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BMX racing news, Monday - February 28, 2011

Buchanan, that is! CB's been busy down in Australia, setting up her season for a strong run at an Olympic berth on the Australian National Team, promoting women's sports, training, do some racing and......Well, you can find out by checking out her latest video blog. Cool.








BMX racing news, weekend update- February 26-27, 2011

BMX Mania Race Report/Insane local race action




Dale Holmes (Re) Launches DaleHolmes.Com is  back.

Free Agent/Rockstar Team Manager, Dale Holmes, who has been on the inside of more BMX Race comings and goings than Justin Bieber at a Barbie Convention, has "Re-Launched" his site,

Just in case you've been living under a rock, Dale's a LONG time BMX Pro racer, former UCI BMX World Champ (We'll NEVER forgive Dale for his last corner pass on Stumpy in Brighton, but that's another story!), hails from the English BMX Race scene, came to the U.S. to race for GT "Back In The Day", merged his BMX career in to a successful foray in to 4X/Fourcross MTB racing (Translate that to gnarly BMX  on the side of a mountain while riding a mountain bike.) and retired from AA/Elite BMXing to racing Vet Pro whenever he feels like it and managing the Free Agent/Rockstar BMX Race team.

Howz he gonna find time to update his web site? Don't worry, Dale will figure out something, and it'll be interesting, cuz Dale's ALWAYS got something to say! I remember the time at the Euro Rounds when the power went off and there was an 'Elite Uprising' and Dale was.........

You'll have to tune in to to get the story, cuz, Dale will be on the gas.

A regular  feature  is going to be  Podcast  interviews that Dale's going to do with Pros and Industry figures, he's started off with Cristian Becerine and Robbie Miranda, so you check out what Dale's get to ask them, it's interesting.









BMX racing news, Friday- February 25, 2011

J&R Bicycles/Speed Gator Nationals Team Report:

After picking up our National #1 ABA Bike Shop trophy and doubling in team competition in the season opener at the Silver Dollar Nationals in Reno, a few team members from the southwest decided to make the trek to Florida to race in the ABA Gator Nationals and support J&R Bicycles at its local ABA track, Oldsmar BMX, and pick up a few team and NAG points at the same.

A great turn-out from both women and men elite riders from around the world looking to get some valuable UCI points made for an exciting weekend.  The track had been put on steroids from previous years, making for some action packed races.  It was great to see factory Speed Bicycles rider Marc Willers get two wins for VSI.

After a triple-double at the Sooner Nationals, J&R/Speed rider Tristan Mitchell led the way in Florida, picking up his fifth and sixth win of the season in 8 cruiser and two 2nd place finishes in 8x.  Also, with some podium finishes to support the team were Leinani Peralta, Austin Fowble, and Levi Pope.

The next stop for the team will be at the ABA Great Northwest Nationals in Redmond, Oregon.  The J&R Bicycles crew will be bringing out its trailer to vend at the ABA Super Nationals in Desoto, Texas, March 4-6.  Check out all of the latest BMX goodies at J&R.

The team would like to thank all of its sponsors, including J&R Bicycles (, Speed Bicycles (, Troy Lee Designs (, Sinz (, THE (, Alienation (, Shimano (, Rennen (, and ODI (

UCI Latin American Points Race / Cordoba, Argentina

The Argentina BMX Federation kicked off the 2011 BMX Racing Season with a GREAT UCI Points race for valuable UCI Latin American Ranking points at the Cordoba BMX Association track, this past weekend.

Nearly 300 riders came from all over South America, with riders from Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico, Denmark and the USA as well.

This was a very important race for Elite and Junior Men and the Elite Women's classes as it is important points that lead the way to London 2012!

Argentina's, Ramiro Marino was the big Elite Men's winner on the weekend with triumphs in all area of classification, battling his way the Quarters, Semifinals and two Elite Men's victories. On the other hand, Fredrico Polo (ARG) also had a good weekend at the races as he scored a big 2nd on Friday and took home a strong 4th place finish on Saturday.

Elite Women's racing featured some HEAVY competition between Argentina's, Gabriela Diaz, one of the most experienced women riders of all time with multiple UCI World Championships to her record and Colombia's, Mariana Pajon, who is the HEAT of Elite Women's racing at the moment. Gabi turned in a strong 2nd place on Friday, battling with Pajon hard to the end of the race. On Day Two, Gabriela and Mariana were going hard bar to bar in to the first turn and Diaz crashed in hot competition, to end up with an 8th place when the dust settled. The Argentine Junior Woman racers, Florencia Soriano had a great weekend in the Elite Women's class taking a Fourth on Friday and a podium finish in Third on Saturday, while racing "out of class", making a very good finish for herself.

In Junior Men's racing, the Friday racing saw the Ecuadorian, Alfredo Campo battle hard with Argentina's, Lucas Bustos (2nd) while Otto Duch, Agustin "Larva" Suarez and Federico Villegas all made the main event for their home country, finishing 6th, 7th & 8th respectively.

The Argentine BMX Federation would like to thank the members and parents of the Cordoba Association, who suffered a week long period of rain, only to work hard to put the track in to good shape for this important race, and it was really one of the best tracks in South America. Also, big thanks go out to the amateur class, cruiser and girl racers from our country who raced hard, brought back awards, experienced success and made this event a great one, Thank You Argentina!

Thanks also to all of the riders who came from so many different countries to race so well and honor us with their attendance, and now it's on to Paulinia-Sao Paulo for the road to the Olympics!



JUNIOR MEN: 1-Alfredo Campo (Ecuador), 2-Lucas Bustos (Argentina), 3-Igor Ferreira (Brasil), 4-Hugo Osteti (Brasil)

5-Allan Oliveira (Brasil), 6-Oto Duch (Argentina), 7-Agustin Suarez (Argentina), 8-Federico Villegas (Argentina).

ELITE WOMEN: 1-Mariana Pajon (Colombia), 2-Gabriela Díaz (Argentina), 3-Stefany Hernandez (Venezuela), 4-Florencia Soriano (Argentina)

5-Andrea Zuluega (Colombia), 6- Mariana Díaz (Argentina), 7- Estefanía Gomez (Colombia), 8- Naiara Silva (Brasil)

ELITE MEN: 1-Ramiro Marino (Argentina), 2-Federico Polo (Argentina), 3-Augusto Castro (Colombia), 4-Jonathan Suarez (Venezuela)

5-Renato Rezende (Brasil), 6. Jose Díaz (Colombia), 7- Jose Escudero (Ecuador), 8- Andres Jiménez (Colombia)


JUNIOR MEN: 1-Lucas Bustos (Argentina), 2-Matheus Da Silva (Brasil), 3-Federico Villegas (Argentina), 4-Igor Ferreira (Brasil)

5- Ignacio Cruz (Chile), 6-Gaspar Manzini (Argentina), 7- Alfredo Campo (Ecuador), 8-Hugo Osteti (Brasil)

ELITE WOMEN: 1-Mariana Pajon (Colombia), 2- Stefany Hernandez (Venezuela), 3- Florencia Soriano (Argentina), 4-Mariana Díaz (Argentina)

5-Naiara Silva (Brasil), 6- Estefanía Gomez (Colombia),7-Andrea Zuluaga (Colombia), 8-Gabriela Díaz (Argentina).

