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February 2009


Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, February 26, 2009


Take a Clinic at the NBL Spring Nationals

Winter is almost over and that means the NBL is headed to Morristown, TN for the annual Spring Nationals.  The NBL Spring National will feature more than just racing. On Friday, NBL will host a Pre-National clinic with NBL head instructor Justin Travis and Elite star, Jeff Upshaw.

The Pre-National clinic will help riders develop their current skills and apply them to the indoor track so they can achieve the best possible results for the weekend.  This is a great chance for extra track time on what promises to be an awesome indoor track at the Great Smokey Mountain Convention Center.  Track construction begins on Monday, March 2nd in the Convention Center and doors open Friday morning at 8:30am.  Look for track build pics that Wednesday and Thursday. 

The clinic will focus on first straights, cornering and passing, manualing, pumping, jumping and mental readiness, if you’re really lucky some of Jeff’s AMAZING skills might even rub off on YOU!

Date: Friday, March, 6th

Times: 11:00 – 11:30am…..Registration and warm up

11:30 – 1:45pm……Clinic

1:45 – 2:00pm……..Question and Answer with Jeff Upshaw

Cost: $30 - Includes professional instruction and goodie bag from sponsors.

Visit for more information about the weekend. 

The NBL Spring National is proudly sponsored by BAWLS Guarana (, Intense BMX (, Kenda Tires (, UGP (, Sinz Racing (, THE Industries ( and Hotshoppe Designs ( in association with GO211 ( and Camp Woodward (

Morphine Industries ABA Gator National Race Report


The Morphine Industries’ crew rolled into Oldsmar BMX this past weekend for the ABA Gator Nationals and the #3 UCI stop.  The addition of the UCI race to the Gator Nationals brought out all the big guns and set the stag for a great weekend of racing.


It was great to have Factory A Pro rider Gavin Lubbe come in from Cali to join the team as well as Morphine Industries co-sponsored AA Pro rider Barry Nobles riding up with the team and hanging for the weekend. ( road trippin’ with 7 in a F250 is always fun)


We set up our trailer and pit area along the first straight next to the starting hill and then got busy checking out the track with the scheduled practice.  The consensus was that the track was totally dialed in, fast and smooth.


A Pros - Tyler Faoro and Gavin Lubbe started the weekend off racing in the Elite Pro UCI race.  With 8 racks of Elite Men the room for error was minimal.  Tyler made it through the motos with ease and was poised to transfer out of his quarter but was pushed off the top of turn one taking out the NBC cameraman.  Little did he know that the cameraman in turn one was motocross superstar James Stewart’s dad. 




Gavin struggled with coming unclipped in one of his motos and outside gates to narrowly miss transferring to the quarters.


Sunday was a different story for both Riders.  Back to their A Pro racing, Gavin and Tyler both easily transferred out of their motos and their semis to make the Main event.  In the Main, both riders had middle gates forcing them to fight their way through the congestion on the first straight.  Tyler finished with a 5th and Gavin finished with an 8th.





Elite Women / Pro Cruiser – Kyla Reed continues to make her presence known in Elite Women class taking an 8th in the Main on Sunday.  In addition, Kyla set a milestone becoming the first woman to race Pro Cruiser.  She marked the occasion taking a 7th in the main.  YOU GO GIRL.


41+ Inter – Jonathan Reeves had a solid weekend with a 2nd in the Main on Saturday and returning to take a 1st in the Main on Sunday.


31-35 Cr / 28-35 -Doran Bradshaw took on the task of racing both bikes for the weekend.  On Saturday, he took an unfamiliar 5th in his cruiser class, after shutting it down due to a few questionable moves from a fellow racer.  He then took a 3rd on his 20 in the main.  Sunday proved to be a different story with a convincing 1st in the cruiser Main and then a 6th in his 20 main.


15 X – Ace Savarese battled both days in the exceptionally tough 15X class narrowly missing the transfer spot to the mains.


12 X / 12 Cr – Noah Reeves put together two great days of racing.  On Saturday, he cruised through both sets of motos to finish with 7ths in both mains.  Sunday was on schedule to be a repeat with a 7th in the cruiser main  but a slipped pedal in the 20 semi keep him out of the main.


10 X  - Richie Dey raced class and open both days making both mains both days.  Saturday ended with a 5th in Open and 7th in Class.  Sunday finished with 5th in Open and 5th in Class.


We had a great weekend of racing and hanging out as a team.  The pit area was rocking as usual spreading the word about Morphine Industries and our Factory Team Sponsors.


The next stop for the Morphine Crew will be the NBL Florida State Qualifier in Punta Gorda, March 13-15 and then DeSoto, TX for the ABA Super Nationals, March 20-22.


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; Staats Motocross Bicycles (, Alienation (, Fly Racing (, Lost Energy Drink (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (

new Sharp race 20

There's a new bike on the track, it's the new Sharp race 20

The specs are.....

21.25 top tube,

14 - 14.25 chain stay

Weight is 4 pounds

Made In The USA out of Chromoly,

Cost is 400.00 and colors are in black, white, and red.

For more info, please contact George 'Mangler' Andrews ( ) or Bill Sharp / ( )

The Pearland, Texas Speedway Track Crue Has Some Weekend Newz 4 U!!!

600 point weekend this weekend in Pearland.  Also a $500 Pro purse. Pro entry fee is $20 and it will go towards the total purse.

The Pro Race will be Saturday at the State Championship Qualifier.

Single point race - Fri, Feb 27
Sign ups 6pm to 7:30pm - entry fee ten bucks!

State Championship Qualifier - Sat, Feb 28
Facility gates open at 11:30am - sign ups 12n to 2pm
Entry fee: $25 class/cruiser - $10 open

Redline Cup Qualifier - Sun, Mar 1
Facility gates open at 9am - sign ups 9:30am to 11am
Entry fee: $35 class/cruiser - $15 open
Come on out and thanks to all! - Ed Dorrian & The Pearland Speedway Track Crue!!!

Vinnie Purcell of Factory ELF fame dead at age 33

One of the greats of Northwestern U.S. BMX, Vince Purcell has passed away.

Vince died Feb 9th of heart failure he was only 33.

Better known as 'Vinnie', you could count on Vinnie to be on the bottom two tiers of the podium and always in the mains.

He was a multi-time winner of the Oregon Governors Cup and was the star of the Oregon-Elf team, and then later moved up to the full Factory Elf team.

Vince leaves behind an 8 year old son Tyler, plus his parents, Ray and Becky, and sister Brenda.








Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, February 25, 2009

World's top BMX Riders Will Check-in to Copenhagen at the

UCI BMX Supercross 2009, and The Ladies Are racing, Too!


On Saturday 9 May the finals of the 2009 World Cup BMX Supercross will be GOING OFF in Copenhagen!

The medal winners from the Beijing Olympics, most of the top BMX racers in the world AND the Danish national team are among the 120 riders on the starting list at the BMX track in Copenhagen, which is said to be one of the world’s best tracks.

An afternoon full of action awaits the spectators, who are offered exciting top sport, rock concert, dj, events and various happenings both at the track and in the “spectator city”, established especially for the BMX event.

The national team of Denmark is looking forward to the Copenhagen World Cup, which is the largest Supercross-event in the Northern Europe.

“Of course our team will embrace the strongest Danish riders. The event is given top priority, and it is part of our focused efforts towards the Olympic Games 2012 in London. The World Cup event is, indeed, contributing to the development of the sport in Denmark, and I do think that our top riders stand a good chance of winning important World Cup points. If the spectators are as enthusiastic as in 2008 a ranking in the final is within reach,” says Christian Poulsen, Head Coach of the Danish team.

In heats with 8 participants shoulder by shoulder the riders will reach a top speed of 60 km/hour down an 8 metres high ramp. The best riders will manage to get through the well over 300 metres long track in 30 to 35 seconds. A track that offers a large number of jumps of different complexity as well as 3 big asphalted curves. The International Cycling Federation, UCI, constructed the track last year in close cooperation with among others Københavns BMX Klub, Bike City Copenhagen, the City of Copenhagen and RGS90.

“With the experience from the World Cup 2008 in mind we have a much stronger starting point this year. The track is there, it needs only to be adjusted to the circumstances and we now build on top of our 2008 experience. And again we focus on a large number of events on the day of the finals, 9 May. Just to mention a few: rock concert, international dj and various happenings, which go very well along with the image of the BMX Supercross; an event full of character and courage,” says Martin S. Persson, senior project manager of Wonderful Copenhagen.

Bike City Copenhagen – and bidding for Worlds BMX 2012 The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup is part of Bike City Copenhagen, which Crown Prince Frederik is protector for. Copenhagen is the only city in the world, which has been appointed as Bike City by the UCI by now and between 2008 and 2011 Copenhagen is host of 6 major international cycling events. Beyond the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup it is among others the prestigious World Road Championship 2011. Moreover, Copenhagen is bidding for the Worlds BMX in 2012.

Behind Bike City Copenhagen stand as strong partners as the Danish Motor Sport Union (BMX Union in Denmark), the Danish Cycling Federation, Sport Event Denmark, The City of Copenhagen and Wonderful Copenhagen. For more information please visit







Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Celebrating the BMXin' Life and Times Of Bob & Polly Tedesco

With the retirement of Bob and Polly Tedesco from key positions in the life and heart of the NBL, decades of BMX involvment at the highest levels has come to a close. The NBL magazine will be featuring a commemorative article in the April issue of BMX Today, the NBL house mag.

Jess Moore, the Editor of BT needs a little help, if you can lend a story, then lend an ear to his plea below.

"As a part of a tribute to Bob and Polly Tedesco in the April issue of BMX Today, we would like to include stories and anecdotes from longtime members who have had interactions with the Tedesco's. These can be touching, nostalgic stories or humorous ones. 

Since these stories will be published, please try to keep them as tactful as possible. If you have friends and/or former riders who you think would have some good contributions, please let them know about this. 

Please send any stories to Thank you for your help in honoring Bob and Polly for all their contributions to the NBL and BMX over the past 30 years. 

Jess Moore - Editor, BMX Today"

Australian Elite Development BMX Squad Training Camp

A look into the cutting edge Australian Elite Development BMX Training Camp from Elite Women's member, Caroline Buchanan!

The Australian Elite Development training squad consists of Sam Willoughby, Josh Callan, Lauren Reynolds, Rachel Bracken and myself Caroline Buchanan. Brian Kirkham also joined us for a week leading up to Adelaide. The 2 month training camp based on the Gold Coast QLD at the Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre was a huge success. Having Wade Bootes the head coach living with us on campus 24/7 was ideal, he was always pushing, inspiring and opening our eyes to get us to the next level and be the best BMX racers in the world.

Racing results: QLD Pro Bikx double round Result: Sam Willoughby semis + #1st jnr elite, Josh Callan #1st and 3rdjnr elite, Lauren Reynolds #1 jnr elite women both days, Rachel Bracken #3rd + #2nd jnr elite, Caroline Buchanan #1st elite women both days. Ashmore QLD Open event Result: Lauren #1st, Caroline #2nd, Rachel #3rd, Sam #2nd and Josh Callan #3rd 4x Mountain Bike National Championships Stromlo Canberra Result: Sam #2nd, Josh 8th, Caroline #1st, Lauren #2nd and Rachel #4th Adelaide SA Pro Bikx round Result: Josh #2nd, Caroline #2nd, Lauren #1st and Rachel #3rd.

GYM As a group many of us were reaching our personal bests each gym session. When we are all at home our individual sporting academies QAS, ACTAS, WAIS, SASI and VIS monitor and guide our progress in the gym. It was really good having Wade with us 24/7 at the Sports Super Center gym as we all saw many improvements and were pushed to new levels.

Nutrition/Hydration Kelly and Mark from the Queensland Academy of Sport helped us out with our nutrition, hydration, cooling and supplements. They really put an emphasis on the importance of eating correctly and hydrating fully. We cooked our lunches and dinners, had a tour of a shopping center, learnt to read food labels and what to look for, cooking with the bare essentials when traveling, how to make our own sports supplements for half the price from our local supermarket and measured fluid losses during sessions.

Gates and sprints During our gate start sessions each week we worked as a team by learning off one another to improve our times. Our gate start sessions were short efforts at 100% effort. During the sessions we were focusing on quality, technique and times rather than quantity. Our sprint sessions varied over the 7 weeks of the camp depending on what phase we were in. We did sprint sessions on clips, flat pedals, rolling starts, standing starts, left and right foot starts, race gearing/ hard gearing and speed sprints behind the motorbike.

(Spa) (Ice Bath)

Recovery plays a major role in BMX as we need to repeat maximal efforts after one another and back it up again the next day quite often. During the camp we had ice baths, spa baths, monitored our resting heart rates, stretched, had yoga classes and swimming. (Spa)

SOCIAL We did many social activities: went and watched the Supercross racing (motorbikes) talked to Steve Johnson, met Troy Bayliss 3 time World Superbike Champion at the Leatt Brace grand opening, had a tour of Dick Johnson Racing, a tour of Ant Man Helmet designs, cooked lunch and dinners and did lots of cross training like motorbike riding, tubing on the jet ski, mountain bike riding, dirt jumping, Go-Karts with Steven Johnson (Fords v8 supercar driver) and rode some skate parks.

Skills The majority of our skill development during the camp was on our BMX bikes. We focused mainly on our mountain bike skills in the lead up to the Australian Championships where we all competed in the elite 4x category. We tried to spend as much time as we could on our BMX bikes but also incorporating the cross training and had a skill acquisition talk from Megan at the QAS to increase our skill development taking us to the next level.

Media We were able to get quite a bit of media over the camp with the local Channel 9 News, various news papers around Australia, ABC TV, Cycling Central, Scope and WIN TV.

Myself and the rest of the EDS team thoroughly enjoyed the camp, we loved purely being full time athletes and we have all benefited greatly from it in every aspect physical, mental, technical and tactical preparation.

Quotes: Caroline: “The camp was extremely beneficial for me I was able to learn why and understand the reasoning behind sports science and the training methods and cycles. I love living, breathing and being a full a time athlete.”

Lauren: “The past 2 months has been the best opportunity to train in a small group of riders all chasing the one dream, under full guidance of Wade Bootes and support from Cycling Australia and our state institutes. One step closer every day!”

Rachel: “It’s been really useful having our coach around 24/7 to make sure I’m doing all the right things.”

Brian: “I only got to ride a part of the camp, but it was great to be in a training environment with 5 other good riders and to have input from Wade with everything we did.”

Josh: “I really enjoyed just focusing on my training over the past 2 months, not having to worry about school work and my busy life. So it has been a great opportunity to get some great training in and work hard!”

Sam: “It has been great to be around 5 other athletes who share the same passion, vision and goal as I do. Working with Wade and the team has been another great stepping stone for us all working towards DOMINATING THE WORLD!!!”

Thank You for making the 2009 Elite Development camp possible and a success!

Crupi introduces new Handle Bars!

Arcadia, California - Crupi Parts, Inc has just received its new line of aluminum race bars!

Same great Crupi bar geometry everyone has come to love but new colors and graphics and a completely new line of butted chromoly bars!

Butted chromoly bars are just as strong as any standard chromoly bar but are much lighter in weight.

Crupi is also the first to introduce a butted chromoly cruiser bar!

