> how much air in p285/45/22 tires?

how much air in p285/45/22 tires?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Max pressure and max load single and dual is listed on the sidewall of every tire sold in the usa.

The variable is useage. the weight on the axle in question, the mounting, single or dual on each side.

Operating at max psi means you are loaded to that weight.

if you are empty it will wear the centers of the tread.

excess pressure should be released when empty because tires that are too hard reduce effectiveness of braking increasing "wheel slip". If the tires are on the front, a steering axle and feel right to a licensed trucker, you could say they were set right. they will be likely to be lower than max. set the rears to the same and reduce when mounted dual. If you have 20" on the rear and 22" inch on the front, then they may not be so comparable.The vehicle placard should be read for pressure settings and those recommended circumstances. If you have 22" wheels and its not a heavy truck, they are too dam big.

If you are an experienced ,licensed driver and are asking this, the time to pull in to a tire service center is NOW. discuss your rig with the manager and get some feedback based on his/her looking your rig over. circumstances of your work performed with the rig make all the difference. A truck stop may be your best bet because of the experienced drivers you will encounter.

They dont want to be on the road and know you are out there, unless you have the facts for your area, the loading of your axles, and the empty weight. They will help you.

start with 36 psi and see how it feels. Use a chalk and mark the tread and sidewall. The erased chalk line after a drive is the contact spot of the tire to the road.

That would totally depend on the year, make and model of vehicle they are mounted on. What are you driving, Dave?

Cubic feet ?? No idea....