> xting while driving?

xting while driving?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Is it ok to text while at the stop light?

Technically it might be legal, but it'll probably get you honked at. I actually was texting at a light once, then the light turned so i took my foot off the break and started rolling foward. Still on my phone i didnt realise the van ahead of me didnt move and bang i hit the van. Moral of the story, dont do it!

No, you shouldn't text while driving. Don't do anything involving your phone and don't play with electronics at all. (Unless it's a GPS). If a police car was near you, you could get charged. It's extremely dangerous to do so. Better safe than sorry!

no. if you need to text while driving us some autmated voice thing that texts what you say im sure they have one for phones. otherwise don't text at all while driving if you can't simply wait then walk your @ss where you need to go don't endanger other drivers and pedestrians.

no because you need to see what is going on around you. what if a car is speeding behind you and he doesn't stop and rear ends you. you have to look everywhere. what if your light turns green and you go but you didn't see a car passing a red light? you need to analyze everything

No because you could not he paying attention and the light turns