ELITE MEN: 1-Ramiro Marino (Argentina), 2-Augusto Castro (Colombia), 3-Jose Escudero (Ecuador) 4- Federico Polo (Argentina)

5-Carlos Oquendo (Colombia), 6-Andres Jiménez (Colombia), 7-Agustin Podesta (Argentina), 8-Renato Rezende (Brasil).








BMX racing news, Thursday- February 24, 2011


Egg Harbor Township BMX

Veteran’s Memorial Park Ocean Heights Ave.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

TRACK PHONE: 609 927 9089 (leave message for call back)

****Saturday, March 26th, 2011****



PRE-REGISTRATION FORM This form must be received by: March 5th, 2011 if you are registering for a sweatshirt.



It's that time of year again! The annual Jack Frost Classic at the long time awesome Egg Harbor BMX track. The weather may be good or it may be bad, you never know! BUT.....You do know that it'll be one of the most fun races of the year, so get in touch with EHT BMX (See contact info above!) and hit up this Classic East Coast BMX Race!








BMX racing news, Wednesday- February 23, 2011

Olympic Gold Experience Comes To French BMX National Team

Anne Caroline Chausson  is back with the French Elite Team to help bring back more Olympic medals to her country...
... But this time, she will be helping Team France as Assistant Coach to Fabrice Vettoretti mainly at the team's training compound Pôle d'Aix-en-Provence where the Olympic hopefuls train.

With an BMX Olympic gold medal in Beijing and a "few" world titles in MTB and BMX, it was really just a matter of time until the French Cycling Federation (FFC) would ask her to share her technical knowledge and her experience in preparing for major events.

Anne-Caro, who left BMX in '93 to focus on her MTB career ( bringing her 16 World titles, 6 World Cup and a record-setting 55 UCI victories), came back in 2006 to the sport of BMX for a chance to compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and finally won the first gold medal in that event.

Anne-Caroline will step in to her new functions March 1st while Team France will be visiting the UCI CMC in Aigle, Switzerland.






BMX racing news, Tuesday- February 22, 2011

2011 BMX Racing Group Sponsored Teams and Riders

The BMX Racing Group has been hard at work producing some of the best products for BMX racing and what better way to test and refine these products? Support some of the top Pros and teams in BMX racing. Now after testing is complete on our current offering, you can get the same products the Pros are using! Here is a breakdown of our current teams and riders.

Chase BMX is excited to have signed one of the USA’s top riders, Connor Fields – The future of BMX is now riding the future of BMX frames, Chase BMX. Conner has been gearing up for the new season and when he hits the track in 2011 watch for big things to come from this gambling man from Vegas. Conner will be supported by some of the best brands Fly Racing, Kenda Tires, ODI Grips, Kicker Audio, Shimano, Elevn, Insight, Tioga D Spyder Seats, and Excess BMX. Look for team more info very soon.

Elevn BMX makers of ultra lightweight Chromalloy Handlebars and Forks are already on some of the world’s top racers and teams. Mike Day, Donny Robinson, Connor Fields, Rennen/Intense, Factory Felt, Dutch National Team, Ramiro Marino, New Zealand National Team, Tony Hoffman, Gavin Lubbe, Robert Rio Frio, Eric Rupe

Insight BMX Plates, Numbers & Seats are the choice of Champions. Riders like Mike Day, Donny Robinson, Conner Fields, Ramiro Marino, Dutch National Team, Gavin Lubbe, Eric Rupe, & Tony Hoffman are using Insight parts.

Excess BMX Wheels, Rims, and Free Wheels are quickly becoming the top pick of racers world wide, our current Pros Conner Fields and Gavin Lubbe are already taking the wheels to the top of the Pro class and now they are available for the rest of the world to win on as well.

You too can use the BMX Racing Group line of parts. Visit for more info on all of our items and our 2011 Race Support Program.









BMX racing news, Monday- February 21, 2011


In this episode we get to see Shanaze and Victoria Pendleton prepare and race at the Manchester Track World Cup 2011.

GHP/Risen & Crit Plates Join Forces!

If you’ve been around BMX for the past couple years you will have noticed three letters popping up around the track.

Those letters are GHP.

You might not know who or what GHP stands for.

If you’ve been in the sport since the 80’s, then you already know, GHP stands for Greg Hill Products.

Greg Hill is one of the founders and an icon of BMX racing. He has done it all, and so much more.

Another name you might have seen is Crit Plates.

Crit plates have been around since the early 80’s.

Crit Plates have sponsored such teams as MCS, Free Agent and Mongoose, along with pros like “Big Daddy” Eric Rupe, “Pistol” Pete Loncarevich and Greg Hill himself.

Greg Hill and Crit Plates are proud to announce they will be joining forces once again.

Crit plate will be outfitting the Factory GHP/Risen team and the Risen/GHP team for the 2011 season.

To check out all Crit Plate products go to

For GHP Products go to and for Risen forks go to






BMX racing news, weekend update- February 19-20, 2011

One Bicycles Factory Riders In The News

Christensen doubles
Chris Christensen doubles in Kortrijk at the first international event of the year in 15 Boys.

The first international BMX event in Europe is as usual the Indoor in Kortrijk during the Velofolies bikeshow. ONE/Kenda’s World Champion Chris Christensen from Denmark was present with his sister Simone and Rowdy van Harsel was going to race Junior Men in his first year. New in the team and also present were Jasper Peters, Nadja Pries from Germany and Denzel Vakkers who made the switch from the Junior ONE team to the ONE/Kenda team.

Denzel got 3rd and 2nd in 13 Boys, Nadja took 3rd and 3rd in Junior and Elite Women and Simone made it to 4th and 5th.

Nadja Pries 2010 Sportswoman

In Erlangen, Germany, Nadja Pries was voted the 2010 Sports athlete of the year award, by the city's citizens.

