out on the track on Saturday when he went down hard trying to qualify for the 36-40 cruiser class. He was able to make his class main on Saturday. Finishing sixth with a severely swollen knee. Rick decided to sit out Sunday and heal.


Special shout out to Mike Redman for his always awesome announcing.


Next stop for the GHP train is Oak Creek BMX for the Summer Nationals.


GHP would like to thank all their sponsors for their support: Atomlab, 4L racing, Rockinrunner designs inc., BMXMANIA.COM, PeterPaulPics, HPR designs, Troy Lee designs, Ciari and Swiss American Bycles, SIXSIXONE, and FLY racing.







Today's BMX Racing News - Sunday, June 15, 2008


Mike Day Wins first ever US Olympic BMX Team Trials







Today's BMX Racing News - Friday the 13th!.....2008





Bubba's Out!

Chula Vista, Calif. (June 13, 2008)-As the result of a recently sustained injury, U.S. Olympic Team hopeful Bubba Harris (Goodyear, Ariz.) has withdrawn from Saturday's 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Cycling (BMX).

Harris sustained the injury while practicing during a training session on Thursday. On Friday morning, he issued the following statement:

"While preparing for the Olympic Trials on Thursday, I was giving it my all, as usual, when I crashed on the second straightaway. As a result of the injury that was sustained, I've decided to withdraw from Saturday's competition. Although I'm disappointed that I won't be competing tomorrow, I look forward to returning to action as soon as possible and once again putting 100% of my effort into training and racing. I'd like to wish the remaining competitors good luck on Saturday and I'm sorry I won't be joining them in pursuit of a spot on the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team."

Harris will be available to accredited members of the media on Friday at a press conference which begins at 2:00 p.m. PDT.


June 9, 2008 – Check out this month’s issue of BMX Today for a hilarious look at BAWLS Pro riders and the guys at the NBL unleashing their inner G33K!  

This month’s insider cover ad features pro riders Matt “Ruckus” Pohlkamp and Rachel “Thunder” Smith giving a shout out to their new favorite drink – BAWLS G33K B33R! NBLers Kevin O’Brien, Justin Travis, Jason Schiefelbein and Jess Moore also got “G33K’D out” for a photo shoot, chugging back on G33K B33R with their pants worn extra high! 

Up Next: the ABAers, Greg Leasure of BMX World and Tangent/BAWLS Factory get their G33K on in BMXer Magazine! 

Haven’t tried G33K B33R yet' You can find G33K B33R nationwide at Sheetz stores, CompUSA, Microcenter and 7-Eleven. The BAWLS Sampling Team will also hook racers up with G33K B33R in cans when they launch later this summer! 

For more BAWLS BMX news, photos and sponsorship info, visit









Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, June 12, 2008


Hilliard, Ohio (June 9, 2008) – The National Bicycle League (NBL) and, the premier action sports social networking and online video share site, are pleased to announce a three-year partnership in which Go211 will become the official webcast partner of the NBL National BMX Racing Series and webcast all NBL Pro Nationals over the next three years.

With nearly four million unique visitors every month, provides a unique, interactive viewing experience for all premier NBL National events, which take place at world-famous tracks like South Park, Louisville, Nashville, Okeeheelee, Estrella Mtn. and Prunedale. In addition to showcasing live action from the competitions and commentary from top pro riders, webcasts will feature live scoring, live standings, rider bios and live chat where viewers can submit comments and questions to on-air web announcers and their guests.

“After the tremendous success of the NBL Christmas Classic and Gator National webcasts, we are so stoked to formally partner with Go211 on our online event coverage,” says Kevin O’Brien, Marketing Director at NBL. “Go211 has built strong connections with top BMX racers Donny Robinson, Arielle Martin, Joey Bradford, Danny Caluag and Alise Post, which is a big reason why their event coverage is authentic and backed by so many people in the industry.”

Sean Aruda, CEO of Go211 had this to say, "We are thrilled to offer live coverage of NBL’s prestigious National Pro events to millions of viewers worldwide. The NBL Pro Nationals are held on the best tracks in the USA and we are very committed to providing the best action footage and behind-the-scenes coverage possible while giving viewers the chance to interact with riders and commentators during the shows.”

Tune in to for in-depth coverage of the upcoming Golden State National (June 21-22/Prunedale,CA), Stars n’ Stripes  National (June 28-29/South Park, PA), and Music City National (July 19-20/Nashville, TN) and then witness the year’s most important race (besides the Olympics of course!) – The NBL Grand National of BMX webcast from E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park, Louisville, KY, from August 29-31, 2008. 

For more information, please visit and

About is the leading community and video site for lifestyle sports created by and for action sports athletes and enthusiasts.  It’s the place to hang with the Pros and friends to get behind-the-scenes video, blogs, photos, webcasts and podcasts from featured contributors along with other action sports fans. offers a broad range of exclusive content submitted directly from the athletes.  The current Go211 Pro Team roster includes Danny Kass, Jeremy Jones, Christian Hosoi, CJ Hobgood, Donny Robinson, Hannah Teter, Danny Davis, Andy Finch, Joey Bradford, Ross Powers, Holly Beck, Alise Post, Clay Marzo, Mary Osborne, Danny Caluag, Mike Losness, Seth Wescott, and Kelly Clark, among others.

Dominique “Demolition” Daniels Making plans for the future! 

Official Intense/Phantom/On-Trac News Release

Dominique Daniels is clearly the most powerful up-and-coming woman BMX racer in the US.   As an amateur, she was unstoppable dominating her competitors in her class, cruiser and even the beating the boys with a steady flow of Triple-Triple-Triples weekends.  When she turned Pro the streak continued with victory-after-victory.  Statistically speaking, Daniels is a virtual lock for winning the ABA Women’s Pro title this year.

Her potential appears unlimited.  She is one of the few women who might have similar power potential to two time UCI World # 1 woman Shanaze Reade from Great Britain.  However, her experience and track skills need to be groomed for that level of competition something she’s been challenged with racing the “local” Pro circuit.  Her supportive Dad, Tim believes that the only way she can get the experience she requires is to go a different way in her BMX racing.  To that end, she is leaving the Intense/Phantom/On-Trac squad and seeking sponsorship assistance that will afford her the chance to go to Europe frequently and race the technical and challenging tracks in Southern France and elsewhere.  Tim and Dominique have parted with the team as friends and with all our best wishes.

On behalf of the TM’s and the other riders, we’d like to thank the Daniels for all their contributions over the last several months and wish you the very best of luck finding a sponsor worthy of your potential.  Interested sponsors can contact Tim Daniels at .







BF Gets Hitched!


Long time MCS Team Manager and "man about BMX", Brian Fell recently got married to his beautiful fiancé, Melanie Hegwood after being A Pro Single for several BMX racing seasons.


The Fell's tied the knot on March 29, the same day as the USAC National Championships in Desoto, Texas.


The deed was done in Davie, Florida in a beautiful outdoor ceremony with over 100 friends, family and......of course, several motos of BMX crazies in attendance.


In even more BMX emphasis, long time Florida NBL State Commissioner, Alice Bixler performed the ceremony while, Bonnie Hutelin (old skool SE Racing "Powder Puff") was Melanie's Maid Of Honor and Mike Viotto stood in as Brian's Best Man.

Good deal, all around, Brian's a die hard BMXer and he hooked up with a pretty lady.....NICE!


BMX Mania Best Wishes to a great couple, and thanks for the dedication to making BMX Great, BF!













Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, June 11, 2008





Dutch Olympic Team Announced.....

BMX Mania - Bas, what's up over there in OrangeLand'

Bas - Hey Jerry, it is really orange, since the European Soccer Championships start today the whole of Holland turns orange.

BMX Mania - Hey, can you give us a heads up on your nominations for the Dutch Olympic Team'

Bas – Over the last 2 seasons Dutch riders could qualify themselves for the O.G. by meeting certain criteria. These criteria could be met at UCI Supercross races and at the UCI World Championships. Six riders met these criteria, Robert De Wilde, Raymon Van Der Beizen, Rob Van Wildenberg, and Martijn Scherpen in the men's and Lieke Klaus and Willy Kanis in the women's.

We had set up an internal ranking system made of the results of the SX races in '07 and '08. The first man and woman to go to the O.G. are the highest ranked on the UCI individual ranking '08, after the recent UCI Worlds those were Robert and Lieke. The remaining 2 spots for the guys were given to the number's 1 and 2 in our internal ranking, which are Raymon and Rob. Martijn got 3rd in that ranking and is the alternate.

