> s $150 per tire a good deal from a tire dealer..this includes the tire.installation..balance?

s $150 per tire a good deal from a tire dealer..this includes the tire.installation..balance?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
actual tire and cycle- was t for the back wheel and included 'installation means take off wheel from cycle first, replace tire and then but wheel back on a ?? small scooter, light bare 125, full dresser with bags and exhaust to be removed first? Last spring was a new Pirelli 3.50X19 on front wheel of older basic 650 Suzi-- $100.00 cash, shop already had cycle there and tire on shelf that would fit- give the bills, come back next evening and done. 2 years back was Goldwing rear 4.75X17 for about same price- this time I took off back wheel, took it to tire shop for the tire and tube change and put it back on myself, saved about $100.00 shop labor since removing the rear whell involves removing one saddlebag and loosening exhaust for clearance- 3 hour book time and at least a hour in shop with air tools time- was about 4 hours in parking lot time for me. $150.00 for a simple front wheel , decent tire- about right for R&R wheel, tire change and balance in most markets for a sports or cruiser bike.

That would depend on the quality and performance type of the brand and model of tire. Motorcycle tires can run anywhere from $50 to $250 a piece. And quality generally will increase they higher price you are willing to pay.

Could be, but then again we have no idea what tires you are asking about. It costs me more than that to put new rubber on both ends of my bike, although I could get it done cheaper if I used crap tires instead of paying for the good stuff.

depends on the bike and tire .. ive witnessed people pay 500$ to get 2 tires put on a bike .. personally i do it myself, figure 100$ a tire for good tires, if theyre putting 40$ bargain tires on it may not be such a good deal ..

Seems about right for most passenger car tires. You can pay a lot more, but probably not a whole lot less for a good tire.

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