> what is the best two wheel scooter on the market?

what is the best two wheel scooter on the market?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Honda Activa is best 2 Wheeler Scooter on the Market now a days .

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Depends on size some, varies by market and what you mean by 'Best' general fit, finish, reliability, speed and service available- Yamaha Zuma in 50cc, Suzi Burgmahn in over 500cc and in between Dimo's Vespa will be there for the 125/150cc class. If price gets some more consideration- Tomos, Kymco, SYM, Adli from Slovenia and Taiwan can be close to Japanese quality with a little price break. This is for US market, India has its own home manufactured quality and price comparisons. Genuine Buddy 125cc from Chicago area could be considered- is sort of clone of Vespa.

Foot scooter: Razor

Motorized scooter: GoPed

If you are talking about a step-through motorcycle: Vespa.

Honda dio is the best and stylish scooter it gives u a mileage around 55-60.


Honda Cub

A 2014 Honda Ruckus----

You asking about a motorized scooter? If not try the Bicycle Section of Y?A.

The one that costs the most.