> Yamaha R3 Question?

Yamaha R3 Question?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Looking on Yamaha's website I saw the R3 is now on there. You can see specs and features, however I didn't see anywhere the option for ABS braking. Is this a standard feature on Yamaha's Super Sport class or will it be at extra cost, or will the R3 not have it as a option at all? I am in America.

No not many small engine bikes have nor need an option for abs brakes. The super sports (the 600s) should have or have an option of abs.

I don't believe the R3 has abs but if you really want it then I suggest the ninja 300

Didn't see any ABS option either but the Edwards's pro-mo was sorta cute, especially the nudist. 8D

No. It does not need them.