2011 ONE Race Frames

7005 T4 and T6 heat treated

• CNC machined drop outs and headtube

• Hydroformed toptube and chainstays

• logo lasered 1 1/8" semi integrated headtube

• fits Chris King Inset perfectly

• black/white

• Pro, XL, XXL and Pro cruiser

Latvia to host international race series

Starting with May 15, at six Sundays International BMX serial of races will take place in different Latvian areas, towns and cities called "BMX Grand Prix Latvia". The general organizer for the series is the Latvian Cycling Federation in cooperation with Latvian BMX clubs. 

All rounds of the BMX GP Latvia are included in UCI International Calendar with UCI Category 5 International race status.

The BMX Grand Prix Latvia rounds will be held on the following dates and places:

Round 1 – May 15, Ventspils

Round 2 – June 12, Madona district

Round 3 – July 17, Burtnieku district, near Valmiera

Round 4 – August 7, - Saldus;

Round 5 – August 28, Smiltenes district, Silva;

Final Round – September 25, Riga, Mezaparks.

Important information on the "BMX Grand Prix Latvia" is available on the official website – . It's filled not only with information that is directly related to competition, but you can also obtain info on travel and accommodation and other necessary travel and event items in the area. 

Athletes will be invited and the series participants announced to the world through many national cycling federations. A rider can participate in any individual event, but the series champions will be determined at the final round of Riga in total with the other four stages. 

As noted above, the final round will take place in Riga, Mezaparks which is designed to be one of the most modern in Europe. 

"BMX Latvia Grand Prix" races and the overall contest will take place between 18 different age, skill and gender categories. Youngest group members may start even from 5 years old. 

Before the race  Junior and Elite Men will compete in a "Time Trial" qualification. 

The Latvian Cycling Federation invites all supporters to support this prestigious tournament, which is mainly intended to promote the popularity of BMX around north-eastern Europe. 

Follow the BMX GP Latvia on Twitter: Or The Facebook Page:



BMX racing news, Friday- February 18, 2011

Want to Win a pro-gate Air Ram?


  • One 110v air ram or 12 Volt DC air ram, 3 piece pin set
  • One FRL and spare element for FRL.
  • Retail value = $1,151
  • Tickets: $10 each, 6 for $50 or 12 for $100
  • Winner announced @ 12:15 pm on Sunday, February 20th immediately following the awards ceremony
  • For more information contact Jay at or Pierce at Competition Congress

JW 4 Bolt Spider

JW 4 Bolt Spider




19mm Spindle Bore


1.8 oz


MSRP $29.99

Machined to tight tolerances to make sure your gear runs true and smooth. Made from .250” thick 7075 aluminum so you know it’s strong. Sprocket mounts to back of spider which helps improve chain alignment if you run external bearings.

Small step on back allows you to run the spider directly against the bearing without having to use a washer. Use with JW 7075 4 Bolt Gears for best results. See one in action on the bike of Jeff Upshaw.


For more details or to purchase visit







BMX racing news, Thursday- February 17, 2011

Go211 Gator Nationals

Webcast Replay

Go211 will be replaying the entire Gator Nationals webcast for all the BMX fans this weekend.

If you couldn't watch it live or you were racing and want to watch your races now this is your chance.

Watch the pre show, every moto, quarter, semi final and main event from start to finish.

Save The Link:


National Day 1 Replay Live: Saturday 2/19 | 12PM Eastern

National Day 2 Replay Live: Sunday 2/20 | 12PM Eastern








BMX racing news, Wednesday- February 16, 2011

Marc Willers First Double Victory in the U.S.

Marc Willers/Speed BMX Race Report

Tampa Bay, Florida was the home to the 3rd ABA National weekend for 2011. It also was the North American UCI Continental Championships race.

The track was reasonably technical and, for once, riders had to actually make use of the practice sessions to get it dialed in. The first step-up proved to be a factor for many as it was a little high for the short-legged riders to manual, yet had too much hang time if you chose to jump it. I preferred the tried and true technique of just stabbing the rear wheel down as hard as possible and hoping to get enough pop over the landing, which seemed to do me well for the weekend. The start ramp was also a test of pure horsepower. On this hill, you either have it or you don’t. Sitting on the gate, which felt almost like flat ground, was awkward to balance at times.

This race, by the way, was filmed by NBC Universal and will air some time in April and May.

Saturday’s race was the Continental Championships and I started off strong with three holeshots and three wins in the motos. Forty-one Elite men turned up for the race, which meant we had to endure quarter finals.

Sticking to my routine of late, I continued to choose lane 1 throughout the day and again won my quarter as well as my semi-final. With some serious Olympic points on the line, the pressure was on to get out clean in the main event. Having the faster time through the semi-finals I had first lane pick so slotted back into 1. The gate dropped and I found myself with a slight lead at the bottom of the . From there I went on to take the holeshot and the win in front of Sam Willoughby and Corben Sharrah in 2nd and 3rd. I also become the North American Continental Champion.

After getting a bit lazy on the whole eating-during-race-day thing, I awoke on Sunday feeling the burn after basically redlining myself all of Saturday. It seems protein shakes, bananas and stupid amounts of caffeine are not the easiest to recover from.

The first two motos were a struggle but by the third, I had snapped out of it and found my groove again. Winning all of my motos, quarter and semi, I again had the fastest time going in to the main and took lane 1. In the main, by the time the first turn came I was in the lead and I stayed there till the end.

I successfully took 12 holeshots from 12 starts and got my first double victory in the U.S. I also made it three ABA wins in a row making it four total wins, a 2nd, and one forgettable semi-final blunder for this season.

I’m going to skip the next Desoto ABA race in March as I will be flying home to New Zealand for the Oceanic Continental Championships the following weekend.

Thank you to all my sponsors Speed, Sinz Elite, THE, ITS, Swatch and Shimano for all your support and everyone else for helping me get here.









BMX racing news, Tuesday- February 15, 2011


1 Marc Willers 1 Dominique Daniels 1 Rusty Nesvig 1 Brooke Crain
2 Sylvain Andre 2 Amanda Geving 2 Nate Padilla 2 Dani George
3 Corey Reid 3 Samantha Cools 3 Jordan Miranda 3 Taylor Wolcott

Pro Cruiser-Barry Nobles ... A Pro-Dennison Smith ... Vet Pro-Kenth Fallen ... USAC Jr. Dev. Girls-Felicia Stancil ... USAC Jr. Dev. Boys-Maliek Byndloss

1 Marc Willers 1 Dominique Daniels 1 Rusty Nesvig 1 Brooke Crain
2 Sam Willoughby 2 Amanda Carr 2 Austin Loebe 2 Dani George
3 Corben Sharrah 3 Ashley Verhagen 3 Jordan Miranda 3 Taylor Wolcott

Pro Cruiser-Jason Carnes ... A Pro-Alex Anthony ... Vet Pro-Kenth Fallen ... USAC Jr. Dev. Girls-Shay Glynn ... USAC Jr. Dev. Boys-Maliek Byndloss


Nhlapo's 2012 Olympic Dream on Hold

Sifiso Nhlapo at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. Photo - Jerry Landrum/BMXmania.com2010 saw Sifiso Nhlapo make a remarkable comeback from a broken neck in 2009. The MTN Qhubeka Team rider came back after spending 10 months recovering, training and a few races to standing on the podium in front of all his country man at the 2010 BMX World Championships held in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, where he finished 2nd behind the Latvian, Maris Strombergs.

