> how to learn how to drive quickly?

how to learn how to drive quickly?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
i want my license before the july 15

Take a drivers education course, ask a licensed individual to teach you on private property if you don't have a permit, if you have a permit start on "side roads" then work your way up to public roads, read the drivers education book. There are many ways of learning how to drive, but driving is something one cannot teach. It must be experienced, and with experience you will soon engage with the ability "to drive". If you are truly getting your license in July, then I would start as soon as possible.

Best of Luck

We all know how drive car but not do it in a practical way...!!

And we will learn it in few weeks but the main problem is that we have not enough information about the Safety and driving signs on road.

First get knowledge of it and then go ahead...!!!

why must you get before july 15th

is the world coming to end then

learning to drive is something you should

not rush [into] either

gas brake.. and dip... with some clutch