Sands Convention Center - Las Vegas, Nevada

September 24, 25 & 26, 2008

MCS had a ton of new product on display. They took a bunch of orders, makin' owner, and BMX Kruiser King and MCS Owner, Jeff Devido a pretty happy lookin' dude!

The MCS line of complete bikes has a ton of hot lookin' cool colors and graphics. The also come with good parts at a great price. Pictured here, it's the Magnum 24 that all of those 40 something "I just came back to racing" Old Skool guys will want to race!

MCS Speed Freak, 20.5" or 21.25" top tube, 14.5 rear triangle, 74.5o head tube angle,  72o head tube angle with 1 1/8" Integrated head tube, 26.6 mm seatpost, Euro BB, linear pull brake mounts, a 3 lbs. 9 oz. frame weight and comes in a variety of colors.

Need handelbars? MCS has 8 different bars for you to clamp on your bike to keep you going in the right direction.

Speaking of handlebars, MCS is going to be offering some super cool carbon fiber bars from Sunline that'll shave a lot of weight from your ride, so check em out, they are Suh Mooth!

Custom Cycle Supply, the supply side of MCS, is makin' it happen with a new line of BMX race gear from Royal BMX.

Bright lights and crazy stuff all over the place. Interbike has seemed to settle down in Vegas, they're comin' back next year! SWEATIN' TO THE OLDIES! Didn't know such high powered celebs such as Richard Simmons attended Interbike, did you? Well, Richard is actually the mullet sportin' All Round BMX Pro from Diamodback/UGP, Nate Berkheimer. Keep an eye out, cuz "PersonaMan" WILL show up again, some where! Randy Stumpfhauser wasn't there but he did have a presence in the ODI booth with this large ad poster! Oakley's always a hot destination for show attendees. Lots of new stuff from the O and you never know who you'll see there, when Oakley sponsored riders stop by to check things out. GT's, Bronze Medal totin' Lady BMXer, Jill Kintner had a nice display at the GT layout. Hmmm, that foto on that poster looks familiar! Wonder who took that one? Uno Who!  :-) Office space is in short supply at Interbike. Christophe Leveque (One of the greatest pros of all time) runs US Pro Bikes in Europe with his partner Fred Rello. The US Pro Bike guys were at the show makin' deals and orderin' stuff from vendors.
Fly BMX Racing was in the house, with a GREAT '09 lineup of fine lookin' duds. This color scheme is one of the smoothest looks ever!

HOT lookin' race pants and GREAT LOOKIN' HELMETS!

A couple of wild & krazy guys from Intense / Phantom / On Trac. Nic Long (Left) and Kris Fox, hammin' it up with some of the Fly gear!

If you can't find your Razor in the garage, you can check em out here to pick up some wheels. Razor! Didn't know that they were still around.   Kuwahara had a great lookin' layout, designed by Vegas's very own, Nate Berkheimer. Natarsha Williams and the gang had both race and freestyle offerings. This year, the color scheme is a nice understated black, white and gray that gives the complete bikes a fast look to them. Grab this Kuwahara Cruiser and GO FAST! The Mini from Kuwahara was looking good with lightweight parts from their "Funn" product line, some Tektro Brakes and super grippy Maxxis Tires.   Redline's always a cool place to stop by at the show. gOrk and the guys had a great lookin' layout with lots of soft wear and Redline parts. The Redline Micro. Great parts and a good value, too. Aluminum, Tektro Brakes, Alu Cassette Hubs, nice job for a good price. The 16 inch 'Pit Boss' looks like tons of fun on a small bike. It's the bike that Redline's, Denzel Stein rides. The Flight Pro XXL has the best parts and is a winning combo.

You get hit right out of the gate when you're in Vegas. Here the ads for shows on The Strip start while you're picking up your luggage in the airport.


At Interbike, just about anybody who has a display where people can sit down is PRIMO. Here, the Marzocchi folks have some show attendees kickin' back!

This woman had no idea what she was selling. It was little flashy safety lights!

Here's a poster of Joe Sowers in his Supercross garb, getting it on for Azonic?

In Vegas, you're likely to see anything. Ck this Bad Boy out. It's a custom Lamborghini Gallardo, sittin' outside Interbike Bike Show. 200 MPH & 250G's.

If you can't get a ride in the Lamborghini Gallardo to the left, you can always make your way around town in this STRRRETTTCH Hummer Limo.


Alienation's cool line of seats. More good stuff from Alienation, 'cassette' style hubs. Need Gripage? Zach Taylor just added Ryan Birk to the Alienation lineup to make sure you get what you want. The Alienation Deviant is going to be on LOTS of bikes this year, you can bet on that. Bulldog has a booth at the show and has released a full line of hot new stuff from their New York offices. Sweet lookin' flat pedals from Bulldog. There's a lot of stuff at Interbike that's just hard to figure out. I have NO idea what these guys were promoting, but their booth was pretty wild. Guess I should have stopped and checked it out, huh?

