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archived news / December 2014

BMX Racing News - Wednesday - December 31, 2014

BMX Mania Is Wishin' You A BMXin' 2015!!!!!

Illustration, Christophe Boul, BMXmania Team Member - - Boulplanet, illustration & artworks design


Hey, BMX Maniacs! Wow, LOOK OUT......Here comes 2015! It seems just like yesterday that we were launching 2014, which quickly became The Year Of Sam Willoughby! Mr. Willoughby took off like a rocket on the USABMX National Circuit, winning many a race in the series from Reno, Nevada to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sam wound down for a few races in late Spring and early Summer, getting geared up for the UCI Worlds in Rotterdam, Holland and it paid off for him with an Elite Men's World #1. Sam got back on the gas for the second half of the USABMX Pro Series and won 9 out of 10 Pro Series races leading up to a USABMX AA Pro National #1 for 2014. A BIG year for Sam!





BMX Racing News - Wednesday - December 24, 2014


Well, actually, it was WAY back in July, but Christmas came early for Redline's, Super Sam, as he took on the best in the world and brought it home for the Aussie Fans In The Stands in Rotterdam's, Ahoy Center.

Great Win for Sam, Great Race for the UCI......Ho Ho Ho, sez BMX Santa Claus!

Check BMX Mania for more 2014 Recaps over the next week!




BMX Racing News - Wednesday - December 17, 2014

St. Etienne, France Indoor BMX Spectacular, BMXmag Edit
Elite Men Elite Women
1 Kyle Evans (GBR) 1 Mariana Pajon (COL)
2 Vincent Pelluard (FRA) 2 Felicia Stancil (USA)
3 Niklas Laustsen (DEN) 3 Stefany Hernandez (VEN)
4 Renaud Blanc (SUI) 4 Magalie Pottier (FRA)
5 Antoine Dumain (FRA) 5 Simone Christensen (DEN)
6 Tre Whyte (GBR) 6 Laetitia Le Corguille (FRA)
7 Joris Daudet (FRA) 7 Eva Ailloud (FRA)
8 Liam Phillips (GBR) 8 Mélanie Boudoux (FRA)

SE Bikes 2014 Year End Edit With Mega Rad, Kris Fox!

Kris Fox 2014 Year End Edit from SE Bikes on Vimeo.

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BMX Racing News - weekend update - December 12-14, 2014

St. Etienne BMX Indoor Kicks Off, Felicia Stancil suffers big Practice Crash!
LATE BREAKING NEWS : We just learned that Felicia Stancil, one of the major guest stars of the St Etienne BMX Indoor (France) fell violently, while practicing yesterday night, and would be suffering from the hip and the head, she was evacuated to the University Hospital of St Etienne … Scary bad , and let’s hope it’s not too serious and more of a precautionary process. Keep tuning… and send some "Get Better FAST" vibes to the young pro GT ambassador..

The US BMX Circuit went quiet for a few weeks after the USABMX /ABA Grands… But this weekend, there’s some major action in France and for most of the Europeans as the “classic” 19th Saint Etienne BMX Indoor receive the top amateurs and most of the Elites around for the “ Trophée des Nations” with the appearance of some major stars and a few comebacks!


Mariana PAJON: Since the last SX Chula Vista last September, Olympic champion confirmed his coming. From what we’ve seen at the ABA Grands , we can expect her in front of the pack.

Teagan O'KEEFFE: Joris Daudet’s favorite racegirl has confirmed her participation: Following his serious fall at Worlds , she will make her comeback in St Etienne. She might not be at 100% yet but she might be in the way of few locals for the mains.

Simone CHRISTENSEN: The Danish, W4 and Euro #3 this year won’t make the trip to St Etienne this year, watch for the Flying Dane on the World Cup circuit...

Laura SMULDERS: Bronze medalist at the last Olympics, this week birthday girl will show again that it was no fluke.