New Crupi aluminum bars sizes include our Moto 4X (4" rise), Moto 5X (5" rise), Moto 5.5 (5.5" rise) and Moto 6.5 (6.5" rise).

The new butted chromoly bars feature our 2020 butted Chromoly Pro bar w/8" rise and our 6" rise Pro Cruiser bar.

Please visit the Crupi website at to see all our new bars.

Race Results for Vendetta/Elite Bikes - Lake Perris

Well, as you know the racing at the ABA Socal National went on Rain or Shine. Lake Perris will sure be one of those memorable races! Let's start off with one of our little guys, Coby "BoBo" Witten. He placed 2nd in 5X - both days! Way to go Bo-Bo! He also placed in his Open class, too!

"Quick Nick" Adams made the trip down on Sunday and got 6th place in class (6X) and placed in the Open as well.. We then will move over to the ladies of Vendetta/Elite Bikes - Alyssa Canevari took an impressive 2nd of Saturday and a 3rd on Sunday. This girl had 3 racks of little ladies to battle against! Well done.. That takes us to Patty Metzger - this she took 1st both days in 36-40 cruiser. Patty - you are doing great this year!

Let's give it up to Keegan O'Connor, after his 8th place on Saturday he came back on Sunday and won his class (1st place) 14 Inter. Keep up the good job, Keegan! Next, is Cody Dyer - this guy started the weekend with a 5th place on Saturday in 16 Cruiser and came back to obtain FIRST place on Sunday! That was a great race to watch!

Anthony Graziano did well, too! Mr. Graziano took a 4th place in his Open and followed up with an 8th place on Sunday in talent packed 14 x class. Jerry Pricer placed 3rd in 36-40 Cruiser and 1st in Class on Saturday - Returned on Sunday for a 2nd in Cruiser and 3rd in class! James Starks placed 4th in 36-40 Cruiser and 2nd in class. On Sunday he crashed and took 7th in Cruiser and followed up with a 2nd in class....

Vendetta/Elite Bikes placed 3rd for Bike Shop on both days! Well done guys/gals! - -

NBL & Crabtree BMX Sponsorship

The legendary track of Crabtree BMX in East Canada, host of the famous Extreme Byke Fest (EBF) and successive UCI International events in 2005-06-07, as well as many National events, is proud to announce the signing of the National Bicycle League as a new sponsor for the 2009 season and years to come. 

Top International riders attended some of the Crabtree BMX events threw the years. Founded in 1992, the organization saw the legendary John Purse, Robert Dewilde and Warwick Stevenson flow threw its track as well as young pros such as Derek Betcher, Lance McGuire, Mike Gonzales, Bob Rowley, Kim Hayashi, Samantha Cools, Amanda Geving, Rachel Smith and local cult hero Jill Botchler and Chris Keller. 

Crabtree BMX and its staff have been involved in a long time relation with the NBL and with the constant progression of the sport and the new International standard, it was important to secure this partnership and work with the National Bicycle League on an official base.

The NBL will play an important role as a consultant for the Crabtree BMX organization, witch hope to produce additional high quality International races in the coming years. 

In addition to its consultant services, the NBL will offer technical support and logistic to the Crabtree BMX organization, witch will give them in return exposure in all of its events.

In addition, the Club will act as a NBL information center for Canadian riders in the East.

This partnership will help the NBL to promote and cater more closely to its Canadian members.

The Crabtree BMX Club, will not be NBL sanction as per UCI rules, it is sanctioned by the Canadian Cycling Association and its Provincial Federation.







Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, February 23, 2009

Gator Nationals

February 21-22, 2009

Oldsmar BMX - Oldsmar, Florida

Day One/Saturday - UCI Points (Race #3)

Elite Men    Total Riders = 40    Groups = 8

Elite Women    Total Riders = 11    Groups = 2
Junior Men    Total Riders = 18    Groups = 3
VETERAN PRO (ABA Points) Total Riders = 20    Groups = 3
Day Two/Sunday - ABA Pro Series
AA PRO    Total Riders = 27    Groups = 4
    8  MIKE DAY, GT
GIRLS PRO    Total Riders = 11    Groups = 2
A PRO    Total Riders = 26    Groups = 4
VETERAN PRO    Total Riders = 20    Groups = 3
For all the info on the ABA National Series, please visit,


For 2009, the REDLINE CUP Series has taken a new twist that now makes it a 3-race points series  - and will award the Top-3 riders in a main with that famous REDLINE CUP numberplate! This year will be the first time  that the race for that illusive yellow-background No.1 plate will be decided over accumulative points – tallying up the scores from three races.

The first points race is your finish at one of the 60+ Redline Cup Qualifiers held around the country. While anybody can now race the REDLINE CUP Finals; only those who compete at a local Qualifier race will be eligible for a shot at the Championship. 

POINTS RACE A: While you no longer have to make your main event in order to get invited to the Finals; your placing in the RL Cup Qualifier main will now count toward your No.1 title-chase. Winning at this race could now be the difference between you and the overall No.1 plate – making the mains at RL Cup Q’s even more competitive.

POINTS RACE B: Your second points race in the chase will be the PRYME U.S. OPEN; held on the Saturday of the RL CUP Finals weekend. Prior to this, the U.S. Open has never counted for more than just multi-district points. It is now a key part of your total score for the Redline Cup Championship .. and will be brought to you by; maker of the 2009 special edition Redline helmet.

POINTS RACE C: With the three regional REDLINE CUP FINALS (one on the East coast, one in Central U.S., and the third on the West), you’ll now need more than just a win at the Finals to earn the No.1 Redline Cup plate and receive all of its glory. Of course, winning at the Finals will likely be a necessity to win the overall – as long as you have some good scores from the Qualifier and U.S. Open.
As soon as riders cross the finishline in their main, points will be tabulated and awarded in a Podium ceremony after the race. The top three finishes in the main will be awarded a No.1, No.2 and No.3 Redline Cup plate.

To plot out your strategy to win a REDLINE CUP title – here is where to start your quest to become a 2009 REDLINE CUP Champ:

POINTS RACE A: While you no longer have to make your main event in order to get invited to the Finals; your placing in the RL Cup Qualifier main will now count toward your No.1 title-chase. Winning at this race could now be the difference between you and the overall No.1 plate – making the mains at RL Cup Q’s even more competitive.

POINTS RACE B: Your second points race in the chase will be the PRYME U.S. OPEN; held on the Saturday of the RL CUP Finals weekend. Prior to this, the U.S. Open has never counted for more than just multi-district points. It is now a key part of your total score for the Redline Cup Championship .. and will be brought to you by; maker of the 2009 special edition Redline helmet.

POINTS RACE C: With the three regional REDLINE CUP FINALS (one on the East coast, one in Central U.S., and the third on the West), you’ll now need more than just a win at the Finals to earn the No.1 Redline Cup plate and receive all of its glory. Of course, winning at the Finals will likely be a necessity to win the overall – as long as you have some good scores from the Qualifier and U.S. Open.
As soon as riders cross the finishline in their main, points will be tabulated and awarded in a Podium ceremony after the race. The top three finishes in the main will be awarded a No.1, No.2 and No.3 Redline Cup plate.

To plot out your strategy to win a REDLINE CUP title – here is where to start your quest to become a 2009 REDLINE CUP Champ:


January 18, 2009

Oldsmar BMX



March 1, 2009

Steel Wheels Indoor BMX



March 8, 2009

Dayton Indoor BMX



April 5, 2009

Supercross BMX

Boiling Springs


May 10, 2009

Bumps & Berms BMX



June 20, 2009

Cape Cod BMX



June 28, 2009

Southern Maryland BMX



June 28, 2009

Ocoee Bmx



July 5, 2009

Valley BMX



July 12, 2009

Speedway BMX



July 18, 2009

Marble City BMX



July 18, 2009

Burlington BMX



August 2, 2009




August 2, 2009

Hamilton BMX



August 8, 2009

Whip City BMX



July 25, 2009

Ottawa BMX



Sept. 19-20, 2009




 REDLINE CUP's Central

January 18, 2009

Walworth Indoor BMX



February 22, 2009

Rehbein Arena BMX

Lino Lakes


March 1, 2009

Pearland Speedway



March 8, 2009

KC Indoor BMX



April 26, 2009

Spokes BMX



May 31, 2009

Gretna BMX Raceway



June 6, 2009

Berthoud BMX



June 6, 2009

The Hill BMX



June 6, 2009

Lakes Area BMX



June 6, 2009

Lone Star BMX

San Antonio


June 14, 2009

Sooner State BMX

Ponca City


June 27, 2009

Sun City BMX

El Paso


June 27, 2009

Central Wisconsin BMX

Wisconsin Rapids


June 28, 2009

River Valley BMX

New Ulm


June 28, 2009

Tri-City BMX



July 4, 2009

Cedar Heights BMX

North Little Rock


July 12, 2009

Heartland BMX



July 12, 2009

West Fargo BMX

West Fargo


July 18, 2009

Aztec Riverside BMX



August 1, 2009

412 BMX

Detroit Lakes


August 2, 2009

Cedar Rapids BMX

Cedar Rapids


August 9, 2009

Brighton BMX



August 16, 2009

Toad's Cove BMX



Sept. 26-27, 2009





January 24, 2009

Speedworld BMX



January 25, 2009

Rad Canyon BMX Indoor

South Jordan


February 8, 2009

Emerald Valley Indoor BMX



February 15, 2009

Peninsula Indoor BMX

Port Orchard


March 14, 2009

Ed Fountain Park BMX Raceway

Las Vegas


March 15, 2009

Southwest Wyoming Indoor BMX

Rock Springs


April 12, 2009

Coyote BMX

Yucca Valley


April 25, 2009

Desert Sunset BMX



May 9, 2009

Freedom Park BMX



May 17, 2009

Carson City BMX

Carson City


May 24, 2009

Molalla BMX



May 31, 2009

Snake River BMX

Idaho Falls


June 6, 2009

Cherry Hill BMX

Coeur D'Alene


June 6, 2009

Mike Sedar BMX



June 13, 2009

Silver Dollar BMX



June 14, 2009

Orange Y BMX



June 20, 2009

River Valley BMX



June 21, 2009

Gallatin Valley BMX



July 19, 2009

Santa Clara Pal BMX

Santa Clara


July 25, 2009

Deseret Peak BMX Track



August 1, 2009

River City BMX

Grants Pass


August 16, 2009

Bakersfield BMX



August 22, 2009

Kearny Moto Park

San Diego


Oct. 3-4, 2009






1. Redline Cup # plates at the Finals will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders in every main - and can be ran all year round.

2. ANYBODY can now race the regionalized Redline Cup Finals - you no longer have to make a main event at a Qualifer in order to attend.

3. The chase to become a REDLINE CUP Champion now includes points from three events - their best finish at a RL Cup Qualifier, their finish at Saturday's PRYME U.S.Open and at Sunday's REDLINE CUP FINALS (East, Central or West).


Personal Starting Gate System

Pro-Start is a factory selling BMX personal starting gates. The big news from them is a single portable gate, a gate made of aluminum that allows the rider to train anytime and anywhere thanks to it's small size and easy Direct Current power.

The portable gate Pro-Start uses the Random Start cadence, and also allows the rider to choose which lights are used in the start cadence, as in red, first yellow, second yellow or green.

Our personal BMX start gate give each rider a great liberty for a complex and daily training ...

For more info, don't hesitate to contact the Pro-Start society trough our website that has other products that you might like to check out.

In French = ..... In English =

Team Oregon Is Rampin' Up For The ABA Northwest Nationals

WOW - can you believe we are less than 6 weeks away from the ABA Great Northwest Nationals and a return trip to Redmond Oregon. We can't wait to welcome everyone back and plan an having an awesome racing weekend. If you were here, you know this race was one of the best of the year, and if you weren't , you won't want to miss the 2009 event.

ABA Great Northwest Nationals - April 3-5, 2009 Deschutes Fairgrounds and Expo - Hooker Creek Event Center

NO CHARGE FOR PARKING!!! PLEASE BRING YOUR BIKE LOCKS - there will be no bikes in the grandstand area and they may be kept in the bike corral that will be located by staging.

Rooms are already going fast so if you haven't made your reservation, here's some links for you for some of our community partners.

Questions? Need more info - call Tracy 541-815-5302 - See you at the races!

Tracy Stephens on behalf of Team OREGON BMX ..... Smith Rock BMX, High Desert BMX, Emerald Valley BMX (Indoor & Outdoor), Cottage Grove BMX, River City BMX, Molalla River BMX, Chehalem Valley BMX, Medford BMX, and Roseburg BMX

Some Lodging Options!


2243 Yew Avenue, Redmond OR


Fax: 541.504.1316

Sleep Inn & Suites

1847 N Hwy. 97

Redmond, OR 97756

(541) 548-1500

Super 8 Motel - Redmond Airport

3629 SW 21st Place

Redmond, Oregon


FAX: 541.504.8318


2247 South US Route 97

Redmond, OR 97756

(541) 923-2100

For best rates: Book online at


2630 SW 17th Pl Redmond, OR 97756-9625

(541) 548-8080


Rennen G-Cog Certifies Coaches In Training Techniques

Rennen Design Group, developers of G-Cog, the ultimate BMX training tool, are pleased to announce that "Coach G" Greg Romero is the first BMX coach to pass our certification course and to receive his G-Cog. Since receiving his device he has been busy testing away, validating some of his theories that helped capture an Olympic Silver and Bronze for the Red Bull BMX team in the Summer Games.  In addition, he plans on integrating BMX powermeter testing into his High Performance Camps throughout the year. Look out for these camps at a track near you!

Others who have passed the course and are now awaiting their devices are former NBL National #1 Thomas Allier and Colombian national coach German Medina.

We created a course for coaches to take to ensure that they are familiar with the functions and operation of G-Cog.  Athletes who are considering hiring a trainer/coach and would like to use a G-Cog to help structure their program can be rest assured that all Certified G-Cog Coaches know the device inside and out.  If you think you have what it takes to become a Certified G-Cog Coach send an email and your coaching resume to

G-Cog is a revolutionary BMX training tool that enables you to measure Power, Torque, Speed, Acceleration, Distance, and Reaction Time (Integrated speaker plays ABA, NBL/UCI cadence).  G-Cog will help you validate your training and give you confidence that you've put the work in.  Now it's time to let your results speak for themselves.

The Future of Training is Here! - George Costa/Owner - Rennen Design Group - 781-632-5480 - -





Today's BMX Racing News - Sunday, February 22, 2009


BMX Australia National Series Crash Takes Out Sifiso


 A pile up in the elite men’s BMX national race in Adelaide today eliminated UCI World bronze medalist, Sifiso Nhlapo and three other elite riders.


The South African Olympian suffered a torn hamstring in the  pile up.


Top local rider, Brian Kirkham led the race early and claimed a well deserved win after qualifying fastest earlier in the day. "Sifiso seemed to hit by back wheel," said Kirkham. "I hope he's alright."


However the 23 year old Kirkham has had his share of injury is is now hopeful of breaking out some successful racing of his own....."I'm in the the best shape of my career," stated Kirkham. "I just want to take out the series now."


After avoiding the carnage, Adelaide’s Michael Fenwick slipped into second with Victoria’s Olivier Hoarau in third.


