ELITE MEN Elite Women Super Ex Masters

1 Maris Strombergs

2 Tyler Faoro

3 Robert De Wilde

4 Danny Caluag

5 Marty Wisehart

6 Morten Therkildsen

7 Cristian Becerine

8 Kyle Bennett

1 Jamie Lilly

2 Taylor Wolcott

3 Michele Patterson

4 Stephanie Barragan

5 Dominique Daniels

1 Fausto Endara

2 Jason Morris

3 Alex Anthony

4 Matt Rubeck

5 Matt Beatty

6 Justin McLintock

7 Tommy Bellew

8 Blake Foxx

1 Will Murray

2 Dave Bittner

3 Shawn O'Gorman

16-29 Money Open - 1 Chase Hines 2 Austin Hiatt 3 Nick Tuttle 4 Steven Grote 5 Alex McCloskey 6 Brian Carillo 7 Anthony Biondo









The Danish are in town! Coach Christian and The Danish National Team have been at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista the last two weeks. Here's Morten Thorkildsen, the Pride Of Copenhagen doing a pretty good Kyle Bennett impersonation.

The Little Guys were out in force. Well, at least right around 430, say, 5 O'clock.




On the gate, it's Local Hero, Randy Stumpfhauser, or as I've heard him called in Holland...."Rannnnnnd Stoomf Houser"! Only 14 miles from home means Stumpy is commuting to work and the ENTIRE family will be out cheering him on Saturday night in the NBL Elite Spectacular! Ecuador's finest, Fausto Endara, eyein' the first straight at Fresno. Wildman Sighting! There was a time when seeing SE's, Todd Lyons at the races was not unusual. Today, he's more likely to be designing bikes at his SE "Head Honcho" desk. It's cool tho, cuz some things never change. The Wildman is ALWAYS a showman! Dan's Factory Team Guy, Alden Volle is from California so he's feelin' right at home over Fresno's massive second straight.
When the Free Agent Factory van pulled in, T.M. Dale Holmes jumped out and started throwing things! Not mad, DH was throwing down cases of NEW sponsor Rockstar Energy Drink product around the setup. Dale's psyched on the new hook up, good for team morale. Rock on, Rockstar! Elite Women's legend, Jamie Lilly came to Fresno early, last weekend for some advance practice on the highly technical track. Bad news for Ms. Lilly, she crashed hard, suffering some painful injuries. Fortunately for the fans, Jamie got some 'body work' and is on her game! Yeah, Lilly! Although Intense Factory pro, Danny Caluag (R) and Free Agent's, #1 Everything, Maris Strombergs basically just got off the plane from a Big Money Race in Korea where 30 Grand was paid out. Maris brought home $8000 of it. Looks pretty fresh to me. He's probably just happy with payday. Two of Argentina's fastest and most productive BMX racers, F.A.'s, Cristian Becerine (L) and SE Racing's, Javier Colomobo. Going fast and going fast for a long time takes a lot and these guys have what it takes.

Uh, call this shot, Many Many World Titles. Left, it's U.S. Transplant, Maris Strombergs, the current NBL #1 Elite Men's rider and GHP's Randy Stumpfhauser, the current ABA AA #1.




Javier Colombo and Robert "Afro Bob" de Wilde. Afro's always one to give at photographer a "Fun Face".

Like a farmer working his fields, Robert de Wilde is working Fresno's Field Of Dreams.

 The NBL is on Round Two of their new Saturday Evening Elite Spectacular schedule.

 Things are kickn' off late Saturday Afternoon, make sure to CHECK BACK!

Friday, Practice Photo Gallery