> what starter motorcycle should i get?

what starter motorcycle should i get?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
i dont want a harley or some sort of cruiser. i want to get a sport bike, i'm 16, 140lb and i've had lots of experience riding a cr125,500 and crf150,450. i'm thinking about a cbr250 or cbr600

The CBR 600 is a supersport, a single-purpose kind of motorcycle. Like the R6, GSX-R 600 and Ninja ZX. These bikes are really popular here where I live, but from what I see most guys don't use them for what they're made for, they just buy them for the look. It's not an easy bike to ride, it takes more concentration and more skill. If you've been riding for a while you could probably handle one, but it's not the best first big bike. It's not the size that's the problem, it's the kind of bike it is.

The CBR 250 is a good all-around bike, in fact it's designed as a trainer so it would be very easy to learn and to ride. The only problem is that it can't really cruise at highway speed. (Well, you can, but they're not ideal.)

So it depends on how you see yourself riding. If you need to commute 10 miles each way on the Interstate, 500-650cc is a good size. That would be the Ninja (NOT the Ninja ZX), Suzuki SV 650, Honda 599, Yamaha FZ 600, something like that.


There is a world of difference between riding cr150 etc off road and being an invisible part of traffic on some crotch rocket.

I suggest, go to http://www.msf-usa.org and take their safety training. The basic course is a weekend long training. It is GREAT and will open your eyes and give you needed skills. Very probably it will safe you from a limp the rest of your life (or worse)!

After that I agree with Smartypants above. Get a street bike in the 500 to 750 range and ride it 5000 miles. Then take the AMF advanced course. Again, amazing stuff.

I also encourage you to put a cruiser in your long-term plans. There is just nothing like the safety and comfort of a Goldwing. You are wise to avoid the Harley mystique, lifestyle, tough guy attitude,and all that goes with it. Stay off a Ninja until you have advanced skills. They are just too tempting and can easily kill you.

Good luck and ride safe.

Old Wolf

I had a 2009 kawasaki er6n Twin for my first street bike. (Ninja 650 without the faring) then a 1980 Kz750 Now I have a 2004 Ducati Monster S4R (3rd bike) I like my Ducati the best out of the three. Maybe look into a Monster 696.

Well what you're looking at is fine, Id suggest any Ninja motorcycles to you. They are insxpensive and known to be a beginners bike, but also pack a lot of speed and acceleration! Be safe and Goodluck.