Official Pro Results

Elite Men - 1 Josh Meyers 2 David Herman 3 Tyler Faoro 4 Javier Colombo 5 Jeff Upshaw 6 Mike Kapes 7 Robert DeWilde 8 Cristian Becerine

Elite Women - 1 Dominique Daniels 2 Keely Kortman 3 Alaina Henderson 4 Ashley Kneram 5 Jamie Lilly 6 Madison Pitts 7 Stephanie Barragan 8 Ashley Lynch

Masters - 1 Percy Owens 2 Will Murray 3 Tim Dinger 4 Brian Strieby 5 Tommy Board 6 Joey Albright 7 Jason Sherrill 8 Tommy Opincar

Super Ex - 1 C.J. McGuire 2 Weston Pope 3 Alan Hudson 4 Johnny Culbreth 5 Daniel Smith 6 Matt Beatty 7 Logan Collins 8 Harrison Britt

Elite Men’s Final Fast Lap......Due to the rainout of the NBL Pro Spectacular, the organizers doubled up the points and pro payout on Sunday. Lots of EVERYTHING on the line for the pros and a good turnout of Elite Men had the fans lining the fences for the Main Event. With NBL Elite Series points leader, Maris Strombergs off to Latvia to enjoy some of Mom’s home cooking, the points vultures were out and sharpening their fangs. Six of the top ten points getters were on the gate including Javier Colombo, Robert DeWilde, Cristian Becerine, Jeff Upshaw, Tyler Faoro and the man right behind Maris in Elite Series points, Josh Meyers. Also makin' the Money Round were David Herman and a newly "come back" Mike Kapes, fresh off of a two season layoff. Not bad for his first race back, makin' the Heavyweight Loaded Final.

With Josh stuck way out in Robert DeWilde’s usual spot in Lane 8, the power was going to be LAID DOWN to keep him out there by those looking to pick up valuable Double Elite Series Points. WHAM! Gate’s down and David Herman is out of the gate like a rocket from Lane 6 with Meyers in HOT contention.

Down the long, downhill and super fast first straight, the pack hits up the giant Table and the Mountainous set of Doubles going in to Turn One and Meyers has worked his way up to pull along side of The Hermanator with enough speed to carry him thru the First Turn in the lead with David, Tyler Faoro and Javier Colombo packed up and generatin' some serious speed.
The Second Straight would prove otherwise for those who thought that Meyers might fold under the pressure of some of the fastest guys on the planet breathin' down his knobbies, cuz Josh pinned his Ssquared ride and MOTO'd the rhythm section coming in to Turn Two with a nice lead.
The Third and Fourth straights were duplicates of the Second one as Meyers had it on 'autopilot' and never looked back as he picked up a HUGE win with big double points and money for a great 'day at the office' for Mr. Meyers in the Music City.

Sunday Foto Gallery





The NBL got the amateur end of things done at the 2010 NBL Music City National, but the rains came down, volunteers helped and got the track covered and the 'wet stuff' set in for HOURS, resulting in a cancelled Saturday Pro Spectacular with Double Points and Double Pro Purse up for grabs on Sunday.

Tune in Sunday morning, U.S. East Coast time for a sweet looking Amateur Photo Gallery and Monday for Sunday's Pro Spectacular Race Report from BMX Mania!