> can u fall off riding as a passenger on motorcycle?

can u fall off riding as a passenger on motorcycle?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
my friend wants me to ride with him but im scared i wil fall off..is it possible? how do i ride safely?

Can you fall off? Yes, you can. There are footpegs for your feet and handles to hang on to. If they are not there, don't get on the bike. You can also hold onto the rider. A good motorcyclist will tell you how to sit, where to put your feet and how to hold on BEFORE you ride the bike. A good motorcyclist will provide protective gear for you to use while riding. A good motorcyclist will ride smoothly, safely and not try to "show off" while taking a passenger.


Yes depending if you are not holding on and how they drive. My brother used to race off from the start and brake at the last minute. That is fine for when he was riding solo. Not a good idea with someone on the back. Best is to tell him you have never been on one before.

Andy C

Yes it is possible to fall off. To ride safely wrap your arms around the drivers stomach and hold that. Also wear a helmet (:

Yes definitely. It's very easy to fall off especially if there's miscommunication between the two of you. Just hold on tight to his stomach and be ready for any jolts or counter steering (it's when the bike leans sideways to turn).

you can get a set of handles that fit around the rider to hang on to . if you were to look in a fecent dealer they might have some in stock . it might be wise to have a code for I don't like it . a decent punch in the kidneys usually works wonders . just start slowly and try to be at one with the bike . ask the rider whether they want you to put your feet down when you stop some do some don't

easy to fall off if not correctly holding on .bike accelerates hard or leans over unexpectantly. etc

keeping feet of footrests and holding passenger handle it fitted is compulsory. otherwise we need to reach round drivers torso for security. possibly not a manly thing to do.

If you hold on you cannot fall off.