> motorcycle charge?

motorcycle charge?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
So my motorcycle battery died and I jumped it with a car (car wasn't running) i just plugged it up and started right away I let it run for about 30mins and I rode it for 10mins when I turned it off . I tried turning it back on but it's dead again. My question is how long do I have to let it charge for,How long do I keep it running, and how long do I need to ride it so my battery can have enough charge. I have a Yamaha fz6r

More than 10 minutes of riding, certainly, more like a couple of hours of continuous riding to recharge a depleted battery and that is only if the battery is taking a charge.

Most motorcycles don't charge the battery at idle - the alternator isn't spinning fast enough to charge the battery at that point. All of the power being generated is going to running the bike.

Put the battery on a battery charger overnight and see if it will take a charge. You may be looking at buying a new battery.

If you let your motorcycle idle for 30 minutes and rode it for 10 you have only charged the battery for 10 minutes at a very low amperage.

Take the battery out of the motorcycle and trickle charge it for 24 hours. Let the battery sit for 24 hours and return it to the motorcycle. Attempt a motor start.

If the battery fails to start the motorcycle , recharge it for 24 hours, take the battery to a battery store and ask them to do an amp test on your battery. If the battery will not deliver 50% of it's listed amp-hour rating ...get a new battery.

What you may be seeing is the electrolyte temporary accepting a high rate of charge in close proximity to the battery plates. This will give you enough electrical energy to restart a weak battery shortly after charging it but the unnatural state of charge will disperse into all the electrolyte in 4 hours or so leaving you with a uncharged battery.

Added: I would follow Chis's suggestion and take it to a motorcycle shop just so that the store does not wheel out a resistance tester for some industrial land mover battery that your small motorcycle battery hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of passing....some one that deals with small batteries often!

Modern bike systems will charge almost from nothing, but not at idle.

If the battery and charging system are indeed in working order it should take about 50-100 miles of continuous riding to build up some charge or about 5 hours on a trickle charger.

All you have done is warmed the engine and while it cooled back down condensation formed in the exhaust. Get a battery tender and you should be able to leave it.

Using a charger charge up the battery, take the battery to a shop that can 'load-test' it (some auto-parts stores but a cycle shop is better). After awhile a battery can't hold an Ampere charge and they die so buy a new one.

depends on the type of battery, but generally a cycle doesnt put out enough to charge a battery and it would take alot of riding to charge it if its very low or dead .. you need a trickle charger and put it on overnight .. dont try to rapid charge the sealed types either, that will damage them ..

Generally my experience is I get 2 yrs out of a battery. Wether or not if I use a battery tender.

If the battery is old or your charging system isn't working right , all the running is the world won't get it to hold a charge

You have a dead battery / faulty alternator.