BMX Mania – You have had one of the strongest national teams in the history of BMX, was it difficult to trim the team down to three men and one woman'

Bas – To a certain extent, sure, it was difficult 'cause I have been working with these guys and girls intensely over the last 3 years, and you bond with them, and then it is hard to "pick" riders, for in this case, the Olympic Games. But I have to be honest to myself and the riders, we knew we only had 3 spots and there are 9 guys on the team, so choices needed to be made. Also, we had set up the above explained system which kind of left it to the riders themselves whether or not they would make the cut.

BMX Mania – What’s it been like to have such a great group of riders under your care and coaching'

Bas – It has been an experience like no other. I don't think I could have wished for a group that was more motivated and driven to improve themselves as this group. Although BMX is an individual sport, I think it made all the individuals stronger by working as a team as we did.

BMX Mania – How’s the excitement level going in to the Olympics on the team'

Bas – The announcing of BMX becoming an Olympic sport has made a big impact on BMX, all of a sudden there were these coaches and federations trying to change how these athletes should train or how to go about their sport.

For some I'm sure this was going too fast and is way beyond the BMX lifestyle, but every athlete with a right mind knows that the Olympics is were you want to be as an athlete. So, if you have been working as hard as these guys did over the last 3-4 years, and you know you made the cut to go there, I think you're exited as you'll ever be. You should be.

BMX Mania – Will the National Team Program continue next year'

Bas – Most likely it will. In what way will depend on a few things. The UCI point system in regard to the London Games could be a factor in all this.

BMX Mania – Thanks, Bas, it’s been a pretty wild ride, huh' Who would have thought back when you were “riding high” in BMX, back in the "day", that you’d end up coaching a national team and going to the Olympics'

Bas – I for sure didn't even think for a moment (back in the 80's and early 90's) that BMX would make it into the Olympics, let alone me being the national coach. But it did make it into the Olympics, and I enjoy every minute of coaching these guys.

BMX Mania – Congratulations and continued success to you and the Super Successful Team NL!

Bas - Thanks Jerry, See you in Beijing!

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Barry Noble's Big Month!

What a month Clayborn's Barry Nobles has had. The first stop of the month was the NBL Regional/SSA State Qualifying race at one of the Southeast premiere BMX parks, Emerald Coast Dirt & Vert in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Barry won both days of the Regional/Qualifer and then came back to show his skills and take the title of King of BMX challenge. 

Next it was off to the SSA State Championships in St. Cloud, Florida at one of the nicest tracks in the state of Florida. There Barry was looking to redeem himself from last years championship race, where a flipped gate took away the SSA #1 title from him. After months of training and working hard, Barry was ready and it showed, from start to finish this was Barry's race and title. Barry finished a great SSA season by winning the SSA #1 title and money series, if you are not from the south, this is a prize eyed by many.  

Then to Albuquerque, New Mexico to the ABA's Spring Nationals and the second BMX only covered arena of Duke City BMX. This would be the site of Barry's first AA Pro win and with this win, moving Barry up in the ABA Pro Series points. Followed up that win with a 2nd place finish in Pro Cruiser,  Duke City BMX will have a special place in Barry's racing memories. Not only was it his first win in AA Pro, Sunday he came back and swept both AA and Pro Cruiser. Clayborn BMX Factory team riders were all pumped with the wins, Vet Pro's Kevin "Tomahawk" Tomko and Thomas "Harp" Harper, Lady's Pro Ashley Ross, and the amateur squad of 9X Gabe Barwick, 15 Girls "Insane" Brooke Crain, and 14X Jordan Miranda are all proud of Barry and will be pulling for him as he ends the month of May by heading to Taiyuan, China for the UCI World Championships. 

After returning from China, Barry and the Clayborn BMX Factory team will be heading to Powder Springs, GA for the next stop on the ABA BMX Pro series circuit. If you are coming to the race in Powder Springs, make sure to stop and check out all the Clayborn frames and products, as well as the products of our great co-sponsors:  FLY Racing, A/C Products, THE, MAXXIS Tires, HRP Designs, FSA, Osiris shoes, SINZ, Kovachi Wheels, Alienation, PRO~GOLD Lubricants, STMPO Designs, Morphine Industries and Southwest Airlines.







Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, June 10, 2008

UCI Announces Qualifying places for BMX Event awarded for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Official UCI News Release

Description: The International Cycling Union (UCI) has given the National Olympic Committees (NOC) confirmation of the number of places each of them has obtained for the BMX events at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

According to criterion 1 (UCI ranking by nation) which was finalized on June 1st 2008, and criterion 2 (2008 UCI BMX World Championships), 17 nations in the Elite Men category and 11 nations in the Elite Women category will be represented at the Beijing Olympic Games.

A total of 45 places have been awarded: 30 Elite Men and 15 Elite Women.

The UCI is very pleased with the universal participation, demonstrated by the qualification of several countries from the American and African continents.

The NOCs have until June 20th 2008 to confirm their qualification places. The remaining invitation places and vacant places will be awarded by a tripartite commission made up of the IOC, ANOC (Association of National Olympic Committees) and UCI in early July 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics

BMX Qualifying Places

Code Country UCI Ranking By Nation* Athletes Qualified
USA United States Of America 1 3
AUS Australia 2 3
LAT Latvia 3 3
NED Netherlands 4 3
COL Colombia 5 3
FRA France 6 2
ARG Argentina 7 2
NZL New Zealand 8 2
CZE Czech Republic 9 1
VEN Venezuela 10 1
ECU Ecuador 11 1
Subtotal/Places Awarded By Nation Ranking 24
* CRITERION No. 1: The rankings by nation are determined by the position of the three best male riders from each nation in the UCI world BMX ranking for the period from 01/01/06 to 31/05/08. The UCI world BMX ranking is determined by four categories of events. Category 1: World Championships; Category 2: UCI BMX Supercross World Cup; Category 3: continental events (10 events per continent); and Category 4: national championships.
Code Country World Championships* Athletes Qualified
RSA South Africa 3rd Place In Final 1
ITA Italy 6th Place In Semi Final 1
GBR Great Britain 7th Place In Quarter Final 1
SUI Switzerland 5th Place In Eighth Final 1
DEN Denmark 5th Place In Eighth Final 1
CAN Canada 6th Place In Eighth Final 1

Subtotal/Places Awarded By World Championships Qualifying

* CRITERION No. 2: The rankings by nation at the world championships are determined by the position of the male riders of each nation in the elite men’s finals of the 2008 UCI BMX World Championships (31/05/2008). Only National Olympic Committees which do not qualify under criterion no. 1 can qualify under criterion no. 2
Total Men Allocated By Criterion 1 & 2 30


Code Country UCI Ranking By Nation* Athletes Qualified
FRA France 1 2
NZL New Zealand 2 2
AUS Australia 3 2
ARG Argentina 4 2
CZE Czech Republic 5 1
USA United States Of America 6 1
NED Netherlands 7 1
CAN Canada 8 1
Subtotal/Places Awarded By Nation Ranking 12
* CRITERION No. 1: The rankings by nation are determined by the position of the three best female riders from each nation in the UCI world BMX ranking for the period from 01/01/06 to 31/05/08. The UCI world BMX ranking is determined by four categories of events. Category 1: World Championships; Category 2: UCI BMX Supercross World Cup; Category 3: continental events (10 events per continent); and Category 4: national championships.
Code Country World Championships* Athletes Qualified
GBR Great Britain 1st Place In Final 1
DEN Denmark 6th Place In Semi Final 1
SUI Switzerland 8th Place In Semi Final 1
Subtotal/Places Awarded By World Championships Qualifying 3
* CRITERION No. 2: The rankings by nation at the world championships are determined by the position of the female riders of each nation in the elite women’s finals of the 2008 UCI BMX World Championships (31/05/2008). Only NOCs which do not qualify under criterion no. 1 can qualify under criterion no. 2
Total Women Allocated By Criterion 1 & 2 15

Advance Tickets For U.S. Olympic Trials Race

If you're going to the U.S. Olympic Trials Race in Chula Vista, California, and you don't want to stand in line......You can go to the gift shop at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista and pick up your tickets for Saturday ahead of time. 

They are expecting very long lines the day of the race. 

If you live in the area, it might help you avoid some waiting on the day of the race.

