> choice between two vehicles?

choice between two vehicles?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
is front wheel drive equipped with traction/stability control

other is all wheel drive w/o traction/stability control

looking for safety in wet weather conditions and control in mild dirt roads


Traction/Stability control is overrated and makes a lot of people drive like idiots. Although a lot of "driver aids" make people drive like idiots. Honestly though FWD is just fine for most people. If you know how to drive and realize you slow down and are more careful in the bad weather you'll be fine.

AWD will always beat FWD for grip in all circumstances. The only drawbacks are the higher initial cost and higher fuel consumption of like for like vehicles.

As an Army veteran who drove all sorts of 4WD vehicles, I believe they are not necessary in civilian use. Front wheel drive and safe driving is the way to go.

Of the two choices I'd suggest FWD. AWD is over rated.

You need to base your decision on the best value for your money, reliability, cost to operate, cost to insure. Then learn to drive your car properly and not act like a douch on the road. The type car is not responsible for safety, the clown behind the wheel is!

don't drive like a jerk and you'll be good with either case. if you don't need a 4wd, don't get it. it adds complexity, and fuel consumption and weight in plenty of paved roads vehicles already.