Also caught up in the crash on the first straight was Norway’s Anders Gransund and South Australia’s state champion, Matthew Willoughby, who finished in fourth and fifth respectively.


Kirkham's win places him firmly in the series lead with only three rounds remaining.


The elite women’s field also saw the elimination of series leader, Caroline Buchanan from Canberra, in a crash during the heats.


The women’s race was won by Western Australia’s Lauren Reynolds. Reynolds qualified the fastest in time trails. Victoria’s Ziggy Callan in second and Queensland’s Rachel Bracken in third.


The junior men’s race was taken out by local favourite Anthony Dean with Victoria’s Joshua Callan and second. Third was fellow Victorian, Michael Chasteauneuf.


Winners of the Champbikx were Adelaide's Thomas Rowe (16 boys), Mackay's Melinda McLeod ( 16 girls), Victoria's Madison Denholm ( 15 boys), Queensland's Chelsea King ( 15 girls), and Adelaide's Ashley White ( 14 boys).


The fourth and fifth rounds of the Hog's Breath Cafe National Series will be in two weeks time in Canberra.

The Medalla Light Ultimate Dirt Challenge- Sunday, March 29, 2009



Location: Rincon, Puerto Rico *Flights into San Juan, PR  

BMX Dual Slalom Trails Racing: 18 & Over Open BMXR Classification

PRO PURSE: $5,000

Mtn. Bike Cross Country: 12- UCI Pointed Classifications

Mtn. Bike Downhill: 4- Individual Classifications 

BMX Trails Racing consists of a 2 rider format utilizing a 12-15 foot roll-in with a traditional starting gate connected to the 2-man timing system, dropping onto a shortened, more extreme version of a race track with the 2 riders going head to head on opposite tracks. Qualifying will involve each rider racing one side of the 2 man track, one time. The first heats will be seeded according to the rider lap times. The top 32 fastest times transfer to the next round. Qualifying includes one on one competition transferring from the Round of 32, 16, 8, & 4. The top 2 fastest times from the round of 4 transfer to the finals. The remaining 2 riders from the round of 4 will race for 3rd place overall. The final two riders will be racing head to head to determine the winner.

* BMX Dual Slalom Trails Racing Course designed and constructed by John Purse, Inc. 

Medalla Light Ultimate Dirt Challenge- BMX Trails Racing Pro Purse: $5,000 





Fastest Lap


























It is my pleasure to inform you all, that last year's  cancelled Old Skool of BMX Reunion (cancelled due to me being ill) will be held  at the ATTRACTIEPARK SLAGHAREN in Holland, this year.

The INTERNATIONAL  OLD SKOOL of BMX is scheduled to take place in the following weekend:  OCTOBER 2nd, 3rd and 4th.2009.

Details will be announced within 4 to 6 weeks.

Main goal is to bring Old Skool BMX racers,  possibly with their families together at the location were among others, the 1983 I.BMX.F. Worlds took place as well as 10 European Challenge Cup events.

We hope to welcome many Europeans and probably some USA Old Skool BMX  racers, talk history, show DVD's, visiting the BMX Museum at the park, have  a party on Saturday evening celebrating 30+ years of BMX in Europe and represent to you all those present, who are inducted in the European BMX  Hall of Fame (see ).  

Special activities for the children of the Old Skool BMX'ers such as a KIDS  BMX CLINIC (3-5 year olds) and a JUNIOR BMX CLINIC (6 years and over), conducted  by former BMX World Champions.

Again, more details later. Check out at a regular base our site - Gerrit Does/University Of BMX

UEC/Euro BMX Commission Official Series Race Dates

Zwolle, Holland ..... 1st and 2nd Round 4th and 5th of April 2009

Klatovy, Czech Rep. ..... “ 3rd and 4th Round 25th and 26th of April 2009

Creazzo, Italy ..... “ 5th and 6th Round 2nd and 3rd of May 2009

Sopron, Hungary ..... “ 7th and 8th Round 16th and 17th of May 2009

Dessel, Belgium ..... “ 9th and 10th Round 30th and 31st of May 2009

Sandnes, Norway ..... “ 11th and 12th Round 13th any 14th of June 2009

Cheddar, England ..... “ 13th and 14th Round 27th and 28th of June 2009

Fredericia, Danmark ..... Finals 15th and 16th Round 10th till 12th of July 2009




Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, February 20, 2009


FOR THE BMX MANIA FACTORY TEAM! is proud to announce that Socal Fast Guy, Vance Wiesendanger has just signed on to race selected UCI Supercross, ABA and NBL BMX races for the BMX Mania Factory Team.

Vance also has initial plans to help out at the BMX Mania Pro Training Camp in June at Hire Park in Warsaw, Indiana. 

Vance is from El Cajon, California is 24 and has a long history of excellent BMXing in his gear bag.

He was ABA NAG 1 in 2004 & 2005, and has ridden for several World Class teams, including the Redman and Haro Factory Teams.

He’s an avid trail rider and claims the U.S. Olympic Training Center Supercross track in Chula Vista, California as his 'home track'.

Vance is currently training with Mike Day’s Olympic Coach, Greg Romero, so watch for Vance to turn some heads this year as he tears up the track for the BMX Mania Factory Team.

According to BMX Mania's, Jerry Landrum, "Vance is an awesome rider, and it's an honor to have him on board. I look forward to helping Vance get to some of the best races in the world to show his skills, and since he's been training with Greg Romero, I have a feeling those skills are only going to get better and better."

First races up for Vance will be the UCI points race at the ABA Winternationals, then the NBL Nellis National in Las Vegas followed by the UCI Supercross race in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Laëtitia Le Corguillé – KUWAHARA


Laëtitia Le Corguillé, the French Olympic athlete who won the silver medal in BMX at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

is 'After It' this year and she's getting some big time help from some awesome sponsors. Most notably, she'll be jammin'

on a Kuwahara this season, stylin' Troy Lee Designs threads and stickin' to the turns on her Tioga Powerblock Tires.

World Championships

2004    3rd Junior at the World Championship

2005    3rd at the World Championship

2006    Cruiser World Champion & 8th in Class

2007    8th at the World Championship

2008    8th at the World Championship

European Championships

2004    Junior European Champion

2005    European Champion

2006    European Champion

2007    2nde du championnat d'Europe de BMX

2008    European Champion



The UCI's, Johan Lindstrom started off the year with a new addition to the staff. Mr. & Ms. Lindstrom were blessed with a cool little guy to add to the family.

Johan sez his name is "Ollie and even though it's a skater name, we're hoping he will turn into a BMXer!"

Yeah, he'll probably end up with a stop watch in his hand keepin' the Olympics on time or bustin' a move on the ski slopes near his home in Switzerland. Congrats to the Lindstrom Family, it's a wonderful life!

2009 Sharp Sprockets Factory Team

Bill Sharp at Sharp Sprockets is sending some BMX Warriors out to do battle on the ABA National Circuit all lined up as the 2009 Sharp Factory Team.

The team will have a decidedly "Midwest Flavor" as it's made up of George "The Mangler" Andrews, Jordan "Flash" Seward and Levi "Crash" Connor.

Look for the boys to be on the track soon, and when you see them, they'll be looking...........Well, SHARP, of course!





Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, February 19, 2009

FORMULA’S LEE LEWIS DOMINATING IN ’09San Diego, California – So far in the new race season, Formula / Profile / Maxxis’ Lee Lewis has been on the track dominating the competition in 19-27 Expert.  Out of eight mains, Lee has won six.  Six out of eight mains?  Simply outstanding. 

This includes two doubles, one at the NBL’ Coyote Nationals in Phoenix in January and one two weekends ago at the ABA’s So Cal Nationals in Lake Perris, California.  So what’s the secret to Lee’s new found domination?  “I’ve been doing a lot of training lately”, stated Lewis.  “I wasn’t so much into it, but now I’ve found the drive to put the work in.  Plus, if I want to turn Pro at some point, I’ve got to make that commitment.” 

Turning Pro was a goal for Lewis going into 2009, but his sponsors convinced him staying Amateur for a bit was the way to go.  “I wanted to turn Pro in Reno this year, but after listening to some different point-of-views, it made more sense for me to stay Am for little while.”   

ABOUT Formula:

Formula Bicycle Company manufactures the finest BMX racing equipment in the industry. 

With 30 alloy frame sizes, there is certain to be a Formula frame to fit just about every size and style rider out there.   

Formula’s Solution Complete Bikes offers top quality racing equipment at less than half the price. 

For more info: Check out, call 619-291-3015, or email

Formula Bicycle Company is proudly supported by the following companies: Profile Racing (, Maxxis Tires (, Alienation Rims (, FormCo Products (, and, last but not least, Fly Racing (

Team BMX Mania Crushes The Comp At NBL Buckeye National!

The crowd was hot at the NBL's recent Buckeye National, and the indoor track was SMOKIN' with lots of hot BMX racing action.

The NBL and the volunteers did great job with the facility and the track and the race was another great NBL event.

The Factory Team was In The House, representin' and blastin' the comp.

On Saturday and Sunday, Ashley Cooley and Erika Takamasa, who are both 10 girls duke it out with a 1-2 punch finish. On both days, the girls class had two racks with Erika going in to the main with perfect came up short of her perfect. Ashley took 1st and Erika took 2nd both days. These two girls are also local favorites on the ABA and NBL Ohio tracks and they push each other every race. They are both a great combination on the track and best of friends off the track.

Dylan Cooley, 13 Expert, came back strong with PERFECT finish on Sunday after falling short on Saturday with second. Dylan snapped out of the gate like a rocket from lane 8 and never looked back. He was flawless, taking pulling away on the second straight with his strong manualing skills.

Naoki Takamasa, 12 Expert, was smokin’ this weekend with PERFECT for both days this weekend. Looked like he had his NOS recharged with injury free season (knock on wood) and he will be challenged by the 13 Expert class next month.

Koh Takamasa made his debut in his 8 expert class with a 3rd on Saturday. Sunday was his off day with a crash in the second heat, but he still managed to make the mains. During the main, while battling for his position, several of his spokes got broken. He still managed to cross the finish line, but those wheels will need some lovin’ from John at Kovachi Wheels this week. Look for his return next month at Morristown.

Overall, I think Team Mania is coming along great. The team is small but we have a lot of heart. Thanks for all of your support, Adventure Travel, Alienation, Dans Competition, Diamondback, Fly Racing, Formula BMX, Hot Shoppe, Intense BMX, Intense BMX Tyres, Kovachi Wheels, Nike 6.0, Powerbar and Tektro Brake Systems.  - Naoya Takamasa/Team Daddy and Communicator


Up until this point, the only way to get a pair of the new TIOGA POWERBLOCK tires was to purchase a complete 2009 REDLINE Flight bike; which were the first bikes to be spec'd with this modern-day treaded tire.   

But as of right now, the top-end S-Spec PowerBlock in sizes 20x2.1, 20x1.95, 20x1.75 and 20x1.60, as well as the standard PowerBlock in sizes - 20x1 1/8, 20 x 1 3/8 and cruiser sizes in 24 x 1.75 and 24 x 2.10 are available thru any Dealer who orders their gear from Seattle Bike Supply 

ABOUT THE POWERBLOCK: Development of the Tioga POWERBLOCK started in winter 2007, and a key part to the tire's design was dissecting vital input from the Factory Redline team - who were the first riders to try out the prototype tread design. When going in to the project, the goal was not only to come up with a modern-day tire that grips the harder packed track surfaces and asphalt berms, but a tread designed to retain or increase rider momentum depending on rider input. 

 "We asked Tioga to create a lightweight tire with maximum traction for today's tracks,"  commented Redline Marketing Director "gOrk". "Two months later, Tioga had a variety of treads for us to run by our pros and  ams.  Countless hours of testing proved that the tightly packed low profile central tread zone flanked by angular chiseled shoulder knobs provided the best combination of fast rolling and cornering grip. By the summer of '08, Redline factory riders were testing the first samples. Everyone from Denzel to Dakota Senger have been loving this new design - and have put it to the test."   

When it comes to Tioga, they definitely know their tires - a statement proven factual by the longevity of the infamous Comp-III tire.    

“It’s taken a while but with help from our friends such as Redline, Tioga is able to develop a tire to compete in modern day racing,” said Kai Cheng, Tioga’s Marketing Manager.  “The result is an advanced racing tire that goes beyond fast rolling or corner gripping – it’s a tire that efficiently transfers rider input into lateral motion” concludes Cheng.   

The PowerBlock will be available in the aftermarket in two versions – the performance series S-Spec, with lightweight Cylex casing and folding bead, and the standard spec 60TPI casing and steel bead.  The S-Spec is available in 20x2.1, 20x1.95, 20x1.75 and 20x1.60, while the standard version will be available in all S-Spec sizes plus 20x1-3/8, 20x1-1/8, 24x2.1, 24x1.75.   

Along with being the longest-lasting sponsor of Team REDLINE, Tioga has also signed-on  with the GHP Team to run the new Powerblock's - as well as Olympic Bronze medalist DONNY ROBINSON.  In fact, D.R. was aboard Tioga tires for the Beijing Olympic games.  

Look for Powerblock's on the bikes of top Pros DENZEL STEIN, JASON CARNE$, ALISE POST, RANDY STUMPFHAUSER, GREG HILL and JOHN PURSE .. and more to come!    

For more info, check out:


Coach of Olympic Medalists, Greg Romero, and Olympic Medalist, Donny Robinson are teaming up to conduct a "High Performance Preparation Camp" for the ABA/USAC National Championship, March 14th & 15th. This is a 2 day camp to be held at the Metroplex Desoto BMX Track where the USAC National Championships will be hosted! This track will be getting rebuilt a week prior and you will be one of the first to train on this course.

"I am excited to team up with Donny Robinson on this camp as I am familiar with his preparation & techniques having spent a lot of time together at the Olympic Training Center. I know his work ethic and his ability to inspire athletes to work hard is top notch. I am also excited to announce that the developer and founder of G-Cog, George Costa will be on hand to help Donny and I test all the riders power by installing G-Cog power meters on the camp participants bikes! This is something that has never been offered before in a camp!" - Coach Greg Romero

We will also be doing power testing for every athlete by using the latest G-Cog power meter technology! A camp first!

We can analyze your acceleration, power, speed, torque, and much more! George Costa of Rennen Design will be here with several G-Cogs to test and evaluate every athlete participating. Coach G and George will help you analyze your power files, and send you home with G-Cog software so you can take a hard look at your data file!

STAFF - Head Coach GREG ROMERO ..... Athlete Mentor/Coach DONNY ROBINSON ..... Assistant Coach DENZEL STEIN ..... Power Testing GEORGE COSTA (of G-Cog/Rennen Design)

CAMP CURRICULUM - The staff will educate, demonstrate, coach and assess the following components to be included in this camp: Power Testing, Random Gate Technique, Jumping, How to Turn, Sprint Training, Warming up, Plyometric Power Training, Performance Nutrition & Goal Setting.

COST is $250, includes instruction, lunch, performance nutrition and power testing.

To make a reservation contact Greg Romero by Email at .

For more information on this camp visit

International Race in

Kortrijk, Belgium

Elite Men's results for you from the International race in Kortrijk, Belgium in late January.

Some good European riders hit up the indoor race action, like Dubois, Scherpen, vd Berg, Gutierrez, Treimanis and a bunch of other Elite riders.

