> would parachutes be able to stop a vehicle traveling at 1mi/s?

would parachutes be able to stop a vehicle traveling at 1mi/s?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
he parachutes is reinforced with titanium, and tungsten. the strings are made from carbon fibers.

Not a conventional parachute, which depends on catching air and spilling it in a controlled fashion. Above the speed of sound everything is defined by "shocks" - compression zones in which air becomes a quasi-solid beause it can't move away any faster. Speedbrakes would work, though.

Re-entering space capsules from the earlier space program hit the atmosphere faster than that. Apollo 11 came in at 11.2 kps (7 miles per second) and had to burn off speed with the heat shield until it slowed to only 50 meters per second. The Shuttle deploys parachutes at 150 meters per second.

First, if air resistance is negligible the parachute won't work. If the air resistance of the vehicle is negligible but the physics of the parachute are normal then yes, the parachute will slow the vehicle down. It is then a matter of engineering as to how fast the parachute can decelerate the vehicle. You may need a sequence of parachutes of increasing size.

No. You're talking about a car going five times as fast as an airplane.

If the parachute does not break, and the parachute strings don't break, then the part of the car attached to the parachute will break off the car, and the rest of the car will keep going.

In theory, yes. In reality, even if the vehicle was sreamlined, at tat speed it's own wind resistance would slow it down quickly enough. If not, even small airbrakes would do the same thing as a parachute-create enough drag to slow the vehicle down to a reasonable speed.

The SR-71, which was super streamlined, generated so much wind resistance at speed that its exterior was heated up to several hundred degrees on the outside just by atmospheric friction. Slowing a vehicle down at 3600 miles an hour isn't the problem. Keeping it moving at that speed, at least inside earth's atmosphere, will be a much bigger problem.

If all your assumptions are applied, parachutes could slow down a vehicle but parachutes cannot stop a vehicle ( unless there is a very strong headwind and the parachutes remained open as the vehicle slowed down ).