Crupi International Racing, is goin' on!

Arcadia, CA  (June 9, 2008) – Crupi World Team claims  4 gold and 2 bronze medals at the UCI World Championships in Taiyuan, China.  W1 12-year old Hannah Sarten of New Zealand worked hard to keep her title and take her place on the top of the podium.  After a slow gate Hannah came into the first turn in 3rd place, but had the gold in sight.  She stayed tough through the second straight, held a low line, went for the pass in the second turn taking over and holding the lead to the finish line.  Hannah went on to take the gold in cruiser on Saturday for a first in the history of New Zealand!

Hannah Sarten

Merle Van Benthem followed Hannah making sure the Crupi girls would shine.  Merle came out of the gate and spent most of the race in second place.  Coming in to the third turn she decided it was time to put her riding skills to use jumping the entire technical straight she took the lead and kept it all the way to the gold.  She followed with a gold in cruiser where she left the gate in first place and never looked back holding it to the finish line assuring the Crupi girls with two double-doubles for the weekend! 

Holland rider Jelle Van Gorkom (Jr. Men) charged his way to a podium finish in Jr. Men’s Cruiser on Saturday.  Jelle had the first straight pull and went into the first turn in the lead, but a little bobble on the second straight was all it took to get passed leaving him in 5th position and having to make an aggressive pass in the last turn to secure that bronze medal.   

Canada’s Scott Erwood was feeling lucky to be in China after a much needed win at the 2008 Canadian BMX Championships.  Prior to this race Scott had not secured his position on the Canadian World Team and was feeling the pressure.  We found that Scott does well under pressure when he won the race by three bike lengths assuring him a plane ticket to China.  Scott was a little shy of making 1/4s in China, however it has been unofficially announced that Scott may be representing Canada in Beijing in August! 

Christine Miller isn’t going to sit back and let Scott do all the work for Crupi Canada.  She proved this when she powered her way to the top of the podium in the Canadian BMX Championships.  Christine would love her shot at a spot on the Canadian Olympic team, however the ladies only get one spot and that seems to be secured.  She will continue to train and push through in case she’s needed, and if not will be ready to go for 2012. 

Scott Erwood leading at Canada Championship race

Christine Miller at Canada Championship race

Hernan Santillan of Argentina showed up in China looking to be the newest rider on the Crupi Argentina team.  Hernan decided he had something to prove when he took the 13 boys class by storm claiming the gold.  Hernan may just be showing up in Crupi colors soon, we’ll keep you posted. 

Other Crupi World Team members showed up in China and gave it 100%.  Franco Soriano of Argentina finished with a 5th in the 9 boys class.  Reits Elnionis  out of Latvia finished with a very respectable 4th place in the 11 year old boys class.  Jay Schippers worked hard all weekend finishing with a 7th in class and 6th in cruiser.  Older brother, Jordi Schippers gave it his all and brought home a bronze medal in the 13 boy’s class.  Jordi had his work cut out for him after getting caught up in the pack, but after the dust settled he ended up with a 3rd place.  Nick Schippers (oldest of the Schippers brothers), came up a little short of making it out of quarters in the 15 Boys class, however I’m sure he is still feeling that his trip to China was worthwhile!  Ignacio Cruz of Chile finished up in the 15 boys class with a 7th place making his trip to China one to remember.  Liam Phillips was also there to represent Crupi, but had a little trouble when he got to see the dirt close up.  Liam was okay after getting up and will be ready for the next race. 

Keep your eyes out for Crupi’s Riley Bierbach and his Grandpa Jim.  They have travelled from Albuquerque, NM to Pennsylvania in the past two weeks.  Riley has been tearing it up making 8 out of his last 8 mains!  In Albuquerque Riley finished with a 3rd place in cruiser and a 6th in class on Saturday, followed by a 3rd and 4th on Sunday.  He and Grandpa then jumped in the truck and towed their Crupi trailer all the way to Pennsylvania to race in the rain and mud on Saturday.  Riley is a Crupi Trooper, not giving up and taking 2nd in class and cruiser on Saturday, then going on Sunday to win class and take another 2nd in cruiser. 

USA rider Tyler Brown had to take a break from racing to let an injury heal.  While Tyler was training and healing he shot a commercial for NBC for the Olympics.  It will be airing on NBC and is called the Olympic Mummy Commercial.  Tyler was joined by Matt Pohlkamp, Mikey Brabant and a few others BMX riders so keep your eyes out.  Tyler will also be representing Crupi on June 14, 2008 when he takes his spot on the gate with the other 7 USA riders chosen to race for the last spot on the USA Olympic Team.

Australia gets maximum BMX riders to Beijing Olympics


BMX Australia was today advised from the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) that Australia have qualified the highest number of BMX athletes to contest the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Australia now receives the maximum number of riders permitted which is three men and two women. Five Australian BMX riders will now compete in Beijing in August.


By the end of the qualification period which ended last week following the World Championship in Taiyuan, China, Australia’s points ranked them second in the men’s nation ranking and third in the women’s.


Prior to the championships, Australia were looking confident to stay in the top five ranked nations in the men’s however the women’s ranking was in some doubt to remain in the top four rankings which would allow the full contingent of two riders in Beijing. Two of the three point scorers for Australia were absent from the World Championships as injury took its toll. Current National Champion, Melissa Mankowski, suffered knee injury just one week prior while just one day before competition started Nicole Callisto suffered a fracture to her elbow during practice on the track in Taiyuan. The remaining rider, Tanya Bailey made it through to semi-finals scoring Australia four points which allowed Australia to finish ahead of close rivals Argentina, Czech Republic and the United States of America. The strong USA team only managed sixth place overall which allows them only one women's rider..


Australian selectors will now spend the month of June going over performance criteria and the selection guidelines in detail to nominate the five riders to the Australian Olympic Committee. The announcement is due on or about 27th June.


A full field of 32 men and 16 women will compete for the first time at any Olympic Games as a fully fledged medal sport. The announcement of BMX’s inclusion the sport has been preparing for its debut. Some of the notable changes have been the introduction of the higher, steeper starting ramp which is eight metres high. The courses themselves while still approximately 300 metres in length; have become more extreme mirroring the Supercross layout now seen in motocross. They now boast larger jumps and more challenging sections of track. Added into that is a slightly different racing format involving two time trials to seed riders plus the added bonus of lane choice by top finishers in each moto/heat.

Stile Industries Summer Tour Is Underway!

Its that time again to head out for the Stile Industries Summer Tour.  I can't believe that this is going to our 10th year on the road teaching riders across the country.  This year we are only teaching all day camps in order for us to have to work with the riders.  Anybody that has seen the Stile Ind. How to Race DVD knows how informative the camps are.  For more information and registration for the camps check with the local tracks.  For more information about the How to Race DVD go to  This summers camps are going to be the best yet so don't miss it.

June July August
June 11 E. Moline, IL                 BMX Speedway
June 19-20 Blue Springs, MO     Blue Springs BMX
June 21-22 Springfield, MO        SPOKES BMX
June 23-24 St. Peters, MO        St. Peters BMX

*3 Day Camp
July1,2,3 Trumbull, CT               TRACK

July 8-9 Johnstown, PA             Johnstown BMX
July 12-13 Richmond, VA          Richmond BMX

*3 Day Camp
July 14,15,16 Chaptico, MD      Southern Maryland BMX

July 22-23 Fond Du Lac, WI      Fond Du Lac BMX
July 24-25 Faribault, MN           Faribault BMX
July 26-27 St. Cloud, MN          Pineview Park BMX
July 28-29 Isanti, MN                Rum River BMX
July 31 Aberdeen, SD              Aberdeen BMX

Aug. 2-3 Colorado Springs, CO Pikes Peak BMX
Aug. 20-21 Mt Vernon, WA       Bakerview BMX
Aug. 23-24 Sumner, WA           River Valley BMX

Pedal Hard - Ride Smooth. - Stile Industries


help Redline's Anthony Derosa win the Oakley Diorama contest!

Let's help Redline's Anthony Derosa win! Lil' Ant has just entered this COOL creation for the Oakley “diorama” Contest  – please check out his sweet section and give him and BMX racing a VOTE!

Redline’s ANTHONY DeROSA is the littlest Oakley-supported Amateur in BMX, and since “Lil’ Ant”  hails from New Jersey, he included all things “Jersey” [from cement barriers to green toxic nuclear waste; which supersized green-glowing Ants that wear Oakley shades , to SNL's "I'm from Jersey" guy. hehehehehe.........

