> how to drive stick shift 5 speed car in a hwy limits 70 mph?

how to drive stick shift 5 speed car in a hwy limits 70 mph?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I just got my new Hyundai accent,and when I drive it in highways it doesn't go faster (maximum is 60 mph) please help.

Is it refusing to go over exactly 62mph? If so it is possible that you have somehow ended up with one meant for sale in some other country and fitted with a governor (or 'speed limiter') device which prevents it exceeding 100kph (62mph).

Governors are quite commonly fitted to commercial vehicles in Europe. There is a van version of the Hyundai Accent, which will be supplied with a governor fitted, so I suppose you might have got an engine and gearbox originally intended to be fitted into a van body and therefore including a governor.

Well its possible that youre short hifting way too much.... Try it again, u should b o every gear till u hit about 3 rpms... If u cant then something is seriously wrog with that car. Even really REALLY old cars can get to 70 easily in the highway

Is this a NEW car or new-to-you car?

If it is brand new, take it back to your Hyundai dealer and have it looked at under warranty.

if the vehicle is new, return it to the dealer