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Actually, the photo is taken by DEREK Novaes, not Dirk Novice, but you gotta admit, it's a pretty cool BMX name!

Photo by Dirk Novice/

Official Results - Photo Race Report

NBL Golden State National Official Results

Day One

Elite Men - 1 Kyle Bennett 2 Joey Bradford 3 Cristian Becerine 4 Marc Willers 5 Randy Stumpfhauser 6 Donny Robinson 7 Derek Betcher 8 Jason Richardson

Elite Women - 1 Kim Hayashi 2 Amanda Geving 3 Danielle Brisson 4 Madison Pitts 5 Stephanie Barragan

Elite Masters - 1 Dale Holmes 2 Kenth Fallen 3 Dave Bittner 4 Tommy Opincar

Super Ex - 1 Jason Morris 2 Sean Storms 3 Gavin Lubbe 4 Kris Fox 5 Kyle Zondervan 6 Logan Collins 7 Ryan Garcia 8 Travis Ohrazda


Day Two

Elite Men - 1 Kyle Bennett 2 Cristian Becerine 3 Marc Willers 4 Joey Bradford 5 Kyle Cushman 6 Jarrett Kolich 7 Javier Colombo 8 Randy Stumpfhauser

Elite Women - 1 Kim Hayashi 2 Amanda Geving 3 Stephanie Barragan 4 Danielle Brisson 5 Madison Pitts

Super Ex - 1 Logan Collins 2 Kris Fox 3 Gavin Lubbe 4 Jason Morris 5 Sean Storms 6 Kyle Zondervan 7 Keith Grine 8 Travis Ohrazda

Masters - 1 Kenth Fallen 2 Dale Holmes 3 Dave Bittner 4 Tommy Opincar

Wanted to highlight Logan Collins A Pro win on Sunday in Prunedale last weekend. Logan was going for the win on Saturday but ran over Travis Ohrazda when he wiped out. Logan is leading the NBL A pro points chase. Logan has had a brush of bad luck over the past few weeks (China) and a win in CA was big time!! Special thanks to Loganís sponsors: Haro Bikes, Intense tires, THE, Bell, No Fear, Shimano.


Photo Race Report

Photos by Derek Novaes/


  The last chance for points, round 3 of the Elite men!  
Arielle Martin was victim to the new second straight at Manzanita Park. Yet, she still encouraged fellow pro, Jill Kintner to hit the section. From down south in Chula Vista to up north in Prunedale, Kris Fox showed the crowd why he was one of the chosen to race in Chula Vista. Randy Stumpfhauser is a staple to the Golden State National, with family in tow, expect strong and positive results. Randy is 100% professional. Anthony Derosa, always a contender, even when he is the smallest in amixed class, count on 100% effort! New colors for Tyler Brown this weekend, Crupi Green, looking good as usual! Despite injuries Jarrett Kolich keeps doubters at bay. Another Olympian, of Team Argentina and also the powerful Free Agent World BMX Team, Cristian Becerine.
Don't know this kid's name, we only know his as Poppie Bear - But we can say that he's fast and was very strong down the new second straight. Little Landon Sellers of Factory Answer and Canyon Lake making it look easy at Prunedale. Jason Morris of Extreme Sports pulls off another super ex-cellent win, look for a jump up to Elite soon! Kim Hayashi must love this track, she seems to always shine here, this weekend was no exception. Kim got skills! Pyskopath rider, Patty Metzger made the drive down from South Tahoe to enjoy the heat and some winning!

An all weekend battle between Mike Darnley and Al Roybal, expect the unexpected on the track, but you can always bet on a battle to the line!

Team USA's female Olympian, Jill Kittner! Girl Power!