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Sunday - national DAY two

NBL Jackpot National Saturday Pro results
Elite Men Elite Women Elite Masters Super-Ex

1 Cristian Becerine

2 Sam Willoughby

3 David Herman

4 Maris Strombergs

5 Robert DeWilde

6 Mike Brabant

7 Javier Colombo

8 Nic Long

1 Dominique Daniels

2 Alise Post

3 Ashley Verhagen

4 Madison Pitts

5 Stephanie Barragan

6 Rachel Smith

1 Dale Holmes

2 Tommy Opincar

3 Eric Rupe

4 Dave Bittner

5 Jason Carnes


1 Matt Kelty

2 Logan Collins

3 Weston Pope

4 Kristaps Konrads

5 Gavin Lubbe

6 Josh Meyers

7 Vance Wiesendanger

8 Marty Wisehart



Sunday Photo Gallery



Saturday - national DAY one


NBL Jackpot National Saturday Pro results
Elite Men Elite Women Elite Masters Super-Ex

1 Maris Strombergs

2 Cristian Becerine

3 Robert De Wilde

4 Sam Willoughby

5 Kyle Cushman

6 Barry Nobles

7 Javier Colombo

8 Danny Caluag

1 Alise Post

2 Ashley Verhagen

3 Dominique Daniels

4 Stephanie Barragan

5 Rachel Smith

6 Madison Pitts

1 Dale Holmes

2 Dave Bittner

3 Tommy Opincar

4 Eric Rupe

5 Jason Carnes


1 Gavin Lubbe

2 Josh Meyers

3 Matt Kelty

4 Kristaps Konrads

5 Weston Pope

6 Jared Becker

7 Marty Wisehart

8 Jesse Turner

David Herman didn't make the final but he was going SO fast that another well known AA was heard to wonder if maybe David had a motor on his ride! Alise Post had a big day with an Elite Women's win over the ever tough, Dominique Daniels. Speaking of big 'wins', 'Afro Bob', AKA, Robert DeWilde came out of his Winter Hibernation and made his way to the Elite Men's podium. Nice Job, Bob! Skinny Digit on his Number Plate, Maris Strombergs is well on his way to an NBL #1 Plate to add to his collection. AND, Maris is always in demand to sign autographs for the fans and make new friends with kids who LOVE to look up to an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Day One Photo Gallery!




Friday - Practice Day