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Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, June 9, 2008


Dominguez Hills, CA—Dale Holmes, Free Agent World Team Member and Manager, is the 2008 World Champion in both the Master 20” BMX and 24” Cruiser categories after placing first this past weekend at the UCI World Championships in China.  The weekend proved successful for Free Agent.  The team cinched 5 World Championship titles as a while, including the 2008 World Championship Team trophy for the second year running.

“Day 3 was very successful for the team.  Thomas Hamon won the Elite 24” Cruiser World Champion title, Fred Rello took the Amateur 24” Cruiser World Champion title, I added the 24” Cruiser title to my previous Master 20” BMX World Championship win on Day 1, and the team as a whole took the Team Championship,” recounts Holmes.

Holmes’ two wins over the weekend brings his tally to 4 UCI World titles, having won in both 1996 and 2001.  In addition to his World Championship wins, Dale is also the 25-time British BMX Champion and is the only rider to have won Pro National titles in 3 decades – the ‘80’s, ‘90’s, and 2000’s.


Holmes, 36, lives and trains in Murrieta, CA where he has for the last 10 years.  In addition to rider for and managing the Free Agent World Team, Holmes also races mountain bikes for KHS Bicycles.  His BMX skills have provided for a successful crossover to mountain bike racing where he is a 3-time British 4x Champion.


ABOUT FREE AGENT – Free Agent is one of the worlds leading BMX bicycle brands, with distribution around the world. Free Agent has a long and celebrated history of supporting top racers from around the world, and currently sponsors reigning world champions. In the most recent season, Free Agent won a total of eight national and world championships. The Free Agent brand is produced and distributed by KHS Bicycles, Inc. Their website is


Emery Park BMx is lookin' for some BMX Cooperation!

Track Operators,  Can you post on your website and or print attached flyer up at your track. If you have upcoming events I will return favor and post on EPBMX website , around track and also will promote your events on Yahoo Kansas BMX mailing list. Has over 180 BMXers in the Midwest. Feel FREE to join and post your tracks events also. 

 Emery Park BMX

2339 E. Macarthur Road

PO BOX #16425

Wichita, KS 67216

316-522-8214 Track Hotline



Bring your BMX bikes and parts for sale. We will have a swap meet. 

Friday June 20th Single points race sign ups 6:30 - 7:30 PM Awards 1-3 

Emery Park BMX will its annual Race for Life event on Saturday June 21st, 2008. sign ups 4-5: 30 PM.

Anyone can race at this event--No ABA membership required

For a minimum donation of $10 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society plus a $5 race fee, certificates to all.

Remember  all spectators are free!

Parents must sign a waiver for children under 18.

For more information visit

Come and have fun trying out the newest Olympic Sport of BMX racing while you help those who suffer from Leukemia & Lymphoma.

Emery Park BMX is operated by Group Effort Association for Riders (GEAR), a non-profit organization. Redline bikes

Then on Sunday June 22nd we will host its Redline Cup Qualifier race.

Sign ups are from 9-10:30 AM.

 Cost is $30 per rider Trophies or stamps 1-4; open class awards 1-4 Stamps ONLY.

Visit for more info on the Redline Cup Series.

You must be ABA member to race this event, but anyone can come and watch—spectators are always free!

Pictures of Emery Park BMX

Motels & Directions

Thank you, Dayna Brown - Email at - Emery Park BMX (EPBMX), Wichita, KS 67216 - 316-522-8214 (Track Phone) - 

The Volunteers who make racing possible at EPBMX for the kids!

Glenn Codega Update Re: UCI Worlds Injury

Release from Ian Maclachlan of "The Factory" regarding Team Phirebird Rider/Owner Glenn Codega. 

For those who don't know, Australian elite rider Glenn Codega crashed hard at the World Championships in China.  During the first moto of the day Glenn was moving fast down the inside of couple of riders when he was squeezed slightly on the lip of one of the pro section jumps.  A split second reaction left Glenn with nowhere to go and consequently he missed the whole backside of the pro double.  Anyone who witnessed the accident or saw the clean snapped top tube of his bike knew that it was a heavy incident.  Glenn was rushed to hospital suffering a punctured lung, dislocated collarbone and other unconfirmed injuries.  The true severity may not be known until he is home and seen by local specialists.  
nfortunately due to the severity of the injuries, Glenn to date is still in China unable to fly home.  He has been released from hospital and is now waiting it out in Beijing whilst paperwork is arranged for his flight home.  Anyone who knows Glenn or has come in contact with him would know that he is truly one of the most generous and likeable elite riders in the field.  As an independent team owner, Glenn has been doing it tough in order to give himself the best chance of being selected for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.  Without any funding or major sponsorship and in-between operating a small business, performing coaching clinics, his duties as President of the Logan City BMX Academy, running a team and being an elite BMX racer, Glenn has never lost sight of why he continues his career in BMX.  It’s for the genuine love of the sport.  As a featured rider in our documentary "Life Behind Bars The Olympic Journey", I can tell you first hand that Glenn is one of the most emotional riders when it comes to talking about BMX.  Most elite riders will say that BMX is never a job for Glenn, a question that was put to him on camera not 30 minutes before the incident occurred.  Glenn's reply was his usual truthful self, admitting that it has been a struggle at times but being at the Worlds and wearing the green and gold made him feel proud and he wished to produce a result for his country.  
Thankfully Glenn's parent's were in China and remain with him at present.  Eagerly awaiting his return home is his fiancée Mel and ex racing siblings Jason and Julie Codega.  It’s been a tough year so far for Team Phirebird with elite rider and then Olympic hopeful Jamie Gray crashing in practice at the Adelaide Supercross event.  Jamie also suffered internal injuries that landed him in hospital which consequently ended his own Olympic dream.  
For those that would like to send Glenn a message, he is on e-mail at the moment whilst in China.  So far the plan is for him to fly home Friday 13th June, if all goes well.  I would like to add that this release was issued with consent from Glenn and that although it’s being sent from "The Factory", it’s a personal show of support for my friend Glenn Codega who I have known since he was a pup.  I wish the big fella a speedy recovery and hope that this does not put a dent in his passion for the sport, somehow I don't think it will. - Ian (Macca) Maclachlan

Send well wishes to Glenn via this e-mail; . Also The Factory is seeking anyone who may have been filming when the accident occurred, Glenn does not have complete recollection of the incident and at his request we are attempting to acquire footage.  Please contact The Factory on;


The Factory continues the journey towards the Olympics.....Adelaide, Australia

Yes, I know that this is way late, no one to blame but Mania. It IS however, RGS......really good stuff, so check it out and be the better for it! Sorry to The Factory for posting it late.


Mixed results in Adelaide for the Australian riders featured in the documentary “Life Behind Bars The Olympic Journey”.  For the five riders Khalen Young, Jared Graves, Luke Madill, Jamie Gray and Glenn Codega, results were needed to either stay in contention for the Olympic team or to push their way into the all ready tight squad.  


The Factory team was with Luke Madill at his backyard Supercross track leading up to the Adelaide events, the benefits were showing, as he displayed awesome track speed at both the Supercross (6th) and Australian National Championships (2nd). Not to be out done was Jared Graves who possesses one of the quickest snaps in the Australian elite field,  making the final in the Supercross and winning the National Championships.  


Khalen Young showed the crowds why he is rated one of the fastest riders on track in the world, pulling unbelievable moves in the turns.  Ironically he was unfortunate to fall in the second turn whilst leading his semi at the Supercross, a fall which not only handed fellow Aussie rider Kamakazi a spot in the final, but also greatly improved his rivals chances of a spot in the Olympic team.  Khalen was a non starter for the nationals with a busted thumb.  


Jamie Gray who went into the Supercross with a knee injury, fell in practice after over jumping the first double on the second straight then landing awkwardly between the next double.  Things went from bad to worse when he took off his knee guard and saw a gaping wound on his knee which required several stitches at the track in the medical tent. Later that night Jamie was driven to hospital and remained in the Royal Adelaide Hospital for the next few days with internal injuries.  Jamie was in the crowd later in the week watching the Nationals.  This injury has prevented Jamie gaining valuable selection points for the Olympic team.  


