> pros and cons of walking instead of driving?

pros and cons of walking instead of driving?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
the only cons i can think of walking is

1. more dangerous to walk then to drive; people think rapes, kidnappings, etc only happen at night those who do are wrong people will rape you in broad daylight and it has happened.

2. takes a while to walk long distances especially depending on your pace.

pro's imo

1. free

2. you can walk anywhere you can compared to a car you can't drive everywhere.

3. exercise which many people including myself needs more of in their lives.


- Healthier

- No gas

- No oil changes

- No maintenance costs

- One less thing to worry about getting cleaned.

- Unlikely to get involved in an accident

- The law allows you to text and walk.

- If you are old enough to drink, the law allows you to drink and walk.


- Time consuming, if you want to go farther you have to call a cab or use public transportation.

- Impractical when you have to carry big stuff, a lot of groceries or a larger quantities of money.

- If you live in a cold place, it sucks. Changing the tires before winter and defrosting your car is still better than walking on negative temperatures.

- You are more vulnerable to other weather issues like extreme heat, humidity, wind or rain.

- Easy to get assaulted, especially if you are a girl.

Walking is fine for short distances, but cars are a more efficient means of travel when you have to go longer distances in a shorter period of time.

For example, I could walk 8 miles in 2.5 hours or drive 8 miles in 10 minutes.

Is it cheaper to operate a car or to catch a cab?

A car does require maintenance, but a well maintained car does not require much maintenance. If you have a car that is not tuned properly, it will cost more to operate than a car that is in shape.

The great thing about having a car...

You don't have to drive it if you want to walk, but it's there when you need it. And if you don't drive your car much, you don't have to spend as much on gas when you can ride your bike instead.

Having a car is like having insurance or carrying an umbrella on a sunny day, I would rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

U dont have to pay for gas, dont have to worry about crashing. Dont have to pay insurance, dont have to keep changing the oil, dont have to keep buying new parts. And keeps u in shape.

But its much slower, u might sweat if u have to walk far. And thats it..

Cars are just for comfort, most of us dont "NEED" it.

(I love cars though :)

Walking is healthier and cheaper.

Driving is faster, safer, warmer, cooler, dryer, more fun..........