Movie and pictures of final from saturday is on and .

Results Day 1:
1. Martijn Scherpen NED
2. Arnoud Dubois BEL
3. Pablo Gutierrez FRA
4. Benoit Quagebeur FRA
5. Edzus Treimanis LET
6. Jordy van der Heijden NED
7. Roy van den Berg NED
8. Jerome Lange BEL
Results Day 2:
1. Martijn Scherpen NED
2. Roy van den Berg NED
3. Julien Yvorra FRA
4. Martijn Jaspers NED
5. Edzus Treimanis LET
6. Rick van den Dikkenberg NED 
7. Mike Kaltoft DEN
8. Arnoud Dubois BEL

WITH Johnny "The Rocket" Woodmansee
Estrella Mountain BMX - Goodyear, Arizona
Saturday, February 28, 2009
3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Cost is only $20.00 per rider
Discounts for teams or families with multiple riders

for more info go to or contact Weasel at (480) 247-6953.

Estrella Mtn Bmx is located at 15660 W Roser Rd.

Take I-10 and exit off Estrella Parkway. Go
south approx. 4.3 miles (you will pass
MC-85). The track is located on the west side
of the road directly behind the Goodyear Dog Park.









Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Mosquito now on Crupi!

Arcadia, California - Crupi Parts, Inc is proud to announce the signing of Jonathan "Mosquito" Suarez. Jonathan has a long list of accomplishments which include most recently a trip to Beijing for the Olympics!


"We have been speaking with Jonathan for years about coming over to Crupi", says Crupi's President, Greg Swingrover. "Now that the Olympics are over it seems that many other companies out there are letting their team rosters go but we feel this is the time to promote like crazy and adding Mosquito to our family of riders is a great move for Crupi", Swingrover added.


Crupi prides itself with not only the sponsoring the fastest riders on the planet but the best people as well. Jonathan certainly fits Crupi's mold in both aspects!


Mosquito is no stranger to Crupi as he was crowned Elite Men Cruiser World Champion in Canada in 2007 and he won that race on a pink Crupi cruiser!


Jonathan will continue living in his home country of Venezuela and race a full schedule of Latin America races but there will be Mosquito sightings here in the US and around the globe at all Supercross events. Welcome to the team Jonathan!

Morphine Industries leaves their mark on the NBL Southern Charm National

The Morphine Crew gathered in McDonough, Ga. over the weekend at the NBL Southern Charm Nationals.
Risking the chance of freezing cold race weather we headed toward Atlanta.  McDonough had redone their track and the lure of great racing made the trip and the weather a secondary thought.
We rolled into Marietta Thursday night.  It was the longest, shortest trip ever.  You ever feel like you are on a treadmill and going no where – it took for ever.  We crashed a JRev’s house – Yo dude thanks for the floor space.
We headed back down south about an hour to McDonough and Sandy Ridge BMX.  We got there and proceed to set up the pit area.  We had to back up the rig through a small gate that a car could barely fit through.  I don’t know how it fit but we made it and got the joint set up for the weekend.
The small turn out on Friday made for a lot of practice.  It was open practice all night until the pre-race.  The track was smooth and fast with tight turns.
Super X - Tyler Faoro battled with Logan Collins on Saturday and Sunday taking 2nd in Pro Open mains both days.
Super X - Jason LaRev rode solid both days. However a bobble in the main on Saturday forced Jason to settle for 8th.  Getting pinched on Sunday narrowly put him out of the main.
Elite Women - Kyla Reed hit the track with park style as usual and took home 4th in the main on both days.
41+ N – Jonathan Reeves held his own on Saturday racking up a 1st in the main, but got taken out in the first turn on Sunday and rolled to an 8th in main.
35-39 Cr – Doran Bradshaw put on a riding clinic both days cleaning up his motos. However, an over site on Saturday caused Doran to miss the semi gate drop, ending his day.  Sunday, Doran had similar luck getting hung up on the track and settled for 8th.
17-18 X – Travis Woodruff missed racing on Saturday but joined the crew on Sunday.  Riding cold and no track practice, Travis made it to his main but got pinched out going into first turn and settled for 7th.
15 X – Ace Savarese getting back into the BMX swing after some time off had a good weekend with a 4th on Saturday and a 5th on Sunday.
12 X & 11-12 Cr – Noah Reeves had a busy weekend with solid performances in both bikes, taking 5th in both mains on Saturday.  Riding only the 20” on Sunday repeated with another 5th in the main.

Overall Morphine Industries had a solid weekend with a few mishaps here and there.   Sometimes it’s a dog eat dog world and you're wearing milk bone underwear.
That’s Racing!
Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; Staats Motocross Bicycles (, Alienation (, Fly Racing (, Lost Energy Drink (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (

Randy rides Rhythm Wheels!

Arcadia, California - Crupi Parts, Inc is happy to welcome Factory GHP's Randy Stumpfhauser to our family of products.

Randy was part of the Crupi family nearly 10 years ago when he was on Huffy and used many of the Crupi products at that time.

Randy being one of the top veteran Pros competing in the AA pro ranks can ride any wheels he wants to and Randy has chosen the new Rhythm wheels!

Welcome back to the Crupi family of products Stumpy!

Check out the wheels Randy and many other top riders are riding including:

Tyler Brown, Jelle Van Gorkom, Mosquito Suarez, John Purse, Scott Erwood, Jason Richardson, Carlos Oquendo and Fede Pollo.

You can see them on Crupi's website at

8th Annual Midwest Oldschool BMX Show

Saturday February 21st. 2009

8:00 am - 3:00 pm


369 East US Highway 30

Valparaiso , Indiana

$1.00 Donation to view the show.

Show Participants information:
 $1.00 per bike entered into the show.
The first 30 people registered will receive a goody bag.

CLASSES FOR THE SHOW: 1970's 20" ..... 80-84 20" ..... 85-90 20" ..... 1991 and up 20"
Cruisers all years ..... Free Style all years ..... Best Of Show all years all models
There will be a first , second and third place trophy for each class EXCEPT best of show will receive only one.








Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Manchester, England's Sportcity To Build $28 Million Indoor BMX Facility!

According to the BBC, a £20m (Approx $28 million) BMX facility will be built in Manchester, England at the site of one of the U.K.'s premier Velodromes.

The Supertrack will seats 4500 spectators and will apply to host national and international BMX races.

Will the track be the premier training facility for UKBMX's 2012 Olympic BMX Team? Heck, yeah!

Plans call for the new spread to be built in a parking lot (car park if you speak 'real' English! :-) of the Sportcity Velodrome with the two buildings connected by a mutually used welcome center, shops and mall area.

Originally, the government had plans to build a "supercasino" but those plans have been scrapped and the new BMX facility has taken it's place.

Manchester City Council and regeneration company New East Manchester have invited companies to bid for a contract worth £20.75m to build the new BMX centre.

Located within the Medlock Valley in east Manchester, Sportcity is the largest concentration of sporting venues in Europe and is less than two miles from Manchester City Centre.

Sportcity was developed for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and the 48,000 seat City of Manchester Stadium is now home to Manchester City Football Club. The site also features the National Squash Centre, the 6,500 seat Manchester Regional Arena, English Institute of Sport, Manchester Velodrome and the Tennis Centre as well as a state-of-the-art gymnasium.

Sportcity has successfully developed world-class sports and events venues that provide facilities for elite and professional athletes as well as developing a strong community program. It is now the chosen venue for over 400 events each year and receives over 4,500,000 visits annually.

Previously derelict land, the site has undergone major environmental improvements and created new employment and other opportunities for many local people.

The Hayes Hawks Are Flyin' Low With U.K. After School BMX Clubs!

The Hayes Hawks, one of the oldest ongoing BMX Clubs in England have just set up two "After School Clubs" in the local area and plan to do 2 more after Easter.

All of the support for this is all coming out of area schools sports budget, the buying of the bikes and helmets and paying the coaches.

The Super Cool Thing is, that It is also now on the school curriculum.

The future looks good for this project, because school leaders will be deciding the future of the idea and if all goes well this could be rolled out in 111 schools in total and then onto the whole borough or regional schools.

With the Mega Track being built in Manchester and the Hawks Flyin' Low in the South, it looks like BMX may be catching on fire in the U.K........Just in time for the 2012 Olympics!

BMX Training Camp at World Cycling Centre

to prepare UCI World Championships

A high level BMX training camp gets under way at the World Cycling Centre (WCC) in Aigle, Switzerland, on 16 February.

Nine young athletes from seven different countries will spend five months at the WCC under the guidance of UCI coach Hervé Krebs.

During their camp, they will compete in five rounds of the European BMX Championships and at least one round of the 2009 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup. Their participation in the Supercross in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 8th and 9th May, is already confirmed. Their ultimate goal will be the UCI BMX World Championships to be held in Adelaide, Australia from July 23rd to 26th.

Among the BMX trainees are three regulars at the WCC, who, during last year’s camp, qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing: Samantha Cools (Canada), Emilio Falla (Ecuador) and Jenny Fähndrich (Switzerland).

They are joined by four other athletes who are also no strangers to the WCC facilities: Yvan Lapraz (Switzerland), Andres Jimenez (Columbia), and two Danish riders who were part of the WCC’s development group last year, Niklas Laustsen and Mette Jaspen. Newcomers to the WCC BMX training facilities this year are Steven Wong (Hong Kong) and Evgeni Komarov (Russia).

The participation of several other BMX riders has yet to be confirmed.

Formula Europe's Laustsen & Wong To Train At UCI WCC!

Formula Europe¹s Steven Wong and Niklas Laustsen are both sent to the World Cycling Centre (WCC) in Aigle, Switzerland.


Their National Federations find it a good way to prepare their riders for the 2009 Worlds in Adelaide, Australia.


They will spend five months at the WCC under the guidance of UCI coach Hervé Krebs.


During their camp, they will compete in several rounds of the 2009 European BMX Championships Series and at least the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Copenhagen (Denmark) on 8th and 9th May.


Niklas is stoked to return to the UCI Centre to prepare for his World Cup debut in his home country.


The Formula Euro Trade Team is supported by: Formula Bicycles - Shimano - - UFO Race Wear - Formco Parts - Alienation BMX - Swatch Watches - Navada.Net Web Design

BMX Legend Thomas Allier Coaches In Denmark! 

We (Sallingsund BMX-Club) had hired Thomas Allier to spend 3 days on the track in Denmark, to coach 14 selected and experienced riders in age 12 to 21 years. 

The goal was to give the riders new input in their way to improved performance, through practice and individual guidance. 

Sallingsund BMX Club´s facility includes indoor practice area with wooden ramps and jumps together with a big foampit, 8 lane outdoor track build under guidance of Tom Ritz, and a four lane practice track with a few big jumps and a big turn. 

On day one, Thomas Allier got acquainted with the riders and their individual skills, through practical test and “playing around” on the track. He has a fantastic feeling for the individuals, and he easily gets the “kids” to listen and improve. 

5-6 hours of practice a day for 3 days in the winterseason, sounds like something incredible to get the youngsters to do, but the engagement and skills of Allier, made it hard to get the riders off the track at the end of the day. 

Freezing during night time at all 3 days, made the track surface hard as concrete and perfect to the big jumps. The first two days was privileged with high sun, but as pleasant it was for the riders, it made the track soft in the afternoon. No problem though, as the indoor facility took over. 

On day 3 it started snowing and it looked like a day at the indoor, but real BMX´ers don’t give up that easily. Everybody gave a hand, snow removed and corners salted, practice could go on. A little slippery, but another great experience. 

During day 2 and day 3, the Danish Olympic athlete Henrik Baltzersen joined the group, and played around with the kids and his friend from France. 

Everybody had a great weekend, and the intention is to make a follow up in a couple of months time. Every rider got a datasheet with actual status, own expectations, and pro recommendations on what to do over the next months. 

We can warmly recommend Thomas Allier in his “new” life as coach and instructor 

René Skjold - Sallingsund BMX Club -

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Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, February 16, 2009



Hilliard, Ohio, February 11, 2009 - The 2009 NBL Competition Congress was a success in many ways and this year's event drew record attendance. More than 225 NBL track directors, clerks, state commissioners and volunteers, along with the NBL Staff and Board of Directors, came together for a weekend of learning, sharing and networking.  

To empower tracks with more knowledge on how to run and promote their own successful local programs, NBL hosted a wide variety of seminars throughout the three-day gathering. Topics included Local Promotions, Track Building and Maintenance, Refereeing, Clerking, and Medical Training. Each volunteer who attended Congress walked away with valuable information to take back to their own local programs. In addition to a learning experience, Congress has a long-standing tradition of recognizing the outstanding efforts of past and present volunteers who have helped build and lead the organization.

During Saturday’s congress, long-time NBL board member and past-president Gary Smith of Florida was proudly inducted into the NBL Hall of Fame. In a term that spanned more than 20 years, Gary was first elected to the NBL Board of Directors in 1987 and then served as President from 1990-2004 before retiring due to a bad back.  Though he was unable to attend congress in person, his efforts were recognized during a heart-felt induction. 

At the core of every successful program, there are people who go that extra mile to get the job done and this year’s ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award was presented to Kittie Weston-Knauer of Iowa. She is the Iowa State Commissioner and past Track Director of Des Moines Metro BMX. Kittie continues to compete at local and national levels and has been an advocate of expanding the Women’s racing programs. 

Building on the success of a rise in membership, NBL presented more than $60,000 in grants back to the tracks and athletes this year to further support the grass roots of the sport. They included track awards for highest local attendance, most new riders, and the Bob Warnicke Awards for athletes and their educational pursuits. Weston Pope of Indiana received a $5,000 scholarship to top the list of Warnicke recipients.

 On Saturday evening, delegates gathered in the main ballroom to take part in the retirement festivities for Bob and Polly Tedesco.  Hosted by Roger Plaskett of Foothills BMX, the night featured a number of keynote speakers including Louis Vridjag, former President of the UCI BMX Commission from the Netherlands, who gave speeches to recognize their own personal accounts about the Tedesco’s and their long history in BMX. Polly then got the chance to play a game of Deal or No Deal which was followed by an evening of socializing, reminiscing and dancing.  BMX has come along ways since those early days when Bob showed up at North Park, PA and it was a fitting transition to usher in a new energy. 

Congress doubles as the platform in the voting process for the NBL Board of Directors and this year’s ballot was the most active in more than a decade.  As the association makes its final transition to the new leadership, changes at the board level promise to bring a new direction and spirit to the organization. Joining the board this year are Steve Doan of Florida who was appointed as the new Vice-Chair and both James Bagwell of South Carolina and John Pingol of Florida were elected from the floor. “NBL Congress has a long-standing tradition of acting as both a learning experience and a place where new agenda’s are established to invigorate the organization. We welcome the newest members and look forward to a successful and prosperous road ahead” said Ken Masters, NBL President. “In many ways, it is the true essence of what the NBL is all about” he added.  

NBL would like to thank all of the delegates and volunteers who helped make the 2009 Congress a huge success. Visit the NBL website ( to learn more about the organization and check out the full report in the April issue of BMX Today Magazine.


Hello everyone, and welcome to our new site at!