Glenn Codega’s natural trail style was on display, passing riders down the 3rd straight of the Supercross track, admittedly Glenn’s start was letting him down and in a stacked quarter against the best in the USA, was always going to find it hard to reel them in.  Glenn was unlucky at the nationals, in avoiding Kamakazi’s back wheel into the 3rd corner whilst sitting in 3rd in the semi, Glenn gave up a couple of positions to finish 5th.  

The adopted 6th rider in the film, Kamakazi had a big week in Adelaide, placing on the podium at the Supercross as well as a final birth in the nationals final.  Kamakazi and Luke Madill stood to equal Anthony “Howie” Waye’s record (although not consecutive) of 4 national titles.  


Jared Graves spoiled the party winning his first National title, a sensational race which featured Kama, Jared and Luke all swapping positions in the second corner.  The three boys traveled to Madrid together, all made the final of the Adelaide Supercross, and a week later entertained the crowd in the National final.

The Factory team have cut together new videos of the two events in Adelaide, these videos are dv camera footage that Chantel shoots around the track. It’s a bit of fun putting together the videos but not quite what you will see in the actual documentary.  


Checkout our latest videos on our revamped page on or'user=TheFactory47.  Vote on which rider you think will represent Australia at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, our poll has been reset so have a vote.  


The Factory would like to thank all the Australian elite riders who gave their time during the events in Adelaide, Johan and officials from UCI, coaching staff of Cycling Australia, officials from BMX Australia and media liaison Sharon Payne.  Most of all our five riders who put up with us pointing a camera at them throughout the events which we secretly think they like.  Good luck boys in Denmark.


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Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, June 6, 2008



Hilliard, OH – NBL Pro Series Checkpoint.  2008 will go down in history as the most exciting year in the history of BMX and while the Olympics continue to elevate the profile of BMX internationally, the NBL National BMX series continues to attract plenty of National attention.  On Labor Day weekend, only 8 days following the sport’s debut at the Olympics, the NBL National Champions will be crowned at the 2008 NBL Grand National of BMX in Louisville, Kentucky. Imagine being surrounded by thousands of fans and racers during the afterglow of the Olympics – And there’s much more to the ‘Grands Experience’ this year so be ready.

With only seven more races left in the NBL Pro series, the pros will be heading to Prunedale, CA on June 21-22 for the Golden State National and then on to the legendary South Park, PA track for the Stars n’ Stripes National,  June 28-29. Both Nationals are being held at two of America’s top tracks and both have been tuned up for the Nationals. Manzanita Park BMX has retooled the 2nd straight to improve flow and South Park has received a complete rebuild and will be better than ever. 

Free Agent’s Kyle Bennett, the current NBL National Champion, was officially named to the US Olympic team and is expected to focus on bringing home the Gold in China.  GT’s Randy Stumpfhauser has taken charge of the men’s chase and is the early favorite but he’ll have HP/Hyper’s Donny Robinson and Race Place BMX’s Jason Richardson to contend with. Race Place BMX’s Stephanie Barragan has dominated the women’s side and has a huge margin over Madison Pitts and VBS–Kenda’s Rachel Smith.

In Master’s action, Trackstars’s Percy ‘O-show’ Owens clings to a 2-point lead over Formula’s Tim Dinger in the Masters chase while Haro’s Logan Collins sits atop the Super-Ex standings ahead of Race Place BMX’s Warren McDow and Intense/Phantom On-Trac’s Kris Fox.  With the NBL Grands less than three months away, the NBL Pro Series may be crowning as many as four new Champions. 

Hey, if you can’t attend one of these classic events, tune into to view Live Webcasts from both National weekends and watch as the NBL season unfold in front of your eyes. Click this link to watch the Golden State Nationals ( and then check out highlights from the Freedom Nationals at Visit the NBL website to see full results and standings.

The 2008 NBL National Series is proudly sponsored by BAWLS Guarana (, Intense BMX (, Kenda Tires (, Standard Byke Company (, UGP ( Sinz Racing (, THE Industries (, in association with ( and Camp Woodward (

2008 NBL Pro Series – Top 10 after Freedom Nationals

NBL Elite Men NBL Elite Women NBL Super X NBL Masters

1.       Randy Stumpfhauser, CA     121-7

2.       Donny Robinson, CA            93-5

3.       Kyle Bennett, TX                  75-3

4.       Jason Richardson, CA          74-7

5.       Cristian Becerine, CA           68-6

6.       Matt Pohlkamp, OH             57-5

7.       Ramiro Marino, ARG            54-3

8.       Mike Brabant, CA                50-4

9.       David Herman, CO               48-3

10.   Jason Rogers, TX                 48-5

             1.       Stephanie Barragan, CA       119-5

2.       Madison Pitts, FL                58-3

3.       Rachel Smith, OH                55-3

4.       Alise Post, MN                    50-2

5.       Toni Rude, MO                    50-3

6.       Danielle Brisson, CAN          44-3

7.       Donna Snow, FL                  43-3

8.       Liz Passwaters, DE             42-2

9.       Kaila Sweeney, CAN            36-2

10.   Christine Miller, CAN            23-2

1.       Logan Collins, TN                 145-9

2.       Warren McDow, GA             127-10

3.       Kristopher Fox, CA              117-7

4.       Matthew Kelty, DE               110-6

5.       Tyler Faoro, FL                    85-6

6.       CJ McGuire, FL                   82-4

7.       Gavin Lubbe, CA                  52-3

8.       Randall Neave, FL                50-7

9.       Deak Brown, CO                  40-2

10.   Travis Ohrazda, CA              40-2

1.       Percy Owens, FL                 164-8

2.       Tim Dinger, NC                    162-10

3.       Dale Holmes, CA                 139-6

4.       Jason Carnes, TX                 138-10

5.       Tommy Opincar, TN             135-8

6.       Philip Potosnak, PA             122-10

7.       Kenth Fallen                        85-4

8.       David Bittner, CA                 79-6

9.       Domingos Lammoglia,FL      70-5

10.   Mike Gul, AZ                       53-4

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French BMX Olympic Selections


The French BMX Olympic selections are in and Patrick Cluzaud, BMX National Technical Director, will present the following riders for approval to the National High Level Sport Commission on June 26th.

Men - Thomas Allier and Damien Godet (Alternate/Thomas Hamon)

Women - Anne-Caroline Chausson and Laëtitia Le Corguille (Alternate/Amélie Despeaux or Magalie Pottier)


Go211 Features ABA Spring National Videos

Go211's Video Archives from the ABA Spring Nationals are now available online for on-demand viewing! 

Assemble your own playlist and watch the event in whatever order you want, only at! 

Also, Go211 has also uploaded complete coverage of the BMX Invasion 2008

This event, held in Hackettstown, New Jersey, featured some sick freestyle BMX action.  Check our our videos today!

UCI Worlds Challenge National Team Champs

I'm extremely happy to report that USA brought home the Gold again in Taiyuan, China!


In the Challenge National Team competition, USA finished in first place, followed by Japan in 2nd and Latvia, 3rd.


All of the USA riders did really well, both on and off the track.


There were smiles all around while trading jerseys and hats from riders from other countries.


To me that is what makes it such a great race to attend, to see all of the fellow riders that live in all points of the globe coming together for this unique event smiling and having such a good time!


I would like to thank from the USAC Ken Welpdale, Mike King, Dr. Kevin Adams, James Herrera, Kevin Suttmoeller, Katie Kaschub.


As well as, our interpreter Kia and mechanic Mr. Wong.


All of whom played a role in helping me on a daily basis.


I would also like to give a very special thank you to my coaches, Jeff Glynn and Jerry Bradford, these two guys are the best!


They had our kids dialed in and ready to go right from the start. Thanks guys!


I know we all look forward to another successful year, next year in Adelaide, Australia.


Hopefully we see you all there!


Until then keep the rubber side down and have fun!


Brian Fell - USAC Challenge Team Manager


UCi World Championships~China:
Redline scores wins by McLeod, Syvain, Heffron & Saya

After the first two days of Amateur action in China, Redline’s Global Team riders have already scored their fair share of victories and podiums.

9-GIRLS/10-BOYS: The first Redline’r to stand atop the Worlds podium was 9 year old girl SAYA SAKAKIBARA. Living in Australia, but doin’ ir for Japan, “Sock-it-to-’Em” Saya scored Redline’s first (of many, we hope) win. Saya’s brother, KAI, kept the fastness in the family with a 4th in 10 Boys.

