> s the 2012 ford focus a good car?

s the 2012 ford focus a good car?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I test drove a new 2012 back then when I was shopping around. I thought it was a great car for the price. Ended up going with something faster/sportier myself, but if I had been going for a more reasonable daily driver the focus would have probably been it. The 2012 and up Focus is a much nicer car than previous year/models.

Yes, Ford Focus is a great car. An available super fuel economy package (SFE) boosts highway fuel economy to 40 mpg. It has nimble handling; refined and quiet ride; stylish and well-made interior; lively engine; abundant list of upscale and high-tech options. It benefits from eye-catching styling and a sharply designed interior dressed up with high-quality materials. It also comes with a new four-cylinder engine that's more fuel-efficient, and a suspension that delivers both above-average handling and a refined ride.

As far as economy cars go, it's not bad. The interior build quality and materials are above average for it's class. The dual clutch automatic (really any automated manual) has been a source of criticism for it's jerkiness at low speeds. If you're getting a manual then it's not a problem.

no first its a ford next it is a focus, not 100% on the 2012 model but older models the interior is crap and lots of little problems that add up fast friends wife had a 2002 and broke down all the time after 80,000 miles

Hi that might depend on if it;'s been serviced or not and which size engine it has here in the united kingdom it is either a 1.3 litre or a 1.5 litre. however in the united states it could be a 2.5 litre v6 or a great 6litre v8 engine so FORD produce so many engines all in a body they call a FUSION.

If you are in Europe they are very good cars and millions have been sold. The US version is no where near the same spec and are lower quality so you will need to ask owners or do more research.

See what owners had to say about theirs:


They're not without faults. There were many serious complaints due to lack of quality in assembly and material. But, for being stylish, they get 5 points- best looking car in the service garage.

I am pretty happy with my 2004. As far as the 2o12, I would consider it to be an OK car. But there are others just as good out there.

I sure as heck hope it's better than the 2009 version!

The truly GREAT thing about FORD, the ONLY domestic NOT to need government aid, is that they are AL made to EUROPEAN SPECIFICATIONS and tested as such! The FOCUS engines originally were designed by PORSCHE and will deliver more than 350k miles of INTERRUPTED service with NO engine wear at all! EUROPEANS were the FIRS t to use OIL SPRAY JETS in them event eh AIR COOLED VW ah\ahd this, that reduces FRICTION and internal HEAT and improves LONGEVITY! WE DO NOT get the SUPERB FORD turbo FIVE cylinder here, I am SAD to say, that gets about 338 HP from a SMALL engine! HOPEFULLY we WILL get it some day! DERIVE ANY FORD and you will see GREAT HANDLING and STEERING that is NOT numb and car REALLY CORNER with APLOMB using EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGY and specs! There s\is NOTHING DOMESTIC that compares with most FORD products anyways and they are VALUE LEADERS as well! I SWEAR BY (not AT) most FORD cars and trucks! The F-150 is the GREATEST see\leer and the FOCUS is the NUMBER ONE SELLER worldwide for GOOD REASONS! The CHASSIS is STRONG and SAFE and HIGHLY TESTED before it was EVER launched here at ALL! Unlike most GM units that feel DISCONNECTED and TWITCHY for steering and have OVER ACTIVE brakes that propel you FORWARD in a panic stop! The FOCUS is a VERY WELL MANNERED and BEHAVED solid car that will give YEARS and even DECADES of GREAT ROAD USE!They are NEARLY as good as AUDI CARS having PORSCHE style engines and EUROPEAN alloys inside them! BYE NOW!