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“Bizzarro Clinic tour scheduled for southeastern U.S. next week.”
BMX Mania Note - SORRY, BIZZARRO, this got lost in the shuffle, but it's good news for BMXers out there, so we're runnin' it so you can take advantage of the last three days of the tour! - Zorry!

Fresh off his week spent with the USAC’s Junior Development program at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA, not to mention his two wins at the ABA So Cal Nationals, Rennen/Intense’s Austin Loebe will headline a four-day clinic stint starting Sunday the 15th of February.    
“A” Pro Matt Kelty and London Wilmot will round out the three-man tour crew coming to Capital City (Raleigh, NC, Sunday the 15th), Hornets Nest (Charlotte, NC, Monday the 16th), Supercross BMX (Spartanburg, SC, Tuesday the 17th), and Peachtree City BMX (Peachtree City, GA, Wednesday the 18th).

PowerBar  <> will be providing plenty of goodies to each participant along with a cool sticker pack and, of course, two hours of detailed instruction.

Show up early to get some gates in with the crew! Ask your local track operator for specific times at your track.

Other instructors may include Kayla Gaddis, Courtney Applewhite, Chris Meaker, Will Murray (Rennen/Intense), and Tim Dinger (Formula). Log onto for more information.


The DK RACE TEAM did it big this past weekend at the NBL Buckeye Nationals in Columbus, OH.

Almost the whole team was in attendance with A Pro Jason Jewell, AA Pro Josh Smith, 13x Jarred Johnson, and 14x Jeremy Smith all making the short trip to Ohio's capital to do battle for the weekend.

Saturday's Elite Open main event saw Jason Jewell take the lead over in the last turn and hold it down for the big WIN.

Unfortunately a crash put him on the sidelines for Sunday's main.

Josh Smith didn't have the best of luck, taking home a 6th place finish for the weekend, but was stoked to see his brother, Jeremy Smith come off with a 3rd on saturday, then steal the WIN from Damian Cherepko to make it a perfect day on Sunday.

Last but not least was the youngest guy on the team. Jarred Johnson won every single lap on Saturday, and took a  2nd in Sunday's Main.

check out DK's line up and all there products at

Also, DK Flight bags are in stock!

Check them out as I know they will be going fast!

15th Annual Jack Frost Classic

EHT BMX in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

March 21st, 2009

EHT BMX in Egg Harbor Township, NJ is excited to announce that the 15th Annual Jack Frost Classic will be held on March 21st, 2009.
This perennial favorite of racers and families alike has become one of the "can't miss" classics of the season for riders all over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region.
In honor of the 15th anniversary of this classic race, the track staff have added some fun events for racers and their families.

1)    Rubik’s Cube Challenge...Bring your Rubik’s Cube and challenge the Northeast.
 a.      Qualifiers will be held at the 50/50 table for all interested.
b.      Solve the cube to advance to the Cube Main.
c.      Main makers will be called out to the track between the 3rd round of motos and the racing Mains.
d.      Fastest contestant to solve the cube wins a Visa gift card.
2)    Best Baker in the Northeast Challenge 

Bring your best baked goods and challenge the Northeast

a.      Baked goods will be judged by an independent panel of judges.
b.      Winner gets choice of a free Jack Frost Hoodie or a Visa gift card.
c.      Remaining baked goods will be sold at concession.
d.      All proceeds from the baked goods will go to the EHT BMX Memorial Scholarship Fund.


a. Bring your pit bikes for a winner take all race.

b. Entry is free.

c. Two age groups 13 & under, 14 & over.

d. Winners get trophy & free EHT race coupon.


Along with exciting racing, the One Of A Kind Jack Frost Hoodies, and thr fun event above,

we are also adding 100% to the Pro/Am Opens making the payouts a WHOPPING 200%!

We look forward to welcoming all of our family and friends back to EHT BMX to kick off the 2009 season in style.

We will be holding  practice races on March 7th and 14th for those who need to get those winter weary muscles back in shape.

Gate Practices are tentatively set for February 21st and 28th.

Please call the track before traveling any distance, because all races and practices are "weather permitting".

Track Phone 1-609-927-9089

For Jack Frost Pre-Registration Form, please visit

UCI Pan-American Points Race Mendoza, Argentina

Official Argentina BMX News Release:

Rounds 1 and 2 of the UCI Pan-American Ranking Competitions were run recently in Mendoza, Argentina.

The race saw over 200 riders from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela in attendance.

Junior Men's titles were taken by Dalfarro from Brazil and Leandro Renato Rezende both demonstrating some technical skill on their bikes.

Junior Ladies victors included Mayara from Brazil and Perez Squel Stein and the only Argentinean in the event Mariana Diaz.

In Elite Women's competition, Argentina's, Maria Belen Dutta and Venezuela's, Kimmy Diquez took the top spots.

The Elite Men's winner of the weekend was the Olympic participant, Ramiro Marino (Free Agent/Vans). Also in the top spots were Gonzalo Ureta of Chile and Fabricio Maturano of Argentina.

In the remaining categories were Alvaro Gaetan, Joaquin Jusid, Matias Brizuela, Tomas Cordova, Federico Montes, Agustin Lopez, Nicolas Santolini, Lucas Bustos (Dans) and Florence Soriano.

Fernando Zito - -

Dreamteam-Gordijnhuis European factory team

Introducing a brand new European factory team.

There is a new pro rider from Belgium Toon Jacobs ,next to him at the team a first year junior ,3 times European champ, Kristers Taims 6th place at the E.C. last year.

Yorben Van Tichelt rides the class boys 15 ,at the European championship he end up at 4th place cruisers and 5the place 20"  ,at the worlds he gets a 7th place.

His sister Ynske ,girls 13, finished on a 6the place at the worlds after being long time be sick.

Also the youngest european rider off the team Karo Vertessen girls 11 ,finish at a 6th place the E.C.

Tree local riders are support also by the team these are Kyle,Joran and Mats De Proost.

At these times we hope to be help a lot this riders to do there favorite sports BMX.

For tis we thanks our sponsors ,Gordijnhuis ,Dreamteam factory off bed's ,Kitchen designer Krijnen Keukens , Honda Vermeeren for the Thor clothes ,and MEYBO BIKES.




Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday/sunday, February 14/15, 2009

The Wildman's Got a Hot New Website!

Hopefully, you know who The Wildman is. If you've been around BMX very long, you'll know that Todd Lyons is one of the formative riders in BMX. TL has "Been There Done That".

If you've never seen The Wildman flip out at a UCI Worlds in South America, you haven't lived, the man IS a legend in BMX Racing.

Well, Todd has a new web site that's as cool as he is. Another "LOBMX" (Legend Of BMX), RM59/Robbie Miranda designed it and when Robbie throws down, good things happen, and in this case, the web site is awesome!

To feel the power, just hit up

TODD LYONS | SE Brand Manager

Advanced Sports, Inc. | SE BIKES, FUJI BIKES, KESTREL - -


SINZ Racing is proud to announce the arrival of the all new Stealth Carbon Pro Lite and Expert 20” and 24” BMX Race Forks.


The all newly designed SINZ Stealth Carbon Expert and Pro Lite race forks are available in 4 different sizes, Expert Fork - 20 X 1”, 24 x 1” and Pro Lite in 20 x 1 1/8th, and 24 x 1 1/8th. All

feature a redesigned fork body utilizing improved carbon technology to help reduce the overall weight of the fork, aluminum steer tube with a chromo plug in the lower steer for

added strength.


    Part Number                        Fork Model                                       Fork Weight          Suggested Weight Limit


Expert Carbon 20X 1”

525 Grams

145 Pounds


Expert Carbon 24X 1”

560 Grams

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Pro Lite Carbon 20X 1 1/8”

530 Grams

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Pro Lite Carbon 24X 1 1/8”

565 Grams

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The SINZ Stealth Carbon Expert and Pro Lite forks in both 20” and 24” have a suggested retail price of $249.99. For more information on SINZ racing products, please visit


SINZ Elite is a series of SINZ Products that are used by some of the words best BMX racers. The SINZ Elite Series includes Forks, Handle Bars, Wheels, Stems, Ti Spokes, Ti Bottom Brackets, Chains,

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SINZ Racing is a division of VSI Products. For more information on any of the SINZ Racing products or any other item offered from VSI including Intense BMX, Intense Tyre Systems, THE Products,

and Vigor Helmets, please visit

Colombian BMX nationals & Clinic race

1st & 2nd national rounds take place this weekend in Envigado-Antioquia, almost 380 riders from all over the country are in attendance for this race because is mandatory to Colombian riders to compete in Pan-American BMX championships next month in Pasto - Nariño from 3 to 7 march.

The event begun with a nice and instructional clinic presented by two Colombian national team Olympic riders Sergio Salazar & Augusto Castro. Almost 40 kids followed their directions and were very proud to join the clinic, this one was sponsored by GW bicycles and the kids got lots of free gifts, raffles, stickers & t-shirts. Announces New Website to Take Race Teams to a New Level.

Riverside, Ca, Feb, 2009 - New to the race community, is here to help race teams take their programs to the next level. This website provides a positive environment where teams can promote themselves by: designing a custom profile, uploading pictures, videos, post news articles, race updates, and much more. has been in the works for a few years and was launched in December of 2008, the goal of the company is to provide a place where racers and fans alike can promote racing in a positive environment, as well as to help race teams acquire sponsorship. Daniel McCarthy the administrator at, says: "We have seen a lot of interest in this program, as well as a lot of companies who are onboard wanting to sponsor drivers. We have no doubt that this project is going to take off." The website is up and running now available for users to sign up. offers free standard membership to everyone. For the users who want to take their race programs to the next level, they will receive more upload space, special updates and additional features such as being considered for sponsorship programs; offers a VIP level at only $29.99 a year.

For additional information on ( Announces New Website to Take Race Teams to a New Level), contact "Daniel" or visit

ABOUT Owner: Ronnie Everhart, Administrator: Daniel McCarthy. is a web-based company, providing tools for the race community all over the U.S. and the world (



Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, February 13, 2009

Factory Felt/SC Action Sport Team Rocks The NBL Christmas Classic!

BMX Mania Editor's Note - Here's another cool piece of BMX news that got buried in my work load while I was out of circulation for a couple weeks with knee surgery. This stuff is too good to not get read, so I'm kickin' it in to gear here for your reading pleasure! - Jerry Landrum/

The Factory Felt, SC Action Sport National BMX Team had a strong showing at the NBL Christmas Classic in Lexington, VA. Over all we finished 2nd both days and took some good points going into the 2009 Season.


Phil Delizia was dominating the Elite open all day on Sunday. In the Main he got caught up in some traffic trying to come from the outside. Unfortunately, due to some mechanical difficulties he went down in turn 2 going for the lead. Outstanding ride Phil! You are always a crowd Pleaser. Joey Albright showed his talents in the Elite open as well by running very strong on Sunday but was edged out in the semis. Joey came back for more on Monday to make the main in a star filled Pro class. Although, both Joey and Phil both went down in the mains, as always they proved they will both be top contenders this year. 

The Factory Felt, SC Action Sports amateurs rode out in front all day as well. Jeremy Thompson finished 1st on Sunday and was edged out to finish 2nd on Monday.

Dalton Simons was out front all weekend in the 14x and 13-14 cruiser classes, finishing 2nd in class and 1st on cruiser on Sunday and crashed in the last turn in class and a 2nd on cruiser on Monday.

12X Cole Tesar and 13 Girl Felicia Stancil made their debut in the Red and White this weekend. They dominated the competition with Cole taking a perfect on Monday in class and a 2nd and 4th on Cruiser. Felicia took perfects both days on both bikes. What else can you say about this young lady? Awesome!

TJ Albright fought hard all weekend and pulled a perfect on Sunday and even though he was sick and had a fever he managed to pull a 1st place in the main on Monday in the 9X class.

Alaina Henderson and Carly Veeder battled all weekend long in the 16 Girls class. Watching them is always exciting.

McKenna Calhoun had an outstanding weekend in the 8 girl’s class. She grabbed perfects on both days!

I want to thank all of our sponsors: Felt bicycles and SC Action Sports!! Alex Rims, SNAP, FLY Racing and AC Adventure Components. We could not do it without you.

I also want to thank all of the parents and family members.

Jared Graves Signs Up With Dylan Dean Designs!

Escondido, California (January 22, 2009)  Dylan Dean Designs (D3) is proud to announce the addition of mountain bike star athlete Jared Graves to the mountain bike factory team!  Jared returns to the D3 team after a short absence, and will don D3 custom paintwork throughout the 2009 & 2010 seasons.

“I’ve known the D3 crew for many years, having previously been a D3 team member.  They have always been a smiling face at the races… they’re just the sort of people you want in your corner,” exclaimed an excited Graves! 
“I was always super pumped on all the lids they provided me in the past, so it made perfect sense to get pumped on them once again!”

Jared is respected as one of the world’s foremost gravity racers.  Even after taking a majority of the 2008 season off, in order to concentrate on his BMX Olympic dream, Jared still dominated every mountain bike race he entered.  Now that he’s back to racing mountain bikes full time, expect sheer dominance from Jared in 4x as well as being a top contender in downhill.  It’s going to be an exciting season!

“I’m excited to have Jared back on the team,” said D3 owner Dylan Dean.  “The first full face helmet I ever painted was for Jared Graves.  Although I’ve worked with Jared throughout the years at various brands, it’ll be great to continue our original relationship & pump out some great designs for him!”

For additional information on Jared Graves, visit his personal website at - Photo courtesy: Damian Breach


Pablo Gallan Returns To Ride For Spanish Cycling Giant Mondraker!











Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, February 12, 2009



San Diego, California – Formula Bicycle Company has really stepped it up in 2009, fielding a complete factory team to complement the growing success of it’s brand.  There are several new amateur riders on the team, all stoked to be flying the new team colors and ready to make Formula’s new team partners – Profile Racing and Maxxis Tires – proud. 

2009 Roster: 

USA Amateur Team - Trey Maeker - Vaughn Herrick - Lexa Jones - Carlie Ferree - Anthony Bucardo - Cameron Moore  - Walker Finch - Andre Norles - Shelby Stacy - Kristen Hokit - Trevor Morley - Jake Sherbno - Lee Lewis - Zach Rehder 

USA Pro Team - Tim Dinger - Deak Brown 

World Team - Krystal Cranfield/AUS - Yvan Lapraz/SUI - Sam Willoughby/AUS - Jonathan Suarez/VEN 

ABA Silver Dollar Nationals – Reno, Nevada ..... The team got together at the ABA’s season opener, and it was the first time that a lot of the riders got to meet each other.  The team finished with a 5th on Saturday and a nice 2nd on Sunday in Factory Team competition, behind some nice performances from Lee Lewis (1st on Sunday in 19-27 Expert), Walker Finch (Double in 11 Expert), Kristin Hokit (Double in 16 Girls), Cameron Moore (two 2nds in 11 Expert), Shelby Stacy (14 Girls) and Carlie Ferree (12 Girls). 

ABA Sooner Nationals – Guthrie, Oklahoma ..... Formula sent a small team to Oklahoma and they picked up a third place on Sunday after a teamsheet mishap on Saturday kept the team out of the Factory Comp.  Walker Finch nabs another double in 11 Expert, Lee Lewis gets his second win of the season on Sunday in 19-27 Expert, Lexa Jones pulls in a huge double-double in 10 Girls and 10 and under Girls Cruiser, and Trey Maeker and Shelby Stacy were also consistent in their mains all weekend. 