Hyper Bicycles, Donny Robinson was in "full effect" at Interbike. Interbike is a tough gig for riders, well, it's a tough gig for anyone, with 6 to 9 hours walking around on a hard concrete floor, but some of the riders make the scene and Donny is usually one of the ones that do. dR was stopping by Trade Show Booths, signing autographs, posing for photos with his Olympic Bronze Medal and 'sprinting' off to one appointment after another. He'd probably rather be home doing sprints or hittin up the gym, but it's good stuff for the sport, cuz, bike shows like this are where the companies are at.

Here's a wild bunch. 'dR' Donny Robinson & Jason Rogers are checkin' out the upcoming issue of BMX World Mag with World's, Craig Sainsbury. The Hyper booth was a beehive of activity with people stoppin' by to check out some 'dR action' and checkin' out the line of new bikes and parts that they've got comin' out. dR's makin' calls, Jrog is guzzlin' some milk and Hyper's T.M., Jud Ciancio is getting things organized for some more Hyperness. The Hyper "dR Autograph Signin' Poster". Lots of these got given away over the three day bike show. The manufacturer of the "Coolest Uniforms In BMX", Hot Shoppe had the dR Corporate jersey goin' on! Hot Shoppe Designs Guru, Dave Marietti (at right) is showin' off his handiwork with Hot Shoppe's, Don Dalton. Want one of these jerseys? Keep an eye out on BMX Mania for YOUR chance to win a signed one of your very own! dR gets attacked by the Tektro Army! dR had many sponsor visits to make at the show, and here he stops by the Tektro booth and gets attacked by adoring sales people, enginneers and CEO's. Tektro's worked with Donny for 3 years and he's even got his own signature brake with their TRP branch. This crew is responsible for MILLIONS of brake sets every year, they can build you ANYTHING!

Sam & Sam! Samantha Cools was holdin' court at the Supercross booth and got a chance to grab hold of some Aussie Talent in her buddy, Sam Willoughby, who was in town shoppin' for some support. AND, if you want to go fast like Sammy C, you can pick up one of her EVOis frames. There are some of the best frames on the planet. Sammy Cools EVO details.  Sammy also had her own Signature TRP Carbon/Magnesium Brakes announced at Interbike. Set up in a shiny black format, these babies are some sweet stoppers. The company's called Greg Hill Products, named after one of the most prolific racers of all time. This complete bike is called "The Jackal", named after GHP's, Vet Pro, John Purse, a legend in his own right! Here's an Old Skool legend for ya, as well. This is the replica of the original GHP ride, from way back in the 80's. Greg raced this one to victory at races all over the 80's, and now it's all replicated for you to buy and jam on your own. Greg and the GHP Boys were doin' their thing all week at Interbike, signin' up dealers and preachin' the word.

They can do it up on the track as well!


GHP has one of the hottest team efforts goin' on on the ABA National Circuit, and they used this photo of the team at the GHP booth at Interbike!

Pedals, Frames & Bikes In Las Vegas

Interbike is as much about the people as it is the bikes. Left, "Supercross Bill" Ryan is sittin' and talkin' with BMX Racing Legend and frame maker extraordinaire, Billy Griggs, who has built more frames for more fast riders than anyone on the planet. Not sure what they're talkin' bout, but it probably involves frame geometry and high speed tubing.....All the while, Old Skool Legend & ABA Hall Of Famer, Turnell "Tuni" Henry is shoppin' for something, not sure what. We'll see.

On the right, Olympic Finalist, Damien Godet is checkin' out the latest from Redline, his sponsor along with Christophe Cordier (Left) and French Elite Legend and owner of one of the coolest names in BMX. . . . . Carmine Falco as they shop a new Sponsorship Program that they are all involved with called DN1, (National Division 1) in France. Exciting stuff, AND, all of the hot companies were there releasing their new gear for 2009!



Bicycle Industry Gathers at Interbike 2008 Feeling Positive About 2009 Selling Season

New products introduced for growing commuter, urban and lifestyle categories,
as well as the latest in mountain and road bikes and accessories

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. - Sept. 30, 2008 - Bicycle manufacturers, retailers, advocacy groups and industry guests were optimistic about the market and its future as they gathered in Las Vegas during Sept. 22-26, for the industry's leading business-to-business event, the 2008 Interbike Outdoor Demo and International Bicycle Expo.

"The mood during both the OutDoor Demo and the Expo was incredibly optimistic," said Interbike Advisor, Lance Camisasca. "In particular manufacturers and retailers were talking about swelling interest for commuter, urban and electric and folding bikes, and a rise in people that are using bicycles to ride to work, a quick trip to the corner grocery store or an outing with their family. This new consumer segment is providing economic opportunities for the entire industry."