11 BOYS: Next came 11 year old BMX prodigy REDLINE’s BROCK HEFFRON, who helped Team USA out by scoring one of the country’s first victories. For Brock, hailing from Arizona, this was his second consecutive Worlds title. And this year, he literally CRUSHED ‘em - holding a 8 bike length lead by turn two!

14 BOYS: Redline~France’s ENZO SCHILLING was laying down his horsepower like the Ferarri he’s named after, but in the main was pushed back to a 4th place.

Coming in to this event, Champions Australia~Redline’s MELINDA McLEOD, Canada~Redline’s TORY NYHAUG, UK’s SHANAZE READE, and Redline USA’s BROCK HEFFRON and DENZEL STEIN were all shooting for a repeat performance from last year.

15 GIRLS: As she has done for many years prior, Aussie supergirl MELINDA McLEOD stomped her comp. From the start, she pulled away from the packover the first jump. With superior jumping skills and mad power, McLeod won by bike lengths and holds on to that W-#1 plate.

16 BOYS: Redline was all over the 16 Boys podium! Down the first straight, Tory was up in the front of the pack but launched like Evil Knievel off the double jump entering turn one. Flat bottom landing! Meanwhile, this left Redline~France’s ANDRE SYVAIN took over and stretched his lead. For the next straightaway, Tory had fallen as far back as 5th, but got back on his built-in throttle down the third staightaway to recapture the three spot. Up front, Syvain and his Redline Flight Pro powered to the stripe and made it another victory for France and Sunex.

25-29 MEN: Everyone who was in Victoria should remember France’s LOIC PERSONNIER. He was the guy who won and then got DQ’ed for overly celebrating his victory. Loic and his new Redline Flight bike were hoping to redeem himself this year, but unfortunately he was squeezed back to 4th place in the final. No controversial celebration this year for the Lapierre Bike employee.

30+ MENS: Redline’s latest pick-p from the UK, TONY FLEMING, is probably kicking himself about now for losing his lead down the third straight. Flem-Dog was lookin’ fine up until some fast Frenchie skied the beginning of the rhythm, which gave him enough momentum to pull up alongside our Redline brit. After some slight elbow-grinding in the last turn, Fleming would have to settle for a 2nd and will seek revenge next year in Australia.

MASTERS: Without Redline’s Mr.Reliable, Jason Carne$, in attendance, this years’ Vet Pro class would all be up to Redline~UK’s ALAN HILL. And he was in the mix for a bit, but was unable to stick with his fellow countryman Dale Holmes. Hill wound up with a not-too-shabby 5th place finish, after a smooth line down the rhythm section, with classic turn-bars over each set of doubles.

UP NEXT: Saturday is Elite mains; starring Shanaze Reade, Kim Hayashi and Ziggy Callen in Elite Women, and in Elite Men – everyone from Netherland’s dominating Orange Crush, to Bubba Harris, Damien Godet, Manuel DeVecchi and Masa Sampei. In Junior Elite, keep an eye out for Denzel Stein like destroy everyone like Godzilla.
And on Sunday, all of the Redline amateurs listed above will be back in the mix, aboard their Redline cruisers for a last shot at Worlds fame and Chinese glory.











Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, June 5, 2008


Eight Athletes Set to Compete for Spot on 2008 U.S. Olympic Team, Saturday, June 14 

Contact:  Andy Lee (Tel.) 719.866.4867 (Mobile) 719.231.2041 (E-mail) (Website) 

Colorado Springs, Colo. (June 4, 2008)—USA Cycling announced today the eight athletes who will compete at next week’s 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Cycling (BMX).   

With the overall winner of the event earning an automatic nomination to the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team, the competitors include: Tyler Brown (San Clemente, Calif.), Danny Calaug (Chino, Calif.), Steven Cisar (Altadena, Calif.), Mike Day (Santa Clarita, Calif.), Kristopher Fox (Phelan, Calif.), Bubba Harris (Goodyear, Ariz.), David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo.) and Donny Robinson (Napa, Calif.).  

Following the 2008 UCI BMX World Championships last weekend, USA Cycling selected its Long Team – a list of athletes eligible to represent the United States at the 2008 Olympic Games. In addition to the eight aforementioned athletes, Kyle Bennett (Conroe, Texas) and Randy Stumpfhauser (Sanger, Calif.), were also nominated to the Long Team, but neither will compete at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials. Bennett has already secured an automatic nomination to the Olympic Team as the overall leader of the 2008 USA Cycling BMX Rankings, while Stumpfhauser declined his nomination. 

Robinson (2nd), Day (3rd) and Cisar (4th) all earned automatic nominations to the Long Team and invitations to the Olympic Team Trials by virtue of their top five ranking in the final standings of the 2008 USA Cycling BMX Rankings.  Since Stumpfhauser (5th) declined his nomination, Calaug (6th) then received an automatic bid as the next athlete in the rankings. 

Brown, Fox, Herman and Harris were all discretionary nominations to the Long Team and were extended invitations to the Olympic Team Trials based on various factors, including UCI BMX Supercross World Cup results, USA Cycling BMX Rankings, podium finishes and recent performance trends. 

Despite suffering a mid-season injury, Brown is one of only six Americans to qualify for a Supercross final this season and placed fourth at the opening round in Madrid last February. 

The youngest invitee at 19 years of age, Fox qualified for the semifinals of the season’s third Supercross last month in Copenhagen. 

Herman is one of only two Americans to win a Supercross this season with a victory at the second round in Adelaide, Australia last April. He is also one of only two U.S. riders to score points in all three 2008 Supercross events thus far. 

A world champion in 2005, Harris has missed much of the last two seasons because of injury but has shown he’s consistently returning to form with a pair of top-ten finishes in the time trial qualifiers of Supercross races this season.  He also advanced to the semifinals at the Adelaide Supercross.  

Per USA Cycling’s Olympic Selection Procedures, a women’s Long Team was also selected.  Five women received automatic nominations to the Long Team based on the final 2008 USA Cycling BMX Rankings – Jill Kintner (Seattle, Wash.), Arielle Martin (Pleasant Grove, Utah), Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla.), Stephanie Barragan (Montclair, Calif.) and Kim Hayashi (Chandler, Ariz.).  There were no discretionary nominations to the women’s Long Team. 

As the top-ranked athlete in the USA Cycling BMX Rankings, Kintner will receive an automatic nomination to the final Olympic Team.  

The 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Cycling (BMX) are set for Saturday, June 14 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif.

EVENT SCHEDULE FOR 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Cycling (BMX)

Eight Competitors to Compete for Spot on 2008 U.S. Olympic Team June 14 

Colorado Springs, Colo. (May 23, 2008)—USA Cycling and the United States Olympic Committee announced today the schedule of events for next month’s 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for the sport of BMX. 

Scheduled for Saturday, June 14 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., the U.S. Olympic Team Trials will feature eight riders with the overall winner earning an automatic nomination to the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team. Earlier this week, USA Cycling announced the five-race competition format that will be utilized to determine the overall event winner. 

2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Cycling (BMX) - U.S. Olympic Training Center - Chula Vista, Calif. - Saturday, June 14

Event Schedule:


2:00 p.m.

Pre-Race Press Conference - *Open to Accredited Media Only


9:00 a.m.

Doors Open to Public; Expo Opens

10:00 a.m.

Athlete Warm-up

11:00 a.m.

Time Trial (8 heats)

11:40 a.m.

Moto 1

12:10 p.m.

Moto 2

12:30 p.m.

Moto 3

1:05 p.m.


1:15 p.m.

Award Ceremony

1:30 p.m.

Post-Race Press Conference - *Open to Accredited Media Only

2:00 p.m.

Athlete Autograph Session

5:00 p.m.

Expo Closes

Tickets are now available for purchase by the general public online at, charge-by-phone at 619-482-6120 or in person at the U.S. Olympic Shop at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. Adult tickets are $10.00. Children and senior citizen tickets are $5.00. Visa accepted.

For media interested in attending the event, the online accreditation process will remain open at through Monday, June 9.  To apply for a media credential, visit


redline race report / 6-01-08

UK~Redline racer SHANAZE READE did it again; winning the UCi World Championships in Taiyuan, China, and firmly placing her bid as the Gold medal favorite this coming August when BMX Racing makes its Olympic debut in Beijing.

This was Reade’s second consecutive Elite Womens title - having won last year in Victoria, BC - Canada, and counts as her third in a row if you wish to include her Junior Womens win in Brazil 2006.