ABOUT Formula ..... Formula Bicycle Company manufactures the finest BMX racing equipment in the industry.  With 30 alloy frame sizes, there is certain to be a Formula frame to fit just about every size and style rider out there. 

Formula’s Solution Complete Bikes offers top quality racing equipment at less than half the price.

For more info: Check out, call 619-291-3015, or email

Formula Bicycle Company is proudly supported by the following companies: Profile Racing (, Maxxis Tires (, Alienation Rims (, FormCo Products (, and, last but not least, Fly Racing (

Intense/Phantom/On-Trac Plows to Victory in Perris!

The infamy of the 2001 Ontario “mud-bowl” was on everyone’s minds as they made their way (or didn’t) to Lake Perris for the SoCal National.  Would the weather be as bad as feared?  Would it be Kitty-Litter Central Just how wet would it be? 

The good news was that despite being cold, wet and windy, the weather held off just enough for the track to remain safe and rideable and the ABA did a great job pulling off two races, including a UCI event, that saw some great racing and great match-ups for the season ahead.  As usual, many of our riders turned in some memorable and useful performances.   

In the Pro ranks, Nic Long proved his mettle with a convincing A Pro win on Saturday, winning virtually every lap.  On Sunday the international field included more than 45 Elite riders including Olympians and multiple World Champions.  After surviving a nail-biting semi, Nic’s consistency got him to his 2nd Elite Men’s main for the year notching a 5th place finish.  Nic’s off to a great start in the USAC U23 program and sits atop the table. 

Our ladies had some good races, despite the weather, too.  Sue Me Yuki recorded 2nds in 8 and 7-8 Mixed Open Saturday and another 2nd in class on Sunday.  Madison Martinez put together a double in 8 Girls and took a 2nd and 4th in 7-8 Mixed Open.  Kristen Long managed thirds all weekend in both 12 Girls and 11-12 Mixed Open.   

Ethan “E-Dog” Wolthers is just light years ahead of his age in terms of track sense and skills.  Watching him dive through traffic in the sweeper turn, zooming into first place and then pulling away as his 7 year old frame manuals better than kids 2 or 3 years older than him never gets tiring.  E-Dog takes the win in 7X on Saturday and got called out reacting and moving over in the last straight while in first Sunday resulting in being moved to 8th place.  This kid’s a racer!  Little teammate Shayne Lewis also had a great outing of his own taking 2nd in 8X both days and 2nd and 1st in 7-8 Expert Open..   

Newest rider Brock Heffron made the most of his team debut convincingly winning both 11X and 11 Cruiser both days.  Good way to start things off!  Seanie Seanie Gaian, with skills far exceeding his size rode smart, salty and skilled in recording his second double double of the season in 12X and 11-12 Expert Open.  Derik (I can’t believe SoCal is this cold) Bergh managed two 3rds in 13X.  A tired and run down Rusty Nesvig had an “off” weekend winning 13-14 Open both days but a 2nd and 6th in 14X.  Finally, Jake Peebles had a solid, weekend taking 1st and 2nd in 17-18X and a 1st in 17 + Open Saturday. 

The team win the Factory Team competition both days and compiled two good scores of 231 and 223 respectively adding two more “keepers” to the competition in the team’s bid for a repeat of the ABA Factory Title.   

Many thanks to our great sponsors who include Intense BMX (, On-Trac Garage Doors (, Phantom BMX Products, Fly Racing, Bombshell (,  FSA (, THE Products (, SINZ Racing (, Intense Tire Systems, ( ), BMX Jerseys (, and Scott goggles (


RacePlaceBMX Bike Shop Team Tears It Up At Lake Perris!

The RacePlaceBMX Bike Shop team started off the ABA season in great fashion in Reno with two wins, and was looking to continue its winning streak at its home track.  Even with rain forecasted for most of the weekend, the national still pulled in a respectable 221 mottos on Saturday.  Thanks to the ABA and track operators Wayne and Terri Carbajal for getting the track ready each day.

The team probably had its best weekend ever in terms of wins, but didn’t have the rider count to get some huge teams scores.  The team finished with 199 points on Saturday and 184 points on Sunday, good enough for a first and second place finish.  A big “wow” goes out to VRP/Bike Alley for putting up a huge 216 points to win on Sunday.  I’m sure that we will be battling them all year trying to defend our 2008 title, as well as the against the Vendetta/Elite Bicycles team which picked up a couple wins in Oklahoma. 

The team results sounded like an In-and–Out burger order.  Nick Tuttle had a double-double in 26-30 cruiser and 28-35x, Ryan Pettigrew had a double-double in 10 cruiser and 10x, and Lauren Whisler had a double-double in 13 girls and 11-13 girl cruiser.

Matt Rubeck had a big 2nd place finish in 17-18x to help secure a win on the team sheet on Saturday, only two points ahead of VRP/Bike Alley.  Zachary Vankammen earned two 3rd place finishes in 14 cruiser, and a 5th place in class on Sunday.


Additionally, for those who were wondering where the “Cat” was this weekend, Jason Morris took a hard fall a week before the national breaking a bone in his wrist and 3rd degree separation of his shoulder.  He will be out for awhile but I wanted to wish him a healthy recover from the severe Scaphoid (wristbone) fracture which required a cast past his elbow.

The team is made possible with the help of some great sponsors that include: RacePlaceBMX (, Intense BMX (, ODI Grips (, Fly Racing (, Helix Electric (, T.H.E. (, Sinz (, Miller Construction, and Surf City Garage (

OzBMXcentral Felt Racing Team

announces new team member for 2009

OzBMXcentral Felt Racing Team Press release

OzBMXcentral Felt Racing Team have the great pleasure in welcoming JESSE THISTLETHWAITE from the Southlakes BMX Club to the team. Jesse has been racing since 2007, Jesse has done well and is starting to show some real talent. We wish him the best for the 2009 season and we look forward to Jesse having a long relationship with the OzBMXcentral Felt Team and Felt Bikes.

Jesse joins up with team mates; Cherone Griffiths, Wayne Griffiths, Taneisha Griffiths, Jaydyn Griffiths, Kory Griffiths, Ben Williams, Amanda Williams, Chris Williams and team manager Brett Williams

From all of your new team mates “Welcome aboard Jesse”.

OzBMXcentral Felt Racing Team proudly sponsored by: OzBMXcentral ( ), Felt Bicycles ( ), Southcott ( ), TLC Cycles, Tippo’s Cycles, INDZINE Graphic Design & Photography.

Speaking of RacePlaceBMX Bike Shop Team!!!!!

BMX Mania Editor's Note - We owe the fine folks at Bike Shop Team a BIG apology. We have gotten behind on some of the news stories submitted in January and left one of theirs out. Check it out here, cuz, it's GOOD stuff and you'll want to know!

RacePlaceBMX Bike Shop/Intense race report for ABA Reno Silver Dollar National and NBL Coyote National Team Report (January 10 & 11 and January 17 & 18, 2009):

The RacePlaceBMX Bike Shop team started off the ABA and NBL season in great fashion these past two weekends, sporting its new green jerseys, T.H.E. helmets, Fly racing pants, and Intense Podium frames and Sinz Stealth forks. 

In Reno, even with a recession in our economy, the ABA pulled-in an impressive 291 motos on Saturday.  The addition of the new 8 & under cruiser class and 41 & over 20” classes definitely helped with the moto count.  16 teams entered to compete in this year’s Bike Shop team division compared to last year’s 14 teams.  VRP/Bike Alley and Vendetta/Elite Bicycles made some great additions during the off-season and had some good scores.  However, RacePlaceBMX had some great finishes to take the wins both days with 205 points on Saturday and 214 points on Sunday.

The Team picking up its #1 Bike Shop Plaque and check

(Bryce Batten, Levi Pope, Matt Rubeck, Jessica Navarro, Scott Angus, Lauren Whisler, Nick Tuttle, Ryan Pettigrew, Zack Vankammen, and Robert Raymonde)

“Quick” Nick Tuttle led the way with a double-double in 28-35x and 26-30 cruiser.  Lauren Whisler takes a 1st and 3rd in 11-13 girl cruiser and a win in 13 girls on Sunday.  Jessica Navarro takes two 2nd place finishes in 16 girls.  “The Bullet” Bryce Batten takes home two 2nd place finishes in 8 & under cruiser, and a 2nd & 3rd in 8x.  “Littleman” Levi Pope takes an 8th place and 3rd place finish in 9 cruiser and a 6th place in 9x on Sunday.  Fly’n Ryan Pettigrew earns two 2nd place finishes in 10x and a 2nd place and 3rd place in 10 cruiser.  Matt “Hot Rod” Rubeck earns a 4th and 5th place in 17-20 cruiser and a 5th in 17-18x on Sunday.  Zack “The Scorpion” Vankammen earns a 3rd and 4th place in 14 cruiser.  Robert Raymonde has a good weekend in 41x with 2nd and 4th place finish.  Jason “The Cat” Morris takes home a 5th place in A Pro on Saturday.

Matt Rubeck and teammate Nathan Miller do battle in 17-18x at Estrella BMX

In Goodyear, Arizona, the team sweeps the Team NBL competition with two scores of 86 points,   Lauren Whisler doubles in 13 girls.  “Littleman” Levi Pope takes a dinger in qualifying rounds, but also wins the mains both in 9x.  Jessica Navarro takes two 3rd place finishes in 16 & over girls.  “The Bullet” Bryce Batten has a perfect weekend in 8x.  Fly’n Ryan Pettigrew has some tough competition and has to settle 2nd

place both days in 10x and 10 cruiser.

Matt “Hot Rod” Rubeck earns a 1st and 2nd place finish in 17-18x and doubles in 17-24 cruiser.  Zack “The Scorpion” Vankammen earns two 2nd place finishes in 14x and has to race up in cruiser.  Robert Raymonde has a great weekend by winning 40-44 cruiser both days, a win in 41x on Saturday, and then a 2nd place finish in the combined expert classes on Sunday.  Jason “The Cat” Morris takes home a 6th and 8th place in Super-Ex.  Scott Angus takes a win in 45 & over cruiser on Saturday and a 3rd place in 40 & over cruiser on Sunday. 

The team is made possible with the help of some great sponsors that include: RacePlaceBMX (, Intense BMX (, ODI Grips (, Fly Racing (, Helix Electric (, T.H.E. & Sinz (, Miller Construction, and Surf City Garage (






Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, February 11, 2009


NBL Moves In To The Ohio State Fairgrounds

To Host The NBL Buckeye Nationals!

This is the scene at the massive Ohio State Fairgrounds as the NBL began work on what will turn out to be a MASSIVE indoor national track at this weekend's Buckeye Nationals. (Photo courtesy of VBS/Kenda)

NBL Clinic - The weekend will kick off with an awesome training opportunity when the NBL offers a super clinic with NBL Elite Men's #4, and BMX Pro Legend, Matt "Ruckus" Pohlkamp! Matt will tune YOU up for the national and sharpen your skills for the future.

Race & Venue Info - For more information, please call the NBL office at 614.777.1625 - Location is the Voinovich Livestock / Trade Center at

NOTE: Parking is $5/day/in and out or $14/weekend

Schedule of Events:

Friday - NBL Clinic with special Guest, NBL Elite #4, Matt Pohlkamp ..... Cost: $30 Registration and warm up: 11:00-11:30am Clinic: 11:30 – 2:00pm Friday

Practice by Age Group, Clinic and Buckeye Pre-Race ..... Bike Inspection 1:30-6:00 pm ..... Pre-Race Registration 2:00 - 6:00 pm ..... National Post Registration 2:00 - 6:00 pm ..... 2:00 - 3:00 pm 15 & Over Practice 3:00 ..... 4:00 pm 14 & Under Practice 4:00 ..... 5:00 pm 15 & Over Practice 5:00 ..... 6:00 pm 14 & Under Practice ..... 6:00 - 6:30 pm Elite Open Practice ..... Pre-Race Starts 6:30 pm (Two Moto Transfer)

Saturday – Buckeye National #1 ..... Bike Inspection 6:30 - 9:00 am ..... National Post Registration 7:00 am - 9:00 am ..... 7:00 - 7:45am 15 & Over Practice ..... 7:45 - 8:30 am 14& Under Practice ..... 8:30 - 9:15 am 15& Over Practice ..... 9:15 - 10:00 am 14& Under Practice ..... 10:00 - 10:45 Elite Open Practice ..... National Day 1 Racing Starts at 11:00 am ..... Day 2 Post Registration for 30 minutes after last main

Sunday – Buckeye National #2 ..... No Bike Inspection ..... No Registration ..... No Practice ..... 7:45 - 8:00 am 15 minute Elite Open warm-up ..... National Day 2 starts at 8:00 am

GHP Factory Team Swims Over To 'Lake Perris'

As everyone knows by now, Lake Perris lived up to it's name and everyone was racing in the mud. The ABA switched to a 1 moto transfer and put the UCI race off until Sunday. The racing was as great as ever with the GHP pros showing that they are mudders.

John Purse took the win in Vet Pro on Saturday and showed once again how focused he is to win the title this year. The fist moto of the day, he pulled the holeshot and jumped everything possible from there on out. He was dialed and followed up his victory with a 2nd on Sunday.

"TP" Todd Parry came out swinging and showed that his football training has put him back on top. He finished 3rd on Saturday and 5th on Sunday. This is his first race of the year, and by the looks of things, he will be joining Purse on the top of the podium. We may have a close race for the title with these two Vets. Rob Harris struggled through the weekend, but made the main on Sunday and finished 8th. I believe that he was struggling with the color of his grips.

"The Businessman" came down from Fresno to make both mains with an 8th on Saturday and a 3rd for the UCI program in AA Pro Sunday. Stumpy had some amazing rides over the weekend with many moto wins and an incredible shot down the side of the track almost hitting the fence next to the second straight. Sunday he came out of the first turn in 5th to jump over KY's carnage putting him up to 4th and powering through the rhythm section for a 3rd overall. We were all excited about Randy's performance and the fact that he got a hair cut so he looked good on the podium in front of the TV cameras.

Our older amateurs fared well with Johnny Little making 3 of 4 mains in the 28 year old classes with a top finish of 3rd. Don Fisher came back strong Sunday to make his cruiser main and finished a strong 4th. That leaves us with Robbie and Christian making 5 out of 8 mains. Robbie gets faster every race and made both cruiser mains with a couple of seconds and made 17-18 x main Sunday. He ran up front until he got zapped of his speed in turn 2 which he was unable to recover from. Christian took home two 4ths in 17-20 cruiser, suffering from bad starts he forced his way up to the front and looked strong as always.

Stephanie Baldwin took a 4th and a 5th in 8g over the weekend, she looked strong and back on her game. I think that she will be getting a few wins this summer. Dakoda Baca is a true soldier and is always battling. He made 12 cruiser on Saturday finishing 5th and 12x on Sunday. Baca had a ruff weekend at Silver Dollars and showed what he is made of. I am always calling him a momma's boy, but he is all heart and makes things happen.

Other riders representing GHP were Alexis Lehman, Mike Larson, Zach Zito and new grass roots riders Stephanie Shovelton and Doug King who made his cruiser mains and ended up breaking his collar bone on Sundays main.