If you know the story of this young South African he doesn’t like to make anything easy for himself and is always bouncing back from something, some call it bad luck, others think it could be from trying to hard but Skizo will tell you “its racing, this is what I do. Our sport is extreme and if you're not riding on the edge you're not getting out of motos and making mains”

In 2005 the South African was Junior Cruiser World Champion, in 2006 he picked up a ride with the MTN Cycling Team which allowed him to compete full time overseas and gain the experience and momentum to become a full time PRO BMXer living his lifetime dream. 2007 was a breakthrough year with him making a few mains and in 2008 Skizo was consistently getting on the podium. Two weeks before the 2008 China World Championships, South Africa was 12th in the Nation ranking and the MTN rider had to finish on the podium to make it to the Olympics. If this was not enough pressure around 14 days to the World Championships Skizo crashed and was unconscious for 4 min before being rushed to hospital. He was told not to race but that would mean ending his Olympic Dream, Sifiso pitched up in China and went about business as usual and finished 3rd which qualified him for the Olympics and to make history as being one of the first BMX riders to compete at the newest sport at the Olympics. I think every South African watching Nhlapo in the final had tears in their eyes as he went down in a possible podium position.

Sifiso had been recognized by the World and most importantly everyone at home started recognizing our BMX Hero. Sifiso knew he was one of the Worlds fastest and backed it up with a stellar performance in 2009 breaking records of 6 straight wins in the Elite class in Europe. As the pattern goes and you can see when he is UP he is UP. The following week training Skizo had an unfortunate training accident which left him with a broken neck, doctors told the young South African he would not race again but he said he would prove them wrong. 10 Months later he did just that at the 2010 BMX World Championships in Pietermaritzburg finishing 2nd and most probably the greatest comeback of his career.

The MTN Qhubeka BMX rider was excited for the 2011 season as he was going to be heading into it stronger than previous years and would be SO ready for the first SX Olympic Qualifying round in South Africa in April. As the pattern goes in early season racing at one of the ABA US National rounds in Guthrie, Oklahoma while leading one of the heats he came into contact with Canadian rider, Tory Nyhaug. This encounter caused Nhlapo to unclip from the pedals, in doing so he hyper extended his knee. At the time Skizo got helped off the track by the medics and sitting track side decided to drive himself to the hospital to check it out. On arrival at the hospital and seeing a doctor, he received the news that he would have to fly back to SA and have knee surgery as he had damaged his ACL. The doctors have now ruled that Nhlapo will be out of racing action for the next 6 months.

What does this mean for the young South African? Well if none of the other South African Elite Bmx riders are getting past quarter finals at the SX Events and scoring points it will pretty much make it hard for SA to qualify for the Olympic Games and realistically Skizo will have to rise to the occasion and podium at the 2012 World Championships. This is a huge task as you have one shot at it on the day, but if you look at the way in which Nhlapo seems to have the calmness and big match temperament as seen in the last two Elite BMX World championships he has competed in, he has finished 3rd & 2nd respectively in 2008 & 2010 missing out 2009 because of the broken neck.

Doug Ryder MTN Qhubeka team owner commented, “BMX Racing is an Extreme sport and we knew this when we got involved with Sifiso. He has had extreme highs and lows in the past few years as he chases his and Africa’s dream of an Olympic Cycling Champion. We hope he recovers physically and stays mentally strong to continue on his path. Nice people deserve to be successful and this is hopefully just a minor setback.”

Sifiso comments before going into surgery on Monday 14th February, “I'm sad that my season ended before it barely started. Mostly for my sponsors family friends and fans. I had put in a lot of hard work for this season and was hoping for it to work out good. 2012 is the only goal now and I'm going to make sure come hell or high water come 2012 London Olympic Games Skizo105 will be on the gate. Thank you for all the positive vibes.”








BMX racing news, Weekend Update- February 12/13, 2011



Ssquared's, Josh Meyers LAUNCHES while chasing eventual winner, Marc Willers (Speed BMX). Josh got up and rode out the lap. No injuries.
1 Marc Willers 1 Dominique Daniels 1 Rusty Nesvig 1 Brooke Crain
2 Sylvain Andre 2 Amanda Geving 2 Nate Padilla 2 Dani George
3 Corey Reid 3 Samantha Cools 3 Jordan Miranda 3 Taylor Wolcott






Elite Men's Podium

1 Marc Willers

2 Sam Willoughby

3 Corben Sharrah

Elite Women's Podium

1 Dominique Daniels

2 Amanda Carr

3 Ashley Verhagen

BMX Mania Gator National Race Report Page Posted!
Friday Pro Practice Photo Gallery Posted, Check It HERE!

Coming This Weekend: BMX Mania Race Coverage

Of The ABA Gator Nationals In Oldsmar, Florida

Breaking News! ..... NBL/GSX To Reschedule Primm Valley And NationsTour Race

New Date and Location For Race Are To Be Determined

GAHANNA, OH (February 8, 2011) — Conditions at the planned location for the NationsTour Race in Primm Valley, Nevada have made it impossible for the NBL and GSX to access the previously confirmed site in order to build out the SX-style track. As a result, both the NationsTour race originally scheduled for March 4-5 and the Primm Valley National scheduled for March 6 will be rescheduled in order to maintain the integrity of the NationsTour Series. The replacement location and date are yet to be determined.

NBL CEO Gary Aragon explains, "We had confirmation from the local organizing committee who has done a great job putting this event together, but we have encountered some unexpected hold ups, and we are running out of time to do the build, so we don't wish to place the event at risk."

GSX CEO Johan Lindstrom adds, "This is unfortunate, but it is the nature of events of this scale. But we are committed to a full tour and we will work to reschedule the event a soon as possible."

Andrew Fersch, Director of Sales for Primm Valley Casino Resorts affirmed that, though they had some unanticipated delays with the property, they are looking forward to hosting this event in the near future and will be working with the NBL & GSX to reschedule this event in a different area of the Resort property.

More information will be posted on the NBL website as soon as available.