As expected, the French girls were the toughest competition for Reade’s quest for a repeat. Reade’s incredible strength showed right from the start, with a comfortable 6-bike length lead out of turn one. From there, it was pretty much all hers to win or lose. MTB legend Anne-Caroline Chauson came closest to keeping up with the Redline factory rider, scoring second place one second behind. In fact, Shanaze had such a strong lead by the last turn she was able to sit down on the saddle and salute the fans with a fist-in the-air victory crossing the stripe.

Without a doubt, Shanaze is untouchable at this moment – and the message is clear; all Elite Women have some serious training to do between now and August 21st if they want a shot at Gold.

Just like last year, this World Championship win is Shanaze’s second of the year; after repeating her Team Sprint win at the Track World Championship earlier this year. When all is said and done, she will have a closet full of rainbow-striped Worlds jerseys and should go down in history as one of Great Britain’s greatest cyclists of all time.

Elite Women (20”)
1 Shanaze Reade / UK ~ REDLINE
2 Anne Caroline Chausson / France (Vario)
3 Sarah Walker / New Zealand (AMB)
4 Jana Horakova / Czech Republic
5 Samantha Cools / Canada (Supercross)
6 Jill Kintner / USA (GT)
Amélie Despeaux / France (GT)
8 Laëtitia Le Corguille / France (Koxx)


·Team REDLINE is proudly sponsored by SHIMANO, SUN RIMS, TIOGA tires, KOOL STOP brakeshoes & PRYME safety gear


South African BMX racing star, Sifiso Nhlapo’s third place at the 2008 World Championships in Taiyuan, China at the weekend didn’t only cement his qualification for the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games, but confirmed that the 21-year-old Johannesburg rider is now a genuine Olympic medal contender.

“An Olympic medal is now my only goal,” said Nhlapo from China on Sunday, in his characteristic laid-back manner. “At various events in the past year I have beaten all of the world’s best riders and here I showed that I can get a medal at a major international event. It’s given me the extra confidence I need to go for a medal at the Olympics. But it’s also showed my rivals that I am now a real medal threat.”

Only 32 men and 16 women will compete in BMX racing in Beijing on a ‘super-sized’ track that should provide a lot more spectator excitement and global interest than the individual track cycling time trial events that BMX racing is replacing on the Olympic cycling schedule.

Going into the world champs, Nhlapo’s world ranking was 12th, but he is likely to move comfortably into the top 10 following his weekend success. The MTN-sponsored Nhlapo won his three qualifying races relatively comfortably. He then finished second in his quarterfinal heat behind two-time world champion, Thomas Allier of France; and in the semi-final was second behind Australian Jared Graves, the world’s current No.3-ranked rider.

It’s wasn’t the smoothest race in the final for Nhlapo, whose lightning quick first-straight power saw him overcome the small disadvantage of starting in Gate 6, one of the outside gates in the eight-rider event. He entered the first corner in second, marginally behind Latvia’s Maris Strombergs but the Latvian held a high line through the banking, which forced Nhlapo to stay high and lose a place to Steven Cisar of the USA.

“Maris didn’t cut me off, he just held his line, but it wasn’t ideal for me to be so high on the banking and I couldn’t change it,” explained Nhlapo, who went on to maintain third place to the finish. Strombergs, who is Europe’s No.1-ranked rider, won the gold ahead of Cisar and Nhlapo respectively. The three were separated by less than a second.

“I’ve put in a lot of hard work over the past few years and it’s paying off,” smiled Nhlapo. “I raced this final many, many times in my head before today and that definitely helped me be completely relaxed and not intimidated. All the Olympic Games contenders were here and everyone was at their peak. It feels good to finish with a medal!”

Douglas Ryder, himself a former Olympic cyclist and owner of the MTN professional cycling team of which Nhlapo is a member, said that Nhlapo’s success had far-reaching implications.

“It’s an amazing result for Sifiso, but also for South African cycling,” said an elated Ryder. “He has shown what is possible through a combination of dedication and dreams and will hopefully be an inspiration to many youngsters so that BMX racing, which is really quite small in South Africa, will experience a growth spurt. BMX racing is the key to developing a new generation of cycling talent in this country and Sifiso is the perfect role model.

“Sifiso never takes anything for granted and is an unbelievably honest and ethical young man. We are proud to be involved in his success and wish him well in his build-up for Beijing.”

2008 BMX World Championships
Taiyuan, China
Elite Men’s Final:

1 Maris Strombergs LAT 36.091sec
2 Steven Cisar USA @ 0.384sec
3 Sifiso Nhlapo (RSA) @ 0.614sec
4 Donny Robinson (USA) @ 0.864sec
5 Damien Goddet (FRA) @ 1.096sec
6 Thomas Hamon (FRA) @ 1.590sec
7 Jared Graves (AUS) @ 1.718sec
8 Jonathan Suarez (VEN) @ 2.609sec













Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, June 4, 2008

UCI World Championships 2008 in China – ONE/Kenda riders take 2 Elite titles

ONE KENDA press release


It was a great day at the “office” for Maris Strombergs from Latvia.

The Latvian riders have put there country on the map in the last few years.

With Maris’ outstanding performance this year Latvia is without a doubt one of Worlds dominating BMX countries.

For Maris it all started at the Christmas Classic in December where Maris won day 2.

And also the Supercross Series have been going well with a 2nd place in Australia and a 3rd in Denmark.

But ONE/Kenda’s Maris went for more.

2 weeks ago the Latvian star won the European Championship for Elite Men.




Now, 2 weeks later, Maris shows he can do more. WORLD CHAMPION Elite Men 2008.


Magalie Pottier from France must have gotten motivated to see her ONE/Kenda team mate take the title.

In Women's Elite Cruiser Magalie Pottier won the title.



European Champion in Junior Men, Toms Skujins from Latvia, took a 4th place and Aneta Hladikova from Czech Republic was back after her injury and made it to 6th place in Women's Elite Cruiser for ONE/Kenda.



Elite Men - Maris Strombergs LAT, 1st


Elite Women cruiserclass - Magalie Pottier FR, 1st - Aneta Hladikova CZE, 6th


Junior Men - Toms Skujins LAT, 4th


We would like to thank all our sponsors for their help in this success and Jerry Landrum (BMX MANIA) and Shane Jenkins (BMX ULTRA) for putting our press releases online.

Thank you: Kenda, UFO, Snap, WLM Design, Bombshell, The, Shimano, Fizik, NIKE, ODI, Pinch Gear, Bollé, and Thomson


We wish our injured riders, Joyce Seesing from the Netherlands and Arturs Matisons from Latvia, a good and fast recovery. They have been watching the races on BMX-VIDEOS.COM.


Photos:  BMXMANIA and Normunds Taims

Hot Spring Racing News From J&R


Dans Comp Trade Team Rolls To Big Win At The UCI Worlds

9 x NBL National # 1 Team Champions - 2 x World # 1 Team Champions

Current  points leader in the  NBL Factory Team division:  Dan's Competition wins the trade team  title in Taiyuan ,China.

With just enough riders to fill a team sheet, they got it done. 

They're bringing home the trophy that counts.

Dans Competition sent  5 riders from the good ole USA all the way to China.

All 5 riders were in  final main events.

After the dust cleared (and Scott and Tim brushed themselves off!) here're the results: Scott Moreland 30 over men W # 8 & W # 7 crus ..... Tim Sonner  25-29 men W # 7 & W # 8 crus ..... Weston Pope  17-24 men w # 1 & w # 2 crus ..... Alden Volle  12 boys  W # 1 & W # 1 crus ..... Preston Woods  12 boys  W # 2.

Also representing Dans Competition in China was our 9 Girl, Shayanah Howell from Aruba W # 3.

Were proud of our riders for bringing home the gold and look for the World team  trophy to be in the Dans Comp pit at the NBL Stars & Stripes National in Pittsburgh, Pa. which is the teams next stop towards NBL Title # 10.

Wed like to thank the people that support the team. Big "D" @ ..... Ray @ ..... FMF Bikes ..... Jared @ DK Products ..... Charlie @Profile racing ..... Joey @ Answer Products ..... Ryan @ Sun Ringle

Excalibur Clinic This Weekend!

Editor's Note - The clinic will be at the NBL Track in Columbus, Indiana











Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Gold, gold, gold for Australian BMX riders at final day of UCI Worlds


Australia gained a record three gold and one bronze medal at the UCI BMX World Championships in Taiyuan in China. Cruiser class riders Ryan Van Vugt (Perth, WA), and Madison Janssen (Gold Coast, Qld) claimed gold medals in their respective races in the 13/14 age class.