We would like to thank Ryan Smith from Troy Lee Designs. He is our account manager and was on hand to race and pass out some plates at the clinic.

GHP would like to thank our great sponsors Troy Lee Designs, HRP, Tioga, Capital Cleaning, ODI, and Rhythm/Crupi.

Team Kaos Is Looking For Some Fast Riders.....Interested?




Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Haro Team Issue RACE frames in stock

Haro BMX has some HOT new race frames ready to rip up the track.

With input straight from Haro's three factory Speed N Style crew, ABA #1 AA/Khalen Young, SX Specialist/Steven Cisar and the always

lightning fast/Derek Betcher you'll be able to point this Haro down the track and rock it big time to the Finish Line!

The Team Issue Race frames are in stock NOW!

Here is the run down:

WHAT? Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of $150? How can THAT be?

It's the Haro Stimulus Package, delivered straight to your door.......Man, THAT's Change You Can Believe In!

Check out for all the photos get you lusting after one of these frames.

J&R's Got Hot Stuff For Race & Street!



The NBL Coyote Nationals, held at the popular Estrella Mountain BMX track in Goodyear, Arizona, continues to grow and has become a must-race event on the West coast NBL circuit.  It was also the season opener for the NBL Elite Series and a larger-than-expected turnout that included Olympic medalists, National stars and fast amateurs, raced their way around the smooth and fast course. 

Under sunny skies west of Phoenix Arizona, the Coyote National featured more than 80 motos of great racing action to kick off the 2009 ‘League of Champions’ Elite Series. Free Agent’s Maris Strombergs, the Olympic Gold Medalist from Latvia, quickly proved that he is the man to beat, edging out GHP’s Randy Stumpfhauser for the wins in Elite Men both days. Dominique Daniels of Arizona made her NBL debut a successful one as well - She beat out Raceplace BMX/Intense’s Stephanie Barragan and BMXTruth/GHP/Fly’s Madison Pitts for the double. Free Agent’s Dale Holmes kicked off his NBL Masters campaign winning both days while his team mate from Ecuador, Fausto Endara and Excalibur/TLD’s Josh Meyers split wins in Super-Ex.  

Once again a group of riders took to the track after Saturday’s national and continued to ride until sundown. They all echoed the same feeling about the Estrella Mtn. Track. “Somehow, it’s even better than last year.  I love the flames on the Pro section… that’s the coolest thing I’ve seen on a track in a long time!” said one of the riders. NBL continues to elevate their presence in the West and the Coyote National provided a golden opportunity for western-based riders and teams to earn valuable national points and qualify for the 2009 NBL Grand National.  Amateurs require only six National scores plus the Grands to earn a NBL National number and two of those scores can come from NBL Regionals. Best of all there’s three more big NBL weekends coming up in the West - The Jackpot Nationals, March 14-15 in Las Vegas (Nellis BMX), the All American Nationals, May 16-17 in NorCal (Fresno BMX) and the Golden State Nationals, August 1-2 also in Norcal (Manzanita Park BMX, Prunedale). 

Excalibur BMX took top honors in the National Team division with back-to-back wins and pocketed a handful of valuable team points with the double-victory. They are ranked just behind Factory Felt/SC Action Sports and with their full time commitment to the National series, they will be challenging for the #1 Title come September. The Team NBL title will once again come down to the Grands - RaceplaceBMX/Intense scored back-to-back wins ahead of Lost Racing and BMX Bombers who each earned a 2nd and 3rd place result. They have a ways to go but expect this Las Vegas-based team to in the running this year too. 

A huge thank-you goes out to all of the staff and volunteers from Estrella Mtn BMX who truly made this an amazing event.  A custom painted pro section…. Wow. A job well done!  Check out the full story in the March issue of BMX Today Magazine. Visit the NBL website at for full results and view more details on the series and the full schedule. 

The 2009 NBL National Series is proudly sponsored by BAWLS Guarana (, Intense BMX (, Kenda Tires (, UGP ( Sinz Racing (, THE Industries (, in association with GO211 ( and Camp Woodward (


Top 5 Standings after Coyote Nationals
Elite Men   Elite Women  
1.       Maris Strombergs, LAT 50  *Olympic Gold Medalist 1.       Dominique Daniels, AZ     50
2.       Randy Stumpfhauser, CA 44  *2008 NBL Elite Champion 2.       Stephanie Barragan, CA   40 *2008 NBL Elite Champion
3.       Mike Day, CA 36  *Olympic Silver Medalist 3.       Madison Pitts, FL      40
4.       Jarrett Kolich, CA 36 4.       Rachel Smith, OH 32
5.       Yvan Lapraz, SUI   31 5.       Carley Young, PA 30
Super-Ex   Masters  
1.       Matthew Kelty, DE 42 1.       Dale Holmes, CA 50
2.       Nicholas Long, CA


2.       David Bittner, CA 44
3.       Fausto Endara, EC 41 3.       Eric Rupe, CA 38
4.       Logan Collins, PA 36 4.       Domingos Lammoglia, FL 34
5.       Corey Reid, ID 29 5.       Adri Patrico Koolman, AB 30

Sunny Days At The So. Cal. National For Team VRP/Bike Alley In The Rain

What a weekend for the VRP/Bike Alley team…did they race in the rain and the mud? It didn't seem that way with some of the strong finishes they had over the weekend. On Saturday they put together a solid performance and finished up with the overall 2nd place. But, the real story came on Sunday when team VRP/Bike Alley had a huge day with a 216 score and a huge victory. This was the same place they had their first victory last year. They want to make the season exciting and continue to push The National #1 Bike Shop team (Race Place) to The Grand's. It will be tough they have a solid team and I think VRP/Bike Alley has what it takes to make things exciting again this year! 

Now let's go to their riders. It all starts off with 7 expert Anthony Saldivar. He finished with a 5th in the 7-8 open both Saturday and Sunday finishing the highest place out of all the 7 year olds in the group. But, the real excitement came in the 7 expert class where he battled with E-Dog all weekend. He finished with a second on Saturday and battled back on Sunday with a huge win and an awesome race to the finish line to not only pick up the win for himself but a huge win for the team. Way to go Anthony the hard work paid off. 

Next we go to Kyle Stan VRP/Bike Alley's 8 expert who was coming off a triple triple in Reno. He wouldn't disappoint with two more class and cruiser wins and another open win. He is one open win away from a Top Gun jacket. Huge weekend for Kyle again! 

From there we go to EJ Pasowicz 10 expert who found time to do some racing in between his opera singing and stage dancing. He finished with a 6th in cruiser on Saturday and a 4th on Sunday along with a 7th in class on Saturday and a 6th on Sunday making it through a very stacked semi-main event on Sunday. 

Now we go to Julian Vargas who had his dad dancing with stress all weekend literally. Julian finished with solid cruiser 4th's on Saturday and Sunday. 

Not to sound like the same old same old but it was for our National #1 Girl Jordan Nopens. She took down two mixed open wins and two more class wins. She had some great races and the competition was strong with a battle on Sunday to the finish line. Great weekend again for Jordan! 

From there we go to the brother/sister combo…the Chism's. Matt Chism had some tough classes to fight through. He made it to all his semi's and had some good battles for the weekend. Megan came out swinging with a 4th on Saturday and a great race on Sunday where she finished 3rd. Matt and Megan are both off to a great start for the 2009 season. 

The Conquistador was ready to conqueror the weekend…or better known as Kyle Fernandez. He finished with a 7th on Saturday and was fired up on Sunday where he had some awesome races finishing 3rd in cruiser and 29 riders later took home the 2nd in class. A successful mission for sure! 

Dani George came out ready to go in the 14 Girl's class with a 4th on Saturday and Sunday. She continues to battle her way to the top spot. She should be sitting right towards the top of National and NAG points. 

After some last second flight planning the Klatman's made their way down from Washington bringing all the rain with them…and they forgot the Uno cards. Joshua Klatman was ready to make another dent in the BMX community. Still feeling the heat from his win at the Grand's Josh finished with a 5th in cruiser and 3rd in class on Saturday. After a few Carni Asada  tacos and some Vitamin Water on Sunday he came out on fire with a 3rd in cruiser and a huge win in class to hammer down the final score on the team sheet that would anchor VRP/Bike Alley to victory. 

Also from Washington sharing the flight with the Klatman's was VRP/Bike Alley's Youngest old rider David Archibald. He came to defend his National 2 cruiser title. After some great battles Arch finished with a 6th on Saturday and a 4th on Sunday. 

It was a great weekend even with all the rain and the mud in sunny southern California. Thanks Saldivar for cooking the Carni Asada for the team…you are now known as El Chef Saldivar.

We would also like to thank Jason from the Orange Y who brought us good luck scoring the team sheet…Ruben start scheduling Jason's flights to all the Nationals we attend…he truly is the team sheet master! 

Thanks to all of our sponsors for making this happen. Bike Alley, Intense, Sinz, THE, ODI, Troy Lee Designs, Chism Inc., Red Brick Pizza, Vapor, House of Stickers, LDC Components  and for the hydration that fuels the team  to victory Vitamin Water!

Logan Collins Doubles IN ELITE OPEN at the NBL Southern Charm Nationals

Logan Collins CLAYBORN / NO FEAR / OUTBACK– Saturday and Sunday Elite Open Main Event winner both days!

Collins rocking it for the Factory CLAYBORN crew and looking professional in the 2009 No Fear race gear,  always keeping Logan professional and moto style! Crave On!  

Special thanks to all of Logan’s sponsors Clayborn Bikes, No Fear, Outback Steakhouse, THE, SINZ, Alienation, Intense Tires, and Kovachi Wheels (best wheel builder on the planet).

Foto =




Sunday - February 8, 2009

Bradford, Daniels, Stein Take The Gold At UCI Lake Perris!

Check Out The Official Results On The BMX Mania Race Report Page!




Today's BMX Racing News - Friday/saturday, February 6/7, 2009

All Pro Finals Completed At ABA Socal Nationals, Click Here To See Who Won!

Rain.....Cold.....Sun.....Hot! Crazy weather bugs the ABA Socal Nationals, But The Race Is On!

Read All About It On The BMX Mania Race Report Page.....Cleek Heeeeeeer!

Practice Day At The ABA SoCal Nationals!


Breaking News.....UCI Points Race Postponed Until Sunday.

With weather conditions cold and rainy and not very "California Like", race organizers at the ABA/UCI Points race in Lake Perris, California have pulled the plug on UCI points racing on Saturday and moved the UCI action to Sunday when the weatherman is calling for much better weather.


Saturday race action will see the pros making it happen for ABA National Points. The wet weather actually had made the track in pretty good shape. A little moisture, but not too much and fast fast fast.


Keep it tuned right here for all the race action, BMX Mania, ONLY BMX Racing!

BMX Mania Race Report Page Posted!


We are pleased to announce the addition of the NBL's Current National Number 2 Elite Women's rider, Madison Pitts to the BMXTruth/GHP/Fly racing team. 

Madison is a well accomplished rider, whose resume includes a National Number 1 Junior Title, UCI World finishes and most recently, finishing as the NBL's National number 2 Elite Women's rider. 

Madison is a great addition to our team. 

We hope to be able to help support her in an attempt to win the coveted Elite Women's title this year. 

Madison will certainly help our team make a run at the NBL Team title. 

Look for Madison to be wearing the BMXTruth/GHP/Fly colors beginning at the Southern Charm Nationals in McDonough GA this weekend."

Hrvfitness Dominates Track Attack


After a long month of racing the HRVfitness team is enjoying a few weeks off. The boys did a fantastic job in January; Olivier Hoarau finished 3rd over all at the summer series in NSW, Matt Dunsworth and Madison Denholm also made a bunch of finals up north. But when the boys returned to Victoria to compete in the 2009 Track Attack Series, that’s when they shined. The boys didn’t qualify for the over all series because they missed the first race, due to the summer series being on the same weekend. But never the less they managed to put together some impressive races.

Madison Denholm is tearing up the competition in A pro, the little guys has just turned 15 and missing about 15 kilos of body weight but he makes up for it as he flies past the competition around the track. Madison made a bunch of finals and put together some awesome podium finishes.

Olivier Hoarau battled head to head with fellow team mate Matt Dunsworth; these two smashed the competition and between them took out 4 of the 6 finals, even after missing the first round. Heavy hitter Brian Kirkham turned up on the last weekend of the series, fresh of his win in Queensland and a very successful tour in the USA. Even he was no match for Dunsworth on his home track, as the local boy took Brian to school on the last turn with an awesome high low move to take the win.

Altegra has jumped on board the HRVfitness band wagon and supplied the team with the next level in pop up tents. This thing puts the competition to shame with 3 fully digital printed sides and custom top, this thing is indestructible and strong enough that the team can to chin ups off the struts between motos.

For more info on these tents and other products, go to

HRVfitness is sponsored by: Intense Bikes, BMXPress Mag, Skin Industries, Phirebird, Altegra, S&M, Louis Garneau, Kompressorz and BSC


Olympians Are Coming To Oldsmar!

ABA BMX Gator National to Host World Class Athletes 

Oldsmar, FL, February 3, 2009 —Oldsmar BMX, Florida’s premier ABA-sanctioned bicycle motocross (BMX) facility, is excited to announce the return its major annual event the ABA (American Bicycle Association) Gator Nationals.  This thrilling event spans three days February 20-22, 2009, the highlights of which will be Saturday’s UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) and Sunday’s ABA Pro races.  This competition is expected draw over 600 riders and feature some of the best in the world including last year’s Olympians and have hours of racing each day.  This is a qualifying event during an Olympic year.  Some of these riders are training for 2012 now. 

This exciting sport is one where the entire family is involved.  With both male and female competitors, ages will range from "barely-off-training-wheels" 5 & under to the "old men" of the 56 & over cruiser class.  Oldsmar’s youngest rider is 3 years-old and expected to compete. 

The dirt course measures over 1,000 feet long scattered with massive jumps of all shapes and sizes.  Come out and enjoy the thrills, spills, and competition of the ABA Gator Nationals.  Admission to this event is always “FREE” to the Public! (There will be a $5 per day parking charge for cars, $15 for RV’s) 

FRIDAY registration and practice starts at 2:00 p.m. and racing at 6:00 p.m. 

SATURDAY registration and practice starts at 7:30 a.m. and racing at 11:30 a.m.  

SUNDAY racing begins at 8:00 a.m. sharp until approximately 2:00pm with all awards presented.

Get introduced to a sport where anyone can participate at any age or return to the sport of your youth.  Oldsmar BMX is open weekly for practice and racing. 

We extend an invitation to you to check out the ABA BMX Gator Nationals. FOR MORE INFO regarding BMX racing or interviews,  please contact Oldsmar BMX @ (727) 786 – 7433 or 

About Oldsmar BMX - Oldsmar BMX is located in Canal Park in Oldsmar, Florida and is sanctioned by the ABA (American Bicycle Association).  Oldsmar BMX is a non-profit organization operated and maintained entirely by volunteers and supported by the City of Oldsmar.  The track was established in 2001 and updated in 2007 and 2008.  The track sanctioned over 270 local riders in 2008.  For more information, please visit or call (727) 786-RIDE (7433).