Felt Bikes/Alius BMX/Dans Comp BMX Race Team Features Solid Riders, and Felt Is Back On The West Coast!

As a late addition to the teams announced for 2011, the newly formed Felt Bikes/Alius BMX/Dans Comp team is now a reality.

With the generous support of Felt Bicycles, Dans Competition, Kenda Tires, Alius BMX and Fly Racing, team riders Corey Reid (AA Pro) Josh Study (19-27expert) Mike McGonigle (28-35expert) and one yet to be named athlete will be fully supported to a pre-determined ABA National schedule.

“This has always been a dream for Jason and me” said team founder, tonyd, “For 5+ years now, Jason Donnell and I have thrown ideas back and forth about creating a team.  We always were into the idea of giving back to a sport that gave us a lot of opportunity in life.   So after we started the Alius project, the next step was to show our support to the industry somehow. This team is phase 1 in doing so”.

Big thanks go out to the following, as this team exists because of the likes and generosity of Alan Foster at Felt Bikes, Dusty and Rayn at Dans Comp, Ray Hudson at Fly Racing, Kenda Tires and Alius BMX. 

“This is a first year team, and with that you can’t have many expectations other than to have some fun and win some races.  In between, we’ll build some momentum and sell some product”, said Team Manager and part time racer Mike McGonigle.

“We’re still trying to figure each other out and see what makes these guys tick.  I’ve known Corey and Josh for a long time, so having them on the team is great for me as both a Team Manager and a racer because they know what to do and how to do it.  I just need to make sure the team always looks good and the riders are always happy”.

2011 Felt Bikes/Alius BMX/Dans Comp Team schedule:

Jan 14-16: Reno, NV.
March 18-20: Surprise, AZ.
April 15-17:  Chula Vista, Ca
May 13-15: Bakersfield, Ca.
May 27-29:  Albuquerque, NM.
July 15-17:  Las Vegas, NV.
Aug 12-14:  Tucson, AZ.
Sept 2-4:   Reno, NV.
Sept 30-02:  Chula Vista, Ca.
Nov 24-27: Tulsa, Ok.

Jagger Co. Signs Canadian Elite Men Champion Jimmy Brown Intense/Fly National Team

Jagger Co. is pleased to announce that it has signed Canadian Elite Men Champion Jimmy Brown to its Intense/Fly National Team for 2011!!

Jim formerly on Supercross, is a well established Pro with numerous National Titles under his belt. He will be joining Rookie Pro’s Jean-Sebastien Houde (N5), Michael Beaudoin and Amelia Walsh (N4), as well as the 2010 Double National Champion in the 14x class & Cruiser, Kyle Murphy!!

"We had been on the look out for a top Elite Man to lead our team, and we’ve always paid attention to Jim’s accomplishments on and off his bike. When we found out Jim wasn’t going back to Supercross after the ABA Grands, it was an opportunity we didn’t want to miss. We’re really happy to have him on the team and we look forward to a long relationship", said Dylan Vanier Jagger Co. GM

Brown, who qualified for the UCI Supercross Finals with a solid run in October in Frejus will ride a Intense Team Bike equipped with SINZ Elite, ITS and THE parts, sporting Fly Racing Gear with a custom fitted Jersey by Hot Shoppe, that will be out early spring! Jim kicked off his 2011 season under his new colors at the Reno ABA National in January and when not racing in Canada, he will be seen hanging with the Intense USA team getting it done at some ABA and Supercross races. His main objectives are the worlds, some Supercross Races and another shot at the Canadian Olympic Team! 

Jim had this to say about his new ride; “First off I would like to say a big thank you to Bill Ryan at Supercross for his continuous support during my four years with the team and wish him luck in all of his projects, I’d also like to thank my former teammates on Supercross for their friendship and support. It was time for me to take up new challenges and I’m excited to join the Intense/Fly National Team, these guys are running a great program and have the best product selection available. I want to help them out to become one of the most respected brands in Canada and abroad.”

Visit our Facebook Team Page for more info and visual of Jimmy!/pages/-IntenseFly-National-Team-/124151190954244 










BMX racing news, Thursday - February 10, 2011

New Zealand BMX Association in conjunction with the UCI, present the 2011 Oceania Continental Championships, 12 March 2011, a UCI Class 3 meeting.

Also the same weekend, will be presented the Summer International Event, 13 March 2011, a UCI Class 5 meeting.

More info including important registration can be found at

All proudly hosted by Sunset Coast BMX Club Franklin in affiliation with BikeNZ.


The Great Northwest Nationals are right around the corner, and if you haven't made your reservations, you'll want to do that soon.

There are lots of hotels in the area -  and prices from $44 - $106

Go to and click on the link for the nationals for all the contact information.  

If you need help on directions -  drop us a note anytime and we'll help you plan your best route  . . .    


Music on tap - don't miss "Old Skool" artist Benjamin - performing Friday and Saturday during practice - 

2011 Team Oregon Calendar -  don't miss what's on tap in the northwest

Lots of vendors - Tracy Stephens Photo; Black Box Industries; Riders; and more -- 

How about it sidehacks ??? Let's bring it on  ---    I know we've got several ready to roll!

Who will take on Kenny "the killer" Miller and his master monkey Rizdin "the rockstar" --  

See you in Redmond!!


HRVfitness on Speed

That’s right, the number one team in Australia is now the number one bike “SPEED”!  The team had a fantastic year in 2010 with 2 world plates and 4 National number 1’s.

Look out for them in 2011 in their new HRVfitness “SPEED” jerseys and fully tricked out SPEED M-Series.

Team HRVfitness: Jaden Rice, Brandon Te Hiko, Oliver Hoarau and Kamakazi

Sponsors: Speed, THE, Sinz, Skin Industries, BMXpress magazine Altegra and Phirebird

Marc Willers Has A GREAT Weekend At ABA guthrie

After viewing the track for the first time, 100 percent of the pro class were convinced we were all going to die trying to jump through the 2nd-straight pro section. It was by far the biggest indoor set of jumps I’ve come across on a regular national race. To make it even trickier, there was a very tight first turn and the pro set was on the inside of the track with a very short run up.

It claimed a lot of casualties over the weekend as people tried to suck it up to get it a little bit lower. But this proved to be not such a good idea. It’s quite a weird feeling to be racing for the win and having to float over some jumps, just waiting for the landing to come up.

On Saturday, I was feeling pretty flat with a 3rd and two 2nds in motos. I sorted myself out come semi-final time and took the win, giving myself first lane choice for the final. Coming out of lane one in the main, I had a little bobble over the first jump and Joris Daudet owned the lead from then on.

