Editor's Note - This is not a bragging section, but I did want to share with anyone who is interested some of the cool emails that I get at BMX Mania from appreciative BMXers about BMXmania.com. Thanks, BMX Mania likes all of you guys, too!


Steve from the Northwest - I just wanted to thank you for coming out and covering the pro-am out here this weekend. I especially want to thank you for the pictures of the amateur racing. Although there are quite a few of us that race some nationals, we know that the chances of getting a picture anywhere are pretty slim. But to get some great pictures from a local race on your sight that tons of people see means a ton to me and everyone else that you got pictures of. Thank you for all the hard work and the great shots.

Elite Women's World Champion - Thank you as always Jerry, for looking after me with great promotion on BMXmania.com. :) I look forward to seeing you at the next big race! Continue doing all the amazing things you do for the sport! xx

Mark from Arizona - Just thought that I'd drop you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes early. Even though my son doesnít race anymore, I still check out your web almost daily. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

Legendary BMX Media Mogul - Thanks, I totally appreciate your help. I'll pass along the advert information...to my new sponsor. Believe me, I've made it very clear to the owner that in the world of BMX - you are "IT". Fancy site or not, I remember when you put stories of mine up, my site would jump dramatically. Not only that but jump from all areas of the world (literally).

A Satisfied Advertiser - (Because you take care of us), "that's why I love you man!!! That's also why Mania is the #1 site in all of BMX."

From a U.S. BMX Trainer - THANKS! Believe it or not, it has already started to come back. Already, 7 people have ordered the book. I really appreciated it, BMX Mania Dot Com! Thank you!

From Jan in Belgium - I've been checking your site daily for the last couple of years and I'm still as impressed as the very first time. You're site is the best I've ever seen for BMX racing, thank you so much for all your time and hard work that you put into it. I really enjoy all your race updates and big photo galleries. Please keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated.


From a French BMXer - Thank you very much Jerry! Keep up the great work.....one of the best BMX racing websites ever.


From a "National" level Track Operator - Hey, thanks for the interview with Connor (Injured pro rider) - we've been wondering how he's been doing - that was great to get an update, we count on BMX Mania for our BMX News.


From a top rider in Florida - "Yeah I seen which pro got hired on BMXmania.com. HHHEELLLOOO im addicted to that site...always caught up with the latest. Congrats man!"


From a bike company owner - .....Your site is the best thing BMX racing has, and I view it daily.....


From a store owner - You're awesome....already getting the emails from people wanting to win. (Win the contest that he promoted on Mania!)

Thank You!


Paul, A Fan - Right on for the (Olympic) coverage , you need the Gold for your effort! The historical value of your work in China for not only the U.S.A. but the entire  B.M.X world needs to be recognized and acknowledged. Thank you.

Bike Company Owner - I wanted to say thank you for being the eyes and ears of so many of us in the industry who simply cannot get everywhere that you seem to go.  Thanks to you, we can see and read about what went down at all the main races.  Your pictures really help give me the feel of being there and so I just wanted to say thanks for all you do!


Team Manager - .....every time we get the team up on your website our major clothing sponsor gets a few extra hits on their site which really helps justify their support of the girls.

Elite Women's World Class Rider - .....thanks so much for all you do for the BMX news world! I would go crazy without ya....

The Crew At Our Statewide Indoor BMX Track - We are very Thankful of any support that your Publication has given to this program and as it continues be a success. Your promotion of this sport and events like this make this sport something that we are all proud and desire to be a part. Thanks!

Brandon/Team Manager from Texas - Thanks for props. Actually you da man. Because Bmx Mania is by far the most informative place for what's happening in BMX.

Richard from New Zealand - Keep up the good work. Only web site I go to for BMX news.

Doug/SoCal Freelance Surf Photographer - Holy Moley! Jumpin Jehosaphat! Good Goguldy Moguldy! I got over 4000 hits on Webshots yesterday!!! Man-o-man - you must get a boatload of hits yourself!! :-)

Thanks for the exposure!!

Bill/Clinic Coordinator - Thanks for posting it (Announcement of an upcoming clinic). The turn out at the last one was awesome. The new attendees said they had seen it on the BMX Mania web site. Thanks Again - Bill


Mark/National Team Manager - Thanks! 2 hours after our story went to print, I had 20 applications!! I hope to send national news about the team now and again. Thanks for everything that you do!


Scott /Factory Team Manager - The information you posted for me a couple of months ago sure paid off in getting some new sponsors for the team, can you please post this new team information on BMX Mania ASAP?!


Rich from Alabama - Keep up the great work. I know that thousands of others appreciate your efforts.



BMX Mania Advertiser - BIG thanks for the logo and comments on your Friday post. Man, I can't believe Christmas is almost here already. This year has just flown by. Thanks again.

Contest Winner, Yvonne - I received the Game Boy last night and I checked it out and it is soooo cool! WOW! I still can't believe I won. Thanks so much. I loved playing the ole school trivia.


Team Manager/East Coast Team (National Champions) - You know everyone loves your site, and my kids always say "when will we be on MANIA" - I hope I do this right, edit as you see fit, and thanks for what you do for our sport.


Team Manager/Webmaster, Todd from So Cal - (Thanks for posting our site on Link O Mania) "I know it will help out considering how many kids check out your great site. Keep up the great work and Thank You!"


Ashley from England - Every1 knows about your site it rules man. I'm going to tell all my mates about it as well.


Creon, from Pennsylvania - Hey Jerry, Thanks alot! Man, I scoped the site out on Tuesday - sweet talked, whined, and dined my wife - now she gave permission to get a gate! [Yup, I'm a 32-year old whipped fool!] Those BarkerRockford Control gates are THE DEAL! Once again- thanks dude! That's why WWW.BMXMANIA.COM is THE BEST!


