> car accident?

car accident?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I was driving bfs car and the person crash intoe eventhough they had a stop sign.. It made the car i was driving spin around and go the sidewalk. I don't have nothing but abdominal pains.. He broke the front license plate off his car and drove away.. Can I sue that person who crashed into me and drove off?? And what can I I get? I want revenge for driving away..

why did the car accident happen? before you go you always have to make sure that no one will make a dangerous move by looking far away and judging the vehicle speed distance. if you don't have any license plate then there is nothing you can do but report a hit and run to the insurance and to the police. you should have called them right away. you should go to the hospital and make sure there is no silent injuries that will take your life away. my mom is a nurse and she has seeing many people die from a car accident because they never went to go check and if see if there is internal bleeding in their heart. you won't know if your heart is injured because it doesn't feel pain. please go before its too late. the accident you were in is at risk for a silent killer. please go now.

Call the cops and report a hit & run, genius.

Since you don't own the car and weren't injured in the crash, you can't really sue for anything. Your abdominal pains are probably just from the stress of experiencing a crash first hand, not real injuries. If the other vehicle was able to drive away, you weren't hit hard enough to cause internal injuries.

If it's revenge you want, you'll get it when the cops catch up with the bozo who crashed into you. Leaving the scene of an accident you caused is a pretty major traffic violation, even a criminal offence in some places. If the driver is caught, they'll be looking at a hefty fine, probably a licence suspension somewhere between 30 and 365 days, possibly jail time, possibly a criminal record and definitely a few years of insurance hell.

But the cops need to know as many details as possible, so call them.

you report it to you bfs insurance.

and send them the police report

You should have tried to get the back licence plate. Or maybe have grabbed the one that broke off.. If you have a description of the car, you could report it, so that people are on the look out for that car, with a missing license plate. Since they crashed in to you, they should be paying for the damage. Yes, you could sue them, but you need to find out who they are first.