Felicia STANCIL: Thanks to Frenchy's Distribution, The young US GT star, National College Champion with Marian, will bring some “stars & stripes” vista to this European-style! <UPDATE> After yesterday nasty spill, this fast athlete might be signing autographs at Frenchy's instead of snappin' gates on the track, although she is back on her feet and talkin' about maybe hitting up Friday practice…

Stephanie HERNANDEZ: The Venezuelan, who spent time at the Aigle’s UCI World Training Center and also raced in France for a year, showed some amazing improvement this year and knows the Euro-style tracks…

Magalie POTTIER, Eva AILLOUD, will be there obviously on their own turf but sadly Manon VALENTINO, the national champion, will have to watch from the side line in her own town, due to a ongoing knee injury recovery...

Pauline CORLOBE: Speaking of injury, Pauline took the time to get back to racing form and might want to show that she still belongs to the French dynasty of Fast Girls

But obviously the comeback that gets everybody talking is ... Laetitïa LE CORGUILLE: Back after a maternity and a tough 4th place at London Olympics, the Beijing silver medalist wants to know how far she is from a third Olympic Main…


Barry NOBLES: Thanks again to French importer Frenchy's and DK, the fun-loving, stylish dare devil won’t miss an opportunity to rock the ST Etienne Exhibition Center

Edzus TREIMANIS: This “kid” has given nightmares to the locals Frogs since he turned Junior…

Liam PHILLIPS, Kyle EVANS, Tre WHYTE: The 2014 UCI SX World Cup winner, master of the Indoors, brings 2 of his lieutenants to wage war in France. It's gonna get dusty !

Joris DAUDET: The globetrotting champion seldomly races in France lately so he has the intention of showing why he’s the French leader…

Vincent Pelluard: Another great rider that spend more time out of the country and wants to show his new sponsors

Simon DUCHENE: This young rider went to train for a few months stateside with Joris Daudet and expect to show he’s back 100% and no rookie (anymore)

Quentin Caleyron: It’s his hometown and the French Olympian wants to shine in front of his crowd

Sylvain ANDRE: Back from Colombia for a UCI race among friends and under new colors, he motivated to show his international level

Romain RICCARDI: Anchor of the St Etienne team which earned the National Team Title 2014, National Italian champion and winner of the French Cup, this BMX warrior could make a “hold up” …

And then some veterans: Damien & Julien GODET, Moana MOO-CAILLE …  and then some not-so-rookies: Romain MAHIEU, Romain RACINE, Antoine DUMAIN, Quentin DEROM

Look Out, BMX World.....The ice is going to melt in St Etienne!

Submitted by EuroPorter and BMX Mania Team Member, Vincent Champetier (Resident, BMX Mania "Frenchy")








BMX Racing News - Tuesday/Wednesday - December 9-10, 2014

Pumptrack and backflips in the Disco

from Pump Battle Events on Vimeo.


This has got to be one of the most insane BMX videos of 2014! Twan Van Gendt & Joost Wichman hosted this Pump Track Battle / Disco Style in the City Lido Club.

Dutch BMX Racing Insanity at the 2nd annual PUMP BATTLE SERIES - CLUB EDITION hosted by Joost Wichman & Twan van Gendt at the City Lido Club ..... Dance meets Action Sports in Groenlo, Holland.

Racers from all disciplines dueled through the club and partied all night.

Check out the thrills, spills, and party.


Pump Battle Series...Club Edition Podium Finishes

Men Women
1 Neils Bensink 1 Miriana Heimensen
2 Desmond Tessemaker 2 Jamina Silah
3 Simon Waldburger 3 Lea Schleifenbaum







BMX Racing News - Thursday/Friday - December 4-5, 2014

Sarah Walker's 96 Dreams - Episode 8
Sarah travels to Argentina for World Cup Round 4, then to Rockhill for some training, before heading to Chula Vista for the World Cup final. Chula turns out to be not what she expects with an abrupt season ending crash and major surgery.

You know that a rider is a Die Hard when they can't remember their crash and then tell the surgeons when the rider is going to be getting back on their bike.......Sarah Walker, a TRUE BMXer!

Check out this awesome video from Daniel Franks with a special birthday celebration for Marc Willers.