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Saturday/Race Day - (New!)-girls practice

Friday/Time Trials - Women's Time Trial Fotos - Men's Time Trial Fotos

Thursday/Practice - women's practice - men's practice


Saturday/Race Day

Elite Men - 1 Maris Strombergs (LAT) 2 Liam Phillips (GBR) 3 Corben Sharrah (USA) 4 Marc Willers (NZL)

5 Connor Fields (USA) 6 Damien Godet (FRA) 7 Andres Jiminez (COL) 8 Thomas Hamon (FRA)

Elite Women - 1 Laëtitia le Corguillé (FRA) 2 Sarah Walker (NZL) 3 Aneta Hladikova (CZE) 4 Nicole Callisto (AUS)

5 Rachel Bracken (AUS) 6 Caroline Buchanan (AUS) 7 Mariana Pajon (COL) 8 Arielle Martin (USA)


Colombia's, Mariana Pajon was in effect at the UCI Copenhagen race and although she left Denmark with a 7th place finish, you KNOW she's always a threat when she's on the track. There are more races, Mariana, ride hard and you'll do well!

Maris Strombergs is used to the Finish Line Fist Pump! Lining up for Elite Women's track practice. Connor Fields was pretty psyched to be in DK, but REALLY wanted a 1 instead of a 5. Hang in there, kid, there are plenty of podiums in your future! Aneta Hladikova is one of those riders who is ALWAYS in there, but not always on the podium. Not THIS week end! Nice 3rd, Annie! Jason Rogers, barely awake and thinking of SOMETHING, hopefully! Caroline Buchanan had a little secret that not every one knew. She was racing with a very bad case of Tonsilitis. Not bad for a sick kid! What can you say about Sarah Walker that hasn't already been said? Plenty! 1 Fast 2 Tall 3 Fast 4 Cute 5 Fast 6 Determined, and did we mention that she's FAST!
Remember that cool helmet cam video that you saw on Freecaster? Here's John from UCI Video, getting Barry Nobles set up to bring it to you! Yep! Here it is, folks. 8 meters (24 Feet) of UCI BMX SX Start Hill, waiting to send em out, FLYING! It was a tough day at the office for Shanaze Reade. She WAILED in the quarter finals, winning all three. Misfortune struck (Right pic above) in the semi, as she unclipped in the first turn, and just couldn't get clipped back in as The Pack ran off and left her. She tried, but did not make it and had to sit this final out. Cristian Becerine, coming FAST from Lane Seven in his 2nd 1/8th final. With a NICE lead, he bonked in the rhythm section and while laying on the track a rider behind him ran over his shoulder, tearing it out of it's socket. The Champ always has time for his people! Maris just won Round Two of the UCI SX Series and he's signing autographs for the kids! Laëtitia le Corguillé comes sliding to a halt in the Finish Line area with  BIG ol smile on her face cuz she just won. PSYCHED!

Saturday/Girls Practice






Friday/Time trials

Men's Time Trial Run 1

Men's Time Trial Run 2

Women's Time Trial Run 1 Women's Time Trial Run 2 Men's Moto Draw Women's Moto Draw










Elite Women's practice photos




South Africa's, Sifiso Nhalapo