> what is the maximum speed limits for north Carolina?

what is the maximum speed limits for north Carolina?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Poor choice of words. That is the "highest" speed limit. All speed limits are "maximum speed limits." For some strange reason or perhaps the "Teen Texting Virus" that has spread all over the nation you think that "north Carolina" is acceptable English much like the same virus makes believe kids that "Ford focus" is correct. North Carolina, the name of a state. Proper name, That means both names must be capitalized much like both the brand and model names of cars also must be capitalized. William answered using incorrect grammar. "life" cannot capitalize his or her "name" and uses an ellipsis, the multi dots, for punctuation, Not correct. Mah Jen Boo, Did not capitalize the first word of her answer and the pronoun, I, is also incorrect as an "i." Her Source comment is very bad grammar. The, I, is not capitalized and there is no period at the end. And that is a three word sentence! This Teen Texting Virus is active, it is poison and not good for the culture and the economy.

on 95 its 70

70 mph... I am pretty sure.

the highest posted speed limit i have seen is 70 mph.