I thought about going for gold in the last turn with a sneak up the inside, but had a feeling someone was right behind me, so I pulled back in behind Daudet to settle for 2nd. If I had gone for the pass, I’m pretty sure I would have dropped at least one or two positions while trying to gain one.

On Sunday, I was feeling much better on the track. In moto one, I over manualed going into turn one and lost the lead. Going through the second-straight pro section I went for the pass and succeeded by going up the inside of the 2nd corner. It was very short lived, however, and on the freshly watered dirt my front wheel slid out from under me and I took down half the field. I salvaged a 4th.

In moto two, I took the lead into turn one, but came up short on the first pro set and again ended up with another 4th after having to pump the rest of the straight. Eight points going into the 3rd moto with only six riders in each race is never a good feeling, but I knew what I had to do and won the 3rd round.

I went on to win the semi again with no problems and again chose lane one for the main event. This time, I made no mistakes and lead from start to finish to take my 2nd win for the season.

Here is a link to Sunday’s final and here is a link to an interview I did for a website last week.







BMX racing news, Wednesday - February 9, 2011


 Winter Dew Cup & $1.5 Million Prize Purse On the Line

NEW YORK – February 9, 2011 - NBC Sports presents live coverage of the Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championships from Snowbasin Resort in Ogden, Utah, the final event of the Winter Dew Tour's junior season. The tour features over 150 of the best winter action sports athletes competing for their sport's only regular season crown - the Winter Dew Cup - and a $1.5 million prize purse, which will be awarded to the points leaders in each discipline this weekend. NBC Sports' live coverage of Freeski Superpipe airs Saturday at 2 p.m. ET, and live coverage of Snowboard Slopestyle airs at 3 p.m. ET on Sunday. USA Network will air late-night coverage of Snowboard Superpipe Saturday at midnight ET and Freeski Slopestyle Sunday, at 2 a.m. ET.

NBC's Todd Harris hosts the action with Luke Van Valin (play-by-play), Todd Richards (analyst) and Tiffany Simons (reporter) from Snowbasin.

The freeski superpipe competition is a tie for first place between American Simon Dumont, who is looking for his first-ever Dew Cup, and Frenchman Kevin Rolland who is coming off a strong victory at the recent X Games.

Norwegian Torstein Horgmo won the first two stops in the snowboard slopestyle competition, but the rising Canadian star, Mark McMorris, hopes to steal the Dew Cup from the veteran competitor.

In the snowboard superpipe competition, Olympian Louie Vito captured the first two stops of the Tour and is in the driver’s seat to claim his first Dew Cup. Spanish Olympian Queralt Castellat has the points lead, but two American Olympians, Kelly Clark and Elena Hight, hope to catch her in Snowbasin in the women’s competition.

More than 150 of the top winter action sports athletes in the world returned for the third season of the Winter Dew Tour to compete for the highly coveted Dew Cup. Last year’s 2009-10 Dew Cup champions include JJ Thomas (men’s snowboard superpipe), Kaitlyn Farrington (women’s snowboard superpipe), Sage Kotsenburg (men’s snowboard slopestyle), Jamie Anderson (women’s snowboard slopestyle), Jossi Wells (freeski superpipe) and Andreas Hatveit (freeski slopestyle).








BMX racing news, Tuesday - February 8, 2011

Reno's Good For Rennen/Intense!

Official Rennen/Intense News Release: Rennen/Intense got the 2011 season off to a fantastic start at the ABA Silver Dollar Nationals in Reno, NV, a LONG way from home for most of our riders. We decided to attend the Reno national for a couple of reasons; one was the hope that we could prove that our Factory Team podium finish at Grands wasn't a fluke. But also because the fabulous day had come, and the slingers cadence is gone, long live the Random Gate! lol


Also a factor in our decision to attend was that one of our newest rider additions is based in Reno and was able to provide the guys with great lodging and transportation for the weekend. Once the racing got underway we found we had been blessed with high rider counts in almost all of our team sheet options, thus it didn't take a rocket scientist to make the five choices needed. Luckily we had only one foul up per day and our top four scores were enough to create some high sheet totals and take the Factory Team win both days. Here’s how your favorite team rider attending made out:


Max Egdorf: With 8 racks in the 19-27x class, Max was the "Man" in Reno pulling a 2nd on day 1 and bumped up one spot to the top of the podium on day 2.

Devon Yeager: Our newest "little" guy rode large on day 1, taking home the victory in 9X.

Shawn DiPrete: Luckily his "Roynuts" issues didn't happen on the big bike, as that's what we had him penciled in for. Two main event wins for Shawn in 36-40 cru.

Austin Loebe: Austin dominated the 17-18 expert class in Reno, picking up the main wins both days.

Alex Anthony: Overcame some day 1 bad mojo and rocked his way onto the Podium in the “A” pro class on day two for a 2nd place finish and the fourth good score we needed for the sheet.

Justin Wike: Also made his team debut in Reno and did more then just win the 26-35 expert class on day 1; he was a top player in the stacked 17 & over expert class both days also. Thanks again for the hospitality, Justin!


Hoping to continue our early-season success, look for us in Oldsmar, FL for the ABA Gator Nationals. Our next NBL team event will be at Shayne Robinson's track in Peachtree City, GA just South of Atlanta, for the next installment of the team "Cat 2" series on March 19th & 20th.
Special thanks to Errol and Donna at Delta Cycle ( for keeping us stocked up with the great Aztec brake pads and cables! Also, Mark at Riderz Ready ( for the outstanding customer service and support with our recent team jersey orders.

Follow the latest Rennen/Intense team photos, information, and fun tidbits on Facebook at:

Rennen Design Group ( makers of the finest gears, chain rings, cogs, and the ultimate training tool “G-Cog”!

Intense BMX ( makers of the ultimate racing frames and tyres!

Co-sponsored by: Alienation (, Black Crown designs (, Elevn Technologies ( , Finish Line (, FLY (, Johnson BMX Plates (, Kingstar Components (, KMC (, ODI ( , PowerBar (, Profile (, SINZ (, THE (, and Thomson (

Rennen/Intense is a division of Bizzarro BMX, Inc.

QBP Is Lookin' For One Good BMXer!

Quality Bicycle Products is the shop behind America’s bicycle shops. Serving more than 5,000 independent retailers across the country, we are the industry’s go-to source for bicycle parts, accessories and apparel. Always expanding our offerings and innovating new programs and services, QBP helps dealers save money, build profits and keep their customers happy.

QBP is looking for a Brand Manager to oversee our QBMX distribution and operations. This individual will have a passion for BMX and the BMX industry and love of its people, as well as a robust understanding of the ethos of BMX industry, its brands, its dealers, and riders.   