Factory Team Manager - Thanks again for the service you provide and congrats of being the "USA TODAY" of BMX.


Team Manager, John - ...thanks for putting your time and effort into your web site. It is basically the on-line BMX Bible.


NBL State Commissioner - Really appreciate your awesome site and the support you give to BMX.


Editor's Note - This is a little long, and I'm not so sure about BMX Mania replacing BMX Magazines, but it was soooooo cool, I just had to share it with you.


Peter from the Internet - There is no doubt that you are aware that this website will eventually make all bmx magazines simply obsolete. Sure, I don't leave home for a race without this month's mag mangled and torn up lying on the floor of the back seat...but your site gives and could give infinately more of what we love: race coverage, interviews, PICS, links to the hottest race equipment, and, of course, the inside scoop, with an UNBIASED delivery. 

Here is my solute to the best internet BMX MAGAZINE on the WORLD WIDE WEB: BMXMANIA.COM - A SUPER BMX ACTION MAGAZINE FOR TOTAL BMX PLUS THE BEST MOTO MAG FOR AMERICAN BMXERS and all of BMX TODAY, yup, that's them. Keep up the great job!


Todd from Twisted - ...keep up the great work on the site. There is not another one out there like it!!!


Rich from Florida - I am sure that it being on your site will definitely increase sales since I think everyone goes to your site on a daily basis.


Anthony from Texas - Your site is what my net opens to each time.  I really enjoy the information you show.


Damon from the U.S. Navy - I spend a lot of time out to sea on the USS NIMITZ (CVN-68) and BMXMANIA.COM keeps me up to date on all of the latest happenings in BMX.


Todd from Germany - ...and keep up the good work with BMX Mania!


B.D. from SoCal - I love having you in my corner. 2003 will be a good one for us at the races my friend!


D.B. - Thank you, for all your hard work to keep all BMXers updated on what's happening!


Emil in Sweden - Just wanted to say that you do a very good job with BMXMania! It's always the first place I visit after school to get the latest in the BMX World!


Tom A. Hawk - I am so glad you cover races I have not been able to go to many, it's the only way I stay in touch.


G.B. from Southern California - As I have told you I recently just got interested in BMX after 15 years away from it, I'm now 31. Your site is one of the things that really sparked my interest in BMX again, thanks so much!


S.H. from the U.S. Marine Corps - ...I want to congratulate you for the awesome coverage of the Grands for those of us who were not able to make it out to Tulsa.


C.S. from Florida - I wanted to make sure that I had everything down before I told ya. I know how crazy things can get when you post it on the website. I just wanted to make sure that I was ready to handle it (the volume of response) when I informed you about it.


J.L. from Southern California - Thanks again for the support. YOU ARE AWESOME!!


W.D. from The Netherlands - This morning I saw the message (about my web site) on your news site. Thank you very much! This is a very good motivation for me to keep up the work. I already had some contacts in Sweden, because they saw the announcement on your site.


S.B. from Ohio - I agree that BMXmania.com is an excellent source for news. As I mentioned before, I insist that our office manager visit your site to see what's up in BMX. Along with your content, I'm impressed with the reach of your site. Thanks!


Kim in Louisiana - We are honored to be listed on your site. We also have at link to your site on our links page. We wouldn't know what's going on out there if it wasn't for BMX Mania.


K.W. from Florida - Thanks for all your support over the years.


B.Y. from Florida - Your the best, you did a great job (on the ad)!! Me and my family thank you.


M.F. from Nevada - (You) provide the whole community with a tremendous and invaluable service. I suspect you have no idea what your hard work and efforts mean to many and I bet you'd be amazed if we could find out how many adults, and kids, have daily life schedules that include the obligatory visit to your site for BMXMANIA's daily posting.


K.G. from Minnesota - Thanks for mentioning me in the "spoilers" section! Reading that brightened up my day after my discouraging 1/4 main.


M.G. from the U.S. Navy - Keep up the great work on the website, itís my primary link to BMX (while out to sea), and I truly appreciate it.


C.B. from the Northwest - (We) appreciate all the support and all the things you do -- not only for us, but for all of BMX! Jeff from ******** and I were talking the other day at lunch about how you are the only website who is consistent, and how BMXmania has become THEEE source of BMX news on the web ... he goes to all the sites, and was laughing at *********'s lack of updates and general news. Once agian -- THANKS!


M.G. from the Midwest - Just wanted to email you and say thanks for your support through out the 2002 year for us. You have been great to work with and I wanted to personally say thank you. With out great support like yourself, (we couldn't have done it.) Thank you very much BMX Mania Dot Com.


B.H. from Sunny So Cal - Thanks again for your help , all of us in BMX land wouldn't know what to do without YOUR SITE, it sets the mood for what all is going on.


M.H. from Texas - Thanks for the good job you have consistently done from all over the planet, I rely on you for all the BMX news and have found you to be well informed and unbiased. This is tough with two sanctioning bodies. Keep up the good work and if you ever need a hand at anything let me know , our Family owes you.


D.H. from Southern California - WOW, Jerry, i just read it...we really did blow up today's headlines, thanks a lot.


Capt. S.H. from the U.S. Marine Corps - I want to congratulate you for the awesome coverage of the Grands for those of us who were not able to make it out to Tulsa.


D.N. from Norcal - Daily reader of your webpage, can't start my day with out a cup of coffee and my hit on your page! Thanks for all your time and effort you put forth!


R.R. a Texas BMX Dad - BMX MANIA is a great asset to BMX RACING. The info you provide is the greatest for our sport as a industry.