From Left, Mike Day/2nd - Nic Long/1st - Donny Robinson/3rd



quarter Final


Martijn Scherpen, to the right of Afro Bob, went to the hospital after this crash in his third moto. Martin HAD to be bummed!

Felt's, Phil Delizia gettin' loose over the First Straight. Mike Day and Nic Long battlin' in the Salt Lake SX final.
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Team Netherlands/Redline's, Roy Van Den Berg, with the sun setting, er, I mean, the Swatch Balloon setting in the background, is seen here makin' tracks down the Second Straight at the UCI BMX Supercross race at the Dew Tour in Salt Lake City!



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GT's, Mike Day was looking GOOD at the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Salt Lake City. With the Dew Tour in the background, the Beijing Silver Medalist ripped off a blistering hot Time Trial run of 25.375 seconds on his first run firmly placing himself at the top of the Time Trial results.


The Big Surprise of the day was when rookie Connor Fields turned in the fastest lap of the day after only two riders had taken their TT runs. Although Connor had never competed in a UCI SX event before, he stayed on the Top Spot for 22 laps! Connor, only 15 is racing his first UCI SX race due to the UCI ruling that considers his age as of the '09 season for this race. He will be 16 in a couple weeks. Next to stand in the Fastest Time slot was Field's, Intense/Phantom/On Track team mate, Nic Long, who nailed it with a 25.718. The Top Five Time Trials results for the day consisted of #365; Kyle Bennett (25.613); Redline's French star, Damien Godet (25.650); Nic Long & Connor Fields.


With a ton of U.S. riders in attendance, no South Americans, no Aussies (Except for U.S. based, Khalen Young), half the Dutch Team and Damien in the field, it will be a different but interesting UCI SX race, all going down at 3PM MST / 5PM EST. According to the UCI, "The event will be broadcast on NBC Sports on Sunday 14th September and streamed live on".


Saturday Competition Schedule
14.00 - 14.45 Warm up
15.00 - 16.30 1/8-finals 3 runs
16.00 - 16.15 Quarterfinals
16.30 - 16.45 Semifinals
17.00 - 17.15 Finals
17.25 - 17.35 Awards ceremony

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UCI BMX SX & Nate Berkheimer Light Up The night at the dew tour
The Dew Tour is in town and the track was lookin' GOOD under the Tour Lights! The dirt jump course was right 'next door' to the SX track. Local dirt jumper Fuzzy Hall built it and it was AWESOME! 830PM saw the Dirt Jump comp, and TONS of fans turned out to check out the guys doin' their thing. The competition was awesome, with guys throwin' down tons of great tricks, just WORKING Fuzzy's course. Ultra BMXer, Nate Berkheimer qualified to compete, and after race practice, he broke out his Dirt Game and had some fun. Meanwhile, the UCI BMX SX course was hangin' out next door, waitin' for Friday and Time Trials. Ought to be a good one with all of the great racers, ready to hit up the BIG jumps.