> speed control?

speed control?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I have avenger 220 n i want to knw when to shift gears in which is proper speed to change the gears for better mileage.

Please guide me the exact speed of shifting gears at right speed

Eg on which speed should be gear changed to 2nd gear n same for 3 4

For the best mileage you shift at the lowest RPM at which the engine will continue to accelerate smoothly. Too slow and the engine will buck or won't accelerate, too fast and you're wasting gas. That speed depends on road conditions. It's different going uphill or downhill and no road is perfectly level.

That's sorta like trying to dismantle an atomic bomb, there is not set way as to how it was wired to begin with. Take it slow but not too slow so it doesn't blow-up on you.

There IS NO "exact right speed" to shift. That varies depending on the kind of road you are riding on and the kind of riding you are doing. You'll just have to learn to ride the bike and figure that out for yourself.

Gain some experience and listen to the engine. Nobody can tell you when to shift.