VBS-Kenda Launches 2009 Team Racing Efforts

February 5, 2009. Hilliard, Ohio.  I am very happy to announce that the VBS-Kenda racing team will be riding Hyper BMX frames for the 2009 racing season.  Along with the exciting line of Hyper Bicycles, the team will also look sharp with pants, gloves, shoes, and practice jerseys from Sixsixone and Royal.  This year the team will be protecting their noggins with safe and stylish new lids from Thh Helmets. Our new VBS produced jerseys will be ready for the next National (a 2-week turn-around for VBS jersey maker Peter Xue). So be sure to stop by the Kenda display in the Midwest to check out Kenda’s revamped tire line and these great products starting in Columbus February 13-15.


Our 2009 roster is locked & loaded with 15 riders from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Arkansas. The ladies are, Kenda’s Elite Woman Rachel “THUNDER” Smith – Erin “TOO SWEET” Moore – Emily Tallmedge – Jesi Bercik – Shyla Shirkey – Katie Deters.  Now for the gentlemen of the team, Larry “RED” Bivens – Tom “HILLBILLY” Wagner – Kyle Brown – Kyle Jacks – Matt Hardy – PJ Gentile – Nick Deters – River Allbaugh – Reece Allbaugh.

Congratulations to Extreme Sports for their 2008 Team NBLChampionship!  

I thank Kenda USA for sponsoring the VBS-Kenda Team, Mark Hardy for his assistance, and the following supporters for helping our fine group of riders to cross the finish line up front. Joe Pittenger, Team Manager


Village Bike Supply, Kenda, Hyper Bicycles, ODI, Sixsixone / Royal, Thh Helmets,

Snap, JW Bicycle Products, Crankbrothers

NY State "King of the Empire" Pro/am series

We are pleased to announce the return of the NY State "King of the Empire" Pro/am series.

This years edition promises to be bigger and better than ever.

With such outstanding sponsors as Felt Bicycles, Rennen Design Group, Sun Rims, Hyper Bicycles, SE Bikes, Avent/Bombshell, Fly Racing, Intense BMX, Johnson Plates, and last but certainly not least 

There are several exciting additions to this years series.

The addition of the BMXUnderground No Bull B-Main. For riders that didn't make the A-main event. 

There will also be discounted registration for Rookies and Novices that want to improve their riding skills by participating in this event. Rookies will be $10 and Novices will be $15.

Pros, experts and cruisers will remain $20. 

For a complete schedule, rules and information go to, you can also join in the discussions concerning the Pro/Am series at

If you are interested in being a sponsor of this series I can be contacted at .

The Torch Is Passed!

One of the hottest 'Track Powered' web sites in the U.S., AllTheRacing.Com has seen a change of leadership and if the current excitement level is any indication, we ought to continue to see some outstanding activity out of ATR! So, if you want to know about what's happenin' in the Midwest, check out what's happening at AllTheRacing.Com, it's where the action is!

Official AllTheAction.Com News Release ..... Those of you who have gone on and check out have seen how excited we are to be working with Mark Conley to continue the growth and spirit of ATR and BMX! 

Check out the news and you will find links to brand new tracks who have very excitedly come on board to share in the exciting BMX world of the Midwest.  We've also added some great new sponsors to the site, and the classified section is also up and running. 

We also have things moving with some great tracks on putting together some, at least, $1000 purse Pro events. My personal project I am very pumped about is in the works.  A non profit program for kids less fortunate , or families struggling, to be able to get some help getting started  racing.  You will be hearing about this soon and anyone interested in helping to get this going would be appreciated. Whoo Whoo!  

Thanks  to all the who have shown us there support on the handing over the torch for ATR. Mark has done a superb job of building a wonderful site(organization) to help grow and share the BMX world.  We will continue his commitment and keep our wheels turning with more new ideas. 

The sport of BMX has done absolute wonders for our family.  All three kids racing along with Trevor have brought us so close and opened new lines of communication.  We have met some terrific people who have not only become friends but a part of our family!!!!!  For this, our passion for spreading the word about this sport is never ending. 

We appreciate the people who keep the competition on the track only and the sweet harmony off!  Check out and you will see ATR has not gone AWOL but is alive and present with many wheels turning!!!!  Thanks for your support!!!!!!!~  Mindy and Trevor Dailey





Today's BMX Racing News - thursday, February 5, 2009

Tioga supports for 2009 press release

The legendary BMX tire manufacturer Tioga have committed to supporting and the bicycles race team for 2009. owner and Bicycles team manager Shane Jenkins is very excited about the hook up. "I have personally used Tioga tires for most of my 27 years of racing, Comp III's to be exact, as the tracks have changed over the years so have the rider's needs.

Tioga has addressed those needs and the Power Block tire is about to change the way BMXers think about tread patterns, pushing tire technology to a new level, just as the Comp III tread did over 25 years ago." said Jenkins "Tioga is built on serving dedicated individuals such as Shane and the squad so the opportunity to work with them is too good to pass up" said Kai Cheng of Tioga USA. "We will also count on Shane and his crew to provide Tioga with valuable feedback so we may continue to improve on the products." added Cheng.

When asked how Tioga will support the race team Jenkins replied "Many of the riders on our race team have already started using the Power Block tires and they love them, the remainder of the 10 man squad should have them very soon.

They will be the ideal tire for the remainder of the 2008-2009 Australian summer season and the upcoming Australian Championships and UCI World Championships to be hosted right here in Australia, both events being held indoor. The team is armed with Tioga Comp X tires for the wetter conditions. Team member Jamie Bullows and I have already used the Comp X tires before and found them a very reliable all round tire, exactly what our team is after."

"When it comes to the website, it's the support from leading edge companies like Tioga and our other partners that enable us to bring you great news and regular product reviews. We are very proud to have Tioga on board." Jenkins added.

The Bicycles team is proudly supported by One Bicycles, Supercross BMX, Dirt Designs, Tioga, THE, Profile, Sun Ringle, and Tektro Brakes.

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About, started in 1996, is driven by a life long passion for the sport by owner Shane Jenkins, to provide the latest in BMX racing news from around the world. provides daily news updates, interviews, photos galleries, product reviews and a discussion forum. The website presents an annual charity event BSX, a one on one flat pedal BMX race where 100% of profits raised are donated to the Royal Children's Hospital.

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Take a Clinic at the NBL Buckeye Nationals

Indoor BMX is back in Columbus Ohio and the NBL Buckeye National will feature more than just racing. On Friday, NBL will host a Pre-National clinic with NBL head instructor Justin Travis and Elite star, Matt Pohlkamp. 

The Pre-National clinic will help riders develop their current skills and apply them to the indoor track so they can achieve the best possible results for the weekend.  A great chance for extra track time on what promises to be an awesome indoor track at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. Construction begins on Monday, February 9 in the Voinovich Center and doors open Friday morning at 8:30am. 

The clinic will focus on first straights, cornering and passing, manualing, pumping, jumping and mental readiness.

Date: Friday, February, 13th


11:00 – 11:30am…..Registration and warm up

11:30 – 1:45pm……Clinic

1:45 – 2:00pm……..Question and Answer with Matt Pohlkamp

Cost: $30 - Includes professional instruction and goodie bag from sponsors.

Visit for more information about the weekend.  The NBL Buckeye National is proudly sponsored by BAWLS Guarana (, Intense BMX (, Kenda Tires (, UGP (, Sinz Racing (, THE Industries ( and Hotshoppe Designs ( in association with GO211 ( and Camp Woodward (





Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ABA BMX SO. CAL Nationals at Lake Perris, CA.

to have Olympic BMX GOLD!

2008 Olympic BMX Gold Medalist will once again be on hand at the ABA BMX So.Cal Nationals.

Free Agent's AA PRO, and Latvia's own MARIS STROMBERGS made his ABA BMX debut in Reno, NV earlier this season and made a great impression with the fans.

MARIS is excited about the ABA BMX SOCAL Nationals and will be doing a few autograph sessions through the weekend at the Free Agent Team pit area.

MARIS will have his actual 2008 Olympic GOLD medal on hand for the fans to see as well!

Be sure to stop by the Free Agent Team pit area to say hello to MARIS.

He's a super nice guy, a great rider, and how often do you get to meet an Olympic GOLD Medalist with his medal in hand?

This is a great opportunity for the fans and a HUGE thanks goes out to Dale Holmes, Free Agent, and MARIS STROMBERGS for coming out this weekend. 

We hope to see everyone there!

Berkheimer Rings in the New Year and Sends it Like Never Before

Diamondback's, Nate Berkheimer and his girlfriend Ashley made the big trip to New York City and did the Times Square New Year's Eve Celebration thing up right, with a front row view of the New Year's Ball Drop.

Nate surprised Ashley before they made the trip back to Las Vegas by "poppin the question" and sealin' the deal on a formal engagement.

Look for a sweet Vegas wedding, April of 2010!

Congrats to Nate and Ashley, and best wishes from BMX Mania!

To check out the whole story, go here.







Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, February 3, 2009


CPSC Grants One Year Stay of Testing and Certification Requirements for Certain Products

Editor's Note - In a stunning 'reversal' of policy, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has rescinded it's order for articles used by children to be tested and individually certified as "lead free". This was a reversal of an enacted policy that had the potential to force several of the more popular smaller bike manufacturers out of business due to the testing of many parts being cost prohibitive. The ruling stays the standards for one calendar year.

From, ..... WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously (2-0) to issue a one year stay of enforcement for certain testing and certification requirements for manufacturers and importers of regulated products, including products intended for children 12 years old and younger. These requirements are part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which added certification and testing requirements for all products subject to CPSC standards or bans.

Significant to makers of children’s products, the vote by the Commission provides limited relief from the testing and certification requirements which go into effect on February 10, 2009 for new total lead content limits (600 ppm), phthalates limits for certain products (1000 ppm), and mandatory toy standards, among other things. Manufacturers and importers – large and small – of children’s products will not need to test or certify to these new requirements, but will need to meet the lead and phthalates limits, mandatory toy standards and other requirements.

The decision by the Commission gives the staff more time to finalize four proposed rules which could relieve certain materials and products from lead testing and to issue more guidance on when testing is required and how it is to be conducted.

The stay will remain in effect until February 10, 2010, at which time a Commission vote will be taken to terminate the stay.

The National Factory Avent/Bombshell/Maxxis team has First Team Race in Guthrie, OK

The National Factory Avent/Bombshell/Maxxis team is off to a great start.  We had 6 riders that were able to make this trip to Guthrie.


On Saturday the team takes 3rd place. Below are the riders results:


1. Jarrett Kolich-AA Pro---8th

2. Mikenna Koth (Dirt Diva) 12 Girls---2nd-2nd-4th

3. Desiree (Boobie Girl) Roeder 14 Girls---1st-2nd

4. Wyatt (The Sheriff) Bell 6X---1st-3rd

5. DJ Stephan 13X---2nd-4th

6. Jon Jon (The Pink Panther) Rapp 14X---3rd 

Jarrett is off to a great start this season after taking 2 4ths in Reno and making both his mains again in Guthrie.  It appears that his injuries are behind him and he’s flying 110%!!! 

On Saturday Desiree Roeder had a crash with another rider, and it was found out on Monday that she had broken a bone in her wrist.  This isn’t going to slow her down for the Oldsmar race though.  That week her doctor is going to put a new cast on her.  She is bringing in her bars so her fingers will be positioned just right for racing.  She is one tough rider!   

On Sunday the team missed top 3 by 11 points. 

1. Jarrett Kolich---6th

2. Mikenna Koth---2nd-4th-4th

3. Desiree Roeder---1st-4th

4. Wyatt Bell---2nd-2nd

5. DJ Stephan---2nd-4th

6. Jon Jon Rapp---Took the pro section in 1/4 mains and just missed it, nice try Jon! 

The team is gearing up for the next race, and looks forward to another top 3 finish.  

We would like to thank Gary & Cathy Hickman the owners of Avent/Bombshell for all of their support. With Avent frames and Bombshell parts it's a winning combination! We would also like to thank Maxxis for sponsoring the team with the best tires in BMX! A big shout out to the rest of our team sponsors Thompson, Rockstar, ODI, Fly, S&M, Shimano, Tangent, Cane Creek & RaceFacePlates. 

See you at the next race! ..... Team Manager’s, Tim Koth and Danny Meadows

Orangeville Indoor Mountain Bike and BMX series

The first ever Orangeville Indoor Mountain Bike And BMX Series in Canada is history and the results are in. Big winners in the series are......

Pro BMX- Men .... 1. Bob Rowley 1190 2. Greg Bidwell 1072 3. Kyle Pearson 1057 4. Brent Smith 1013 5. Jason Rowley 942

Pro BMX- Women ..... 1. Amelia Walsh 983 2. Lee Ryckman 496 3. Mehgan Jarvis 441

Pro Open Wheel ..... 1. Greg Bidwell 949 2. Kyle Pearson 885 3. Alex Brancier 865 4. Brandon Cassell 826 5. Simon Caissie 163

Pro MTB ..... 1. Alex Brancier 1130 2. Brandon Cassell 1107 3. Tom Kakamousias 985 4. Rob Fraser 948 5. Jeff Faulds 933

15 & Over Girls MTB\BMX ..... 1.Christine Schiavone 993 2.Stephanie Huiskamp 941 3. Ashley Pereira 325 4. Stacey Cassell 255 5. Chelsey Hunt 120

16 & Over MTB\ Expert ..... 1. Aaron Smith 1086 2. Matt Gillies 1041 3. Dean Thompson 652 4. P.J. Wegrynawski 641 5. David Klaver 640

16 & Over Novice MTB ..... 1. Chris Siren 992 2. Chris Drysdale 718 3. Adrian Winter 584 4. Victor Addis 513 5. Caleb Glythero 306

16 & Over Novice BMX ..... 1. Scott Graham 1094 2. Paul Schiavone 1002 3. Andrew Gotuaco 425 4. Jonah Fegidero 328 5. Bill Dainty 312

16 & Over BMX\ Expert ..... 1. Jeff Sylvah 685 2. Taylor Rowlands 520 3. Jeff Sylvah 350 4.Chris Kohar 170 5. Dave Thomas 149






Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, February 2, 2009

Emerald Valley BMX Looks To Race For Life/Redline Cup Qualifier This Weekend!

This Weekend RFL/RCQ Saturday and Sunday REGISTRATION 11-NOON BOTH DAYS Doors will at 10:30

There is NO Phone in PRE- REGISTRATION You may email your info to up to midnight FRIDAY and we will have you entered PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PLATE NUMBERS are correct so we need no re-post due to PLATE NUMBERS. This is the most inexcusable re-post and the most common.

Swap Meet tables will be pre-staged in the viewing room.. So bring your goodies to sell or swap.

Thanks to Roger Linder for a successful clinic on Saturday.

Please take the time to say thanks to Angie Harris and Jerry Jones they have been running your indoor events quite well and are regularly improving.

Outdoor racing has been fast and furious as the lack of rain has made for a fast surface and we get in and out quickly so yoy don't miss your homework! Please continue to show your support by bringing a friend to join our family of BMX maniacs!

Finally following the success of the Mollala River BMX loonies we are putting together an EVBMX team. Please contact Robert Purkey for info. Kelli Manley is team MOMextraordinaire and will also be available for questions.

Thanks for your support!!