Main responsibilities of the QBMX Brand Manager will be brand vision, staff supervision and development, collaborative product selection, and market analysis.  Oversight of QBMX distribution operation includes supplier relationships, assortment planning, sales and marketing strategy and coordination. Oversight of the QBMX consumer brand includes brand vision, market analysis, product assortment planning and sourcing, sales and marketing strategy. 

The ideal candidate has a passion for all things BMX.  Has Interpersonal and technical abilities that lead to quick and confident execution yielding great results and can confidently work collaboratively in a team environment and be able to delegate tasks appropriately.

Quality Bicycle Products is a company that models the way to make a difference in the world. QBP is the largest distributor of bicycle parts in the cycling industry as well as the exclusive distributor for several leading brands. We place high performance, integrity, customer centricity, partnership, and continuous improvement as the pillars of our culture.  

Interested individuals should apply online at  Be prepared to submit a resume and cover letter.

BMX Mania Editor's Note - Besides all of the above, you'll be working with Tim Gallant, a long time QBP guy who is a true BMXer. This job would be a GREAT way to leverage your love of the sport to get a job in the Bike Industry. AND, you and Tim can probably go riding!
















BMX racing news, Friday - February 4, 2011

THE Re-Ups as Sponsor of UCI Supercross Series, Worlds and 2012 Olympics

CERRITOS, CA—VSI Products is pleased to announce that it has signed on again as the official number plate supplier to the 2010, 2011 and 2012 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Series and UCI BMX World Championships and the London 2012 Olympic Games. The three-year deal is a continuation of VSI’s current sponsorship agreement with the UCI.

VSI signed on with the UCI in 2007 prior to the Olympic Games in China where THE number plates were used by all the riders. THE number plates also are used at all UCI Supercross races and World Championships.

“Our relationship with the UCI has been great and has given the THE brand excellent exposure around the world. We look forward to working with them through at least 2012,” said Toby Henderson, founding partner at VSI, THE’s parent company.

Besides supplying more than 4,000 custom number plates to the UCI each year, VSI also donates THE, ITS, Intense and Vigor products to the UCI Training Center in Aigle, Switzerland. The products are used at the facility to help developing young cyclists reach their potential. Among the notable pro riders who went through the UCI program are Sifiso Nhlapo, Yvan Lapraz, Emilio Falla and Fabian Hernandez.

“With the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup and the UCI BMX World Championships being the premiere BMX racing events in the world, we would only settle for the very best partners and suppliers. VSI has proven that they are the market leaders with great products, and at the UCI we are excited to continue our partnership,” said Johan Lindstrom, the UCI’s BMX Sports Coordinator.

The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Series kicks off next season with racing April 8 and 9 in Pietermaritzburg South Africa. The rest of the season will take riders to the Netherlands and Denmark for the UCI BMX World Championships, London and the Supercross Series Finals in Chula Vista, just 90 miles from THE World Headquarters.

Redline's Costa Rica Crew Clean Up At National!

Jan 30th brought the first stop of the Costa Rica National BMX Cup 2011 first BMX race series to be sanctioned by the Costa Rican Cycling Federation in several years.

Again all eyes were on the REDLINE team with it's trick bikes and cool uniforms to match their awesome skills.

With an injured calf from a bad crash caused by a broken chain on the first straight on a practice session the week before Sebastian Chavez had to settle for 2nd place in the Elite class not being able to contest winner Oscar Solis at all.

Daniel Morales unclipped in the middle of the 2nd straight and fell behind but managed to catch up for 3rd also in Elite.

Up and coming rider Franklin Darmuz took his Redline to a 2nd place finish in the skill packed 15-16X class.
Next stop for Costa Rica REDLINE rider Sebastian Chavez will be in Tampa Florida for the ABA Gator Nationals at the AWESOME Oldsmar BMX Track.

Sebastian hopes to enjoy a good racing weekend for his last race in 19-27X class in spite of a persisting calf injury which has kept him off his bike in the weeks prior... 

Costa Rica BMX Facebook page: Cr Bmx Track!







BMX racing news, Thursday - February 3, 2011

Free Agent / Rockstar So-Cal Clinic Tour 2011

The Free Agent/Rockstar Clinic Tour kicks-off this month in Southern California with the first 10 dates and venues already scheduled and spaces are booking up quick. Maris Strombergs /Cristian Becerine and Dale Holmes will get it started February 19th at Bellflower with plans to hit all the major So Cal tracks including the Pre National Championship Clinic at Chula Vista the week before the scheduled Nationals on April 9th. The Clinic Team will also offer dates in both the Central and East Coast areas during Summer 2011 with appearances from Kyle Bennett/Juan Marin and other Team riders along the way. (Posting of dates and locations to be posted soon, please visit for updates).

Free Agent also has plans in the works to join up with for the BMX Mania Pro Training Camp later this summer in Indiana so keep an eye out for details in the next few months – we’re almost full and don’t even have specific dates yet!

Sponsorships for the Clinic Tour offered in part by Free Agent, Rockstar, Kenda, Velo, ODI and KMC. What does this mean for you? A lot of goodies from these great companies in each of the clinic goodie bags!

For more information, or if any track operators are interested in hosting a Free Agent/ Rockstar Clinic, please email inquiries to, Dale Holmes, at or visit us at and on Facebook, at Free Agent BMX.


Clinic Locations & Track Information:
Bellflower Freedom Park Orange YMCA Lake Perris
Bellflower, CA Camarillo, CA Orange, CA Perris, CA
Phone:562-867-9600 Phone: 805-824-7854 Phone: 714-502-2269 Phone 951-657-4917
Contact Information: Contact Information: Contact Information: Contact Information:
Tammy Estep Frank Marino & Rich Huvard Ruben Sanchez Terri Carbajal
562-716-0487 805-490-5628 714-997-3980 951-901-5004
Email: Email: Email: Email:

Moley Gosh/Fatman Racing Take Big Team Wins At NBL Indy National!

Pictured Above (L to R): James Bisson, Zach Northern, Pete Loncarevich, Chris Gerber, Bill Elkin, Savannah Lahr, Kyle Robinson, Melanie Cline. Front: Jeff Longere, Garrett Rosh, Adam Berkley


The Indy race weekend went about as well as it could have for the new “Moley Gosh/Fatman” team.

The entire roster came to “COMPOUND #317″ (Localspeak for Crossroads Indoor BMX) including Pistol Pete Loncarevich from Medford, Oregon. Pete was making his return to the NBL after a 19-year hiatus, last racing as a AA in 1992. “Speed Queen” Melanie Cline rolled in from nearby Michigan also.