Buyers and media began the Interbike market week by testing the latest in road, mountain and cyclocross bikes and accessories at Interbike's Outdoor Demo, held Sept. 22-23 in Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, N.V. Nearly 5,000 people contributed to record attendance at the two-day Demo and more than 200 brands helped make this year's event the largest OutDoor Demo since the pre-indoor expo was started 13 years ago.
"Outdoor Demo becomes more valuable to us every year," said Doug Martin, marketing director for FELT Bicycles. "Once buyers are done test riding, they come back to the booth and ask many questions of our engineer or product manager. From there it is just a matter of getting the order on paper. Buyers are consistently pleased about trying the products before finalizing their orders for the year."
Once in the Sands Expo and Convention Center for the indoor portion of the show, more than 23,000 exhibitors and attendees filled the hall. Retail buyers with extensive buying power were able to make informed purchase decisions by interacting with approximately 1,100 brands, as well as industry non-profit and advocacy organizations.
"Interbike makes the research and ground work for buying decisions easier by putting all of the major brands in one place," said Ronnie Bratcher from Reality Bikes in Cumming, GA. "I was extremely pleased with all of the product I saw and the renewed focus on bikes that fit the need of the average consumer."

"This year's Expo was phenomenal," said Pat Cunnane, president of Advanced Sports. "Not only was our booth busy, but our competitor's booths seemed busy as well. The addition of Breezer Bikes to our product lines, well known for its emphasis on bikes as an alternative mode of transportation, brought additional attention to our booth."
After months of high gas prices, the industry placed significant emphasis on the commuter, urban and lifestyle categories. This included several new exhibitors specifically focused on this market segment along with new bikes and product lines from established brands such as Dahon, Electra, QBP, Raleigh, Schwinn, Shimano, Specialized and SRAM.
In order to demonstrate business opportunities with this new category, Interbike added a new show feature by debuting the Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show presented by Momentum Magazine. The event highlighted how real people use the latest in cycling-friendly bikes, clothing, bags and accessories for everyday life. Models rode along a path that weaved through the audience showing off the form and function of the highlighted products.
Some of the other events surrounding Interbike 2008 were two separate Web 2.0 and New Media seminar's held during the show on Wednesday and Thursday, Wednesday night's Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the Sands, the CrossVegas cyclocross race, where Lance Armstrong raced in the Elite Men's category, and Thursday night's USA CRITS Finals held at Mandalay Bay Resort.
"As the new show director, I tried to meet with as many attendees as possible," continued Tompkins. "It was rewarding to hear that despite difficult economic times, both retailers and exhibitors seemed to agree that their investment in Interbike was worthwhile and the event is absolutely necessary to attend to see what's new and further develop business relationships. All in all, Interbike 2008 was a great success and we are already working on plans to create a 2009 event that continues to provide a business and community platform for the entire industry to connect and ultimately grow."
In addition to strong numbers in sold space and attendees, preliminary numbers indicate close to 550 members of the media attended Interbike, a double digit increase compared to the previous year. With this year's interest in commuter and urban bikes, along with a special appearance from seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, working media attendees represented non-endemic publications such as the LA Times, Men's Journal, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Wired Magazine along with editors, writers and producers of cycling-focused magazines, Web sites, blogs and podcasts.
Interbike will continue next month with the inaugural Outdoor Demo East to be held in Providence, R.I., on Oct. 21-22, 2008. The two-day industry demo event is the first Interbike product testing event specifically targeted at servicing east coast dealers and their staff who may not be able to attend the Interbike Outdoor Demo in Las Vegas.
Interbike OutDoor Demo East currently has 45-plus bicycle and accessory manufacturers scheduled to exhibit. The dates for the 2009 editions of the Interbike OutDoor Demo and International Bicycle Expo will be, September 21-22, and September 23-25, respectively.
For more information about Interbike and its series of bicycle industry trade shows, please visit and its blog
About Interbike
Interbike (a business unit of Nielsen Business Media, the parent company of the Outdoor Retailer (OR), Action Sports Retailer (ASR), Health+Fitness Business, and Fly Fishing Retailer trade shows) is a full-service trade show company that creates, markets and produces high-quality expos and educational conferences. Producers of the OutDoor Demo and Interbike International Bicycle Expo, Interbike is the leading bicycle industry business-to-business event management company, bringing together top manufacturers, retailers, industry advocates and media to conduct the business of cycling. Interbike ( gathers more than 1,100 cycling-related brands and close to 23,000 total attendees annually.
The 2009 Interbike trade-only events begin with OutDoor Demo (September 21-22, 2008 in Boulder City), followed by the Interbike Expo, September 23-25 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. Dates for the 2009 OutDoor Demo East have yet to be determined.