> can you drive in a severe thunderstorm?

can you drive in a severe thunderstorm?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Yes, but keep the speed down. Severe thunderstorms produce a lot of water on the road and above about 40 mph you can hydroplane. I have had visibility drop to less than ten feet in heavy rain, so watch for that as well.

From a lightning perspective cars and trucks are usually safe. Composite and fiberglass bodies are no protection against lightning but metal bodies are. Only fools ride motorcycles, fish or golf in thunderstorms.

Sure you can, just be careful.

NOTE: You didn't say how severe. If you're talking just rain and a bit of lightning, go right ahead. If pieces of buildings and vehicles are flying through the air around you, however, you might want to pull off the road and seek shelter.

yes. simply turn your wind shield wipers on full blast if needed, turn on your lights, and drive slower. if visibility is THAT bad your better off pulling to the curb if you have a hard time seeing and just wait it out.

where i live this happens once a year or more. it recently happened twice this year rained extremely hard and i had my wipers on full blast but it was still hard to see. also when it does happen you can literally see the drivers infront of you swerving off their side of the road THUS why if your unable to see pull off. most people where i live are so ignorant and cocky they think they can drive through it without their wipers on full blast sounds ridiculous but it's true.thus why they swerve. it usually doesn't last long though here maybe like 5 minutes at max or less when your traveling then it goes away.

You can, but if it is severe enough it might be a good idea to pull off the road, turn on your 4 way flashers and wait until it subsides a bit.

Listen to your car radio and be alert. Drive slowly. Turn on your lights. Use the defroster or air conditioner to keep windows and mirrors clear.

A person who knows how can. You can't if you don't know how to do it safely.

No problem! Rain, lightning, even hail -- no problem. And that with me riding a motorcycle!