The local members of Moley Gosh, Garrett Rosh, Kyle Robinson, Zach Northern (Ohio), James Bisson, Jeff Longere and Savannah Lahr showed up ready to display their mastery of their home track!

Bill Elkin and Adam Berkley, both from Illinois, were at Indy racing and dying to give the NBL a full dose of the team they assembled!

As a surprise to everyone, “Dew Tour” athlete and former racer Chris Gerber returned to the expert class as a member of Moley Gosh! He raced well, made a main and even pulled a “tail-whip” during a moto!

Every member made their mains in almost all their classes. Pete, Melanie, Jeff, Garrett, and James all logged perfects for the weekend.

A highlight was leading the parade lap due to winning the Factory/National team competition Saturday, and then again on Sunday!

Moley Gosh would like to thank Compound #317 for its hospitality and commend them for the amazing job they did hosting this event! We would also like to say thank you to all that we raced against. It was a fun, competitive and exciting weekend of BMX racing, and we will be ready to do battle again very soon!!

Check out Moley Gosh Clothing at

Barry Nobles Fans Unite......BarryMan Reports In From ABA Guthrie!










BMX racing news, Tuesday - February 1, 2011


DK Bicycles Joins the Morphine Industries Factory Team Family 

Morphine Industries announces that it has teamed up with DK Bicycles to outfit its riders with some of the hottest BMX cranks and forks in the industry.  “We are stoked to add DK bicycles to our already strong family of factory sponsors.  We are eager to promote and represent the DK brand on the track and on top of the podium,” states Jonathan Reeves, Morphine Industries.  “In addition, being a Dayton boy, it’s cool to make that hometown connection”. 

Jason Jewell, DK bicycles added, “DK Bicycles is excited to announce that we'll be teaming up with Morphine Industries for the 2011 season. Morphine has a rad group of kids that really know how to stand out. The team offers up a fast group of kids that we know will represent DK Bicycles well.” 

Look for the Morphine Industries team to be running the DK Flash Cranks and the DK Race Forks.

One of DK’s most talked about products in the BMX racing world, the DK Flash Cranks.  These are a beautifully machined, 2 piece, aluminum crankset.  The crankset comes stock with 170, 175, or 180mm crank arms and a 44 tooth gear, but allows you to interchange to your desired gear size of choice.  They come stock with a European bottom bracket and in either black or white for the clean look to match any BMX bike at the track.


  • 2 piece crank design
  • 6061 T6 forged & machined crank arms
  • 24mm hollow spindle Double lip sealed euro bb
  • Steel insert pedal bosses to reduce stripping
  • 44T 7075 T6 chainring included

Based off the popularity of the Alpha fork and with input from the DK team, the Race Fork was spawned.  4mm dropouts, tapered and butted fork legs make sure to help you get around the race track just a little faster than everyone else.


  • 100 percent heat treated chromoly
  • 4mm thick dropouts
  • Externally butted steer tube
  • Butted and tapered legs
  • Weight: 1 lbs 12oz
  • Colors: Black, White, Team Green, Chrome

We look forward to a great long-lasting relationship with DK Bicycles as the Morphine Industries’ riders make their mark on the BMX community. 

Be sure to check out Morphine Industries Factory Riders at the ABA Gator Nationals in Oldsmar, Florida as they flash their whips.

Profile Factory Team Tears It Up In Miami!


The Profile Factory Team headed to south Florida for the next stop in the Florida state season at Miami South BMX . 

Florida State Qualifiers  5&6


The Miami track was hard packed, smooth and fast.  It was perfect for speedy racers on Profile.  On Saturday morning during the parade lap the team unveiled the new purple and lime green uniforms, custom painted green Hyper bikes and purple Profile components.   The bright uniforms got attention wherever the riders were and so did the team’s performance on the track.

Tyler Faoro kicked off the weekend with a dominating performance in Elite Men winning every moto and both mains.  From the drop of the gate, Tyler took off and was in the lead pack.  Both days had him making some great moves in the first turn to shake off the competition.  From there he led the way around the rest of the track to take home the top spot both days. 

John Pringle was again racing both 41 and over expert and 40-44 cruiser.  On Saturday John had 2 other riders he was battling with for the top spot in both classes.  He took a third in expert and a second in cruiser on the main.  On Sunday John’s gate starts were getting faster and he managed to take home a second in expert.  After another great start in his cruiser main and a sweet move in the first turn to take the lead, John’s power and speed got out of control and he took a hard face plant into the second turn.  He has only minor injuries and will be back on the track soon.

Eli Weiss just keeps getting smoother and faster.  It looks being injury free for awhile and logging in all the extra time on his practice track is paying off.  After huge leads and wins in the motos in 19-25 expert, Eli charged out of the starting gate and into the second spot.  On Sunday, he had more winning motos and after an even better start in the main, made a late push down the fourth straight to take home the win and a perfect on the day.

Nick Lucas also in 19-25 expert was looking good and turned in a solid performance with all twos in the motos on Saturday and fourth in the main.  On Sunday, Nic got stronger with first and seconds in the motos and another fourth in the main.

Shane Hall is another rider looking better with each race.  He had a perfect weekend in the 17-24 cruiser class with wins in all the motos and the mains on both days.  In the ultra competitive 17-18 expert class, Shane was left just off the podium with fourth place finishes.

Caleb Minthorn has been riding at Eli’s house and it is paying off with even better skills and faster lap times.  He was yet another Profile rider to turn in a perfect weekend in his 14 cruiser class winning all his motos and both mains.  In the 14 expert class Caleb won all his motos on Saturday but had a tough fall in the main and took home a 7.  On Sunday he looked to redeem himself and sped around the track to take home a second.

Garrett Lanzilotta also racing 14 expert recovered from a rough first moto on Saturday to third and fourth place finishes, but ended just a point over from transferring to the main.  On Sunday he was faster, smoother and more consistent but again fell just out of transferring.

Tanner Engel racing 11 expert went back and forth with another rider for first and second.  In the main it was a close race all the way around the track and to the finish line, but Tanner had to settle for second.  On Sunday, after a good night’s sleep Tanner was on his game, flying around the track to win all his motos and the main for yet another perfect Profile performance.

Lauren Lanzilotta racing 10 girls had some tough competition but hung tough in the motos with 3’s and 4’s to transfer to the mains both days.  In the mains she took 4th.

Casey Minthorn had a tough start to the weekend with a crash during practice.  On Saturday he was sporting a black eye and was off his game in the 9 expert class.  After a pep talk from one of his favorite amateurs, Casey went on to win his third moto and take a second in the main.  On Sunday, he was back to his usual self, looking more confident and jumping around the track for another second in the main.

The Profile team headed home with some great wins to rest up and get ready for Oldsmar in a few weeks.