Ben Clark (Blue Mountains, NSW) also scored gold in the 15/16 cruiser class. In the 15/16 girls though it was Lacey Oliver (Gold Coast, Qld) who outshone the defending gold medallist, Melinda McLeod (Mackay, Qld) to score a bronze medal. McLeod finished in fifth place.


With Australia’s claiming an impressive six gold medals over the three days the future of BMX as it enters the Olympic arena is looking positive.


The 2009 UCI BMX World Championships will be held in Adelaide at the end of July.


The elite riders will return to Australia and await notification of places for the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

Challenge Racing Strikes Gold X 3 at UCI Worlds

Challenge Racing sends out congrats to two riders from our ABA Factory Team, who attended this year's 2008 UCI BMX World Championships in Taiyuan, China!

Alden Volle doubled by taking the Gold in both 20" Class and Cruiser.

Weston Pope won in 20" and took a second in Cruiser.

Alden and Weston where both defending UCI World Champions in 20 inch Class.



TBC (Tony's BMX Clinic) would like to congratulate Lauren Reynolds for her outstanding results at the World Championships.


The Silver medal has capped off a very successful year. Apart from winning Silver at the Worlds', "The Bear" has also racked up Western Aust. #1, Probike National Series #1, UCI Ranked #1 and Australian Jnr Elite #1.


Another most notable moment was Lauren qualifying top 10 at the recent Adelaide Supercross where "the Bear" jumped her Factory Answer bike to outstanding results, only to miss the final with an error while leading out Jill Kintner and faltering, costing her the berth in the main. 


Aside from this, as a 16 year old girl, Lauren was one of the first to jump the deadly first straight and show the Elite girls that she is ready to mix it.


Having been a part of the TBC -(Tony's BMX Clinic) roster for several years now, we are setting our sights on a very successful international career for Lauren.


The structured training and commitment Lauren has put herself through has led to the moment now where she needs to be a part of a more competitive scene.


USA and Europe are on "the Bears'" agenda.


Any interest from companies needing an Elite female rider please do not hesitate to show expressions of interest. Contact [TBC]


Extreme Sports/Answer’s ABA Spring Nationals Team Report 

The Extreme Sports/Answer bike shop team decided to make the 10 hour trek from Southern California to Albuquerque, New Mexico to compete in the ABA Spring Nationals and to do a little sightseeing on Memorial Day on the return trip.  With the gas prices so high, a few parents decided to take me up on the offer of a ride in the motor home to get to the race.  Four team members and seven bikes later, we hit interstate 40 late Thursday night.  The journey started off with rain and hail in California and by the time we got to Flagstaff, Arizona, we were in a major snow storm.  We decided to stay near Flagstaff that night, hoping it would be better in the morning.  When we left the next morning, I think the snow was actually falling harder.  Luckily the highway was still open as we carefully went through the snow and eventually made it to Friday’s practice under Duke City BMX’s roof.  

The team on this trip consisted of Bryce Batten, Levi Pope, Alvin Prigett, Zachary Vankammen, Matt Rubeck, Jessica Navarro, and Lauren Whisler.  With 10+ other Bike Shop teams in attendance, including local team 505 Racing, we knew it was going to be a tough challenge.  On Saturday, the team posted a good score of 197 points to take the win.  However, on Sunday the team had a few mishaps as the team finished out of the money for the first time this year, taking 5th place with 174 points.  Congratulations to VRP/Bike Alley and 505 Racing as they tied for first place with 192 points on Sunday and Intense/Venom/Fly and BMX Hex/Staats/Monster taking 3rd and 4th place respectively.      

On the return trip, the weather warmed up and by the time we got to Flagstaff Sunday night, all of the snow had melted.  We made a little detour over to the Grand Canyon and luckily we got the last hotel room in the park on Sunday Night (yes, on Memorial Day weekend!).  We got to stay in the Presidential Suite at the El Tovar Hotel with a view overlooking the Grand Canyon.  A few hours of walking around the awesome Grand Canyon rim, we headed home to finish an outstanding weekend.  It’s always a joy to attend a BMX national and be able to make these little side trips with teammates.

Zachary Vankammen, Jessica Navarro, Alvin Prigett, and Matt Rubeck (rear) enjoying the Grand Canyon Views. 

Again, thanks to all of the supporters of the Extreme Sports/Answer BMX race team including:  Extreme Sports which is currently under going a web site changes (, Answer BMX (, Tangent Products (, ODI Grips (, S&M (, Helix Electric (, and Surf City Garage ( 

 Scott Angus, TM

Another gold for Mackay's McLeod

At just 15 years of age, Queenslander Melinda McLeod (Mackay) claimed another gold medal in her short career. McLeod won gold in the 20 inch class on the second day of competition at the UCI BMX World Championships in Taiyuan, China.

“This is my fourth gold medal,” admitted McLeod who claimed two gold medals at last year's World Championships in Canada both in 20 inch and cruiser class.

Being the reigning World Champion presented problems for McLeod. “The number one is always a target,” she explained. “In my motos I had trouble then in the final on the gate I wasn’t that nervous so that was good.”

“I just focused on my gate and the first straight and put in as many pedals as I could,” said McLeod.

McLeod will be old enough to compete at the second Olympic Games for BMX in London in 2012.  “This is one of many stepping stones on the way to London,” she confessed.

Fellow Queenslander, Lacey Oliver (Nerang BMX Club) also matched her bronze medal from last year with another medal this year. Oliver had a wide gate and was back in fifth position after the first turn before moving through the field to claim third.

Adam Sanderson (Lake Macquarie) claimed a silver medal in the 16 boys.









Today's BMX Racing News - Sunday, June 1, 2008

France Rocks Three of four cruiser classes at the UCI Worlds

Elite Men - Thomas Hamon/FRA

Elite Women - Magalie Pottier/FRA

Junior Men - Joris Daudet/FRA

Junior Women - Mariana Pajon/COL

Complete Cruiser Championship Results Posted to

The BMX Mania UCI Worlds Race Report Page!



Joyce Seesing Out For The Count!
Joyce Seesing, 'rocket fast' Junior Women's rider for ONE Bicycles is "out for the count".
Joyce suffered a TREMENDOUS injury to her foot during the Dutch National Championships recently.
Many of the small bones in her foot have been broken and she has undergone complicated surgery to put everything back together.
The big question is, will Joyce regain the ability to race after such a terrible injury.
Joyce most recently took home Top Honors at the 2008 European BMX Championships in Weiterstadt, Germany where she took home the Skinny Digit in the Junior Women's Cruiser class and stood tall on the podium in Third Place in the Overall Standing for the '08 Euro Junior Women's Championships.
Joyce followed that up with a pretty impressive Semi Final appearance at the UCI Supercross World Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark where she competed with the toughest and fastest Elite Women on the planet.
Keep Joyce in your thoughts and prayers, as she undergoes this tough surgery and deals with the aftermath of a very severe injury to her BMX racing career.


First Gold on day one of BMX World Champs in China 


Australia has claimed one gold and two silver medals on the first day of competition at the World Championships in Taiyuan, China. Gold Coast youngster, Karlten Wolsey, won gold in the 10 year boy class for 20 inch. Wolsey clashed with the defending world champion from Canada, Parker Simson, in the first corner but got the advantage and retained the lead.


Wolsey won his first gold medal at six but the number one plate eluded him every year. The closest was in 2006 when Wosley gained a silver in Brazil.


In the final race Wolsey confessed he was nervous after clashing with the defending world champion. Simson. through the motos.


“Before my race I was bit scared because he (Simson) knocked me off in the second race and I was a bit nervous but I used it to my advantage in the final,” said Wolsey.


“I had a really good gate not my best gate and Parker was in lane eight and he gave me a bit of nudge with the elbow so I returned the favour. He went up the corner but didn’t crash. I was a bit wobbly but I rode my hardest,” explained Wolsey.


Even at ten years old, Wolsey has his sights set on the 2016 Olympics.


Another Nerang BMX club member, Madison Janssen, claimed silver in the 14 girls. Another silver was claimed in the 14 boys by Western Australian rider Ryan Van Vugt.


The challenge classes continue tomorrow and on Saturday the elite riders line up in their final Olympic selection race before the sport debuts in Beijing in two months time.