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Friday/PracticeSaturday/ABA Points Race - Saturday photo gallery - Sunday/UCI Points Race


Sunday/UCI Points Race

Official UCI Points Race Results

At ABA Socal Nationals - perris BMX

ELITE MEN - 1st Joey Bradford 2nd Maris Strombergs 3rd Randy Stumpfhauser 4th Martijn Scherpen 5th Nic Long 6th Danny Caluag 7th David Herman 8th Khalen Young

ELITE WOMEN - 1st Dominique Daniels 2nd Arielle Martin 3rd Stephanie Barragan 4th Ashley Verhagen 5th Courtney Tomei 6th Terra Nichols 7th Afton Schrimpf 8th Danielle Brisson

Junior Men - 1st Denzel Stein 2nd Connor Fields 3rd Corben Sharrah 4th Tory Nyhaug 5th Riley Stair 6th Alex Anthony 7th Roy Winkelman 8th Jared Garcia

Vet Pro - 1st Dale Holmes  2nd John Purse 3rd Greg Romero 4th Dave Bittner 5th Todd Parry 6th Eric Rupe 7th Domingos Lammoglia 8th Robert Harris

Massive Photo Gallery To Be Posted Sunday Night!!!!!




Saturday/ABA Points Race

AA Pro

1 Mike Day

2 Barry Nobles

3 Travis Ohrazda

4 David Herman

5 Joey Bradford

6 Khalen Young

7 Tyler Brown

8 Randy Stumpfhauser

Girls Pro

1 Dominique Daniels

2 Brooke Crain

3 Stephanie Barragan

4 Arielle Martin

5 Taylor Walcott

6 Kaila Sweeney

7 Regula Runge

8 Ashley Verhagen

Vet Pro

1 John Purse

2 Dale Holmes

3 Todd Parry

4 Dave Bittner

5 Eric Rupe

6 Greg Romero

7 Mark Hunley

8 Domingos Lammoglia

A Pro

1 Nic Long

2 Corey Reid

3 Kristaps Konrads 4 Masahiro Sampei

5 Fausto Endara

6 Vance Weisendanger

7 Dale Cushman

8 Matt Tischler

Pro Cruiser

1 Barry Nobles

2 Tyler Brown

3 Joe Sowers

4 Danny Caluag

5 Billy Anderson

6 Willy Suarez

7 Keith Grine

8 Eric Rupe



First off, it rained ALL NIGHT, from Friday night in to Saturday morning. No problem, the ABA race officials had anticipated the incoming rain and had covered the track with plastic.

The first thing that happened was that the much aniticipated UCI North American Points Race was postponed and moved to Sunday when the weather was supposed to be much better.

Moving on to Saturday morning, the track was in pretty good shape for having so much water around, but as usual in these cases, there was some pretty bad spots in between jumps and other low lying spots. The ABA Track Crew went to work HARD and after an hour or so, practice was ready to begin.

OF COURSE, just as Pro Practice began, the rain came back but the ABA kept the pedal to the metal and kept on runnin' em. The rain wasn't coming down THAT hard, so it wasn't too bad. Eventually, though, the rain came in with a vengeance and practice was ended and the track was allowed to sit and soak up some more rain.

Can you say, "Cold"!!!!!????? With the clouds moving in bringing the rain, it got quite frigid out. But, then after a time of more soakage, the rain stopped and the call went out for Motos To The Starting Hill!

The ABA moved to the 'one moto transfer system' straight to the main event and things have taken OFF! Yeah, things were a little muddy and things got a little funky but the whole weather aspect kind of put the Dirt back in to BMX, so check out the Mud Boggin' Photos and enjoy a little Bicycle Muddo Cross!

ABA Socal Nationals Saturday Photo Gallery

  Here's quite a crew. From left, Kristaps Konrads, Martijn Scherpen, Maris Strombergs, Joey Bradford, Dommingos Lammoglia Here's a bunch of happy BMXers, headin' down the first straight. It's good to be alive on the ol BMX track! Big Splash at the Finish Line from GHP's, John Purse. Gold Medalist, Maris Strombergs right out front with GT's, Joey Bradford in hot pursuit. It's the "Alabama Slamma" Barry Nobles, in the gate with his game face on! The mud didn't slow Formula's, Yvan Lapraz while doin' battle with "Mr. Intense", Danny Caluag.  
    Check out Joey Bradford's 'mud fender' on his downtube. No mud flyin' up in JB's face! Here's the whole pic from the "splash pic" from above. Go Jackal! 'Manualin' Mikey Day. Mikey manualled the ENTIRE 3rd straight in his first moto....Unreal! Free Agent's, Dale Holmes, fresh off of a hot, er, I mean, cold, uh, hmmm. Not sure the temperature, but you know what I mean!